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User Image "It's like a bad movie...
Alice Richard
...he's looking through me."

                                            Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing

                                            "I guess everyone needs some adventure..."
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User Image "It's like a bad movie...
Alice Richard
...he's looking through me."

                                            "Thank you, Mrs. Bolton."

                                            Alice spoke as she entered the class with a bright expression. The teacher has complimented Alice on her hair and attire, so of course Alice said thank you. She would have said it to anyone to be courteous, although most students would consider it sucking up as she was classroom favorite. Alice didn't realize how much she was teased because she was very naive. A lot of people joked and made fun of the teenager for being such, in average term, a goodie goodie. She sat in her desk, her notebook already out with her pencil already to write despite her being early. The group she usually socialize with didn't have this class, so she sat by a boy named Ryan who was nice to her. That came with a price, as a acquaintance of him sat behind him and beside her. He was one of those guys Alice didn't really care for. He wasn't present when class started, but that didn't mean he was absent. It only meant he was going to be tardy.. Again.

                                            Alice pushed her naturally curly blonde hair back as she took neat notes. Occasionally she would stray and draw a flower doodle, but she stopped after realizing her drawing caused her bracelets to shake, as she was worried she might interrupt someone's thinking. Her blue eyes looked to the side. She was the second seat from the window, Forest, the carefree boy who was tardy, had the seat right by the window. Although there was no excuse for not paying attention like he did, the window did have a lovely view. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining lightly and it seemed like there was a breeze. Alice blinked, knowing she had been sidetracked. She turned her attention back to Mrs. Bolton as she explained what would be on the next exam. Obviously, this was important stuff. Obviously, Forest didn't care as he walked twenty minutes into the lesson.

                                            It was rude of her, but Alice couldn't help but roll her eyes as his rudeness. This wasn't the fist time he has done this. How is he able to keep breaking the rules? Does he ever get in trouble? He was an totally jerk, which was a horribly harsh word for Alice's standards, and he still never changes. Alice didn't like that at all. Alice was one of the most polite, kind-hearted people in the school, and she did her best to act as such towards everyone, but it was hard with mister I don't care about anything.

                                            "Please don't call me that.." she remarked softly as he sat in his seat and bluntly called her a babe.

                                            She glanced up at Ryan as he spoke out against him. She found it very sweet of him to stand up from her, but also very extreme to use such language.

                                            "I'll give you my notes if you want them.." she said, trying to be kind since he had come in late, but adding the want in her statement as he doesn't seem interested in notes and learning.

                                                        "I guess everyone needs some adventure..."
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          Leonard Hofstadter
          The almost normal one

          Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
          Nothing to lose
          And it's you and me and all of the people
          And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

          xoxoxox"Oh and Sheldon.. Bazinga. Yeah. I went there."

                                              "Yeah Howard! Shame on you! Even though being late and making mistakes is part of human nature, you need a lecture about being nearly ten minutes late!" He said in an extremely sarcastic tone, rolling his eyes to add to the effect to the wit of his words. He glanced over to the spot where the majesty of the apartment sits, raising an eyebrow at the cocky Sheldon, the only person who didn't understand sarcasm but ironically the most sarcastic of the group. Did he get the sarcasm or would he have to get his sarcasm sign? "Morning Howard," The shy Raj said in a friendly tone, smiling at Howard. Even though Raj was horrified of women and Howard had an borderline sick obsession with them, they were still best friends and did almost everything together. "Now let's get going. They have the new issue of the Gotham sirens out...!" Raj said with much enthusiasm. The idea of the new comic made Leonard smiled meekly. "Really? I've been wanting to get that so badly.. Let's get to going..." For the first time in what seemed like ages, he would leave his apartment, starting a new day without thinking of the woman who broke his heart. It was quite a day for the glasses wearing young man. Grabbing the keys off the counter, he began to lead his group of friends out the door..

                                              "I can't go..." Leonard said suddenly in a low voice, his memory causing him a swift defeat. "I just remembered I have to go visit Penny's friend who's staying with her. She's new and all.." he said, his head down to not meet with the most likely unamused glances of his friends. He walked back to the counter, putting his keys down and picking up up a bowl of salad for the vegan Samantha. "I thought you and Penny broke up?" Raj questioned, making irritation run down Leonard's veins. "Yes, but I'm still her friend and she asked me to do this for her.." he spoke rather annyored. He sat back in his chair, still not looking at his friends, putting the cold bowl in his lap. If he were superman, Sheldon probably would have vaporized him by now. "She probably thinks you're still wiped. Pretty sad dude." That statement just pushed Leonard off the deep end. They were all happy he didn't have heat vision. "Stup up..! I don't have to stay! I'm doing it because I'm her friend! When did you get so good with women anyway, last time I checked you can't even talk to one!" he said, once again sarcasm, which made his usually quiet friend be quiet.

                                              That did bring up a point though. Could Penny still think she had control over him? He was buying her food, he still did some of her chores. His brain was telling him it was just being Penny being Penny, but he couldn't get the idea of being wiped out of his head. Leonard still wouldn't let her down, but he had to prove to himself he was over her. He couldn't bend over backwards to make her happy because their relationship could never be the same. Besides, he's been waiting four months for the comic. He glanced sat his friends, analyzing them. Raj always has a miniature melt down when it came to women. Leonard believed no human being should be left alone with Sheldon, the act being borderline cruel... There was only his Jew friend left...Although she realized it was a bad idea...

                                              "Howard! You can keep her company." he said as he stood. Howard loved women and this could be a penalty for being late in Sheldon's standards. "Penny says she's really sweet and since she's Penny's friend, I bet she not to bad looking." he said in a persuasive voice, grinnng from ear to ear. Of course he did feel guity, in a way he felt like he was betraying Penny, but he had to follow his gut and not be a coward. He gave Howard the salad bowl, gesturing Sheldon and Raj. "Raj! Get my keys because we're going to the comic book store!" he said heroic, feeling proud of his quick decision. Raj threw the keys, only to watch as they landed by his feet. "I didn't say throw them... Now, we're off!" he said, collecting his keys and giving one last glance at Howard before moving forward.

{{---I'm not that geeky---}}
User Image "Follow me down..."
Jesscia Thompson
"There's a place we got to go.."

                                            "Do you need help, Sakura?"

                                            Jessica asked, helping the girl gather her things. The blonde had been reading one of her books, losing herself in the fantasy. The sound of crashing broke her dreamworld though. It didn't matter, Alice was only concern about Sakura. She seemed very panicked over dropping her things. Sakura was usually worried about matters such as this.

                                            "You need to slow down.." Jessica said softly, kneeling down to pick up her books. The blonde was a polite young woman who has had an over actively imagination. She was a daydreamer, she had her own Wonderland in her head. Although, she liked reality too. Well, sometimes. "Are you alright?" she asked, brushing the dirt off her books before handing them back.

                                            Jessica wore a black shirt with common blue jeans. Her hazel eyes stuck out underneath her royal blue eye shadow. Her expression was calm, her lips held a soft smile upon them as she helped her fellow student.

                                            ((It's so short!! I'm sorry...))
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    "What if I never walk away ..."
    Rena Richard
    A slave
    ...because I still love you more then I could say..."

    "That's not a good sign.."

    Thought Rena as she coughed into her hand. Becoming ill is common in a place like this. Wearing dirty clothes, lack of food, so many reasons to be miserable in this awful place. You were better off in a hole. She pushed her hair back, watching as the men walked by with slaves and some walked past with an eager eye. Only a hand full has ever looked in her cage, mostly because she hid in the corner, in the protection of the lovely shadows.

    Don't get the girl wrong, she wanted to badly to leave, to be free or somewhat free. She missed the sunlight and the breeze, she missed using her legs to walk and run. Part of her though was in fear, the man who sold her there was a monster and many men walked by, dragging an innocent slave in a cruel way. One time, a master came back because he killed his slave. She didn't want to be harm, she didn't want to die. She wanted to be loved, but she knew that was to much to ask for.

    She prayed the others would be bought. She was lucky, she's been in her corner for ten years. New slaves aren't used to the harsh environment. God bless them, God bless her. Rena was very strong, but oh so innocent. She needed a escape. She coughed again, a chill running up her spine as she did so. She moved her legs out of their criss cross position so she could hug her knees for warmth.

    "Please don't mock us. This could be you too..."

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