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                                              To keep herself busy and to keep her mind off of the customers that were probably awaiting her service, she cocked her head down and began to clean the counter. At least it was something to do while she waited. She knew she was just overreacting and worrying too much, but she couldn't help it. Seconds seemed to be ticking by incredibly slowly, and every time someone walked by, she'd pop her head up to see if it was Brianna. Her thoughts were running wild and her mind was all over the place, though she still continued to clean the counter. It wasn't until she heard the little bell ring that she came back to reality and popped her head up so see who'd just entered the diner. She instantly recognized the face as Callie, one of the regulars that came in. Once she sat down, the two made eye contact and the brunette smiled and gave the older woman a little wave. She'd be there in a minute, as soon as Brianna returned.

                                              And just like that, as though the blonde could read her mind, she appeared in front of Porter. "Uh, hey. It's no worries," she smiled, incredibly relieved that the girl was back. Now she could go back to her tables and have her daily chat with Callie. As she turned to leave though, Brianna spoke up again, causing Porter to turn back around with a puzzled look on her face. "A cigarette?" she raised her eyebrows. Brianna obviously wasn't asking the right person. "Oh,, sorry." she apologized, giving a small smile instead. And with a nod, she turned around again, headed towards the table Callie was sitting at.

                                              As she made her way towards the table though, her attention was directed elsewhere. "Excuse me? Can we get this packed up to go?". It was a bit startling, but Porter calmed herself and turned towards the table. "Of course. I'll be right back with that," she smiled as she took the plates into her hands and made her way to the back. While she was there, she began to quickly put the leftover food into the to go containers, before quickly returning them back to the original table. "Have a great day, you two," she smiled to them as they started to leave.

                                              Taking a quick peak towards Callie's table, she noted that they seemed to be relatively content while they waited. They seemed to be very focused on their conversation, so Porter decided that she'd do a quick check on her other tables before interrupting them. Heading back to the counter, she grabbed a pot of coffee in each hand and got back to work. After going around and filling the mugs of the customers that wanted it, she returned to the counter to set the pots down again. And she stood there momentarily, taking a much-needed breather. She was a bit distracted though, when she finally saw Brennan. She hadn't seen the male all day, and it was a bit of a refresher. He somehow managed to distract her from the chaos around here, and as he looked at her, she gave him a little smile. However, she flinched slightly as she saw him run into the counter, and she took a quick step towards him. "Are you okay?" she raised her eyebrows. "That uh...looked really painful. But hey, don't worry about it, okay? We all have our moments," she smiled sympathetically.

                                              It was at that moment that she turned to leave again, but she noticed that Brianna had taken over her table, which she immediately felt guilty for, but she wasn't exactly complaining. That just meant she had a few moments to catch her breath and try to calm her worries a bit. It even gave her a bit more time to talk to Brennan, which she wasn't ready to pass up. Tapping her fingers against the counter, she looked towards him even though he looked away. "But actually, are you alright? Is it bruised? Do you want me to grab you ice or something?" she offered, looking a little worried. Though he tried to hide it, she could still tell that he was in pain. As would any normal person after stabbing themselves on the corner of a counter.