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I wonder if anyone misses me.

      If anyone paid attention, they'd notice me.

          Like everyone else, I had a name.
            Cheryl Fleur Renalde

          But I told people to call me something else.
            Cherry or Cherry Cheryl

          I always knew which way I went.

          I can't believe I died. I wasn't even that old.

      Was it my fault? Did I keep everyone away?

          I can remember the good things.
            • Strawberry cakes. Sweet, delicate, angelic dessert. The flavors dances on her tongue as if they were dancing to beethevon.
            • Music. What's a ballerina with a dislike to music?
            • Books. Every page of a book is like an adventure. Her eyes just crave for knowledge.
            • Dancing. It's a hard world in the entertainment industry. But Cheryl's one of the few that made it through. Too bad the good die young.
            • Coffee. Without coffee fueling as energy for her she wouldn't have worked so hard towards her career.
            • Family. Her family means everything to her. Even if they didn't support her dream as a ballerina.
            • Friends. They were the support and base she needed to get going in her career.
            • Roses. They're beautiful. Red, white, the rare blue.

          Everyone's got a special something.
            Cheryl was a upcoming soon to be professional ballerina.

          There are some things I don't miss.
            • Pickles. Disgusting green sour things. They're just wannabe cucumbers.
            • Magazines. They're just full of gossip and celebrities.
            • Time. There isn't enough time in the world for her. If only it would slow down.
            • Neon colors. Blinding. Ugly. Enough said.
            • Rain. It makes her sick. Cheryl is easily ill, and rain will make her run a fever.

          I still can't believe that I, I...
            Cheryl died in a stage audition. She was auditioning for the main role. She would've gotten it if the stage lights weren't being tested during the time. The lights caught on fire, the whole building bursted into flames. Now if that piece of equipment didn't fall on her and trapped her in the burning building then she'd be very much alive right now. Poor girl. No one heard her screams of help.

          And now, my most precious thing has been taken.
            The blue rose choker. The choker was her good luck charm that her elder brother gave her before he died in a airplane crash. Death seems to bring chaos to her family the most.

          I may never have an end to my story.
            Cheryl is a delicate ballerina. She lived the life anyone wanted to live. She had a loving family, a mother and father who loved each other very much, and a brother that supported her decisions when her parents did not. Cheryl took on dancing as a ballerina when she was only five years old. She learned from her grandmother; whom was still young and able; and as the years went by Cheryl started to tread on a path that she could not bear to turn away from. When she turned thirteen her grandmother died from cancer. Cheryl knew her inspiration was going to leave her sooner or later, but little did she know that things started going awary.

            The blue choker her brother gave her was a going away present. Her brother was going to America to study and wanted something for Cheryl to remember him by. Things started looking up for her when she got the choker, but when a certain plane crashed, so did her heart. Out of all the planes that were flying, the plane her brother was on had to be the one. Grief swept her family, they lost a loved one from cancer and now another from a crash. Cheryl thought the deaths were going to end, but little did she know, she was next to greet death himself.

            It was an early winter morning. Cheryl rehearsed her dance for months for this audition. Everything depended on the audition. She chose, "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies". A classic dance. In the middle of her dance, the lights were being tested. For what? She did not know but they were being tested. One of the lights overheated and caught fire. The fire spread to another light and another, and soon the whole thing came crashing down. Everyone evacuated safely, except her. A piece of wood came crashing down on her. She wasn't strong enough to move it on her own. Her screams for help couldn't be heard. And so the ballerina with so much promised died on stage.

          I guess who I was back then is irrelevant. Today is all that matters.
            Cheryl is well mannered. Her mother and fathe taught her right. She isn't much of a fighter, but with her (deceased) brother's help Cheryl is able to use guns, knives, and other dangerous weapons. Cheryl is of course kind hearted and sweet. Her tongue can't grace the hellish words she learned over the years. She is very vicious when it comes to it, but that side is kept away most the time.

      I guess it's not worth thinking about. There's a new problem, now.
          In this crazy place, I'm one of them.
            Player Seven.

          I was given power to finish this game.
            Reaper Pin.

          And I'll damn well use it!

          I swear I'll finish this, one way or another.
            To get another chance of life. Her career is a dream she still wants to fullfill. Cheryl wants to make her mark on the world, as a dancer.

          Sometimes I hear this voice in my head.
            The Dinosawr

      Why this place? Why Shibuya?
          It's like a heartbeat.

          Some noteworthy possessions.

          You may have overlooked it...
            Belly button piercing.
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The Narrow Minded Third Act

【↘】 veryone in this little valley knows me as..
Cheryl Fleur Renalde

【↘】 've used these eyes since the beginning of my life..

【↘】 ell, according the type of underwear I put on I'm pretty sure I'm..

【↘】 hat I've seen so far?
My brother and I lived in Paris France when we were younger. Our lives were normal and quite uninteresting, it was plain boring. My Papa was a highly respected business man, so money was no problem for my family and my Mama was a faithful housewife. Ever since birth my health was never good, so I always relied on my medical check ups and perscriptions. Besides my health problem my life was boring. That is until I turned eight.

It was a horribly stormy night and my Mama had just finished setting up the dinner table for my birthday dinner. My Papa was coming home from work. Mama greeted him at the door and they exchanged kisses like always. Dinner was halfway done and my Mama lite the birthday candles. Eight shining candles on a pretty strawberry cake. I blew each candle out, one by one. On the last one, a crazed murderer broke in and you can guess what happened. Blood splattered everywhere. My strawberry cake was painted in red. The murderer was about to kill me next after savagely stabbing my Mama and Papa repeatedly. "I always like the soft flesh of little petty girls." He said. He raised his knife, I shut my eyes, but all I heard was a loud scream and a thud. When I opened them my Brother was standing there with the cake knife all bloodied. From that night on the murderer's words were implanted into my brain. My dreams were filled with nightmares. My heart closed.

My brother from there on took care of me. It was difficult for him, I could see but somehow he managed. We moved away from Paris as it soon became difficult for us to live in the house where our parents died. My brother took me to the country side, in hopes my nightmare would disappear. I soon grew a fancination for knives but also a strong hatred. I was founded by The Feltria Valley Circus and was given the third act job.

【↘】 've been described in three words..
Narrow minded: I always think I'm right. I hate when people disagree with me and often times the disagreement always end up in a fist fight.

Rude: I'm not rude. I'm just mean and sarcastic to people that annoy the living hell outta me.

Seductive: I know how to use my femine charms into getting what she wants. I always end up giving people a cooling sensation as well. A chill.

Loose: I'm not tense like her brother. I'm not mature like him. Who could be so uptight like the man?

Sweet: Now this a particular trait that's hidden, only shown to those that I let into my heart.

【↘】 y eyes are attracted to..

【↘】 y secret is...
I'm very sickly.

xxxxxxxx Ⓛikes
Strawberry cakes
Hot chocolate
Spring time

Being alone

The Dinosawr

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The Sarcastic Librarian's Helper

【↘】 veryone in this little valley knows me as..
Peter Voleur Renaldes

【↘】 've used these eyes since the beginning of my life..
Twenty - Five

【↘】 ell, according the type of underwear I put on I'm pretty sure I'm..

【↘】 hat I've seen so far?
It's a painful past. I grew up like any normal person in Paris France but everything changed on my little sister's eighth birthday. I was coming home from school, I walked with my friends like always. We split at the same place and each went our seperate ways. While I walked I saw a man running frantically, we bumped into each other and I saw the crazed look on his face. I knew something was wrong but I did nothing about it. I continued home shaking off the man's face because he had nothing to do with me. But I was wrong. The man followed me home, but I did not know.

I entered the house like normal, shut the door and locked it. I still had that strange nagging feeling in my gut. My Mother greeted me with a hug and the same conversation. How did school go? Anything exciting? Same old same old. The rest of my day proceeded as planned, I finished my homework before my sister's birthday dinner. Later that night I sat down at the table ate dinner quietly. My Mother got out the cake and lit the candles. I always had a distaste in cakes but it was my little sister's bithday. While she blew out the candles I excused myself for a moment to get the plates from the kitchen. When I returned I saw the same man from before. I saw him turn towards my little sister and raised the knife. I saw the helpless scared look on her face. Instincts took on as I grabed the cake knife from the table and stabbed him in the back. It wasn't something I was proud of but it saved my little sister from certain death. It was a birthday I knew my little sister wouldn't forget.

From there on I took on the role as my little sister's guardian. I fed her, provided for her and I encouraged her. When she grew that odd fascination for knives I highly disapproved but it didn't stop her. We moved away from Paris because I hoped that my sister's nightmares would disappear. We settled in the country side, quiet and seemingly uneventful.

【↘】 've been described in three words..
Silent: I'm quiet. Simple enough, no?

Prideful: I really am prideful and cocky when it comes to things.

Sarcastic: Maybe I'm a little too sarcastic. I tend to tease people too.

Gentle: I may not look like it but I'm gentle and kind. People mistake my silence for rudeness most the time and they never give me the chance.

Narrow Minded: Just like my sister I'm always right. But I don't tke an disagreement as far as a fist fight like her.

【↘】 y eyes are attracted to..
I lean towards women, but I swing both ways.

【↘】 y secret is...
My hands have been sullied with murderer.

xxxxxxxx Ⓛikes
Night time
My sister

Thieves and murderers

The Dinosawr
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User Imagerocket P e t e rxxV o l u e r i'm a rocketeerless
------------- R e n a l d e s

xxxText Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text "Speech Speech Speech Speech Speech Speech Speech Speech Speech" Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning.
But anyone can start today and make a new ending.
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C h e r y l F l e u r R e n a l d e

User Image User Image User Image

DoNotDeleteThisPartA l l A b o u t M o i ~

        -- Hi there, nice to meet you, my name is Cheryl Fleur Renalde!
        -- Although most people tend to call me Cherry...
        -- I was born on Winter twenty - fifth.
        -- That day was way back when, for you see I'm twenty - two now!
        -- And in those years I've grown to be about five feet and seven inches.
        -- Oh, you like my slightly curly, black locks?
        -- They say I have my mother's green eyes!
        -- You seriously couldn't tell I was a female by now!?
        -- For me, it's all about the men, but I'll swing either way~
        -- You can find me at the After Dark Tavern as the Bar Owner anytime!

DoNotDeleteThisPartI t ' s M y L i f e ~
        -- Bio;;
          There isn't much to tell aside from the fact that my right eye is now dead. I loved that eye...It was my favorite. Then again, lefty is always here for me~

          I grew up in a small town near Paris, it's quite small because no one has ever heard of it. Maybe it's because it's not significant enough to be marked on a map? But anyways, my Mama and Papa were good people; to say; they paid the governer's taxes and stayed out of...trouble. They did run into a few problems with the law before but nothing too big for them to get their heads chopped off! Now, wouldn't that be a sight! Ha! Although it wouldn't be such a pleasant sight for me...Actually. It wasn't. I was quite serious about heads being chopped off. First it was my Papa that got caught smuggling some goods onto a ship. He was quite a trouble maker, he knew all the guards' names and they all knew him. The goods he was smuggling wasn't exactly paid for legally. And so the guards' took him in and put him on display. I can still hear the loud shouting as the headsman yelled, "And so the pirate dies!" I thought it was a stupid thing to yell before chopping someone's head off but at that point I understood.

          As for Mama she died of heartache, yada yada, but before she died she told me everything of our family's history. My Grandpapa was a smashing pirate, he made the guards fear him, and even Paris relied on him for his supplies and goods! So now you're wondering, 'How did my Father become such a terrible pirate?' Simple. It was love that destroyed him. Now I don't blame him, if he didn't fall heads over Mama, I wouldn't be here now. My Father was only sixteen at the time he met Mama, he had just started his training with my Grandpapa. She was out at the docks shopping for fresh seafood with some servants. I couldn't believe my Mama was a noble, but moving on with my tradgic and quite humorous life! She was shopping for seafood with a couple servants. My Father was walking around the docks at the time.He bumped into my Mama, she dropped her things, he bent down to help her, and their hands touched, their eyes met, and the wind whisk through them like a chill. Cheesy way to meet, but quite romantic. From that point on my Papa's studies as a pirate declined rapidly, he soon spent his time writing love letters to Mama and/or sneaking away to visit her. Soon he abandoned my Grandpapa and ran away with Mama. They settled down and let's just say they had quite some fun because Mama became pregnant with me!

          After my Mama and Papa's death I set off to see the old man. Grandpapa, if he was even alive still...Well I'm pretty sure he's dead now but when I met him he was very much alive. How did I know? He threw a damn forsaken bucket at me! He yelled at me, saying that I was the offpsring of the dead pirate son of his and his devil lady wife. I was in fact angry, but I knew better to not get caught up in a heated fight with the old man, for the fear of another bucket hitting me...The bucket hurt. A lot.

          Somehow, I managed to gain the old man's trust and weasled my way into his heart. Only then did he consider me his Granddaughter. I trained under the old man from then on, I learned the pirate's trade, and moto. "Take what you can! And give nothing back!" It was quite a wonderful life I was living. The smell of the salty sea every morning and the exciting day I'd have when I wake up every morning. It was a life I would never trade for. I could tell that my Grandpapa loved me dearly, and he knew his time was coming to an end. When I turned eighteen, the old man gave me his ship. The Black Pearl, he named it. The ship was a beauty I'd give him that but with white sails? Pfft! I shredded them up and replaced them with daring black sails. Now ships would know not to mess with my pearl!

          For two years I lived a wonderful life as a pirate. Sailing the seas, seeing new places, selling goods for an overly high price, it was a wonderful life I lived. Before everything came crashing down in a hour. God was angry at someone, probably at me because he blew my ship off course. My shipped crash landed at the docks of Vermalla Sangre. The docks weren't harms, oh no, it was only my ship. Oh, and my right eye died that night too but that isn't as important as my ship! My pearl died, there was no way I could repair it. My crew from then abandoned me and the pearl. They left to start new and safer lives. I stayed at this small town. Something about it kept me here. But my destroyed ship haunts my dreams. A pirate with no ship is not a pirate at all.

          The night made a huge impact on me. For one my right eye lost it's vision, the town doctor says it'll be alright but I need check ups. Ha! Like I've ever shown up on time for them. Also, my dreams are filled with terror. At times I can get a restful nights sleep, while at other's I would be screaming at the top of my lungs. Oh, and when there's a storm I tend to panic and hide. Hide in my closet or under the bed anywhere. If I'm outside, let's just say it's a break down of emotions. SO basically, my physical state is a mess and so is my pyshicological state. I'm a charming woman, no?

          I stayed in the quiet town, living a quiet life for a while...Until the army came and wrecked my peace of mind. If I was as brave and couragous as when I was a pirate, I would have probably tried to fight off the army. Instead, I hid quietly in my basment of my bar. For days I tried to sustain my health, it was simple for me, because days on the sea made me sustain my hunger. When I emerged from the basement everything was basically destroyed. I was one of the few surviviors. Life was going to be tough but I've faced worst.

        -- Themes;;
          A little tune that I could be caught whistling at any given time.

        -- Crush;;
          Now why would I bother with something like that?! No one catches my interest none! In fact I wouldn't give them the time of day, except for maybe this sweetheart. But I'm sure I'd give him the wrong time...

DoNotDeleteThisPartD o s A n d D o n ' t s ~

        -- Loves;;
          → ✔ - Rum<3 But I'll settle for wine or a beer. Or any alcohol actually.
          → ✔ - Sweets; pies, cookies, cakes, anything with sugar will do. In fact just a bag of sugar will get you on my good side!
          → ✔ - Homecooked meals; nothing special, but the knowledge of someone cooking a meal for you gives me a sense of security...
          → ✔ - Jewlery; trinkets, odds and ends, anything shiny will do.
          → ✔ - The sea; I miss it. My heart yearns to be back on my pearl, my nose yearns for the smell of the salty sea. But I know that it wouldn't be possible. I'd settle for stories of the sea or even a day at the beach or docks, someone could tag along so it wouldn't be so boring.

        -- Likes;;
          → ✔ - Flowers; Yes, even I have a femine side.
          → ✔ - My workers; they work hard for their pay.
          → ✔ - Chocolate; Where?
          → ✔ - Pumpkins; I'd love to make jack-o-lauterns with them.
          → ✔ - Music; I'd love to listen to Ceilia play sometime.

        -- Dislikes;;
          → ✘ - Milk; I don't need my calcium. I don't need to grow anymore.
          → ✘ - Doctors; I got nothing against the town doctor, just doctors in general. Them and their pointy needles.
          → ✘ - Cabbages; wannabe lettuce.
          → ✘ - Sunny days; Ugh, the heat gets to me.

        -- Hates;;
          → ✘ - Peppers; green or red I'd shove them down your throat.
          → ✘ - Ship in a bottle; do you really wanna die?
          → ✘ - Attempts on taking my eye patch off; touch it again and that's not the only thing that comes off!

        -- Fears;;
          → ✘ - Storms; I'll be hiding if you need me...
          → ✘ - Death; it's scary dying, it's more fun living.
          → ✘ - The bucket; damn thing hurts!

        -- Marriage Item ;;
          → ღ - My Mama's necklace. It's somewhere in the debris of the pearl...

        -- Journal Link ;;

DoNotDeleteThisPartT h e R e a l M e ~

        -- Username;;
          Why does my puppet master have tiny arms? The Dinosawr probably isn't the tallest person out there...
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User Imagerocket J a c exxV o l u e r i'm a rocketeerless
------------- R e n a l d e

xxxThe sun had only creaked through the window of the silver haired man's home. A loud and reluctant groan could be hear from a lump in the middle of the bed. Mornings. Something the man clearly didn't like. Sitting up and poking his head out the covered, the male scratched his head as his eyes slowly opened, revealing one blue eye and one golden. In a way the man was special, he was above the average people, but in another he was cursed. People pestering about his eyes were absolutely the worst. It was a gift and curse that Jace Voluer Renalde would have to live with forever and ever. Like a story book ending.

Dragging himself out of bed, Jace had the most strangest but oddly enough adorable face (Ex: - 3 -). Some would say he reminded them of a dog. Others would say he was just plain tired and grumpy. But in fact, Jace was rarely grumpy. He always got his needed amount of sleep and was always tired either way. Sometimes he could be found sleeping on the job if he was allowed it. Sadly though, he never slept on the job, for he was the bakery owner of Sinful Indulgents. Being the owner was a pain in the butt for Jace at times, mainly because he would have to deal with unreasonable customer and would most of the time have to use his charms to get out of the trouble.

Slowly (but surely) Jace got dressed in a simple outfit he wore many times when he was in Paris. It was a simple button up shirt, tie and jacket. Nothing too fancy but nothing too simple. Walking out the house, Jace walked around the town a bit. Familiarizing himself with the valley. It was a quite place, peaceful and soothing...It made him wonder if his sister was actually here...Passing by the cnady shop, he couldn't help but stop in his tracks and walk right into the shop. It was alright because the bakery was closed today anyways. Walking in, the sweet smell of sugar and rainbows seduced his nose. It was a lovely shop, perfect place to make a child happy or in this case, a grown man.

ooc: c: Sinful Indulgents instead of Confections~ You like? ;3

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning.
But anyone can start today and make a new ending.
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Jace Voluer Renalde

The Basics

Hello there, I'm Jace Voluer Renalde.
But I also like to be called Inu.
Right now? I'm employed as the charming bakery owner.
And I'm twenty - five years old.
My birthday is on Spring twentyth.
And I'm A male of course!
I'm interested in The ladies~ But I usually don't mind the gents.

The Extras

I really like these a lot.
○ Apples~ Just the same as my sister.
○ Cakes, pies, anything that's baked; I'm a bakery owner, what is there more to understand?
○ Coffee; sweetened of course.
○ Books; tell me a story or give me a recipe book.
○ Wine or any alcoholic beverage.
○ Baking; to bake or not to bake is the question!

But I'd prefer that you don't give me these!
• Loneliness...
• Text books; I'm not in school anymore.
• Black coffee; toobitter for my taste.
• Cabbages; ugh.
• People pestering my eyes.
• Mornings; doesn't everyone?

Now We'll Get A Bit Personal.

More about me...

I was born sometime in the spring time, not sure when though. I was never one to remember silly things such as birthdays. I have both my eyes (Unlike someone...) but they're two different colors. One blue and one golden yellow. Strange, isn't it?

I lived in a small little town near Paris, France but it was quite small. Insignificant. Not even important enough to be marked on a map. I lived peacefully with my Mother, Father, and younger sister. We were a happy bunch, never really getting into particular trouble. Well, truth be told my Father was always the trouble maker, and the dough bringer. His job was something I wasn't very proud of. He was like a pirate. Actually, he was a pirate. The truth was quite obvious when the headsmen yelled, "And so the pirate dies!". My Father had smuggled his last shipment of goods that wasn't paid for. If only the man had enough sense to pay for his goods and not steal. While, I watched my Father's head roll off his body I felt as though he deserved it...As if...He really did deserve it after all. There were numerous times when the guards had let him off the hook and when he got fined for his smuggling. All those times were in vain because my Father was stupid enough to continue with his actions of smuggling. I love my Father, really I do, but the man deserved his cruel fate.

Pratically as soon as my Father died, my Mother fell into heart ache and soon followed him to the afterlife. Leaving me and my younger sister to care for each other. I had only turned eighteen at the time both parents died. Barely of age, but I knew I had to do something to care for my sister. So, I took up the job as a baker in the town. I took the job up casually at first, but I fell in love with it. The smell of freshly baked bread or pies. The designs that could be put onto the heavenly cakes. It was fate that brought me towards the love of baking. I thought life was good. I had a lovely job and a lovely sister that I took care of. Well, scratch off lovely. My sister and I were similar in a way but so very different. She was exactly like my Father. When she was sixteen, she left me and searched for our great grandfather. The old man must've been a hella great pirate or sailor because I didn't hear from my sister sense.

The feeling of lonliness, it was a feeling with unimaginable pain. The pain drove me to the point in which I could not stand the quiet town. I moved to Paris when I was about twenty. I studied culinary for five good years. The five years I was studying was the best five years. I wasn't alone at all. I was enjoying my classes. I made plenty of friends. I was...missing a part of my only family. The thought of my sister still being alive or possible dead kept me awake day and night. The five years was torturous. It was not at all enjoyable for me, but there was that day of hope. My friends and co workers told me about a pirate ship being shipped wrecked near some quiet valley. I acted as if I didn't care but truthfully I cared so much, I left Paris and moved over there. I set up a bakery in hope of finding my sister. May the hope be false or real, I will risk anything to find out.

I like to see myself as a charming mature adult, although people will see otherwise. People call me childish and immature but I still hold the air of a dog? Apparently I'm like a cute dog who can get people to do what I want easily. I'm loyal to my friends and family. Just like a dog...Maybe that is why I'm nicknamed Inu? Just like my sister, I'm blunt and straight forward. Although I have enough sense to think before I speak. I'm playful and smooth, a bit of a player if you think but I don't consider myself one. Treat a lady right, you'll easily capture her heart. In a sense I'm a charming gentleman but have dog like traits...I'm friendly and I don't hesitate in talking to others. I try and keep the atomsphere as comfortable as possible, because who likes an awkward atomsphere?

My heart beats for
No one yet.
I almost forgot!
I have a funny tickle spot somewhere on my back.
Played By:
The Dinosawr

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Dapper Raider

User Image

Eᴍᴘᴛʏ Mʏsᴛᴇʀɪᴏᴜs Dᴏᴜʙʟᴇ

          tab tab The Dinosawr ʜᴀs ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ Sᴏᴜsʜɪ Mɪᴋᴇᴛsᴜᴋɪ
          tab tab tab tab ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴀʀᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ᴀ ᴍᴇʀᴇ

          Coffee, tea, sleep, sweets, apples, warmth, company, family, freedom, books, night, snow, night, flowers, and painting
          Annoyance, preps, loud places, the cold, juice, idiotic people, and shadows.

          tab tab tab tab ⇘ ▐
          , Seventeen, six feet, one hundred and fourty five pounds, silver hair, one eye green and one eye gold.
          tab tab tab tab Fɪʀᴇ Hᴇᴀᴛ, Bʟᴜᴇ Fʟᴀᴍᴇs, ᴀɴᴅ Fʟᴀᴍɪɴɢ Iɴғᴇʀɴᴏ Ⅱ1
          tab tab tab tab This being Soushi's first year, some may think to be excited or scared of the school year. But not Soushi. To him "school is just school." It's a boring hell, where he's forced to wake up early and not eat as much.

          C l a s s e s xxx Old English Literature Calculus Chemistry Japanese Economics
          E l e c t i v e s xxx Basketball Football elective Painting Murals
      On another note, Soushi has a split personality. It's quite a problem for him. The other half of him, he calls "Jace", tries to take over Soushi whenever he feels Soushi weakening emotionally or physically. At times when Soushi is asleep, Jace finds a way to take over his mind and body. Loneliness is another thing for Soushi. His parents died in a fire that he had accidently started. Ironic, isn't it? Having the gift of fire but to lose people so close to you for it...It's a punishment by God.
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                                              l e t sxxp l a yxxh i d e xxa n dxxs e e k


                                                            Text goes here. Under construction.


                                                        WHERE :xText goes here.xxxWHO :xText goes here.xxxWHAT :xText goes here.
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m yxxi d e n t i f i c a t i o nxxc a r d

                User Image

                                                  Soushi Miketsuki

                                                  xx a g e Twenty Five

                                                  xx h o m e 400

                                                  xx r a c e Kurama

                                                  xx o c c u p a t i o n Teacher

                                                  xx c l a s s Basic Defense, Weaponary Defense and Martial Arts

                                                  xx p o w e r s Dulplication, Skill Absorbation and Weaponary Skills

                                                  xx s t r e n g t h s Weapon to Weapon Combat, Quick Thinking and Stragetic

                                                  xx w e a k n e s s e s Lust, Food and Elemental Based Combat

                                                          Sly Charistmatic Outgoing

                                                  My name is Soushi Miketsuki, or at least it's what everyone at the orphanage called me. That's right. Orphanage. My parents had abandoned me at an orphanage the first chance they got while I was just a child. The nurse that took care of me was the closest thing I had to a "mother". She cared for me as if I were her own son. She gave me special treatment, I guess I was her favorite. The reason for my parents abandonment wasn't because of proverty or something meaningful like that...It was because of my eyes. One green and one golden. It was consider bad luck and a sign of a weak offspring. For a kurama, being weak as a child means bringing little honor to your family. A weak kurama could not fight or stand their ground in a fight in protecting their honor. Continuing the blood line of the family wasn't possible as well. The blood line would stop at the weak offspring, as a clock would stop at a broken gear.

                                                  Maybe I was a weak as a child? It didn't matter to me. My parents' abandonment only made me see the true light of things. The true nature of the world. The ugly shadows in the sun. I'm quite poetic, no?

                                                  Growing up in the orphanage was hard. Day by day I watched as children were adopted and watched their happy smiling faces as they ran into the arms of their new family...Why couldn't I get adopted? Was a question I always asked. Was it because I was different? Was it because of my eyes? I would always ask questions about myself to figure out the reason on why I was never adopted...That is, until she came into my life. Her name was Misa Oyamaki. Or "Misa - Chan" as I would call her. Misa was a simple human. Her parents had abandoned her because she was a "mistake". Misa had came to me one day when I was crying. Another child had gotten adopted and I was saddened that the parents did not chose me. Misa's angelic voice rang to me. She clearly knew about my reason for crying and she did the best she could to comfort me. She told me that I wasn't alone. She told me that she was there for me...Always. That very same day, Misa and I made a promise. We would remain friends forever and never leave each other's side.
                                                  It was during that time period where I learned of my duplication ability. Misa and I were never allowed to eat sweets after midnight. The nurses continually would check our rooms to see whether or not we were sneaking out or actually sleeping. Of course, I was the one who snuck out to get the sweets from the kitchen. I was in bed that day and I was starving. I was hungry and I thought about my hunger and how food would be so good right about then. I didn't know it happened though. All I was thinking about was food and the next thing I knew BAM! Another me was right in front of me. Of course, I kept this ability a secret and only told Misa about it. The two of us...We used it to to the best of our luck in getting sweets after midnight.

                                                  Hitting the age of eighteen (Both Misa and I) we were able to leave the orphanage on our own free will. We left the orphanage of course and found a home. Settling down, Misa started a flower shop and I took a job on as a guard of the town. Misa always had a love for flowers...Especially Gracideas...They were her favorite. Misa and I lived quite happily with one another, we grew closer to each other...Closer then I thought possible.

                                                  Love. It was such a silly emotion that made us do silly things. Humans and gijinkas...We all felt love. And we all craved love. Misa and I. We were in love. We loved each other...Thst much I knew...Before...Before everything I treasured so much came crashing down on me.

                                                  It was a rainy day. Misa had gone out to pick some gracideas, the gracideas were there finest that year and rainy days always meant that the gracideas were in bloom. Misa, of course would never pass out on a chance to pick freshly bloomed gracideas and so she left out to pick some. Leaving me alone at home. Rainy days were never my favorite days. Being a picky with the weather and all I try to stay away from bad weather as much as I could. Too bad I chose that day to be picky, because normally I would have joined Misa in her flower pickings. Shortly after Misa had left the door was knocked on. Thinking it was Misa, I opened the door up and was nearly killed. Two men...Two human men were at the door with a demon like smile plastered all over their faces. A growl erupted from my throat when I saw them but before I could do anything they barged right in and knocked me to the ground, off balance. I can still vivdly hear their laughter as they watched me scramble to my feet. The duo took out their weapons and began to beat me up and slash at me until I was full of cuts and bruises. I was of course badly injured. I could barely move. I was ready to accept my fate...Ready to continue onto the afterlife.

                                                  Misa had returned in time to find the men in our home, getting ready to finish me. The men turned their attention to Misa. Instead of focusing their attacks on me, they focused their attacks on my love...I watched her die...I watched as one of the men pulled at her hair and started to "touch" her...I watched as the other man laugh in arousal. I was angered. I wanted to grow new strength and kill them. I wanted to cut their throats. I wanted to muder them senselessly.

                                                  Misa was always a brave woman...She always had been. When the men started to "touch" her, Misa spit at them and began to struggle. Mistake. ...I watched her last moments of life. The men were angered and stabbed her in the chest with their weapons. The echoing sound as her body hit the ground is still vivd in my head. Rage came over me as I found a sense of new energy. More accurately, I found a dormit side of me...The other half of me took over, and I lost all controll of my body and my actions. The other half of me was muderous. It killed the men but the pokemon escaped its graspe before any damage could've been done. When it was over, I fell to the ground and began to bleed to my death. I was smiling. I was smiling because I knew that once I died I would still be with my Misa...

                                                  When I opened my eyes, I was laying in bed in the hostpital. How I ended up in the hostpital was a question I chose to leave unanswered. I mourned for my lost love for weeks on end...I was expecting to be dead and be with her. Not alive and without her. Feeling the need to become stronger so that nothing like that night would happen again, I trained myself to my limits. I trained myself further than anyone would ever dare. I trained myself to the point of exhaustion and fatigue. I soon found my other skills, weaponary skill and skill absorbation. After years of training, I took on the job as a teacher at Raishon Academy. So that I may train the younger generation to protect the ones they love...

                                                          The Dinosawr
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                                                          xxx X soushi miketsuki
                                                          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .elusivecharistmaticempty
                                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx R A I S H O N . A C A D E M Y || t h e . t e a c h e r

                                                          xxxxxxxxLife is like a work of art
                                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxWithout an eraser

                                                              TextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextText "TextTextText" TextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextText


We don't see thing as they are-----------
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
We see them as we are. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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                                                            xxx X karuta takashi
                                                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .clevercaringreserved
                                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx T I C K . T O C K . T I C K || t h e . princess

                                                            xxxxxxxxLife is a work of art
                                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxWithout an eraser

                                                                A lazy eye opened slowly as a blast of winter's sunlight nearly blinded the eye. Shutting the eye closed quickly, the female whom was still laying in bed retreated under her blankets. Clearly not wanting to get up. Ugh, mornings. Something probably everyone hated. Only the lump in the bed hated mornings just a tad bit more then anyone in the world. The sun was not her best friend. Never was and never will be. Then again there were those rare people who had a love for the sun and the mornings. Honestly, if getting up wasn't so hard maybe the lazy lump would love mornings? Birds chirping was a very great way to start a day but it would get annoying fairly quickly. The pleasure of picking the attire for the day was a great excitment but would go down hill quickly.

                                                                Karuta Takashi. Seventeen. Pink hair. Five feet and two inches. Clearly female. Karuta shifted into a better position. Trying to get as much sleep as she could before the sun would ruin her start of the day.

                                                                A few minutes rolled by, the female slept through the minutes peacefully. Her breathing was soft and quiet. Too bad it didn't last because one of the servant people that served her family waltzed in and shook her gently. A groan erupted, as she tried to gently slap the hand away. A few seconds ticked by and again Karuta was shook by the same hand, only this time, the shake was harder then the last. Karuta groaned and proceeded to gently slap the hand away. This cycle continued on and on until Karuta's mind began to become aware of everything. After the final shake, Karuta gaved in and sat up in her bed, looking at the servant dully. The servant smiled at her, clearly victorious of the little wake up battle they just had. Waving a hand at the servant, she dismissed. Once the servant walked out the room and Karuta heard the click of the door, she got up and dragged herself to the bathroom that was conviently located inside her room. She could live in her room if her parents allowed it. She had a tv, laptop, a bathroom in her room...All she needed now was a mini fridge and she'd be set for life! Too bad though. Her parents had this thing where they all had to eat like a family. They were probably trying to make up for the lost of fifteen years of her life.

                                                                In the bathroom, Karuta did her normal routine. Brush teeth. Cleanse face. Brush hair. Tie hair into pigtails. It was like the cycle of life or in this case the cyle of Karuta's morning. After tying her hair into pigtails Karuta looked herself in the mirror. Some say Karuta had the gift of having a baby's face for a seventeen year old. To Karuta her face was her face. Nothing more. Her pink pigtails were curled nearly to perfection. It was how her hair naturally was. It was slightly curly yet straight. It didn't fall into the catergory of wavy though. Yawning, Karuta continued onto teh next stage in her morning.

                                                                The dress up stage. Now, karuta wasn't anything of a fashion whore but she didn't want to look like she just had a fight with a weed whacker...And lost. She liked to stick with simple things instead of over the top things. Being seventeen, one would think to dress more sophistcated, no? No. Karuta wore a overly sized sweater that nearly reached her knees. The sweater covered her shorts almost. They were barely visible. She also wore a pair of stockings with star shaped designs on them. They were accompanied by her shoes. Okay, her shoes didn't really match her stockings but the colors at least did not clash with one another. Using her common sense, Karuta wrapped a scarf around her neck, she pulled the scarf up slightly over her mouth, covering them. She made the final adjustments to her cute yet simple outfit. She added a clip to her hair and wore some earmuffs since she didn't want her ears to freeze from the cold winds of December.

                                                                Exiting her room, Karuta cclosed the door behind her softly. She walked down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. The kitchen was empty at the mom- Why was it empty? Checking the wall clock, Karuta mouthed the word "oh" when she saw the time. She was late for school. She even missed homeroom. A normal person would panic and head straight to school but not Karuta. Instead she headed to the cabinets and opened the doors that held the contents in. There it was. On the top shelf a box of strawberry pocky mocked her. Climbing on top of the counter, Karuta extended her arm, reaching for the box of delicousness. Damn her height. Why couldn't she be at least five feet four? It would make reaching for the box a lot less harder.

                                                                Successfully snatching the box off the shelf, Karuta proceeded to get off the counter, she also took a box of chocolate almond pocky too, figuring she'd finish the strawberry box while on her way to school. She teared open the box, and opened the bag that contained the sticks of goodness. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The noise Karuta made as she ate her first pocky stick. Now on her second one the munching noise was relatively quieter. Walking out the kitchen and out of her home, Karuta found a chauffer waiting for her with a smile. Munching on her breakfast Karuta watched as he opened the door for her. Stepping into the black sleek car, Karuta began to gaze out of the window, all the way eating her yogurt covered sticks.


                                                                Walking through the doors of the school, Karuta walked through the hallways, eating her box of chocolate almond pocky. Chemistry was her class after homeroom right? Well she was about to find out. Walking through the hallway lostly, Karuta (somehow) managed to find her way to her classroom. Chemistry...Oh joy. Chemistry was kind of like cooking right? You had to figure out what elements go with what, right? The class could maybe fall into the catergory as her favorite class...Along with home economics...Which she completely missed.

                                                                Opening the door to her class, she stepped in, eating her pocky stick. "...Take a seat Miss. Takashi. There's an open seat right over there." The teacher sighed as he spoke to her. Clearly annoyed by her interruption. First impressions were always important. Too bad Karuta gave a bad one. The pink haired female walked over to the empty seat located next to a red haired male. She took the seat next to him and looked over at him, she gave him a glance before looking back at the teacher. Her mind began to space out already.

                                                                song/ooc: lots of rambling >.<

    We don't see things as they are-----------
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    We see them as we are. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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                                          x❛❛The Princess❜❜

                                          Aℓsσ Ҝnσωn As Karuta Takashi


                                          December Twenty - Fifth

                                          Five feet and two inches
                                          One hundred and ten pounds

                                          ℓσng ɑgσ Where to start off? Well, Karuta never exactly knew her family until she was fifteen. Ever since she can remember she's always been moved around. She lived in Italy for a couple years as a baby but was moved to France when she turned five. She lived in the beautiful country for a total of five years before, being yet again, transferred to a new home in Japan. She stayed in Japan for a two years and was moved to China, only staying for a year. The moves started out in five years gap but was quickly declining until Kauta's moves were monthly. A normal person would be curious or afarid of why they were frequently moved, but not Karuta. Oh no, in fact she had little to no interest at all in the mysterious.

                                          The constant moves caused Karuta to be multi - lingual. The moves exposed her to different kinds of food. And food became something of a passion and love for her. Karuta loved to cook, she loved to learn new recipes and create new and exotic dishes. Not only did she have a knack for it, Karuta wanted to became a famous chief one day! Karuta can be seen most the time snacking on a box of pocky or eating an overly sized melon pan. They say she's a "bottomless pit" because no matter how much she eats, she's never full.

                                          When Karuta turned fifteen, she was approached by a group of men in suits. The men clearly knew about her love for snacks became they each had an armful of snacks for her. To recieve the snacks she just had to follow them and move one last time. Moving was something of a usual thing for her so she would have followed them either way but to add snacks into the move? They had her wrapped around their fingers.

                                          After following the men, Karuta quickly began to learn about their objective. Why they came after her. They were bringing her home. To her real home. To her real family. One would either be excited or frighten by the thought of meeting your real family but Karuta once again had little to no interest in it. Meeting her family was long and boring and full of tears. She learned about why she had to constantly move and have a new family every time she did. It was because of safety. Because they couldn't risk anyone murdering her murderously. It was out of love. But more importantly, they couldn't risk the death of the princess. The key to ending the feud with another family.

                                          Ivε ɓεεn cɑℓℓεɗ People have called Karuta "distant" or "zoned out". Was it because she never really had any interest in anything? They might all call her that but to be honest Karuta is quite observant. She observes people and listens to them intently, even though she may not look like it. As they say, don't judge a book by its cover. Karuta is also caring and she shows great passion for small animals like squrriels and rabbits. Although cats dislike her. Karuta is reserved, she doesn't speak much except maybe a few sentences from time to time. She keeps her feelings to herself and tries not to worry anyone. She has a closed heart as you may say.

                                          ε x t ɾ ɑ Karuta can be easily swayed by food. Most the time when people give her food, she hugs them and tells them she loves them. She has an odd tendency to try and get people to eat if they look too skinny. Cats seem to dislike her.

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