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Wealthy Receiver

username: Danray_Beast_3
references: Avi and My Sample on the drawn one i forgot to add some of the details the avi outfit has...XD
personality: childish, angry, capricious, and evil
else: she needs to have the bangs like in the drawn ref, and red eyes smile oh and her tail is just fluffy like the raccoon tail on the avi, dont draw it raccoonish XD more like the drawn ref..
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Timid Phantom

11,800 Points
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Fluff Rehab 200
  • Millionaire 200
username: Rika Tsutsui
references: This one and that one [I'll tip twice since its a couple and requires two avis :3]
personality: They're both silly, but the first one there can be a bit more serious than the other one
else: Can they be drawn cutely as a couple some way? Also, if possible to have written/typed next to the image "Happily Married" would be awesome >3
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12,000 Points
  • Friendly 100
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Junior Trader 100
username: Legends Of Love
references: User Image
personality: Kawaii / cute, Nice, Happy, Loving
else: One Eye Wink, Smiling, Replace the cup with tea for two?

Thanks c:
Take Your Time <3
You can Simplified It if you want.
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Witty Phantom

username: White Demonic Princess
references: Bell OC User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
personality: Bell: Loving, Outgoing, Lonely. First avatar: Shy, Selfish, Angry Second Avatar: Prideful, Selfless, Proud.
else:Nope but thank you if you pick one of mine <3
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Generous Flatterer

6,600 Points
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username: V A L N O R A
references: Close-Up, Some Stuff Removed so you may see i have white tattoos.
personality: Independent, Kind, Courageous.
else: I would describe my avatar as a Warrior. Heavily Influenced by Vikings, Nature, And the love of winter. She has white tattoos all over her body. (Item: First Frost - Lacy Frost), Long creamy coloured hair with two long braids down either side of her face. Decorative albino deer antlers and snowflakes (Alpha Centauri) on her head. Wears fur around her neck, a blue corset and blue and creamy skirt combo. (Daughters Of Snow, Azuramella And Vanilla Butter Rose) Also wearing white gloves and sleeves. She wields a Frostbite blade.
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Shadowy Lunatic

username: Viltrumite
references: My avatar.
personality: Cold, disgruntled, harsh.
else: Thank you for your time.
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Greedy Humorist

username: peekchu
references: my avi please? c:
personality: mysterious, child-like, oblivious? c:
else: i'm really open to big changes. as i was typing personality traits, i realized that i didn't give her a lot of character, so i would really like to see an artist's interpretation of what the character is like. i'm open to anything, really, such as a more rebellious look to her. (outfit changes are definitely okay. ^^)
username: ( II Zagi II )
references: (My avi - http://www.tektek.org/avatar/49395163 )
personality: ( Smart, a bit Sadistic and yet can still be caring and sweet, Charismatic,manipulative, and Mysterious )

<3 Thanks for your time!
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Devout Humorist

10,450 Points
  • The Perfect Setup 150
  • Nerd 50
  • Team Jacob 100
username: Casidhe Wetherington
references: I would love art of Reikki, please.
personality: She's guarded, intense, and tough.
else: All of your art looks amazing, so I might come back for more. wink I'm definitely planning to tip though. eek
Bloody Harlot's avatar

Lonely Spirit

username: Breaking The Faith
references: xoxo
personality: Hussy; Naïve; Vulgar; Always distracted by something. ;3
else: I love everyones art I really hope I can be accepted! <33
username: Rwibon
references: Charsheet | x | x
personality: Both: quirky, stubborn, clumsy, happy. (but the black hair is more shy rather than blonde one)
else: Just some idea for clothing, but feel free to design one! >w< 1 2 3 4

username: `S k y
references: My avatar. c:
personality: Arrogant, flamboyant, and intelligent. She's the type of authoritative figure who knows that regardless of how much she ******** around and seems not to care, she can still get out of the stickiest of situations with ease and nonchalance.
else: Thank you very much for your time. All of your art is beyond lovely. emotion_bigheart emotion_yatta
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Eloquent Lunatic

username: Siren_Fae
references: Current Avi
personality: Cold, determined, efficient.
else:Things to know about this avi:
~She is a sexy warrior/assassin.
~She is half caucasian, half middle eastern, with narrow almond shaped eyes.
~She has a toned build with just enough curves to be sexy.
~The large curved blade is her weapon of choice. She wields it kinda like Tira holds her weapon in Soul Caliber.
~She generally looks bored or pissed, though if she gets really into a good fight she can start to look a little sadistic. Can be drawn stealthy, fighting, or just casual. And with more or less blood on her per artist's preference.
Example of her.

username: Siren_Fae
references: My monster avi
personality: Dangerous, vicious, predatory
else: Things to know about this avi:
~She is a murderous siren, late teens to early twenties in appearance.
~She has a thin, toned frame.
~She is a predator by nature, and should be drawn either aggressive or dangerously seductive in most cases.
~Please remember her necklaces, one is a piece of coral, the other is strung with human teeth.
Example of a picture of her.

username: Siren_Fae
references: Jester Avi
personality: Playful, sadistic, flirty
else: Things to know about this avi:
~She is a psychotic, dangerous but playful jester.
~Athletic and slightly curvy build.
~Can be drawn childish, flirty, taunting, or frightening.
~Her hair is supposed to be in to long slightly curly pigtails, one white to black and one green to blue. I'd like her spiked bracelets and her boots to be kinda oversized. Also, her zippered leather mask covers up a smile full of dangerously sharpened teeth. She filed them down herself after years of torment from her former master.
~For those who enjoy darker art, she has been known to use her sharpened teeth to either attack or even eat people, when in her darker phases.
Examples of her.
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Fashionable Fatcat

username: brujah the thornybeauty
references: Willow please
personality: quiet, sweet, cunning
else: noppers

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