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Ooh, that's pretty... let's see... ah, the materials list: cotton, epoxy resin. The epoxy is basically glue -- very hard, durable glue. Ten to one, the table's made by first crocheting the lace, then fitting it over a mold and coating it with epoxy. Maybe the excess is squeezed out before it hardens, or is sanded off afterward (which, together with the time it would take to crochet in the first place, makes me really wonder what this table would cost!), unless the photo's a little deceptive and it forms a solid surface. Awfully neat, though! I've seen patterns for things like Christmas tree ornaments that are lace that's coated with either epoxy or just regular glue, but this is on a whole nother level!
Would that be the same epoxy used for casting molds?

Hm. Good question, I don't even know if there are different kinds. At a guess, probably. Same basic idea, really -- a mold cast with lace inlaid.
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I'm guessing the table was created by stiffening the lace with industrial style glue, and possibly with wire.

However it was made, homigawsh is that awesome. I want one >.>

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