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Will you follow FetishaKitty's advice? Pg 7

Yes.. I know wisdom from the godesses' when I see it. 0.57377049180328 57.4% [ 35 ]
No, I like to make my own mistakes rather than learn from the experience of my betters and better lookingers. 0.42622950819672 42.6% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 61 ]
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=0 No way this thread is funny ^.^
Opps Um.. yeah I was yeah. Oh god she got wat from the mouse, what its not mine, no thats not my WoW on her keyboard O_o
tehehehehe... This is amuseing....
rofl TOO FUNNY!!!
O my god this s**t is funny.
LOL.... i'll take the advice...
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so funny. thats great.
Wow this topic PWNS
oh crap, that's bad, well, I got nothing to worry bout, Cybernetically, I'm still a virgin

my other not so funny thread.

I think its time for a poll.
Makes you thik twice about computer viruses doesn't it?
Nope, I am an e-hussy
54% [ 20 ]
ARH! washes computer room with bleach!
45% [ 17 ]
Total Votes : 37
Leon makes an announcement

"Your attention please.

It has come to our attention that one of the NPCs has become pregnant through cybering. Now this practice is not allowed on gaia, as you know.
as teh event happened in a guild, it comes under my juristiction.

the NPC in question was a zurg, and was cybering with gaian who had drunk Zurg, so the child will be a Zurg. As the Zurg have left Gaia.. we see there is no need for further action.

The G-team however will now be monitoring the fishing more closely to watch out for Cyber activity in there.

Thank you"

that was an announcement made from the G-Team member Leon.

There was no comment on the father or any of the other games not run by Logan.

Is this problem being swept under the carpet?
LOL this is to dam funny
Why yes.. yes it is..

DO you have any stories of pregnancy through Cybering? if so please include them here!
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So THAAAAAATS where babies come from... eek

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