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Yaaaay! tyvm saku. And TAH DAH!
It's my character's profile
And then I have to give a rumor and crush, right?
Uhhh... question
Since it's going to go into the relationship question, can I make my character hate someone instead of have a crush on someone?
I'm fine if I can't... just wondering...

        Rumor XX
        It's been said around school that Liam's actually a runaway. After all, his dad is never home when you go to his house and never attends events. Liam even has power of attorney over himself.
        False... well the runaway part.
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              » hello my name isi S h a y c a k e
              pewpewbut call me Shay

                          i live in the EST
                          i am online everyday after 2PM on school days, and 10AM on weekends
                          here are my samples click
                          i think my pretty model will look like this click

                          pew■ ■ ■pw the the COCKY SOPRANO !
                          pewpewpewpewWilliam McKinley High School / New Directions * Shayna Iria
              FEMALE 16 INCOMING JUNIORpewpewpewpewpew
                          Shayna Marie Iria was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts but has been living in Lima, Ohio once she turned eight years old. She's always wanted to be someone 'known' as she was grown up, seeing as in her middle school years she was made fun of and disliked for both her looks and sheepish personality. In 8th grade she made herself different and more like-able by changing up her appearance, dying her hair red velvet, and overall becoming more girly and involved with others. After her big change, she took no time at all to become more and more self-centered as she went on. Entering high school, she realized that there was no way that she could keep up her short-spanned popularity unless she joined something big. Something to make her at the top. She did just that by joining the Cheerios as a Freshman and becoming Head-Cheerleader by Sophomore year. Now, in her Junior year, she's still going strong. The one thing that she likes to keep on the down low, though, is the fact that she's also been in Glee Club since Freshman year while trying to be accepted by different people. Little does anyone know, but she actually loves the fact that she's been there for so long and is an aspiring performer. Not that she'd ever show it, seeing as she just puts up a front and makes it seem like Glee Club is no big deal and that she'd do absolutely fine without it. It isn't necessarily true. She'd miss the friends she made and how the club pulled down her self-centered act just a little towards people. It's all just a matter of fitting in, in her opinion.
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              » hello my name isiSamanthaWat
              pewpewbut call me Sam

                          i live in the est
                          i am online usally everyday. On weekdays I'm on from 3-7:30pm during school. And it varies during the summer and weekends. But I assure I'm on most the day.
                          here are my samples click
                          i think my pretty model will look like this click

                          pew■ ■ ■pw the Compassionate Tenor !
                          pewpewpewpewWilliam McKinley High School / New Directions * Samantha Hall
              Female 15 Sophmorepewpewpewpewpew
                          Samantha was picked on throughout her school life, until she entered the 8th grade and was considered a key-player in the Choir. Being a Soprano for almost 2 years made her feel great, and that she was a team-player. Once she was trying out for Glee, she was told she had a nice, warm chest voice. She was told that by her former Choir director had said too. So she took a step down from Soprano, and asked if she could sing with the Tenor's--which lacked strength. Adding her made the Tenor section louder, and stronger. Despite the fact she can sing an alright Soprano part, she prefers and loves Tenor. Sam is also an inspiring artist. She loves to draw, and plans on going to college for Graphic Design, or something in the field of arts. Even if she is very talented in what she does, she isn't cocky or overconfident. She tries to lay low-key and go with the flow, with her laid-back yet exciting self. As said before, Sam was bullied until the 8th grade. That made her who she is today. Despite the distaste she has for people who target others, and still her at times, she believes everyone has a good side, and should have a second chance. For that reason she is very easy to get along with, and is very compassionate.

And I'm just working on crushes right now xP
I'll work on all the dislike nonsense later

i S h a y c a k e


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Thanks for accepting me! (:
Here's the profile thread. ~
I'm pretty sure I put the rumor and crushes here so..

Rumor has it the Head-Cheerleader of the Cheerios, Shayna, slept with half of the football team.
It is.. false!

Shayna has had a huge crush on Sebastian for a while now, despite the way they constantly bump-heads for their similar vain and conceited personalities. She'll never admit that she has an interest in him, either way, though at times it can be quite obvious. She also has a small interest in Aiden and thinks hes cute.

              » hello my name isadrenaline eight
              pewpewbut call me sam

                          i live in the central time zone
                          i am online I'm on every night, but not so much during the days on weekdays, i do have school and a job though. but im on EVERY night
                          here are my samples resume
                          i think my pretty model will look like this linkage

                          pew■ ■ ■pw the THE REBELLIOUS COOLCAT !
                          pewpewpewpewWilliam McKinley High School / New Directions * CASSADEE EVANS
              female sixteen incoming juniorpewpewpewpewpew
                          Cassie had always had a little bit of a boring life. Her mother had bailed after she was born and gave all custody to her father, who was a lead guitarist in some band once upon a time, thus her music skills were always on par with his. Though once Cassie was gifted into this world, he quit the band and put his faith and money into a music store where he owns now in little Lima, Ohio, his birth place. Growing up, Cassie was always the odd ball out, despite she was the sweetest little girl in class, her weird habits was pretty much the barrier to making friends. In middle school, she started hanging with the wrong crowd and getting into mischeif, and not caring what the other kids called her and such, but remained herself. Coming high school, didn't much help the situation, and the mighty high cheerleaders and football players made sure that they ruled the school. So coming one fine day, her friends and herself decided to play a prank, filing their target's lockers with jello and pudding. It was all going according to plan until their look-out wasn't really, looking out. So, the just of escaping was a bit hard, so she allowed to take the blame all by herself. So the principal decided to spare her life and ordered her to go spend her detention in a club, not just any club, but glee club. Well that happened freshman year, her detention was long over, but she can't help but keep going, what can she say? They were growing on her.

              » hello my name iscatching your fire
              pewpewbut call me fire!

                          i live in the central zone
                          i am online im on everyday, and i post about three times a week, it varies on the weekends
                          here are my samples link
                          i think my pretty model will look like this model link!

                          pew■ ■ ■pw the CURIOUS GENIUS !
                          pewpewpewpewMcKinley High School / New Directions * Hadley Blackwell
              female sixteen sophmorepewpewpewpewpew
                          Born under two well known proffessors from New York University, Hadley had always had a sheltered life. Since the beginning she had always pleased in pre-mature actions and knowledge, ranging from walking three months ealier from normal rates, reading at an earlier age and understanding the fundimentals of mathematics and philosophy in just her younger years. With hard work Hadley had always been the model star child of her parents, whom often shown her off and stayed proud of their daughter. Since she was small, the girl was home schooled and often dreamed of the day where she can have friends her own age and always begged to go to a normal public school. Finally caving, her parents agreed that she can go to high school on the conditions that she only do the things that would effect her future and further her studies like all honor courses, and science clubs. Hadley, come the first day of school, was curious and excited as she came one with the crowd of students, but more or less she was still the odd outcast. It wasn't until she witnessed the glee club preforming in the auditorium one day that she fell in love with it. So, still under the impression that she joined academic clubs only to her parents, she had became part of the New Directions family. Who knew she could move the way she could?
i S h a y c a k e


adrenaline eight

catching your fire


I haven't updated the IC yet because I just got a new laptop and I'm trying to get everything situated. The IC will be updated as soon as I load photoshop on my laptop. I apologize for the delay.

                awesome sauce!
                here is her thread!

              » hello my name iscatching your fire
              pewpewbut call me fire!

                          i live in the central zone
                          i am online im on everyday, and i post about three times a week, it varies on the weekends
                          here are my samples no need bubb
                          i think my pretty model will look like this model link!

                          pew■ ■ ■pw the THE CONNIVING TROUBLEMAKER !
                          pewpewpewpewDalton Academy High/ the warblers * SHAYTON REESE
              male seventeen seniorpewpewpewpewpew
                          Shay is your average little rich kid who basks in his charming wisdom, he's a little narssistic and loves to start trouble. He's more or less one of the popular 'leaders' in the academy along with the Warblers. He loves getting his way, and no doubt he would do everything in his power to get what he wants using money and connections. don't get him wrong, he's a nice guy but expects favors in return. The glee club means everything to him and his dreams, despite his fate is already set in taking care of the family business. So, he would make sure that the Warblers make it to the top this year, if it means a little sabotage on behalf of the other clubs....then so be it. Let camp begin.

catching your fire


              » hello my name isThe Irrelephant
              pewpewbut call me Ellie, Toiletface, I answer to anything really

                          i live in the Eastern Time Zome (Florida)
                          i am online Well Gaia is my home page, so, I check it quite often if nothing else
                          here are my samples Clicky
                          i think my pretty model will look like this Clicky Here

                          pew■ ■ ■pw the The Southern Beat-Boxer !
                          pewpewpewpewDalton Academy/The Warblers * Basil Owen Greene
              Male Seventeen Seniorpewpewpewpewpew
                          Basil's mother was a French-Canadian professor obsessed with Victorian English culture, and his father, a southern "gentleman." His mother moved down to Kissimee, Florida after their chance meeting while on her vacation, and together, they tried to raise a 'southern but cultured' son, named Basil. Despite the implications of an English surname, and the French features adorning his face, Basil is hardly anything cultured or sophisticated. His solution to everything is to simply redefine the problem in a way so as to not be troubled by it anymore. Failing high school in Florida? Well, switch to an out-of-state school somewhere that the general population doesn't carry a defibrillator or use a walker; move the family to Ohio for a "new experience, a fresh start!" When forced into piano and voice lessons by his mother, Basil began the art of vocal-percussion, or beat-boxing, just to break the norm, and unknowingly, mastered a surprisingly desired vocal ability, landing him in the Warblers without much effort. Besides beat-boxing, Basil possesses a shocking counter-tenor range, which would suggest he was planning to break standards and expectations even before he was born, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

                          Let me know if that picture of him doesn't work for the front page,
                          I have like 500000000 more of him.
                          Hi there!
                          I hope that's all good!
catching your fire

Accepted, please send me crushes and rumors for both of your characters

The Irrelephant

Accepted, I love the first name you chose for him c: Very unique.


I finally succeeded in getting the front page updated. As I am human, naturally I make mistakes. Check over the information I posted. If I made a mistake on something in regards to your character, or if you just want to be a pest and ask for me to change something, please notify me ASAP

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