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[My name] Jyanzu
[My character(s) name!] Jyanzu and Teenie (Teenie is optional)
[My references!] User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Information about my request!] Blacksmith by trade. Polite and courteous, but can be cocky at times. Loves his work. Making metal statues and weapons is exciting for him. (Teenie optional but he is a clean freak.) Jyanzu is stocky, not fat but not a body builder. Jyan is part elf part human. He's exceptionally tall. He was too excited and whacked his face with a sword, thus was born his scar. Style = Painted. (Sorry if that was too much)
[My offer!] 200k (I'm poor)

[My name] Pink-ish Tofu
[My character(s) name!] Allegra
[My references!] [x]



[Information about my request!] I want a sketch- Half body or a full body (it's up to you.) of me holding a giant birthday present. (My birthday is on the 15th (:
[My offer!] Hmm... 1OOK? -willing to haggle-

I have a little bit past shoulder length hair, Brown-ish red(if that even matters..), Hazel-green eyes, a dimple on my right cheek 4laugh andddd I think that's about it... soooo. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing (Maybe just a cute dress?)
It's all up to you (: Whatcha think?

[My name] Tatsu Shimoyake
[My character(s) name!] Tatsu and Jiji
[My references!] small collection of images
[Information about my request!] We're a couple so lovey would be excellent~ :3 [[edit]] duh, I need to mention that I want it full body painted
[My offer!] 350k?
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MelonIceBlood's Husband

[My name] ONCE x - and f u t u r e
[My character(s) name!] Ascheylia
[My references!] Here ~
[Information about my request!] I would love something colored or painted. Both are extremely gorgeous, so I'm really particular. Whichever you feel like doing.
It's my avatar, but she was heavily inspired by an OC that I have yet to have drawn. I find it hard to get that first picture of an OC that you only have a physical description for.
She's a cleric, so she heals others and uses light based magic. She's a bit motherly with a sassy streak. Asche is also fairly petite. I don't have a particular pose in mind, so anything is fine.
[My offer!] 825k
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[My name] Intolerable Hoe
[My character(s) name!] Natalie
[My references!] http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp280/123natalie321/5cbd7a591eed36f-1.png
[Information about my request!] There isnt no specific Pose actually. I Just want a full body colored if That is okay with you haha Um, Your art is amazing btw, && I really hope I get accepted C: You have free Will with the pose . Just make It sexy please and Thank you
[My offer!] 4OOk

[My name]-X-ToxicMemories-X-
[My character(s) name!]John and Chasity
[My references!] User Image and User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Information about my request!]I would love a couples painted, half body please and I really like this pose http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll243/chasity31106/nanok.png anything else is up to you. You dont have to draw the horns or the little demon guy.
[My offer!]400k and art?
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Dapper Noob

[My name] jaaek
[My character(s) name!] jaiden
[My references!]
User Image

x x x

Scar on his face + 3 small scars (1 on lip and 2 on chin) -> x
[Information about my request!] Please don't forget the scars, they'"re the most important things there. Some references lack them.
Also, it'd be nice if you took off his shirt //shot
[My offer!] 100k for a halfbody sketch in grey / black and white? ; v ;
thank you

[My name] Muffles (Soul_Berserker) ((OH DAMN I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT lol)
[My character(s) name!] Jenavive Andrus Kevlar
[My references!] By me By Bangerz
[Information about my request!] Is just a character description. Pose is left completely up to you dear!
She is my Warhammer 40k Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.
She is the equivellent of a 204 year old woman, but after Rejuvieant treatments, she still looks like she's in her late twenties to early thirties. The reason she has lived so long is because deep down inside her blood she has Eldar in her. Way down, almost non-existent but there. (So she has just these tiny little points to her ears--barely noticeable).

She stands exactly five foot tall. Weighs one hundred and thirty pounds but the weight is her hips, hair and her chest. (She is a full D cup) Her eyes are swirling silver. There is no pupil and no definition of a sclera. The whole eye is silver. (Testament to her psyker nature)

Jenavive has a lot of hair. LOADS of it. It is past her ankles when it is down but when she is geared up for battle or meetings with anyone not on her ship, it is braided (or twisted) into giant ropes she can control with her psyker power if she's ever cornered without her weapons. At the ends of eat twist/braid is a very sharp golden discus. She can pull them out and use them as a hand weapon, throw them or keep them in her hair to make it lethal. (Think Shiva from FFX for the design) It is also the color of fire. Bold, beautiful, deadly.

She wears a black tunic or slawar kameez. The design on the chest is of a double headed eagle which is the symbol of the Imperium of Mankin, or the God Emperor. The tunic goes to her upper thigh and under it are very short spandex-like shorts. She wears no shoes and is bare footed. However, she has very intricate, vicious looking leg and arm armor. The leg armor goes to her mid thigh (just under the tunic) and the arm armor goes to her elbows. Her main source of fighting is her psyker power, but if she gets in close combat, she can fight very, very well.

And that's Jenavive in a nutshell. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif interesting even a little bit?

[My offer!] My own art servitude? (Art trade or...200k?) I JUST WANT A SKETCH! JUST A SKETCH! OMFG PLEASE?!?!?!!!
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[My name] Macaroni Soup
[My character(s) name!](Any of them?)They don't really have real names, anyway, they are The Devil's Sister, Midnight Warrior, Spring, and Mistress.
[My references!] 1 2 3 4
[Information about my request!] Painted please, but nothing really specific on the art; i love your work c:
[My offer!] 500k
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Durem Ladykiller

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[My name] StoriesUntold
[My character(s) name!] same as above
[My references!] It's my Profile avi, it wont change smile
[Information about my request!] I'm a dire fan of walking dead and like the female character i'm cosplaying. i'd like a full body sketch background not nessassary unless you wanna draw zombies or something, no need though, just the avi herself.
[My offer!] up to 100K
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Hallowed Raider


          [My name] Visuition
          [My character(s) name!] " "
          [My references!] User Image
          [Information about my request!] The white bangs layer over the coon tails and eye makeup is very smokey. The wings are optional. The rest has artistic freedom allowed ♥ I would also like a fullbody if possible c:
          [My offer!] 500k
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Familiar Phantom

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  • Invisibility 100

[My name] Volosh
[My character(s) name!] Vol and TenTen
[My references!] User Image and User Image
[Information about my request!] The two of them tend to be shy towards one another, but they are a couple. Subtle gestures such as holding hands, blushing, avoiding eye contact, and kisses on the cheek are common. I want to leave everything up to your creativity. Artistic freedom is welcomed and greatly encouraged.
[My offer!] 200k for a half-body sketch or colored? whichever you feel is more appropriate for the price or however far along you'd like to take the picture, I'm certainly not picky.

[My name] mugensheep
[My character(s) name!] sano and knight, respectively
[My references!] all i've got are flats for them here. :3
personalities: sano is kind of aloof and distant; she used to be blind so she's actually very curious but wants to try to act mature and strong. she's kind of a cliche tsundere. knight is her opposite; he's a very outgoing and fun person. he's never ashamed to show that he cares for sano very much. he gets disheartened when she is unable to express her feelings but he never gives up.
[Information about my request!] mmmm pose and stuff is up to you, it doesn't really matter. you can draw knight without his mask as well, there's nothing like, crazy under there, it's just the rest of his face haha. if you want to draw them fighting, then sano is a marksman with two handguns and knight is a swordsman. it doesn't matter to me ^^
[My offer!] color if you can? ^^ for 350k

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