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Should we put thread on hiatus? Or hire new people?

Put thread on Hiatus 0.4 40.0% [ 4 ]
Hire new people. 0.5 50.0% [ 5 ]
Neither. 0.1 10.0% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 10 ]
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      Hello All and Welcome! We decided to set up a shoppe where you can be as specific as you want about your needs for an avatar without having to worry about setting up a thread and waiting for people to tektek you. Our friendly staff awaits to grant your tekteking desires. Please feel free to stay and chat and all our service are free of charge but tips are always welcome. Enjoy your stay <3

      Open // Closed // Hiatus // Under Construction
      Hiring// Not Hiring

      o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links

                                                            7/26/09~ Basically All done with thread edits! Just about ready for Grand Opening :]
                                                            7/27/09 my good friend Muffins has joined the team and has become co-manager :3
                                                            7/29/09 Two satisfied customers one tipper thanks aej3145! ^^
                                                            9/13/09 Contest Updated more details sooon :]
                                                            9/13/09 Tekteker of the month announced ^^
                                                            9/19/09 Contest rules posted.
                                                            10/01/09 Contest Starts
                                                            12/7/09- 100TH PAGE WOOOT!
                                                            12/13/09 The shoppe is finally fully staffed on the 13th with 13 members ;D coincidence?
                                                            1/1/10 2010 WOOT
                                                            1/31/10 Valentines contests announced
                                                            5/6/10 Front page and forms revamped.
                                                            7/2/10 Front page updates
                                                            7/29/10 ms froog retired. iStalkyoohx3 & kaapiche hired
                                                            7/31/10 ii CupiCakez ii hired / Back2Skool contest started
                                                            8/1/10 iRawrLykeBarney, fruity--broccoli, obviously obvious hired/ Shoppe fully staffed/ Tekteker of june and july announced.
                                                            9/26/10 Front page being revamped, fall fashion, contest, tektek of month of august announced
                                                            10/11/10 Halloween Contest started
                                                            10/27/10 Ukweli is hired
                                                            11/8/10 iirazzmatazz & prancingdancer are hired. Thanksgiving Contest Started.
                                                            4/8/11 HannahUFO, l-Toxic Rawr-l, Goti-girl are hired.
                                                            4/9/11 Peanut Butter Pancakes is made the shoppes official mule.

                                                            4/12/11 Officially managed by Atomic Lollipopz & The Morphine Disco // Cute art posted, drawing courtesy of Microphone Rain // Front page posts rearranged // New Contest
                                                            4/24/11 -ShesAhManiac is hired.
                                                            5/1/11 randomgirl 14-28ths, DJ Clockwerk, and Wings of Eternity are hired.
                                                            5/2/11 Tekteker of the month of April is announced // Contest extended to May 31st
                                                            7/26/11 celebrating 2 yr shop anniversary

                                                            Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Suggestions? Leave a comment here --&Click c:

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---------------thread rules »
»Obey the Gaia Terms of Service
»Read everything please.
»No stealing!
»Post the form in the thread.
»If you want to stay in this thread you will abide by my rules and Gaia's if you do not you will be asked to leave.
»Please No Advertising in the thread! If you'd like to be in the Links Out section please pm me with the link.
»Please be semi-literate. You can say "lol", "lmao", "ppl", "wat" and so on, just make sure we can understand you. No words with letters, numbers, and signs, example, [1 wUn+ 4 t3KtEk/ i li3k d@t plz gime 1 l1k3 h3r$!]
»Be nice to everyone. The only time you can be mean is when someone breaks a rule and or is being rude and unruly.
»If you do not like the tektek and are not a customer, zip it and don't post a word about it, unless we want some criticism...
»Have fun. :]
»Be patient
»Please speak in English if possible so we can understand you.
» Make sure to put a gaia smiley in your form otherwise you will be disregarded, this emote is used so we know that you have thoroughly read the rules! Thank You! Example~ whee
»DO NOT WHATSOEVER PM ME! Unless you are sending me your enviro or you are going to become a tekteker if you are read the following rules below.
» DO NOT PESTER US! Creativity takes time guys so don't expect the tektek to be done in like 15 mins okay. At the most it could take a day, please realize we take this long because we want to bring you the best plus c'mon we need a break once in a while too

---------------tekteker rules »
»If you want to be a tekteker, don't set your PMs to private or friends only, unless I'm your friend.
»Don't post your employee registration in the thread, please private message it to Peanut Butter Pancakes.
»Please fill out the form correctly.
»Make sure you have experience.
»Please help keep the thread alive.
»Post at least once in the thread to be a tekteker.
»You have to have amazing examples when sending your application. I will only accept them, and I am very picky on who will become a tekteker here.
»If you say you might/will quit, you shall be removed off the tektekers list.
»Only fifteen tekteker spots are available. No more spots can be added unless you can prove to me that you will be a useful addition to the team and that will take a lot of convincing.
»This is very important! Unless the customer puts the emote in the form DO NOT tektek it. Feel free to urge and remind the person to look at the rules once more if they fail to do this still then refuse the service.
»If you are inactive for a month without letting me know in advance or have a valid excuse when you return you will be removed from the list.

If your being rude to the tektekers or flaming or spamming this thread you will be asked to leave and may not be allowed any of our services. Thank You ^^

it's my shop so I should be able to revise any of the rules if I desire if you have a problem or think a rule is unfair please pm me about it don't rant about it in the thread. Thank You ^^

o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links
ατσmιc lσllιρσρz
Manager || Permanent Tekteker || A.R.B. || HIATUS
User Image
ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [Tori, Peanut, Lolli]
αɢє [17]
вιятнdαy [June 15th]
ʟιқєs [Photography, Music, Peanut Butter (especially on oreos), Pancakes. ]
dιsʟιқєs [Snakes, Spiders, Hypocrites, Liars, Guys who sag their pants, Celery.]

нσυяs σɴʟιnє [Weekdays usually 2-3 hours, Weekends about 3-4 hours]
sтrєɴɢтнs [Clutter, Layering, Female avi's, Color Balance, 3 color scheme, Usually good with themes like angelic, demonic, etc.]
ωєαқɴєssєs [Male Avi's, budgets lower than 100k]
єxρєяιєɴcє [I have won several contests. Never worked in another shop. I own this one silly :3]
Waiting List [Waiting List & Tips]
Qυєsтιηg [Pious Cleric]

Thε Mσrρhιηε Dιscσ
Co-Manager || A.R.B. || Permanent Tekteker || HIATUS
User Image
ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [Disco]
αɢє [20]
вιятнdαy [November 29th]
ʟιқєs [kittens, fruit, drawing, black and white pictures.]
dιsʟιқєs [Stupidity, veggies]

нσυяs σɴʟιnє [Whenever possible.]
sтrєɴɢтнs [ Matching, Female, Girly-ish Males, Layering. Semi-cluttered, Simple. High and low prices. Enviros. ]
ωєαқɴєssєs [ Masculine Males. Overly Cluttered. Certain color combos ]
єxρєяιєɴcє [ I've won a couple, and I also work in another shop. ]
Waiting List [Waiting List & Tips]
Qυєsтιηg [See Wishlist]

Permanent Tekteker
User Image
ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [Dahlia/Claire]
αɢє [18]
вιятнdαy [November 23]
ʟιқєs [My friends and family, music, alcohol, movies, and spending time with my man.]
dιsʟιқєs [People, especially people, arrogance, stupidity, and ignorance.]

нσυяs σɴʟιnє [I'm more likely to fill your orders if you PM them to me. If you don't read this and you have your heart set on me doing your tektek you're s**t out of luck.]
sтrєɴɢтнs [Darker colors, odd color combos, organized clutter, and layering.]
ωєαқɴєssєs [Non-drag males, themes and cosplay.]
єxρєяιєɴcє [I've won or placed in numerous tektek contests, co-owned a tektek shoppe, and I work in one other tektek shoppe.]
Waiting List [Waiting List & Tips]
Qυєsтιηg [Dream Avi]

DJ Hαrmσηιc
Moderator || A.R.B. || Permanent Tekteker
User Image
ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [Harmony but everyone calls me DJ]
αɢє [20]
вιятнdαy [April 21st]
ʟιқєs [Music, art, writing, video games, boys, partying, and candy.]
dιsʟιқєs [Authority, children, and posers.]

нσυяs σɴʟιnє [From 3-6 hours a day. I've got nothing better to do. XD]
sтrєɴɢтнs [Monochrome, Gothic, Cute, Female Avatars, Couples/Matching Avatars, Demonic/Angelic, and somewhat Cluttered.]
ωєαқɴєssєs [Male avatars. -_- That's the only thing I really fail at, but I can make decent ones if I try really hard.]
єxρєяιєɴcє [As stated before, I have won a few tektek contests. I've never worked in a tektek shop, but have considered opening a free shop a few times, but never did it because I was too lazy to set it all up. But I do have experience in handling/running/maintaining something in that nature.]
Waiting List [Waiting List & Tips]
Qυєsтιηg [Dream Avi 1] [Dream Avi 2] [Dream Avi 3]

Permanent Tekteker
User Image
ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [Starr]
αɢє [19]
вιятнdαy [December 17th, 1991]
ʟιқєs [music, books, food, internet ]
dιsʟιқєs [mushrooms.]

нσυяs σɴʟιnє [1-4 hours, daily]
sтrєɴɢтнs [monochrome, 2-4 colors, color balance, layering, mild clutter, enviro, strange or unique avis]
ωєαқɴєssєs [males, low budgets, mega clutter]
єxρєяιєɴcє [I've won tektek contests, judged in contests, and run a contests of my own. I haven't worked in a tektek shop yet, though.]
Waiting List [Waiting List & Tips]
Qυєsтιηg [Super Huge Wishlist of Doom ]

Permanent Tekteker

ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [ ]
αɢє [ ]
вιятнdαy [ ]
ʟιқєs [ ]
dιsʟιқєs [ ]

нσυяs σɴʟιnє [ ]
sтrєɴɢтнs [ ]
ωєαқɴєssєs [ ]
єxρєяιєɴcє [ ]
Waiting List [ ]
Qυєsтιηg [ ]

o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links

ατσmιc lσllιρσρz

Thε Mσrρhιηε Dιscσ


DJ Hαrmσηιc


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links

----------------»Customer Form
[color=#1589FF][b]υsєяɴαмє »[/b] [ * ] [/color]
[color=#9E7BFF][b]Gєɴdєя»[/b] [ * ] [/color]
[color=#F778A1][b]вαsє »[/b] [ {normal base, special base, or skins {body dyes, skin forms, etc.} ] [/color]
[color=#F76541][b]нαιr sтyʟє & cσʟσr »[/b] [ You can say anything, anything that matches, specific hair style, & if you don't know the hair style, post the page, row, and number {ex. Black, page 2, #2} ] [/color]
[color=#43C6DB][b]єує cσʟσr & ηυмβєя »[/b] [ ] [/color]

[color=#D2B9D3][b]ρrιcє lιмιτ »[/b] [ * ] [/color]
[color=#F778A1][b]cσlσrs usєd »[/b] [ *, also include the colors to avoid ] [/color]
[color=#41A317][b]мusτ нαvєs »[/b] [* ] [/color]
[color=#FAAFBE][b]Lιkєd ιτємs »[/b] [ *] [/color]
[color=#F88017][b]нaτєd ιτємs »[/b] [* ] [/color]
[color=#E41B17][b]τнємє »[/b] [ The idea your going for in your avi, clutter and layering can be a theme ] [/color]
[color=#5CB3FF][b]єnvιrσ »[/b] [ tektek environment or image of inventory, if yes you can post the link in this spot or pm your wanted tekteker(s) the info.] [/color]
[color=#CCFB5D][b]τιρ? »[/b] [ optional, items/gold/game items/art/signs are accepted ][/color]
[color=#8D38C9][b]ρrєƒєяяєd τєкτeкєя »[/b] [ specific tekteker[s], cannot choose 'anyone' or 'everyone' ] [/color]
[color=#C45AEC][b]ρσsτєd or ρмєd »[/b] [* ] [/color]
[color=#F535AA][b]αɴy σтнєя cσммeɴтs »[/b] [ *] [/color]
[color=#b80035][b]ι sєє α »[/b] [ *, insert smiley here ] [/color]

----------------»Employee Form
current avi (Exported please)- (if confused see tutorial below)

[b]ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy[/b] [*]
[b]αɢє[/b] [*]
[b]вιятнdαy[/b] [*]
[b]ʟιқєs[/b] [*]
[b]dιsʟιқєs[/b] [*]
[b]drєαм αvι/ Qυєsт ιтєм тєқтєқ [/b] [*]

[color=#F535AA][b]υsєяɴαмe[/b][/color] [*]
[color=#A74AC7][b]нσυяs σɴʟιnє[/b][/color] [*]
[color=#46C7C7][b]sтrєɴɢтнs[/b][/color] [*]
[color=#4AA02C][b]ωєαқɴєssєs[/b][/color] [*]
[color=#FDD017][b]sαмρʟєs[/b][/color] [at least 4]
[color=#F88017][b]ωнy dσ yσυ ωαит tσ ωσrk ƒσя мє?[/b][/color][at least two sentences please]
[color=#E55451][b]єxρєяιєɴcє[/b][/color] [have you won any tektek contest? do you own a tektek shop? do you work for another tektek shop?][/b]
[color=#FDD017]ωαιтιηɢ ℓιsт/ Ƭιρs ℓιsт[/color] [Please create a journal entry to set up your tips and waiting list for cutomers using your gaia journal, put the link here (if confused see tutorial below) ]

Example of Customer Form & Employee please fill it out as shown on example ( not exactly of course lol) . This makes your form easier to read and for us to understand your wishes. Thank You.

υsєяɴαмє » [ Peanut Butter Pancakes ]
Gєɴdєя» [ Female ]
вαsє » [ Base no. 2 ]
нαιr sтyʟє & cσʟσr » [ Black Hime style or a wig.]
єує cσʟσr & ηυмβєя » [ chuu eyes or item eyes]

ρrιcє lιмιτ » [ 350k ]
cσlσrs usєd » [ purple, black, white ]
мusτ нαvєs » [blush ]
Lιkєd ιτємs » [ kottan bell, Gimpi ]
нaτєd ιτємs » [buck teeth ]
τнємє » [ Cute, layering, elegant ]
єnvιrσ » [ linky ]
τιρ? » [ I'll tip to the one i like best ]
ρrєƒєяяєd τєкτeкєя » [ DJ Harmonic, The Morphine Disco ]
ρσsτєd or ρмєd » [posted ]
αɴy σтнєя cσммeɴтs » [ have fun :3]
ι sєє α » [ User Image ]

current avi (Exported please)- User Image

ηαмє Yσu ωαɴт тσ ɢσ вy [Tori/Peanut]
αɢє [17 (display of age optional) ]
вιятнdαy [june 15th, 1993 (yr optional) ]
ʟιқєs [ cookies, books, dancing]
dιsʟιқєs [frogs and bugs]
drєαм αvι/ Qυєsт ιтєм тєқтєқ [ Queen Annes Lace]

υsєяɴαмe [Peanut Butter Pancakes]
нσυяs σɴʟιnє [1pm-4pm/ weekly]
sтrєɴɢтнs [color coordination and balance, 3 color scheme, most themes]
ωєαқɴєssєs [males, lower than 50k budget]
sαмρʟєs [User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image]
ωнy dσ yσυ ωαит tσ ωσrk ƒσя мє?[because I enjoy tekteking and i want to make new friends]
єxρєяιєɴcє [I have won many contests and have worked in one shop before]
ωαιтιηɢ ℓιsт/ Ƭιρs ℓιsт [tips&waitinglist]

STEP 1. go to journal create new entry and set up your tips list/waiting list
STEP 2. Go to archive select the top date (that will be the latest entry)
STEP 3. Copy the hmtl code in the adress bar and proceed to make a URL link.
STEP 1. Click on your avi at the top of the page it will lead you to your dressing room
STEP 2. Scroll down below your avi in the dressing room there will be options that say show background, show off avatar, export avatar.
STEP 3. Select export avatar
STEP 4. it will redirect you to a new page at the top you will see create a badge, export avi and create sig. Select export avatar.
STEP 5. On the full size avatar side highlight and copy the BBCode. Thats it.

o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links

✖- - - Contest #1:N/A

✖- - - Details
☞ N/A

✖- - - Rules
☞ All Contest entries are to be pm'd to Peanut Butter Pancakes, failure to do so will have your entry disqualified.
☞ If I have put an item on a avi for you to tektek for a contest you cannot take it off, it can be excluded from price though.
☞ You have a 5mil limit, please post the price in with the entry, I will check to verify the price to see if your telling the truth. You can only go over the price limit by one item and one item only and it has to go with the avi also you must name the item that pushed the price over or otherwise we'll disregard it.
☞ The items have to layer on Gaia
☞ Don't steal a fellow tektekers work everyone works hard on their project ok
☞ No fighting about "OMG SHE STOLE MY DESIGN I HAD I FIRST scream " I will decide this. it's ok if they look similar just not down to a "T" ok
☞ Have Fun!
☞ 1 entry submission limit.
☞ Contest is open to the public.

✖- - - Entries

o1. welcome & updates o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black list & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links.
User Image

                                        For the people who went above and beyond in tips or help and our faithful customers :]

                                        » aej3145 was our first customer o:
                                        » Platypustastic who tipped 5k to PatayGutomAko! Thanks Platypustastic ^^
                                        » Sasha317 a continuous customer :]
                                        » chicksineggz a continuous customer :]
                                        » Zoey34447 tipped 6k to Peanut Butter Pancakes
                                        » Lola Stardust & Kapibarasm for Art tips ^^ <33
                                        » C A N D I E Y M A N who tipped 10k! to Peanut Butter Pancakes
                                        » R a p t o r L o v e- a faithful employee who retired and was generous enough to give her friends gifts as she left. We love you Stef ;-;
                                        » foxcookes- a good employee as well that decided to retire. We will miss you fox D:
                                        » Epiphanic tipped 10k to PBP
                                        » I am MoonBunny tipped 5k and a Gimpi to PBP <3333
                                        » iiBuni for being a fabulous employee <3
                                        » Heartbeat of the Loveless and DJ Harmonic for working so hard on the shop layout!<3


                                        User Image

                                        A List of Rule Breakers :L xxx

                                        Poison Plushie for advertising without permission. «
                                        xxazn loverxx for stealing multiple employees including myself's tektek samples.«
                                        Seinee for stealing our shop layout. «

                                        o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links
τεκτεκεr σf τhε mσητhxxxxxxxxxxx
To an employee who went above and beyond. Not only in quality, but also had the most customers. Congratulations! :3

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of May 2011 - ~

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of April 2011 - The Morphine Disco~
You've done an outstanding job helping me with the shop and even accepting responsibility for being co-manager of the shop. You really helped me pick up the slack and I truly appreciate it. Thank You.

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of September 2010 - Heartbeat of the Loveless & DJ Harmonic ~
I usually dont nominate two people for this but they both worked so hard for improving our front page they both deserve recognition. Thanks so much!

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of August 2010 - iRawrLykeBarney~
For always being a part of the thread! Always around to bump and talk even though customers have been low lately.

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of July 2010 - Cornelius Bartholomew~
She's a trooper, she didn't get many customers right away, but she didnt quit or give up she had a good attitude and stayed around and chatted with everyone, she's grown since first being a temporary tekteker I'm very proud! Congrats c:

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of June 2010 - xXLil_Evil2Xx~
She's been so faithful to the shop and makes sure to keep it up and alive. She brings a cheery atmosphere to the shop and always has a good attitude! Congrats c:

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of May 2010 - DJ Harmonic~
She's been a great help to the thread, making things are in check while i'm gone and keeps things running smoothly. Thank you for being so dedicated to the shop! Congrats :3

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of April 2010 - Kiarusiumaru~
he's really stepped in the gap for our hiatus tektekers thanks for being so faithful and keeping up with the shop. Thanks for staying! Congrats :3

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of March 2010 - BlackDahlia999~
She's such a sweetie and a fantastic tekteker. she's always having a positive effect on the shop!
Thanks for being faithful! Congrats :3

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of February2010 - kloud_krazy_XP~
she's been faithful and not given up even tho she's not rolling in the customers. Thanks for sticking it out! Congrats ^^

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of January 2010 - foxcookees~
She has been very faithful even though she hasnt gotten a mass wave of customers. Thanks for always being here girl, Your always keepin up the convo in the thread. *salutes* to a job well done madame! Congrats! ;D

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of December 2009 - The Morphine Disco~
My my my this girl is rolling in the customers lol. For being her a short time she has done very well i'm proud of her and hopefully she will continue to work for me hehe. Plus she always has a good and willing attitude. Thanks For being on the Team ^^ Congrats!

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of November 2009 - Heartbeat of the Loveless~
She always has a good attitude and is cheerful. She keeps up conversation well. She brings in lots of customers as well I'm proud of her :] Plus she is good at keepin responsibility. Thanks For being on the Team ^^ Congrats!

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of October 2009 - R a p t o r L o v e~
She has gotten many customers and has been dilligent she is fun to be around and keeps up the spirit, She's talkative too which always lightens up the atomosphere. Thanks for being a Good Tekteker ^^ Congratulations

♔ - - - TekTeker of The month of September 2009 - PatayGutomAko
She's been such a faithful worker she hasn't gotten hardly any requests yet she's been here to bump the thread and keep it at the top. I want to thank you Patay for all your hard work and award you with a small prize. I know it's not much but you deserve something for your work. Congratulations! ^^

o1. welcome o2. the rules o3. tektekers o4. samples o5. forms o6. contests o7. black & white list o8. tekteker of the month o9. current customers 1O. links

                    ** Remeber, command + F is your friend! **

                        → aej3145
                        → A Cuckoo
                        → Living Riot
                        → VentureFox
                        → Azumi Mizuki
                        → Platypustastic
                        → Rotating Corpse
                        → UberSnowman
                        → My Little Calamity
                        → T w i n k l e Toes
                        → sakura4li
                        → im not bread
                        → tk91neo
                        → tuyet424
                        → m i r r o r c l e
                        → sing-me-lullaby
                        → Luna the Cheesecake
                        → [Kimmie]
                        → luxalicious
                        → Vintage Tee
                        → iMystere
                        → Stalker Fantasy
                        → x-LidoFreeze
                        → Imaginary Curve
                        → Sasha317
                        → gothicookie
                        → Sasha317
                        → Tvvilight
                        → O o e r x
                        → aya_190
                        → Sasha317
                        → chicksineggz
                        → xXxCupcakeRainBoWzxXx
                        → shou-rong
                        → himeno_17_yuki
                        → ThePottyMouthPrincess
                        → huge_diamond
                        → chicksineggz
                        → ilurv crayonz
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                        »Nara-Shikamaru Rocks
                        »xXx Kuroi Barra xXx
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                        »I Am Laura Love
                        »wings of eternity
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