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Hi! Im a fairly new member and looking for a guild to join! smile please reply if i could join yours! Thank you!

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You could join my guild. My guild is a booty grab/contest guild. smile

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(zomg police investigation society) . please add me
Hi! Im a fairly new member and looking for a guild to join! smile please reply if i could join yours! Thank you!
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Hey there! If you have been hacked, need items, or are just plain poor, you should keep reading! Gosh, Gaining Gold!, or GGG for short, is a brand new charity guild that needs members. The more members, the more donations, the more giveaways and contests! There are also fun and friends members and crew. So what are you waiting for? Won't you join our small-but-growing community?

P.S. You can visit our official thread here.
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If you're into roleplaying, please check out my new guild.

"Welcome to Hallowed Academy

School for the gifted and wealthiest students of the world.
My name is Headmaster, and you are invited to join us for your high school career. This school was originally opened to only humans. However, when I became headmaster we began to let in supernatural students. Students will be able to take regular core classes such as math and history, to electives that include but do not limit equestrian and music classes. Not only will your education be a fun experience but you will be allowed to visit the surrounding areas. Enjoy our neighboring town of Lidenview where students may shop, or Lindenview Forest where students may go horseback riding or take a nice stroll. There is always the Garden of Eden if you are one more suited for relaxing with nature or visit our St John's Cathedral for a peaceful place to worship.

Whatever you chose to do, whatever courses you chose to take, we hope you enjoy your stay.


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Try out "Hidden Legion" we are a roleplaying battle guild setup for newbies and experienced players.(Main lore is from Greek/Roman mythology)
We do have some writters working on some lore/backstorys right now. Currently looking for new active members.

We just started our first lottery in the guild.

There are no special requirements to join, and we have experienced members that can help and answer any questions you may have.

Check us out here:
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Feel free to join the guild Choose Your World. It's a roleplaying guild but we are definitely trying to get more people to be active and join.

Here is the link.

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Bump :3

Hello. The banner below will link you to my everything guild, Dream Big Dream Free. There are many subforums in DBDF that will, hopefully, fit your taste. If you see something you like, then suggest it! Our subforums include (not including the crew subforums) Contests & giveaways, Quests & Charities, Mini-Shops, Quiz Central, Role-play Mania, Guides, Games, Chatterbox, and Achievements. The guild also provides a Daily Lottery, Birthday Thread, Monthly Newsletter, Guild Badges, and more!

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Freebies Gaia Guild…..You want to want prizes in gold and/or items by just posting…..In this Guild, you can win prizes in gold and items by participating in forum discussions.
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hi! If you want, feel free to join my guild! The Free Item Junk Guild
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Don't know your stance/taste in RP Guilds, but I'm looking for people in my two guilds, Link's will be below

The Warrior's Pride, a Fire Emblem RP Guild

Pokémon: The Shikoku Saga's, all 5 Generations of Pokémon in a brand new region
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Im not going to bother with the fancy banners.

If you like wilf animals I suggest this guild of mine, IT is new so not too much to catch up on if you are the type to read everything.
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Come join the GAEG! It's a fairly new guild, just starting out, but it's growing and improving everyday! We have a little taste of everything, which is great if you're new so you can see what you like! We have fanfictions, role playing, discussions, contests, and a WHOLE lot more!! Link is in my signature! smile

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