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Vaelanis Bloodclaw | | Black-Phoenix | | The Black Buccaneer, Master of Black-Phoenix.
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Vaelanis Phaelen Bloodclaw

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╷Age╷: Unknown, Appears Twenty Eight.

╷Date of Birth╷: I was born in March. The twenty second lass and laddies.

╷Gender╷: Female, but don't let my looks betray how I brutal I can be.

╷Sexuality╷: I'll take whatever I want.

╷Affiliation╷: Black-Phoenix

╷Rank╷: Guild Ace. S Class Lasses and Laddies.


нeιgнт: Five feet and nine inches. xxxxxx weιgнт: One hundred and thirty eight Pounds.

нaιr color: Brown. xxxxxx eye color: Silver.


╷Special Characteristics╷: Being the daughter of the legendary Phaelen Bloodclaw, she inherited his eyes of silver and indomitable iron will and endless rage. It is impossible to break her. It is impossible to make her weep from physical and emotional wounds. She is like iron and she will die before breaking down. Such is how the Bloodclaw family has always been. Both of her hands possess runes in the form of a skull and cross bones like brand, allowing her to touch the weapons that had once belonged to her father. Her guild tattoo is also branded onto her right shoulder blade, keeping with the tradition of pirates being marked for loyalty.

Furthermore, there is something about her family line that few know. They carry a magical curse for their crimes. When darkness descends, the truth of the Bloodclaw family is revealed. The greedy and brutality that transcends the individual and is passed down from parent to child. What is revealed is but a shadow of her former self. A form of both shadow, bone and tattered ruin. With every step she takes under the darkness, plant life dies and the feral creatures of this world give a wide birth no matter the species. Under the darkness black smoke pours from her body as her voice becomes warped. This is the true curse of the Bloodclaw family, and proof of their dark origins.

╷Magic & Techniques╷:

Physical Traits
      Ruthless Temperament
      Vaelanis second to none within her guild when it comes to physical strength, having the ability to fire her heavy rifle with one hand while keeping it level is no small feat. Nor is the fact that the recoil of both of her guns alone have dislocated limbs. She is capable of halting attacks with significant force and returning the force with equal and in some times greater than the original assault. She has been seen taking wounds that would incapacitate anyone in combat. It is rumored that she is far more than just some other mage as she has proven to be almost impossible to kill or even wound when engaged by both authorities of those belonging to state and council. She has been known to break men and woman in mere moments, shattering bones and dislocating limbs with relative ease. She is not someone to be underestimated in close combat.

      Seaworthy Marksman
      Ever since Vae was young she had fought with guns. She trained with them for countless years and over the years she has become an proficient marksman who rarely misses her mark. She is capable of making impossible shots on a moment's notice while relying on instinct. She is rumored to be one of the most accurate marksmen alive, capable of pulling off shots in even the worst of storms and in the wildest of seas. She has taken the heads off of those who thought to be hidden miles away. She is without a doubt she is a capable marksman of world renown, as well as worthy of fear.

      Tides of War
      This particular form of combat is unique to the Bloodclaw family as it is an improvised form of sword combat without the sword, but rather through use of the silver rifle that they carry. This form of combat is brutal, ruthless and will often be the result of broken jaws, hands and feet. Through using the rifle like a polearm or a short bar, she is capable of blocking sword strikes with relative ease and counter attacking with point blank gunshots or brutal strikes with either the rifle's body or even the stock. If needed, she is capable of slipping a bayonet onto the tip of her rifle in order to strengthen the danger of fighting in close quarters. It would be unwise to think of her as unable to fight against those with bladed weapons.

      The Black Buccaneer of Black-Phoenix
      When enraged Vaelanis becomes a foe from the fairy tales and nightmares. She has been known to weather through horrific assaults mounting up to Wizard Saint level assaults. She has been known to continue moving while bloodied and beaten. She has been rumored to be impaled and still capable of moving with the intention of ending the lives of those who she fights. Some say she is more than just a mage. While others call her a demon, it is simple rage that keeps her going. The want to kill everyone who has ever caused her pain.

Magical Traits
      Sinister Magical Presence
      For those who possess great power, she is like a shadow that moves across the land. Impossible to ignore and woefully sinister in nature. To those who are attuned to both the world and towards the flow of magic, she is like a dark spot on a sea of purity. She feels as though she is the end of all things, and something so foreign it is unnerving. It is only through a strong connection that this is felt, but even then, the mere fact that she is a living and breathing Bloodclaw is reason enough for others and less capable magi to be extremely wary of her.

      Immense Magical Power
      Vaelanis Phaelen Bloodclaw is an esteemed Guild Master of a dark guild and as such, great power comes with the field. The sole reason for this however is that her family is deeply rooted in the magical circles. Vae is a magical monstrosity that is capable of matching even the fabled wizard saints in both power and skill. She is a force that has been contended with for years, and yet no one has been able to truly best her in combat. For it appears that she has never 'died' in combat.

      Pirate Dread Lord
      A Dread Lord is something of an ancient tale. A creature born from the depths of hell that is capable of being slain only to become reborn again and again. Vaelanis is one such instance. She is neither living, nor is she dead but rather something in between. In the daylight she appears as a normal human being coupled with the beauty that many would kill for. However what truth remains beneath has inflicted nightmares on the bravest of souls. Under the cover of night her form deteriorates to flame, shadow, water and bone. She burns with the hate of countless years. She is soaked with the rage of the sea itself. She is consumed by the shadow of humanity's failings and she is clad in the bones of eventual death. When facing against her, it is best to only do so during the daylight, for come nightfall... she becomes something far more dangerous.

Magical Abilities

      The Black Buccaneer

╷Biography╷: This doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be short either.

╷Personality╷: The Guild Master of Black-Phoenix, and a Pirate Lord at heart. She is a ruthless soul that takes whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and however she wants. She is fearless and quite honestly never seems to understand the grace of a fair fight. She is a ruthless fighter that commands both power and brutality with the willingness of using it on innocents, for collateral is nothing more than a happenstance in battle. She treats none with a sense of fairness unless it is either earned or deserved nor does she trust anyone alive. All must lie to gain what they wish, it's only a matter of how clever one becomes in order to obtain their wishes.

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