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                                              T H ExxC E R E M O N I E S

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ T H ExxC U R R E N TxxC O N F L I C T

                                                  This post is for ceremonies
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                                              T H ExxL I S T S

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                                                  For our Mods

                                                  Gaianame - Wolf Characters

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                                                  Rhea Valente - For being the inspiration that is the basis for this roleplay.

                                                  Gaianame - reason

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                                                  Those who are not welcome in this thread

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                                              T H ExxC E R E M O N I E S

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ Pup Debut
                                                  Between March and June when the pups are being born into the pack, Azure Valley wolves are in a heightened sense of joy and excitement with the coming of new members. Parents hold great pride in their new little ones and the higher ranking members welcome fresh young little ones that lift the spirits of the pack. In approximately a month, when the newborns are old enough to walk and move independently, the Alphaess holds a ceremony for the young pups that were just born. With parents and pack members watching, it is their debut before the Alpha pair, introducing themselves and being welcomed by the highest ranking members of the pack.

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ Iota Evaluation
                                                  The Iota Evaluation is an event lead by the Beta Male. Participation generally only involves Iota yearlings, however, it is not unusual for Tau to be requested if the Alpha wishes for more insight into an outsider. The Beta asks each division of Zeta, Delta and Sigma, to volunteer 2 members in helping him evaluate the young wolves, especially so if there is a boom in pup births. It is a three day period of evaluation, at it's ending, the Beta will often speak to each Iota, to discuss their potential in future ranks. They will also take not of aspirations and wishes so that they may better assess where a yearling will go when they reach Epsilon rank.

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ Honor Ceremony
                                                  Every year when the Iota are turning two and heading into their ranks as Epsilon, the Honor Ceremony is held to commemorate all those who have proven themselves fit to be promoted in rank. The Alpha are head of this ceremony as it is their decision to promote wolves within the pack to a higher rank. They spend much of the year taking notice of not only skills, but also listening to what others have to say about individuals. The ceremony begins with the celebration of Iota into the various Epsilon ranks, followed by other wolves promoted in rank and finally, if there are any, welcoming Tau officially into the pack. There is often a great hunt the morning of and the pack feasts and socialize with each other, congratulating wolves and just celebrating the achievements.

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ Advancements
                                                  Within the three divisions, Zeta, Delta and Sigma, there is something like a sub-hierarchy among the wolves at time. Though the Beta is in charge of all three divisions and keeping things clear and organized, some wolves stand out more than others. Advancements are training events or sessions that occur at unscheduled times by the Beta. It is a way of sharpening skills and determining dominance within the divisions. Advancements may be requested by wolves of the division, but it up to the Beta to decide a time and place. Cohesion and bonding are key elements to Advancement events.

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ Light of the Evening Sky
                                                  Every month, the Azure Valley Pack celebrates their way of life and gives thanks to the Moon Goddess who shines kindly down upon them. The Alphaess and Upsilon organize this grand event every month, involving a great hunt during the day so that the pack may feast on the prey in the evening, singing songs to the moon and just paying their respects to the Goddess they worship.

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ Tribunals
                                                  Tribunals are essentially pack meetings that involve a wolf or wolves who have committed a wrong doing against the pack. Actions such as betraying the pack, killing a pack member or being the cause of death of a pack member, breeding without permission and deserting, all call for a Tribunal to settle the matter and deal out punishment. The Alpha will call the pack together in its entirety, the wolf or wolves must stand at the center before the Alpha and he will lay out the crime the wolf has committed towards the pack. He will take suggestions of punishment from the pack and in closing, will decide which course of punishment he will deal out.
let me know if you like this new profile? i kind of like this a bit more, XD

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                                                                          N A M E — —

                                                                          x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x rank gender
                                                                              number spelled out years
                                                                              Azure Valley Pack

                                                                              trait xxxxx trait xxxxx trait xxxxx trait

                                                                          ECHOS OF THE PAST

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                                                                          USERNAME — — xxx
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                                              T H ExxC O N FL I C T

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ T H ExxC U R R E N TxxC O N F L I C T
                                                  Humans have built a hunting lodge on the south end of the valley.
                                                  xx - Their presence has created a chain link affect in the vale.
                                                  xx - Azure wolves very rarely venture that far south.

                                                  Prey has fled, flushed out by their hunting.
                                                  xx - Cascade Mountains and Red Forest are the most heavily affected areas

                                                  The Cascade Mountain Pack are struggling for survival.
                                                  xx - Azure Valley Pack has allowed them to share hunting grounds temporarily.
                                                  xx - They grow more aggressive and desperate with the passing of time.

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ T H ExxC U R R E N TxxW E A T H E R



                                                  ︙sunny ︙ cloudy ︙ rainy ︙
                                                  ︙ snow ︙ sun&clouds ︙ fog︙
                                                  ︙storm ︙ blizzard ︙

MintBee rolled 0 4-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

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                                              C O D ExxO FxxC O N D U C T

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ M A T I N G
                                                      - love does not happen instantly
                                                      - becoming mates does not require the permission of the alphas
                                                      - seeking a mate may involve impressing her, such as bringing her gifts or showing her affection
                                                      - females ultimately choose their mate
                                                      - during breeding season, males are exceptionally aggressive with each other to impress their mates and show off their strength

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ B R E E D I N G
                                                      - mates MUST seek permission from the alpha if they wish to have pups
                                                      - this occurs near the start of the breeding season (Dec. - Jan.)
                                                      - breeding without permission WILL result in severe punishment
                                                      - mates must breed within the time period of breeding season to have pups

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ B I R T H I N G
                                                      - females must be 2-3 years or older to have pups
                                                      - litters are smaller during times of food shortage
                                                      - the maximum litter size is 6 pups
                                                      - females become pregnant for approximately 1 month RL after breeding

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ N E W B O R N
                                                      - young pups are born blind and deaf
                                                      - parents roleplay newborns until they can walk and explore
                                                      - they will begin walking and exploring by 4 weeks
                                                      - by 13 weeks they are weaned off their mother's milk

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ F I G H T I N G
                                                      - serious fighting is frowned upon around the den
                                                      - spars and play fights however are not uncommon
                                                      - every fight has a winner and a loser, deal with it
                                                      - fights should be settled between the two participating
                                                      - if a wolf of higher rank steps in to stop the fight, it must stop immediately
                                                      - do not kill characters without the creator's permission
                                                      - do not powerplay, godmod or autohit
                                                      - fighting is a natural display of dominance among the wolves, it is also for relieving stress
                                                      - small breakouts in fight are not uncommon and are generally overlooked

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ P U N I S H M E N T S
                                                      - In any case of wrong doing, the Alpha calls a Tribunal
                                                      - The Alpha lays out the crime and takes suggestions for the degree of punishment
                                                      - Tribunals are for serious punishments only
                                                      - Minor punishments are dealt with by the Alpha, Alphaess or Beta

MintBee rolled 1 12-sided dice: 9 Total: 9 (1-12)

Hunting System Test
- Roll 12 sided dice
- Number of dice: 1

MintBee rolled 4 12-sided dice: 11, 10, 7, 5 Total: 33 (4-48)

Roll 12 sided dice
Number of dice: 4

hit sequence for entire hunt.
- first attack : heavy blow, prey stumbles
- second attack : heavy blow, prey down
- third attack : light blow, blood drawn
- fourth attack : light blow, no blood
Hunt System
- Miss : 1-3
- Light Hit, just a scratch : 4-6
- Medium Hit, blood drawn : 7-9
- Heavy Hit, prey stumbles : 10-12

In a hunting group of 2-3
- Roll 4 die

In a hunting group of 4-5
- Roll 2 die

In the case of NO heavy hits made
- prey has escaped, hunt unsuccessful

MintBee rolled 4 12-sided dice: 1, 3, 4, 9 Total: 17 (4-48)

Hunt test 2
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                                              H U N T I N GxxS Y S T E M

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ E T I Q U E T T E
                                                      - Wolves are primarily nocturnal animals that avoid the heat of day. They generally commence hunting at dusk
                                                      - Wolves detect prey by three primary means, sent (most common), tracking, and chance encounters.
                                                      - After prey is detected, wolves may split up to search through brush, travel on ridge tops searching for the prey below, or test herds looking for signs of weakness.

                                                      - They predominately prey on hoofed animals
                                                      - They are opportunistic and will eat smaller prey when large prey is scarce

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ PREY
                                                      - Small Prey (does not require dice roll) include:
                                                          - Hares/Rabbits - hardest prey to catch || use up a lot of energy || tundra || spring and summer
                                                          - Mice - easy prey, requires patience || forests and tundra || all seasons
                                                          - Marmots - particularly easy prey || mountains || spring and summer
                                                          - Waterfowl - easy prey || forests || usually in winter
                                                          - will supplement their diet with fruits and vegetable matter sometimes

                                                      - Large Prey include:
                                                          - Deer - two to three wolves || forest and tundra || spring || 2 Heavy Hits
                                                          - Elk - three to four wolves || tundra || spring and summer || 3 Heavy Hits
                                                          - Caribou - three to four wolves || tundra and forest || winter and spring || 3 Heavy Hits
                                                          - Moose - four to five wolves || forest || autumn and winter || 3 Heavy Hits
                                                          - Bison - four to five wolves || tundra || autumn and winter || 4 Heavy Hits

                                                  ◦ ◦ ◦ SYSTEM
                                                      - Hitting Points
                                                          - Missed : 1-3
                                                          - Light Hit : 4-6
                                                          - Medium Hit : 7-9
                                                          - Heavy Hit : 10-12

                                                      - For Large Prey:
                                                          - Step 1: Choose Post Action - Roll Dice
                                                          - Step 2: Die Size - 12 sided
                                                          - Step 3: # of Dice - 4
                                                          - Step 4: Submit post

                                                      - No Heavy Hits made = Failed Hunt
                                                      - Large Prey sightings will be announced only by sheepcorps or Sergeant Butterfly

                                                  - A reminder that Azure Valley and Cascade Mountains are experiencing prey scarcity, which means there is little prey available
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                                              R E S E R V E D

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