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Kane Anthony Villareal

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The Corrupt Cop

You think you're t o u g h ?
xxxxWell, I'm from the W e s t side of town.
You had better believe I'm here to r e p r e s e n t.

        The parents named me Kane Anthony Villareal and . . .
        xxxxxxI'm sure they had some h i g h hopes for me,
        But I ended up as a corrupt cop in the city of H o u s t o n
        xxxxxxxxxThey should just be glad I made it to be T h i r t y-T h r e e

                  I've got some friends in l o w places
                  xxxxxxxThey all call me Kane, Kay or Pops
                  I'm the one who keeps those damn kids alive.

Being nosy around here can get you s h o t.
      But since you asked so nicely, I was born in the city of San Antonio and grew up with two pretty amazing parents. We lived on a ranch, mama raised horses and sold them to the richer folk around the area. Dad worked a government job that paid pretty well, so I never really wanted anything growing up. Living on the ranch was more than enough, mama home schooled me up until I was ready for high school. Not only because the nearest elementary school was miles and miles away, but mostly because she needed a helping hand around the ranch. Every morning, I'd wake up, wash up, eat breakfast, do my studies, eat lunch with mama and then for the rest of the day I'd help her with the horses. ...Not much else can be said about my childhood, it was a pleasant blur of happy events. Other than a few broken bones, the occasional fight with the boys from the ranch down the road and learning how to care for horses, I didn't do much.

      Once I was old enough, Mama and Pa sent me to a private high school. I played football and ran track, got the best grades of my life and graduated second in my class. Mama and Pa wanted me to either go to college or stay home to help mama work on the ranch, but I didn't really want to do either of those things. I waited for my twenty first birthday came around and then I headed straight for the Police Academy of San Antonio. Years went by and I can't say I didn't enjoy myself in San Antonio, but I wanted to do a little more. I heard about what was happening in Houston and instantly put in a request to be transfered. It took a bit of pushing and pulling, but I eventually got the paperwork. I've got to say at first it was a huge adjustment moving from a ranch to a one bedroom apartment, but after the first few months I got used to it.

      One day I was on patrol around the West side of the city and caught a bunch of guys in their early twenties cornering a teenager in an alley. At first I was just going to let it go, remembering the fights I'd gotten into as a kid on the ranch but when I saw one of the older guys pull a gun on the kid I had to get involved. I pulled my .45 out, and took aim at the one with the gun and did the usual "Police! Drop your weapon!" routine, but this guy just turned around and shot at me like it was nothing. The kid who was being cornered swung his leg out at the shooter and knocked the gun out of his hand. Naturally I took that as my opportunity to rush forward and try to take the guy into custody but when I got there, the other guys pulled out guns. It was a regular "Oh s**t." moment. I just grabbed the kid by the arm and hauled a** out of that alley and didn't stop until I couldn't hear the gunshots anymore.

      I didn't understand why the kid was fighting me the whole way there though. When I stopped running the kid pulled a knife on me and I was more confused than ever. Asked the kid what the hell was wrong with him! For ******** sake I just saved his a**, he started babbling on about how I wasn't going to take him in, that the "family" was going to come after me if I tried. I had no earthly idea what was going on and after I calmed the kid down, he said the guys cornering him were from the South side. After that, he didn't have to say anything else, I figured he was part of the West side gang. It blew me away at how young he was though, I didn't see a gang member, I saw a kid. I'm sure it was against everything I'd ever learned in the academy but I just let the kid go on his way, before he left he told me his name was Max. Over the course of the next year, I ended up bailing him out of jail countless times up until he ended up living with me. I didn't try talking him out of the gang, I knew he was "down for life", I just made sure he was safe.

      A few months after he started living with me, Max was shot twice through the head by a corrupt officer who belonged to a station on the South side. The report says Max was in a car that supposedly had just finished a drive-by and the officer was aiming for the driver, but regretably missed. I knew that was bullshit and so did everyone else, but no one stood up to say it. They were afraid of the officer from the south side. After Max's death, I was completely turned off of the police department as a whole. I hate my job, I hate my co-workers, I hate that officer who shot Max. I figured the only way to get adaquate justice is to destory that which destroyed Max; the south side gang. I began communicating more and more with the West side gang, telling them where our force is weak, who was having financial problems and who's loyalty could be easily bought, supplying them with stolen arms, etc. In San Antonio I would have lost my job, but here, they're afraid of me and my connections and I find that I like the power. As long as I'm around, no one else on my side of the city is going to die.

One thing you should know.
      I've lost sight of basic right and wrong, all I know is I am going to kill that cop who shot Max and I don't care how many people I have to blow away until I get to him.

Let me know if you see anyone named:
s к є ℓ є т σ и s

Profile skeletons! Please read them carefuly and fill them out fully :3

[align=center][size=20][color=POSTCOLORONE]FIRST MIDDLE LAST[/color][/size][/align]


[align=center][size=17][color=POSTCOLORTWO]CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING: The Corrupt Cop, One of the few good cops, A Loyal Follower, The Fearless Leader[/color][/size][/align]
[size=10][color=darkslategray]You think you're [b]t o u g h[/b] [i]?[/i]
[color=white]xxxx[/color]Well, I'm from the [color=POSTCOLORONE]W e s t OR S o u t h[/color] side of town.
You had better believe I'm here to [b]r e p r e s e n t[/b].

[list][list][list]The parents named me [color=POSTCOLORTWO]FIRST MIDDLE LAST[/color] and . . .
[color=white]xxxxxx[/color]I'm sure they had some [b]h i g h[/b] hopes for me,
But I ended up as a [color=POSTCOLORONE]CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING: corrupt cop, cop, gang member or gang leader[/color] in the city of H o u s t o n
[color=white]xxxxxxxxx[/color]They should just be glad I made it to be [color=POSTCOLORTWO]AGE TO BE WRITTEN OUT[/color][/list][/list][/list]

[list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list]I've got some friends in [b]l o w[/b] places
[color=white]xxxxxxx[/color]They all call me [color=POSTCOLORONE]NICKNAMES OR JUST WHAT PEOPLE CALL YOUR CHARACTER[/color]
I'm the one who [color=POSTCOLORTWO]CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING: follows the leader, leads the group, OR make up something clever for a cop~[/color].[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

[b]Being nosy around here can get you s h o t.[/b]

[b]One thing you should know.[/b]

[B]Let me know if you see anyone named:[/b]
я υ м σ я s

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It's what the title says. Here is where the rumors will go. For example, "Hey, I hear there's going to be a shoot out later today, watch you backs." or "Watch out, Leader 1 is on the man hunt for person 3." Stuff like that. You can make something up and send it to me or whatever.

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    Ekeziel Isaac Aligheri
    Four hundred and thirty-five
    Loyal ▪ Alert ▪ Sophisticated
    Deceitful ▪ Jealous ▪ vain
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                        Ekeziel Isaac Aligheri
                        Four hundred and thirty-five
                        Thirty Two
                        Dark brown
                        Five foot eleven
                        One hundred forty-two

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New James Profile.

═════════ Beast ♚
User Image t a k e n James Alexander Swan Twenty-Seven [Marshmellow-Bunny]

User Image
James Alexander Swan

                    If you really want to know

                    My friends call me;; Beast or James
                    I am;; Twenty-seven
                    Sexuality;; Straight

                    FUN FACTS

                      ↳ Belle...No seriously, she's mine. Back the ******** off.
                      ↳ Living in Luxury
                      ↳ Spending time by the fire in my chair
                      ↳ Horse back riding
                      ↳ The occasional drink. Maybe.

                    Not Mine!
                      ↳ Arguing...I really don't do it on purpose
                      ↳ Anyone who threatens my Belle
                      ↳ Ignorant people
                      ↳ Gossipers
                      ↳ Anything Sour. Yuck.

                    I will never forget

                    This is how I am;;
                      I've got a fierce temper and I'm driven enough to back up every threat I make. Just because I'm not in the body of a Beast anymore doesn't mean I won't rip you in half. Coming from royalty, I am very well educated and know how to behave in front of people as long as I'm level headed. I can be very polite and proper on a good day. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean I don't know how to let loose and enjoy myself among friends. By myself, I'd much rather watch a movie than read a book, any day it takes too much time.I hate wasting time. You'll most often find me in our back yard playing with our large German Shepherd named Star, I love animals, I actually sometimes like them better than people. I'm used to getting whatever I want, which I guess makes me pretty spoiled, but that's okay. I like to spoil Belle and Star, they're my favorite girls and no one or anything is going to take either of them away from me. I used to say that I would never change for anyone, but ... Belle is my world. I've decided to make an attempt to become the man she deserves. It's just so hard; I have to keep reminding myself that she is worth it.

                    This is my life;;
                      We all know how I became a Beast, I seriously don't want to talk about it. Cherie, Josselyn and her brother Adis are the only ones who know the full story and I'd like to keep it that way. My precious Belle knows bits and pieces, but I cannot bring myself to tell her the full extent of what my curse entailed. Back then, when we lived in Paris, I convinced myself that I could be content hiding away in my castle and waiting for the curse to take it's course. My parents moved themselves to what once was our vacation home to give me some space. They couldn't much handle the way I'd become and left me in the care of my servants who'd already practically raised me. I tried convincing myself that with my servants, everything was fine, and that I was fine.... I maybe had a temper tantrum here and there, but hey, you would be in a pissy mood 24/7 too, if your life depended on a plant.

                      Anyway, when Belle's dad came along what was I supposed to do? Many of the people in the surrounding city had heard rumors of what I had become. The braver ones would try to break into the castle to take a peek, from what I understand they made a game out of it. I thought he was just like the others when I found him. A good for nothing trespasser. He was too old for me to throw out in the same way I'd thrown the others out. And I've never actually killed anyone, so I did the only other thing I thought was available. I had him arrested for trespassing, decided to sue him and then went about my business. But then Belle came along with her trespassing self. She wanted me to drop charges so her dear father could be released? I must admit, at first her beauty didn't even strike me. All I wanted to do was hide away in my study, but the world would not have it. She wouldn't have it. She wouldn't leave until I had an audience with her, and when I finally did she offered to trade places with her father.

                      Gotta admit, I really thought she was a little crazy in the head. Sacrificing her own freedom for her father's. But hey, whatever. I called my lawyer had him drop the charges and release the father from prison. I was preparing to have him come collect the girl but Lumier, one of my more trusted servants, convinced me she was far too fragile for prison. He saw her as something more of a ... "permanent guest" and advised that I treat her as such. We argued a lot over it, but in the end he won. I ordered the finest guest room to be prepared for her and to be filled with the finest dresses we had available. At first it was really awkward, she'd been expecting to go trade places with her father and instead she found herself living in the castle. It was awkward for me as well.

                      I tried my best to make her comfortable. I bought her new clothes, new jewelry, a kitten, all the things my father would do for my mother! But she didn't care, she didn't want any of that. She was such a pain in the a**, seriously! So, I stopped and instead tried holding a conversation with her, father said that was the best thing to do when all else failed. We had a lot of conversations through her bedroom door. Eventually she came out of her room and we had civil conversation in the parlor. Eventually I came to like her, so much so that I offered her, her freedom. She didn't want it, for some reason beyond my comprehension she wanted to stay with me. We fell in love. I went through hell to be the right kind of man... errr, Beast for her. AND, I even almost died fighting some local jack a**, Gaston, who wanted to take her away from me. That's when I realized I'll do anything for her, to keep her happy.

                      Then she broke my curse and I became a man. Finally I could truly be with her! We were married almost instantly after wards and I couldn't be more happy. I love Belle with all my heart, I'll do anything to keep her safe. She liked the castle, yes, but she wanted to live closer to her father who had moved to America....so...being the loving husband I am, I obliged. Our things were packed away and this mansion was purchased. When we moved here though, things are just so crazy and crunched up. I hate not living in the castle anymore, this house is so tiny. Sure it's the biggest one on the block, but ... it's not as big as the caste. I don't like that if you say one thing you think is in confidence that the next morning, the entire town is talking about it. It's so stressful, it's pushing me over the edge.

                      I guess that's when my anger started really taking it's toll on me ... I didn't mean to take it out on Belle. I hope she knows that.

                      Over the year, things just steadily got worse. I keep trying to move us back to Paris but Belle wants to stay. She just doesn't understand! This neighborhood will be the death of me and our marriage. Cherie, Josselyn and Adis somehow ended up in this neighborhood which is taking a huge toll on my sanity. Having the person who cursed me so close...it's unnerving. After my best friend, Eric died I kind of lost control for a while. At one of our weekly dinners I kind of snapped and yelled at Belle really bad. In front of everyone. I'm humiliated for losing control like that in front of everyone and deeply ashamed of myself. Belle acted like it was fine but I guess after a while she just got fed up. She moved to the East wing of the mansion and left me to the West wing. We're not getting a divorce or anything, she's just not exactly speaking to me right now. I've started anger management and I'm considering seeing a therapist. She won't even talk to me unless I make some "serious changes".

                    Before I forget;;
                      I don't have a problem with any of the guys around... it's all the other wives. They're crazy gossipers, I wish Belle didn't spend so much time with them. Eric was my best friend, ever since he died I haven't really had anyone to talk to.

For my own personal reference so I can stop going through the old OOC thread.

I thought I heard someone say she wanted to change Pocahontas's picture but was too lazy to find a new model?

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Her Portfolio

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This one even comes with some pregnancy.









The Kocoum that never happened:
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Is it too late to force Poisoned to change his picture?
Because I can't see The Rock on bended knee the way Kocoum was xD


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