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lol, you not Amnesia Sushi, fading_death66blah, KiD IC4RUS or SiLENT xx m a s q u e?
Then get out.
Just some shenanigans.

SiLENT xx m a s q u e
silentMasque ==> SM

Amnesia Sushi
amensiaSushi ==> AS

fadingDeath ==> FD

kidIcarus ==> KI

concerning profiles
That is your profile for this.
Feel free to draw yourself animu style or Waifu might offer it. o: Or you can try making an MS Sprite of yourself? o:
But, I mean, try to be honest about your actual interests? No real names needed - lol we know each other's anyways. Feel free to use your Gaia nickname.
Don't forget the typing quirk!
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Devoted Friend

SHENANIGANS. skfjaljsla so excite
so. uh... who`s going to be first to enter the server? |D
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Devoted Friend

okay! |D .. should we go in the order of how you placed us in the pic?
you`re first, like john. so should i get you? (:<
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I guess! o:
So I'll enter first with Kid as server, then Kid enters with Sushi as server, then Sushi enters with Waifu as server, then Waifu enters with me as server. 8D

Oh, do we want, like, to use our own personal, irl pictures?
Since I know that we're using ourselves for this and all so it's mostly, like, are you all comfortable with using yourselves on the internet, I guess.
We can use our usernames still. 8D
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Chatty Fatcat

lol i suppose i won't understand any of this until i read homestuck 8Db
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Devoted Friend

that`s cool with me, yeah : D

i wouldn`t mind. not sure about everyone else.. i`m also cool with animified pics. :T
so my chumhandle would be like kidIcarus? ... eh, looks okay i guess~

we`ll walk you along fadu xD uhhh, can`t explain atm. need to do homework e we
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Chatty Fatcat

can i... draw us pictures? 8D
/totally itching to draw asdlkfjasdf
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lol, yeah, sorry you sort of won't understand till you start reading, Waifu. ; u;''

I wouldn't mind either. o:
I think...mine would be silentMasque, I guess?
We can make new chumhandles if we want. e we?
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Devoted Friend

what about drawing pictures? /head tilt )

iunno. this seems to be fitting - keeping our gaianames. = w=

okay. so how should the set up be.. ?
i mean, how does this all start? is it someone`s birthday like homestuck?
i feel like it should be a different set up. also.. descriptions?
i mean, should we start typing them? i mean, i already know my typing quirk

lowercase and hipster apostrophes, haha~
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Waifu's willing to draw animu versions of us, I believe?
Is that right, Waifu? o:

silentMasque ==> SM ==> Silvie
kidIcarus ==> KI ==> Kid
amnesiaSushi ==> AS ==> Sushi
fadingDeath ==> FD ==> Waifu
I truncated your name, if you don't mind? I didn't think you wanted the 66blah. e we

I think we can just go with us getting the beta of the game? o:
And then we can just use the introduction page descriptions for a profile, sound good? 8D;;

lololol, hipster apostrophes. <3
i think my typing quirk will be no capitalization, occasional punctuation.
so sort of a relaxed format of typing, but CAN GET EXCITED SOMETIMES! * u*

Edit :: lol, my real quirk, I guess?
Depends. Am I on FB or in a chat pane? In a normal website reply window, proper capitalization and grammar. STARTS TALKING IN CAPS WHEN SUPER EXCITED! <3333 Often uses various faces. xDD With extra mouths. And also faces the Rezzie doesn't seem to think are anatomically correct. ; AAA;
in a chat pane there is no capitalization and some punctuation at the end of sentences. grammar is out the window and asdlkghas;lfjdaslkg keyboard smashes whenever there's something epic happening yesssss. ♥
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So this is really important?
That's the kind of thing we need to think about. o:
We can do it over Gaia so that things don't get lost in communication and all that. e we

I just know how attempting to plan a session out and failing goes.
And what it looks like. It's messy. And ugly. And I don't want that to happen to us.
And I want us all to stay friends even if we can't manage to do this right. ):
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Devoted Friend

ahhh, i see. and i think that`s good.
formatting the descriptions like in the comic, right?

haha, my typing is the same everywhere. good you`ve considered this though.
oooh. wow, that`s a long guide. @ u@" i`ll need some time to look it over.
hey, you`re acting like it`s a little too serious. ;; of course we`re still friends :C
what do you mean messy anyways?
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Yeah, with the CAPITALIZATION of important parts and all that jazz. 8D

lol, I only know my "quirk" because a friend made that a status on FB and I analyzed my quirk then. xDDD
It's a good read, thpugh. o:
Sort of helps you understand a bit more about Homestuck as well? Iunno, I thought it was interesting.

Ahhh idk, I guess the people I was working with aren't nearly as close as we are.
But there was a lot of communication issues and just...really, really messy with ideas being thrown everywhere and today s**t hit the fan and stuff. 8T;;
I don't forsee us having nearly as many problems?
I think for us, the only thing we need to figure out is the problem that we want to put in our plot that...you know, gives us a plot. o:
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Devoted Friend

.. i`m already stuck on the first part OTL
should i say "you are kid" or "you are jess" ? xD

ahhh, i see. interesting~ i think we talked about my quirk a while ago on skype.
i think so too, just that it`s so long so i can`t read it atm

probably. it sounds messy the way you`re describing it.. don`t really understand.
in any case, this will probably be more successful because i`m here. C: /shotttt )
oh. right.. should it be world ending material too? that`s what normally happens.

sdjhakhsa iunno

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