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o//.//o......hmmmmmmmmmmm........good point! ^_^ i guess u can enjoy rape xD hmm...i heard about these new rape condoms for girls that you stick it like...up there so when a guy rapes u and sticks his thing up the girls spot these little like...needle things stab his thing everywhere and causes massive pain O.O
O_O That is so not weird.
i wonder how painful that would be....hahahaha don't worry i won't wear that tonight wink
Woot. ^,^ Haha, I have a red condom. wink xD
ohh yummah wink lol i raped u in ur sleep ;D hehehe
I enjoyed it. redface hehe
:O!!! u can feel rape in ur sleeps!? lol well....maybe u woke up and i didn't notice wink
You didn't notice? neutral I guess I was that good. wink xD
guys... do i have to take you guys off my top 10 list??? what the fu** is with rape and condoms and spikes in *girl's condoms*???? stare
O.O!!! the girl condoms was an actual thing xD it was on the news O.o and idk were randoms...=P u should be happy cuz us talking is making other peoples see your tektek contest :3
yeah i should be really happy that two people in the top 7 are talking about raping... i wonder about the reaction of the people who see this?
....they'd laugh xD
I'm sorry. She brung me into it. xP
thanks for putting all the blame on me xD

eh its alittle bit over...maybe be if i change the hair ill have more spending xD
but tell me if you like it so far?
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