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[My name] rococobro
[My character(s) name!] ro-bot
[My references!] 1 2
[Information about my request!] she's humorous and good natured, in a very dry, logical sense (seeing as she's a robot and all). think EDI from mass effect, if you're familiar with that. she's helpful, bright, and more often than not, curious. her glowing neon heart can be enlarged and placed front and center.
[My offer!] 190k for painted? (poor ;u; i'd be interested in rl commissioning if you're interested)
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[My name] Kitty 8D
[My character(s) name!] RJ and Rojin
[My references!] [couple post] [Rojin] [RJ]
[Information about my request!] ehhh well I would like them on the edge of an airship (if you want to do a background with it) a bit like the titanic, only Rojin having his arms around RJ and the latter holding on to the rails, staring around, amazed by the pretty-ness and you are free to fill in the sky as you please (maybe clouds and birds, have you seen avatar (with the large blue people? maybe like floating rocks or something.?) I leave the details up to you and you are free to redress them >W< as long as you keep RJ's beads, and ROjin's band aid :3
[My offer!] my soul and eternal love! no j/k are you okay with a picolitrosso's urn (6th gen)? else I can make a pure offer :3
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  • Forum Regular 100
  • Trader 100

[My name] DarknessAngelSan
[My character(s) name!] Baihu
[My references!]Baihu
[Information about my request!] Make him look awesome. If you can't decide what he should wear, I settle for the one he's wearing in my ref. I'm going for colored.
[My offer!] 100K. I'd offer more...but I'm poor until I finish my next commission. ; n ;
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User Image

I can't believe art this beautiful is being sold for so cheap! Not that I'm ungrateful. ;w;

[My name] The Only Red Rabbit
[My character(s) name!] Katsumi ; Karra
[My references!] Katsumi: [ x ] [ x ]
Karra: [ x ] [ x ]
[Information about my request!] They're the main female characters of my web comic. :3
I'd be happy with either of them in your sketched style. Katsumi would be a dark red, while Karra would be a teal.
If by some bizarre chance you feel like doing them both, they have a sisterly relationship.
[My offer!] 65k
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Super Sex Symbol

[My name] Yayoi
[My character(s) name!] Meixiang
[My references!] [x]
[Information about my request!] She's a fairly cheerful character, so anything pertaining to that is good~ 83b
[My offer!] 200k for painted

[My name] Flammable Rainbowz
[My character(s) name!] Flammable Rainbowz
[My references!] TekTek:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ref Image:
User Image
Please do NOT use the TekTek as the reference image when drawing. It's just there so you can get an idea of what's on the avatar.
[Information about my request!] Notice the gold earring and nose ring and the blush. >3<
[My offer!] For a Painted Image: 150k

[My name] Virulent Vacuum
[My character(s) name!] Remarque
[My references!] Him
[Information about my request!] He’s a suave, arrogant, classy puppeteer about 20, so if this could be portrayed, that would be awesome (:
[My offer!] 350k for colored?
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Noble Gaian

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  • Protector of Cuteness 150
  • Nerd 50

[My name] Meeki
[My character(s) name!] Rain Rottingham
[My references!] X-O-X-O
[Information about my request!] She is a zombie, loosely based on a hunter from the left 4 dead game. She is not overly decayed or gross looking though, she appears quite human for the most part. The blond next to her in some of the references is her ghoulfriend, Shine. I would be willing to add to have her with Rain but have no problem settling for just Rain if you consider my offer.
[My offer!] I'm interested in a sketch. Would you consider your wishlist item, Thief of Dreams? Lowest marketplace is 1mil.

[My name] Seussi
[My character(s) name!] If you are willing to do couple art...My zombie OC, Alexander, and my friends OC, Yǐn Cáng (who is a weremantis >_> )
[My references!] Alex, Yin, Together1, Together 2 Together 3 Together 4
[Information about my request!] They are a couple (I think that might be obvious, I dunno XD) But Alexander is the more outgoing of the two, always smiling, more often happy and less serious, but really the driving force in the relationship. Yin is more serious, literal,and niave and gets embarrassed easily by public display's of affection. He also thinks that kissing is as serious as things get in a relationship. Basically they are very opposite from each other XD. Alex is 6'1" and Yin is 5'7" so there is a major height difference, despite what the art above might indicate >_>
What I'm looking for is more couple-ish type art, pose would be completely up to you. I only ask that if it's in any way romantic or affectionate that Yin might look a little uncomfortable or embarrassed by it? If he doesn't...well, he's getting to the point where it's less OOC for him to actually enjoy these things so it's not a big deal XD
[My offer!] 450k? It would be for whatever medium to you think is worth that amount. I love it all <3
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Witty Elocutionist

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[My name] Nye U-chan
[My character(s) name!] Pausiris and Iakov
[My references!] Siris and/or Iak
[Information about my request!] I'd really love some kind of couple. >w< Siris is a playful sort, and Iak is pretty serious. Pauka pesters him for attention every now and then. XD Of course, if you'd prefer to do just one of them, that's fine, too!
[My offer!] 200k?

[My character(s) name!] IM DELTRESE & Rex Flexo
[My references!] User Image & User Image
[Information about my request!] Could you have Deltrese sitting on Rex's lap with his arms wrapped around her waist?
[My offer!] 350k for a colored picture? c: No background.~

P.S. Your art is amazing. * ^ * hhhnnnnggggggggggggg.

[My name] Yayoi
[My character(s) name!] Meixiang
[My references!] [x]
[Information about my request!] She's a fairly cheerful character, so anything pertaining to that is good~ 83b
[My offer!] 200k for painted

hey, whats the tag on her forehead mean? I see it a lot on those chinese undead doll thing peoples xD
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Super Girl

12,250 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Invisibility 100
  • Money Never Sleeps 200

[My name] Ky to the rescue
[My character(s) name!] Ky/myself...
[My references!] Avitar • No drawings yet, I apologize.
[Information about my request!] So, I made this avi, and I liked it so much that I got an idea for a pose. I thought it would be cute if we dropped her smokes, and were seeing her from the side, (or perhaps like 3/4 view if you can do that!), holding both hands out, cupped near her face. Then Titus would be in her hands, and she would be holding him hear her face as though about to nuzzle his nose. For this pose, I don't imagine her eyes would be open, but if you think that would look better, they're lime green. I would prefer fullbody, but I think it could work well waist-up too.
[My offer!] 150k.

[My name] Riot Fed
[My character(s) name!] Riot Fed
[My references!] I haven't had any art made for this avi, yet. x:
So all I have is the avatar.
You can't really see the shirt, but its the neutral punk starter top.
A simple pose would be cool. Sort of like this,but instead of both arms up, her right arm would be down, holding the gun.
A laid back kind of pose. If the closed eyes are any trouble I can change them.
I'm a little worried it might be too much stuff :s. You don't have to draw the guitar case.
[Information about my request!]I really like your style! Sorry its not very detailed. I haven't bought art in a long time. .
Anything that you would wanna ask please pm me. Its very late here and I haven't had much sleep..
[My offer!] 150k for colored with no background please? I can probably give you 50k or 100k more after I make some more gold.
I don't have much right now since I just bought my chain wallet. x:
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Lonely Kitten

10,250 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Full closet 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200

[My name] Nekika
[My character(s) name!] Nekika
[My references!]User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Information about my request!] Detailed and artistic freedom please desu ;A;
[My offer!] 100k fb coloured? heart

Sorry I kinda posted on the art shop forum by mistake .-.

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