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Remiel Cumore

I'll take my chances,
Rewriting the book for all to see

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I will ride the winds of change
To make a better place forever more
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Isaac Sunfire


The sun shined down from the clear sky above, blessing Ethaia with its warmth. The mild temperatures of the late morning felt relatively cool when the occasional breeze rolled through the city.

The light chatter of some of the citizens on the streets below reached Isaac where he sat perched on a roof of a home not far from the marketplace. The rooftops were where he would occasionally station himself while patrolling the city. With the way the city was built on an incline, he had a good view on the happenings below, and unless one checked the roofs, he could go unnoticed by those who were going to perform some unlawful activity. Sure, he wasn't down there where someone might actually need him, but at the same time, he wouldn't be of much use in a close-quarters combat kind of situation. His specialties lied with a bow, and being high up like this gave him both the distance he needed from any potential foes and could help give him a clear shot.

For the time being, most of Isaac's attention was on the marketplace. Generally, this was the most crowded spot in Ethaia so crime was more likely to happen here, and given the time of the day, most of the streets weren't too crowded yet, but that would change in a couple of hours. Still, Isaac made sure to check the other streets that were in his line of sight, just in case there was that chance something would happen on one of them, and if not that, then to check for any signs of the Alliance. While they didn't know of all of the members that existed within the group, thanks to some of them keeping their faces hidden by any means available to them, they could recognize some, and, generally speaking, anyone with a hood or a mask were most likely part of the thieves.

If he saw any such signs, he would be sure to attack, as those were his orders. With this conflict going on for four months now, it was something the guards couldn't fool around with--for Ethaia's sake. This was taking quite a toll on the city, and it was sure to collapse if the Alliance continued to exist. Ethaia's population had already shrunken substantially since the group's creation, if not because of murders, then because citizens fled from the city to somewhere safer. The economy had also taken a hit because of the crimes. Some traders and merchants didn't feel safe in bringing in imports because they feared for their lives, and sometimes the Alliance would take the incoming supplies for themselves.

Suddenly, Isaac became aware of the tight fist he had formed with his left hand. He unclenched it, and now that he had snapped out of his thoughts, he redirected his attention to what he was supposed to be doing. He scanned the streets below, waiting for a member of the Alliance to show themselves. As an Ethaia guard, he wanted to save the city from its destruction, and he would gladly put his life on the line in order to do so.


"Sure and strong, I will fight for what is right."
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Rorik Sunfire, former Ethaia guard
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Sylas Redford

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I've come here to kill you
Won't leave until you've died

A low groan echoed off the stone walls as Lucifer stirred awake. His eyelids parted to allow him to stare in to the darkness of the cellar. His whole body felt stiff. Sleeping on the hard floor had been nothing close to comfortable--he was using a bedroll, but that didn't provide much cushioning. He couldn't complain too much, though. At least he had a place in which to sleep that could keep him safe overnight.

Being a member of the Alliance, while fun, did have its disadvantages. Since Lucifer had too much pride, he always let his face show while carrying out tasks for the group. Now the guards knew who he was. The home he owned was of no good to him anymore when a guard could easily sneak inside and kill him while he slept. Because of this, he had taken refuge inside the abandoned building in the lower-class district of the city.

This place also had its downsides, though. Even though no one would most likely try to enter because of the rumors of this place being haunted, there was still that chance someone would try to come on inside--mostly kids who were dared by their friends. When that happened, the spell that was cast on this place by another member of the group (Lucifer couldn't remember if they were dead or not) would take affect, and the objects in the house would start flying about--some of these items being weapons, just to make people all the more hesitant on staying in the house. Even though the floorboards would muffle the commotion, it was never enough to keep Lucifer from waking up, unless he had been doing some heavy drinking.

And it was already hard enough for him to be able to sleep there without some little s**t waking him up because they had to prove to their buddies that they had the balls to enter the house. Sure, there was the small bedroom upstairs. That had a bed, but it also had windows, so someone could look in and see him while he slept. Maybe that wasn't going to be so likely when it was on the second floor, but Lucifer didn't want to take any chances. Besides, even if he wanted to, it would be too late to change his mind now. He was sure someone else in the Alliance had claimed that bed as theirs, and unless Lucifer had a chance on getting in their pants every now and then, that bed was unavailable to him.

Feeling as though he had woken up enough, Lucifer stood up after putting on his boots and made his way towards the stairs. Even though the cellar was pitch black, he wouldn't have any trouble finding his way. He knew the layout of the cellar by now, and unless some dumbass laid some item in his path, or even laid themselves in front of the stairs, he could make his way out safely without falling and splitting open his skull. But that wasn't the case; he reached the stairs unscathed and started up them, ignoring the creaking sound they made underneath his weight.

Lucifer swung open the door, and he squinted his brown eyes when they met with light for the first time that day. As he crossed the room, he hardly paid attention to the various items scattered about the floor--he was used to it by now. Of course, the spell didn't take affect while he moved through the house. It would only activate if someone from outside the house entered it--even if they were a member of the group, since the spell had no way of distinguishing between who was allowed entry and who wasn't. Or, at least, it wouldn't until the person uttered the phrase "glory to the Alliance." Then they were permitted entry without harm.

Lucifer stepped outside--through the back door of the home, since no one would be able to see him if he was behind the house. He didn't plan on leaving. He just wanted to get some fresh air and take a moment to enjoy the weather. The sunlight made his messy, dark brown hair look a few shades lighter, and its warmth felt rejuvenating on his bare tanned torso--Lucifer rarely wore a shirt during the warmer months of the year. Maybe he would wear a piece of armor if he knew he was going to be getting in to some kind of fight, but that was it. Besides his boots, the only things he typically wore were a pair of black trousers and a headband to keep the sweat out of his face for when he would be getting some kind of a work out during the day's activities.

Maybe in a little while, Lucifer decided, he would try and see if the Alliance had any special plans for today, but for now, he just wanted to relax for a little while and give himself more time to wake up a little more.

Murder born of vengeance
I close my brother's eyes tonight
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Isaac Sunfire


Isaac had relocated himself to another roof, but he remained near the marketplace so he could keep an eye on the things that happened down that way. Even though he managed to keep watch over other nearby streets, he did not once stop to consider checking for any signs of activity on the rooftops. When the explosion came, he jumped a little and snapped his attention in the direction in which it occurred. "Damn it!" he cursed under his breath, and without hesitation, he took off towards the explosion, using the rooftops to get there quickly and avoid the frenzied crowd below. Normally, Isaac would have been mindful of those who may have been inside their homes and would be disturbed by the sounds of him treading on their roofs, but this was one of those times when such a disturbance would have to be excused.

The Ethaia guard reached the location of the attack, first noticing the destruction that the house had endured and then the corpse, or at least what may have been left of it, laying atop the roof. It did not take Isaac any time to figure out who had done this--maybe not specifically, but he knew it was a member of the Alliance. The slight frown that had formed on Isaac's face as he briefly examined the corpse vanished as he turned his attention to the guards that had gathered on the street below. The blond jumped to an adjacent roof, this one lower to the ground, before descending the rest of the way to the street, landing in a crouch to help break his fall.

"None of you had seen who did this?" Isaac asked them, looking from one guard to the next. They all replied in the negative. Isaac sighed quietly before glancing over his shoulder, taking notice of the citizens who still lingered at the scene. "Ask the people around here and see if they know anything," he said while returning his attention to the guards. As a few of the guards began this task, Isaac looked back up at the damaged roof, the image of the corpse appearing in his brain.


"Sure and strong, I will fight for what is right."
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Rorik Sunfire, former Ethaia guard
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My full name would be: Zachary Isaiah Cross

But they call me: Zach

Do I look that old to you?: 18

Well don't I look like a: Raider

What's my stuff:

Speed Burst - Zach can significantly increase his speed. To do so, it costs double the energy it would normally take to get from point A to point B if he was sprinting, and it's because of this that he only uses the ability in short bursts and when necessary.

Energy Leech - A barely visible light blue aura-like energy surrounds Zach's hands and feet. When he successfully strikes an opponent, he takes a small amount of their energy. Holding onto someone will also work. However, he can only hold onto a person for ten seconds before the energy absorption starts to make him nauseated.

Well I swing this way: Gay, seke

My past is a reflection of me:

Zach's parents divorced when he was only two years old. Zach's dad found out about his wife's numerous extramarital affairs, which caused a lot of arguing between the two until they finally decided that enough was enough and got a divorce. The court decided that Zach would stay with his dad, but he would stay with his mom during the weekends and holidays. Since his parents had separated while he was so young, Zach had no qualms about how he was living--even when he later learned that his situation wasn't exactly normal compared to a lot of other kids. However, he did ask both of his parents why they didn't live with each other anymore, but they never gave him an answer, instead saying that they would tell him when he was older. Although he wasn't exactly happy with that answer, he learned to accept it.

As he grew up, Zach was introduced to RAID by his dad, who had been quite a fan of the sport. He ended up falling in love with the sport, and he watched it on TV with his dad all the time, but he never went to an actual game during his earlier years, since his dad never had the time. There was his mom, but she absolutely resented RAID because of its violence--so much so that she tried to keep Zach from watching it while he was staying with her, even though that didn't always work.

Needless to say, Zach wanted to become a RAID player, so when he started his high school years at Azgard, he tried out for the team. He was ecstatic when he learned of his position as a raider, and he took to the practices with enthusiasm. This also went without mentioning that his dad was very proud of his son for this achievement, and he made it a point to go to as many of the team's games as he could. Of course, his mom wasn't so happy about this, and even nagged at him about it a couple of times, but Zach always ignored her.

It was also during his freshman year that he learned about two other things. First, he learned why his parents got a divorce. His dad had told him during the first month of the school year, after Zach had told him about how he had heard his mom having sex with a guy the prior weekend. This in turn made him realize that his mom had been doing this all along while he grew up, since he had seen so many guys come around her place before. He never had been very close to his mom, but learning something like this certainly didn't help their relationship.

Second, he learned that he had a thing for guys, which was confirmed during the spring of that year, when he ended up doing a little experimentation with another guy--a non-RAID player--who also went to Azgard. After that, though, he didn't do anything else with another guy until the end of his junior year. He found a guy from another school--his name was Josh--that he liked, and they dated, but he kept it hidden from both of his parents, afraid of how they would react.

However, his dad found out over the summer. He found the two teens doing it in the basement. His dad reacted very badly. Zach got kicked out, and, not knowing who else to turn to, he called his mom and asked if he could stay with her. When he got there, he explained to her what had happened. To his relief, she accepted him. Since then, he stayed with her, and he was still going to attend Azgard. Fortunately, his mom learned to accept his love for RAID, so he was able to play on the team for his last year of high school in peace, and he hopes that the team wins the championship this year. Oh, and as for Josh...well, they broke up before the school year started.

Here's a tip on how to turn me on:
- hard rock and metal
- training
- tattoos and piercings
- a challenge
- horror and action-packed movies
- video games
- playing the drums

But this is what pisses me off:
- waking up early
- stuck-up people
- sitting still for too long
- slow songs
- snow and rain
- people who act cute and/or incredibly innocent

My master shall always be: Haru Tokushima

Personality: Zach is a pretty friendly guy, as long as you aren't on his bad side. Once you are on said bad side, it's difficult to get off of it, as he has a tendency to hold grudges for long periods of time, and he may go out of his way to seek retribution depending on how badly he was wronged. Zach can be a pretty easygoing guy, but he does have his limits, and when that limit is reached, he starts throwing fists. He has a tendency to be a bit of a smart a**, and he loves to have a good time.

As far as friends are concerned, he can be pretty loyal. He'll stand up for or protect his friends, or at least as far as off the field is concerned, but at the same time, if someone's looking for consolation after being upset, he's not the best person to go to. He'll just tell you to suck it up and get over it. When it comes to lovers, though, he's more consoling, but he can only take so much of it.

When in the game, he may have a tendency to act a little reckless at times unless he has a fairly strict play to go by, but even then he may have a tendency to do something reckless. He likes to be a little risky, which has gotten him beaten up a lot, but it's all fine to him; he doesn't mind getting a little roughed up. That's partly why he likes the game. That, and it gives him a nice adrenaline rush.

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Zach Cross

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Zach's eyes opened to stare at the blank, white wall his bed was pushed against--but only for a moment; he covered his head back up with his gray comforter and shut his eyes, wanting to go back to sleep. His alarm hadn't went off yet. He still had time before he had to get up and go to school. But just as he was about to doze back off, he heard his phone go off, signaling that he got a text message. At first he thought about ignoring it, but then curiosity got the better of him. With a sigh, he rolled over, poked his head out from the covers, and picked up his phone from his nightstand.

As soon as he did so, he glanced at the clock it displayed, and his eyes widened. [********] Ignoring the text his mom had sent him, he shot out of the bed, grabbed something to wear, and darted to the bathroom to take his shower. Normally, he wouldn't be too freaked out about being late. Sure, Coach was really a**l about someone showing up late, but he usually dealt with the consequences during those few times he got in trouble for it. But today was a different story. They were going to that camp, and that was something he couldn't be late for.

I could've sworn I set the son of a... He sighed, dispelling what frustration was growing inside him as he washed his hair. Apparently he didn't set his alarm like he had thought, but as long as he got to the stadium before it was time for the team to leave, he would be fine, even if it meant facing the coach's wrath.

When he finished his shower, he pulled on his jeans as he scrambled down the hall toward the kitchen. He grabbed some Pop-tarts before running to his room to grab the bag he had packed the night before and his phone. Now that he had everything he needed, he rushed out the door, climbed into his red '99 Pontiac Sunfire and drove off towards the school. When he arrived, he grabbed his bag from the backseat, slinging it over his shoulder, before jogging his way to the stadium, not bothering to check in with his first period teacher like he should have. It was more important that he meet up with the team, and he wasn't sure if he had enough time to stop by the classroom.

Before he could reach the stadium, though, Zach spotted someone just up ahead who was also making his way to the same place. A slight smile curved the corners of his lips and he sped up to catch up to the green-haired guy. "Hey, Masashi," he said as he neared him. When he closed the final feet between them, he slowed down, falling in step beside the shorter male. "How's it going, man?" he asked, clapping him on the shoulder. "You ready to go to that camp?" He shoved his hands in the pocket of his solid black sweatshirt, temporarily forgetting about the fact that they were running late. Besides, he figured that, if he wasn't the only one that was late, then the team probably hadn't left yet. If that was the case, then he didn't see much to worry about.

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Zach Cross

User Image


Zach looked at the guy wearing the hat when Adrian spoke about him before looking at the one with the long hair. When the defender said that the guy must have been the assistant coach, he quirked a brow. "Really?" Well, it made sense, but, like Adrian had said, the guy looked like he was around their age. But it would explain why he was chilling out next to the coach--and why he was holding a clipboard.

"Huh?" Zach said when he heard what Adrian said next, but as soon as he had, the name sunk in and he realized who Adrian was talking about. A dull look swept across the teen's face as he turned his attention to his Pop-Tart, breaking off another piece of it and popping it in his mouth. To some extent, Zach had accepted the fact that Adrian had befriended someone on their rival team, even though he was one of the ones who was largely against it at first. He understood now that Adrian was just too nice of a guy to let the rivalries between the two schools stop him from befriending someone. But still, Zach didn't like it when the defender spoke about Halt.

Actually, in general, Zach had mixed feelings about Adrian. His friendliness made him all right to be around, and Zach was on talking terms with him, but his innocence--particularly around the subject of sex--drove him crazy sometimes. Adrian was downright hot, but his innocence kept Zach from getting interested in him.

Zach looked back at the three men assembled together, and in just enough time to catch the water boy waving at them. He returned it with a casual one of his own before looking at the apparent assistant coach. Suddenly, an idea came to mind, and a smirk curved his lips. The thought of giving the assistant coach a hard way to go for his first few days on the job sounded kind of fun--maybe even the water boy, too. Zach glanced at Adrian and Masashi, almost about to share this little thought, but then he changed his mind. He already had some idea on what Adrian would say, and as for Masashi...well, he wasn't sure. Besides, if he did try to pull any pranks, Serg would probably explode, so any entertainment it could bring Zach wouldn't be worth the possible consequences.

With that idea not sounding so great anymore, Zach looked towards the entrance of the stadium as he shoved another piece of Pop-Tart in his mouth. He frowned slightly, wondering where everyone else was. "Hey, any of you know where the others are at?" he asked both Adrian and Masashi without looking at either of them.

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The Characters

User Image

((Full name))
((Creative title. Example: "The Naive Cowgirl" ))

((age spelled out)) ((gender)) ((sexual orientation))
(Trait 1) | (Trait 2) | (Trait 3)


[align=center][img]((100 x 100 image))[/img]

[size=16][color=color2]((Full name))[/color][/size]
[size=14][color=color1]((Creative title. Example: "The Naive Cowgirl"))[/color][/size]

[color=color2][size=13]((age spelled out)) [color=color1][size=11]●[/size][/color] ((gender)) [color=color1][size=11]●[/size][/color] ((sexual orientation))
(Trait 1) [color=color1][size=12]|[/size][/color] (Trait 2) [color=color1][size=12]|[/size][/color] (Trait 3)[/size][/color]

              User ImageHello, my name is ((Full name)), but you can call me ((nickname - repeat first name if your char doesn't have one.)).
              I blew out
              ((age)) candles on ((birthday)).
              My anatomy says I'm
              Love is blind:
              ((sexual orientation))
              The marks on the wall say I'm ((height)).
              I'm in this grade:
              ((grade level: freshman - senior))

              The way I act: ((Personality - I want to see at least five traits, including the three you used for the reserve. You can list the traits or write in paragraph form. Also, make sure you have both good and bad traits.))
              This makes me nervous: ((at least 1 insecurity or fear))
              Shhh! Don't tell: ((at least 1 secret))
              I love:
                (like - must have at least 4, but you can copy the code and list more if you want.)

              But I hate:
                (dislike - must have at least 4, but you can copy the code and list more if you want.)

              My life thus far: ((Bio - at least a paragraph of seven sentences.))
              My classes: ((5 classes--list them in the order in which your char is taking them))
              My dorm: ((dorm number - you can pick or, to make it more interesting, I can randomly generate one for you))
              Oh, something else I need to mention: ((Any extra info you want to share. If you don't have any, then you can erase this line of code.))


[list][list][list][list][list][list][imgright]((Character's picture - don't make this TOO big))[/imgright][size=11][color=color1]Hello, my [b][color=color2]name[/color][/b] is[/color] ((Full name))[color=color1], but you can [b][color=color2]call me[/color][/b][/color] ((nickname - repeat first name if your char doesn't have one.))[color=color1].
I blew out[/color] ((age)) [color=color1][b][color=color2]candles[/color][/b] on[/color] ((birthday))[color=color1].
My [b][color=color2]anatomy[/color][/b] says I'm[/color] ((gender))[color=color1].
[b][color=color2]Love[/color][/b] is blind:[/color] ((sexual orientation))
[color=color1]The [b][color=color2]marks on the wall[/color][/b] say I'm[/color] ((height))[color=color1].
I'm in this [b][color=color2]grade[/color][/b]:[/color] ((grade level: freshman - senior))

[color=color1]The way I [b][color=color2]act[/color][/b]:[/color] ((Personality - I want to see at least five traits, including the three you used for the reserve. You can list the traits or write in paragraph form. Also, make sure you have both good and bad traits..))
[color=color1]This makes me [b][color=color2]nervous[/color][/b]:[/color] ((at least 1 insecurity or fear))
[color=color1][b][color=color2]Shhh![/color][/b] Don't tell:[/color] ((at least 1 secret))
[color=color1]I [b][color=color2]love[/color][/b]:[/color]
[list][color=color2]❤[/color] (like)
[color=color2]❤[/color] (like)
[color=color2]❤[/color] (like)
[color=color2]❤[/color] (like - must have at least 4, but you can copy the code and list more if you want.)[/list]
[color=color1]But I [b][color=color2]hate[/color][/b]:[/color]
[list][color=color2]☠[/color] (dislike)
[color=color2]☠[/color] (dislike)
[color=color2]☠[/color] (dislike)
[color=color2]☠[/color] (dislike - must have at least 4, but you can copy the code and list more if you want.)[/list]

[color=color1][b][color=color2]My life[/color][/b] thus far:[/color] ((Bio - at least 7 sentences long.))
[color=color1]My [b][color=color2]classes[/color][/b]:[/color] ((5 classes listed in the order in which your char is taking them))
[color=color1]My [b][color=color2]dorm[/color][/b]:[/color] ((dorm number - you can pick or, to make it more interesting, I can randomly generate one for you))
[color=color1]Oh, [b][color=color2]something else[/color][/b] I need to mention:[/color] ((Any extra info you want to share. If you don't have any, then you can erase this line of code.))[/size][/list][/list][/list][/list]

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User Image
User Image

xxxxxxxxxxI n t r o d u c t i o n

            Golden Oaks is a private, non-denominational boarding school that ranks as one of the best educational institutions in the United States, as proven by how many of its students manage to get into the best universities in the nation. Given this status, teenagers from all over the country, as well as a few from around the globe, apply here, making the competition to get in fierce, especially since the student body is kept around 350. If that doesn't make it hard enough, the tuition surely will; only those from wealthy families and those who can scrounge up the scholarship money can afford it.

            While it gives off this grand appearance to everyone off its campus, life here is rather hellish. Just like a public high school, Golden Oaks has its drama: friends betray friends, secrets are exposed, rumors buzz around campus, and enemies are made. The poor who come here on scholarships are looked down upon by the rich, and the small student body makes it easy for everyone to know everyone. Oh, and one mustn't forget about the sometimes unforgiving amount of homework that's assigned. It is no wonder that a handful of students drop out after only one year here, but others still stay, despite the drama, knowing how good an education like this is for their future.

Profiles | OOC
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Shy Exhibitionist


              Follow Gaia's TOS.
              Please be active. Please post at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you don't post in a week, then you'll be kicked from the RP. If you're going to be gone for a while, then please notify me in some kind of way so I'll know. Also, if you want to quit the rp for whatever reason, that's fine, but please tell me! It's annoying when people vanish without word. Seriously, if you can spend ten minutes or so on Facebook, you can spend a minute or two sending me a PM to drop out of the RP.
              Swearing is fine, even like a sailor if it fits your character.
              Romance is great, and pretty much encouraged. Just keep it decent; as soon as the clothes start coming off, use a time skip.
              Drama is definitely encouraged. It's needed to keep the RP interesting.
              Violence is fine. It can spice things up. Just don't get gory, 'cause, you know, this is a high school RP, so people aren't going to be disemboweling each other. No killing either. Also, when fighting does happen, make sure you give the other person a chance to fight back to keep it fair, and don't go dodging/blocking everything. Unless maybe your character's heavily into martial arts, chances are they're going to take a few hits.
              No godmodding/controlling someone's character without their permission. If I see you do it, and if you don't have the other person's consent, then I'll have you edit your post.
              While a few of us may be playing characters who seem to have crawled out from the bowels of the earth, we still need to be respectful to everyone in the rp. Don't ignore anyone or their posts, and try to include everyone.
              Since this RP has no specific plot, that means it is going to require a lot of collaboration from everyone to make for a rich story. So please, discuss plot with others. If people do this, I can guarantee the roleplay will be interesting. And if you have any ideas for school-wide events, such as dances, feel free to share them.
              The roleplay has an OOC thread, linked in the introduction post, in case you missed it. Why not put it to use? Get to know the others and discuss plot. Trust me. It helps maintain interest when everyone's talking to each other.

              Please have decent grammar and spelling. I'm not going to be a Nazi about this, but I won't accept simple mistakes like not using correct punctuation or misspelling the most basic words. Also, none of *these* for action, use quotation marks for dialogue, italicize thoughts, and underline text messages. I prefer third person, but if you absolutely feel compelled to, you can use first.
              I expect at least 16 well-written sentences (2 paragraphs) per post, even with writer's block. More than that is great and encouraged. I'm not exactly going to place a limit on how much someone can write, but at the same time, you're probably overdoing it if you're writing over 7 paragraphs some of the time.
              Separate OOC in your IC post in some way, but please try to keep extensive conversations out of the IC thread. Go to the OOC thread for that.
              Refrain from using bright font colors for your posts. Those can be a little harsh on the eyes. Also, use 10-12 font size. Anything smaller than that becomes a little hard to read and anything bigger is obnoxious.
              Please include your character's picture and name in all of your posts. Oh, and keep your picture at a reasonable size; I don't want it stretching the page. Anything extra, like quotations, lyrics, etc. are cool, but I'm not going to ask for them. It's the content of the post that truly matters, not the stuff around it.

              Real pics only. There'll be a very tight limit on scene/emo characters, although it would be nice if no one used them at all. I'm placing a limit on Asian characters, too, since, like scenesters, they're overused.
              No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Everyone has flaws. Oh, and I don't want to see all nice characters. Nice is nice, but it doesn't do anything for plot when everyone's friendly with each other. For this reason, I'm going to require at least one negative trait to be listed in the reserve.
              All sexual orientations are welcomed. However, at the same time, there needs to be a balance. Not everyone is gay.
              You can have as many characters as you can handle. Just make sure you don't neglect any of them.
              Please don't alter the skeletons, except where prompted. Also, don't worry about how the skeletons appear in the PMs. They'll seem broken, but turn out just fine in the actual thread.
              You'll have to send in a reserve before you send in a profile. PM the reserve with the title being what grade your character is in. When I accept it, you have 3 days to give me your profile, which can be titled whatever you want it to be, so long as it isn't just "(No Subject)."
              For both skeletons, please use color. It's fine if you leave one of the colors as black, but don't use all black. That's boring. I know that can be a lot of text to replace, but that's why ctrl+f (or crtl+r in Notepad) is such a handy tool.
              If you have a thread with post samples, feel free to link it to me with the reserve. Otherwise, I'll be checking your post history to make sure you meet my literacy requirements.
              I'm not going to require that certain roles are filled because that's kind of lame, but there is a spot for a creative title in the reserve skeleton. Be whatever you want, but make the title at least somewhat unique to your character. For example, it's okay if you use "musician," even if someone else has already used it, but use a different adjective. However, at the same time, I do want to see a balance, so if there are, say, 5 characters using a music-related title, come up with a different "role" for your character.
              Every character must have at least one secret. I'm going to be relaxed with what's accepted, but at the same time, don't be insane about it; I'm not going to accept one where a character killed somebody, for example. Also, when filling out that part of the profile skeleton, feel free to be as subtle or as blunt as you like, but if you do make it subtle, tell me what the secret is so I can okay it.

            xxSchool Rules
              Please be kind to your peers. Violence and bullying will not be tolerated.
              Respect school property.
              Skipping classes is prohibited. Also, please be on time for class.
              Weapons, pornography, and drugs are forbidden on campus. Possession of any of these items will result in an immediate expulsion.
              During the week, students must be in their dorms by 10:00 PM. On the weekends, students must be in their dorms by midnight.
              All students must wear the school uniform during school hours. Otherwise, other clothing is permitted.
              Students are allowed to leave the campus when school is not in session so long as they are back in their dorms by the designated time.

      I'll add more rules if I see fit. If I do, I'll notify everyone.

User Image
SeXXXy Sparkling Zombie's avatar

Shy Exhibitionist

The Characters

      xxxxxthe Freshmen

      xxxxxthe Sophomores

      xxxxxthe Juniors

User Image

Tucker Leigh Johnson
The Prideful Performer

Sixteen Male Bisexual
Friendly | Schmooze | Easygoing

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHaru Tokushima

      xxxxxthe Seniors

User Image

Bradley Joseph Stern
The Closeted Perfectionist

Seventeen Male Gay
Honest | Impatient | Introverted

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHaru Tokushima
SeXXXy Sparkling Zombie's avatar

Shy Exhibitionist


Breakfast: 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Period 1: 9:10 AM - 10:00 AM
Period 2: 10:05 AM - 10:55 AM
Period 3: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Lunch: 11:55 AM - 1:00 PM
Period 4: 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM
Period 5: 2:05 PM - 2:55 PM
Dinner: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    AP English

    Algebra I
    Algebra II
    AP Calculus
    AP Statistics

User ImagexxScience
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics
    Anatomy & Physiology
    AP Anatomy & Physiology
    Environmental Science
    AP Environmental Science

xxSocial Studies
    US History
    AP US History
    European History
    AP European History
    Non-western History
    AP Non-western History
    AP Psychology
    AP Economics
    AP Government

xxForeign Language
    AP Spanish
    AP Latin
    AP French
    AP German
    AP Japanese

    AP Art
    AP Ceramics
    AP Photography

    Creative Writing
    Film History

    Music Theory

    Information Technology
    Gourmet Cuisine
    Home Economics
    Physical Education

    Will come at a later time, once the RP has lasted long enough (i.e., over a week) to make this worthwhile.

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