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                                  N A M E )xx TSUME TENAI ICHIRU
                                  A G E )xx EIGHTEEN
                                  G E N D E R )xx MALE
                                  B I R T H D A Y )xx SEPTEMBER 24TH
                                  S E X U A L I T Y )xx HETEROSEXUAL
                                  R O L E )xx THE GREGARIOUS TYPE
                                  H E I G H T )xx FIVE FOOT ELEVEN
                                  W E I G H T )xx ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS.
                                  A P P E A R A N C E )xx
                                  xxxxxxx₀₁x TALL, JUST SLIGHTLY MUSCULAR
                                  xxxxxxx₀₂x PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR
                                  xxxxxxx₀₃x GRAY - BLUE EYES
                                  xxxxxxx₀₄x PREDOMINANTLY JAPANESE
                                  xxxxxxx₀₅ x LIGHT, SUNKISSED SKIN


                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              Tsume is a man of idle remark, rather than conversation, though it's not as if he isn't going to do both.
                              He is a friendly, aspiring, but somewhat negative and a constantly embarrassed man, who coughs when
                              something incredibly awkward or strange occurs. He is the type of person who would catch someone in
                              his arms when they are upset, and enjoys taking care of others to the nth degree. He's fairly sociable as
                              long as you don't scare him with ruthless behavior, which he deems unacceptable and frankly obnoxious.
                              Once one knows him well, he is particularly whimsical, but he doesn't bother to do things outside of
                              his comfort zone, which involves saying no when he doesn't want to do something. He tends to be deceitful
                              and two faced, because he would rather spare feelings than be honest, even though he is fairly critical in
                              his own mind. Being judgmental annoys him, but he can't help but feel that most aren't on par with kindness.

                              This male is partial to cute girls, sweet and bitter foods, most art, his sculpting, and he enjoys sitting on
                              a bench to strum and hum to a few toons, though he isn't a professional by any stretch of the imagination.
                              Getting along with him is a fairly simple task; he will treat one person how they have treated him, and if he
                              truly feels that he does not get along with another individual, then he ignores them and avoids them at
                              all costs. This leads him to be fairly placid, if not simple in life, as expressing negative emotion -- not to be
                              confused with negative thought -- is a fairly difficult concept for him. He doesn't always believe that there
                              is good in abundance, but he is more than willing to try something just to see how it turns out in the end.

                              He fears losing the trust of someone he cares deeply for, being unable to let go of the past, and flame on
                              anything that is unconventional. He rarely talks about his family, and prefers to keep the conversation
                              geared toward whatever other individual is in the room or near him. He does like people, despite believing
                              that humanity may or may not be able to be saved, and he's the kind of person who could go on and on
                              about anything that he is passionate about. Which is another thing he fears -- becoming to attached.

                              xxxxxsnow boarding sculpting bottle caps old treasures painting cute girls
                              xxxxxinteresting conversation sweets the beach turtles penguins flowers
                              xxxxxkindness swimming the cold scarves cats hats umbrellas chess
                              xxxxxpicture frames juices castles the elderly puzzles clocks jewelry

                              xxxxxmatches smoking irregular curtains beetles skateboards spicy food
                              xxxxxassholes lost conversation cliffs worms meat death heat snobs
                              xxxxxsqueaky shoes metal music dark alleys mushrooms carrots rubbish
                              xxxxxfast food prissy people grudges screaming children 3D movies sluts

              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                            Tsume isn't particularly fond of his past, not because it was bad, but because he feels it was uninteresting so
                            he isn't inclined to speak about it. He grew up with relatively strict parents, which was how he got sent to
                            vouzette academy, but other than that, has been treated well his entire life. He sometimes confuses his
                            french with japanese, because switching the language he thinks in can be complicated, but he is good at his
                            pronunciation, and his grammar isn't wrong very often. He's not an academic genius, but he isn't a slacker,
                            either, so his grades are decent if not boringly average. He's more intelligent when it comes to the social
                            endeavors and settlements, where he can be the life of the party, just because he's so friendly. His lack
                            of ability to speak profoundly with anyone isn't out of stupidity, it's from guarding his own mind, but if one
                            befriends him well enough, things will change and he will be open to political and controversial subjects.
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                          ████████████████ ███ ██████ ██ █ ███

                                  N A M E )xx ARCHER MCCALOUS
                                  A G E )xx EIGHTEEN
                                  G E N D E R )xx MALE
                                  B I R T H D A Y )xx JUNE 18TH
                                  S E X U A L I T Y )xx HETEROSEXUAL
                                  R O L E )xx THE DAREDEVIL TYPE
                                  H E I G H T )xx SIX FOOD ONE
                                  W E I G H T )xx ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY - TWO POUNDS
                                  A P P E A R A N C E )xx
                                  xxxxxxx₀₁x TALL, LANKY, THIN,
                                  xxxxxxx₀₂x DRESSES IN A LOT OF PUNK CLOTHING
                                  xxxxxxx₀₃x ALWAYS HAS HIS NAILS PAINTED
                                  xxxxxxx₀₄x SHOULDER - LENGTH HAIR
                                  xxxxxxx₀₅x AMERICAN, AND QUITE PALE


                xxxxxxxxxxxx████████████████ ███ ██████ ██ █ ███
                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              Archer is a bit of an a*****e... and the aforementioned is quite the understatement. He comes across as
                              'I just don't give a ********,' but that doesn't even cover the half of it. He can't be persuaded to care about
                              individuals who virtually mean nothing to him. On the other hand, he's unafraid and will take a risk for
                              those who he deems as worth the effort. His personality comes from a broken home, so when he was a
                              freshman, he cleaned up his act for the year and transferred off of a partial scholarship, and partial deal
                              with his parents. It is rare for him to utter a kind word about those who raised him, but that's not saying much
                              since it's difficult for him to utter something nice about anything. He is borderline shallow, but also a bit
                              understanding when it comes to differences in opinion or hatred for authority. He wants to control his own life,
                              and until recently, felt that he didn't have the means to do so.

                              This male, like any stereotypical daredevil, owns a nice motorcycle. What most don't know about him
                              is that he has a soft spot for children. I don't mean that he necessarily utters kind words to them, but there
                              is a subtle change when he sees something that cannot protect itself. Archer has gotten in trouble with
                              the police a few times, mostly just for lighting things on fire that never ended up into anything serious, since
                              it was never his intent. He just thinks fire is pretty badass. He acts like a snarky, arrogant jerk during the club,
                              but outside of it, he's more or less distant from everyone, and often doesn't address someone until they do so, first.

                              motorcycles★ punk - rock ★ gloves ★ tools ★ engines ★ ink ★ comic books
                              record stores ★ antiques ★ racing ★ photography ★ keychains ★ the woods
                              leather ★ studded stuff ★ piercings ★ flirting ★ weapons ★ saying profanities

                              bright pink ★ obnoxious color ★ most other men ★ prissy music ★ cold food ★ stenches
                              brown bags with no logos ★ small dogs ★ rats ★ ironing boards ★ junk food ★ macs
                              most reading ★ math ★ sitting still ★ fragile things ★ lack of money ★ lack of lighter

                xxxxxxxxxxxx████████████████ ███ ██████ ██ █ ███
                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              stuff goes here, stuff goes here, like, really, stuff goes here. I don’t even know how to describe the stuff that
                              goes here, I just know it goes here, okay, man? Exactly how the universe works – it’s crazy, the universe, that is.
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                          ████████████████ ███ ██████ ██ █ ███

                                  N A M E )xx LAILA REIN LEDIN
                                  A G E )xx SEVENTEEN
                                  G E N D E R )xx LADY
                                  B I R T H D A Y )xx JULY TWENTY EIGHTH
                                  S E X U A L I T Y )xx STRAIGHT
                                  R O L E )xx THE FLIRTY TYPE
                                  H E I G H T )xx FIVE FOOT NINE
                                  W E I G H T )xx ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO POUNDS
                                  A P P E A R A N C E )xx
                                  xxxxxxx₀₁x ROSY PALE SKIN
                                  xxxxxxx₀₂x SLENDER FACE AND PHYSIQUE
                                  xxxxxxx₀₃x STRAWBERRY HAIR ( BLONDE TRY DYED RED )
                                  xxxxxxx₀₄x BRIGHT GREEN EYES
                                  xxxxxxx₀₅x YOUTHFUL SMILE, APPROACHABLE


                xxxxxxxxxxxx████████████████ ███ ██████ ██ █ ███
                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              Laila is a happy, bubbly, spontaneous type of girl. She enjoys having fun and laughing, but knows you can't live your life just doing things you want. She tries at least some what in school, and is fascinated by history. World, culture, political. She enjoys learning about the past. Laila also enjoys the company of men, and felt as though she was the perfect person for Invented Worlds. Although she isn't to friendly towards the other girls, she will put on a pleasant face for the attention of the men. She gets very vain and bitchy if some other girl is getting more attention then her.

                              pink ( duh ) shoes silk soda shopping big men
                              carmel techno pedicures tacos bulldogs history
                              sleeping dandelions scary movies blankets beaches hiking

                              jazz heavy metal math clouds cows fruit
                              ghosts spice uniforms dark class snow
                              driving cats jeans chores pretty girls old guys

                xxxxxxxxxxxx████████████████ ███ ██████ ██ █ ███
                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              Laila was born and raised a daddy's girl. Her father used to be a B-list Swedish actor, known for his roles as the ladies man. When he got older, he decided to finally settle down and have some kids. Laila's mother was significantly younger, and ended up leaving their daughter with the old actor. He is now sixty eight. Laila is his only know child, although she suspects he might be a baby daddy for a lot of people. But he loves her none the less, and spoils her relentlessly. Laila doesn't mind the attention she used to get in Sweden either. Being an actors kid was a big deal, even if said actor hadn't been famous for a long time.

                              Laila used to see her mother occasionally, but in the last few years, it when from being just holidays, to really never. Laila is graduating this year, and prays her mom will come to the ceremony. He father has had many girlfriends throughout her life, but they never got the same love and affection as Laila received from her father. Although it's not all negative, Laila definitely has a strange relationship with her father. And daddy issues always break down to slutty girls. Although she's still a virgin, Laila isn't afraid to kiss someone. She's waiting to have sex until college, and knows how to stop a boys urges better then a cold shower. She loves the attention she gets from her father so much though, she wants it from every guy she meets. Which almost always ends up in her getting toys and gifts. Her striking green eyes make almost any guy swoon, when she gives them the right look.

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