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Ohemgee. heart I found a moose pattern. I LOVE MOOSES. I've collected them since I was six. It's soooo cute. whee

lol. Mooses are pretty awesome. I've been meaning to make a plush moose sometime (non-crochet) that looks like the moose from Invader Zim...

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Edit: Stupid pic not working... fixed...

The last smile wavered, and disappears,
And the warmth is all that's left.
Aww, that would be cute. Well, I'm off to make a moose! I wonder what I shall name it...
What a great thread! *bookmarks*
I've made a few things, a panda for my mom and a turtle for a friend using this pattern;
Welcome, Ibarretta!

That's a really cute turtle pattern. ^__^ I haven't seen that one before (which is pretty incredible, since I've spent days sifting through pattern sites).
Aww, a moose plushie would be uber awesome!

Haha, hello, Ibarretta! That turtle pattern is really cool. whee
@ Stitch Marker Convsersation: I keep watching the T.V. when I make my amigurumis, but looking up at the screen makes me easily distracted...

Thank goodness for stitch markers, otherwise I would end up with a long salami-like tube! xd ((Hmm... it could make a nice warm arm-warmer, though... I'll have to try it when I have time. ;D))
Well I have finally located my camera so now I should be able to get some pics taken of some of my new finished projects. But first I will have to find batteries. X__x

I want to try some fingerless gloves sometime. I need to find my larger crochet hooks first, though.
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Cute turtle pattern!

I'm actually trying to follow a fingerless/mitten glove combo pattern.
It's fun to do.
All I have to do is finish the left glove and then I'm done.
I also used a smaller hook than the pattern said.
Mainly because it's the only hook I have and I have small hands.
I'll post them when I'm done.
I started my moose. I finished the snout and started the head. I wanted to crochet after school today, so I brought my yarn...but...alas...


;-; I'm so sad.
I hate it when I do that... I have yet to perfect putting together a crochet supplies bag for when I'm on the move, so I'm always forgetting one essential item or another...

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Excellent thread. : )
I'm currently making a Miso plushie from scratch.
I've never made anything from scratch before, and I had some trouble doing the increases at first... but it looks pretty good and I've only got the arms left.

This is Miso, by the way.
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I'd love to make an amigurumi World of Warcraft character for someone.

Also: Are there any good tutorials around? Or should I have read the first few posts?
Welcome, Loar and Megzie! :3

@Loar: I hope your Miso turns out good! I've only just started working without patterns and it's been pretty interesting.

@Megzie: That's an awesome idea, making someone's WoW character. I might have to try that as a Christmas present for a friend of mine who plays way too much WoW. lol.

I made sure to put some tutorials and information in the first post, so you might be able to find something there. The most helpful beginners tutorial I've been able to find was Nimoe's Cupcake Tutorial. I learned a lot from trying and making that cupcake.

If you're just looking for patterns, then I would recommend Snuffykin's Bookmarks. There's tons of amigurumi info there, as well as a massive amount of free pattern links.

Omg, I think I found what I'm going to make my sister for Christmas: Cute little pug pattern

She loves dogs and that has to be one of the cutest amigurumi pug patterns I've seen. ^__^

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