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Super Stalker

Hello I totally want your art @w@/

But I don't know your preference(s) if any..
So.. I'll just put down avatars like this.. as a request..
And now it's going to look like a 'wtfiswrongwithyoupostinglikethat' post.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Thanks for looking. emotion_facepalm
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Your art is really good. This is my request, please fulfill it. :>
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Shirtless Fatcat

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//waves like a tard

I'm not interesting.
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Please draw my current. I don't change it often.
Hrm...Why the hell not.
-Opens arms-
Care to consider my current avatar? It wont be changing.
Thank you.
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Militant Loverboy

Micajah at the bottom of that page?
Or anyone else on it lawl.
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Puppycorn's Wife

Polar Bear

Would you draw my interesting avi hun?
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Invisible Phantom

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Draw me please c:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Shirtless Pumpkin

Consider my avatar? (Tektek) <3
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Angelic Noob

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Please consider drawing my avi? c:
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Questionable Prophet

User Image

This. That. Those.

Katsumi: [ x ] [ x ]
Karra: [ x ] [ x ]

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Deadly Cutesmasher

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Could you draw my avi please? I would greatly appreciate that! It won't change. biggrin
And if you wanna simplify, that is definitely cool with me.
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Romantic Gekko

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So, um, well, I have an OC request...butit'sinbitsandpieces;3; I hope that's okay, it probably isn't, though LOL. Anyway, um, my OC's name is Sairys and, uh, this is shirt ( Please ignore the turtleneck collar ;3; You can also ignore the strap underneath the arms and just connect the ends of the shirt, if that makes any sense at all it easier for you ) and for pants he wears these. His hair is styled like the guy on the right's and is about the same colour, maybe a bit pinker. His eyes are a light purple colour and he's tall with a rather muscular build and relatively fair skin.

Um, he's a very quiet, calm, and collected individual and also is very passionate about music, specifically acoustic guitar and singing. His smiles are uncommon, but when they do show themselves they're often gentle, warm, and unimposing. He's not shy or anything of that sort, rather, he is simply quiet and enjoys the company of cats and dogs far more than that of people.
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Beloved Fatcat

I've probably posted in here before, but ahwell !

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