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                                                    【☂】⋮ T O O N D A I L Y L A T E S H O W.
                                                                    ミ✰ graphix and profile dump.
                                                                    ミ✰ do not post + do not steal.
                                                                    ミ✰ all graphix are made by vinyl syndicate.
                                                                    ミ✰ profiles can only be made for others through special requests.
                                                                    ミ✰ mostly serves as a sample thread.
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      ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁
              THE SILENCExxxxISN`T SO BADxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and i lie awake xxxxand miss you
              CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFFxxxx SAFE AND SOUNDLYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbut ill miss your xxxx arms around me
              I`D SEND YOU xxxx A POSTCARD, DEARxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbecause i wishxxxxyou were here...

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              talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk


              xxxx ミ✰ POUR ME A HEAVY DOSE OF ATMOSPHERE
              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF x SAFE AND SOUNDLY... CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF x SAFE AND SOUNDLY... CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF x


              [color=#7b7d80]⊰[color=#005544]♚[/color]⊱↘↘ S⋮SOLO GUITARIST[/size]
              [i][color=#FAD9B6]▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ [/i][/color]
              [list][list][list][list][size=7][color=#1C2838]THE SILENCE[color=white]xxxx[/color]ISN`T SO BAD[/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color] [color=#F77865]and i lie awake [color=white]xxxx[/color]and miss you[/color]
              [color=#1C2838]CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF[color=white]xxxx[/color] SAFE AND SOUNDLY[/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][color=#F77865]but ill miss your [color=white]xxxx[/color] arms around me[/color]
              [color=#1C2838]I`D SEND YOU [color=white]xxxx[/color] A POSTCARD, DEAR[/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][color=#F77865]because i wish[color=white]xxxx[/color]you were here...[/align][/color]


              [align=left][size=10][color=#1C2838]talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk talk the talk walk the walk [/color]


              [size=20][color=white]xxxx[/color] [color=#ECD15E]ミ✰[/color] [b][color=#005544] POUR ME A HEAVY DOSE OF ATMOSPHERE [/color][/b][/size]
              [size=8][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color] [color=#FAD9B6]CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF [/color] [color=white]x[/color] [color=#FAD9B6]SAFE AND SOUNDLY...[/color] [color=#FAD9B6]CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF [/color] [color=white]x[/color] [color=#FAD9B6]SAFE AND SOUNDLY...[/color] [color=#FAD9B6]CAUSE I`LL DOZE OFF [/color] [color=white]x[/color]
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        ` ✗ ✗ xxxcaught up in ourselves.↺ lead your revolutionx
        xxxx↘↘xxx❝ w h e r exxa m xxi ?? xxw h a t xx i s xx t h i sxxp l a c e?xx
        xxxxxxxxx▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx威風堂々と我等参上! 世代を筆頭生涯全う! これはかぶきち。
        xx█ █ ███████████████✖██████████ █ █ █ █

              xxxxxxxxDOESN`T MATTER IF YOU`RE LAUGHING OR CRYINGx▊▊▊ as long as it feels good
              xxxxxxxxDOESN`T MATTER IF YOU`RE LAUGHING OR CRYINGx▊▊▊ as long as it feels good

                  xxxxxxxx xxx 『歌舞伎』 DEVIL
                  xxxxxxx ❝DISCONNECTED❞ ❝CONTENT❞ ❝PAVÉ & BUNNIE❞ ❝KABUKI❞
                  spacing here
                  xxxxxxxxxx▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ ▁▁ ▁ ▁ ▁▁▁▁▁▁ ▁▁▁ ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁

                        xxxxxxxxxxxxx↘↘ PA
                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxAlright, sounds good. I`m just gonna keep pronouncing
                                          it the way I do now, and when you meet me, whenever
                                          that is, just teach me how to say it. I think I`m probably
                                          overthinking it though. Not good. 【shakes head】
                                          Thanks, Kabuki is a pretty cool name, isn`t i-
                                          WAIT, WHAT! MR. KITTEN...Oh, no, no. You
                                          can`t possibly be serious...Are you? Tell me you`re
                                          joking around with me. You must be. 【facepalm】
                                          Hmm...It`s hard to explain, he`s not exactly a shut-in,
                                          but he`s not exactly an outdoor maniac. More like, he
                                          hears this stuff from others and he does walk around
                                          from a certain time of day to another certain time...But
                                          he`s just really lazy. Maybe he either passed by
                                          you or heard of you from someone, either way, he knows
                                          you for sure - and he admires the heck out of you.
                                          【shrug】 I wouldn`t know why though. Stitches...
                                          For sure, he`ll dance with you within a heatbeat, no
                                          question about that.
                                          Bleaugh, I never said something with so much...effort.
                                          Don`t tell me you always have to say it in such a way?
                                          I mean...really...Do you talk like that all day every day?
                                          I would`ve imagined talking too much like that would
                                          burn out my vocal cords. But it`s good, to be high
                                          energy, I suppose. 【thinks】
                                          AURGH! >A< Stop that! I can`t take the soung of
                                          that nickname! I sound like a cartoon character from
                                          a cheesy children`s movie!! Mr. Kitten...Yeaugh!
                                          【sigh】 Uh...I would feel bad for hurting your feelings.
                                          Yeah, I`ll just go easy on you. Don`t mistake me for
                                          some sort of softy though, I assure you I`m nothing
                                          like that! I`m really hoping this doesn`t dent my...
                                          reputation. I mean, if it does, I`d have to stop saying
                                          stuff like "the baddest bully in town and the meanest
                                          cat around" - how catchy is that phrase?
                                          【turns away】 I always thought I had a pretty small
                                          heart inside. I mean, I`m always criticizing others, so
                                          I`m not sure. What have I done for the world that I can
                                          think of...【shrugs】 = ~ =;
                                          Uh...forget it, it`s fine, I`m gonna try to refrain from saying
                                          anything so mean to someone so extravagent. We
                                          just met too, so it`s not like I`ll verbally attack you.
                                          Wow, really? You do? ...I thought with my attitude
                                          Someone like you would loathe me, but I`m...glad
                                          I got on your good side, then. 【nods】
                                          Gaudy, huh? Yeah, you get what I`m saying? I agree.
                                          ....【laughs】 That`s quite true. A little extra never hurt
                                          anyone. And, no, of course not. You`re not arrogant.
                                          I might be, though. Just a little.
                                          Yeah! You`re on! We`ll see who comes out on top when
                                          I appear in front of you for the first time! This is
                                          a good challenge. 【nods】 You better be ready, Pave!
                                          ...Hm. You know, I actually look forward to that.
                                          Sounds like it`ll be pretty fun. I`m counting on you
                                          to teach me something that doesn`t make me look
                                          like an idiot, capiche? You better pay a visit soon!
                                          ...But you`re chained right now too, aren`t you?
                                          Maybe right now isn`t a good time. Afterwards, though.
                                          ...【eyes twinkle】 YES. You`ve come to the right guy.
                                          I`m the fishing master in this town, and probably the
                                          city too. No one catches fish better than I do, so I`ll
                                          teach you to fish like a pro! You`re in good hands.
                                          Do you have a fishing rod? I`ll teach you to catch some
                                          really awesome fish. You won`t be disappointed!
                                          It really is, isn`t it.

                                          You know, it`s fine, really. As long as you`re gonna
                                          come to town and visit, give Stitches a little heart
                                          attack of happiness, attend my fishing lessons and
                                          teach me a dance, it`s a reward enough for me. As
                                          long as you`re keeping your word!
                                          ....【Stares at】 ...I don`t...Really know how you did
                                          that. 【Shudder】 I can`t eat too much candy. Here,
                                          you know, if I get anymore, I`ll just give them to you
                                          Since you obviously sound a lot more happier with
                                          it than I do...

                          xxxxxxxxxxxxx↘↘ BUN NIE
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxIt`s a marketing techinique! If they don`t lie about it
                                            and make it not as exaggerated as it probably was,
                                            then they wouldn`t make any money. You see what
                                            I`m saying? Don`t worry about it, your life - again -
                                            isn`t in any form of danger!
                                            ...【smirks】Did you mean "for the entire movie"? I
                                            should watch it sometime. Sounds like something
                                            I`d like! Since we`re chained together, I can see the
                                            popcorn flinging in action for myself. Yeah, actually,
                                            that seems kind of fun. Let`s watch a movie, since
                                            we`re chained together anyway. 【Shrug】 Might as
                                            well participate in something! And I`m not mean, I`m
                                            just saying it how it is! And you`re basically telling
                                            me that it`s the truth! 【laughs】
                                            ...Uh, sure.. But you know what else occured to me?
                                            Who has the technology and smarts to pull off something
                                            like this that would live in our town? I`m thinking it
                                            must`ve been someone from the city. I mean, look,
                                            Nook`s isn`t exactly gadget central. There`s another
                                            lead to that.
                                            Well, again, maybe I should watch people get forced into
                                            mazes and die! ...And even better, you`re not planning
                                            on sleeping anytime soon, so why not do it tonight!
                                            If you`re not getting any sleep, I obviously won`t be getting
                                            any sleep either. 【nods】 it only makes sense.
                                            ...True. I`m not all that sure...My best guess is that city
                                            assumption I told you about, but other than that...Maybe
                                            we should leave this up to Copper and Booker, but I see
                                            that Copper`s also tied up.
                                            WELL, in my defense, it`s the truth! Everyone just talks
                                            way too much to be considered "quiet" ...Unless...Those
                                            couple of people who haven`t been in the chatroom for
                                            We can go out and check if you want. I don`t think your
                                            house is too far of a walk from mine, so just to be sure, we
                                            can take a walk over there. Just so you`ll stop whining.
                                            ...【hugs and pats back awkwardly】 Okay, I`m not good with
                                            affection. Just considerate your lifetime debt to me! You must
                                            be thankful you met me, huh?
                                            Really? I won`t be convinced until I see it for myself. But...
                                            With a situation like this, proving it to me is gonna be difficult,
                                            ...You seem disappointed. I thought you`d want to be free
                                            from my "evil" and "mean" clutches?
                                            Ahem. Well, as long as it defines me as cool, I`m good with
                                            that. I`m a self-proclaimed bully, so it`s not like I wouldn`t
                                            be offended from being called "mean" anyway, right?
                                            【smirks and pats head lightly】Yeah, you`re welcome.
                                            Consider it your only compliment though, for now. I`m
                                            never good at complimenting others.
                                            【Smiles proudly】 You seem to know your stuff. I`m excited
                                            to head over to your place and see what you`ve done with
                                            your furniture.
                                            ...Yeah, cherry blossoms. You`d love them. If you get the
                                            chance, maybe you should take a trip. I go around every
                                            year, so...【shrugs】
                                            You know what, I can`t stop thinking about checking out
                                            your furniture. Let`s go right now. Besides, i`m sure you`re
                                            worried sick about it. Afterwards, you can grab that horror movie
                                            and we can watch it here. Let`s go!

                                            『歌舞伎』 D⇡EVIL HAS DISCONNECTED.

                                            OOC; I have to head to bed now, but I`ll reply tomorrow! G`night, guys!
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          A large imperial-style room with two men standing in front of a full length mirror, side by side. They looked identical, and the trick was telling them apart from each other. If it wasn`t for the individual sense of fashion, which was considered quite opposite from each other, they would be undistinguishable. One of them, Vincent Maihara, was full of confidence for the masquerade tonight. He knew he could sweep any lady off her feet, and look good doing it. As always, his outfit consisted more of a classy sort of get-up. The whole formal, aristocratic look...Vincent could definitely pull it off without a sweat. His twin, Shinjuku on the other hand, wore more of a butler sort of outfit. The standard crisp white shirt, a black tie, a pin-stripe vest, and black jeans. He topped it off with his fedora and silk ebony gloves, completeing the look. Vincent smirked at Shinjuku, who was staring at the mirror, examining himself. If it was anyone else but Shinjuku wearing this outfit, Vincent would have called them a fashion failure...Or some sort of nickname he would makeup. Noticing his twin turn to stare at him, Vincent smiled at him and opened his mouth to mention something.
          「You look great. I`m sure you`ll definitely get that girl you were pinning down for!」Vincent teased with a sly grin. Shinjuku gave him a confused look, which slowly turned into a look of amusement.
          ❛What girl?❜ He asked. ❛There is no girl I like, you should know this, Vincent. I can`t live with any sort of girl in my life...❜
          「That is so not true!」 Vincent argued with a chuckle. 「You can live with the maids and mom!」
          ❛That`s different..❜ Shinjuku muttered shyly. Clearing his throat and deciding it was time to change the subject, he looked back at the mirror for a quick moment, then to Vincent.
          ❛You look good too.❜
          Vincent smiled at his brother and pushed his fedora down. He never told anyone this, but Vincent knew that Shinjuku was the only real person he could ever have a "close relationship" with. Since their mother traveled a lot, they really only had each other. Since Vincent was older (By a few seconds), he felt it was his responsibility to take care of Shinjuku, whether or not they were both gull grown adults by now.
          Shinjuku leaned in to fix the chain on his lipring, adjusting it so he could remove the chain. Both Vincent and Shinjuku had the same sort of lip piercing, and tonight, it was their decision to take it off so to make them less distinguishable, or "obvious", rather. Placing the chain into his pocket of rsafe keeping, Shinjuku examined himself in the mirror once more, noticing out of the corner of his eye that Vincent had turned away from the mirror and was now grabbing his mask for the event. Not being able to resist, Shinjuku did a bit of a twirl, placing his black-gloved hands on his fedora and imitating a Michael Jackson move. It was just too entertaining. Stepping away from the mirror before he could do any more silly stunts, he reached for his mask as well and carefully began to place it on his face.
          「Make sure you glue it properly. I don`t want you to mess up, and then have me help you again!」 Vincent called over to his brother, in a teasing voice. Realistically, he knew his brother was sometimes careless, but he always knew what he was doing nonetheless. Shinjuku`s eyes shifted over to his brother once more before finally placing the mask on.
          ❛Same to you.❜ He muttered.


          The rest of the evening seemed to have rushed by them. Both of them, sitting side by side were impatiently waiting for their chauffeur to drive them to the academy. Vincent glanced at the face of his expensive Rolex watch, belonging to the collection "The Submariner". It had been his favorite, and also a gift from his mother who had made a comment when giving it to him; "We never look at the look often enough, do we? We look over our shoulders and everyone`s all grown up. Good luck." This wasn`t in person, of course, their mother was much too busy for that. She was always traveling here and there, trying to make it to fashion shows and what not. Once in awhile, Shinjuku and Vincent would recieve gifts or maybe articles of clothing from her latest collections, or maybe the occasional phone call or text message, but there was hardly any face-to-face contact. At first it was really uncomfortable for the both of them. Since Shinjuku was somewhat an aspiring rockstar, he tried not to mind it...Or so Vincent had thought. Shinjuku was a very happy-go-lucky type of person who didn`t like to speak of depressing events that have occurred in their past. Perhaps it was some sort of unspoken burden the two of them carried. They longed to be like other children, whether or not their parents would be very bossy, they wanted to have someone around to occasionally yell at them for their mischief making and frolicking. It was no fun with the butler just muttering for them to settle down. On the other hand...Their father? It was a subject never spoken of. Shinjuku and Vincent have met their father once, but it wasn`t an enjoyable experience. Since then, none of them had ever bothered to bring it up. There was no details, there was no "what if..." or "but..."s. It was just simply pre-determined that they would have such an awful relationship with their father.
          As Vincent continued to stare at his Submariner, he felt eyes glued on to him. Turning his head, he saw Shinjuku staring at him.
          ❛Vincent, something the matter?❜
          「No. Nothing`s wrong. Where is Rei? He was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.」
          Shinjuku opened his mouth to say something, but closed it as he noticed his brother turn the other way. He could`ve sworn he heard some signs of Vincent crying, but the thought was dismissed when their chauffeur enetered the car through the door of the driver`s seat. Looking up at the man, known as Rei, Shinjuku smiled at him through the rearview mirror, then turned to wave at their butler who stood at the front of the house, waving back. Out of the corner of his eye, Shinjuku noticed Vincent made no attempt at waving or anything. He simply sat there toying with his white-gold, platinum and sapphire watch. Something so luxurious that belonged to a mere young-adult. It`s amazing what money can do. But despite everything it can bring, it never brings happiness the twins had never felt. Placing a hand on Vincent`s shoulder, Shinjuku gave a reassuring smile as the car began to drive off the Maihara estate and towards the academy.


          ❛We`re late, we`re late, for a very important date!❜
          「Indeed we are, but fashionably late are we as well!」 Vincent declared, the two of them rushing into the crisp night air once they hopped out of their car. The chauffeur had given them instructions such as 'I`ll call you later on, let me know what time to pick you up.' and such. Hopefully Vincent would remember, cause within a few hours of the night, Shinjuku knew it would slip his mind like that. Running through the halls as fast as their tall legs could carry them, Shinjuku couldn`t help but chuckle to himself before mentioning something to Vincent, who happened to be slightly more athletic, thus slightly farther.
          ❛I hope we didn`t miss too much!❜
          「Less talking, more running!!」 Vincent called, as they rounded a corner and made their way to the ballroom. They had finally made it. Shinjuku, stopping quite a distance away from the ballroom`s entrance, stood against the wall to catch his breath as he watched Vincent rush pass the doors. Letting his vision linger on the sight for just a bit longer, Shinjuku felt slightly sad. It was like some sort of symbolic message, demonstrating Vincent moving on without Shinjuku. He was probably overthinking it...And tonight was definitely not the night to do so. Sighing, Shinjuku finally began breathing at a normal pace before he continued into the ballroom, scanning his surroundings until he saw Vincent pacing around, looking for their fellow host members. Shuffling up to him, Shinjuku grinned.
          ❛I have a feeling we`re going to cause more trouble tonight than we can make up for.❜
          「It`ll be hard to hold back from doing so, won `t it?」 Vincent laughed, grinning back at Shinjuku as they continued to avoid large crowds while on some sort of mission to find their 'friends'.

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Alice stared at her reflection in the rear-view mirror of the taxi. She had just arrived at the airport the previous night and had stayed in a hotel close by, walking distance actually. Now, she sat in the backseat of a peculiar smelling taxi with a shady-looking and way-too-silent taxi driver. Her turquoise eyes shifted left and right, wondering which window she should look out of, since the view was the same all around. The airport around the scenery was just...full of other cars trying to get where they needed to. Sighing impatiently, Alice glanced at the digital clock built into the taxi, and estimated that she was late for at least half the day. It was probably lunch right now... The fact that she had missed out on her first day really irked her, since she wouldn`t get to see who was in her class, or her teachers. Normally, people wouldn`t be upset about that...But hey, Being impractical wasn`t 'lady-like', and that was a habit she picked up from her mannerism lessons when she was a little girl. There were certain things she liked about it, and certain things she didn`t, probably explaining why she would only retain bits of information and follow only certain behavior she thought that was appropriate.
Fidgeting with her luggage, she gripped the black handle of her trumpet case, feeling the cold texture against her skin. She felt nervous for her first day at Trancy Academy, especially since some of the rumors she had heard before attending here. Like any regular person should, she had researched this school and looked up people`s opinions on it. Famous musicians she was interested in, and other celebrities that were well-known had gone to this school, and become successful. But from other students who had not yet graduated, or their date of graduation had long past since they failed, the comments and opinions were brutal...To the point where Alice wasn`t sure whether or not she was ready to deal with this sort of pressure. Sighing deeply, she looked out the window once more, now that they had traveled quite a distance from the airport. The scenery was nice now, different from London, definitely. Leaning forward towards the taxi driver, she cleared her throat nervously until she gathered the courage to speak to the suspicious man.

❝Excuse me, how long will it take until we get there? ❞

The taxi driver looked back at her and answered in a gruff-sort of voice. His answer consisted of something along the lines of a couple of minutes, and that Alice should be patient. Frowning and leaning back into the seat once more, she only continued to stare out the window without a word...Well, whatever view she could see from the window, as she was now slouched down. People like this bought her mood down from time to time. When she was in a good mood, she would be able to put up with this kind of attitude, but since she was already having a bad day, she didn`t want to continue the conversation any longer. After awhile, Alice`s eyelids began to feel heavy as she closed her eyes...

"MISS? Wake up! We`re here!!"
Opening her eyes and pushing herself upwards, Alice looked out the window and noticed they were parked right outside the academy. Her destination. So quickly!? How long had she been asleep for?? Grabbing her luggage hastily, she reached into the skirt of her navy black shorts and handed the man a couple of bills, which should have been more than enough along with a generous tip.
❝ Sorry sir! Keep the change!❞ Alice said apologetically as she rushed out of the cab and into the school through the gates. She couldn`t afford to be any more late than she already was!

Her first destination had been the office, and now she was wandering around, attempting to find her dorm. Despite her reluctance, Alice knew she probably had to unpack her luggage and leave her things in her room before heading to class. Glancing at the watch, maybe she could make it for the last half of class if she hurried. Sighing and picking up the pace, she rushed down the hallways, looking for the room "104" on floor one. How lucky...No heading upstairs for her!
A couple of minutes of searching and she had finally found it. Unlocking the door with her room key, it was obvious her roommates had been here before her and had settled in. Placing her bags by the empty and unoccupied bed, she quickly checked her reflection in the mirror, wondering if she looked alright. Her red letterman cardigan with the double stripes on the right sleeve seemed to be in order, and her shorts seemed to be at a moderate length. Her hair was decent enough to go out with, and her shoes weren`t as dirty as she thought they were. With that, she slammed the door of her dorm on her way out, locking it as she made her way to "level 4" for an event, according to the PA. On her way there, Alice wondered to herself how competitive the students were here, and whether or not she would enjoy her time here. She sure hoped so...All work and no fun was boring, but that kind of mindset might let her fall behind.
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      ⊱↘↘ O⋮OPULENCE

      ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁ ▁
              CLOSE YOUR EYESxxxxGIVE ME YOUR HAND DARLINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx say my name xxxxsun shines through the rain
              DO YOU FEEL MY HEART BEATING xxxx DO YOU FEEL THE SAME?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa whole life xxxx so lonely
              I BELIEVE WE`RE MEANT TO BE, DARLINGxxxx WATCH YOU WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING, YOU BELONG TO MExxxxxxxxxxxxxand you come and ease the painxxxxam i only dreaming?

                    Basic Info
                                  ↷★┋┋ inspiration
                                          OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB.

                                  ↷★┋┋ presented by
                                          VINYL SYNDICATE

                                  ↷★┋┋ graphics&story
                                          VINYL SYNDICATE ; (plus minor details borrowed from Bisco Hatori)

                                  ↷★┋┋ base images
                                          ZEROCHAN + VARIOUS PHOTOSHOP TEXTURE SITES

                                  ↷★┋┋ genre
                                          ROMANCE + DRAMA + SLICE OF LIFE

                                  ↷★┋┋ status
                                          RECRUITING + UNDER CONSTRUCTION

                                              Full Story
                                                            ↷★┋┋ intro
                                                                    My name is Vinyl Syndicate - please, call me Vinnie ; and I`ve been a frequent roleplayer for as long as I can remember. Usually I tend to join romance roleplays (<333), fantasy roleplays, and "slice of life" otherwise "school" roleplays. That`s probably where the idea for this roleplay came from, just throwing all my frequent genres together and stirring gently. I usually only accept literate - adv. literate roleplayers, so that being said, I would prefer it if Opulence mainly had people who could write up to 2 - 3 paragraphs minimum. Don`t let that scare you away though, I do accept that sometimes people have writers block; so if you have several days where you can`t write me a novel - I`m fine with it! Just make sure it doesn`t happen too frequently. I`m a lenient person, so I won`t be too picky about who`s accepted - I do have preferences though, as afore mentioned.

                                                          ↷★┋┋ story
                                                                  Harusaki Private Academy, a prestigious boarding school where those who are wealthy enough to bathe in money; and to those who`s parents hold enough power to have brunch with the emperor of Japan, attend. It is considered the home of the elegant and sophisticated, and the playground for the rich and beautiful. Since the school was built, it has been known for it`s history of mostly permitting rich and powerful families within it`s vicinity, and only several commoners have been known to "slip into the system"; whether it comes from being a scholarship student, or their family just so happens to have the money for a conditional acceptance. Within this opulent school, lives two group of six beautiful, painfully rich teenagers. Said groups are made up of charming students, who are all exceedingly popular, intelligent, and of course, good-looking. In other words, handsome young men and beautiful young women who have too much time on their hands.

                                                                  One group made up of six handsome males, call themselves the Harusaki Academy Host Club. These young men pride themselves in the ability to charm young women with the look of an eye, and to sweep them off their feet with just one word. Their philosophy and purpose? To bring women pleasure and happiness. To contrast, enter the group of six gorgeous ladies, who go by the name "Harusaki Academy Hostess Club", and as expected, their goal is quite similar to the host`s club`s goal; the only difference is that their goal is to bring happiness and pleasure to men.
                                                                  These two groups, since first being opened, are only known to each other as rivals, and never dare set foot into each other`s club rooms. One might call it forbidden territory.

                                                                  However, after a long while, the parents of the host club boys and hostess club girls have decided that both clubs are very frivolous and petty; and might intervene with the members` academic success in school. "High school is meant for learning, not hedonistic and egotistical activities such as this." In accordance to these assumptions, the parents have promptly ordered the clubs to be shut down. However, the club members were lucky enough, and determined enough to be able to postpone their disbandment, thus the adults create a system where instead of direct disbandment, it becomes conditional. The condition? Each member of each group must attempt to charm, much less associate with a member of the other group - thus ridding both clubs of their "silly boundaries". The goal that the hostesses and hosts must pursue? To find a girlfriend by the end of the year, or they will be target to arranged marriage. But with every condition and goal comes a catch - and what might that be? Only one group may be left standing. Good luck to both clubs, and may the best win.

                                                        ↷★┋┋ closing remarks
                                                                So, that concludes what you need to know about my new roleplay! Nothing is set in stone yet, so the plot ideas may change (Feel free to give me input) and I won`t be starting it until I`ve gathered enough people for the host and hostess club. So, if you`re stepping in here - don`t leave empty handed! Even leaving me with a "hi" would be nice :3
                                                                And if it peaks your interest, give it a whirl, and come join me on this magical fantastic adventuree~ >u<
Vinyl Syndicate's avatar

Questionable Fatcat

PROFILE. - filled out (JESSECA HEO)


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

              Name:: Jesseca Heo
              Age:: Seventeen Grade:: Senior
              Social Status:: Rich Major:: Modeling
              Gender:: Female
              Popularity:: Popular
              Model:: Stephanie

                      Growing up as a half-Korean, Jesseca could never really distinguish her place within a purely Korean society; living up to cultural standards, expectations of her parents and always finding herself living in her sister`s shadow. Due to her low self-esteem from all these factors, Jesseca had always been one to push herself to the best of her ability, trying to please her parents, within all the neglect. As an escape from all the hardships and pressures of her daily life, Jesseca finds comfort in the company of others and having others show affection to her. Even though she may seem innocent, she really does know what she`s doing when it comes to seducing men. Not even finding a solid boyfriend anymore, Jesseca does all that she can so that she won`t be found alone. However, she herself isn`t sure whether she`s scared to find a boyfriend and live within a stable relationship, or if she`s incapable to do so. Most notably, within all her relationships, Jesseca barely likes to talk about her personal life and secrets to her romantic partner. She claims that both should be kept separate, thus to avoid complications.

                      Other than being a vixen, she`s very empathetic and considerate towards her friends, but due to her naive personality, she will sometimes do things wrong or things that she isn`t supposed to, but with good intentions.

        Vinyl Syndicate

          A LITTLE EXTRA
          WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS DO?:Jesseca`s dad is the CEO of an airline company, and her mother is the chief editor of a popular fashion magazine.
          MAJOR:Modelling SECRETLY:I`m fine with modelling. I`ve always admired the models in my mother`s teen fashion magazine since I was a little girl, so I personally love modelling. Making a career out of it is something that I think I would enjoy.
          PERSONALITY: Flirtatious ★ Optimistic ★ Secretive ★ Naive

A little more about Jesseca:

Other than what you see on the profile, she tends to be really flirty with just about any guy she meets until she gets to really know them. Since she likes to surround herself with people who will be affectionate to her, she`ll probably only consider those who are romantic to her as potential love interests. However, she is a vixen, so she`s more prone to crushing on many guys at once rather than sticking to liking one guy. She`s very talkative, open, optimistic and is always looking on the 'bright side' of things. She loves cheering people up and joking around, but she`ll rarely ever talk about her personal life and past. (If anyone asks, she either changes the subject or tells a white lie). Even if she plays a guy and gets tired of him, she does consider him as a friend - just more like an ex - and will still act as if he has an important role in her life (which may turn into the mindset that she`s leading the guy on)
She`s very naive, so when someone likes her back, she doesn`t realize it - even if other people tell her or it`s blantantly obvious, she denies it due to lack of self esteem.
Jesseca likes to maintain a very happy and balanced exterior, so even if someone says something to hurt her, she`ll disregard it and act as if it`s nothing. Though in all honesty, she`ll take it to heart and constantly think about it - she may even be prone to asking others about it.
Jesseca often pushes herself to be an extrovert, since she`s popular, but often thinks like an introvert.
Vinyl Syndicate's avatar

Questionable Fatcat


xxxxxUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

          xxx"Jesseca, wake up."
          xxx"She isn`t even able to wake up for her second day of school. How unlady like."
          xxxVision blurred and eyes fluttered open to reveal the sight of an elderly-lady, standing side by side to a gorgeous young woman, peering down at Jesseca`s now-awake body. The elderly one who had a stern expression plastered on her face, Jesseca recognized as her full-Korean grandmother. There was almost nothing Jesseca could get away with doing so as long as this woman could do anything to prevent it. This woman also played a very big role in her life, such as serving as the caretaker of the Heo household while both parental figures were busy with their fast-lane careers; as well as keeping the geneline in check - if that`s how you would refer to as 'constantly reminding your daughter`s kids of Korean cultural expectations'.

          xxxThe younger-looking face was Jesseca`s older sister, Sun-Mi. This girl was only twenty-three, and she had already made a huge mark in Korean media; establishing her place as an idol that already had a large fanbase, and whose popularity was rapidly growing by the second. Both were people Jesseca liked to call 'People with too high expectations'.

          xxx"I`m awake now, grandma. Sun-Mi. Jesseca muttered taking a quick moment to check the time as she rubbed her eyes. It was only 7:00, which means that she wouldn`t be late as of yet. I don`t get what the all the commotion is about, I`m awake now. Don`t Grandma and Sun-Mi have other things they should be doing? Jesseca thought in an overly annoyed manner. She gave a pointed stare in their direction once she removed her hands from her eyes, but of course, she would never say these rude things out loud - her grandmother would end her existence on the face of the Earth. Instead, she calmly raised herself up from her lazy and slouched over position on her bed, moving towards her dresser to grab an outfit. It was as if her grandmother and sister`s presence was erased and replaced by the late-summer`s morning sunlight shining through the linen curtains. An old routine that Jesseca often practiced was ignoring her grandmother and sister`s presence when they would come to bother her about anything trivial or troublesome. It made her squeamish, sure, and she could still feel their beady-eyed stares burrowing into her back, but it was a start. It wasn`t like she could just wipe any trace of their living selves out of her life just like that. Baby steps, Jesseca. Baby steps.

          xxxThroughout Jesseca`s entire life, she was sure that once she was born, her grandmother was sure to disapprove of her even at the mere sight of her baby body. A half-Korean and half-caucasian? Never heard of in the Heo family. So because of that, apparently being half Korean was justification enough to make Jesseca`s life a living hell; always reminding her about Korean culture norms and deviations, and how Jesseca falls into the category of the 'rebels' who deviate from Korean cultutre. Back when Jesseca had dyed her hair blonde, that was probably one of the worst days in the Heo household. Jesseca`s grandmother would not stop babbling on and on about how Jesseca was not her mother`s daughter anymore because of this different hair color. '[their] appearances were much too different'...Or something. Either way, if Jesseca`s grandmother`s goal was to make her constantly think of leaving the household, then it was working really well.

          xxx"How was school yesterday?"
          xxxJesseca turned over her shoulder to give a half-assed glance at her sister, and shrugged her shoulders slightly as she pulled out her Abercrombie and Fitch varsity cardigan.

          xxx"It was okay."
          xxxIn all honesty, Jesseca wasn't sure how she could describe her first day of school. It was a big blur, and everything went by fast. It`s not like she didn`t know a lot of people around, so it was hard to meet anyone new. Although, amongst the new people who she either knows from friends or doesn`t know at all, some of them were really good-looking. It was a plus for Jesseca because she needed some new meat around. What a vulgar and disgusting way to put it, but she couldn't help it if it was true. She knew what she was, a vixen, slut, hoe, anything you`d like to put it. But don`t get her wrong, it`s not as if she went around bragging that she slept with the most popular guy at school. That wasn`t it at all. The reality of the situation was that she kept silent about it and jealous bitches were probably spreading the rumors like wild-fire when they saw Jesseca flirting with any boy in the halls. Whether or not the rumors were true, Jesseca didn`t get all defensive over them. She knew what was true and what wasn`t, and if anyone had a bad impression of her, she could easily change that. It`s not like it was hard - Jesseca was a social butterfly, she knew everyone and everyone knew her. She was super friendly towards everyone, and actually had manners when meeting people. Hopefully that was good enough to leave a good first impression, otherwise, at least Jesseca knew how to be fun. That was always a great backup plan.

          xxx "Anyway, could you guys please leave? I'm trying to change and get ready for school." Jesseca muttered to her audience of the room with her back faced to them. It was silent for maybe about 2 minutes before they finally complied and left. As soon as they closed the door to Jesseca`s quarters, she heard their chatter immediately go off. Like bees or something, buzzing away - always being budybodies. That was a good way to describe her sister and grandmother. Busybodies. Either with too much trust or too much time on their hands for their own good. Shaking her head, Jesseca continued to dig through her closet and pull out the rest of her outfit. A cute and preppy school girl outfit. That would definitely do the trick. Smiling at herself, she closed her wardrobe doors and commensed to get ready for the rest of the day ahead.


          xxx The day's activities went by fast today as well, and before she knew it - it was lunch. The usual everyday school day consisted of (homeroom), business, education, and modeling before lunch, and if Jesseca wasn`t checking out a smoking hot guy in her class, she`d be texting one or fooling around with her friends. That being said though, it`s not as if Jesseca was - for lack of a better word - dumb. She did retain the information that was taught in class, and she retained it well. How else would you describe someone able to get 90`s+ with just fooling around and talking loudly in class? School was a piece of cake, especially modeling. That`s what Jesseca was choosing to major in as well, so obviously she`d be good at it. Especially with a mother who deals with models everyday, she`d get support and possibly an immediate job opening right after she graduated. Which would be in less than a year from this exact moment in time. Everything was already set up and layed out for her, and with the way things were going, Jesseca didn`t mind one bit.

          xxx Man, I`m starving. I wonder where everyone is...Should I just meet them in the cafe? Jesseca thought walking towards her locker and spinning the lock a couple of times. Just a usual lunch hour, nothing out of the ordinary. She would do her usual routine, again, and then go find her friends...again. Opening up the locker, Jesseca shoved her books and other school-related items into her locker and slammed it shut, locking it right away and turning away without a second thought. She didn`t really care if other people complained that she slammed her locker door shut with too much force, or if she was loud and obnoxious for doing that. This was somewhat like her mindset with rumors being spread about her occasionally. People thought what they wanted, but Jesseca knew how she was.

          xxx"Alright. Now I've gotta fo find everyone. I wonder who`s around..." she muttered, fishing her phone out of her pocket to check any messages and to message some friends herself.

          To:Minhee <3
          Subject:Let`s party!

          Hey gurl! Where are you right now? Come on and hurry up with whatever it is, let`s go have lunch! I miss you! Text me back and hit me up right away, I`ll meet you at the cafeteria! xoxo Jesse.

          With that, she tossed her phone into her bag and began to head in the direction of the cafeteria.

          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Questionable Fatcat


      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
          ⊰❖⊱⋮ roleplay made by vinyl syndicate
          ⊰❖⊱⋮ inspired by kpop, gossip girl, kdramas and mafia movies.
          ⊰❖⊱⋮ graphics and story by vinyl syndicate
          ⊰❖⊱⋮ literate - adv. literate
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Questionable Fatcat


      xxxUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                  "Another day goes by." Alice muttered to herself, twiddling her fingers together and staring out the window. The setting was her room in the asylum, and her current position was on her bed. There, she lay on the somewhat over stuffed pillow, her sheets that were...best said, warm-enough, covered up half of her upper body. Above her, chalk marks embedded into the walls, made to count the days that she had been there. It's been at least three months now, since her parents had deemed her insane. The story was quite simple, actually, and it all began during the time wherein she began to have some strange dreams. She dreamt of a world of nonsense, where everything that was wasn't and everything that wasn't, was. There, she met some people who she imagined to be made from her own feelings and have experienced everything that she had. The world itself was built pureply from her own mind, yet that being said, it seemed so real. It felt real.

                  That was when Alice felt that she needed to tell someone. After all, a world that she made herself? That couldn't go unnoticed! She believed that during the time when she was asleep, her body would become an empty shell, while Alice herself, her soul, her mind, everything that she was, travelled to this distant land. She made friends there, and the world was something she liked to call "Wonderland". After all, it was both wonderful and wonderous; whenever she was there, she felt like Alice in Wonderland. The activities she participated in was quite close to the events that occured in the story, such as a tea party with a mad man, a queen that was addicted to beheading others, croquet with an ostritch...Everything. Alice was happy with her world, and she loved to be there. Back then, she had thought sharing this news with her parents would make them happy too.

                  But it didn't. They were frightened, devastated, and disgustied. They tried their best to convince Alice that she was only having weird dreams, and none of this was real, but Alice felt different. So she denied these things, and insisted that the world in her mind was real. Her parents wouldn't accept this, and didn't find it as wonderous as she did. Instead, they bought her to psychologists, doctors, exorcists, monks...Anything they felt that could help her and rid her of this made-up world and these deranged thoughts, anything they felt would make Alice "their normal daughter" again. Frankly, Alice was quite insulted by this. How dare they call her insane, and to think that they wouldn't even listen to half her story. When she had sat down to tell them during dinner, they already had stone cold faces to start off with anyway. The Le parents always looked like that, but as Alice's story progressed on, the looks of terror and shun only haunted their usually blank stares.
                  This isn't fair, Alice thought, biting her bottom lip. Being with this family is never any excitement, and whenever we sit down to have dinner, no one talks anyway. It's always just dead silent until someone says "I'm done dinner". Finally, I bring something amazing to the table to share, and they shun me for it! Unbelivable!"

                  When her parents had found out the people they hired to help Alice couldn't do anything of her 'condition', they forcefully bought her to an asylum. They did it in the worst way possible, as well, taking her in the midst of the night - while she was dreaming - and when she woke up...She was in this very room. They left no notes, told the staff nothing, and basically abandoned her. That marked day one. As of today, it had been exactly 92 days. Sighing and hugging her sides, Alice had to admit she missed her days with her parents...But something told her that they didn't want anything to do with her. Better yet, she would probably never see them ever again. Even wishing for a phone call or a visit was aiming a bit high. Maybe she'll see them on the news or something. That was a bit better. Other than that, Alice was convinced that she should better just forget about her old life.

                  Anyway, it's not like Citricos was a bad place. She was allowed to leave - if she was approved - and the patients, as well as staff, were nice. For the most part, at least. Alice had made no major enemies, and there was no one she particularly disliked. The food here was scrumptous, and the rooms were beautiful. It was as if she was living in a luxurious hotel. So no, nothing really felt out of place here. Just to say that the memories of her parents still haunted her to this day, and the way they had screamed at her and verbally abused her still bruised her mind, and heart. It was a cold day, that day they threw her into this place. But hey, she would have to start getting used to it - until she was fixed, at least. But who's to say that she won't like it here or have grown towards the people here by then? Hopefully, she would have.

                  Tossing her bed sheets aside and raising herself up, Alice stretched her arms as far as she could and slapped them at her sides once more.
                  "I think it's about time I get up now." Alice said to herself, rubbing her eyes. Spinning her legs off the edge of the bed, she rose from the bed she lay from and began to commence the day's daily activities. Washing her face, brushing her teeth, applying a bit of makeup, and compliling her outfit together for the day. It was actually quite chilly in the morning hours, and since she was on the first floor...Perhaps it was more chillier than other rooms. Who could she blame though? Mother nature? It was just simply the time of day this month, wherein it's freezing as hell.
                  Looking herself over in the mirror for a quick moment, she began to shuffle out of her room. Her roommate was no where to be seen, but perhaps she would bump into them later. For now, she would continue on about her day. First stop? the dining room. Heading towards the staircase, she began a short walk down 2 flights of stairs and made her way towards the current destination of the hour.

                  Once she was there, she noticed a couple of people sitting around her, some eating, some chatting. Some were alone, perhaps waiting for someone. Taking a seat at a lone table, Alice looked over today's menu items and pondered to herself whether or not she liked anything enough to eat, or if she would make something herself. Glancing up once in awhile, she wondered to herself if anyone would have liked to join her.
                  It's a bit lonely. Anyone who wants to sit with me is welcome to. I hope I don't look too intimidating... Alice thought nervously. Looking back down at the menu, she sighed lightly and rested her chin in her palm. Like she had said earlier. It was a bit lonely.

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