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felt plushies cool

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Ok so i started making felt plushies & i wanted to know what you guys think about felt plushies.
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Most of the time I think they look bad but a few felt users have stolen my heart.

(Needle felt is another thing though. I just find that impressive.)
I like them. Felt is inexpensive, so it is found in most superstores (like Walmart). I've seen amazing things done with felt.
I think felt plushies are really cute and fun. I used to make a few, but I didn't stick with it.
I made a few for my friends and family, they really liked them. C:

yum_cupcake yum_onigiri yum_pumpkinpie
I like them well enough. Though, normally the cheap-o felt you get at walmart looks pretty shitty. The better quality the felt, the cuter the plush. Of course, being good at sewing helps too.
i find that fleece gets messed up if you play with it a lot.. your get those knots sad
if it can keep it's appearance with handling it'd be great.

I use fleece smile it's softer :O
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great for beginners but once you get a lot better at plushing, trade up to higher quality materials like fleece minky and suede
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Felt is nice. Of course there are better quality materials, but felt isn't bad. I've made some felt plushies before. I made an "emo kid" doll when I was in my teen angst phase (still have him though 'cause I'm rather proud of him) and I made some kitties for my friend. I have one friend who made all the members of My Chemical Romance.

So it's an amazing starting point and sometimes I find myself going back to it for sentimental reasons.

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