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Please do not steal the graphics...I made them.
Well now, I have been here five years now? damn.
Anyways, I have always loved the Golden Laurels, and within the last few months I have been gathering gold for them...quite lazily I might add lol.
But now I am getting down and dirty with the Questing.

1- Intro
2- Announcements
3- Rules
4- Progress
5- About Me
6- Donors
7- My Art/Graphics Shops
8- Thread Events
9- Links In/Out
10- Reserved
11- Reserved

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Thu Mar 31, 2011 :: Thread Created
Sat Apr 2, 2011 :: Sharkworld was kind enough to move my thread to the Charity/Quests Forum
Sun Apr 3, 2011 :: Thread Event, Thread Layout Lotto Created
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-I know I know, Rules are a b***h
-No Quoting the First Page
-Do not beg for pixels...thats my Job
-If I like your avatar I will scribble you something
-No blatant advertising
-More will be added if I deem it necessary
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Current Gold 6.6mil/LMP
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Name: Leonaenae (is my nickname in Real Life)
Nicknames: Nae Nae, Leo, Nenene, Leona
Age: 24
Joined: January 18th 2006
Date of Birth: February 18th 1987
Class: College Graduate
Current Job: I work at Wachovia/Wells Fargo, in the call center, taking care of Equity Lines
Manga: Immortal Rain, Vampire Knight, Nana to name a couple
Books: Harry Potter Series, Anita Blake Novels, Elixir, Subterranean, among others Anything by Douglas Preston
Music: I like pretty much all types, except most Rap, and Death Metal
Likes: My Little Pony, slacking off, writing papers, music, reading, this is merging with my activities...
DisLikes Deadlines
Activities: Art, Music, Nerf gun Wars, Kendo, Video Games, Procrastination, Fencing
Random Facts:
- I still have a baby tooth
-I am an instrumentalist
-My username was created using this language a friend and I made up back in our Freshman year of Highschool. Each syllable represents a letter of my name ^_^
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~violet faerie~ 16k
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For those of you, who like me, are hesitant to give your hard earned gold to just anyone for free.
I am offering my artistic services for a small price!

My Equine Art Shop
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My Avatar Art Shop
Clicky for Temp Thread

My Graphics Shop
My Temp Shop...Perma Coming Soon
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User Image
Thread Layout Lotto Clicky for Examples I also did my Quest Thread layout.
~Will include 1 Main Header, 14 Sub-Headers, 6 Mini Headers, 1 Sidebar, 1 Divider, 1 Affiliate Banner

There will be 50 tickets, each one costs 5k. Once all Tickets are sold, I will use the Random Number Generator to Choose the Winner! When buying tickets, please Label the Trade with the Ticket Numbers You would like!

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Please Link Me First, then, Post the CODE to your thread in my Thread. NO PM's PLEASE my inbox is at like 98% lmao
Smaller Banners Preferred

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Paint Shop Pro
The Laurels :: Turned This Photo into a brush

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