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█████████ == Black == #000000
█████████ == Gray0 == #150517
█████████ == Gray18 == #250517
█████████ == Gray21 == #2b1b17
█████████ == Gray23 == #302217
█████████ == Gray24 == #302226
█████████ == Gray25 == #342826
█████████ == Gray26 == #34282c
█████████ == Gray27 == #382d2c
█████████ == Gray28 == #3b3131
█████████ == Gray29 == #3e3535
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█████████ == Sandy Brown
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█████████ == Rosy Brown
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█████████ == Light Pink4 == #7F4E52
█████████ == Pink4 == #7F525D
█████████ == Lavendar Blush4 == #817679
█████████ == Light Goldenrod4 == #817339
█████████ == Lemon Chiffon4 == #827B60
█████████ == Lemon Chiffon3 == #C9C299
█████████ == Light Goldenrod3 == #C8B560
█████████ == Light Golden2 == #ECD672
█████████ == Light Goldenrod
█████████ == Light Goldenrod1 == #FFE87C
█████████ == Lemon Chiffon2 == #ECE5B6
█████████ == Lemon Chiffon
█████████ == Light Goldenrod Yellow == #FAF8CC
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Shirtless Businesswoman

redhead-1xxxxxxxxCute Bangs-1xxxxxxxxSuper Cute-1
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blonde-1xxxxxxxxxxCool Brunette-1xxxxxxxxCute and Spunky-1
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short hair-1xxxxxxxxredhead-2xxxxxxxxred hair-2
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Shirtless Businesswoman


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Shirtless Businesswoman

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Margo Anne Runter


"Don't touch me with that lipstick, Ma."

————The Basics

You can call me Margo
This many candles 18
I'm a female
I like le manly men
My role is an unfortunate civilian
I can whistle pretty well...

————Digging Deeper

I don't care whether you hate or love me.
If Margo were to pick one word to define herself, she would pick "unlucky." It just seems like wherever she goes, something horrible seems to happen. It's never anything significant, of course. Nothing she could complain about to other people without seeming like a whiner. It's always just really stupid, unlucky things. Other people tend to think Margo is a bit... overdramatic. She swears more than she has to, she wrings her hands and sighs like a diva when something goes wrong (which it always does), and she likes to get her way.

While Margo isn't exactly the most moral of people, or the friendliest, she never actually goes out of her way to make trouble. No, trouble goes out of it's way to find Margo. As a result she's a little bitter and bit self-pitying. She can be sarcastic and biting at times, but usually only when she's in a pissy mood... which is a majority of the time.

Why am I even telling you this?
Margo's past isn't something she likes to talk about much. It wasn't scarring painful or anything like that... no, she would never be able to legitimately complain about a ******** up childhood in the streets or something like that. But in Margo's eyes her childhood was as shitty as they come. You see... Margo... was a pageant girl. It wasn't by her choice, this whole pageant business. No, her mom was some kind of beautician queen who simply loved dressing up her daughter and coating her face with makeup until she was "perfect."

Margo must have been entered in hundred of pageant competitions from when she was 4 months old until she was nine years old. It was a life of spray tans and false eyelashes and sparkly dresses. Yet as it happened, Margo never won a single competition. Not because she wasn't pretty or anything, because Margo was ******** precious as a little kid, but because something just always went wrong. Either the hairspray ran out or her stocking tore or her nose would randomly start to bleed during her routine. Eventually Margo's mom stopped forcing her to go to the pageants, and Margo took on a life of savage ugliness. Well... not ugliness... but just a life of looking natural and not twenty years older than you were meant to.

Over the years Margo's horrid luck has evolved from screwing up her pageants to screwing up her everyday life. Puddles are always deeper than they appear. Shoelaces never stay tied for more than thirty seconds. Tattoo artists put the wrong color in their needles. Still, Margo is feisty enough to simply curse the wind and keep on trucking, developing her sailor talk as she copes with the universe's hatred.

As for where she comes into this whole plot of powers and research and planes... well the odds are she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

Watch me, watch me!.
Powers? What? Where? Who how now?

Don't tell anyone
Margo is deathly afraid of getting her feet chopped off. Well... she's actually just afraid of knives in general, and old people... but most specifically getting her feet chopped off. As for weaknesses, she's allergic to a s**t-ton of food, and her driving is sub-par. Let's just say she's had a history of running over small animals.

The one pulling the strings

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Shirtless Businesswoman

      User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                  xxxxxxxxxxxxx ɫhɛ uɴfoɾɫuɴɑɫɛ ciɫiziɴ
                  xxxx Margo` Runter !
                                      You've got to be kidding me !

                  Margo sat at the kitchen counter, watching her mom fidget with some kind of sewing contraption. Every few seconds, her mother's eyes would twitch over to Margo's hair, and her mouth would open half an inch. Then, after a second of thinking, she'd close it and go back to the rapid sewing. Margo took a sip of coffee. It was late in the day, yet she had only just woken up. That was the beauty of being on break.

                  Her mother took a long stare at Margo's hair, and opened her mouth once more. Margo rolled her eyes. Here came the spiel. "Margo. Listen, baby. You know... I understand that you're taking... creative freedom... with your... appearance and everything. But honey-buns. I... I don't... I can't even look at your hair. It's atrocious. Really, dear. Sweetie. Please do something. You're driving me insane. Just a brush, maybe blow-dry it, or straighten it, or maybe even a little ge-" "Mother." Margo's sharp tone cut her mother off. She gave the woman a glare, searing through the layers of makeup that separated her mother from the real world. "Stop it. Just stop." Margo's mother closed her mouth, continuing her sewing without another word. They'd had this conversation a million times. A hundred million. A billion times. Margo didn't give a ******** about her hair. It had suffered enough already, and she wasn't about to ruin all that she had grown after cutting off the destroyed pieces of her childhood.

                  On that note, Margo left the kitchen with her coffee mug and headed out the door. She lived in the center of town, where there was always something happening. Today, she figured she'd head to the bookstore. Margo worked the night shift at a diner, so her days were completely free. So Margo crossed the street, walking the block to the book store. Just as she was about to turn the corner, however, some punk-a** kid riding a skateboard slammed into her, and her coffee spilled all over her shirt, the mug breaking into a billion pieces. The kid apologized, but Margo was fuming. She grabbed him by the collar before he could get up, staring into his eyes with a look of pure venom. "The ******** you think you're doing, kid? You think you can just ride your shitty skateboard in the street without looking? You think s**t aint going to go down?" At this point the kid realized that he had made a fatal mistake in judging Margo's character. "I'mma ******** you up, kid." He looked terrified. Margo didn't really have much bite to her bark, but her bark was scary as s**t.

                  Just then a police officer walked by... of course, and told her to put the kid down. He wanted to know what the hell she was doing. Fuming, Margo told him that she had been attacked by the skateboard kid. The police officer looked at the kid, looked at Margo, and then told them both to just go on their ways. ******** police. Margo continued on into the bookstore to the back, to wipe the coffee stains from her shirt. Naturally, it didn't come out. She kicked over a stack of extra toilet paper. It didn't take long for Margo to damn everything in that bathroom to hell.

                  Margo left the bathroom with a large stain covering her shirt, still a bit damp. Just ignore it, Margo. If you don't care, nobody else will. It wasn't really the embarrassment that bugged her. it was the fact that her shirt cost precious money, something she worked hard for. Sure, the coffee stain would probably come out in the wash, but there'd always be that faint little tan spot where the coffee had been.

                  Still a bit annoyed, margo picked up books and paged through them absentmindedly. After a while she realized that she wasn't actually taking in anything she read, and so left the bookstore. Maybe she'd visit the pet store a few streets over and look at the puppies. This time as Margo walked, her eyes scanned the street like a hawk. There would be no more skateboarder issues today. She walked quickly until she saw the pet shop across the street. A small red hand told her not to walk, but there were no cars coming. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Margo let out a large sigh and decided to simply cross the street, since there were no cars in sight.

                  That was a mistake. About halfway across the street, a car rounded the corner faster that it should have. Panicking, Margo froze. Sure, the universe was mean to her, but had it really come to the point where she was going to be hit by a car? That was how her life would end? Speechless, Margo could only stare as the car came at her. She closed her eyes, and in a split second the car made impact. no. Wait. The car didn't hit her. It swerved to the side only inches from her body. Instead the car's mirror hit her, slamming into her stomach and knocking the wind right off of her before breaking off.

                  The car didn't stop, it just continued on its way. A few people circled around Margo, who was kneeling in the street heaving air that wouldn't come. Goddamn, you, universe. Of course she wouldn't be hit like a car. The universe was cruel like that. She couldn't actually have a legitimate problem or life-threatening event. No. She had to be hit with a ******** side-mirror.

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      Shirtless Businesswoman

                User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Image

                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxx ɫɦɛ βɾɑƙɗɑɴcɛɾ
                                      xxxx Margo` Reeds !
                                                          Dance, puppet, dance...


                                            Just like the inside of her mind, Margo's hallway adventure was anything but boring. Sure, she was being a complete loner by spending her first day back wandering empty hallways instead of eating at the feast, but she had never really been one to need other people to keep her happy. Having friends would have helped, definitely, but watching and dreaming was fun too. For the first ten minutes of passing time, Margo allowed herself to feel self pity. She constantly went back and forth between giving herself pep talks and practically clawing at her own skin in hatred. She would never actually hurt herself, because she was too much of a wimp to even imagine it, but that didn't mean that she didn't hate herself at times. After the emotional turmoil had passed and the memory of embarrassing herself had faded slightly, Margo's hunger kicked in, and she realized just how stupid skipping out on the feast was. Margo sat on the floor licking her lips, imagining the taste of whatever they had made sliding down her throat. Maybe it was soup, or chicken, or ribs... oh the meaty options... I can't take it. Oh, God, I CAN'T TAKE IT. I NEED SUSTENANCE. Like a wild animal she paced the hallway, occasionally considering eating the walls as an alternative, and then proceeding to attempt to bite the walls. Needless to say, her attempts were unsuccessful. After an undeterminable amount of time, Margo became extremely frustrated. Her stomach threatened to detach itself from her body and run off to find a master that would feed it, but she stayed strong. Well, for the most part.


                                            It wouldn't be that bad to go back in now, would it? Would anybody notice? Hunger tried bargaining with her, but she kept it down. NO. It's not even an option. I can eat later. Don't even try it. Margo set the idea in stone, not letting Hunger's insistent begging and pleading get in the way of her avoidance of other people. She just kept telling herself she would eat later, even if it meant taking a bite of her own arm, or the arms of the people in her room. She stopped pacing. No. That could not happen. But what if it did? What if now that she thought it, she would find herself trying to eat another Gryffindor in the middle of the night? Panic coursed through the girl's veins, and she found herself looking wildly in both directions, as if somebody where going to pop into the hallway any minute and shout, "HOW DARE YOU CONSIDER CANNIBALISM?" while pointing dramatically. Margo bit her lip, choosing a direction and walking. It would be best to get her mind off of things, and hopefully more wandering would do the trick. It didn't really. The paintings on the wall began to point and stare at her, wondering what a student was doing out of the Great Hall during the feast. She tried to ignore their stares, but eventually the thought popped into her head. I wonder if I could get myself into a painting like that... what would happen? The instant she thought it, Margo ran full force into a painting of a man in a toga. However, Instead of going into the painting, as her brain had so excitedly imagined, she just ended up smacking her entire body into the wall. Margo fell backwards from the impact, falling on to her butt with a loud smack. Her face contorted into a mixture of pout and exasperation. Really, now? Running into paintings? The painting on the wall seemed just as surprised, shouting profanities at the sore girl on the floor. Margo ignored the toga man, instead standing up and walking up a flight of stairs.


                                            Eventually she came to a hallway near the trophy room which had no paintings, so she chose it as a spot to settle down. It was her fourth year, so she mostly knew her way around the castle, and could get to the common room quite easily once she heard people milling around. She sat in the hallway for a couple minutes with her forehead in her hands, her knees up for comfort, even though her underwear could be spotted if looked at from an angle. School robes were never really made with consideration for the student's needs, like sitting in hallways. But what now? Margo assumed that a decent amount of time had passed, but was the feast over? She thought she heard whispers of footsteps throughout the castle, but she couldn't be sure. Damn hallways and their inedible soundproof walls. Suddenly Margo heard footsteps very close to her hallway, that were in fact rounding the corner. She looked up to see none other than Raees. A look of surprise and confusion crossed her face as he came closer and recognized her, and for a moment she thought that maybe he had come searching for her. Then again, the look on his face said that he was just as surprised to see her as she was to see him, although he didn't look quite as horrified. Margo realized slowly that he had asked her a question, after quoting her horribly embarrassing moment from before. So much for the memory fading away...


                                            Margo's mouth dropped open, her heart pounding in nervousness and apprehension. The idea of doing something stupid invaded her mind, and she hoped the worry would stop her from actually doing something stupid. Answer him, dumbass! "Um... Yes, and yes... sorry." She said, cringing. Why had she apologized? For being in his classes or for him not knowing for sure that she was in his year? Hadn't he seen her in all those classes, dying inside for not saying a word? Of course not. Her eyes drifted downward to the position of her knees and the awkward angle she was sitting in, and a feeling of dread came into her stomach. "Oh damn." She said. Oh s**t, did I just say that out loud? DON'T LOOK, RAEES. Margo stood up quickly, hating her robes more than ever. She straightened them out, looking both ways and seeing nobody else enter the hallway. Why had he come down this way? Her thoughts didn't linger on the question, though, because she had more important things to be concerned about. Like the fact that Raees may or may not have just seen her underpants. A blush came to her cheeks, and she forced herself not to think about it, or the awkward silence that was beginning to drape over them. Say something! Margo tried thinking about what to say, but came up blank. SAY ANYTHING. "Anything." She said, the word hanging uselessly in the air. ...Okay, so the man I love is going to think me mentally ill... is that the worst thing in the world? Maybe. Possibly. Yes. Margo cleared her throat. "Anything... anything... interesting in this hallway?" She asked weakly, hanging her head slightly before looking up and raising an eyebrow. At that moment, her stomach let out a roar of protest and defiance, letting forth all complaints about abuse and mistreatment in a growl of power. In truth, Margo was just surprised that she could still want food during such a momentous event. Her thoughts of cannibalism made one last voyage through her mind, and she found herself leaning forward towards Raees. What the- OH HELL NO. NO. NO. NO. Do something else! Anything! I'll something instead! I'll say anything, please, just don't try and eat him! Her rational self pleaded, and apparently a bit got through, because she ended up about an inch and a half from his face. Margo's teeth came down in a snap and her nose scrunched, a perfect portrayal of the lioness within. "Sorry, my stomach seems to think you'd taste delicious. It tends to have a mind of its own." Margo paused there for a moment as the moment wore off before pulling back, her words playing over in her head again. Where had that come from? Your welcome. The Sexy beast of her personality which showed itself so rarely in public spoke confidently in her mind.
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      AtI don't know what's right and what's real anymore,
      And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore!ABE

      And when do you think it will all become - -clear? - - -

      ABCD'Cuz I'm being taken over...↙
      By the fear...ABCDEFG

      ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄X▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄X▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄

                                                  AHHHHHHH. This single thought rushed through Alice's head as she scrambled around her room, packing last minute objects that she really didn't need. It was just that every single object she saw, she convinced herself in roughly .5 seconds that at one point or another she would want to use it. Like this here frog bobble-head! What if, at one point during the year she became homesick, and this bobble-head came to mind. She wouldn't be able to go home and get it! So into the overstuffed suitcase it went, along with about twenty other doodads and tchotchkes.

                                                  From downstairs Alice heard her mother shouting to her. "Aaaaaaliiiiiiiice get your butt down here this instant, you're going to make us all late!" The screech pierced deep into Alice's skin, making goosebumps come out of hiding. Somehow her mom's agitated voice always had that effect on her.

                                                  So, taking one last swivel around her room, Alice bounded down the stairs, which was a mistake considering the momentum of carrying her giant bag made it continue forward long after she had stopped. Naturally it was larger than she was and pulled her to the ground. Alice rubbed her tender backside, pulling herself up from the ground and casting evil glares at her bag as her mom sent a few glares at Alice. It was a typical morning in the Longbottom household. Luckily at that moment her father walked in. Of course he would be taking different means of transportation to Hogwarts, him being a teacher and all, but he had come down to say goodbye. Still in his night clothes, he gave his daughters a kiss on the forehead and then went to go make some coffee. It wasn't like they wouldn't be seeing him again in a little while, considering he worked at the school.

                                                  In no time they were on the bus, then at the train station. Somehow her mom had gone from pissed off to tearful in the blink of an eye, and Alice braved through a suffocating hug, wincing as the air was squeezed from her lungs. When the woman finally let go, Alice could've sworn she heard a sound similar to that of a suction cup unsticking from a wall. The moment she was free, Alice gave a cheerful wave and ran into a wall. Her face froze him place, every molecule in her face tingling in pain. Not again...

                                                  No, the portal had not closed. The parents still had to get through. It had not closed, Alice was just an idiot, and had been in such a rush to be off she had run into the wrong wall, attempting to enter platform eight and three quarters instead of platform 9 and three quarters. The sad thing was that this wasn't the first time.

                                                  Alice heard her mother's clicking shoes rushing towards her and a groan escaped her throat as she pulled her face from the wall. Several passerby's stopped walking to watch as the mother comforted her tearful fourteen year old. Alice wiped a few tears from her eyes and rubbed the sore spot, feeling for loose teeth. She tasted a little bit of blood, but besides that it seemed everything was intact. She thought back to the last time where the nurse on the train had to reassemble her teeth. It hadn't been pleasant.

                                                  Just then Alice realized that Augusta hadn't seen what happened and had gone through the portal. Alice's mom saw and ran through after her, as to not miss saying goodbye to her eldest. Alice picked up her fallen baggage and ran in after them, this time making sure to check the sign that it was the right wall. She emerged into the sunlight and sounds of parents saying goodbye. She saw Gusty run off to be with her friends, which was typical. Alice was faced with another hug and lecture from her mother about paying attention to her surroundings and all that. "Mhm, yes mom, whatever you say. Don't worry, I'll be fine, I swear! Talk to you later!" she said, this time running off for the train. She handed over her bags and black owl, Mojo Jojo, to some guy putting them on the train, and found the empty compartment. She always picked the same compartment every year, because that was how she always found Louis. Both of them knew where it was, and it was sort of like their secret meeting spot. Alice rubbed the sore spot on her cheek as she stared out the window, daydreams clouding her eyes.

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      AThis is the story of a girl,
      Who cried a river and drowned the whole world!ABE

      And while she looked so sad in - -photographs - - -

      ABCDI absolutely love her...↙
      When she smiles...ABCDEFG

      ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄X▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄X▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄

                                                  Margo was having a fantastic day. The nerves she had previously been suppressing were long gone, considering she was figuring out what a lovely school she had been sent to. After the last bell went off, Margo couldn't wait to go home and tell her grandfather all about the people she'd met and the fascinating classes she had signed up for. And above all else, the art class! Oh, she just had so much to tell him. The art teacher was fantastic, looking at her portfolio and commenting on everything. Not all he had said had been positive, but there was nothing other than constructive criticism. Margo couldn't wait to try out his shading advice. She strolled along the sidewalk, head held high and smiling like a lunatic.

                                                  About five steps down the road, however, she remembered something crucial. Andrea! Margo had been planning to surprise her pen pal the moment she saw her, but unfortunately they didn't have any classes. In a big school like this she hadn't had the chance to see her at all! Margo took an immediately U-turn mid-step, hurrying back to school. She would search every corner of this school until she found Andrea. It had been seven years since she last saw the redhead, but since then they'd exchanged letters from America to Manchester, where Margo lived.

                                                  Arriving back at school, Margo waved to random people leaving, ignoring the confused, who-the-hell-are-you-looks she received in return. First, Margo checked the hallways, but she didn't see anybody resembling an older version of the Andrea she'd met. Next she checked some classrooms, but nobody was around. There weren't many clinics open on the first day, because not much work had been assigned. Margo put a finger to her lips, absentmindedly thinking over where to look. She then wandered back outside, heading toward the science building. Before she went in, however, she heard a noise coming from a tree next to the door. Curious, she looked up, spotting a plastic bag tangled up in a birds nest, the little birds chirping in fright. Margo was all over it in an instant.

                                                  "I'm coming, you birds! Hold on!" Margo flung herself up the tree, her glasses sliding down. She scrunched up her nose, grabbing on to branches and pulling herself up. Unfortunately her glasses were a bit too loose and fell down, leaving Margo pretty much blind. Still, she kept onward. Going by the blurry images before her, she reached out and grabbed the white blob, removing it from the brown blob. She released the white blob from her hand, letting it fall to the ground. Margo smiled, proud of herself. It was at that moment that Margo heard the screech of a hawk, returning from elsewhere to rescue its babies. Margo's eyes widened. "Oh s**t." The bird landed on the branch above her and began pecking on her arms, so she held on even more tightly to the trunk, afraid that if she let go she'd fall and snap her neck. "Ow! Stop it! Nice bird, ow!" She shouted at the bird, lowering her head so it wouldn't hit her eyes.

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      ████████████████████████████ ██ ██████


                                                        POWER NEGATION
                                                            Leah remains constantly protected from other people's powers. They simply don't work on her. When she concentrates hard enough on somebody nearby, she can also temporarily stop them from using any sort of ability, although her control over this lasts only as long as her energy does. Leah's still working out the kinks in her ability, and from time to time she loses control over it. In high stress situations, she tends to release a large radius of negation which temporarily puts out the abilities of those caught in it.

                                                        SUPER STRENGTH
                                                            That's right, this girl has a bit more power to her punch than you'd think. People think that Leah just likes to threaten people a lot, but she's a whole lot of power to back up her fury. She can lift things, punch things, and send things hurling that are much larger than herself. Sometimes it's a bit hard for her to control just how forcefully she opens a door or shakes a hand, but she's always working on it.


                                              Leah is a bit of a nut case. A lovable nut case, of course. Ever since she was a little kid, she was nothing but a handful for her parents. Climbing things she shouldn't be climbing, talking to people she shouldn't be talking to, and taking things she shouldn't be taking. Needless to say, she wore her parents out. By the time her baby brother was born, Leah had been diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication that didn't do anything to slow her natural energetic frenzy. The little tike was a force to be reckoned with, and no private school or super nanny could calm her down.

                                              Yet as it happened... Leah's parents still loved her. She was adorable, lovable, and just down right sweet. Somehow, despite her hyperactivity, she made up for it with sheer devotion to those she cared about. Life at Leah's house was rather hectic most days, but it was full of love. Her parents had great jobs and plenty of money to support a comfortable life style, and eventually Leah grew to be a lovely young woman. Still bursting with energy, but with more self control... sort of.

                                              At the age of fifteen, Leah suddenly acquired super strength for no particular reason. It freaked her out, but she was also amazed by her abilities. Her parents quickly tried to locate somebody who could explain their daughter's strange power without trying dissect her like an alien, and came across Sidis in their search. They sent her there almost immediately, fearful that without learning to control her ability, she could easily kill everyone in Australia. It was an understandable fear. About two hours into her first day at Sidis, Leah discovered her ability to negate powers. Naturally, the school was thrilled. Finally, a sure-fire way to cut off possible catastrophes during training! After four years of learning to control her abilities, the school gave Leah her diploma and a position as Teaching Assistant during Power Control classes. It was a surprise that they trusted her with such a responsibility, but the school considered her power too valuable to give up easily. This will be her first year as an Assistant Teacher at Sidis.

      - - - - goldfish_lovinasdfasfdasfdasfdasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfadsf
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      пσ мσяε шσяɔƨ, ıп мч мσυтн, пσтнıпɢ ʟεғт тσ ғıɢυяε συт
      вυт ı ɔσп'т тнıпκ ; ı'ʟʟ ενεя вяεακ тняσυɢн
      вυт ı ɔσп'т тнıпκ ; ı'ʟʟ ενεя вяεακ тняσυɢнтнε ɢнσƨт σғ чσυ

                                                        Leah tapped her fingers on the seat of the cab, humming along to the music. The Aussie was beyond excited to get to IAE. Hell, she'd been itching to go there for months! It wasn't until very recently, however, that Leah's incessant begging had finally gotten through to her parents. They were just sooo set on sending her off to the preppy, all-girls Australian school in Melborne where her sisters and her mom and her mom's mom, and her mom's mom's mom, and all the female Winters had ever gone all the way back to when "The Nanan" was alive. The Nanan was the ultimate ancestor of the Winters family, who apparently slayed a dragon or something and made a name for herself. Or was it the plague she openly sought after and lived through? Or Michaelangelo who she banged in a kitchen storage room? Needless to say, there were quite a few stories about The Nanan. The old lady was painted in an epic fashion, hung in a gigantic frame in the study. It was Leah's favorite, really. That woman was her idol.

                                                        The cab pulled to a stop in front of the large gates to IAE. Before the driver had a chance to get up and open the door for her, she nearly dislocated it from the car. Luckily, Leah caught her own excitement in time, lightening her forcefulness so it wouldn't break. The driver gave Leah a wary look, going into the trunk to get her suitcase. Leah had packed pretty light, given that she didn't really need much that she couldn't get around town. Her credit card was limitless, after all. Besides, she was trying to remain a bit low key. HA. Right. "Low key" was not a phrase Leah was well acquainted with. But still, she figured taking a limo to school might be a bit excessive. She was no spoiled diva who couldn't get by without premium leather constantly massaging her thighs. There was no way in hell she wanted to come across as a softy.

                                                        Taking the suitcase from the driver, she gave him a salute, and then leaned in for a hug. "Thanks a ton for the ride!" The man was clearly surprised by her gesture, especially when she lifted him slightly off the ground with only one arm, seeing as the other hand was holding the suitcase. Still, he chuckled whens he put him down, shaking his head in a friendly way. Leah liked common people. They weren't quite as uptight as the big fantsy pants she was usually shoved towards. They never got offended by hugs... well... usually. Hopefully the kids at this school would be a bit friendlier than the stupid prep school she went to before. Those girls were bitches with a capital B. Of course, Leah knew for a fact that two of her best friends in the whole world would be here... so that was an immediate plus. It wasn't like she was nervous. Leah didn't get nervous. She was just excited, is all.

                                                        A man was there waiting to meet Leah. He was an administrator, and apparently he was more than thrilled that she'd decided to attend this semester. Her parents had cut it pretty close to the deadline for enrollment. Leah was pretty sure they'd missed it, considering they sent in an e-mail just yesterday. It was probably on purpose, in the hopes that Leah's application would be rejected and she'd stop bugging them. As it happened, the school was ecstatic to have a power negator. They couldn't have cared less if she were five years late, let alone a couple weeks. As long as she was coming, and she could completely dash out the obnoxious powers of overconfident young adults whenever they asked her too. Apparently that was a condition, somewhere in the application form she signed without reading. She could have signed her soul away, for all she knew.

                                                        The man blabbered on all the way to her room, where she dropped her suitcase and followed him to the carnival area. There were a lot of people milling about by now, and Leah's attention constantly drifted from what he was saying. Something about a concert and volunteering. It'd help her make some friends, yadda yadda. Duck booth. Rules, rules, rules. Finally, it seemed he was done talking when he pointed out a booth with a young woman who was taking somebody's tickets. The ducky booth. She was supposed to work it, from what she understood. It seemed like a drag, considering Leah was anxious to find and surprise James and Masa... but she figured the reunion would be just as fun later. They didn't know she was coming to school here. Hell, Leah found out only yesterday, sent off on the first plane she could get. It was going to be fantastic seeing them after so many months.

                                                        Leah saluted the administrator, giving him a big, goofy grin. "Aye, aye, cap-i-tan!" With that, she headed straight toward the duck booth. The girl seemed bored out of her mind. CLearly she was just waiting for Leah to come and spice things up. Striding up to the girl with her big goofy grin, she picked up the black-haired female and spun her in a circle. Light as straw. "Hello, friend!" Her Aussie accent broke through the quiet of the booth. Apparently it wasn't that exciting of a game. Not until now, of course. "My name's Leah. Sorry I'm late. Only just arrived. Just now! Long a** flight, if you ask me. Awful. Man next to me snored and it sounded like a volcanic eruption blowing out thunder and mucus!" Without pausing to get a response, she knelt down and picked up a duck. It had an "L" on the bottom. "The hell does this mean? Lobster? Laryngitis? LAUGHTER? HAHAHAHAHA." With that, she chucked the rubber ducky clear across the carnival. With her arm, it probably crossed two streets over. [********] A mother and her son were walking nearby. The woman gave Leah a dirty look. "I'm sorry, I got rather excited." She turned back to the girl, remembering that she was there. "Right, right. You're probably dead tired of watching these lifeless toys float around all day. You can take a break if you like. Or stick around. Hopefully some more people will show up to roast some ducks, or whatever is is you do with them." Leah spotted a guy, probably a student, walking past the booth. "Hey you! Pick a ******** duck!" The boy stopped, then looked from side to side, making sure she was addressing him. "Yeah you. Get over here!" He came over, gave her a ticket, and picked a duck. It has an "S" on the bottom. "Excellent!" She turned around, picked a giant elephant off the shelf, and shoved it in his face. "See, I'm a natural at this." Leah gave the girl next her her a wink.
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                      remember me
                          Leah . Jill . Tennenbaum

              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxN E E Dx TOx K N O W S

                      (nicknames) - - Leah
                      (current age) - - fourteen
                      (birthday) - - September 25th
                      (measurements) - - 5'2", 95lbs
                      (school activities) - - marching band, orchestra, glee accompaniment
                      (sexuality) - - straight
                      (romance) - - Noah Puckerman

              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT H Ex R E A Lx M E

              Leah is quirky, excitable, and just generally lovable. Her only main issue is communication. On the inside, Leah sees the world brightly and eccentrically, and even a bit melodramatically at times. She loves to express herself and be different, but she has a hard time talking to others who she doesn't know and getting them to see on her level.

              Although she desires independence more than anything, she is extremely naive and doesn't do very well on her own. Considering she is typically a target for teasing and attracts bullies like flies to a light, Leah often wonders just what she's doing wrong in life. She leads an odd sort of existence.

              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT H Ex C O L Dx H A R Dx T R U T H

              Leah was born to the world not as an individual, but as an identical twin. From the moment she popped out of the womb second, she would not have her own name for quite some time. It was always, change the twins' diapers, they stink, or, the twins' need to be driven to school. Although she loved Alley and having a sister, Leah constantly craved attention. She would always be the one to purposefully wet the bed, or hide under the slide when everyone else went in from recess, or not let go of Mac's foot as he walked around the house. Leah's little battle to stand out lasted until she was nine years old, when adorable Sarah joined the family.

              She had a bit of a self improvement period at that time, shifting into a more introverted person as Sarah began to hog all of the attention. It really was no use anymore, trying to compete with a baby. So, she stood out to herself, pointing out how different she was without needing the recognition of others. She would work on things herself to be different, and eventually it worked. When Alley decided to quit taking the violin, Leah took up three more instruments, and practiced until her hearts' content. When Alley joined the soccer team, Leah stayed indoors and read books. When Alley started failing all of her third grade classes, Leah studied her butt off and ended up top of her class all the way through middle school. As a result, Alley and Leah turned out to be the two oddest pair of twins in the world. They were so different, that Alley wasn't even in the same grade as Leah, getting held back in the third grade. It was incredible that they were even related.

              As for her other sibling, Mac, Leah isn't really similar to him either. Still, Mac seems to understand her more than others, including Alley, so she tends to stick to talking to him when she feels like talking to somebody. Ever since his accident he's been around a lot more, and Leah has found ways of helping him out when he needs it, even if he is completely annoying at times.

              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAx L I T T L Ex E X T R A

                        Noah Puckerman

                        Getting picked on
                        Being mistaken for her sister

                        Being forgotten

                        `` Sometimes the background can be beautiful too. ``

                        "Walk Over Me", Dirtie Blonde
                        "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better", Annie Get Your Gun
                        "In Love With the 80s", Relent K

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      AtTime to pick that somewhere you want to go,
      Get there quick or drown in the undertow!ABE

      Come on baby, time is - -wasting - - -

      ABCDChoose a wheel and get to racing...↙
                                    ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄X▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄X▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄

                                                  Leah stabbed her fork into her waffles, making angry faces as she did so. Every time the fork slammed down into the food, she'd imagine herself scouring an enemy with a weapon. Take that, you notorious villain! Then came the noms. Leah's mother closed the fridge door and poured some orange juice, glancing over at Leah's faces and smiling. "Aw, sweetie! You're so cute when you eat your breakfast! Here, have some orange juice to wash it down." Leah scowled as her mother placed a cup of orange juice before her. Cute? Cute? She didn't need to be cute to fight villains, she needed to be ferocious and cool and deadly. Leah stabbed another piece of waffle. This one's for calling me cute! How you like a fork in your stomach, mom? Huh, you want to call me cute now that you have a fork sticking out of you? She put the waffle mother in her mouth and chewed angrily. "Mowwm. 'Ow many 'imes ouhh I aff ough 'ell you," Leah swallowed the food that was crowding up her mouth. "You have to stop calling me 'cute'!" She took a swig of the orange juice, a bit of it running down her chin. "Aw, blast everything!" Slamming her glass down, she trudged up the stairs, her mom chuckled from behind. That woman... I swear, one of these days she's actually going to get a fork in her stomach.

                                                  Leah changed quickly, her second first day of school outfit option laying ready for action on the bed. It wasn't nearly as exciting as the first top she had chosen... but then again, Leah was used to going with her second choice. She was lucky that this time she had simply spilled orange juice on her shirt instead of ripping it to pieces in a sudden transformation. So many cute shirts wasted, simply because she didn't have time to take them off before changing... Still, the girl liked her style. Of course, she would prefer to wear something a little more risky to school... but not only would her parents not let her out of the house, but she would also probably get kicked out of school. They were selective enough as is that they didn't need to let some girl dressed like a villain walk around the halls. Hense the dress code. Mostly Leah stuck to making her own clothes. She would buy cool fabrics and sew them into cute outfits that had easy tear lines that she could easily patch back together again. Sometimes she ripped through the fabric anyway, just because she could never control what part of the shirt got the most pressure... but she just had to live with the consequences. In any case, Leah thanked God every day that Bonum had given her those two sets of underwear/bras that changed with her. The fabric for them was insanely difficult to find, but the school took its students seriously. If they had the skill and money to make it in, then they would be taken care of. Besides, the school couldn't have a butt naked teen running around the halls every time she changed into something she didn't mean to and ripped her clothes.

                                                  Leah stomped her feet all the way down the stairs, slipping her backpack on when she came back into the kitchen. Her dad was downstairs by now, reading the newspaper. "Morning, sweetheart." He said, not looking up from the article. "Morning." Leah mumbled, slipping on her shoes. She wasn't really looking forward to the first day of school. Sure, they helped her develop her abilities more and learn how to use them differently... but sometimes it was just so boring. Leah wanted to be out in the streets, scaring away weirdos with Vivian. She'd gotten really close with the villain over the past summer, because she'd had a lot of free time and no school to wake up to in the morning. When her parents slept soundly, she could just slip right out during the night and then sleep the entire day. Now with school, she wouldn't be able to leave as often. Then again, she didn't really plan on letting that stop her. She had a reputation to uphold... or rather, defend, and Vivian was helping her do that. Nobody seemed to believe that Leah could be a badass, even when they saw her doing something scandalous. It was like everything she did was taken as either adorable, cute, or desperate. She couldn't win.

                                                  Leah opened the door and left, mumbling a goodbye to her parents. She felt bad for not wanting to go to school. Her parents paid a fortune for her tuition with money they didn't have... so she should have been thanking her lucky stars for the opportunity. Still... it wasn't her decision to go to Bonum. It was their decision to send her there. They wanted their daughter to shine... no matter what the cost. Leah kicked at the dirt as she walked to the bus station. Already she was wishing Vivian would show up and whisk her away to someplace fun. Despite their obvious differences, Leah had really taken a liking to the girl. Vivian was just so... cool. Sure, she obviously had her issues, but Leah saw past all that. She saw someone willing to accept Leah for the person she wanted to be.

                                                  The bus ride to Bonum was long. A solid hour through condensed traffic and sketchy neighborhoods. Leah lived in a pretty rough neighborhood, but nobody ever bothered them. They knew that Leah was a hero, and they knew that if they ever tried to mess with her house she'd tear them apart. To entertain herself, Leah studied the woman sitting next to her. They were roughly the same size, so Leah figured maybe she could practice shifting without destroying her outfit. Leah stared the woman down, memorizing every single detail. Every flaw, every hair, every freckle. As the woman got off the bus, Leah closed her eyes, feeling her skin crawl around. When she opened her eyes, the person sitting across from her was staring. She grinned. "How'd I do?" They didn't say anything, simply got off at the next stop. Leah changed back into herself, staring out the window. It was one of the more useful aspects of her ability, when it came to deception... yet it was probably the most unnerving. People didn't like to think that they could so easily be impersonated like that.

                                                  Leah got off at the stop next to the school, walking on to campus with her backpack hanging snugly off her shoulders. It was sunny out, so she had put her light jacket in her bag. Now she just wore a flowery top with shorts and her brown lace-up boots. Perfectly presentable for the prestigious power house. Leah made her way into the building and straight to the cafeteria, where a lot of kids hung out and grabbed some breakfast before class. Everything was way to overpriced for Leah to bother with, but she liked going there to socialize. Walking in, she didn't really see anyone she recognized. Then again, she was there kind of early, considering she'd taken the early bus to make sure she wouldn't be late. So, taking a seat by the vending machines, Leah took out her sketchpad and began sketching the woman from the bus. Her sketchpad was an idea given to her by one of her teachers in her first year of school. Basically she was to draw things in the greatest detail possible, to create a collection of things she could change into quickly, on command, instead of having to examine it for a while. So far she had about fifty different people of all shapes and sizes, about thirty different animals, and a simple chair. Last year she'd started working on changing into inanimate objects, but they were pretty much impossible. Her summer assignment was to draw the chair about a billion times until she knew it like the back of her hand... yet she still couldn't change into it all that well. Her drawing skills, however, had improved drastically since her first year at Bonum. This was her third sketchpad, after all.

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      extra ordinary

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                      xxxxxxxxxxxxx ɫhɛ hɑckɛɾ
                      xxxx Coraline` Rhodes !
                                          There is no firewall too high to climb.

                      Coral had pulled an all-nighter. Again. Her basement bedroom didn't really give her any indication as to when it got dark and when it got light again, so she lived in a constant spiral of never ending computer time. It was actually pretty awesome. The school had given her ten different monitors to keep up her practice when she had the time, and she made full use of every single monitor and keyboard. Going down into her high tech basement bed-cave was like being sucked into a black hole. The vast expanse of opportunity called to her at all times, and once she was down there it was hard to un-stick herself from technology wonderland. She was like a little kid who had gotten lost in Candy Cane forest and then began to wonder why she ever tried to find her way out.

                      Buzzz... buzzzz... A window on one of Coral's monitors began to make a buzzing sound, attracting her attention. She narrowed her eyes as she read the message. SCHOOL BEGINS IN SEVEN MINUTES. YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUIRED. Coral's bloodshot eyes widened. "Whaaat....?" The confusion lasted about a second before she leapt up from her extremely comfortable cushioned swivel chair and tripped over to a pile of clothes in the corner. Without thinking she grabbed a tight pair of jeans, a wrinkly shirt, and a baggy jacket. Her hair was sticking up in about ten directions, but who really cared about that? Coral cursed herself for not paying closer attention to the time. The first day of the mission and she was already screwing off. No wonder her brother had gotten the position of leader. Coral frowned as she put on socks and shoes. That wasn't true. If she'd been leader she wouldn't have lost track of time because it would have been her duty not to. So, technically, this was all her brother's fault. Yeah. His fault.

                      She bounded up the stairs into OH GOD THAT'S BRIGHT the kitchen, grabbed some of the leftover breakfast that Anita had made (what a sweetheart) and headed out the door. The others never really bothered Coral if she was in the basement with the DO NOT DISTURB sign on her door. They'd all learned a while ago the kind of consequences that came from disturbing a girl while she was in the middle of an intense coding/hacking session. Not only did it cause her to trip up on coding (which could be potentially dangerous depending on what she was doing) but it also caused her to go into a mode of extreme fury and rain fire upon whoever it was that disturbed her. As she recalled, the Tank had been the last one to try opening her door and asking her a question while she was trying to hack into a certain gaming system's database to automatically level up her characters to the max. She'd nearly set his room on fire and thrown his tv out of the window. Lucky for him he could overpower her and simply lock her arms behind her back until she'd calmed down.

                      In any case they'd all already left. Coral glanced at her wristwatch. Three minutes. She bolted out the door and dove into the last car. All those who were old enough to drive were given a car. They couldn't exactly arrive all at the same time, because that would raise suspicion. Coral floored it, a maniac look on her face. In two minutes time, she was skidding into the school parking lot and leaping like a three-legged gazelle to the auditorium. Running was not Coral's forte, and she looked extremely stupid. One minute, one minute... Coral stopped running when it clicked in her brain that everyone around her was standing around casually. She slowed, leaning her hand against a wall and catching her breath. What is going on? Why is no one in class? She glanced at her watch. It was eight o'clock exactly. She narrowed her eyes at some passing students, and they gave her a weird look. A freshman boy walked by, but she stopped him. "Hey kid. Why isn't anybody in class?" He looked terrified of her, but he answered anyway. "Assembly. Classes don't start for another hour." Coral closed her mouth, standing up straight. She took a second and straightened out her shirt under the jacket before taking the jacket off. Why had she even brought a jacket to begin with? "Oh. Alright, thanks." Coral matted her hair down with one hand, looking around for her brother or any of the others.

                      Not seeing them, she went inside and found a bathroom where some girls were re-applying their makeup and doing their hair. They looked up at Coral as she walked in, taking in her appearance. "Mind if I borrow some of that? She asked, pointing to the make-up. They shrugged and handed it over. Coral wasn't really intimidating, but she carried herself with an independent calmness that took away boundaries when it came to her interactions with other people. She didn't have too many limits and so she often felt comfortable in daring or odd situations whereas others did not. Coral smiled and applied a bit of the make-up, transforming the computer screen- stained face into something subtly attractive. Much better. She handed the stuff back to the girls. "Thanks a ton. You guys are life-savers." She gave them another smile and left the bathroom, walking around blindly trying to find the auditorium.

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          Graphic from Rose of all Roses

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                                                            Small seedling grows
                                                            Straight through your toes.

                                                            ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄ ▄▄▄

                                                            Coral was chillin' with her grass when she was notified by a passing student that everyone was to report to tea. The young woman stretched her arms out wide, taking in a deep breath of the warm April air. Do I really have to go to tea time? Coral as the grass around her. She'd learned long ago that talking to the grass out loud was a big no-no, even if it got her message across easier. Nobody wanted to hang around the girl who talked to grass. It wasn't like she particularly wanted to hang around people who judged her like that, but her parents, nannies, and just about everyone else had made it clear that everyone would be judging her for that. Coral didn't really want to isolate herself from everyone. Well... mostly.

                                                            The grass whispered back to her with tickling movements around her legs. She giggled. Alright, alright. I'm going! Coral stood up, wiping grass from her legs. A few of the blades had attached to her through pure devotion. Silly grass blades. Their intelligence level was far, far less than other plants Coral associated herself with. They couldn't even form words, yet they always knew how to communicate their emotions. Coral liked them for their simplicity.

                                                            Noticing more students filing toward the tea room, Coral followed. Damn, it was a nice day today. Why did they need to drink tea? The stuff was repulsive, really. Coral usually just pretended to sip it or "accidentally" spilled it on the floor. She wouldn't dare pull the old "pour it in the plotted plant" move. Why would she ever force that sort of torture on a poor, defenseless plant?

                                                            Coral took a seat among a bunch of students she did not know. She knew very little people at this school, considering she had only just arrived from Spain. Accents from all corners of the world bubbled into one giant melting pot around her as she tried to distinguish each. As for Coral's accent, it was a mixture of many things. Aside from her birth and royal bonds to Spain, Coral actually spent very little time there. She was a world traveler, so her accent was unidentifiable in relation to any country, really.

                                                            Suddenly a man walked into the room, and all eyes turned to him. Most people were silent. As royals, manners were most likely higher encouraged and enforced in the household. Coral knew plenty about how you were supposed to act in occasions such as this. Eyes forward, back straight, and ears tuned. "Good afternoon students. I am Headmaster Flores. I would like to welcome you to wah wah wah..." Coral's ears tuned out, her attention whisked away by passing thoughts. Her eyes travelled along the speaker's face. What a nice beard. So grandfatherly. Coral wondered if he had any children of his own, maybe a few who struggled with abilities like her own. And oh, was it a struggle. Coral felt an itch build up in her "special bra." Oh, God, that was a bad itch. She shifted in her seat. Unlike most other bras, which caused little problem in regards to distracting its wearer, Coral's bra was extremely unique. After several occasions where Coral had morphed into an animal form larger than her own body without notice, and then morphed back surrounded by torn clothing... her parents had set out to purchase Coral the most uncomfortable and expensive undergarments they could find. Of course, the bra and underwear set were made of an elastic so stretchy that it would stay on her no matter what form she took (larger than herself, that is...), but the side-effects were ghastly.

                                                            "To use your powers for reason of violence is forbidden is grounds for wah wah wah..." Coral shifted in her seat once more. That itch. That goddamn itch. A few of the students on either side of her glanced her way, noticing the shifting girl amidst seats of proper, still folk. Don't itch, don't itch, don't itch. Coral ground her teeth together. A few of the leaves on a nearby potted plant rustled, wanting to help her. "No one is to leave the wah wah wah..." Coral could take no more of this. In a single and quick movement, she reached up under her shirt and pulled the elastic material which had bunched up under her lady chest. Ahhhhhh Her hand went back to her side and she avoided eye contact with everybody other than the headmaster. If she didn't look at anybody, then they couldn't possibly be looking at her.

                                                            Don't move or twitch
                                                            Don't scratch that itch

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