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          Hey guys. This is the right place to post your requests for understated! heart
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[My name] Corrahn
[My character(s) name!] Gamble and/or Stravonis
[My references!] It's all here.
[Information about my request!] I would prefer to have two images, one of Gamble and one of Stravonis.
[My offer!] I'll gladly pay 125k for colored work of either character. I'll go for 300k if you'd be willing to do one of each, plus a tip depending on how much Xavior throws in.

Do I win a cookie?
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[My name] RoseDragonfire (aka: stalker)
[My character(s) name!] She's being renamed, but I'll call her Scarlet for now. Go genericness! biggrin
[My references!] girl on left another style
[Information about my request!] She is my oldest character. She has a couple of different versions, but this was one version I had a lot of fun making...When I was 12...Lol! If she interests you, I'd be happy with so much as a head sketch! biggrin
[My offer!] 150k (It's all I have, but I can always open a cheap art shop to raise funds for this. ^^)

[Comment] Also, I'd love to draw your boys! Free of course! Lastly, don't feel the need to do my request if you're not inspired. I understand how boring that can be, and I'd rather you have fun. ^^

[My name] Alyssia
[My character(s) name!] Martin and Alyssia [Boyfriend and I].
[My references!] You could choose between:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. & User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. & User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. & User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The boy is a 6" Caucasian and the girl is a 5"2 Asian. Please make sure that you include this height difference. [Her head would be at about his shoulders, maybe a little more or less]

He has a lean figure and is more built, where she has an average build for her height. Her bust is fairly average as well. If you want to remove the girl's glasses from her face, please incorporate them somewhere in the picture. I'd also like the girl's hair to be longer and more so wavy than curly [her hair length goes down to her belly button].

The boy is athletic, romantic, creative and a little awkward. Despite his creativity he doesn't really have any artistic ability and she sometimes teases him for that. He plays the piano and bass guitar, loves coding and enjoys going for runs. The girl is nerdy, not-so-athletic, creative, artistically inclined and equally awkward. She loves to cook and make things, especially for him. She loves to be serenaded [she loves music, and especially “cheesy love songs”] and spoiled by him; she often hints towards what she wants. He usually agrees or takes the hint, though sometimes it takes a while for him to catch on. Together they are a very smiley, nerdy, playful and fun-loving couple. However, while they seem fun-loving and innocent, both being hopeful romantics, you could also find them having their shares of passionate moments together. You could either take the cute route [cooking/baking, piggy-back, eating, gifts, pillow fights, pillow forts, carrying, etc], the sexy/romantic route [dancing, kissing, cuddling… Anything close and intimate], the nerdy route [playing games, pokemon, math, portal, computer sciences... anything that one would typically see as "nerdy"; I'm not picky], or anything else you'd like to do with the couple!
[Information about my request!] I would love coloured couple art of the two; draw as much as you like of them, in any way/style you desire. Feel free to add anything such as backgrounds or extra items; you could even change their clothes, colour scheme or mix and match outfits if you want! In fact, I encourage changes if you'd like (: The avatars above were shown to give some ideas. It's the bodies, and not their clothes that really count. However, if you'd still like to use one of the avatar's outfits, or base off of them, feel free to do so, too! I give you artistic freedom.
[My offer!] 250k? <3

And if you don't get bored of drawing them, I'd love to order an additional sketch/painting!
Your art is absolutely BEAUTIFUL; I'd love to have it.
I've been lurking this thread for the longest time, waiting for you to open 4laugh
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[My name]
[My character(s) name!] Han Hyun
[My references!] hanny
[Information about my request!] suprise me emotion_kirakira
[My offer!] 100k //shotshot

[My name] Vermis
[My character(s) name!] Vermis Pallidus
[My references!] AVATAR
[Information about my request!] She's...curvy? XD ....and honestly I'd love a sketch or a couple of sketches for the 200k I am offering. But...do as you please.
[My offer!] 200k?

[My name] iT 3 D ii B 3 A R - - -
[My character(s) name!] jeanette
[My references!] just one sad lonely reference sheet
[Information about my request!] uh not much i guess? she's a bit of a brat and is stubborn and opinionated, so if you could work that in coolio! i'm really in love with your sketches so that's actually what i would prefer haha. c:
[My offer!] 150k?
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Sparkly Shoujo

[My name] swirled sweets
[My character(s) name!] madoka ;w;
[My references!] my oc madoka, ref2, ref3, ref4, ref5
[Information about my request!] sketch or colored? ; U;
[My offer!] 120k? ; 3;
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Inquisitive Roisterer

[My name]~Da llama queen~
[My character(s) name!] River My friends OC Giglamesh (my Oc's big brother)
[My references!]All her information, All Gig's info
[Information about my request!] River her weapon Helheim (the nade bat) in some "battle ready" pose if you can, And Giglamesh with one of his weapons. Whatever you feel like doing, though I hope for color!
[My offer!]120k ok?
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[My name]dune sand
[My character(s) name!]dafts
[My references!]User Imageor [X]
[Information about my request!]id love a painting of dafts colored please.
despite the angry looking avatar, he is actually very shy and nice.

[My offer!]350k if that's all right. 4laugh

[My name] popetoastt!
[My character(s) name!]Beast man!
[My references!]BAM
[Information about my request!]i generally just call him a pinata
most of my art of this avatar is of him being beat up so.
Whatever you wanna do with that!

[My offer!] I would die to see a painting of mine, but all i have is 125k
whatever the ******** that will get me

[My name] Classictantrums
[My character(s) name!] alec//classy//piper//prime//seb//simon//rubin
[My references!]^^^
[Information about my request!] depending on which one you want to draw I have more info on them if needed
[My offer!] 60k for a sketch?
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Shirtless Lunatic

[My name] morbid soliloquy
[My character(s) name!]nikki
[My references!]User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Information about my request!] Make her sexy o-o
[My offer!]100k colored

unless you can do anthros then I have another request
which is here
it would be the snow leopard
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Chatty Streaker

[My name]
Diablo Darkfire
[My character(s) name!]
Melissa Morgraine
[My references!]
Melissa Morgraine

and Mister Tiddles
Fullbody Ref of


Her weapons are a pair of short swords that have yet to get a design that

I am fully attached to, so go nuts. She is more or less the innocent

country girl type.
[Information about my request!]
I want to see what you can do with my references, feel free to do whatever comes to mind.
[My offer!]
125k for a painted fullbody

[My name]
Diablo Darkfire
[My character(s) name!]
Garrick Morgraine
[My references!]
Garrick's Head and

Garrick Fullbody as well as

Garrick's sword
Garrick's Sword Style
[Information about my request!]
Again, feel free to take the references and run with it.
For bonus points (an added 25k), would it be possible to do a lightning effect down the blade of his sword? It was his signature power in the campaign he was in.
[My offer!]
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Shirtless Pirate

[My name] Average Dan
[My character(s) name!] Raul and Hideki
[My references!] Hideki Hideki 2 // Raul Raul 2.
[Information about my request!] They are brothers, Raul being slightly taller and older (by a year). Raul is the serious type while Hideki is the cheerful, mellow one. I would like a pic of the two of them standing beside each other but with their torsos’ slightly facing each other with crossed arms and their face facing towards you (you know what I mean?). For Raul I would like his expression to be very much like his first pic, well serious xD and of course wearing his suit. As for Hideki I want him with a smile very much like the first pic of him and his outfit similar to his full profile pic and this type of beanie if possible.
[My offer!] 300k colored

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