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                                      —❛ DOWN TO ▪▪ the basics . *
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                                              xx Sonya Adelaina Rastian
                                              xx Della
                                              xx Seventeen
                                              xx Female
                                              xx November Nineteenth
                                              xx Bisexual
                                              xx Durmstrang
                                              xx Seventh
                                              xx Pureblood

                                      A MAGICAL LITTLE STICK
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
                                            VINEWOOD — 」

                                                  Despite it's understood flexibility, the Rastian family was surprised to find that the
                                                  wood used in many of the wands within their members to be strangely rigid and
                                                  unyielding. Vinewood's flexible nature seemed to be something that ensured the
                                                  easiest use and accomdations. The family wished to be able to lend their wands
                                                  to any family member in need, should one arise. Ironically, the particular nature
                                                  of vinewood allowed them to do just that, as many of the members are extremely
                                                  confident in their magic. The concentration and assurance needed to wield the
                                                  wands of the Rastian family is incredible, and to fail to use one of these wands
                                                  means the individual does not measure up to the expectations set before them.

                                            HIPPOGRIFF FEATHER — 」

                                                  Hippogriffs are noble animals with a reputation for not taking a slight. These wands
                                                  require constant respect, and if the wielder does not give it, they can its formerly
                                                  stable and versatile magic backfire on it. It is not the strongest core, but it is one
                                                  of the most adaptable. Though rarely used, the Rastian family has a running tally
                                                  of the many family members who have shown great strength and skill with wands
                                                  of hippogriff feather cores, and Sonya was not an exception to this expectation.

                                            12 & 1/4 INCHES | INFLEXIBLE — 」

                                                  Though the wood itself is rather flexible, the magical aspects of vinewood are rather
                                                  erratic, it's combination here with a stable core makes the wand as a whole inflexible,
                                                  yielding to only the witch it has chosen, Sonya. Even other members of her family
                                                  have experienced troubles when attempting to use her wand. This may be because
                                                  she has willingly lent the weapon so infrequently that the wand has understood its
                                                  master's wariness and therefore chooses to reject even the most skilled wizards of
                                                  the Rastian family.
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                                      SCRATCH THE SURFACE ▪▪
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━

                                              ⊹ MIRROR OF ERISED :: Della would love to make it as an Auror one day, but she
                                              also entertains the idea of joining the the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team. Della
                                              knows she won't ever get the chance to do it though, considering her parents don't
                                              believe she, as a female, should be playing the sport, no matter how good she really
                                              actually is as a seeker.
                                              ⊹ BOGGART :: A crowd of people, particularly her peers or her family, who stand
                                              and laugh at her expense. | She's an incredibly proud character who takes herself
                                              very seriously in terms of how she is seen. While she doesn't mind if she's seen
                                              to be a b***h, she fears the idea of not measuring up.
                                              ⊹ FEARS :: Thunderstorms. | It isn't so much the flash of lightning that scares her,
                                              but the idea that there's something so vast and powerful that it ripples through the
                                              air and creates such a loud sound.
                                              ⊹ PATRONUS :: Hippogriff | Creatures of immense pride, hippogriffs are known to
                                              handle their own and maintain strict relations with only the noblest of individuals,
                                              both animal and human. To breach a hippogriff's boundaries without permission is
                                              to venture into dangerous waters as they will take the offense personally and are
                                              not likely to forget the incident or the offender easily.
                                              ⊹ PET :: None.

                                          xxLet's Not Talk About It

                                              Sonya Adelaina Rastian is not the only Rastian child of this generation. Even
                                              though it seems that way, there is a family secret regarding Della's generation
                                              of the Rastian family. To the rest of the world, Della is the only Rastian child at
                                              this time. Unfortunately, the truth is that she also has a younger brother Ivan
                                              Vladimir Rastian. The two aren't exactly that close, but that's only because he
                                              was disowned when it was discovered that he had no magical skill or ability. At
                                              the births of Rastian children, each new member undergoes a certain number
                                              of detective and revealing spells that give a good sense of the individual's future
                                              magical ability. While it's not an entirely accurate measurement, it served as a
                                              good indication and it was found that just days within his birth, Ivan would not
                                              possess any magical talent. As Della would find out later (due to her need to
                                              learn about what became of her brother), he was sent across the ocean to the
                                              Americas where he was taken in by a muggle family. As the years passed,
                                              Della made sure to check in on her brother's well-being. It surprised her when,
                                              after not having heard about him for a couple years, to learn that he had turned
                                              into a pop sensation in the muggle world. She doesn't tell anyone however, and
                                              keeps this knowledge to herself. In fact, when she is given the chance, she plans
                                              to visit him - not quite to tell him of his heritage, but just get to know him. As
                                              fiercely loyal as she is to her family and the ideals they portray, Della has
                                              always thought they were wrong in her family's decision to disown Ivan.

                                      SCRATCH IT AGAIN :★
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━

                                              ⊹ GOOD TRAITS :: Respectful | Loyal | Well-Mannered
                                              ⊹ BAD TRAITS :: Easily Provoked | Prideful | Self-Righteous
                                              ⊹ NEUTRAL TRAITS :: Critical | Self-Conscious | Wary

                                          xxWe Have Our Strengths
                                              • Quidditch | Despite the fact that her parents frown upon her involvement in the
                                              sport, Della excels at Quidditch. She enjoys being out in the air more than just
                                              about anything else and is pleased with her own success as a seeker. Family
                                              expectations however keep her from letting any plans for a career in quidditch
                                              to get too large in her head. It isn't proper, since the Rastian family needs to
                                              be exhibiting their magical skills and not their ability to fly around on a broom
                                              looking for a tiny, flying, golden ball.
                                              • Transfiguration | Aside from the fact that Della excels at just about everything
                                              (aside from Herbology...), the attention she paid early on in Transfiguration was
                                              extensive. She'd been very interested in her mother's spells as a child, and when
                                              she got into school, Della strove in the subject.
                                              • Arithmancy | Logical tasks always seemed to be painstakingly easy for the
                                              Bulgarian witch, and went it came to the number game of Arithmancy, she picked
                                              up the subject just as easily as she did Transfiguration. Potions, Defense Against
                                              the Dark Arts, Charms...subjects of that nature seemed repetitive and route, only
                                              seeming to require some simple memorization. But when it came to Arithmancy,
                                              Della enjoyed the slight challenge that came with something procedural. She took
                                              to Potions the same way, though prefers the numbers.A

                                          xxBut We Are Also Vulnerable
                                              • Lacks Courage | Regardless of the fact that she comes from a family of aurors
                                              who excel in times of need, Della is truthfully a coward. She portrays herself as
                                              an intelligent witch who knows the correct spells and hexes, and she truly does,
                                              but she lacks the courage needed to jump out and defend herself when her honor
                                              is being attacked. This is, in part, due to the fact that she is not used to being
                                              challenged or confronted about her skill, believing that it will simply be accepted
                                              as fact.
                                              • Herbology | Although she needs to pass her NEWTS in Potions, Defense Against
                                              the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms, Della isn't worried, except
                                              for when it comes to the plat-based magic. Herb-lore was just never something she
                                              paid much attention to, and even when she did, she only barely managed to really
                                              comprehend what was being taught. Somehow, she has entered her NEWT classes
                                              in Herbology (and the other subjects) this year, but there's really no telling how well
                                              she'll do with Auror training.
                                              • Handling Messiness | Besides her involvement in Quidditch, Della doesn't go outside with the
                                              intention of getting dirty. The only time she'll tolerate it is when it's storming outside.
                                              Actually, that's the only time she can handle thunderstorms, when she's out on the
                                              Quidditch pitch.
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                                      WALKING DOWN MEMORY LANE
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
                                              Despite the fact that ideas of blood purity and simple superiority itself is less
                                              widespread in the wizarding world, at least on a grander scale, there are a few
                                              families within the world, typically longtime pureblood families, who still find
                                              themselves above all others. The Rastian family is one such family, holding
                                              true to their bloody purity roots, at least when it comes to their kin. Interestingly,
                                              members of the family don't seem to look down upon halfbloods or muggleborn
                                              individuals outside the family. But should anyone decide to marry someone of
                                              'unpure' blood, extreme measures of discrimination and potentially disowning
                                              has known to occur within the Rastian family tree. Growing up in this sort of
                                              environment, Sonya (or Della, as many call her - to distinguish between her
                                              mother and herself) developed a nearly narcissistic sense of pride. She also
                                              understands the sheer pressure of constantly having to live up to her family's

                                              A large majority of Della's personality traits and behavior stem from her family
                                              and the expectations to which she knows she must rise. The largest of these
                                              assumptions reside in the magical talent and skill within each family member.
                                              As many within the family are, or were Aurors at some point in their lives (with
                                              a particular interest in vampires and the delinquent nature that some of these
                                              beings exhibit), Della aims to become an Auror one day as well, regardless
                                              of any other aspirations she has (Quidditch for example). What she is both
                                              grateful for and disheartened by is the fact that she managed to withstand the
                                              tests of magical capability and is seen to have some potential and importance
                                              within her family. It allows her the chance to be as regal as her family members,
                                              or at least most of them. Unfortunately, some Rastians weren't quite so lucky.

                                              Della keeps track of her younger brother, formerly known as Ivan Vladimir
                                              Rastian, as he lives his life (the only one he's known) as a pop sensation over-
                                              seas. Joe Jonas lives his life as a muggle, completely unaware of the fact that
                                              he, in fact, is of magical ancestry. Unfortunately, to his family, Ivan has and
                                              always will be a squib and no longer constitute part of the family at all. Della
                                              takes the knowledge of her opportunity as a witch to heart and has done all
                                              that she could to live up to the expectations set for her in the past years. Her
                                              behavior within the halls of Durmstrang had pegged her as a particularly stuck-
                                              up female, but she's done what she's had to do in order to maintain some
                                              sense of importance as a Rastian. Once she's reached that level and can hold
                                              on to it, perhaps she'll go to visit her brother (as a stranger of course) or maybe
                                              even bring up the idea of playing Quidditch professionally. But it's just as likely
                                              that none of these events will take place at all.
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                                      RELATIONSHIPS HOGWARTS )
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
                                              xxxx★⋮ alyce ― evangelista
                                              what they are to you (ex. friend)
                                                Say something about your relationship with this person

                                              xxxx★⋮ micah ― rivers
                                              we're a little more than acquaintances i suppose ; friends?
                                                i admire his courage and his ability to follow through, but
                                                i probably wouldn't ever tell him why exactly i do. i don't
                                                need everyone knowing just how incapable i am of things

                                              xxxx★⋮ valentina ― desiderio
                                              she's respectable, but not a friend.
                                                valentina is...hard working and loyal, which is more than
                                                i can say for most. she's independent and sure of herself,
                                                but that's really all i can say. we aren't close, and we don't
                                                spend much time together, or see the need to really. kudos
                                                to her for being a good person, i suppose she's just another
                                                face at this point

                                              xxxx★⋮ landon ― verlac
                                              we're not friends and that's that.
                                                landon and i, we just do not get along. he's a... decent
                                                person, i can see that much, but there isn't much else
                                                that shows he'd be someone i could associate with and
                                                benefit from. he has little to offer me, i've nothing to offer
                                                him and we just don't have the same values.

                                              xxxx★⋮ everleigh ― carmichael
                                              what a sad excuse of a slytherin
                                                mind you i know little about the hogwarts houses, but
                                                i always thought slytherins were...well not ever. she isn't
                                                someone i really want to get to know, especially since
                                                she seems not to have much dignity in who she is. or
                                                rather that's not the right way to put it. it's more along the
                                                lines of her being...too common.

                                              xxxx★⋮ devyn ― grey
                                              it's nice to see someone know who they are at least
                                                well i know him through auguste. and because he's with
                                                rhi. honestly, i quite approve. not that rhi needs it or
                                                anything like that, but i do like him. he's got a good
                                                handle of who he is and what he stands for. not at
                                                all wishy-washy.

                                              xxxx★⋮ pennyweather ― locke
                                              what they are to you (ex. friend)
                                                Say something about your relationship with this person

                                              xxxx★⋮ maverick ― gunner
                                              what they are to you (ex. friend)
                                                Say something about your relationship with this person
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                                      RELATIONSHIPS BEAUXBATONS )
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
                                              xxxx★⋮ auguste ― leclerc
                                              i think auguste may be my beauxbatons twin, almost
                                                it's undeniable that we are far too similar for our own good
                                                but i can't help it. he knows how to present himself, and
                                                it really can't be helped that to do it, he puts others down
                                                or at least somewhat. he does have this absurd idea that
                                                i will help him win the tournament. he has to know that i
                                                won't, but perhaps it's just the competitive nature of our
                                                relationship that comes with being far too similar.

                                              xxxx★⋮ heloise ― levesque
                                              don't know who she thinks she is...
                                                she's been around auguste, i've seen. but i get this sense
                                                that it's for nothing more than a little lime-light. still, i don't
                                                have any reason to voice my true opinion of her so for now
                                                i suppose she's just another champion.

                                              xxxx★⋮ tristan ― belizaire
                                              we've got different values...but
                                                as a muggleborn, i don't have anything against
                                                him exactly, but i mean we just don't get along.
                                                he's got a classic nice, sweet demeanor though
                                                but we barely know each other. then again, with
                                                our circle of friends... maybe we could get along..

                                              xxxx★⋮ antonia ― chriqui
                                              she just gets on my nerves!
                                                She's everything a girl shouldn't be. but....i guess
                                                i can't help but appreciate that she's who she is
                                                i mean if she wasn't, we wouldn't argue or annoy
                                                each other as much as we do, and you didn't hear
                                                it from me, but i actually enjoy that sometimes.

                                              xxxx★⋮ lucas ― veniere
                                              i haven't quite decided just yet...
                                                I want to say that he's really not that bad, but there's just
                                                something that irks me with him. Still, he's tolerable and
                                                we can keep a conversation going, so there's that at least.
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                                      RELATIONSHIPS DURMSTRANG )
                                      ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
                                              xxxx★⋮ demaris ― romanos
                                              she's a sketchy one, mara...
                                                you want a story? fine. once upon a time we were friends
                                                nowe're more pretty much just wary of each other. any
                                                friendly gesture and well...it's just weird. i can't trust her
                                                is all.

                                              xxxx★⋮ dimitri― zhivkov
                                              i'm not too fond of him, but he is our champion
                                                rhi and mitri have had an interesting past together, and
                                                while i only really know him from when the two were
                                                together, i've always felt something off with him. still,
                                                he is our male champion and i can't not support him.

                                              xxxx★⋮ rhian ― russinov
                                              ex-dormmate (due to staying at hogwarts now) ; best friend
                                                how do you explain what your dormmate comes to be
                                                in your life? honestly, i don't see how it's possible. there's
                                                a certain kind of bond that is built when you live in such
                                                close proximity with someone for that long. rhi is near and
                                                dear to my heart. i'd watch yourself if you mess with her.

                                              xxxx★⋮ blaze ― vladimirovich
                                              he's just another face at school really
                                                i know him some from when i've seen him with mara, but
                                                we're no where near the same social class or anything
                                                like that, at least in school. he's different and i'm not
                                                entirely sure what it is, but we tend not to interact much
                                                and i'm fine with that.

                                              xxxx★⋮ markov ― krestovozdvizhen'skiy
                                              what they are to you (ex. friend)
                                                Say something about your relationship with this person
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