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Yeah, I wanna know how to make mesh/fishnet.

Is it really possible? confused

I wanna make something like this:

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(I know it's crappy, but I was using Paint. I got frustrated and at the end, I was randomly erasing the excess stuff. I also got a little freaked out by the body so I added shorts and I couldn't decide whether to make this body male or female, either way it still made me wary, so I added a top. eek )

So yeah... I wanna know how to make it...

(Also, do I need special items to make it? My friend said to use something like a pot-holder maker thing and just use a different style. But I don't have that and my fam is on a REALLY tight budget)
There are ways of tying cord to make fishnet, but it would take forever and the practice has kind of died out. You can get fishnet at most fabric stores though. But other then that, you cant really make fishnet (especially fashionable, wearable fishnet).
So yes, you can buy fishnet at most Jo-Ann type fabric stores. It comes 45" wide and you use it just like any other fabric, laying out your pattern on it, cutting it out and sewing with a sewing machine. If you're really broke, the best time to buy it is after Halloween when it is 75% off. They always sell it in September and October for costumes. They even have spider web netting. My favorite.
Your drawing is not crappy. It gets the point across just fine. Even though it looks like you'd be able to tie a few knots and make fishnet, it's incredibly hard to do. I tried to do a 12" square piece from some ancient instructions and thought I'd go insane! I'd buy it from the fabric store.
Ho' s**t! I just saw you on Yahoo Answers. XDD
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I would think it'd be somewhat like knitting, only with knots.
However, I think it'd be a bit too much effort when you can find fishnet fabric. I'm not sure if you want a bodysuit or can make do with two separate parts. The two parts I'd say get two pairs of fishnet stockings and cut the feet and crotch out of one (with a hot knife to seal the edge). Then wear it like a pull on top. The other pair you just wear as normal.
You can easily make a mesh fabric using crochet. Look around the Internet or check out any of the numerous books available and look for the mesh stich, also called filet.
They're a fishnet knitting pattern in the book Punk Knits.
I totally forgot about this pattern! I was at the book store the other day looking through pretty in punk, a knitting book. There actually is a pattern for a fishnet jumper in there!

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