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                    Full Name: Vale Cicuta
                    Nickname: Val
                    Age: Twenty
                    DOB: December 31st, 2032
                    Gender: Male
                    Role: The Secret

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                    Height: 6'1"
                    Weight: 174lbs
                    Hair color: Light gold
                    Eye color: Emerald green with flecks of gold
                    Skin tone: Ivory
                    Piercings: None
                    Tattoos: The Cicuta crest on his back
                    Birthmarks: Café-au-lait spot on his left ankle

              User Image
                Vale is the type of person who displays all his emotions on his face. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he's rather easy to figure out once you get to know him. He speaks openly with others, never beating around the bush or speaking in riddles. If someone wants a straight, honest answer, he will give it to them. Of course, that doesn't mean he's blunt or callous with his words either, somewhere in between. Unlike his brother Gian, Vale experiences emotions almost to an extreme degree. If he's sad, he'll cry (a lot), if he's angry, he'll yell, if he's happy, he'll spread it around to everyone he comes in contact with.

                He sets his own pace, often dragging others into it as he goes. Vale likes to be whimsical, doing what he pleases when he pleases, and never does one thing for too long. To say he likes to play with others would be an understatement. Vale literally thrives on companionship and that has gone to the extent where he fools around with multiple partners just to ease the loneliness of having lost his previous partner. He doesn't love any of them in a serious sense, but he does harbour some degree of affection for them, otherwise why would he bother hanging around them? Despite how he acts, the blond believes in 'true love' which leads to the next point. Vale is incredibly contradictory in his behaviour and actions. Sometimes he says one thing, but his actions denote another. He thinks one thing, but truly feels another. In a way, he's trying to change himself (albeit unsuccessfully).

                After losing the majority of his family, especially those close to him, Vale has grown insecure. He misses having his brother by his side, a constant presence he had grown up with, and because of that, he finds himself noticing how big of an influence Gian had in on his life. They did practically everything together, and Gian was one of the people who supported him psychologically and emotionally. With his brother gone, Vale feels that nothing he does is right, and that he can't be who he used to be anymore. On the topic of Gian, Vale is deeply rooted into the belief that Gian is the only rightful head of the Cicuta. Having watched as Gian learned and gradually took over the family, Vale finds it near impossible to accept that someone else would be capable of achieving the same level of dedication and possessing the same level of ability Gian had. This doesn't mean he isn't willing to give the new sky guardian a chance, it's just that it's emotionally difficult for him to accept it. To him, it feels like a betrayal if he considers anyone else as head because then he'd have had to conclude that they were better than Gian, hence why they're capable of assuming the role. That is ridiculous, but to him, the one thing he wants more than anything, is to never forget what his brother was like, what Tacito was like, what every member of his family was like. He doesn't want to lose what he had in the past, all the memories and happiness.

                Because of his PTSD, something he will never admit to, Vale has nightmares, a lot. He dreams about how things could have gone differently, how if maybe, just maybe, he actually trained, the deaths could have been reduced. All the 'what ifs' plague him unfalteringly and even when he's awake, his thoughts often turn to them. Flashbacks will come to him unexpectedly throughout his day, sometimes onset by familiar activities, and lately it's set him on edge. It also explains why he can't commit to one person. He's afraid of losing someone, afraid of the fact that he won't be able to protect them. Jumping around gives him the affection he longs for without any strings attach. But because it's such a shallow form of love, it's not nearly enough.

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                  • His Famiglia (Cicuta)
                  • Sunny days
                  • Italy
                  • Playing the Cello
                  • His dog

                  • Cacciatore (despises)
                  • Sleeping alone
                  • Letting others down
                  • Secrecy among his family
                  • Bloodshed (unless it's the Cacciatore)

                  • People watching
                  • Spending time with his Famiglia
                  • Being lazy

                    Theme song(s):
                  • Monster - Imagine Dragons
                  • Escaping Time - Vadim Kiselev

              User Image
                Lines. From his first memory to his most recent, Vale remembers all the lines. They obstructed his sight and covered the world. Chairs, people, animals, everything had an expiry date, a time when they would simply die. They scared him because his world had been tainted with death, something that a boy thought would always be so far away. Others went about their days thinking of the future, of the present, of happy things. Some were caught up in troubles and woes, but ultimately, most strove to live. But Vale went about his days watching and fearing. Would the lines swallow up his brother and parents like they did the man he saw on the street? What happened after that? For the longest time, Vale didn't know. Shortly after reaching the age of three, the Secret was given a pair of glasses imbued with mist flames that would mask the world in normality. With them, he could be like his brother and the others, he didn't have to be so afraid. So he grew up like that, completely unaware of what exactly the lines were, only that he was never to tell anyone about them, and should an outsider find out, they had to be dealt with.

                It wasn't until his adolescence did Vale begin to question what he was taught. What was the big deal, what happened if he did something to those lines? One day when he was playing with Gian, they both decided to find out. After all, his brother shared the same curiosity genes as he did. Hiding themselves away in the woods, they tried numerous things. Touching the lines didn't seem to do anything, it didn't feel different either. Tracing them with a twig resulted in the same conclusion. Finally, they decided, 'what if you try cutting along them?' So the next day, the returned to the woods with a small switch blade Gian had grabbed out of their father's desk. Vale cut alone the biggest line he found, one that ran through the trunk of an old tree by the mansion. To his surprise, it was like cutting through jello. There was little resistance, and it was as if the line was guiding his hand along.

                The moment his knife exited the trunk, the entire tree simply fell. It was uncomprehensible to them how such a small knife would be able to bring down a tree that size. Nevertheless, they thought it was interesting and continued to try it out on other things. Or at least, they would have if they hadn't been caught. A tree falling in the middle of the day was bound to attract attention, especially with all the members loitering the surrounding areas. At first their parents were beside themselves with worry, but once they confirmed both their children were unharmed, worry turned into anger. Both were reprimanded harshly, and both parents refused to listen to the boys until Vale put his glasses back on. 'It's not something you can take lightly.' His father said. But he didn't understand, why were they so angry? All he knew was that he didn't like being yelled at like this, especially when it wasn't even his and Gian's fault. Being the crybaby he was, Vale did just that, hiding behind his brother and refusing to explain anything.

                Gian on the otherhand, was the exact opposite, he argued and argued, saying how they wouldn't know something was wrong if they weren't explained why. 'You can't just tell us not to do something and expect us to listen without an explanation.' Despite his age, Gian was in no way immature or childish. In the end, both parents caved and took the twins to their room before sitting them down. They explained that it wasn't something to be played with. Death was never a game. It wasn't something humans should take lightly.

                'Vale... Listen closely, our treasure, our Secret, is to be protected at all times... even at the cost of your own life. Gian, you as the head must ensure that our Secret remains a secret. Outsiders mustn't know, for Vale's safety and the entire Family's safety.'

                'But why?' They both asked. This was a conversation they had meant to have when the boys were older and presumably wiser, but as it stood, they'd have to explain why ahead of schedule, and so they did. Other Families wouldn't take well to such a power. Flames were something all Families possessed, but if they found that someone was able to kill them without warning, in broad daylight, and with a near 100% assurance, how would they react?

                Still, they didn't understand the graveness of the situation. 'We'll keep it a secret,' they said. Though they didn't fully comprehend why, if it would put their parents to ease, they would do it.

                A year passed after that, and another, until both were well into their adolescence. Training became their daily routine, though Vale for one hated it. If at all possible, he'd skip out at every chance he got, instead going to where his brother was. He hated being separated from his twin, if even for a few hours. The other, though he reprimanded his younger half, was always too soft on Vale, allowing the blond to do as he pleased. Vale learned quickly, which helped, but with the amount of specialized training he was skipping, it would definitely show through his combat abilities.

                Tris saw this too, and once she was assigned as Vale's guardian, the nagging increased, if only for a while. Those times, he'd merely stick his tongue out and laugh it off before running away from the girl. Eventually, she eased up on it, much to Vale's relief. Tacito would laugh with him most of the time, but there were a few where he agreed with his sister and urged Vale to seriously train. A few times, Vale would listen, but he didn't like the training. Without his contacts - at this point he had replaced the glasses with them - he felt the world was a dark place. Death covered every surface, and he could never escape, not even when he closed his eyes to it all. He laughed and joked, but he was afraid of death, finally understanding what his parents had meant all those years ago. He didn't want to kill people, because he knew how easy it was to simply disassociate it all. To forget that anything was living, to cut along the lines without a second thought... It was so easy. And that sickened him. Life was precious, it was fleeting but bright, and for it to be smothered just like that...

                Vale's life was relatively peaceful then, and when he turned eighteen, it was probably the happiest time of his life. He received so much that year, a ring to signify his status in the family, the crest tattooed on his back, and finally, finally, he worked up the courage to confess to Tacito. It was silly, even Gian teased him nonstop about how he acted like some love-struck high school girl. Vale had punched his brother hard for that, and Gian had retaliated in the same manner, adding how it was so obvious everyone saw it and that they were all waiting to see how long it took Vale or Tacito to do something. The feeling was mutual between the two, and for that year, they were inseparable. Gian joked about how he felt unloved since Vale often went too where Tacito was instead of sticking with Gian all the time now. But it was okay, they all still hung out together, and despite their age, still had sleep overs with each other; Vale, Gian, Tris, and Tacito, just like when they were children.

                At this point, Gian was more or less ready to take on the role as the next head, and began his transitionary stage. Gaining experience and working late into the night, his brother spent more time with his father than ever, and Vale had to occupy himself with other things for the next two years. During that time, he also came to learn of a secret crush his brother developed on a certain sun guardian. Of course, he never said anything, but when the twins were alone, he would pester Gian just as Gian had pestered him about Tacito. He also trained a bit, not much though, and mostly hung out with Tacito, watching over the lightning guardian as he trained.

                It could be considered almost comical. Vale had read multiple books about how times of peace were the calm before the storm, but he had always separated fiction from reality. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that situation would apply to the Cicuta as well.

                It couldn't even be considered a battle. It was a massacre, simple as that. They were completely unprepared when the attack was launched. They were disorganized and panicked. Vale for one had been going for his check up with Biagino and Tacito had accompanied him. It would have been like any other day if not for the sudden explosions that rocked the foundations of the mansion and the enemy who came crashing through the window. Tacito reacted first and easily dispatched the Cacciatore member. Almost in a dazed stupor of disbelief, Vale felt that what was happening wasn't real, it couldn't be... Even as Tris came and they headed towards the tunnels, Vale's thoughts were a mess. What was happening? Where's Gian? Is he okay? He needed to find his brother, his other half, but he wasn't allowed. They had to keep moving forward. He would be okay, he had his guardians, he had mom and dad with him. Vale tried to reassure himself this way as they continued through the chaos. Halfway there, pain shot through his body, and for the briefest of moments, his vision went black. It wasn't extreme or long enough for anyone to notice, but Vale felt it. Gone. Gian was gone.

                Ironic that this time of all times, the crybaby wouldn't cry. He simply couldn't. He was shocked to the point where he had gone numb. So instead, he continued forward, following the others and focusing on everything else. They were almost there... Almost safe. But almost was never enough. Before he had a chance to even say anything, to say goodbye, to protest, to grab Tacito, he was abruptly shoved into the tunnel, and Biagino half dragged him through it, the doctor's face a pallid shade as he set himself to the task he was given. No no no, why was Tacito staying behind? Why hadn't Vale stayed to help? Tris? Where was Tris? At the mere thought of her, she had appeared, but she had rejoined them without Tacito... Despite his questions, she remained silent, and Vale soon followed suit. At some point, emerald eyes fell on the ring adorning her finger, and he felt his stomach drop.

                Tacito had stayed behind.

                Time passed in a blur after that. They had made it out, reunited with what was left of their family, and the full brunt of their loss finally hit him. Hearing the words made everything so much more real. He had denied it somewhere inside, clinging to the small hope that everyone would somehow be okay, but that was impossible now. Still, he couldn't cry, the tears wouldn't come no matter how much he wanted them to. It was like he was simply going through the motions of life, detached from his body, hovering outside it and simply watching everything that transpired.

                With the help of Desideria, what remained of the Cicuta fled to Japan to find new guardians and a new heir. One that Vale didn't accept, wouldn't accept. In his mind, Gian was the only head the family would ever have. He hated feeling like this, despising someone who had done nothing wrong, whom he had never even met, hated that he had lost everything to a family who had somehow found out. Tris was no longer his guardian, having been made the new lightning guardian by Tacito. Tacito who died so they could escape... Everything looped back to the Cacciatore, to their unpreparedness, to his weakness.

                Once alone, Vale discarded his contacts, forced himself to accept what he had and to use it to its full potential if only to exterminate an entire family.

              User Image
                  • Twin Retractable Katars: They look more or less like ornamental wristbands when retracted, but when extended, they're fully capable of performing the task Vale intends for them. Having them on him at all times serves as a self-reassurance measure, knowing that he'll always have a way to defend himself.
                  • Anything sharp: Pretty self explanatory... Anything that can cut becomes a weapon for him.
                  • None: N/A

              User Image
                  • Kissing people
                  • Death perception
                  • Procrastinating

                  • Cooking
                  • Lying
                  • Hiding his presence

                  • Vale is over emotional, especially when it comes to the deceased members, or even the surviving and new members (though for the latter, this has yet to develop as they are currently strangers to him)
                  • He becomes incredibly disengaged when he fights. To him, everything is reduced to lines. There's no life, no people, no emotions, merely black lines that creep and stretch infinitely, all waiting to be cut. Reference/Credit

                  • Necklace from Tacito
                  • Family ring
                  • Katars
                  • Cellphone
                  • Money
                  • Family photo

              User Image
                    Pets: Gian, a Japanese Spitz that he bought upon arriving in Japan.
                    Love Interest: Tacito Varano - Deceased. Other than that, none at the moment.
                    Username: Shadow_Angel1234567890

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xxxxxxx ♦ ♦ ♦▐ Noah Verowen
xxxxxxx ♦ ♦ ♦▐ Twenty-four
xxxxxxx ♦ ♦ ♦▐ Teaching assistant at the university
xxxxxxx ♦ ♦ ♦▐ Falling in love with manipulative, shallow, frivolous, selfish bastards.
xxxxxxx ♦ ♦ ♦▐ Shadow_Angel1234567890

      Like most, Noah had a relatively normal upbringing. His family wasn't Japanese however, though they moved here when Noah was ten. He grew up with a single father for most of his life, as his parents divorced when he was twelve, his mother then moved to America for her work. Maybe that was part of the reason why Noah started seeking out partners older than him. Women first, then eventually he found he preferred men. His father never knew of course, and to this day he still doesn't know. In any case, his luck with partners were horrible. Not a single one of them lasted past three months and each of them followed the same cycle and pattern. One would think he would learn by now, and Noah honestly thought he did. Each time he believed his new partner to be different from the last, a better person, someone he could love wholeheartedly, and each time he was painfully wrong. Still, that hasn't stopped him, and he's somehow winded up in a relationship with the teacher he's TAing for. On another note, Noah's had to find a roommate since he can't afford an place of his own. Eventually coming across a decent flyer, he's arranged to meet the guy soon. Hopefully his new roommate isn't a slob or a nosy guy.
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noble⊰THE SLAYER OF KINDNESS ❛ xxxxxxxxx
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nobleoblivi━━━ LUNE BELLIVERE

nobleoblivionnobleoblivionnoble██⋮◝♕. age.
nobleoblivionnobleoblivionnoble██⋮◝♕. second in command
nobleoblivionnobleoblivionnoble██⋮◝♕. twilikinesis

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▬▬ the sum of the past
                                          Lune was born and raised in a family that had served the Queen's line for generations, and she was to be no different. Sheltered to the point of isolation, books became Lune's only companions, her imagination the only solace she had in the quiet rooms of the manor. Like her other siblings, she was to train to become someone fit to serve the Queen. An aid, a lady in waiting, a protector. Whatever the Queen decided, Lune would be molded accordingly. The girl wasn't special in any way, she wasn't a fast learner, nor was she the brightest of the bunch. She couldn't run fast or run for a long time, and she honestly didn't mind. She liked being average, since contrary to what her parents wanted, Lune didn't really have any ambition or goals in mind. That being said, she did well at the things she worked hard at, putting in effort for her parents' dreams since she had none of her own at the time.

                                          Years later, Lune had been recruited as part of the Queen's personal guard. She fought well enough to be noticed by the Monarch, and she was diligent and honest. While she was in no way the ace of the group, Lune was kind to others in a way that seemed so natural that many didn't notice it. Because of that, she had a rather peaceful life with the rare dispute and even rarer fight here and there. Steadily, she worked her way up the ranks, not minding that she was, but not actively pursuing it either. If it happened, it happened, as was her motto. Soon, she rose to second in command, something that, as much as it made her parents proud, meant very little to Lune. Then came the Queen's request for Lune to have a Belorite core assimilated into her body. She had trained for long enough, and it was all for this. Whether she would survive the transcendence and become a true Slayer, or whether she failed and was killed was something Lune had to decide between. For the first time in her life, she was stumped. This was a choice she had to make. Not her parents, not her Queen, and certainly not her Captain. Quite frankly, Lune didn't really know what to do, but if she refused, she figured it wouldn't be good for her or her family.

                                          So, if only by the pressure she felt from others, Lune agreed to the procedure. The moment the core was merged with her soul, she regretted her decision. If she thought she knew what pain was before, Lune was utterly wrong. She wanted nothing more than to rip herself apart if it would ease the agony, and for the first time in her life, she intensely wished for death. Death was peaceful and painless. This, on the other hand, was not. Many times over she prayed for it to simply end, not caring if she ended up a failure or not as long as the pain stopped. After what seemed and eternity, it finally did, and with it came the start of Lune's new life.

                                          Remaining in the guard, Lune was given a new mission - to destroy the Belorite and protect the Queen. Not that bad right? Of course, Lune has never come face to face with one, though she has a feeling she won't be easily taken down.

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noble⊰THE SLAYER OF GREED ❛ xxxxxxxxx
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nobleoblivi━━━ AZRIEL LAZARUS
nobleoblivionnob❝The enemy of my enemy is my friend.❞

nobleoblivionnobleoblivionnoble██⋮◝♕. Twenty-four
nobleoblivionnobleoblivionnoble██⋮◝♕. alchemist
nobleoblivionnobleoblivionnoble██⋮◝♕. alchemy

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▬▬ the sum of the past
                                          Famine, poverty, death. All who lived in the Badlands had seen those things early in life. They had seen them so many times that the scenes were burned into their minds. Azriel was no different. Abandoned by parents he never knew, such a thing was common when there were too many mouths to feed and not enough food. So it was odd when an old man found and rescued him amidst a pile of corpses in an alleyway. Among all that death was a small, fleeting life. The man named him accordingly, or maybe it was just to take a jab at the Queen who had taken everything from him. Azriel, the angel of death. How lovely it would be if this child brought about the demise of the kingdom. Age had made the man senile and insane, but to the baby, this man was all he had.

                                          Growing up was never boring for Azriel. He was well cared for, and the elderly man's strange and eccentric antics always kept the boy amused. Though finding food was often a struggle, the two managed to get by. The man had no job as he was too old to work, and Azriel was too young so the two had to scavenge for everything. There were others who did the same, so many nights the two went to bed hungry. Still, Azriel could smile since he had his 'father.' He also came to hate the Queen and the city, his mind poisoned by the stories he was told. Not once did he doubt the validity of his father's words, and he still hasn't to this day. After all, the people in the Badlands were ignored and marginalized by the kingdom, and when the Belorite finally attacked, no help came. The elderly man was killed, and even though Azriel hated the Belorite for that, he hated the kingdom and the Five Cities even more for sitting back and doing nothing all these years.

                                          Hate gradually consumed him, and that was something the Keeper seemed to be looking for. An offer was made, and Azriel unwittingly took it. Somehow surviving the Transcendence, something he'd rather never relive again, Azriel successfully became a Slayer. Though he wasn't sure of the Keeper's intentions, this man had reached out to him and had given him a purpose and the power to accomplish it too. While Azriel is grateful, he is still wary, not one to easily trust. He doesn't understand why the Belorite listen to the Keeper and the Fallen, but he's willing to put that aside if they'll help him and the others destroy the objects of their hatred.

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