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                                        Sung Min Pyo

                                      ROLE: Art Scholarship
                                      COLOR: Yellow
                                      SPECIALIZATION: Sculptures and painting
                                      GENDER: Male
                                      AGE: 18
                                      BIRTHDAY: 3/24
                                      PREFERENCE: Leaning towards homosexual
                                      FACE CLAIM: Hwang Jin Uk
                                      USERNAME: Drunktastic

                                        More Information

                                      BIO: Sungmin's family wasn't much of a 'family' to begin with. All they cared about was grades, grades, and grades. If one of the children in the family didn't have good enough grades, everyone in the family was to suffer for their slacking. Well his family tended to hate Sungmin for everything since he was that slacker in the whole family. Being the second youngest, he thought he would be able to get away with it all. Well he was, until he started show interest in art. Oh, did his parents grow furious. "Art gets you nowhere! You know how hard it is to make a living off of that stupid hobby? You'll make nothing! You will study hard and get into the same university as your siblings and become something great." That's all he heard from his parents after that. He was the "failure" in the family. The only person who would care enough for him was his younger sister, who would follow him around everywhere. Sungmin adored her, he would teach her the ways his parents wanted him to follow. Being the "failure", at least he could do something right.

                                      Eventually he tried as hard as he could to get into Yeppuda, ignoring his parent's hate for him. It was surprising though, how his older siblings supported him, helping him get into the academy. If he wasn't going to stop art, they at least thought he could becoming a great one and show his parents up. It was a passion that nobody in his family understood, so his goal ended up being about his parents acknowledging his talents. Once he started Yeppuda, he saw what a great decision it was. It was almost like he was at home, at the bottom of the food chain.
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                                        Soo-Jin Choi

                                      ROLE: Art Scholarship
                                      COLOR: Yellow
                                      SPECIALIZATION: Photography
                                      GENDER: Female
                                      AGE: 18
                                      BIRTHDAY: March 14th
                                      PREFERENCE: Heterosexual? Bisexual? Homosexual? Pansexual? Demisexual? Asexual?
                                      FACE CLAIM: IU
                                      USERNAME: Kairika97

                                        More Information

                                      BIO: Soo Jin is a bubbly, happy girl, at her old school everyone was treated...differently than here.She lives with her Grandparents and Father, her mother left for the United States when she was very little and hasn't seen her since, but they still talk from time to time. Soo-Jin is very passionate about Photography, her grandmother gave her a camera for her her 14th birthday and ever since then she'd never stop taking pictures. For the most part, she began just taking pictures just to take them, but after a while, she'd find something specific about an item or person and snap a picture and keep it to see what they couldn't see.

                                      While hanging out pictures to dry in her room, her grandmother came in and saw what talent she had. She encouraged Soo-Jin to send in at least one of her pictures to the school and poof! She was granted a scholarship. At first she was hesitant, she didn't want to leave her grandmother, grandfather and father alone, but her grandmother gave her this opportunity so she knew she couldn't refuse. She decided to attend and that was that.

                                      Soo-Jin tries to say on everyone's good side. She doesn't want to be sucked into some drama; especially with the Purples or the Pinks. Though, in any given pooin where she think a photo is necessary, she'll snap it, and that can get her into some serious trouble. She'll try to be more cautious and less spontaneous.
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Fashionable Sex Symbol

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                                        Rae Ra Kang
                                          xxxxxxParliament Member

                                      ROLE: Pop Idol
                                      COLOR: Purple
                                      GENDER: Female
                                      AGE: Seventeen
                                      BIRTHDAY: August 25th
                                      PREFERENCE: Heterosexual
                                      FACE CLAIM: Park Hye Min
                                      USERNAME: Koiyama Isis

                                        More Information

                                      BIO: Kang Rae Ra or “ Rae La “ as she’s called on stage was born with fame and fortune. She was lucky enough to have a father who runs a record label and a very famous singer mother. Ever since she was a child she wanted to be like her mother, she wanted to be beautiful and famous and most of all she wanted to move many with her voice. So, she took vocal lessons(not that she needed them) to strengthen her vocal chords. At the age of fourteen she became famous with her parents help. She made it as a solo artist. Rae La began attending Yeppuda Academy and made it to the rank of purple upon acceptance, you see Rae La is lucky enough to be the cousin to the Kinf of the academy, Park Woo Jin. Her and Woo Jin are very close, he’s more like a big brother than a cousin although his rules tend to get on her nerves.

                                      Rae La is very independent and she tends to be rebellious depending on the situation. While most of the Purple Crowns have secrets she likes to keep her life open. If people judge her then they do she can deal with criticism. She is very down to earth. She’s not afraid of telling the truth, in fact she prefers that to lies. If she doesn’t like you you will know, she doesn’t sugar coat things she’s very blunt to the point of being brutal. She can be considered a mean girl based on her bluntness. If she likes a person she likes a person, she doesn’t care if your purple, pink red or white. This angers her cousin allot but she doesn’t care. She knows that Woo Jin wouldn’t dare mess with her career. Rae La is very, very stubborn and is very hard to sway once she makes up her mind. Also, she isn’t the best dancer in the world she has an amazing voice but in her mind she’s not the best dancer, however she is a very hard worker and she practices until she gets something perfect hence why she looks so good dancing on stage. Dancing doesn’t come effortlessly to her like it does to others.

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