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                  We're businessmen, not thugs, so get your s**t together and stop besmirching Red Steel's name.
                ████████████████████ ████████████████████ ████████████████████

                      FIRST IMPRESSIONS
                          NICKNAME; Leto
                          AGE; 26
                          GENDER; Male
                          SEXUALITY; Demisexual
                          HEIGHT; 6'4"
                          WEIGHT; 174lbs

                      COMBAT ORDERS
                          Piano wire: Leto keeps two coils wrapped around his wrists. Good for silent kills or torture, they're disguised as wrist bands with auto-retract for quick clean up.
                          Silenced pistol: Probably his most preferred long range weapon. Years of practice have made him quite the shot, and if possible, he enjoys ricocheting his bullets to decrease their predictability.
                          Daggers: Gotta have a close range weapon, not to mention guns can always run out of bullets when you need them most. Legato prefers a two bladed style combined with martial arts, after all, what good is a blade if you can't wield it properly.

                          FIGHTING STYLE;
                          Not exactly a muscular man, toned, but not super strong, Legato relies on uses his enemies movements and momentum against them. He doesn't take attacks head on, nor does he use blocks. Instead he prefers to redirect attacks so their blows land elsewhere or even on their own allies. Maximizing the efficiency of his movements, Leto can save energy while making sure his opponents use all of theirs. He makes good use of his dodging capabilities too, and is an annoying target to try and hit when on the run. While Legato is no coward, he's not overly confident of his own abilities either. Therefore, he finds no shame in retreating when he feels he's at a disadvantage, but more often than naught, he prefers to finish off his opponent lest they become an even bigger nuisance the next time they meet.

                          Intuitive: Perhaps it's inherent, or maybe it was developed from all the fights he had gotten into, but Legato is very adept at predicting the movements and intentions of others whether it be in battle or in tactical strategy. Not just that, but in regards to the nature of people and whether or not they are trustworthy and truthful. However, he's not infallible and is well aware of that too.
                          Realistic: He rarely if ever underestimates his opponents. Often times he over estimates them. Still, he's careful and meticulous in what he does, otherwise how could Red Steel have retained so much power? Always having backups for his backups, Legato knows things rarely go as planned and usually creates various contingency plans for such cases.
                          Tech Savvy: Technology always works beautifully for him. Maybe it's ridiculous, but never has he had anything crash or burn on when in his possession. On that note, he's able to quickly learn how to use any technology that falls into his hands inside and out.
                          Cooking: Yes, he can cook. As if he would let others make his meals. While he does trust Red Steel members for the most part, you can never be too sure, especially now that White Justice has popped up out of nowhere.
                          Playing the Viol: Self taught after his father's death considering his father would never let him do something so 'unnecessary.' Leto loves the sounds that are produced and in a way, his true, kinder self shines through when he loses himself in music.

                          Indecisive: Many times, Leto fights a inner war with himself. The man he's become vs. the man he was. Both want the same thing but argue about the means to that end. Because of that, he takes a long time to decide on something, at least in regards to important things.
                          Dealing With Children: He regards them as a whole different species. In truth, he's just unsure of how to act around innocent beings and is worried about turning them into future hims. Hence, Leto is rather envious of Rhys in this respect.
                          Contests of Strength: While he's not weak, he's not super strong either. So if it were to come down to some fight that relied on strength, you can bet he'll find some other way to get the job done. That or he'll just... make a tidy escape.

                      BACKGROUND INFORMATION
                              Intuitive -- Gifted with a knack for using instinct rather than just facts and appearances has saved Leto's a** on more than one occasion, and will trust his gut feeling more than what others tell him generally.
                              Meticulous -- Going through everything with a fine tip comb, if the task isn't done perfectly, get ready to do it again, and again, and again until he's satisfied. Not one to rush through things or skip over the fine print, Legato hates being tricked or caught unaware so he takes great pains to avoid it.
                              Patient -- He's the kind that's perfectly capable of waiting for his enemies to come to him instead of charging head first into who knows what. Not just that, but in regards to dealing with others, he's not impatient or hotheaded when it comes to frustrating or difficult people. Because of this, he's usually able to see the whole picture instead of just the present or what's immediately before him.
                              Manipulative -- Well he's got to be right? How else would he have killed his father?
                              Ruthless -- No mercy. Leto knows the meaning of mercy quite well, he just chooses not to exercise it. If he wants something done and someone stands in his way, he's not going to leave them half dead or presumably dead. No. He will pump them full of lead bullets and chop of their heads.
                              Reasonable -- He's not going to make his subordinates complete impossible tasks. During his time winning over the loyalty of Red Steel, Leto took great pains to acquaint himself with those loyal to him and gives them tasks he knows they can accomplish successfully.
                              Charismatic -- How else would he have won over 3/4 of Red Steel without shedding blood? A natural born leader, Legato would never be able to follow the lead of someone else, and as such, he's good at persuading others to follow him. Tactics like oppression and bribery really aren't his style, though he's aware of the merits of each at times. Moderation is key, and Leto is well aware of when to push and when to back off. All in all, he's good at garnering support and appearing as though he's 'one of them,' whomever he designates 'them' to be.
                              Carefree -- Or at least, that's how he likes to appear. In his opinion, nothing's worse than seeing a superior tense and worried all the time because after awhile, it'll rub off on the subordinates, and that's something Legato wants to avoid. So often times, he'll maintain a relaxed air around him to put those loyal to him at ease, and to throw his enemies off guard.
                              Kind -- Very select few see this side of him, and it's almost never shown nowadays. As a trait from his childhood Leto doesn't exercise kindness on a daily basis, and currently that is something only reserved for Euthy, Rhys (when not on the job), Ini, and Kai (prior to their big argument)

                              • Order
                              • Winning
                              • Blood
                              • Sleeping
                              • Rain
                              • Red Steel
                              • Being with those he trusts
                              • Cleanliness

                              • Parsley
                              • Chaos
                              • Hypocrisy
                              • Failure
                              • White Justice
                              • Traitors/betrayal
                              • His (dead) father

                          - His father killed his mother - believed a female presence would 'weaken' Legato
                          - Took Legato to meetings at an early age and had him exposed thoroughly to gang life
                          - As a child, naive and compassionate, just like any other child. His father tried to beat it out of him, telling him such traits were weak and useless in this kind of world.
                          - Slowly came to hate Red Steel, or at least what it had become under his father's rule
                          - Leto hated it more because of what it did to Kai and his relationship. Kai was one of his few friends as a child, and because of how his father ran Red Steel, they got into a fight right before being permanently separated.
                          - His other friend was Euthy, though she was more of a free spirit. As such, Leto envied her for being able to do as she pleased and go wherever she wanted, unrestricted by anyone or anything. A few times he brought up Naomi, knowing that the two girls were friends as well, but was never able to meet the raven haired girl. His father told him to stay away from Naomi considering she was a part of the opposition, but Leto didn't understand why, it wasn't like he had anything against her so he ignored his father for the most part.
                          - Gang life hardened him - so much death, so many killings he couldn't prevent. Poverty, famine, fear... People constantly turning on each other to get ahead, what shocked him most was people who were so close fighting to the death over a single thing such a power or money.
                          - In his early adolescence, Legato began to grow suspicious of others, thus reading the hidden cues instead of listening to just the words.
                          - At the age of fifteen he met Inigo, found the male was fairly useful and spent five years testing him to see how loyal he was capable of becoming, and whether or not that loyalty would belong solely to him. Once he was satisfied, Inigo became his right hand man and a trusted confidant.
                          - Also met E'varia during that time. Both were quite fake around each other at the beginning, and Leto for one, took the opportunity to have her show him her tricks whenever he could. Turning point in their relationship was when E'varia had his back, taking out a man aiming for him and rendering him permanently infertile. While he didn't trust her completely after that, he was more inclined to give her chances to prove herself.
                          - Dated Euthy for a two years, starting from when he was eighteen. A happier time in his life where he would have been content living with her at his side without regard for Red Steel.
                          - She disappeared when he was twenty and during that time, he distracted himself by becoming more immersed in gang life. He thought she might have left either because she simply didn't like him anymore or because it had something to do with the fact that he wasn't yet the head of Red Steel.
                          - At the age of twenty, he plotted the murder of his father, after building up trust for so many years, he decided it was time to act.
                          - Inigo and E'varia were the first he confided in, and at age twenty-one, he carried it out with Inigo as his right hand man, and E'varia as his lieutenant, having won over the loyalty of three fourths of Red Steel during that one year period.
                          - The remaining quarter were given a choice, to join or to be 'released.' Legato tricked them into thinking they would simply be kicked out of the gang, but killed all who chose to be released.
                          - After that, Leto devoted his time to reforming the system for the next five years. He put sanctions on Red Steel's conduct and made Sanctuary city a better place to live in. Not the best, but certainly better than before.
                          - E'varia had been reported by a 'trusted' informant as a supporter for his later father's ideals and to have been selling out Red Steel intel. With such overwhelming evidence and a clear sense of betrayal, Leto had Inigo kill both her and her fiancé.
                          - Months later, he found out the truth, and as a half assed apology, ended up paying for E'varia's hospital bills.
                          - Established more routes for weapons and ammunition trading as well as alliances with promising gangs.
                          - At the age of twenty-four, Legato came into contact with Rhys and supplied him with weapons to annihilate the gang that betrayed him. Two birds with one stone - found himself a good mercenary that wasn't tied down by lingering loyalties and he was rid of a gang that was becoming a nuisance to him.
                          - White Justice is threatening everything he's worked hard to build up and protect so Leto's incredibly displeased. They think that they're right, but he thinks they're just a bunch of idiots too caught up in their own s**t to see the big picture.
                          - As a result he proposed an alliance between Red Steel and Black Charity to combat White Justice. He for one isn't stupid enough to ignore them, and even though his father may have been against Black Charity, Leto has nothing against them.

                      MISC DATA
                          • He's an incredibly light sleeper
                          • Self taught player of the viol (different from the viola), and tends to play when he's in need of a breather or in order to clear his mind.
                          THEME; Sick of it -- Skillet ;; Not Gonna Die -- Skillet
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tab tab tab tab tab tab THE VESPER!
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tab {Emilio Valente}IMMORTAL{Twenty-one}IMMORTAL{Gender}IMMORTAL{Location}
      Brief BioIMMORTAL

    ⇒Just write like a paragraph please. You can put most of the information in the actual bio so yeah xD
    tab tab tab tab tab tab tab Shadow_Angel1234567890

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            tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab B A S I C S ! !
            tab tab ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

                            :: N A M E Emilio Valente
                            :: A G E Twenty-one
                            :: W E I G H T x'xx"
                            :: H E I G H T xxxlbs
                            :: G E N D E R Male
                            :: S E X U A L I T Y Demisexual
                            :: O C C U P A T I O N High school? Collage? Work?
                            :: L O C A T I O N Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                            :: P O W E R The Vesper - Ability to communicate with flora and fauna

            tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab I N T E R E S T S! !
            tab tab ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

                            :: L I K E S
                            tab tab tab tab Surprises
                            tab tab tab tab Nature
                            tab tab tab tab Jazz
                            tab tab tab tab The Cello
                            tab tab tab tab Rain
                            tab tab tab tab Tea
                            :: D I S L I K E S
                            tab tab tab tab Pollution
                            tab tab tab tab Noise
                            tab tab tab tab Rap
                            tab tab tab tab Smoking
                            tab tab tab tab Poachers
                            tab tab tab tab Majority of humans
                            :: H O B B I E S
                            tab tab tab tab Gardening
                            tab tab tab tab Playing the Cello
                            tab tab tab tab Reading
                            tab tab tab tab Drinking tea
                            tab tab tab tab Camping
                            tab tab tab tab thanks
                            :: F E A R S
                            tab tab tab tab Being helpless
                            tab tab tab tab

            tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab xxP E R S O N A L I T Y! !
            tab tab ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

                            :: R E S E R V E D Explain how your character is this trait.
                            :: G E N T L E Explain how your character is this trait.
                            :: E I D E T I C Explain how your character is this trait.
                            :: U N S T A B L E (?) Not something that usually happens, but instead it is triggered. Call it a form of PTSD if you will, but Emilio undergoes a radical personality change when he is hurt or if someone he cares about is hurt.
                            :: S E C R E T I V E Explain how your character is this trait.
                            :: N E G A T I V E T R A I T Explain how your character is this trait.

            tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab B I O G R A P H Y ! !
            tab tab ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅


                            - Parents died in an accident when 3
                            - no living/known relatives
                            - lived in the orphanage till 5
                            - ran away and scraped by for another year
                            - met Owl when 6 and she was 7 in a park
                            - she took him home and they adopted him

                            Biography will be done in paragraph form please and thank you. Try and make it
                            no less than two paragraphs, and no longer than eight. Now it doesn't need to have a loner emo
                            character with family deaths and such, that's actually kind of boring. Let's think of interesting
                            things people.
                            :: For the character who is playing the Psychokinesis, you'll be getting your memories
                            of before the simulation. So you'll have to write about those memories as well as the memories
                            within the simulation. So you can write a little more, and just divide them so Shadow and I know
                            which is which please.

                            tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab Username here
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THE ABANDONED CHILD Shadow_Angel1234567890
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➥ Zeru tab 19 tab Guarded
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User Image

                                                    tab tab tab THE ABANDONED CHILD
                                                    tab tab tab tab
                                                    Zeru tab
                                                    19 tab Zee
                                                    Demisexual tab Human
                                                    6' tab 160lbs
                                                    Basque tab seke

                                                    Zeru could be described as having a willowy body type. Perfectly comfortable in his skin, he's toned but doesn't have very prominent muscles. In regards to how he dresses, he's not picky, going for whatever catches his eye and can be afforded with his wallet. However, he does have a thing for scarves and the colours blue, white, and black. His left ear is pierced and he doesn't have any tattoos, too afraid of the pain. Nor would he ever be able to afford one. Not one for cologne, Zeru finds scents a little overpowering and tends to stay away from individuals who douse themselves in the stuff.

                                                    Born with apperceptive prosopagnosia, Zeru was inherently unable to recognize faces, be it his parents or his friends. Everyone looked like strangers to him, no matter how many times he met them. For the first few years it was okay since as a child, he stayed at home. But when he grew older and wasn't able to distinguish people, his parents knew something was wrong. All their grand dreams for their son were reduced to nothing now that they knew business relations would be impossible. Not bothering to remotely find a way around such a thing and ignoring the fact that Zeru could in fact identify people by their voices, they took to abandoning him at the age of ten. Under the guise that they were going to go celebrate his birthday, they told him to wait at a street corner while they went to buy something in a store only adults could go into. However clichéd it was, they never came back.

                                                    Still, where else was he supposed to go? So for eight hours after that, Zeru stood in the same place, ignoring those who passed by, praying his parents would come back for him. Instead, someone else came, Locke. The incubus was kind enough to take him home and his parents agreed to let Zeru stay. Years passed like that, and despite never recognizing them, he learned to recognize their voices, Locke's in particular. Able to identify the male wherever and whenever just from the rich tones and soft lulls of his unique sound, Zeru ended up sticking close to the raven haired male, even going as to leave with him when Locke decided to travel around.

                                                    With those he trusts, Zeru is quite talkative, finding conversation in even the most mundane of topics. To others, Zeru is withdrawn and wary, unable to distinguish people from each other, always worried he might end up following someone with dark intentions if he's not careful. Not wanting them to know he has prosopagnosia for fear of being led astray or being taken advantage of, he keeps others at an arm's length, making it harder for them to realize it. As a result, he appears standoffish and can seem rude even because while others remember him, unless he's able to commit their voice to memory, something that doesn't happen instantaneously, they're just another faceless person in the sea of people to him. Despite all this, Zeru is inherently warm as an individual once he let's you in, wanting to help others like how Locke helped him with no strings or expectations attached. Quite open minded and accepting of others is something that seems natural to him considering he knows what it's like to be venomously rejected for being different.

                                                    Cooking tab Relaxing tab Swimming
                                                    The sea tab Tattoos tab Music with a good beat
                                                    Crowds tab Perfume/Cologne tab Perfection

                                                    • His name means 'sky' in Basque
                                                    • Themes:
                                                    tab Canvas by Rezonate
                                                    tab Stargazer by Rezonate
                                                    • Voice: Steve Burton
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                          xxx xxx xxx REAPPLICATION
                          xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx RECIPIENT: METAMORPHOUS xxx xxx SENDER : Shadow_Angel1234567890

                          xxx xxx xxx THE xxx BASICS

                          xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx x SAMPLESxxx xxx GMT-7 xxx xxx THE STRATEGIST/THE EMPEROR


                                PROMPT 01 : THIRTY SECONDS TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION!

                                      Poised and elegant, a flutter of golden tresses. For a moment, it catches the light and morphs into liquid gold. Before you can stop, you reach out to catch a lock. Instant freeze. She turns to you, a quiet storm brewing within deep violet pools. "What." She says. Biting, yet smooth like the whispers of moonlight against your ears. Silky strands slip from your fingers and you take a step back. Is she offended? Perhaps not? But the hardness in her eyes suggest a different story. You can't tell. The hints of a smile curve her lips and she turns to face you, each movement fluidly connecting to the last.


                                      She stands confident, utterly sure of herself and comfortable in her skin. Crystal amethyst hues set their sights upon you, clear and without a single impurity to cloud her gaze. Perhaps it is her aura, perhaps her eyes, but you become flustered and apologize. As you do, you see her icy countenance melt away, giving her the look of painted porcelain. But she is no doll. Unbreakable, unyielding, she will not falter, and that is apparent to you. Beyond that, you cannot decipher just how deep those pools of amethyst are. She smiles at you, forgiveness upon her lips. Following that, a question, "You are...?"

                                      "A new Reaper." You reply, hastily straightening as if to give a better impression. She nods with minimal movement. As if in a different world than you, she remains unaffected by your bursts of emotions, her expression akin to that of a still lake, even as her gaze relays so much more. Amusement surfaces for a few seconds before melding away and the longer you stare, the more entrapped you become. What else lies in there? But before you have a chance to find out, she turns away. Automatically, you start after her, not out of curiosity, rather, instinct tells you to. Again, she pauses and sends you a silent question. Another stuttered out apology leaves you as you step back, baffled by your own actions. Staring at the ground, it isn't until you hear the sound of tinkling laughter to you raise your head.

                                      Smiling, she's smiling at you. It lights up her visage and for a moment you lose sight of yourself and your surroundings.


                                      And you follow.


                                      Elisa isn't one to look back, to dwell on the past, on her mistakes, on her death, at least... not now, not as a Reaper. Regret was for those who did nothing in times that called for action, for those too afraid to reach out and fight for their desires, to speak up even in a sea of oppression. All those things, is what she is not. Though she chooses her words with care in order to avoid diplomatic conflict, Elisa has no emotional tact nor cares if she offends her superiors with her words. Facts are meant to be spoken, not glazed in sugar and dipped in honey.

                                      People make mistakes, she knows that firsthand, and is always willing to give others a second chance, even a third and fourth if need be. But those are rare. Optimistic and accepting as she may be, Elisa is a realist that knows just how human nature works. There are things she cannot change, that others themselves cannot change, and it is in those times she knows to let go. Bygones will be bygones, and she will continue onward with her eyes set ahead towards the future.

                                      At work, she has a no nonsense attitude. Slackers grate on her nerves, as do those who constantly make light of every situation. Straight laced and level headed, it takes a lot to dispel the serene surface of her demeanor, though if one does, they better be prepared for a tsunami.

                                      Open with her life, there is little she has done that she's ashamed of. Things from when she was alive are a different story however. While she will share that time period, albeit with slight reluctance, her life among the living was starkly contrasting to her current life. Regret, was something she never wanted to experience again, nor does she now, or at the very least, she avoids inflicting upon herself. Before her death, however, it was something that was commonplace for her. She never spoke up when admonished or criticized, never fought for her beliefs. But in doing so, could her existence truly be deemed 'living'?

                                      Obedient to a fault, she had let herself become a marionette, with others tugging at the strings, making her dance across the fabricated stage that was the world. Who her friends were, she let others decide and approach her. What school she attended, Elisa stayed quiet as her parents discussed the choices. What career she should pursue, she listened to her teachers' recommendations. Everyone made her choices for her, and she let herself be swept along by the tides, never bothering to swim or even to stay afloat. In the end, she only served to drown herself.

                                PROMPT 03 : SHOW ME YOUR MOVES.

                                      Optical Reality Negation

                                      With this power, Elisa has the ability to negate/destroy reality within her line of sight. Her power can be used to destroy specific parts of an object or the entire structure in general. She can also bounce her power's optical aspect off of reflective surfaces. While it sounds highly effective, there are multiple downsides. Anything she cannot see cannot be affected. So whether it be too far of simply in hiding, Elisa is unable to negate/destroy it. As well, over using her ability results in severe psychological fatigue. At the present moment, she capable of using it twenty times for nearby objects within a twenty metre radius of her being and ten times for any object beyond that and still residing within her line of vision.

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          the youngest son of remlyn
                DANTE REMLYN
                    Short-Tempered Protective Sardonic Shadow_Angel1234567890


Some extra things:
Age - to make sure all our children are the correct ages. Youngest should be no younger than 20, Eldest should be no older than 26. PS, I do support using twins in the rp, but I suggest having different people play the twins. It's a lot more fun that way.
Power - This is specifically for Sylvanus and Krevshens. Which element do you control or what family of animal do you transform into? They don't all have to be different.
Samples - Samples of your writing. If you don't have a sample thread, I can just look through your recent posts instead.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      • NAME: Lucifer Immeni
        NICKNAME: Luce
        BIRTHDAY: September 2
        AGE: 18
        HAIR: Gold
        EYES: Emerald
        HEIGHT: 6' 02"
        GENDER: Male
        SEXUALITY: Demisexual
        YEAR: 7th
        HOUSE: Slytherin
        WAND: Holly with Veela hair, 9 3/4"
        TITLES: Co-Captain, Keeper, Headboy & 7th Year Prefect, Slytherin Champion, Parselmouth
        USERNAME: Shadow_Angel1234567890

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

        CRUSH: Meilin
        FEAR: Drowning
        xx Sunny days
        xx Hot springs
        xx Sleeping
        xx Companionship
        xx Snakes
        xx Cold
        xx Liars
        xx Not knowing
        xx Cowards
        xx Backstabbers
        xx Speaking Parseltongue
        xx Lying
        xx Duelling
        xx Charms
        xx Divination
        xx Dealing with children
        xx derp
        xx Warm
        xx Perfectionist
        xx Eloquent
        xx Scrupulous

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

        Born to a pureblood family, Lucifer's parents wanted the best for him and from him. Failure wasn't tolerated in the Immeni household, nor was disrespect, mingling with those of lower classes, or with mudbloods. Being a gentle child, he learned quickly how to lie about what he did and with whom he associated with if only to prevent himself from becoming like his parents. Stuck up, that's what they were. Condescension seeped into their very gait when wandering the city and when in the company of other witches and/or wizards.

        Holly is a powerful protective wood that good for use against evil, but it also represents dreams and fertility. The veela hair as a wand core means that you are slightly unpredictable but very powerful.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      • NAME: Elisa Zarkarov
        NICKNAME: Lisa, Elly, Esa
        BIRTHDAY: February 14
        AGE: 17
        HAIR: Gold
        EYES: Amethyst
        HEIGHT: 5' 09"
        GENDER: Female
        SEXUALITY: Pansexual
        YEAR: 6th
        HOUSE: Gryffindor
        WAND: Oak with Dragon heart string core, 10"
        TITLES: Seeker, 6th Year Prefect; Gryffindor Champion
        USERNAME: Shadow_Angel1234567890

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

        CRUSH: name go here
        FEAR: Must have one
        xx Cleanliness
        xx Order/Organization
        xx Cats
        xx Tea
        xx Playing the cello
        xx Singing
        xx Elegant clothing
        xx Chaos
        xx Arrogance
        xx Noisy people
        xx Dogs
        xx Stupidity
        xx Overly competitive people
        xx Potions
        xx Divination
        xx Care for Magical Creatures
        xx Attentive to Details
        xx Cooking
        xx Slow reaction
        xx derp
        xx derp
        xx Regal
        xx Prideful
        xx Equable
        xx Clever
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        Write about your life story here please

        Oak signifies wisdom, endurance, protection, and authority. Your dragon's heartstring core makes your wand very effective in hexes.
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tab tab tab tab tab tab Allocentric Emotional Loyal Insecure
FULL NAME: Vale Luciano Cicuta tab AGE: Eighteen tab GENDER: Male
tab tab tab tab tab tab ENGAGED TO: Princess of Uassine tab USERNAME: Shadow_Angel1234567890
          Born and raised in the city of Rome, Italy, Vale was neither an exceptional child nor a troubled one. To put it plainly, there was nothing special about him. If anything, he was a bit of a trouble maker growing up. Skipping classes and lessons to sleep in the trees or to buy gelato from street vendors, his grades were below average. His skills with people however, were something he prided himself on. Friends could always rely on him, even acquaintances. If they needed help, he would be there for them, no matter how small or great their problem was. Perhaps he was a little too human in that respect. Growing up in a city like that, there were times he was scammed out of his money and possessions, and even though he reassured his parents he had learned, a few weeks later, the same thing would repeat. But for Vale, material possessions didn't hold much value. Relationships, memories, people... those were the things he treasured most, and because of that, when they had to move to Japan, he was torn. However at the same time, it was those same memories he wanted solace from, and the prospect of a new start was more than appealing. It was in Japan that the dreams began. Being one for fantastical dreams ever since he was a child however, made it so he paid these ones little heed.

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