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                                            call me guerre
                                            nineteen years old
                                            female, in case that matters
                                            eastern time zone
                                            flexible in writing length
                                            plays both males and females
                                            doubles when necessary, loves side characters though
                                            heterosexual pairings
                                            roleplays in private threads, chats in pms
                                            i like plot / work out writers block with my partners
                                            i also enjoy talking to them. frequently. c:
                                            would like to have a roleplay in " books " ask me about it
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Lavish Prophet

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                                        xx -- ( SUPERNATURAL
                                        vampire x vampire
                                        vampire x human
                                        vampire x hunter
                                        demon x vampire
                                        vampire x werewolf
                                        demon x human
                                        demon x witch
                                        witch x hunter
                                        reaper x reaper
                                        monster x monster
                                        nightmare x dream
                                        grave robber x something
                                        necromancer x something
                                        personification of tarot cards

                                        xx -- ( FANTASY
                                        siren x human
                                        seelie faerie x unseelie faerie
                                        faerie x human
                                        changeling x faerie
                                        beauty x beast
                                        sleeping beauty inspired
                                        mythical creature x mythical creature
                                        reincarnation x reincarnation
                                        spirit x spirit ( think spirited away / the spirit world in a : tla )

                                        xx -- ( MEDIEVAL
                                        prince x princess
                                        prince(ss) x thief
                                        princess x knight
                                        knight x thief
                                        queen x resistance leader
                                        princess x assassin
                                        royalty x servant

                                        xx -- ( VICTORIAN
                                        lord x lady
                                        vampire x lord / lady
                                        demon x lord / lady
                                        lady x time traveler
                                        ringmaster x circus member ( can involve supernatural themes )
                                        circus member x guest ( same )

                                        xx -- ( DISNEY BASED
                                        disney villain x disney villain
                                        esmeralda x pheobus
                                        mulan x chang
                                        robin hood x maid marian
                                        lady x tramp

                                        xx -- ( MYTHOLOGY
                                        includes both gods and mythical creatures
                                        everything else

                                        xx -- ( FANDOM BASED
                                        bender x bender ( avatar : the last airbender )
                                        past avatar x teacher ( avatar : the last airbender )
                                        magician x magician ( the night circus )
                                        witch - in - training x human ( kiki`s delivery service )
                                        wonderland character x wonderland character ( alice in wonderland )
                                        zydrate dealer x zydrate addict ( repo ! the genetic opera )
                                        repo man x target ( repo ! the genetic opera )
                                        tribute x mentor ( the hunger games )
                                        troll x human ( valiant : a modern faerie tale )
                                        lost princess x conman ( anastasia - 1997 film )

                                        xx -- ( THINGS I LIKE
                                        rivalries ; new worlds ; ancient councils ; assassins ; bounty hunters ; contracts ;
                                        infidelity ; scandals ; supernatural black markets ; grave digging ; sacrifices ; forbidden romance ;
                                        conflict between races ; masquerade ; aristocracy ; demon auctions ; long journeys ; curses ;
                                        playing whorish princes <3 ; historical events ; a well orchestrated explosion of different elements within a roleplay
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Lavish Prophet

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                                            if you are interested in roleplaying
                                            either pm me or post here
                                            simply tell me what you would like to roleplay
                                            feel free to mix pairings together
                                            samples are not required
                                            if you need to see mine they are located in my signature
                                            let`s make an awesome roleplay together ? c:
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Lavish Prophet

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                                        xx -- ( KEEP IN MIND
                                        these are not plots. they are little plot bones that we must flesh out to make a complete thought.
                                        so, basically this is just me talking about what i would like to include in the roleplay.

                                        xx -- ( VAMPIRE X WEREWOLF
                                        basically this will be involving a war between vampires and werewolves. but wait ! don`t turn
                                        around just yet. i know how these types of roleplays can come across -- probably like how
                                        arranged marriage roleplays come off. these roleplays are ( sometimes ) hastily thrown
                                        together, lack a real plot, and are kind of pointless. but i`m not going to tell you, " vampires
                                        hate werewolves. werewolves hate vampires. they want their side to win, so they have this
                                        war. go. " no, none of that. i want this to be thought out. there will be an actual reason for the
                                        war, a cast of cunning members on each side, and a believable back story. thought and effort
                                        will be put into this. it can either be modern or set in medieval times.

                                        i don`t know what part our characters will play in this, but i would prefer it if they had some
                                        connection to the war other than being a vampire / werewolf. i also would like to point out that i
                                        expect some intense fighting between the two sides. ( our characters included ) but action isn`t
                                        the only thing i like to include. and before you go off thinking i want to add senseless fluff to a
                                        war roleplay, hear me out. i like romance, but it will not be the defining factor in this roleplay.
                                        there will never be five pages of them professing their love like shakespeare. our characters
                                        might have a day of just being happy, and then s**t will happen to ruin it. like " i love you " and
                                        then a stake to the heart. the romance will be there, but not in your face constantly. plus, it
                                        won`t happen right away. i would love it if our characters did not get along. i want them to
                                        ( viciously ? ) fight, brutally insult each other, and all that good stuff. and when they begin to
                                        develop feelings i want them to repress and resist them. things will get awkward, tension will
                                        rise, and so on. so yeah, no fluff here. no putting aside differences immediately.

                                        sorry if this is a lot, i just want a lot with this roleplay. i want character development and twists
                                        and turns within the plot. if you are willing to do this, i bet we could have some fun. c:

                                        NOTE : the werewolves can be swapped with demons. or we can keep the werewolves, but
                                        include demon characters in some way ? i enjoy demon markets and auctions. they could
                                        reside in uncharted territory, or just laugh at the two sides tear each other a part.

                                        xx -- ( REAPER X REAPER
                                        i have always enjoyed the idea of putting reapers in their own little world, so these ideas will be
                                        taking place in such a world. i think putting the reapers in an academy or whatever would be a
                                        nifty idea. whether we want them to be in something like a high school, a college, or even just
                                        a special place for advanced reapers to go to, it doesn`t matter. now, i find school settings a
                                        little hard to do after a while. going from class to class, even reaper classes, will get boring
                                        after a while. so the school won`t be the only setting this will take place in. we could have
                                        them go on little assignments to the mortal world and whatnot. perhaps, to spice things up, our
                                        characters discover something they shouldn`t have. or broke some terrible rule that has some
                                        reapers looking for them. i have more ideas on the matter, but i`ll mention them later if we
                                        decide to do something like that.

                                        also, i have another idea that would probably be combined with the one above. what if we had
                                        some sort of reaper tournament ? not like the hunger games, mind you. unless you can bring
                                        me a good reason for why the reaper government would be killing children, there will be no
                                        killing. it will be more like something to test their skills of being a reaper. just something to
                                        think about, and it would be nice to slip in some rivalry with it.

                                        xx -- ( ZEUS X HERA
                                        this will involve some reincarnating. why are they reincarnated ? well, i actually have an idea
                                        for that one. let`s say these gods were happy as can be, sitting on top of mount olympus. and
                                        then times began to change and people stopped worshiping them. we can have it so that when
                                        people stop believing in them, they begin to disappear from existence. to stop that, they
                                        decided to give up their godly forms for more human ones. but they are still immortal ( for the
                                        most part ) and when they die they just reincarnate eventually. here we have zeus and hera.
                                        we`ll be roleplaying the most recent reincarnation in the roleplay universe. and to make things
                                        simple we`ll have it so that they remember who they once were. we can also have the god`s
                                        powers still be there. ( although in such a mortal form they are not at their full potential ) what
                                        will be happening in their everyday lives will be up to us. but having them just dealing with
                                        mortal problems sounds boring after a while. insert godly conflict.

                                        something needs to shake up these gods that have been living a peaceful and lazy existence.
                                        perhaps someone is killing them off, or trying to unlock some ancient power ? i dunno, this part
                                        i don`t have much of an idea for. all i know is that i would like it to involve someone like eris or
                                        something, maybe have a few olympians betray zeus and hera ? we can discuss it. i am open
                                        to including all twelve olympians, as well as minor gods and creatures that didn`t even live on
                                        olympus. ( hey, they can want to reincarnate, too ) and we can have it to where the
                                        reincarnation process cares very little for the family roles they once held. athena and aphrodite
                                        could be twins, hephaestus is no longer the son of hera, but her brother. the only god i might
                                        not want to include in the reincarnation process is hades. cuz the underworld could never go
                                        away, and he just chilled there. plus it could be fun to have them travel down there in the
                                        roleplay. i usually don`t roleplay young characters, but for this one i might be persuaded.
                                        after all, they won`t technically be young. they still have all their memories. and it could be
                                        humorous to have the king of the gods be seventeen and those in their twenties and up have to
                                        listen to him. again, we can discuss it. but yeah, that`s mah plan. i would like it if we could
                                        still keep the gods like they were originally portrayed in terms of personality and who they did
                                        and did not get along with.

                                        i have a feeling if done right a lot of things could go on in this roleplay. after solving on conflict
                                        we can create another. and all of their conflicts don`t have to be god related. there can also be
                                        mortal issues they must worry about.

                                        FOR THE RECORD : just because i have listed these two in a pairing that does not mean they
                                        will be together. i know my mythology and just chose them for their position as king and queen
                                        of the gods. if they get together it will be a one night stand sort of thing.

                                        xx -- ( LADY X TRAMP
                                        so, like i said, i would love it if we could have this take place during the victorian era. why ?
                                        well, i don`t see a true " lady " character in modern times. plus, i think a victorian " tramp "
                                        would be lovely. now, i have some ideas i might like to include ( might, because this is
                                        negotiable ) anywho, right now it`s nearing winter and i would like to have it take place maybe
                                        around christmas. also, i recently read a book where the girl was in a boarding school for
                                        young ladies. depending on the age of the lady, it might be nice to include it in such a setting.
                                        especially since we could have the tramp go and meet her, causing her to sneak out and
                                        whatnot. because a slice of rebellion also sounds lovely. now, of course all these things can
                                        be changed for your preferences. you might not know what goes on in a boarding school like
                                        that, and you probably won`t want to me to drone on and on about it. these are just some
                                        ideas to get the plot process started. one thing that isn`t really negotiable is it taking place in
                                        victorian england. i`m pretty set on that.

                                        xx -- ( HUNGER GAMES PLOT IDEA
                                        oh yes, the hunger games plot. taking two characters and placing them in a games of our
                                        choosing. now, what hunger games will we doing ? the first one. yep. why ? well, for many
                                        reasons actually. you see, it does not matter what hunger games you do, what characters you
                                        play, what arena you design. it`s all the same. tributes fight to the death, mentors try to keep
                                        them alive, yadda yadda. buut not the first one. think about it. with katniss, she was dealing
                                        with the calculating president snow. i bet he wasn`t the first president like that. but the one
                                        handling the first hunger games probably didn`t have those qualities. they just got out of a war
                                        where the districts rose against them. i bet the president is pretty mad -- mad enough to take a
                                        bunch of children and make them kill each other. they want to make a point, they want to
                                        make people suffer. and what of the capital citizens ? later on they see the games as nothing
                                        but, well, a game. something to enjoy. but they just got out of a war as well. do they agree
                                        with it ? do they want to see everyone suffer ? or are they against it ? and how about those
                                        mentors and escorts. obviously they can`t choose the mentors like they usually did. perhaps
                                        mentors and escorts are capital citizens who sided with the districts ? forcing them to
                                        experience great pain as they watch the people they helped die ?

                                        oh, and let`s not forget the districts themselves. remember, there would be no careers. no one
                                        would know what to expect. there would be a new fear amongst them as parents realize their
                                        children are being forced into a premature death. these new tributes are going to be scared,
                                        probably more so than usual -- because this is completely new. nothing like this has ever been
                                        done before. on that topic, it can also be assumed that how things are done in the arena will be
                                        different. there might not be any training, alliances might be formed more freely. perhaps the
                                        president doesn`t even want them to kill each other. they`re probably so mad that they will just
                                        send everything and their mother after them, having other things killing them. this is the first
                                        hunger games, after all. they could have changed a lot in those first few games.

                                        in this plot i won`t mind doubling, tripling, and so on. i would like it if we could examine all the
                                        angles, and perhaps do them in parts ? starting with certain areas and whatnot? also, this
                                        probably won`t be the happiest of roleplays. i doubt there will be a katniss and peeta situation.
                                        people will die, get sad, and whatnot. this isn`t about roleplaying out some great romance that
                                        overcomes everything. ( although i think forming a romance and then tearing it down might be
                                        interesting to work with ) this is about exploring a side of the hunger games many skip over.

                                        xx -- ( FAIRYTALE ASSASSINS GUILD PLOT IDEA
                                        how about instead of the big bad wolf going after little red riding hood, it was the other way
                                        around ? i have a very simple idea for a plot, which is basically about a fairytale assassins
                                        guild. that`s all i have right now. we can involve more than just red and the wolf, in fact it
                                        doesn`t even have to be one. i just used that as an example. i also think that this taking place
                                        in medieval times would be awesome, but it can be in any time really.

                                        xx -- ( WONDERLAND PLOT IDEA
                                        okay, gonna try something different. instead of telling you what i would like, i`m going to being
                                        with what i don`t want. for starters, an " alice " character. yeah, kind of tired of some girl
                                        stumbling in on wonderland and saving the day or hanging out with the mad hatter. another
                                        thing i don`t want is a modern / dark wonderland. i like the old wonderland, full of madness and
                                        strange creatures. okay, now that we have that out of the way, i really want a plot just involving
                                        the wonderland inhabitants. the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of war -- obviously --
                                        but feel free to bring something new to the table. we could include some sort of battle with the
                                        queen of hearts ( not the red queen, as they are not the same person ) and if we did that i would
                                        like to roleplay both sides. i`m sure we can just take some sort of random pairing and assign
                                        characters to it, so there should be some wiggle room. any who, yeah don`t have much
                                        planned. more so have what i don`t want than anything else. for the record, i`m pretty much
                                        open to playing a lot of different characters from wonderland, so come at me with whatever.

                                        xx -- ( PLOT IDEA ONE
                                        i wouldn`t mind something dealing with the life of excessive royalty. like something marie
                                        antoinette would do. but let`s add another layer to this. beneath that extravagant exterior is
                                        something darker. so i would like it if we could add something along the lines of dark fantasy or
                                        supernatural. something with secrets hidden within the shadows.

                                        xx -- ( PLOT IDEA TWO
                                        so i`m feelin` having a roleplay being set in or next to a forest. some type of forbidden yet
                                        beckoning forest. a place that is the setting for many myths created by those that live near it.
                                        perhaps where dark creatures hide in trees and follow you. also if you have seen the movie
                                        the brothers grimm we could do something like that. not the overall plot, maybe just the
                                        fact that the forest is feared, the trees move, and people have been going missing in it. i`m
                                        pretty sure there could be a wide range of pairings we could do for this. fantasy pairings would
                                        work perfectly with this. supernatural, too, as long as we leave out vampires. i don`t think they
                                        belong here. werewolves and witches ? totes. or it can just involve plain old humans. my
                                        pairing, hunter x client might work as well. ( if you wish to specifically use a pairing i have
                                        listed, disregard whether or not it`s crossed out. )

                                        xx -- ( PLOT IDEA THREE
                                        so, there`s this preview on tv for a show were it looks as if humans live amongst other
                                        creatures. in the show they were aliens, but i`m not really looking for that. i`m thinking more
                                        fantasy / supernatural creatures. leaning more towards fantasy, but i could do either really. any
                                        who, i kind of just want a roleplay that involves different races but one of them isn`t hiding in the
                                        shadows. they`re kind of just thrown together in the same area. plot ? not sure, but there are
                                        a lot of things we could do with this. we could have it set when this merge first starts, forcing
                                        everyone to get use to this. we could also factor in some sort of war between them. or it`s
                                        something completely different. the plot doesn`t have to revolve around the different races, it
                                        could just be a factor. i really just want a wide range of species to play around with. if we do
                                        fantasy creatures we could involve a quest. that could be fun. also, maybe we could factor in a
                                        hierarchy that was established.
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Lavish Prophet

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                                ----- ( because you don`t know what it's like to lose it all
                                ________take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ;
                                ________take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ;
                                ________take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ; take it back ;

                                ____________________because you don`t know what it`s like TO BE ON THE RECEIVING END OF IT ALL ( )

                                ___no ! no ! you were not on the receiving end of it all
                                _____you BEG AND PLEAD, but no one here can save you

                                ⋆⋆⋆ why would they try when they can`t quite save them.selves ?
                                ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃ ▃

                                                          The coat that was given to Rose before she left barely kept out the slight winter breeze that fills the air. But what would she expect? The orphanage she had been staying at hardly had enough money to feed all the kids it took in. And the caretaker possessed very little affection to for those in her care. She did the essential things to keep them all alive, but did not concern herself with the troubles that the orphans brought with them. Rose didn’t understand how she could be so indifferent to her problems at first. Eventually she got over it, but it was a hard transition at the beginning. Rose did not arrive at the orphanage until she was eight. However, she might as well have been born there. She has no memories of anything before the day she was brought there. A man had found her in the snow, wrapped in a crimson scarf, and walked her over to the orphanage when she couldn’t explain who her parents were or where she came from. All she could recall is a name that sounded like Rose. Eventually she came up with a last name to go with it.

                                                          The caretaker decided very early that she did not like Rose. She often demanded things of the woman, put up quite the temper when things didn’t go her way. It felt natural to her to be given everything she ever wanted. She would often be asked who she thinks she is—a princess or something? Rose back then would lie awake in her bed, allowing herself to pretend that she was.

                                                          A soft sigh escapes the blonde’s lips as her eyes search the surrounding area. She has always had odd color eyes. A shade of blue that almost looks purple. The caretaker told her that she would be able to get a job in the next town over. All she had to do was find it. Rose never visited it before and isn’t sure what to look for. But her instructions said to follow to the road, turning left when she comes to an intersection. She has been walking for a little ways now and has come across no such thing. She considers going back the way she came, asking the woman to explain further. But the caretaker made it clear that she was not to come back. I don’t take in adults, she said. And I don’t need your attitude any longer. Rose wouldn’t have an attitude if the old woman just gave her some respect.

                                                          “I should have hit the town by now,” she states to herself. “Would it have been so hard to give me a map? Something that would help me along the way?”

                                                          Rose stops walking and leans against a tree, slumping over slightly from the annoyance of all of this. She blows the hair the falls in her face out of the way. Whoever she was before the orphanage, she had wonderful posture. But those habits left her quickly. Her eyes scan the area once again. It would be nice if there wasn’t so much snow everywhere. Her feet are already becoming wet. Rose needs a job now if she wants to stay even remotely warm this winter. Although she isn’t sure how all of this will happen. She has never done any type of work that went outside her chores at the orphanage. She has never lived on her own before. Honestly, sending her off like this seems like the dumbest idea the caretaker could have had. Another top contender is caring for children in the first place.

                                                          It is during this time that the small sounds of an animal come to her ears. But Rose ignores them while other things are on her mind.

                                                          “Maybe she meant in the other direction? If I walk that way I might come to—” He thought is caught off by the sound of chewing.

                                                          Rose looks down at the source of the noise, her eyes landing on a goat. A rather hungry goat at that. It chomps down at the scarf she is wearing—the one she was found in—as if it is something it is used to eating. Rose pulls her scarf away from the animal, angry that it had the audacity to destroy one of the few items that actually kept her warm, that wasn’t falling apart. The goat makes a sound that might have been a protest.

                                                          She flutters her hand at the thing. “Go. Shoo. This is not food.” Her eyes look around, trying to find the owner of the goat. Or maybe they sent it off for being so annoying.

                                                          When the goat stays she decides to walk away, looking back frequently. The goat took her advice and went, but with her. She glares at him—Rose declares that it is male regardless—wanting to know how to get him to walk in the opposite direction. He attempts to snap at the scarf again, which causes her to gather it in her hands.

                                                          “No wonder no one is around you. You’re a nuisance.” This one sounds like he’s insulted. “Well you are.” She stops walking and looks back to the goat. “Do you know how to get to the town?”

                                                          When he stays quiet she resumes walking. Great, now she is asking a goat for directions. Rose runs a hand through her long hair. Maybe it’s the cold. The goat, who she thinks looks like a Borris, continues to follow her down the long road. Occasionally he will make another noise that perhaps, if she knew a thing or two about goats, she would understand. Eventually he makes a particular loud call and Rose moves to yell at him once again. But her anger is cut short by the sound of someone talking. Her eyes snap up to the direction it came from, the faint image of a person is in the distance. Although it’s hard to tell with the dimming light and the fact that it has begun to snow again. With the hope that she has found someone that might know where she is she takes off running, Borris following her as if he has nothing better to do. Eventually the sight of an actual person appears. Rose quickens her pace to reach the man.

                                                          “Excuse me!” she calls out to him before he can walk away. Once up close she gathers her thoughts. “Do you know if this road will bring me to a town? Any town doesn’t matter which one.” She realizes now that she forgot to ask the caretaker the name. Rose lets go of the scarf she had been holding and Borris goes in to eat it before she remembers. “Would you stop that?”
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                                    ______┄┄┄┄┄ [ O D I NxxE N E A S ] ┄┄┄┄┄
                                    _____________the youngest prince of autumn

                                                  News of another battle has reached the ears of the palace located in the lands of Autumn. While some in the land might be worried over the outcome, no one here is particularly concerned. The king claims that soon Spring will fall, unable to continue against the war driven Autumn. It is impossible, he tells his sons; they cannot go on much longer. A few speak out against the king, claiming that their enemies still have a chance of winning if a being of great power rises again. But the elemental of Spring has not been seen in quite some time. Her name, along with her brother that once controlled this land, is something only found in legends. And Odin, the youngest Prince of Autumn, does not run his life around legends.

                                                  Golden eyes stare out at the land before him from the balcony in his room. It certainly is not the most appealing place to live. Spring is lush and full of life, while here it looks as if the plants are constantly struggling to survive. But to Odin, this is home. He does not mind the harsh conditions, the people that reflect the scenery. The prince supposes he stands out the most among his people, being able to afford luxuries that the common citizens cannot. He is much more taken care of. Although his wealth will mean nothing in a few years. As a prince he can enjoy the lifestyle his father has brought with him. But he is not the only child that can take advantage of this. He has two other brothers, one sister, and he is currently the third in line for the throne. It is a number that does not sit right with the man. He craves the chance to become a ruler to his people. In Odin’s mind, his brothers do not deserve the opportunity. They do not have the drive that he possesses. They settle for the order at which they were born, not on the skill they should have. But it does not matter. Even if Odin was the most qualified he would never be given the chance. The man would love one chance to get ahead of his siblings. Present something that they could never hope to beat.

                                                  A sigh goes through him as he realizes that those thoughts are hopeless. There are few things set in stone, and this is one of them. He runs a hand through his dark hair in an attempt to clear his mind. Odin pushes off of the wall he had been leaning against and went through his room, heading out into the hall. Perhaps a change of scenery will cause his thoughts to go off in a different direction. His eyes move along the decorated walls filled with endless portraits depicting all the past royalty for the land of Autumn. He turns down several more corridors, coming to the wide doors that lead out into the garden. It is one of the very few places here with healthy plant life. Although the numbers are still limited. It is mainly filled with statues and geometric hedges. Things that might be considered beautiful but still come out harsh.

                                                  He walks slowly through the area, his ears picking up a faint noise. At first it only sounds like birds chirping noisily, possibly within a fountain. But the splashing is much too loud for something a bird could make. Curious, he moves around the paths, his eyes stopping on one of the larger fountains within the garden. His eyes fall on the sight of a woman bathing within the water. At first his mind is blank, unable to find an appropriate response for the sight in front of him. He has seen many things, but never this.

                                                  Eventually his mind becomes capable of a response. He makes his way over to the woman. This is not appropriate behavior here. In fact, he considers it slightly insulting to the royal family.

                                                  “Excuse me,” he states loudly, interrupting the calm air, “what do you think you are doing?”

                                                  His eyes land on the woman, taking in her odd appearance. She does not resemble those coming from the Autumn lands. Even those of noble blood. Her eyes and hair are far too green for this area of the world. She must be from Spring. But why is she here? His eyes narrow at the woman. Someone from there within the palace is never a good sign.

                                                  Becoming guarded he asks, “Who are you?” She does not look like a threat, but that means nothing. His hand goes to the blade that he always keeps at his side.
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                                xx ` ALL OUR SECRETS THEY ARE DAILY TROUBLE draped loose now around your hips

                                ______i`m an addict for DRAMATICS
                                ______i`m an addict for DRAMATICS
                                ______i`m an addict for DRAMATICS

                                _________________⊱⊱ ixxc o n f u s exxt h exxt w oxxf o rxxL O V E

                                            The streets are filled with few people as Laurent walks through them, gathering the things he needs. His purchases make little sense to outsiders, but to him they are grouped together with perfect cohesiveness. When Laurent was younger his father introduced him to the dark arts. It was something that the Hotham family has practiced since before anyone could remember. His father always said it was in his blood. And it is something the man believes to be true. Many can take up the art of dark magic, but only a few can pull it off. Many get hurt in the process of trying to complete it. But Laurent has been spared such fates. Well, for the most part. At a distant part of his mind something goes off, telling him that this is not the case. That slowly something is taking over him. But he does not care. Laurent will continue to carry on the art in memory of his father. He would have wanted that.

                                            Laurent moves through the streets, carrying his items with care. His eyes are focused on the familiar route that will take him back to the cave he calls home. He almost misses a sight on the side of the road. But it does not escape him entirely. Laurent backs up to face what has gotten his attention. There are several stands dedicated to newspapers, recent ones being placed carefully. A headline jumps out at him. Princess Rosalynne, heir to the throne, is still missing. It is not surprising to him. The princess has been missing for many years. It actually more so confuses him. After all this time, why do they care now? He moves closer to the newspaper, looking things over. A few names jump out at him, those pertaining to a certain noble family. One that brings up buried hatred from deep inside him. Laurent buys a newspaper and continues on his way, hurrying until he reaches his home.

                                            Once within the cave that had been used by his father, Laurent pushes his purchases to one table, barely giving them a glance. Right now all he cares about is this article. His father was a gullible man, he will admit. He believed the lies that the royalty say just to get someone to leave. The king promised Laurent’s father that his son would marry the princess, but it was never a statement made to be taken seriously. Angry, his father acted out against the family. Before he left he told Laurent that if his son would not marry the princess, neither would anyone else. He isn’t sure what fate the girl met; he always just assumed his father killed her. Nevertheless, his father was still taken away for his crimes, leaving Laurent alone. But he did not feel bitter towards the man that raised him. No, his anger was centered on those that carried out on the order. His alliances are not placed with the best people, but that is simply how his mind works.

                                            His bright blue eyes sweep the surface of the article. He sees a sentence that declares there was never a body found, and perhaps she is still alive. Laurent grimaces at the thought. He hopes she is dead, or else his father would have been sent away for nothing. His eyes also pick up on various phrases detailing the concerns of Lord Black and his son—the son that would actually marry the princess if she were alive. How Laurent has always hated Hunter Black and his father for that. They never deserved such an honor. Even if he did not want the honor himself.

                                            The noise of someone walking through the corridors of the cave fills his ears. But he does not become worried, assuming it is only Olive. He moves over to the far end of the room, sitting on the ground as he searches through old records his father kept. When Olive’s voice reaches his ears he does not move at first, concerned with what he is reading. Although when she mentions the articles are trash he then presents himself and walks over to her.

                                            A slight glare is placed upon his features, one common when dealing with Olive. He does not understand why she thinks the way she does, and barely comprehends her useless rambling. But despite this he does not hate the woman, the opposite really. When all the others left because of his father, Olive was the one that stayed. She was the one that accepted his dabbling in the dark arts, the one that is constantly by his side. Despite any words against it he does care for Olive deeply, and if something were to happen to her he would do everything to make that person pay.

                                            “Olive, watch your tongue. These people are the ones that sent my father away. They deserve a portion of my attention.”

                                            He looks back at the paper, leaning over the table. “I hope the princess is dead. My father risked everything to end her life. If she is alive then it would all have been for nothing.” He walks over to a different table and begins flipping through books. “And if she is alive then that means I will just have to kill her myself.” His words have a light tone to them, but behind that carry imaginable weight.

                                            “Tell me Olive, if you were so close to obtaining power, but could not get it—how would that make you feel? I can only imagine what it is like to be the Black family right now. Lord Black is sick, yes? His time is running out.” Laurent gives a dark laugh. “They’ll never find her. They’re going to fail.”

                                            A smile is brought to his face as he thinks about this. If only there was a way to see it, to watch as their last hopes crumble. Suddenly an idea comes to his head. There is a way. Laurent quickly changes direction and moves to the other end of the room, plucking a book from a large pile and sending the others crashing to the floor. He pays them no attention as he flips through the aging pages. Eventually he comes to the one he was looking for, announcing that he has found it with a short laugh.

                                            “Why not just watch then?” he says with a strange happiness in his words. “Can you imagine it Olive? Lord Black on his deathbed, his dreams crushed? Hunter unable to carry on his father’s dream?”

                                            Laurent walks back over to the table with the newspaper. It is a simple spell, one that requires only one item. The majority of it is just pronouncing certain words correctly. He sifts through the objects on the table, stopping when he comes to a mirror. Holding it in his hand he begins the chant written inside the book, keeping his mind focused on exactly what he wants to see. He only caught a glimpse of Hunter a couple of years back, but he couldn’t have changed too much since then. He still probably looks the same. As he finishes the last word of the chant the mirror’s surface glows a bright green before fading. No longer is Laurent looking at his reflection, but at the image of Hunter Black. A smile spreads on his face.

                                            He turns to Olive, motioning at the mirror. “And now we wait for it all to end.”

                                            A female voice coming from the mirror catches his attention. He looks back at the item, watching the blonde that appears curiously. Who is she? He tilts the mirror slightly, allowing the image to move as if he was really there, turning his head. What he sees almost causes him to drop the mirror. That girl—she looks so very much like the princess. It isn’t the blonde hair or the fair skin, but rather the eyes. She has her father’s eyes, the eyes that are passed down in the royal bloodline. Laurent shakes his head. No, she can’t be the princess. She’s dead. And besides, royals are known for infidelity. The female might be related to the king, but distantly. She could probably trace her bloodline back to a servant involved in an affair.

                                            Laurent nods, content with this conclusion. But still he watches, curious to how this will all play out.

                                            “Sit down Olive. We have a show to watch.”
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unique character roles no one usually thinks of
mythology crossover ?
japanese folklore ?
reincarnated zues x hera
xx( i have a plot for this one ; reaally want to try this )
a disney roleplay set in the past ?
a one x one roleplay with a more group roleplay feel ? ( i`ll explain )
something supernatural for fall ~
grave digging and unleashing a great power into the world
xx( i have a plot for this )
your ideas ! c:
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                    xSIMON CONWAY : THE TRAMP

                                                    Out of all the places in London, the parks that Simon came across had to be his favorite. Being born into a family plagued by poverty did not allow for many pleasant locations. His choices were limited to the dirty streets of any London slum of his choosing, which were known to provide very little, whether it be living conditions or acceptable scenery. No, the parks were an excellent alternative. A place to escape everything else, even if it was for a short while. Simon didn’t expect he would see much of the area due to a job he had recently taken, starting tomorrow. Building on an extra wing to a boarding school for society’s most expensive young ladies should be long and tasking to say the least. Not exactly his first choice for a job, but it was one he could live with. It was better than the occupation his brother had chosen, the life of a mudlark. Scavenging around the River Thames, taking the smell of the sewage that washed up with you, was something most did when their skills were limited to none. The only appealing aspect of it was the fact that the hours were chosen and restrictions were few. Simon easily grew bored with repetitive lifestyles, and preferred to go about his life freely. While his newest job would demand a great portion of his time, it would not last forever. He would not be adding onto the school until his death.

                                                    He turned around to peer behind the tree he was leaning against, his deep blue eyes searching the area. They landed on a group of young ladies and Simon amused himself with the thought that they could belong to the school he would be visiting tomorrow. A few of them caught his interest, but the capture was short lived. They may be the very picture of what society found attractive in a woman, but the image was ruined when their other traits came to mind. Upper class women were as tightly laced as their corsets. Their words were much too proper, their hobbies much too boring, and they refused anything that strayed too far from the life they had been told they should live. Simon preferred the company of those in his own class. While they were not presented with such perfection in an array of bows and ruffles, at least they provided more entertainment. Simon wondered what those proper ladies would do if a bit of disarray entered their lives. They would probably just ignore its existence.

                                                    Not everyone could afford such a luxury. There was very little order in his life growing up. His mother had passed, his father sought out opium to deal with the event, using what little money they had to support the addiction, and his younger brother was simply a weight that Simon had to carry around. He took care of him the best he could until he started getting older. Any help Simon offered Charles was pushed away. And the man had his own set of problems to live with, so he did not push back. He had not seen much of Charles in the past years. Their meetings were quick and often by chance that one happened to be in the same area as the other. Although Simon did occasionally visit Thames when the tide was low, seeing if his brother was even still alive. He saw his father even less, and his current state was unknown. As far as he was concerned his father was lost to everyone.

                                                    Looking to the sky, he noted that already half the day had passed. Soon he would have to leave the comfort of his retreat along the shaded border of the park and into the sooty streets of London. At least tomorrow would provide a different change of pace, as he would be residing on the school grounds—far enough away to not create a scandal, of course. Although he assumed he will be working more than sleeping. Simon didn’t expect much from the coming weeks. They are sure to be uneventful, probably as dull as what the ladies across the way were occupying their time with. How promising.

                                                    ( ooc : sorry it`s short, i didn`t want you to read a ton of useless rambling )
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            █████████████████████████ ♛ ████

                                    because i can never truly be happy with these, and i got tired of posting a new post all the time, i
                                    have made another to - do list. with a new feature ! now if you come here you can see which post
                                    i am currently working on. while i will try to do them in the order of which roleplays have gone the
                                    longest without me posting, i can`t make any promises. i will also try to not be working on
                                    multiple posts at one time for it would defeat the purpose of my brand new feature. so yeah, new
                                    to - do list. now with more list.

                                    [url=LINK][color=black]♞[/color][/url] : roleplay [color=white]xx[/color]◞[color=white]x[/color]activity
                                    [color=white]xxxxx[/color]name [b]:[/b] title *[color=white]xx[/color]。 posting status◞[color=white]x[/color]last post date
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            █████████████████████████ ♛ ████

                                    : circus of dreamsxx◞ active
                                    xxxxxtobias landon : the magician *xxWORKING ON POSTx21 december

                                    : within the spirit worldxxxslow
                                    xxxxxanoki : the " prince " *xx。 waiting on post◞xnone

                                    : gold diggersxxxactive
                                    xxxxxrosalynne " rose nye " : the lost princess *xxNEED TO POSTx28 december
                                    xxxxxlaurent hotham : the " rasputin " *xx。 waiting on post◞xnone

                                    : a deal set in magicxxxdead ?
                                    xxxxxdante swane : the monster *xx。 waiting on post◞xnone

                                    : spilled bloodxxxactive
                                    xxxxxname : the vampire *xxNEED TO POSTx30 december

                                    : another time and place xxxactive
                                    xxxxxfelicity lamport : the victorian lady *xx。 waiting on post◞xnone
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            █████████████████████████ ♛ ████

                                    : searching for springxx◞ temp hiatus
                                    xxxxxodin eneas : the prince of autumn *xx。 waiting on post◞xnone
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                                              ____IANNA JALEH ( ) THE PROPHET
                                              ____________⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄ ⋄


                                                                  Something rather expensive fell to the ground, something that she would never be able to replace. But that was the least of Ianna’s problems at the moment. A gift had been given to the woman, a gift that was rather unique to those she surrounded herself with. And perhaps she should have been grateful for this gift for it took her off the poverty stricken streets she was born within. It gave her a spot in the king’s castle, holding the title of his prophet, his guide to the future. However, any of those thoughts immediately left once a vision came to her. It was an overwhelming, terrible experience. She loathed it so much. Her heart stopped, her breath caught in her throat, and the ground fell away from beneath her feet. She had attempted to stop her fall by grabbing onto a nearby table, but it could not handle her weight. Ianna hit the hard marble floor of the castle, frozen in time, her eyes staring at some unknown point. If others had taken notice to her current state, she was unaware. Images were flying past her eyes.

                                                                  They did not make sense, none of them ever did when they first came to her. She saw faces, four to be exact. One of them was hers. Ianna did not recognize the other two, although one resembled a knight she believed to have seen before. Nevertheless, the images lasted long enough for her to memorize their features, the view wide enough to provide a glimpse of the scenery that told of their current location. And then the scene shifted. She felt herself jerk to the side. The faces morphed into a terrifying sight. A land plagued by disaster and choked with death. A land distant from the lush kingdom she belonged to. Passed charred trees and through dense fog she saw a bog that looked even less inviting than the world that surrounded it. Ianna distantly felt herself jump as the vision plunged beneath the surface quicker than expected. The world passed by in a whirl and then it suddenly stopped and the sight of a bright red amulet nestled in a crystal. As quickly as it came the vision changed once again, now to that same amulet being held by some unseen person. Flashes of the future came into view, a dark and terrible future. She saw war and death, the darkest of creatures rising into power. Those like her forced to their will or were killed for their disobedience.

                                                                  One last violent jolt went through her as the vision receded and Ianna was brought back into the present. Her strange, gifted lilac eyes searched the hall and landed on a servant that was currently cleaning up whatever item she had smashed to pieces. Another was peering at her from a distance.

                                                                  “Oh, Lady Ianna! You have returned from your vision.” The woman helped her up. She pushed herself away from the servant, but her footing had not yet returned and she had to use the wall as support.

                                                                  “Take me to the king,” she ordered, her voice barely above a whisper.

                                                                  _____________________________x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                                                                  “And you are sure those were the faces you saw?”

                                                                  “Yes, m’lord. I am certain.”

                                                                  Ianna stood before the members of King Regis’s council, those who were always gathered whenever she would get a vision. They helped make sense of the things she had seen, for they were the wisest in the land. She retold, like she had many times before, the story that had passed in front of her eyes. With their help the three faces were identified and orders were given to locate them. The other details were still being discussed and she was not granted knowledge of what was being discovered.

                                                                  The king shifted in his chair and turned his icy gaze on the young woman. “And the rest of the vision? You are certain of that as well? Ianna, it is of the upmost importance that there is no mistake in your recollection.”

                                                                  “Sir, I can assure that what I have told you is correct. Why? What does it mean?”

                                                                  He regarded her for a few seconds before turning away. “That will be discussed when the others get here.”
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                        ____KIRILL VALKO THE HUNTER
                        ____________⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹ ⊹

                                            An arrow shot through the air just as a deer had lifted its head. It was a perfect hit, as he rarely missed his mark. The Valko family had always been skilled with a bow, often taking on the job of a hunter. For an elf, it was not the most respectable of occupations. A wise, and rather prideful race, they were often prized for their vast knowledge. Elves often held positions on the king’s council. Kirill supposed he could have been one of those men, like his mother had always wanted. However, he preferred to be out in the woods that made up the kingdom of Belrim as opposed to its city. It made him lower class in the eyes of those that shared his race, elves taking it upon themselves to define their own social standing. Not that it bothered Kirill too much. He knew that those who enjoyed the luxury and protection of living inside the castle have abandoned the old ways and would not be able to live off the land like he could. It gave him an advantage that has proven to be effective on more than one occasion.

                                            He moved over to where the animal’s corpse fell to the ground. Kirill removed the arrow and placed it back within its quiver. Those that purchased his kills from him are the working class of Belrim, those that could not go out and hunt themselves, and those too poor to buy food from the more expensive vendors. Currently this deer was going to a blacksmith’s family, a common buyer for Kirill. With the sun about to begin its decent only a few hours away, he needed to get it to the man quickly. Luckily for him, he did not get lost often. Kirill knew the woods well. He was always within them and taught himself little things to look out for. The man picked up the deer and slung it over his right shoulder, while his quiver rested on his left. The game here was not the largest unfortunately, and it could be carried off without any assistance.

                                            Kirill made his way through the lush woods, walking until the natural path smoothed out into a lesser travelled yet established one. It led to smaller settlements that surround the city, but now a larger route has been created and left this one forgotten. As he moved further towards the city, the quiet of the woods disappeared into the noises of the city.

                                            A snap caused him to regain attention as his mind had drifted off. Kirill tensed but there was no need to take any precautionary actions. As a man came into view, his golden eyes immediately took notice of the king’s crest on the man’s clothes.

                                            “Kirill Valko?”

                                            The elf removed the deer from his shoulder, knowing that he would be forced to give more than a few quick responses. “I am allowed to hunt here, there is nothing saying I cannot.” He has gotten in trouble for hunting on land the king desires the most, and Kirill assumed that was the cause for such a meeting now.

                                            “This is for a different matter. Your presence has been requested by the king.”

                                            “Can it wait? I have something I must do.” He wasn’t exactly asking for permission, and the man caught on. He moved to block his path.

                                            “King Regis made it quite clear that you are to be seen now.”

                                            _____________________________x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

                                            After an argument, several knights stepping in, and threats being exchanged, the elf went to the castle. He had to leave the deer, and his pay, behind. Kirill was brought into a wide room, with figures, clad in lavish fabric displaying their rank, sitting on a raised platform. The perimeter was surrounded by knights and in the middle stood a girl. He could have been mistaken, but it looked as if the female knew who he was. It was an expression people gave when they see someone they once knew, who they haven’t seen in a while. But that couldn’t be right. Kirill has never met that woman before.

                                            “Kirill Valko,” said a member of the king’s council with the unmistakable ears of an elf. “It would appear that you, my distant brother, is of some use to us. Your face has appeared in a terrifying vision where you play an important role.”

                                            A vision? That showed his face? He looked back over at the woman and now realized who she was. The king’s prophet. He never believed in visions, and he never saw the reason the king kept someone like that near. Prophet was a term many gave themselves, providing visions that only led to lies. Surely King Regis must have acquired a sense of humor since he last saw him, because this has to be some sort of a joke.

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