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Maybe one of these? ; u ;

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>>This one is a steampunk.
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How 'bout my current? C:

Me please?
Your art is so pretty.
@_@; <3
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my current but with an OMG hat instead of the hat i have on atm? c: <3
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I'd love to see how others would draw this avatar.
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I feel like posting a huge wall of avatars would be rude, so here's a link.

There's a variety of styles/characters. o:
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could you consider my avatar? biggrin
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Would you consider drawing couples?
Could you draw these two in an embrace or some sort or pose to show they are in love, please? c:
If not, maybe my current avatar?
Thanks c:
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I know my avatar is too cluttered, so instead, woud my OC interest you?
Seen here
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i want one please :O

    I'm posting multiple characters here, so feel free to draw any of them if you'd like, but personally I'm looking for art of Serena and/or Ilyuu at this point. Sorry for textwalling you. ; v;

    ALSO: I've consolidated everything here for convenience. c:

        My references: Half | Clothing
        Info: Thuel is an "Intermediary," a member of an artificial, sexually viable species created by their alien Patrons to bridge the physiological and psychological gaps between them and humans. Although patterned on human DNA, which lends them some of their outward appearance, the ability to survive in Earth-like environments, and a sense of human-scale time, in terms of basic biology and deep thought processes they're almost exclusively alien. They act as political negotiators between the Patron fleet and human governmental bodies, and are deeply invested in the welfare of their creators.

        During a phase of political stagnation seventy-five years after first contact, a high-profile murder shakes Earth's diplomatic hub and causes the human parties to factionalize, throwing interspecies relations into turmoil. While attempting to deal with the chaos, Thuel, a junior ambassador at the time, is presented with highly classified information from an enigmatic third party. Detailing events of forty years ago, during a period of complete silence between Thuel's Patron race and humanity, the lengthy document was written by John Cabot, a human diplomat who aided in the creation of the Intermediaries. As Thuel comes to realize the full significance of the information in the account, which casts doubt on the foundations of the current human-Patron political system, he is driven to embark on a journey to uncover what really happened at first contact and the circumstances behind his race's origins. However, he must also navigate the newly fractured political landscape and hair-trigger tensions of the present as he attempts to serve in his ambassadorial position... and the past and the present may be more connected than he thinks.

        My references: Fullbody | Wardrobe
        References by others: Fullbody
        Info: Tamlin Dee is twenty seven and works as a government PA in the Presian Republic, an authoritarian state formed several hundred years from now from the remains of the eastern and central parts of the United States and large eastern regions of Canada. She splits her income between paying her own expenses and sending money to support her ailing mother, but she manages to gets by. One night the public tram she uses to get to work is sabotaged by insurgent forces, and she gets thrown from watching the periphery of the country's social unrest to experiencing it from an intimately first-hand perspective. She's forced to re-evaluate her place in the system, deal with tensions in her own family, and carry on making ends meet while negotiating her precarious legal position--being a well-screened government employee who's had, and still may have, close contact with active insurgents.

        My references: Serena | Ilyuu, oream | Ilyuu, human
        References by others: Serena | Ilyuu, human
        Info: At two points in their story Serena and Ilyuu do become a couple, so you're free to draw them as such. Individually is fine too, though. If Ilyuu is human, it's a very tentative relationship, but at the point when she's fully Oream it's much more open. Their story takes place in an alternate version of southern Europe, the Mediterranean and northern Africa.

        Cursed into human form after betraying a member of the minuscule Magi class at approximately 25, Ilyuu, once a respectable goat-like Oream, is no longer accepted by her community and is forced to travel far into human territory. Disgusted by her new appearance but lacking options, she dresses as a boy and enlists in the Paotian Colonization Army as a scout. After accidentally becoming involved with population of non-humans--Serena's people--her loyalties toward both human and non-human groups come into conflict. Serena, about 30, is deeply invested in the fate and welfare of her small Tarkine tribe, and inherited the position of Chieftain after her father passed away. Threatened by the inexorable push of human colonization into their native steppe and desert lands, the Tarka attempt to resist, but slowly realize they are fighting a losing battle. After a crushing defeat her people are forced to flee far into the desert, but Serena sees one last opportunity to turn the tide when she comes into contact with a young man who isn't all that he appears. However, when Ilyuu realizes that her curse is gradually disintegrating and returning her to her true form, but does she truly want to change back? And if she doesn't, what does it mean for Serena?

        My references: The squad
        References by others: Perry Chappelle
        Info: Perry would be my primary request here, but feel free to draw any of them. If you do draw Perry, you can do so at any point in his life. Please let me know if you'd like info on the other guys, as well.

        Perry (21): Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was a biology major prior to being drafted into the Vietnam War, but was forced to drop out of school and give up his draft exemption due to anxiety and paranoia issues that interfered with his studies. They weren't debilitating, but enough to make him come off as "odd" to the people around him. After deployment to Vietnam in 1967, the problems intensified until he was unable to perform his duties, and he was finally sent to Saigon for several months of recovery. Instead of being discharged, however, he was put back into the field after his R&R. During his time with his second platoon he picked up whittling as an obsessive compulsive method of dealing with his mental issues. Although still very jumpy and suspicious about most people around him, he manages to function more or less normally.

        However, unknown to him, his turn to whittling was also in part because the influence of an unseen supernatural force generated by the war. His sculptures are strange, half-abstract shapes that at first glance may appear familiar, but are in fact incredibly disconcerting to look at. His pack and pockets eventually fill up with them because he knows that if he stops creating, he'll lose control of himself. The force - in addition to the "normal" horror of war - was why he deteriorated so quickly upon initially arriving in Vietnam. After he's reintegrated into his second platoon extremely strange things start happening, with people disappearing and reappearing changed at a later time, day/night cycles seeming to warp, platoon members turning on one another, and so forth. However, the group cannot afford to be caught off-guard in the hostile evironment of the Vietnamese jungle. The force eventually becomes manifest through actions Perry takes under its influence, driving the story to its climax. He ultimately suffers a gunshot wound to the chest and is discharged for good, dying several years later in an institution in the States.

        During his time in his second platoon, although doubtful of the intentions of everyone to some extent, he's most friendly towards Eddie, Bits, and Pim. Hirschfield just gets on his nerves, and he's most closed while dealing with Brockman and Darren.

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