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I need a hero - - I'M HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO TILL THE END OF NIGHT - -He's gotta be strong, he's gotta be fast, - - HE'S GOT TO BE LARGER THAN LIFE, LARGER THAN LIFE

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This is a Literate to Lazy Literate roleplay. I, Doom, take credit for graphics made and the roleplay.

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Shirtless Exhibitionist

How do I roll dice or use numbers? :
When you post a new reply you will see on the right hand side post style and post action.
You will go to post action and select random number for selecting power level.
The first number will be the lowest number of your level and the second the highest number.
When you press submit your post will show that you picked a random number and then show you what that number is.

To roll dice it is very similar to pick a number. Instead in post actions you select roll dice.
You will pick a 10 sided dice and the # of dice will be 2. Again when you press submit it will show right above your post.

Figuring out your power level :

This is a simple task.
To figure out ones power level would depend on at what level you are.
Black Stars will discuss their power levels with Mika and Mint.
The Scouts will all start at level 1 and have to work their way up, in order to work your way up you WILL have to battle and win.

      Level 1 : 10-100
      Level 2 : 110-200
      Level 3 : 210-300
      Level 4 : 310-400
      Level 5 : 510-600

If you are level 1 and need to figure out your power level you will select random number from post action and put in 30 - 100.
So if for example you get 60 then that is your highest power level.

Figuring out your health :

So your power level is 60. Now what is your health ?

Well that one is very easy, you take your power level and add 50 points to it.
So now your power level is 60 plus the 50 and now your hp is 110.

Leveling up :

I am sure now you are wondering how you level up, well that is simple too !
For every three battles that you win you go up a level !

Fighting :

So you have your power level, health and you know how to level up. You wanna know how to fight?

Well that is easy, when you are against another you will roll a dice from 1-10.

So your power level is 60 hp 110 and now you've rolled a 5 which means you with do a 5th of what your power level is. So now you have done 30 damage.

This will also go with healing. If you have the ability to heal then you will roll a dice. So again for example if you roll a dice and get 5 then you will heal for 30 hp.

After rolling the first dice you will roll another dice, this dice will tell your enemy if they are able to block the attack or not. Being able to block attacks will depend on the level of your character.

Roll the dice and if you get a number from 1-10. If you are on the same level...and you roll 4-10, you get hit. 1-3 and you dodge. If you are fighting someone that is one level higher than you, then 1-5 dodge, 5-10 hit. If you somehow fight someone 2 levels higher than you, 1-7 dodge, 8-10 hit.

Enemies :

Who could possibly attack you other than the black stars? THEIR MINIONS CAN !!

New Tokyo is rife for dangers that the Sailors will have to face, both from mortal threats and the Black Stars. There are Two main groups that the Scouts will likely encounter and have conflict with


New Tokyo is overrun by gangs and crime, especially in the areas that are not regulated by the Black Stars, making its streets highly dangerous at night, and some time during the day. The City's "Might makes right" policy has forced many into a life of crime and many people who, in a sane world, would be in prisons are simply not. The Black Stars tend to leave criminals who do not offend them alone, and as a result many gangs have sprung up.

There are many gangs within New Tokyo, some are more unique than others, their troops, however tend to have a general level of strength.

Punks are the mean-hearted bullies of New Tokyo, people out on the street preying on the weak to make their living, the muggers, thieves, and bullies that haunt the streets in the lower districts. Punks are the lowliest of the criminal classes, and usually operate alone or in small groups. Even in small groups Punks tend to be cowardly and weak, easy prey for even a single scout but when they rally, they can be dangerous.
Armament: Usually fists or crude melee weapons.
Threat: Very low unless in numbers.

Thugs are muscle for most of the gangs in New Tokyo, and as a result are one of the more numerous criminal classes. Thugs tend to have a bit more muscle on them and are more dedicated to a criminal lifestyle than Punks who are primarily opportunistic criminals.
Armament: Unarmed, Simple melee weapons (Knives, crowbars, ect)
Threat: Low

In a sane world, the Toughs would have likely have spent a lot of time in jail. Professional criminals and Hardcore bangers, the Toughs are not to be underestimated, often acting as a Gang's elite soldiers or enforcers, they have skills and equipment lowly gang members might not have, and true to their name are often quite a bit tougher.
Armament: Varies depending on Gang
Threat: Moderate-Low

Some criminals posess a gift of leadership, and as a result less confident ones tend to swarm around them. Bosses control the gangs, and control them with good reason. Bosses tend to be stronger than their subordinates and control them with an iron fist, giving boosts to morale while they are around.
Armament: Varies, typically better than their subordinates.
Threat: Alone - Mid, With Allies - High

Yakuza have always been the most threatening criminals in Tokyo, and in New Tokyo there is no exception to the rule. Yakuza soldiers are strong and very well experienced in the arts of committing violence. They are far more organized than simple gangers and though they mostly stick to their own affairs, would become a serious threat if their vision was turned to our heroines.There are three major Yakuza groups that control the smaller gangs and larger portions of New Tokyo, and the most powerful is rumored to be controlled by a Black Star...
Armament: Varies, Many Yakuza carry swords and other melee weapons, others carry small arms. .
Threat: Mid - To - High (Depending on rank)

The Black Stars
The Black Stars are the group in power in New Tokyo, and Black Earth in general. Humans with supernatural powers fueled by their black hearts, many Black Stars joined the forces that conquered the world a century ago either seeking power, or were forcefully converted. Unlike the Criminals, Even the Black Star's soldiers are organized and well-trained, otherwise they wouldn't have seized and maintained control for so long.

Not all Black Star Recruits become Soldiers, Officers, or Elites, some simply do not have the 'stuff' necessary to become a full Black Star. These people may be citizens who have been brainwashed, or recruits at the Black Star academy who failed to achieve the status of the black stars. Minions are used as disposable troops and occasionally spies, since many have not even earned their star yet.
Armament: Usually fists or crude melee weapons.
Threat: Very low unless in numbers

The rank and file Black Star Soldiers are hardy, fight in groups, and are adequately trained and armed, but mediocre on their own. Soldiers would work best in groups and can be a challenge for a lone scout in groups of two or more since they prefer to rely on teamwork or tactics to overcome their foes.
Armament: Weak powers, Small Arms (Pistols, SMGs), Melee weapons (Short swords or batons)
Threat: Varies depending on nearby allies and rank of soldiers.

Officers would be the higher ranked Black Stars, who have proven themselves and given themselves to the cause of the mighty Black Star Army. They tend to be experienced, well trained, and well armed compared to soldiers, and often join groups of them in battle, aiding indirectly through buffs and healing their soldiers, as well as providing ranged assistance
Armament: Powers, Small Arms (Smgs and Rifles), Melee (Swords)
Threat: Medium alone, high when with soldiers.

Specialists are Black Stars assigned to special tasks, perhaps like Snipers, Combat engineers, medics, ect. I imagine there could be a class that focuses on long range energy strikes or something, I dunno. ><

Elites are the Creme of the Crop, soldiers hand picked by the Inner Circle and more often than not Pre War Black Stars who have pledged their eternal service to the King long before any of the others were alive. Elites have unique skillsets, abilities, and weapons, but are all very powerful and very dangerous, usually working alone or in very small groups.
Threat: Very High

Black Star Special Elite

Not all Black Stars owe their allegiance to just the Black Star army, some are specially chosen or serve members of the inner circle. The Black Star Elites vary greatly depending on their patron's tastes, some may be assassins, others spies, maybe some specialists and others more versatile. They can be of any skill set and of any threat.
(Basically, if you are a Star, you may create your own special minions, send in information about their skills, threat, even uniform if you would like!. =D )

Doom Me Baby rolled 2 10-sided dice: 8, 1 Total: 9 (2-20)

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Shirtless Exhibitionist

HEALTH : 110

ATTACK : Halo's Light

Rolled : 8, 1

Now, even though I rolled an 8 the 1 allows the other to completely block the attack.

The next step would be me to go write a post about the numbers I just got - It must be done accordingly.

The step after that is for the one I am in a battle with to do what I just did.

[size=10]POWER LEVEL :


Rolled :[/size]

Doom Me Baby generated a random number between 10 and 100 ... 64!

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Shirtless Exhibitionist

Sailor Leo

Power Level : 64
Health : 114

el minty generated a random number between 510 and 600 ... 543!

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Big Bunny

7,250 Points
  • Autobiographer 200
  • Statustician 100
  • Gaian 50

Final Boss

Black Star : Iron
Yue Yaichino
Level 5

Power Level: 543
HP: xxx

chilly_wind generated a random number between 10 and 100 ... 88!

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Dapper Businesswoman

6,550 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Profitable 100
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Sailor Gemini
Level 1

Power :: 88
HP :: 138

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