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(Appologies if I've already posted this; I typed it up earlier today but realized it didn't seem to be on the forum for some reason.)

I've heard that fake suedes are good materials for skin of human plushies. I've had some bad experiences working with flannel, which seemed like a perfect fabric for this before I actually tried to use it, so I was wondering if anyone who has worked with fake suede could tell me what difficulties they've had with it so I know what to expect. (I've searched the internet, but most of the articles only say good things about it.)

The specific kind I'll probably be getting is deer suede; the fabric store I'm able to get to doesn't have the right color, and in general I don't like buying fabric online, but I know of one plush maker who uses a lot of deer suede, and I feel a bit more confident of the color after seeing it all through their dA gallery in different kinds of lighting. Of the kinds the fabric store did have, I noticed that microsuede felt nicer than avola suede because the fibers didn't go in a direction - it didn't feel coarse if you rubbed it in the "wrong" direction. If you've used deer suede, could you tell me whether it has a direction, or whether there are other kinds that don't have a direction?

I make my own patterns for human dolls, and I'm going for something a little more complicated than the anime-style ones people make with variations of the "sit plush" pattern. The biggest differences between what I'm trying to do and the usual way of making anime plushies is I'll be embroidering the eyes (by hand, not with the machine) rather than using iron-ons, and possibly also doing some needlesculpting or using plastic doll/bear joints. A fabric that can deal with being poked a lot would be good for this. (One of the problems I had with the flannel was that the holes would show where I'd needlesculpted it or made a mistake in embroidery and had to pull the thread out.)