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Yay! Can't wait to see it! Hello dolphininin biggrin
Awesome! I bet the smore looks great!

So, how far are you on your robot ami?
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I love Ami's.

I did two octys a while back. (one orange(WW Yarn) one pink in a finer yarn and a size smaller hook.

there cute. I named one Mr. Vlhad Octy and his daughter Morbidella.

LOL Great names!

I made an octopus once but he was my first ami and apparently I didn't attach the legs well enough. I took him downstairs to show my in-laws and they were too rough with him so now he is more like a sextopus! LOL
Sextopus. rofl. XD

And I like the name Morbidella. ^__^

I ended up taking a break from the robot to work on some smaller projects, but I really need to work on it some more. It drives me nuts when I work for a long time on something just to have it look all wrong, which is what happened with the robot's legs. I made one, but I'm going to start over because the design just doesn't look right. >__<

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This. Rocks.

I've never done amis, but I've been crocheting for years! I've been wanting to try amis for a long time; maybe this thread will be my inspiration! ^^
I started my ami for the ami-along today (one day early, shhh!) but it is half sucking. I may have to rip some of it back and start again. sigh.
Sextopus. xd

You can do it, Reana Kay! Amis=awesome!
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My first attempt!
It was supposed to be the cupcake that's on the tutorial on the first page, but I didn't understand the instructions, so I just made a spiral. But then the edges kept curling circular-ish instead of lying flat. D:

So I had to change my thing. And then the magic ring thing wouldn't work for me anymore, so I couldn't do arms and feet. DD:

This is the first thing I've ever crocheted though.
I spent all of yesterday night looking up how to crochet and finding my mom's old yarns she used to knit me stuff, but I really can't understand like ANYTHING in any of the instructions.

I can only do a chain stitch and a single stitch-- or at least I think that the way I'm using is single stitching!
That looks great, especially for your first try! Stick with it! biggrin
Welcome, Reana Kay! :3

ianthine, your first cupcake looks a lot better than my first one!

I got the slip stitch and single crochet confused... I have no idea how I managed to do that... so I had a cupcake made of nothing but slip stitches.... lol

So keep with it!

I haven't even figured out what to do for the amigurumi-along! I have plenty of projects that I need to get working on (I'm planning on giving some 'gurumis as Christmas presents), but I haven't chosen one to start with yet. >__<

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And the warmth is all that's left.
Thanks for the great links on the front page smile I've been wanting to get into this for a while. Thanks biggrin

Your very welcome. ^__^ After having done so much searching of the 'net in my own search for amigurumi stuff, it was no problem to share my findings.

The last smile wavered, and disappears,
And the warmth is all that's left.
yay, we both have raptor horns!
lol. I noticed that earlier! :3 Your ava is pretty awesome, BTW.

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