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        The year is 2525. Technology had advanced over the years and humankind gradually spread from Earth to other planets. In 2400, they discovered other races. During that time, tension was already thick between the majority of them, and the humans' arrival only seemed to worsen that. An intergalactic war seemed imminent. It was just a matter of who attacked who first.

        Alliances had already been formed between some of the races. The Grün were with the Tsali, and the Rakeva, Kitsas, Krogan, and Arachnas maintained strong relationships. The Utangee and the Naitrems were the only two to remain neutral; indeed, the humans quickly worked to form alliances out an attempt to gain a spot in the galaxy. That was how they formed alliances with the Grün and Tsali.

        Years passed slowly until the war finally started in 2420. The Krogan launched an attack on the Tsali, and the other races who were in the alliances followed suit. The war lasted seven long years. It ended with the human Adrian Thomas Smith defeating Rordar Kurg, the Krogan warlord, after the humans, Tsali, and Grün convinced the Utangee to help them. A month later, the Galactic Alliance was born, the organization formed as a means to keep all of the races on neutral terms to prevent war.

        Things went all right for the next 98 years. While some would say that they sensed bitterness between some of the races, there were no more battles. There were minor disagreements, but never anything that was close to starting another war. In 2525, though, it almost looked as though things would change. The Kitsas discovered that the Grün had kidnapped some of their people to run experiments on them. Tensions quickly flared between the two, and old alliances began to back up their respective comrades. The Galactic Alliance tried to prevent things from escalating too far, but they seemed almost voiceless in this new conflict.

        After a month, things settled down as the Kitsas and Grün managed to work out their problems. Still, a new war had nearly broken out, and the Galactic Alliance realized this. They decided that they needed some kind of way to hold up peace and order in the galaxy. That was when they came up with the idea of a covert group. Two months had passed since then as they prepared a ship and recruited the best of the best for the crew. Now the crew is about to meet for the first time, with the hope that this will give the Galactic Alliance the kind of power they need.
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xx Activity
    This is a long-term roleplay, so please don't join unless you think you'll stick around for a while. Please post at least 2 times a week. If you lose interest, please PM me and tell me so I can take down your profile. It's annoying when people leave without word. Also, if you're going to be gone for more than a week, please notify me. Seriously, it doesn't take that long to send a PM or put up a post in the OOC thread to say you're going to be gone for a while or that you lost interest. If you can spend time with the other roleplays you're a part of or spend half an hour or so on Facebook, you can spend a minute or two notifying me of one of these occurrences.

xx Literacy
    This is a literate roleplay, meaning decent grammar and spelling is a must. Sure, a few mistakes are fine, but if you can't handle the basics of grammar or spell the simplest of words right, then this roleplay isn't for you. Please be able to post at least 14 well-written sentences per post, even with writer's block. Any more than that is welcomed and pretty much encouraged. Write only in third person, use quotation marks for dialogue, and use italics and/or single quotation marks for thought.

xx Profiles & Characters
    When sending a profile or asking to reserve a spot, title the PM the very last word in this post. If you reserve a spot, you have 2 days to complete a profile, or at least show me that you've made progress on one. If you don't, then you lose the spot without notification.

    Do not alter the skeleton in any way! The information goes outside the color and bold brackets, where the parenthetical notes are.

    I created a spot in the profile where you can list your character's specialty. This can be a job they perform on the ship or something that could make them an important asset for a mission. There is pretty much free reign on what the specialty can be, but it must be something other than what someone else has chosen! I'd rather not have two hackers or two medics, for example. Also, it's fine if they don't have a job or specialty, although this is highly not preferred.

    As a fair warning, I'll be paying particular attention to the combat stuff (the weapons and cores). Be reasonable with them and make sure your character is balanced. Although we may not be fighting each other, except in some situations, I still don't want to see power-playing. Don't have your character have, like, ten weapons. Is it really realistic for a person to have that many on them? No, it isn't. Going along with keeping your character balanced...I listed that a person can have 3 cores maximum, but that only applies to characters who don't use weapons, or has one weapon that they rarely use. And if you want your character to have a lot of weapons, then they can have only 1 core.

    I know I put "yaoi" as a tag in the thread's title, but I'm using that term loosely. I don't care for the characters that come from the genre, especially the stereotypical ukes. After seeing so many of them in yaoi RPs, I'm fed up with them, as I'm sure others are, and they won't be allowed in this RP. I want to see more original characters, and a person's bed position doesn't necessarily determine their personality and appearance, anyway. You want to use a cute and innocent uke? Too bad. Take it somewhere else.

    Please use a picture that looks around your character's age. I'm going to be lenient with this, but at the same time, I don't want to see a picture of a guy who clearly looks younger than 18, or a picture of an eighteen-year-old when the profile says they're 25. Oh, and don't even try to use a picture that's obviously of a girl. I'll just end up telling you to find a new picture--one that's of a guy, since, you know, this is a "yaoi" rp, and all of the characters are supposed to be male.

    One character per person. This might change if there are spots still open after the RP has been going on for a while.

xx Posting
    For your IC posts, please include your character's picture and name. Anything more than that is fine, but I'm not going to demand you have a decorated post. It's the content of the post that truly matters, not the stuff around it. Please keep your font at 11-12 font, and don't use any bright font colors. Please use the OOC thread for OOC conversations, but if you must include OOC with your IC posts, please separate the two in some kind of way.

xx Miscellaneous
    Follow Gaia ToS. Swearing is fine, even like a sailor if it fits your character. Romance is great and pretty much encouraged, but that doesn't mean you have to rush into it. For all romantic scenes, remember to keep them PG-13; time skip as soon as the underwear comes off. Violence is encouraged.

    No godmodding; if I catch you controlling someone's character and you don't have permission from them to do so, I'll have you edit your post. No power-playing. Your character isn't perfect. They have weaknesses and even they will get worn out after fighting for so long. And I'm not sure this will even happen, but just in case: no killing someone's character without their permission.

    Have an idea? Feel free to share it in the OOC thread. In fact, I encourage everyone to discuss plot--as well as anything else--there. It'll keep things interesting if there are ideas coming from more than one person, and it's always nice to make friends, right?

    I can change the rules as I see fit. If this happens, I'll notify everyone.

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xx Technology
    Technology is more advanced in the year 2525. There are things like virtual-looking computers and keyboards and hover cars. Complex robots aren't uncommon, especially in the military.

    Weapons have changed. Guns use mass accelerator technology. A gun shaves a projectile the size of a sand grain from a dense block of metal. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities by decreasing its mass in a mass effect field. Because of this, ammunition is hardly a concern, but managing the gun's internal heat is. If a gun is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of it and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the gun to disperse its heat buildup, which takes approximately 6 seconds.

    While guns have improved in this way, there is a smaller variety of them now. To be exact, there are three types: pistols, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. Mines and grenades are still common, but they haven't really changed. Also, there has been a reappearance of Medieval weaponry, such as swords and spears, although with a more futuristic look in some instances.

    Because of bullets having more potency from the technology guns now use, armor has been improved. Also, as of 2493, there is now a small, detachable device that generates a personal barrier for its user. It doesn't take too much to bring this barrier down, but it will regenerate after 5 seconds, assuming the user doesn't take a hit during that time.

    The ability to use special powers/abilities is possible for humans, thanks to a technology that had been developed 150 years from the time in which the RP is set. This special device is called a Core.

    User ImageCores are an advanced device that gives humans special abilities and powers. They are attached to the back of the hand (see the picture on the right), which allows the special energy in the Core to diffuse throughout the body. Cores are limited in the amount of abilities they can give. For example, a Core can give a person the ability to use fire, but that's it. Or it can greatly enhance a person's speed or agility, but nothing more. Also, a person needs to train to master a Core's ability. The amount of training depends on the power in question and the person's ability, and willingness, to learn.

    Currently, a person can have only one Core attached to the skin at a time. Both Cores would work, but the user would suffer a lot of pain before dying in minutes after equipping the second Core. However, a person can easily switch the Core they are using, but they must wait a few minutes before equipping the new Core. Remnants of the energy from the first Core will still remain in the body for that amount of time (although it's not enough to use), and if another Core is placed on the hand before that time is up, the two energies will mix. This will cause the user to become incredibly ill within minutes--maybe even enough to pass out--and this will last for roughly 24 hours.

    Most Cores are manufactured by only one company: Core Co. Cores are very expensive. Usually, only those who are wealthy or involved in the government are able to have one, but there are instances of theft and of someone inheriting one from a deceased loved one. Also, gangs have taken a liking to selling Cores on the black market. Some of these Cores aren't made by Core Co., which often means they are defects, even though they will usually look fine on the outside. These defects can be potentially harmful to those who try to use them, depending on how badly they were made.

xx Planets
    More may be added later, and it's fine if someone makes up a random planet for a human colony in their bio, but, currently, here are the planets of interest:

    Earth: No explanation needed here, right?

    Mars: Has a large human military base, as well as a small human colony. The first planet the humans colonized.

    Sibanthum: Rather small planet that's a rocky wasteland with a few plants. Has many mountains, too.

    Ilicia: Planet mostly submerged in water, but there are a few landmasses, although small. The largest one has had a port built on it so the other races can come here to make trades with the Naitrems.

    Thorul: A tundra planet. Its land has been scarred by the numerous battles that have taken place between the Raveka clans.

    Ethaia: A world similar to Earth in how it's made up. Because of the Tsali's spiritual nature, there are many temples scattered about the planet, each dedicated to a deity.

    Grünchka: A rather small planet. Thanks to the Grün's high population, there are so many civilizations that there is hardly any wilderness. Because of this, its food source comes from a neighboring planet the Grün cultivated and colonized.

    Albon: A planet that always has mildly warm temperatures. Fogs and rain are common.

    Fhloura: A mostly forested planet with small bodies of fresh water interspersed over its surface. It's unwise to go wandering outside the civilizations, as the Arachnas have traps all over the place to catch prey.

    Tuchanka: A world known for its harsh environments, scarce resources, and overabundance of vicious predators. It is home to the Krogan. It used to be a planet with lush tropical forests, but after a nuclear war that took place on the planet, it has been reduced to a wasteland.

    Tantisbah: It used to be a nice place to live, but gangs eventually took over. Now it's a corrupt place where crime runs rampant. The gang Blood Pack is top dog, and they are the ones who maintain some kind of order in an otherwise lawless society.

    Krayist: This planet holds the place where the governments of all the races come to congregate, and it's home to the Galactic Alliance. Should there ever be a war between the races, this place will always remain neutral ground. This planet also functions as the central trading spot in the galaxy, so there are numerous shops here.

    Clara: Small planet with a human colony on it. Not far from Krayist.

    Thoco: This planet holds a large city whose residents are fun-loving. The population is mostly made up of humans, Tsali, Rakeva, and Kitsas, but there are also some Grün who don't quite hold to the usual serious nature the race possesses. Because of their nature, it's no surprise that this place has a lot of establishments for entertainment. Combined with its tropical climate and weather, it's a tourist attraction of sorts.

    Uless: Another human colony.

xx Races
    Humans: Self-explanatory.

    Utangee: People will immediately recognize this race by their stony exterior (so think golems). Adults are typically eight feet tall. They're a generally peaceful race. Actually, they typically stick to their home planet of Sibanthum, making them a rare sight to see elsewhere. However, they do make formidable opponents, thanks to their tough skin and exceptional strength, so it's best not to test their peaceful nature too much. Their government is the only entity that has access to the up-to-date technology, mainly so they can communicate with the other races. Otherwise, technology is a rare sight--not because they don't have the means to create it, but by choice.

    Rakeva: Humanoid in appearance, but with light pink skin, pointed ears like an elf's, four arms, and two pairs of eyes. It's common for adults to grow as tall as six-and-a-half feet. Thanks to their heightened senses, they make excellent hunters, and they are good warriors all around, making them a common sight in the military and mercenary groups. They hate a lot of rules, especially those that are strict. Their government is run by a single Rakeva--always male--and their word is always considered final.

    Tsali: Others don't know what this race truly looks like, as their slender bodies are adorned in clothing from head to toe, thanks to their spiritual ways. They don't even have slits for the eyes--well, except the kids, but only until they develop their psychic abilities, which the race is well known for. Their psychic prowess has given them the ability to have omniscient sight without the use of eyes, and the government of its home planet, Ethaia, is mostly run by the race's women.

    Naitrems: Their bodies are covered in fish scales that are usually a shade of green or blue. They have webbed feet. Underwater, they are scantily clad to prevent their speed from becoming affected, but they wear full-body suits when they have to go up on land, as they can't survive otherwise. Because of an aquatic environment being a necessity for them, they aren't seen outside of their planet, Ilicia. Their society is run by a monarchy.

    Grün: They look like what humans called "Martians" back in the old days. They are more technologically inclined, and advanced, compared to the other races. Given their highly logical nature, emotions are largely downplayed by them, so they may appear cold and detached by the other races. Their home planet is Grünchka.

    Arachnas: They're spider-like in appearance; they have six legs, three on each side of their abdomen, and the second half of their body is more human in appearance with two arms. The points of their fangs usually sit over their bottom lip. They're typically devious and sadistic in nature, so they often aren't trusted by the other races. They often aren't seen outside of Fhloura, their home planet, but they are a more common sight than the Utangee.

    Kitsas: Kitsas are shapeless blobs of slime, but the stronger members of this race can change their form. They seem to have an inferiority complex, and a lot of its people counteract this by presenting arrogance to others. They are commonly seen in crime, which has cast a bad image on the race as a whole. Their home planet is Albon.

    Krogan: The Krogan are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to the planet Tuchanka. They are a tough race that loves to battle. A year after the war, the Grün created a disease, called the genophage, to place on the Krogan to significantly reduce their birthrate. The Krogan, and all of the other races, are unaware of what the Grün did. The Krogan have assumed it is from natural causes.

xx The Ship
    The ship is called Sidicktorensu, but some of the crew has nicknamed it "Dickie." It has three decks. The first is where the ships controls are, and it has a room where the squad can congregate to discuss missions they need to go on. The airlock is also located here. On the second deck is where the crew quarters, the mess hall, and the medic bay are located. For the crew quarters, there are enough rooms to hold all of the crew, and each room has two bunk beds. The captain is the only person to have his own room. The third deck is where engineering is stationed, as well as the cargo hold and a couple of labs for when the crew need to have items developed or upgraded.

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Remember, do not alter the skeletons! The information goes outside the color and bold brackets, where the parenthetical notes are.

[imgright]URL of illustrated image[/imgright][color=postingcolor][b]Username:[/b][/color]
[color=postingcolor][b]Name:[/b][/color] (first and last; middle optional)
[color=postingcolor][b]Nicknames:[/b][/color] (if any)
[color=postingcolor][b]Age:[/b][/color] (at least 18)
[color=postingcolor][b]Sexual Orientation:[/b][/color] (gay, bi, pansexual; uke, seke, seme)
[color=postingcolor][b]Specialty:[/b][/color] (What talent does your character have that would make them a valuable asset to the crew?)
[color=postingcolor][b]Bio:[/b][/color] (At least a paragraph of 7 sentences)
[b][color=postingcolor]-[/color][/b](at least three)[/list]
[b][color=postingcolor]-[/color][/b](at least three)[/list]
[color=postingcolor][b]Weapons:[/b][/color] (Be realistic on how many they carry. They're human, after all.)
[color=postingcolor][b]Core:[/b][/color] (Name the Core, and if it's not obvious what ability the Core gives by the name, then describe the ability. Also, no more than 3 Cores)
[color=postingcolor][b]Other:[/b][/color] (any other info you feel like sharing)

Characters & OOC Thread
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User ImageName: Nicholas Ashton Ryder
Nicknames: Nick
Age: 26
Sexual Orientation: Gay; seke leaning towards seme
Height: 6'1"
Specialty: Not exactly special per se, but he has a history of going on high-risk missions and succeeding. His willingness to do these risky things can make him handy when the mission requires them.
Username: Haru Tokushima
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I came out of the darkness with a bullet in my hand
I got one more shot at livin', I'm lucky that I can


Krayist was always rather busy during the afternoon. With it being the central trading spot in the galaxy, there were always merchants from the other planets that came here to sell their goods. That, combined with the large population, generated large crowds, which grew even more in the evening when most were off of work.

Normally, Nick wouldn't be out and about at this time. He used to work in one of the stores here, but that changed. Yesterday was his last day. Now he had a new job, one that would closely resemble the military career he once had. Someone from the Galactic Alliance approached him a little over a week ago, saying he had a job for him. Something about some covert group they were creating and they wanted him to join. He didn't hesitate on taking the job, wanting something that could restore the excitement he once had in his life. Since then, Nick had become a little shaky on the details on what the job entailed, but that wouldn't matter. He was on his way to some meeting at the Alliance's headquarters, where someone would probably refresh his mind on the details, as well as where he would meet the rest of the group.

But he paused when he was not too far from the headquarters, stopping to stare up at the statue of the war hero from the first intergalactic war. The statue stood to be a little over seven feet in height, only a few inches taller than the real Adrian Thomas Smith, thanks to the base. Whoever carved the statue portrayed the man accurately; while Nick obviously didn't know the man personally, he looked just like the man in all of those pictures he had seen, only all gray.

Nick had dreamed of being something as great as Adrian. But then he screwed up, forcing him to leave the human military. It looked like he was going to get a second chance, though--maybe not as a soldier, but he was sure the job would still be something similar. He had to admit, he was a little hesitant to take the job as soon as the Alliance representative mentioned it, but things would be different. He wouldn't be the one in charge of the people, and as long as he remained that way, he wouldn't have to worry so much about getting someone killed because of his choices. Sure, there was still the possibility of witnessing someone die, but that was just a part of the job, and as long as he didn't allow himself to get so close to anyone in the covert group, then everything would be fine.

Deciding that he should get moving, Nick continued on his way, soon arriving at the headquarters. He walked in, the building's air cool against his muscular arms, which were bare thanks to the white sleeveless shirt he wore, compared to the warm weather outside. He didn't spend much time in finding the room in which the group was supposed to meet, given that it was right near the building's entrance. The door was opened, so he stepped on inside, discovering that there was no one else in there. He must have been a little early because there was supposed to be an Alliance representative here to lead the meeting, but there was no kind of clock in the room, so he couldn't check the time. The room had a large table that sat in the center with chairs situated around it. The only light provided was that coming from the middle of the table, where a hologram trajectory was located; since there were no images being displayed, it shined a soft, orange light up towards the ceiling.

Not feeling like sitting at the moment, Nick crossed the room and took to leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the room, slipping his hands into his jeans pockets. Now he waited for people to show up.

You won't break me / No matter how hard you try
You can't shake me down / I'm ******** bulletproof
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User ImageUsername: Haru Tokushima
Name: Michael Sullivan
Nicknames: None--he only goes by Michael
Age: 27
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, seke
Height: 6'1"
Specialty: Captain of the Catalyst. Thanks to his past career, he has adequate skill with all firearms except sniper rifles.
Bio: Michael was born on Mars, but he didn't live there for very long; with both of his parents enrolled in the army, they were often relocated throughout the galaxy, usually in human colonies. Because of this, Michael didn't have a strong sense of home and it made it difficult to maintain long-lasting friendships--there were ways to keep in touch with those friends he made, but it wasn't the same as actually seeing them. Still, he managed.

When Michael turned eighteen, he followed in his parents' footsteps and signed up for the army. He had little trouble with the training and was assigned to a squad after passing it. Because of how relatively calm things were around the galaxy, those first few years of his enlistment went smoothly. His squad changed locations quite a few times during that time, and Michael grew close to all of them. When his term ended, he re-enlisted for another four years.

Once again, things went smoothly--until his second term was nearing its end. The squad was sent to Larsum, a planet not far from Krayist, along with one other squad. The planet was going to have a human colony built on it. The people in charge of setting this up were not expecting things to become dangerous; a scan of the planet suggested there were very few creatures that may be hostile, all of which weren't in the immediate area of the site. Because of this, they expected two squads to be more than enough to protect the builders.

For the first couple of weeks, they were right. Things were uneventful for the two squads, enough to where they grew comfortable in their surroundings. This became their downfall when a large group of mercenaries launched a surprise attack from the the forest surrounding the southern edge of the site. The squads lost two soldiers and the leader of Michael's squad was rendered unconscious during the initial strike. The remaining troops decided to try to hold off their attackers long enough to allow the architects and builders to escape to their ships, with Michael ordering one of their men to take their sergeant to safety.

The mercenaries had the huge advantage. They had a few more numbers than the soldiers, not to mention the mercenaries were made up of krogan, rakeva, and kitsas, all of whom were formidable opponents in a fight. When the workers were beginning to take off in their ships, the remaining troops decided it was time that they retreated as well. While keeping up the pressure on the advancing enemy, they backpedaled to the ship. In the end, only Michael and three other soldiers survived--his sergeant and a woman and a man from the other squad. A little under three-fourths of the workers were saved. Some of them might have been wounded, but their lives were kept intact.

Michael quit the army when his term was over. He left the possibility of returning to that career open, but he needed a break after what happened on Larsum. He rented an apartment on Krayist and took a part-time job at one of the stores. Things had been going well for him, but it appeared fate didn't want him to stay in this calm for long; an official from the Galactic Alliance approached him one day while he was working. He offered him a job under the organization, and the two discussed it in private. After some consideration, Michael accepted it. It wasn't the army, but it sounded like this covert group would be pretty close to the career he once had. Only this time it was different: he would be in charge. With no experience in that kind of position, other than him playing substitute during the Larsum attack, he was admittedly nervous, but he planned to give it his all.
Personality: Because of being unable to establish strong friendships while growing up, it may be a little hard for him to make those kind of connections with people right away, and he may have a tendency to be a little on the quiet side from time to time. Still, he is a friendly guy, so he enjoys taking the time to get to know the others, but only if they're willing to talk. When it comes to missions, he's utterly serious, and he expects his orders to be carried through unless a serious flaw is pointed out in them. Otherwise, he's fairly easygoing and runs a lenient ship, but he'll enforce rules if things get too out of hand.

Thanks to his military upbringing and career, he tries to keep things neat and organized. However, his natural inclinations is to be the opposite of this, and this shows when it comes to his quarters; that's the only place on the ship where he allows himself be a little messy. Michael is a little on the sensitive side--nowhere near the extreme, but enough to where he's more than aware of his feelings. His military training, though, has taught him how to bottle them up and--for the most part--prevent them from affecting his actions. And because he believes a leader needs to be strong, he definitely adheres to this training. Fear? No; to the others, this is nonexistent in him. Sad? No, this will never be seen. Problems? Nothing, other than what may be present in their missions. If he can't put on a neutral or friendly facade, he'll spend time in his room to compose himself, assuming he has the opportunity to do so.

Since having some level of unity among the crew is important to their success, Michael tries to maintain peace when conflict arises between them. It's not something he enjoys doing, so he'll usually give the people involved in the conflict time to sort it out themselves before stepping in. During missions, he tries to keep a level head so he can think clearly, and he normally doesn't act without having some kind of plan--assuming there's time to come up with one. However, there are times when his morals may get in the way and cause him to act rashly, but he normally shows some level of control over this; when he realizes it would make them stray from the mission's main objective or if it would mean leading the squad into a dangerous situation that they don't otherwise have to be in, he'll go against his morals, unless the others agree to follow this new course of action.
    - Training/working out
    - Adventure
    - Bars
    - Singing in the shower
    - Getting to know the others
    - Reading
    - Manly men

    - Cold weather/places
    - Being called Mike, and pretty much any other nickname
    - Staying in one place for too long
    - Being disobeyed or walked on
    - Mercenaries
    - Guys with long hair when it comes to intimate relationships

Weapons: Michael always carries a pistol and a dagger. His third, and primary, weapon is usually a submachine gun, but sometimes he may go with an assault rifle instead.
Core: Energy core - allows him to use things like energy blasts.
Other: There are a few small scars on his torso and one going across the outside of his left bicep. Also, while he's pretty much gotten over the death of his squadmates, there are times when he has dreams about the Larsum incident. Upon waking from them, he can rarely return to sleep, and he's usually aloof for some time.
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Shy Exhibitionist

Oh, and it's fine if you would rather take a milder role in the story and play a character with no combat experience. Since it's ideal to keep a squad to 3-4 people while doing a mission, everyone's going to have some occasions where they're stuck on the ship anyway.
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User Image
User Image

xxxxxx Captain of the Catalyst

        Krayist was always rather busy during the afternoon. With it being the central trading spot in the galaxy, there were always merchants from the other planets that came here to sell their goods. That, combined with the large population, generated large crowds, but things wouldn't really become densely packed until the evening, when everyone got off of work.

        Normally, Michael wouldn't be out and about at this time. He used to be a cashier in one of the stores here, but that changed. Yesterday was his last day. Now he had a new job, one that would closely resemble the military career he once had. Someone from the Galactic Alliance approached him a little over a week ago, saying he had an offer for him. The organization was creating some kind of covert group, and they requested that he become the crew's captain. He was hesitant to accept it. He hadn't been in a leadership position while he was in the army, so he didn't exactly have the credentials for that kind of position, but the official assured him that he was the one they wanted for the job and told him to think about it for a couple of days.

        So Michael did, and he came to a decision. While he planned on being out of that kind of occupation for some time, he knew the need for adventure would return to him--heck, he was surprised he stayed on Krayist for a little over half a year without feeling compelled to move. The need for adventure was in his nature, so maybe it was best to return to a life of action now while the opportunity presented itself. That, and he felt kind of obligated to take the offer since it was given to him. He still had an ounce of doubt on whether he was truly capable for the role of captain, but he planned on giving it his all, and he would use the man who was in charge of his old squad as a guide for what kind of leader he should be. So with his decision made, he found the official and told him. The official informed him on when to go to the headquarters, where the job would be explained in more detail and where he would get to meet the others who were a part of the crew.

        And today was that day. Michael was already near the headquarters. It was the largest building on Krayist--it needed to be, seeing as how it housed all of the races' embassies, among other departments. A stone wall ran along its perimeter with a large gap in the front to provide entrance for its employees and visitors. The premises were watched by synthetics while the large front doors were guarded by actual soldiers, one of them a human and the other a krogan on this particular day.

        Michael made his way in the direction of the doors, but he stopped at a minor distraction in the cement pathway, which circled around the seven-and-a-half-foot marble statue of Adrian Thomas Smith, the hero that defeated Rordar Kurg and brought the war to an end. When taking the large base out of the equation, the buff man must have been nearly seven feet tall in real life.

        Michael could understand why the statue was here. The organization owed the man for its creation--he remembered reading about how Adrian had wanted to see peace among the races, so he was a huge influence in getting the Alliance started. Also, all in all, the man was largely inspirational; along with his own parents, Michael looked up to Adrian as a fellow soldier. When he joined the human army, he wanted to become someone important--do something special like Adrian.

        That chance never came, though. The conflict on Larsum had hurt, enough to where Michael felt as though he needed a break after his second term ended. But now he might have a chance to do something good after all. Maybe it wouldn't be in the army like he originally had planned, but it would be with this covert group, which worked just as well. Not that he was so keen on becoming a hero like he was almost ten years ago, but it was still something nice to think about.

        Realizing he should continue on his way, Michael circled around the statue. As he did so, a question popped into his head: what did the races who lost the war, particularly the krogan, think about the statue being on what was supposed to be neutral ground? Maybe it wasn't much of an issue anymore, now that the war was ninety-eight years in the past, but he imagined it must have been a huge smack in the face at the time the statue was placed here.

        He let those thoughts go. After climbing the set of stairs that led up to the entrance and stating what business he had at the headquarters, the two guards let him inside. Compared to the warm weather outside, the building's air was a little chilly on his toned arms, which were bare because of the green sleeveless shirt he wore.

        "Mr. Sullivan, glad you could make it," came a voice from the large, arcing desk near the entrance. It was Arthur Buckley, the official he had met before. He was a tall, slim man who must have been around forty, with salt-and-pepper hair and brown eyes. A mustache accented his upper lip, and he wore a suit, like all of the officials seemed to. The man stepped around the desk and walked over to him. Because of how spacious and quiet the lobby was, the clacking of his black formal shoes on the tiled flooring sort of echoed. As he closed in the last few feet between them, Buckley checked his wristwatch. "You're a few minutes early. Good. It's certainly better than being late, I always say."

        Michael offered a warm smile. "Hello, sir," he said just before taking Buckley's outstretched hand, giving it a firm shake. He relinquished it afterward.

        "Please, let him take your luggage to the ship." Buckley motioned toward a rakeva standing off to the side, who stepped over to Michael. This one was of the typical height--six-and-a-half feet, meaning Michael was a good four inches shorter. He handed over his things while saying a quick "thank you." After momentarily watching the rakeva walk off, he followed Buckley to a room not far from the entrance, the one the official had told him to go to the last time they spoke. As Michael had expected, the room didn't really have much in it other than an elongated table with chairs surrounding it. A hologram sat in the table's center, its cyan-colored light rather dim because of the lights Buckley had turned on.

        "Please, take a seat," Buckley said. "We'll begin as soon as the others are here." Michael obeyed and took a seat on the other side of the room while the Alliance official went to stand in the front of the room. At that end of the table, there was no podium or anything of the sort, but Michael did notice the tablet that was sitting there, something Buckley must have left in here earlier.

I fell into a dream For a year of my life
Where nothing's quite what it seems
It's consuming me, It's killing everything inside
My reality Of what couldn't be, But I still keep your memory Burned into me
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Shy Exhibitionist

Notes on Cody Moody for RP with AB

Cody was born on February 10, 1987. His mom was 22 when she had him and his dad was 25.

Cody's dad was a hardened, narrow-minded man who was a heterosexist (he made a comment about Matthew Shepard's death when it was on the news...Cody would've been 11 at the time), a sexist, and a bit of a racist. He had a low tolerance point when it came to his kids misbehaving; he wasn't afraid to strike his kids when they acted up--usually just a smack on the butt or sometimes another location if it was more appropriate. He did, however, use the belt when the kids were exceptionally bad.

His mom, on the other hand, was lenient. She was able to tolerate more from their kids, and her method of disciplining was timeouts. She often spoke up about her husband's violent methods, but being a bit of a pushover, she never demanded him to stop and thus never managed to get him to. At least, that was the case until her husband smacked their five-year-old daughter, Megan, for badmouthing him (Cody would have been 10). After hearing her daughter cry, she flipped out on her husband. Her husband struck their daughter a few more times since that incident, but he stopped when she threatened divorce.

Despite his mom being the nicer one, Cody did prefer being around his dad. Some key moments between the two:
    1. Cody badmouthed his dad in a similar manner when he was six. It was while his mom was out shopping for groceries. His dad punished him in the same way, and when he was about to cry, his dad said, "You quit your damn sniffling, boy! No one's gonna feel sorry for you. You brought it on yourself." Or something like that. It would have been the first time his dad struck him in such a way--he had gotten the occasional smack on the a** or hand, but that was it.

    2. When Cody was eight, he was out in the backyard, running around barefooted. His mom was inside the house and his sister was having her afternoon nap. His dad was outside, replacing the blade on the lawnmower. Cody stepped on a bee, and it was the first time he had ever been stung. The combination of the pain and the shock was enough to make him cry. His dad was going to help him, and as he led him toward the house, he told him to stop his crying, basically being all like "boys don't cry." And since Cody wouldn't stop, he struck him. Cody forced himself to stop crying after that.

    3. His dad used his belt on him when he was ten (before his sister's incident), after Cody hurt his sister.

    4. When Cody reached high school, his dad constantly reminded him to get good grades.His dad never graduated high school, and he didn't want his son to do the same. When Cody graduated, his dad told him how proud of him he was.

    5. Around the age of twelve, his dad gave him "the talk."

    6. At the same age, his dad started teaching him how to repair things. That became their way of bonding, with Cody's football games being the second way.

Cody learned about his sexual orientation when he was in eighth grade, after realizing why he had so much trouble not looking at the other guys in the shower. Throughout high school, he dated a few girls to hold up the front to both his peers and his family that he was straight. Although he might have been depressed during those five years, he never came close to trying to commit suicide.

When he was twenty-two, he moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He got a job in repairing ACs, and, a few weeks later, discovered Duff's. Shortly after that, he got involved in a metal band, after hearing they needed a singer. Vocally, he wasn't too strong at first. (Prior to moving there, he was only able to sing too much unless he was in his car alone or his family wasn't home. After his dad making a fuss over him wanting to join choir, he figured that doing too much singing would have been a bad thing around him.) However, he improved pretty quickly.

For a while, the band, who called themselves Beyond the Carnage, only did covers. It wasn't until about three years later when they started writing their own songs.

Cody came out to the band after they were together for about a month. They were in Duff's and the guys of the group were trying to pester him into hitting a woman in the bar. He just ended up telling them that he wasn't into women. Their was an awkward silence over them for a few moments, before one decided to say, "Okay." The others more or less chimed in with similar responses.

He entered his first relationship at the age of twenty-two, after meeting the twenty-one-year-old Paul when he worked on his air conditioner. They're relationship started with what was originally supposed to be a one-night stand, but they did it one more time, with Paul suggesting that Cody take him on a date at the end of the session. Cody did, and they ended up becoming romantically involved, but it only lasted for two weeks, with Paul saying he wasn't into any of it but the sex.

Cody had one more shot at love when he was twenty-three. He met twenty-five-year-old Dillon on a dating site. The two had a few similar interests, but this relationship only lasted about a month-and-a-half. It turned out Dillon only kept him around long enough to do a few repairs around his place and on his car.

Since then, Cody pretty much gave up on relationships. He had a couple of one-night stands since then, but that was about it.

Members of the band:

Lenny - Bassist. Lanky, 24 y/o guy who stands to be about 6'4". He doesn't possess much muscle and his dirty blond hair droops down to somewhere around his shoulders. Thick eyebrows frame the top of his light blue eyes. No piercings, but he has two tattoos on his torso. The first is a navy circle around his belly button with squiggly lines coming form it to look like sunrays. The second is on his upper back. It's "Hyuck!"

Cassie - Rhythm guitarists. 24 y/o girl who's 5'10". She has straight black hair--with a single strip of blood red on the left side--that falls down to her upper back. She has green eyes and a slender body. She has a nose piercing on the left side of her nose and one piercing on her left eyebrow. She wears earrings, too. She has a tattoo of a rose on her outside of her right ankle.

James - Lead guitarist. 26 y/o and 6'0". Long black hair that frames a hard jawline. Green eyes like his sister. Slim body with broad shoulders and some biceps. He has tribal tattoos doing down from his left shoulder to his wrist.

Ben - Drummer. 25 y/o and 5'10". Bald (because he wants it that way) with a goatee. Silver hoop earring in his left ear. Heavy guy with noticeable biceps. He has several tattoos like James. Has brown eyes.
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User Image

My full name would be: Toby Hida

But they call me: Just Toby

Do I look that old to you?: 25

Well don't I look like a: Newbie

What's my stuff: Tattoo artist...and just about anything else that can get him money

Well I swing this way: Bi; seke, leaning towards seme

My past is a reflection of me:

Toby was born as the son of an American woman and a second generation Japanese-American man, but he never got to know his biological father. When he was one, the man died in a car accident, leaving his mom to take care of him. It wasn't until two years later that she met a man named Trevor at work. They fell in love pretty quickly, and after dating for a few months, she let the man move into their apartment. Things went all right for a while, but then the man started taking charge with a heavy hand. Toby's mom never tried kicking Trevor out, and the two lived through the torment until, at the age of twelve, Toby finally fought back. His mom called the cops, and Trevor wasn't a problem after that.

At school, Toby was always a bit of a trouble child. He often got into fights with his peers; bullied a couple of them, one of whom later committed suicide when he was a freshman; and generally disobeyed the teachers. He got involved in the wrong crowd when he entered high school, which led him into being a part of a gang when he was a sophomore, all the way until he left Los Angeles. During that time, he witnessed a friend die from a bullet wound and shot someone in his own gang in the shoulder after he raised hell about him being into men.

He dated a girl for the first time as a freshman, but it only lasted a couple of weeks, with him breaking up with her. He tried dating one more time after that, and when he broke up with that one, he decided relationships weren't really his thing. And although he always knew he liked guys, too, he didn't have the chance to act on it until he was a senior. He was at a guy named Kai's house to work on a school project, and Kai clumsily spilled water on him, which led to them fooling around.

As soon as he was old enough, he always took up jobs over the summers, but when he was a senior, he stuck with one while in school, deciding that he wanted to be able to get out of Los Angeles as soon as possible. It was the only motivation he had to maintain a higher GPA than what he had the previous years, just so he would be allowed to work. It wasn't until he was twenty-three that he decided he had enough money, so he moved to an apartment in Las Vegas.

Toby left his gang life behind in California, but he didn't exactly become a good citizen, either. He had a handful of one-night stands, which usually led him to stealing money from the other person, partly so he had more money for what he needed to afford and partly because of the excitement that came from it. When he neared his twenty-fifth birthday, he met up with a man after talking to him on Craigslist, which led him to one of the wealthy apartments in the city. The advertisement he answered to was a lie; the guy wasn't some thirty-year-old with a muscular build, but a fat, old man. Toby was about to leave as soon as he arrived, but out of desperation, the man, who he later learned was named Henry, offered him money. From there, Toby continued to see the man, who always paid him for his visits, even when all Henry wanted to do was talk. After a couple of months, Henry seemed convinced that he loved Toby, but Toby never reciprocated. Still, Toby continued his weekly, sometimes biweekly, visits. During all of this, he still bedded other people, but he rarely stole from them. He found no reason to steal when he already got hefty checks from Henry, but sometimes he couldn't help it when the opportunity was clearly there or when he needed a bit of excitement.

A little over three months into his visits, Toby mentioned to Henry how he wanted to move to Japan, just to experience that side of his heritage. Henry surprised him a week later by saying he rented them an apartment. Toby was greatly displeased by this. He didn't want to go there with the old man; he wanted to do this alone. Fortunately for him, it turned out Henry couldn't come up with him after all. He died of a heart attack, so Toby went to Asaboo Apartments, the place the man set up for them, on his own.

Here's a tip on how to turn me on:

- Drinking
- Sex
- Working out
- Drawing random things
- Bars
- Bar fights
- Tattoos
- Metal music
- Money
- Campfires
- Exciting/thrilling things

But this is what pisses me off:

- Overly moral/self-righteous people
- Effeminate guys (but that doesn't mean he can't be bought...)
- Kids
- Warm and bubbly people
- Monotony
- Love
- Cold weather
- Snow and rain
- Being stuck inside or sitting still for too long

My master shall always be: Haru Tokushima

Depending on the person he's dealing with, Toby can appear as an all right guy at first, but it usually won't take long for others to learn about his lack of manners and compassion toward others. He has a nearly nonexistent filter when it comes to the things he says, and he rarely seems to be shamed by anything he does, but then again, it's often hard to tell how he feels, as he always hides behind a half-smirk, half-smile.Toby seems incapable of making strong connections with people, and he has no problems with using people for his own benefit.

Rumors don't really bother him and he will most likely just ignore them unless they are of some benefit to him. He prefers getting vengeance in a more physical way rather than gossiping about someone behind their back, but still, there are some secrets that can easily be exploited. Also, if someone angers him, particularly through insults and the like, he's not afraid to resort to the use of his fists.
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A little over three months into their relationship, Toby mentioned to him how he wanted to move to Japan, just to experience that side of his heritage. Henry surprised him a week later by saying he rented them an apartment. Toby was greatly displeased by this. He didn't want to go there with the old man; he wanted to do this alone. They had a huge argument, and this spurred on a chest pain for Henry, who was used to them because of his coronary heart disease. The man asked Toby to get his nitroglycerine. Toby did just that, but he pocketed them, pretending that he couldn't find them where Henry told him to look. This led him searching around the apartment, and when Henry calming down didn't seem to ease the chest pain, he wanted to call 911. Toby volunteered to do it, but this was faked. The ambulance never came, and Toby eventually revealed this. Henry died right afterward, and Toby got ready to go to Asaboo Apartments, the place the man set up for him, on his own.
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Shy Exhibitionist

User ImageNo more apologies
No more regrets for the choices that I made
You love me? You hate me?
I don't give a ********]

User Image

Nothing hurts my world
Just affects the ones around me
When sin's deep in my blood
You'll be the one to fall


Brown eyes stared back at him, blurred by the thin layer of the fog on the mirror. Onyx-colored hair stuck up here and there from the towel he just ran through it, and his piercings--curved barbell on the left eyebrow and a lip ring--shined under the light. Finding his appearance presentable enough, Toby let go of the edges of the vanity and erected his posture to stand at his full height of six-foot-one. He turned from the mirror, his usual half-smirk, half-smile curving his lips to a subtle degree.

Since he was already dressed in a pair of jeans and a black Las Vegas tee, he stepped out of the bathroom and headed out to the living area. The room was darkened, thanks to there being no lights on and the blinds being pulled over the front window--which was how they would stay, partly because of laziness but also because he liked his privacy. There was nothing creepier than having someone peeking inside as they walked by. Boxes sat on the floor, some empty, others still holding various items. He had moved here yesterday and arrived kind of late, so he didn't get through all of the packing.

But the rest of it could wait. There was an empty feeling in his stomach and he needed to fix that. He had no food yet, but that wasn't a problem. He remembered seeing a diner on the premises when taking a stroll around the place last night. He wasn't sure how good the food was going to be, but, being as hungry as he was, that wouldn't matter so much. All he had to do was put on his shoes and a sweatshirt. Both were by the door, with the sweatshirt draped across an empty box, and he put them on before leaving his apartment in building C.

The walk to his destination was short and uneventful, but he got a better idea of what things looked like around here, now that he had more lighting. He had to admit, the place looked nice. The old geezer probably couldn't have picked something better. It was just a terrible, horrible shame that he couldn't come with him. As far as the people here, Toby hadn't met a single one, obviously, but he did see a few now as he walked, such as a man with dark hair and a beard, somewhere around his height. He ignored them all, though, except maybe glancing once or twice in their directions.

To his slight surprise, the diner was empty, save one person, who, oddly enough, appeared to be around Toby's own age, yet he had gray hair. He slightly raised a pierced brow at the sight, but otherwise ignored the man for now as he stepped over to the bar, sitting a couple of stools down from him. After placing his order--a bowl of ramen--a question arose: what time was it? He knew he woke up after noon, but that was about it, other than it apparently being too late for lunch. Either that, or the food here sucked that bad. Toby patted his pockets, realizing he had left his phone back in his bedroom. Well, the time wasn't important anyway. Not like he had to be anywhere.

After looking around the diner a little, his slightly slanted eyes settled on the very friendly-looking guy sitting not too far away. "The food here any good?" Toby asked. His inflections didn't imply that he was trying to start small talk; it was just a question he wanted an answer to, just so he would know what to expect.

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