I'm long winded. I apologize in advanced. Props to you, if you actually read all of this.

So I joined Gaia because I wanted to join a KHR Next Gen RP guild! I'd found a few before I started, but none of them really had what I was looking for, i.e. the characters sort of scared me or they were absolutely packed. I spent a few days looking through guilds for others but, again, they pretty much suffered from the same fate. I know I should be excited about HUGE RP guilds, but they intimidate me. I've joined so many where I just get ignored because I'm relegated to a bit part or the entire emphasis is on shipping and I joined so late that there wasn't anyone for my character(s) to get shipped with.

Thus, I would LIKE to start one. Or find someone who wants to start one and then help them. Or...something.

But I don't want to clog up the guild finding system or just disappoint everyone with my lackluster leadership skills. I can't draw and I can't code, so if someone is interested in this idea and has a decent character or two and can code, I'd definitely give them an admin position or...whatever it is.

Ideally, this RP guild wouldn't be private, but characters would need approving before joining or starting to roleplay. I'm really, really picky about characters. I could be pretty lenient for this, but I'd still like the characters to make sense for the world (for example: Why would Hibari have 8 children? Why does your character have four flames when canonically it is exceedingly rare to have two? Why do you think Mukuro has natural heterochromia? Why would they have Transformers or Zoids as box weapons?). And it would be literate, maybe semi-literate, and book format rather than script style. It would be a rather small group, like maybe 50 max?

In case you can't tell, I'm completely clueless, which is probably a HUGE issue. So yeah! 8D I'd love advice on how to run guilds, how to advertise without looking like an enormous buttface and annoying people...anything you can think of! Even if they don't apply strictly to this fandom, roleplay guilds, or my ideas, I want to learn! whee

If you're interested in helping me out, we should talk! What ideas do you have for characters or plots? What obstacles can you foresee us having? What do you think we could do to advertise? Anything you want to talk about, I'm game.

And if you already have a guild that you know of or own that fits this, let me know!

Thank you for reading this and I apologize if it is the wrong forum. I got confused somewhere in Barton OOC and had to ask for help and was directed here.