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User ImageGaia Name: BlissfulChance
Character Name: Deborah Bovel
Age: 24
Order: The Black Rose
Job: Spy
Weapons: Garrote wire and sleeping powder.
Bio: Deborah is the daughter, and sole heiress, to the Bovel family. She is well mannered, educated and skilled in a few crafts. Her father is a very well liked noble and is a friend of the king's. Her mother passed away in childbirth and so, besides her father, she was very much alone in the world until she was married. At the age of eighteen her marriage was arranged to fellow noble heir of a black name - Damien. They loved each other viciously and forever taunted one another - even going so far as to compete for favour from servants and visitors all for the fun of it. Every secret was shared between the two. Her great affection for dressing up as someone else - even going so far as to have wigs made - and his alliance to the 'evil uncle'. He was known as the spy and so, when murdered by a common criminal for the gold in his pursue, his wife dutifully rose to take his place. She performs her duties almost perfectly, dedicating her services to the husband she has lost.
Other: Deborah is well accustomed to acting in disguise and can even fool her personal servants.
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Invisible Friend

Name: Cheryl Evalow

Age: 18+

Some Blah (but not a bio): Cheryl has never been all that she appears to be. From a young age she enjoyed dressing up and as she grew her style became more refined and sophisticated. During her childhood and most of her adolescence her parents have taken her out of school for up to a month at a time to 'see the world', however this had little effect on her school work. From the beginning of her schooling life Cheryl has always put 110% into everything she does - well everything she enjoys doing. She is currently studying fashion and business in the hopes to create her own unique brand which will be recognised worldwide.

(Some) Personality: On the outside - or to strangers - she appears to be the perfect example of a young lady. Her manners are well above most of today's youth and she is feminine. Cheryl even takes insults in a civil manner. However, she can be pushed to the edge and work herself into a temper which reveals her more stubborn and defiant traits. At her worse she can be closed minded and rude; at her best an angelic vision.

Possible Themes: I will kill her by Soko
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User Image

Main text
Main colour
Secondary colour

Has a subtle Russian accent. Speak most of her childhood in Russia but began to move around English speaking areas with her mother while her father held down the family business in their native land.

She has one younger sister to whom she affectionately refers to as 'Princess'.

Every movement, sound and word is deliberate and well thought out.

If Melanie does touch anyone - especially with her bare hands - the contact usually happens along the others main arteries and other sensitive areas.

Naturally brunette and grey eyed. Stands 5 foot 6 - not including her heels.

She never discusses her age.

Potential powers:

Basic personality:
Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from their visions. Long-range thinkers. Have very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others. Natural leaders, but will follow if they trust existing leaders.

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`` I'm not great at this whole putting words in order thing so let's just get to the point.``

                      Starting out B A S I C

            Read the name tag! - Nicolette Amanda Kane
            But most know me as - Nic or Nicky
            God made me this way, I swear! - Female
            Oh how they make me swoon~ - Lesbian
            Who you calling tall? - 5' 7"
            I am NOT fat!!! - 135
            Isn't it beautiful? - Red
            The only gateway to my soul! - Blue

                      Getting a little too P E R S O N A L

            Gimme gimme gimme!
            & Her sunglasses
            & Clothes
            & Coffee
            & Fast cars
            & The colour black

            Show me and I'll kill you...
            x Birds
            x Uneasy silences
            x Pink clothing
            x Babies
            x Mess

            I'm a little snowflake! - Nicolette is naturally easy going and therefore somewhat outgoing which helps her get along with pretty much anyone. She is quite casual in her speech and assigns pet names to almost everyone - this helps others feel closer to her and means she doesn't have to spend time remembering names. Although she seems a very 'what you see is what you get' sort of person she is quite secretive and doesn't have a problem telling others to back off when it isn't their business. Hesitation rarely occurs with her (when it comes to her job) and so when an instruction is issued to her it is carried out immediately.

            A closer look at Miss Kane reveals she is more of a thinker than a talker but she isn't a great brain box or day dreamer. When someone pushes her too far or places her pet hate in front of her she's likely to work herself up into a firey temper. Keeping on the bright side of this woman is a much easier task than getting onto her bad side, but if you are able to get on her bad side she might actually remember your name.

            Writing a story, are ya? - Nicolette was born and raised in a comfortably well off, middle class family. Unfortunately that's where the problems started. Despite being a bright and promising child her father was unhappy with her. She was female; not the male that had been predicted during his wife's pregnancy. To add to that her already weak mother died soon after childbirth, it seemed her body was not ready to cope with the labour. Her father, David, came from a long line of well praised military men which he had hoped to continue, but with a daughter as a son it seemed almost impossible. He considered it a failure and shameful.

            At a young age Nicolette became aware of what her father held against her and so put her best into her studies - even excelling in many but to no effect. Over her childhood she picked up many hobbies in an attempt to please her father; each was dropped as she found no reward in her actions. Such behaviour continued until her sixteenth where she became increasingly rebellious turning to alcohol, smoking and drugs to make up for what she felt she lacked. Her father put a quick stop to that by forcefully sending her to rehab. Once clean she saw but one possible option left: to enter the forces and do her best, despite her gender, to make her father proud.

            It did not take her long to see the error of her ways and she soon dropped out of the army before cutting off all contact with her family. She decided to try to live life for herself and her own enjoyment by starting anew. That was when she stumbled across the Outcast. They appeared to be a relatively small group and its history amused her. On a whim she played her way into the family, convincing the boss to give her a chance and proving herself to be worth keeping.

            Oh gosh, I'm getting butterflies! - none
            The tools of my trade. - Small hand gun, revolver and a switch blade.
            I... am... GOD!!! - Invisibility and accelerated cell regeneration.
            Oh in case you didn't know... - anything else you'd like to share?


User Image
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Amsonia xoxoxo
Lilium xo

User Image

`` To love and be loved, that is the greatest gift.``

                      Starting out B A S I C

            Read the name tag! - Amsonia Paige Lilium
            But most know me as - Ami or Lily
            God made me this way, I swear! - Female
            Oh how they make me swoon~ - Straight
            Who you calling tall? - 5' 6"
            I am NOT fat!!! - ---
            Isn't it beautiful? - Blue
            The only gateway to my soul! - Blue

                      Getting a little too P E R S O N A L

            Gimme gimme gimme!
            & Her sunglasses
            + Love
            + Moonlight walks
            + Smiles
            + Feeling appreciated
            + Flowers

            Show me and I'll kill you...
            - Spiteful people
            - Bugs
            - Anger
            - Violence
            - Blood

            I'm a little snowflake! - Amsonia is a very queer woman. Unlike most women in the modern age she is not bound by reason, but chooses to be controlled almost completely by her emotions. For this reason she is quick to fall in (and out) of love - and believes in love at first sight. This can cause a rift between herself and a past love, although most find it difficult to stay angry at someone so sweet and seemingly clueless. Though she is not exactly dumb Amsonia does not know all that much about the world or anything really. This makes her almost useless for most things over than looking pretty or caring for others.

            She is a fleeting type of person who, at times, can be almost dream like in appearance and airy in attitude. Amsonia has been well brought up and is for that reason well spoken, however she is very passive and is unlikely to ever stand up for herself - choosing to merely ignore the comment in silence or avoid confrontation all together.

            Writing a story, are ya? - Bio
            Oh gosh, I'm getting butterflies! - ---
            The tools of my trade. - ---
            I... am... GOD!!! - ---
            Oh in case you didn't know... - anything else you'd like to share?

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User Image


My Name Is:
Emily Livera


My Weapon Is:

My Forte Is:
Ranged magic which acts mainly as a diversion rather than as an offensive attack.

The Weather I Like Most Is:

I'm Labeled:
The Spoilt Princess.

I Act Like:
Magic is something which always came easily to Emily, at least the basics did. Never did she need as much instruction or practise as her peers and, being the grand daughter to one of the elder's of Valen, excellence was always expected of her. It was also what she received. Working hard is not a concept she knows, let alone one she has ever tried. Although she does not desire much she is often called spoilt as when she fails to get what she wants the young meister will often get emotional and attempt to blackmail people in order to get what she wants.

My Past Is:
[What should we know about your past?]

I Like:

I Hate:

I Would Also Like To Add:
[Any extra information can go here.]
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Invisible Friend


User Image

My Name Is:
Vitiria Murland


My Race Is:
Contract Demon.

My Forte Is:
Word have always been Vitiria's favour weapon, however when the fight calls for something more she is a fan of close combat and brute force.

My Eyes Read:
Due to her nature and temper she would be considered evil. Not a take over the world or murder a generation evil, but just a generally bad person. However while she is bound to someone she is unable to act upon her own will and thus takes the role of her master or mistress.

I'm Labeled:
The Cynic.

I Act Like:
There are only two layers to this young woman which can be spilt into the intellect and the physical. One thing she never ceases to be is critical of just about everything from the way nature has shaped the leaves on a tree to the appearance of an enemy. Vivica has an endless supply of confidence and pride, thus has no issue with letting the world know her grievances and judgements of it. However when confronted with a physically aggressive person - or someone who royally winds her up - then she will resort to her base powers: strength. One hard shove from this woman's slender arm is enough to send any being a few yards back.

My Past Is:
Like most contract demons at birth she was given a seal by a miester elder to ensure (the age old cliché) that she could never use her powers for evil.

- A contract demon has certain powers, not those of a witch or meister, but individual powers inherited from ones bloodline.
- However contract demons are a race kept in check by the meister's because they can live for centuries, growing enormously powerful over that time
- Each contract demon is given a seal at birth, one which restricts all power. Until they have a verbal contract with another being they are unable to unlock their true potential and even then their powers are limited by their masters. Unlocking a contracted demons power depends on two things: the trust or faith the master has for the demon and the will of the demon itself. A rare, extremely strong willed demon, will be able to suppress much of their seal by themselves, however must find it beneficial to gain the trust of their master's anyway they can.#
- Without a master contract demons are no more than walking humans.
- Breaking a contract with one's master without consent leads to a pain which is proportional to the master's anger and time span left of the contract.
- Infamous around town for her temper and so many people are reluctant to enter a contract with her
I Like:

I Hate:

I Would Also Like To Add:
[Any extra information can go here.]

Extra spells:
[If you at 2o+ years of age, you can pick two advanced spells you already know. If you are under 2o, you'll learn them as the thread goes. Each time you learn a new spell put it here.]
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Invisible Friend

Name: Claire Paige Lilium
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Bio: Having been brought up in a racist family it may come as no surprise that Claire would be raised with similar attitudes. Vampires, lycan and demons, according to her family, were not the stuff nightmares are made of, but the very embodiment of all human temptation and sin. Being the only child to the Lilium family her well to do parents did the best to keep her sheltered from just about anything which might affect her naturally cheerful and carefree mood. Yes, like many high aiming parents, they wished their daughter to make a good marriage to someone above their station. On her fourteenth birthday their wishes came close to fulfilled. A man, six years Claire's senior, learnt of the Lilium family and their ways of purity. Needless to say Claire was happy to leave her future in the hands of her parents who she trusted endlessly. But then he came into her life. The Father.

From the first moment she heard his voice the young woman was smitten. The Father chased away the evil vampires, lycans and demons which eventually encouraged her parents to give her more independence and exposure to the outside world. On her eighteenth birthday she made only one wish: to be recognised by the Father for her service to good. From that point on she enquired as to the location of evil beasts and has heard a strange rumour that they live on the outskirts of the town. Eager to be acknowledged personally by the Father she has been preparing to find these creatures and lead a hunt against them.
Abilities: N/A
User Image
Screen Name: BlissfulChance
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Invisible Friend


User Image

N a m e
Charlene Evaloross

N i c k n a m e

A g e
Twenty years old.

G e n d e r

R a c e

T e a m

P e r s o n a l i t y
There are many stereotypes and rumours about the types of people who inhabit Zeladis and it is for that reason that many fail to believe Charlene was born and raised in that society. Since childhood she has been called both polite and thoughtful. As she progressed in life these traits would come to rest inside a woman renown for being not only level headed and honest, but also rational and modest. Unlike some of her peers she is reasonably fair, despite her sometimes competitive nature. Most notable is her deep compassion for others, even those who are her enemies, often such empathy can render her torn between two causes.

B i o
You don't really need a whole lot here. Just some basic information.
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan.

O t h e r

Three Traits:
Thoughtful, Level headed, Friendly
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Invisible Friend

User Image
» » [ Francesca ] [ Emily ] [ Verstone ]

» » t h e b a s i c s !
I am definitely a [female]
Since my most recent birthday, I am [Twenty-two]
I am known as the [The Maid]
Sometimes people like to call me [Em or Frances]

» » a l i t t l e m o r e i n t i m a t e !
Sometimes, people say I act like [This particular woman can be a little over emotional at times, however she does manage to keep the majority of her sensitivity hidden behind the usual servant mask. That doesn't mean that she can hid every tear that she's provoked to shed from royal eyes, however. Until recently she has never been anything more than a mediocre maid, she put in average effort and received average results. However since the King's interest in her, Francesca has been inspired to work hard, much harder than ever before, simply to keep her mind off of that little 'affair'. Her pessimism has led her to believe that it is only a matter of time before history repeats itself and she too is locked away in the dungeon. Although generally sombre in mood it is easy to put a smile upon her face.

Despite her sensitive disposition she is quite an open person, believing that life should be led as though it is an open book - available for everyone to inspect. This, to some, makes her appear quite courageous when she reveals dark secrets which most would do their best to cover up. Keeping a secret, especially one she feels should not be kept, is very difficult and painful for her. So naturally the King's interest in her is a subject which has not yet left her lips, but remains on the tip of her tongue daily. If only she could trust someone to keep her secret then she might be able to share it. ]

But the reason I act like this is because [Having been born to a rather large family of eight, the last four of whom where girls (of which she the youngest) Francesca found it difficult to not grow up within the shadow of her siblings. Her humbling beginnings gave her few options. When her siblings had chosen their careers she vowed to take a different profession, one which would make her stand out above her brother and sisters. Something honourable that would make her the role model for once, rather than the child of hand me downs. Competition had always been encouraged within her family as a healthy way in which the children could be motivated to aim higher. However being the last one to start such a race meant that Francesca often felt as though she had lost even before she had begun.

Working in the royal castle gave her a new sense of purpose. Never had the young woman been so grateful to anyone than she was for the royal couple picking her to help in their household. Her gratitude also lay with a duke who, much to her surprise and distaste, offered her to the royal family as an example of the type of efficiency found on his estates. At first this turn of events shook her greatly as, for some time, she had entertained the notion of attempting to marry, or even to become the wealthy mistress of, the duke. Since the King's increased interest in her, Francesca finally understands what a grave mistake she made to ever fantasise about being a mistress.

Meeting the Prince of Codga was a recent, yet life changing, experience. Dark and social, charming and yet, it seemed to Francesca, guarded. Naturally her quiet admiration matured as it was nursed. This love led her to develop a growing dislike for the Princess of Lockta, whom she considers an unreasonable match for the Prince. ]

Some things I really like are [ Writing and reading stories, ceremonies, sewing, horses and writing love letters. ]
And the things I really don't like are [ Rude or stupid people, thieves, apples and the smell of flowers. ]

» » t h e e x t r a s !
Some things you should know about me is [Although not the most intelligent woman, Francesca can be very compassionate. ]
I also have some pretty special talents, like [ Sewing, Francesca can sew many garments by hand and finds it quite relaxing. She also has a knack for taming certain animals. ]

» » I a m c o n t r o l l e d b y
[ BlissfulChance ]
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User Image

                                My name is Jennifer Coux.

                                I am 20 years old.

                                I am the sin lust.

                                My abilities include pure seduction. There's a woman to suit everyone and I seem to have an innate ability which helps me judge which role I should play to win over my victim.

                                People say I am compassionate, cunning, empathetic, tender, passionate, energetic -- heck, I'll play any role as long as you'll let me 'love' you.

                                My past life: The first thing I remember is waking up freezing, shiver and soaked to the bone. A miracle they said, a miracle that I could have survived such a thing, the river was covered by a thin sheet of ice and I suppose I must have fancied a swim. That cold winter's day my heart stopped being and something awoke within me. It was something warm, something passionate, something unstoppable. A feeling of love that just had be shared; an indescribable passion. Of course, most wouldn't call my lust love, but it is what I call it. My love.

                                Since that day I have lived independently, unsure of who I am but utterly content with a daily routine of work and lust. I live most contently and have learnt to play numerous female stereotypes that are quite popular with men and women. Someone once suggested that in a previous life I must have been an actress, perhaps I was. I'll never know

                                My theme is Bad Apple.

                                Other: I maybe the sin of lust, but I will always call it 'my love' or 'love'.

                                BlissfulChance controls me.

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Invisible Friend


User Image

                                My name is Jennifer Coux.

                                I am 20 years old.

                                I am the virtue love.

                                My abilities include opening people's minds, metaphorically of course. When someone is open minded it is much easier to see and experience love. I also possess a little... fortune telling ability I suppose. By reading the palms of people I am able to tell what their ideal partner would be like and I can generally find a close match by reading others..

                                People say I am compassionate, empathetic, tender, energetic, a little emotional and a big romantic.

                                My past life: The first thing I remember is waking up freezing, shiver and soaked to the bone. A miracle they said, a miracle that I could have survived such a thing, the river was covered by a thin sheet of ice and I suppose I must have fancied a swim. That cold winter's day my heart stopped being and something awoke within me. It was something warm, something unstoppable. A feeling of joy that had to be shared, the sort that could only come from love.

                                Since my strange accident only a few years ago, I have been in training. Removing the last traces of sin from my soul was a difficult task, but an achievable one. Much like a human cupid I enjoy setting up two people who are bound to have a fruitful and happy relationship together. The love within my heart is something I give freely to everyone and everything, but it's purely platonic

                                My theme is Ur Style.

                                Other: She dreams of setting up a dating agency to help everyone find the love they deserve.

                                BlissfulChance controls me.

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Invisible Friend

m yxxi d e n t i f i c a t i o nxxc a r d

                User Image

                                                  Cordelia Wise

                                                  xx a g e Seventeen

                                                  xx h o m e 240

                                                  xx r a c e Nixie (Water Spirit)

                                                  xx o c c u p a t i o n A.I Holder Zeta and a member of the Athletic and Theatre club.

                                                  xx c l a s s Junior

                                                  xx p o w e r s Requiem Drive (the ability to render a person unconscious through physical contact with another person. When the victim re-awakens, they will feel extremely dizzy); Scapegoat Effect (can transfer damage taken to another person of choice but must have something with their DNA on).

                                                  xx s t r e n g t h s Optimism, being near water, honesty.

                                                  xx w e a k n e s s e s Inconsiderate at times, romance, cooking.

                                                          Bubbly Easily Scared Hopeless Romantic

                                                  Until two years ago Cordelia was living with her surrogate sisters in a remote lake (how she got there is a story not yet revealed to her, though she isn't much interested). Lucky for her Marigold, one of her sisters, had spent her whole life living with humans since birth and even had the benefit of being educated alongside them. It was Marigold who would become her teacher and a surrogate mother for the mysterious orphan when she was young. Without such a a dedicated teacher Cordelia would never have been able to fulfil her dream to be educated in the human world just as her idol had been. Between study and play Cordelia drew on the mischeivious trait of her Nixie blood and often lured in the odd passer-by, tempting them into the water only to take them as her own playmate. That was... until she touched them. Then they were pretty much a victim of drowning - or would have been had her sisters not been so vigilant.

                                                  Clothes have never been particularly comfortable for Cordelia to wear for obvious reasons (Nixes, who spend most of their life in the water, rarely take on human garments) which puts her at with a dilemma. Does she wear clothes to cover her skin to avoid anyone falling unconscious by touching her or wear as few clothes as possible for her own sake? Her mind's still not made up, even after spending a year in the human world. Only recently as she moved to Raishon Academy after a little... misunderstanding. It was unfortunate that the chemistry teacher in her previous school happened to be a little... hands on with his pupils. The result was that the poor chap fell unconscious and injured himself on the way down. Marigold, upon hearing the news (naturally she had moved to be near to her surrogate daughter), thought it best for Cordelia to get a fresh start rather than let her linger on the misfortunes of her 'gift'.

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Invisible Friend

My name is:
Oak Elizabeth Kayle
I've been alive for this long:
My Day of Birth is:
February 11th
I look like this:
User Image
I am in:
10th Grade
I like:
Anyone: men and women.
These are a few of my favorite things:
Love, gifts, attention, power, dark or mysterious men and caring women.
I don't want any of these:
Enemies, dogs, seagulls, girls who are too 'sweet' and men who are push overs.
I act like this a lot:
Upbeat, outgoing and tries to be cheerful most of the time. Oak often has a way of making people feel very special or close to her either by telling them dark secrets or demonstrating her loyalty and love for them. However privately she can act quite selfishly and will often lie to cover this up. She believes that love should be shared with everyone and thus she is polygamous (though she often neglects to tell her partners this).
My life up until this point:
Oak has always been a poor and at best mediocre student, probably because her heart never appears to be rooted in her studies. What she finds most interesting in memorising facts which appeal to her - usually regarding inventions and intelligent quotes from philosophers in order to seem better educated. Recently she has come into a large amount of money due to her grandmother's timely death and thus request to move to this luxury school free of modern distractions. This may have been partly motivated due to a complicated relationship at her previous school...
Oh. And I forgot to mention:
She is quick to form attachments to people.
The person controlling me is:
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Invisible Friend

My I.D reads: Georgina Stewart
I've been told that I am: 19
I am feared because: Compared to her fellow 'inmates' you could consider Georgina quite innocent and perhaps even sane. During her early teens she was a very outspoken girl and slated the media images of women. They were skinny, airbrushed, wore too much make-up and their clothes were just disgraceful. At least that's what she used to say. It wasn't bad then, the bullying, but after word got out that she had a crush on a particularly popular boy it escalated. The bullying became well coordinated and for a while she could deal with it. Eventually she dedicated herself to a deadly diet and slavish rituals which she had once despised. Anything to make it stop. Georgina was lucky to have an older brother willing to return from university to set her back on the right path. The scars remained. The paranoia, the constant anger to anyone marginally pretty and the aggression. 'We can deal with that', her brother had reassured her time and again, 'really we can'. Then our little princess met alcohol. Numerous assault charges have been brought against her with her weapon of choice always a broken bottle. She always liked to be dramatic.
Some things that I've managed to like:
- Alcohol
- Chess and scrabble
- Bleaching her hair
Noo, stay away!:
- Scene, emo, hipster, goth and just about any other 'group' of people who take way too much care over their appearance
- Most music
- Mirrors and vanity
This is the story of my life: Crush On You - Nero
Oh, it's just a mirror: Georgina
My room number is: 11
I know that I'm controlled by: BlissfulChance


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