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I haven't seen it yet but I want to see it so badly!!! Sadly, I'll probably have to wait 'til it comes out on DVD because my boyfriend isn't a fan after watching the Swedish version. 

Was it worth watching?

Oh a zillion times better than the original version. I'd say go on your own. Even if friends aren't interested in a particular movie, I'll just go by myself

Sadly, no form of transport due to my car not working and the closest movie theater being in Reno, 30 minutes away on freeways, not roads with buses. 

But I am happy to say I'll be seeing it very very soon. I finally convinced my boyfriend to give it a chance lol I'm so excited!!! Lol

Oh good! It's seriously good. I mean its David Fincher, the visionary mind behind Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac. 

Eep, Im sorry! I was just in Reno last month for a couple days...couldnt imagine how people voluntarily live there...seems so depressing sad

I'm very excited to see it lol I must admit that I've only seen Se7en. My boyfriend says I wouldn't get/like Fight Club and his mom was in the FBI and worked the actual Zodiac case and he doesn't like watching that at all ... anyways ... I know they are all great movies though and I look forward to seeing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. 

Yeah, I agree! I'd never want to live in Reno, either. But I live in Lake Tahoe (specifically Tahoe City) and Reno is the only place close to me with big stores and movie theaters and malls. Scaramento is 2hrs away and more of a once every other month trip. I miss my hometown Portland, Oregon, though.

Oh Tahoe is pretty nice, but I can kind of see how it's easy for people to get bored. Whoah, you were in Portland? I always half jokingly say Portland is my true home even though I've never been, just people say I'd love it because of the art/quirky stuff I'm into. What brought you to Tahoe from there? Aw, yeah Sacramento...ugh. I don't have too much good things to say about that place. 

Whoah, you've never seen Fight Club? You should decide what films you want to see smile

Tahoe is a very beautiful place, but being from Oregon and used to rain as much as it snows here, I kinda hate it and am trying to move lol it might not be until summer, though. We'll see ...

Yes, I grew up in Portland and proudly call it home. Born and raised Oregonian. Moved to Tahoe with boyfriend after a job at the Grand Canyon (with the previous company we worked for) didn't work out. His family is from here and his sister told him about the new Ritz Carlton hotel opening here so we applied and got hired and moved. Been here 2 yrs. I miss home lol would love to move back to Portland, but my boyfriend wants sunshine and warmth, and I'm falling in love with California. I wouldn't mind moving close to a beach lol

I only go to Sac to visit my boyfriend's older brother and his family. Never gone much outside of Citrus Heights ...

Don't worry, I'll see Fight Club someday. As soon as I get my hands on it XD lol

Did you like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo so much you watched it more than once yet?
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David Fincher's version is excellent, but I prefer the Swedish version.


Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace are both really good actresses.

I agree, this version was way better than the original. My Fiance said the same thing though about the climax part, that the original did better, and I can see why he felt that way. Love this film and the books. Well.. I'm halfway done with the second.. so awesome!
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I haven't seen the English or the Swedish version of the film yet.

For those who have seen both, which one would you recommend to watch first?

the american one is truer to the book and makes more sense. the Swedish one leaves out a lot of details, but if you haven't read the book i don't suppose you'd notice.
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So many girl with the dragon tattoo threads...
I've seen both versions of the film, Swedish first, American second. I never read the book, so it wasn't important to me whether or not they stuck to the original story line, but I really liked the Swedish version the most. I really liked Noomi Rapace, more than Rooney Mara . Her character mysterious, but also sexy and cool. And I'm not great with words, but there was just something about the Swedish one that made me feel like it was more true, in a sense.

Also, the American vers had a very interesting ending. And you can't really complain about them casting Daniel Craig heart
I loved it, Roony Mara was incredible
Great Movie!(: It was so well done(: heart heart heart
looks like it would be good

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