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LOL laziness...
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malbury, nora clementine

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                                  Nora Malbury
                                  None, that I know of
                                  Ninteen; just got out in the world!
                                  8th of Autumn
                                  ʙɪʀᴛʜ ɢᴇɴᴅᴇʀ;
                                  I haven't really decided yet; can't really tell the difference between my attractions . . .
                                  150 lb. 'scuse you! I lost a lot recently!
                                  5 ft 4
                                  House 53; My dad likes to stay so far away from everything, it's a pain!
                                  Coffee house cook


                                  ᴍᴀʀʀɪᴀɢᴇ ʀᴇǫᴜɪʀᴇᴍᴇɴᴛs;
                                  Marriage? Marriage! Oh, I don't think I'm attractive enough for such a thing . . . Although, it would be nice, wouldn't it. Someone there who doesn't care about my flaws. Yeah, that's a nice thought! Though, I really doubt there'd be anyone willing to put up with me. [/sigh] I mean, even though I don't offer much, I'm actually pretty high maintenance. They're going to have to put up with all my fears and want to take care of me, which I know is going to be hard to find, especially in this day and age, when everyone wants a girl who's adventurous and takes risks. Well, at least the brave types. Though, I guess if I find someone who doesn't mind a quiet life, I should be fine. But who's actually like that nowadays? And not many people are going to find my body type attractive, either. Well, the one I'm going to have now that I'm back home. Hm? Some requirements from me? Oh, who am I to ask? Hm . . . but if I had to say, maybe . . . someone tall! And this might be too much to ask, but I'd like someone affectionate as well, and likes to cuddle. I've never been in a relationship before, so I'm not really sure anything else I'd prefer.
                                  ❤ baking - especially cakes! I do a lot of baking at the coffee house
                                  ❤ mice - they're just so small cute~
                                  ❤ pastries and coffee - can't have one without the other
                                  ❤ jazz - especially edith piaf, a French artist. Goes great with the above
                                  ❤ perfume - vanilla is my favorite
                                  ❤ praise - makes me feel like I'm not screwing up for once
                                  ❤ heels, skirts and hats - dressing up makes me more confident!

                                  ♪ flowers - I like the red ones!
                                  ♪ love stories or gossip - I'll read them, but I'd rather be told
                                  ♪ animals - I'm okay with even bugs and spiders
                                  ♪ cleaning - eh, it's calming enough
                                  ♪ french speakers - s'il vous plaît~ I don't actually speak that much, though.
                                  ♪ barrettes - a small detail can make a surprisingly big difference

                                  ✘ yelling - please don't get to loud
                                  ✘ red meats - they don't sit well in my stomach. Ugh.
                                  ✘ colds - again, ugh. and I get them a lot, too . . .
                                  ✘ rain - makes me feel sickly, hence the above
                                  ✘ being picked on - oh, I get enough of that back at home! Hmph.
                                  ✘ being useless - eheh, sorry . . .
                                  ✘ working out - don't judge me!

                                  Can I just put . . . everything? Well, here are some big ones:
                                  ☠ loud noises - screaming or thunder are the worse of this kind
                                  ☠ failure - this happens a lot for me. Too much, actually
                                  ☠ poverty - I'll probably end up there, at the rate I'm going
                                  ☠ getting jumped, mugged, house broken into - even if Aurora's a pretty safe place, I keep a bunch ☠ of locks on my doors and peperspray handy
                                  ☠ being hated - I'm probably on this path, too. I know I'm a difficult person . . .
                                  ☠ being burned - yes, I know, ironic since I work in a kitchen
                                  Oh, do I really have to list them all?


                                  Oh golly, you're not really interested in this, are you? Come on, you're not going to like me if I tell you everything about myself! I'm sorry, I'm just a bit panicky, okay? Fine, very panicky. I don't know how it happened since my family is generally laid back. Guess there just had to be one of us. But I digress. I can turn anything into a bad situation, I can mess anything up . . . I guess I'm just not a really fun person to be around, especially when I'm on edge. Push me too far? My neurotic side comes out and I'm a complete mess. Crying and ranting from here all the way to next Tuesday, barely even giving myself a chance to breathe. So don't test me, because when I get like that, I prove my tendency to accidentally ignore people. I don't mean to! It's just sometimes my thoughts get so rampant I can't really hear you. Of course, that happened when I'm focused or spacing out, too, so just give me a tap (or a shake) if I don't respond. Ugh, all this is just breathing proof of how difficult I am . . . Can I really say anything good about myself? Well, I guess I can give myself that I always try to keep the best intentions. My dad says I have a good heart, if that's worth anything. I know I do try to think of others more than myself and be humble . . . but that's how it should be, since there isn't really much I deserve, right? I mean, I'm not smart, talented at anything, I have little common sense . . . but, maybe a little compassion and patience for people could make up for that?

                                  Well, for one thing, I was actually born in England, but my mother was French and my father was American . . . yeah, it's a little confusing. They'd both gone to Cambridge to study writing, where they met their senior year, and fell in love. Dad was working to be a journalist, while my mother, so I'm told, was working to be a professor. I ended up being an accident though, born out of wedlock. Heh, oh well, they loved me anyways, so I guess that's good for me. They were married a moth after my birth, and it seemed like we were going to be a happy family!

                                  Sadly, my mother ended up passing away in a car crash. I was only about twenty months old, not even two, so I don't remember a thing about her, so I can't really say I miss her. Guess it's something I kind of regret, though; Dad shows me pictures of her and she was really pretty, long black, curly hair, and dark eyes, while I somehow look like my dad.

                                  Anyways, after that, my dad said he had to get away from the city and all the cars, because it reminded him too much of mom, so we ended up moving to this quaint little town, where I was really raised. Aurora was were I took my first steps and spoke my first words, so this is more like my birth home. Anyways, even though my dad managed to get away from the city, he ended up being something of a recluse, and still seldom leaves the house when it's not to get groceries or run errands.

                                  So, as I was raised here, home schooled in that little house on the outskirts with just my father, I still managed to take a little of my mother from the grave, and my heritage on her side along with her, since my grandparents came to visit a lot. Grandmama was the one who gave me a love for baking actually! Because she spoke little English and I spoke little French, we always had a hard time communicating, but that didn't seem to matter when she was teaching me her recipes. Those were probably the only lessons I really retained well.

                                  Um . . . on that subject, remember when I said I was home schooled? Home schooled kids are supposed to be, like super smart right? Heh, wrong. I'm a dunce and I can't deny it. I suppose it didn't help that my dad, when he's not teasing me about it, has little patience for showing me things over and over. Most of the time he ended up just saying I learned something just so we could move on. I didn't realize what sort of impact this would have on me until I moved away to attend college . . . and flunked out after a month. Oh, it was a tragedy! I was so embarrassed when I came back home. But, no one really said anything, at least not to my face, and those that did just suggested that maybe college just isn't for me. I like that explanation well enough! So I decided to go into the work force, working with what I love: food!


                                  ᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʟ ʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜ;
                                  Despite being pretty neurotic at times and panicking a lot, she's sound of mind.
                                  ᴘʜʏsɪᴄᴀʟ ʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜ;
                                  She does get colds very easily but other than that, she doesn't have any health problems. Before going off to college she was actually pretty darn chubby, but ended up loosing a lot of weight because of all the stress she was under. Though, now, she's starting to gain it all back . . .


                                  Don't be fooled by how dumb she seems; she's actually really observant. She'll notice if you're trying to hide something, and I'll be darned if she's not able to figure out what it is! Oh that same note, she's a surprisingly deep thinker. She can't solve problems, but she can certainly lay out the whole maze for you.
                                  ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ sᴏɴɢ;
                                  Curus - Pop'n Cafe Music Version
                                  Padam Padam - Edith Piaf
                                  La Vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong
                                  Moonsetter - Homestuck Vol. 9

                                  A little white mouse named Baguette that stays in a cage at the other end of her room.
                                  ☀Father, Richard Malbury - he's a hermit, he picks on me all the time, he's messy, he's not very polite, he sleeps all the time . . . and he's my absolute best friend.
                                  ☀Late mother, Charlotte Malbury - she was really pretty, from what I can see from the pictures . . . I mean, I don't really know much about her and I remember absolutely nothing from when I was a toddler, so I can't say that I miss her or anything, but there's a strange feeling I get, looking at her pictures, knowing she was my mom. It's ridiculous I guess.
                                  ☀Insane Aunt and Uncle, Milly and Frank - my dad's sister-in-law and brother, they come and stay at our house a lot. I guess it's nice that Aunt Milly helps do the housework but they've . . . got a few screws loose. Uncle Frank can be a bit of a klepto . . .
                                  ☀Grandparents, Grandmama Carman and Grandpapa Milord - I love them! Grandpapa is so much fun, and has so many stories! My Grandmama doesn't speak English, though, but she's so sweet and takes care of me very well, almost like she was my mom. I wish they came as often as my Aunt and Uncle.

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. ell me

Did you sail across the sun? Did you make it to the Milky Way?
Did the wind sweep you off your feet? Did you finally dance along the light of day?


                      As the day rolled along, the crowd started to become thicker and thinker. Where
                      Odette was from, the quaint, seaside Lilycove City, the crowds tended to stay
                      pretty small and quiet, even during the traveling seasons. You'd think that
                      after being a year into living in Eudora, she'd be use to all the hustle and bustle,
                      but that was not yet the case. Even when she was in a very good mood, they
                      always seemed to have a way of disorienting her, and if she was in a rush or
                      a state of urgency, she would even panic. The former was more likely right,
                      and the tan stranger before her seemed to slip into the faces as he removed
                      his sunglasses, to look exactly like everyone behind him. But those sharp,
                      searching eyes of his, seeming so fierce and carefully watching, she was
                      glad she was able to observe them. They seemed to make her more aware of
                      this strange. At least, she knew to note that he was a clever one; perhaps even
                      crafty. She might have to watch out for him, hope that if the situation ever called,
                      (although, why would it?) he would be her ally, and not her enemy.

                      But why think of such things now? Now was the time to life off his praise. "Oh,
                      you flatter me sir,
                      " she replied with a jovial snicker, putting her hands on her
                      hips and leaning back. "I should get your name. Anyone who'd help me pay rent,
                      anyone that Clara likes enough, deserves my gratitude~
                      " Ah, now she remembered
                      this chap; it was at the tavern. She had been playing . . . a rhapsody, or had it
                      been the blues? Something to fit that low light and compliment those low voices.
                      Yeah, it'd been the blues; she'd been feeling particularly down that day. Striker
                      had hurt himself saving her from falling down a flight of stairs. She'd felt guilty
                      for hurting his leg more than it already was, it got her thinking about how
                      disappointed that certain person would be with her, things went from there, so
                      that night the restaurant and bar sang to the tune of a lonely woman, just wanting
                      to say farewell to her past mistakes. Then that tan stranger walked up and dropped
                      his fee for feeling into her jar. He actually took a second to take off his glasses
                      and look at her bare eyed, like he did today. Only then, it was strange for him to
                      have glasses on him at all.

                      That was when Odette notice something new at her side; something big and soft
                      and a blazing color. Looking down, a firey coat and fierce eyes, like his master's,
                      looked up at her, and the pinkette smiled warmly. "Oh, you didn't tell me you had
                      such a handsom brother~
                      " she commented at she leaned down to pet the fire type.
                      "Goodness me, look at that coat! You're a five star Pokemon, aren't you~ I could
                      just take you home with me!
                      " Little to her knowledge, another red Pokemon had
                      crept up behind her: the Scizor crossed it's claws as it looked down at Archie, giving
                      the dog-like Pokemon a warning glare, with a flash of . . . is that jealousy? Odie
                      paid no mind to her lame bodyguard, and kept loving on the Fire type.

                      She straightened back up, and from there, the disorientation of the crowd seemed
                      to be getting to her. It was hard to tell what was going on, especially with the grass
                      type screeching. In a flash she saw one of the probable causes of the ruckus, at
                      least if she were to make a judgement, her Teddiursa. "Major!" she scolded,
                      scooping him un into her arms and holding him strong enough to keep him from
                      breaking free again. "You little troublemaker, stop that!" He cried and whined and
                      wriggled all around, probably complaining that he "hadn't done anything wrong", but
                      Odette didn't give in. "Look, if you can keep yourself from causing any more trouble,
                      I'll buy any leftover goodies from the stand at the end of the day and you ca have
                      as much as you want.
                      " Oh, that sure did shut him up. The bear-like Pokemon
                      crossed his paws and looked up at her, unimpressed, and she rolled her eyes.

                      "Okay, first ten dollars I make, you can have a cookie or two. But I can't make
                      any money if you keep causing the customers to go away. Now . . .
                      " It was then,
                      she was adressed by her . . . sort of boss. Looking up, she saw the white haired
                      girl looking completely distressed. Woooah, did something happen? "Um, Eva?"
                      she started, treading over with the Normal Type still in her arms. "Is everything
                      alright? I mean, do you need me to help?
                      " Well, watching the stand would probably
                      be helping. "I mean, sure I can want the stand, no problem at all . . . maybe, you
                      should go find him, and enjoy the festival for a little while? You look stressed.
                      And don't worry about your Pokemon, I'm good at dealing with the rascals.
                      She shot the tan stranger a brief look of apology that she had to stop their
                      conversation so suddenly to deal with her handful of a Pokemon and now this,
                      but maybe he couldn't see her; she couldn't tell with his glasses on. Back at
                      Eva, "Really, watching the stall is no big deal. I can even finish setting up. I
                      don't like seeing you so stressed.
                      "No worries,"



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                                                                                                        Town Square
                                                                                                        Eva, Issac, and Pokemon
                                                                                                        wearing link

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                                                  Robin [ Yvette ] Nouveau
                                                  meek morbid clever

                                                  Nickname(s): None that she knows of
                                                  Age: 20
                                                  Gender: Female
                                                  Sexuality: pansexual

                                                        Flowers ❧ "Obvious, no? People become flowers when they die, you know."
                                                        Death ❧ "As an idea, I think it's beautiful. I certainly don't wish for it, for myself or anyone else, but I respect it."
                                                        Bugs ❧ "They're darling little things, and many are very good for plants. I never understood why people start to squeal at the sight of an itsy-bitsy spider."
                                                        Clovers ❧ "I like to weave them into my hair when I'm bored. It's sad to watch them wither, tho . . . "
                                                        Pale Colors ❧ "Most of my wardrobe is muted. I don't think I own anything black outside of a funeral dress."
                                                        Sunshowers ❧ "They say that when it rains while the sun's out, the devil's beating his wife. I still think they're pretty tho."
                                                        Teas ❧ "You wouldn't expect someone with as many plants as I to not know a thing or two about making tea blends~"
                                                        Light breezy clothes ❧ "They're comfortable and so pretty~"
                                                        Stories ❧ "I'm pretty easy to entertain, and I'm told I'm a good listener."
                                                        Comfort Food ❧ "My mother left me a legacy of delicious recipes to cure home sickness, rainy days, the common cold, you name it."
                                                        Clouds ❧ "I wonder if people still lay down and watch them pass by like when they were kids."


                                                        People killing bugs ❧ "Cruel!! Thoughtless! They're tiny harmless things and you bully them because you're bigger!!"
                                                        Being touched (excessively) ❧ "Um, would you please keep your hands to yourself?"
                                                        Pressure ❧ "I do not like to feel stressed out, it's not good for my health. So please back off."
                                                        Visiting the hospital/doctor ❧ "Nothing against him personally, I just prefer to take care of myself, and I dis/yellinglike putting drugs into my body . . ."
                                                        Disorderliness ❧ "It's not excruciatingly hard to keep things neat you know!"
                                                        Loudness/yelling ❧ "I'm a naturally quiet person, and I realize you might not be the same way, but is it too much to ask for you to keep your voice down?"
                                                        Violence ❧ "Oh, there's just no need for it . . . "
                                                        Large crowds ❧ "I can get a bit claustrophobic sometimes."


                                                        The dark ❧ "My home as a child was usually very dark . . . you can imagine why I took it upon myself to let a little light in."
                                                        Being trapped and alone ❧ "When you spend a couple of weeks lying in bed all day with no one else at home, it starts to get to you."
                                                        Loosing her virginity ❧ "This is probably due to the fact that I simply can't wrap my head around the idea of . . . ahem, intimacy."
                                                        Heights ❧ "Hey, flowers were meant to stay on the ground you know."

                                                  Marriage Requirements:

                                                        Before you even consider asking Robin, you have to be someone very special; if she doesn't let you touch her, you're out of the question. That should be the first thing you take into account.

                                                        One thing that should be noted about little Robin is that she's never, never been in anything close to a relationship. She barely had any friends past a casual invitation to a classmate's birthday party or a study group in school. This is the first time in her life she's ever had the necessity of socializing, let along an opportunity to fall in love. So one thing that's going to be asolutely necessarry is patience. She doesn't know anything about herself, her wants, even her ideals, so just let her figure those things out before she can get to serious and things should go normally. Even that little fear she has of loosing her virginity should subside (she's actually not as much of a prude as she may seem), but with time.

                                                        Part of the reason Robin had a hard time getting close to people in the past is her personality. She's glum and meek, two things people are either turned off by or feel some irrisistable urge to change. Neither are things she blames people for, but she doesn't particularly find favor with them. The latter especially, though she will admit it's usually only out of good nature. But well intentioned or not, she'd rather be accepted for who she is. Within a relationship? You'd better love her, not in spite of, but because of who she is. You don't have to love every part of her, but you'd better not try to change her.

                                                        Despite how much of a downer she is, Robin is surprisingly family-oriented. She wants to be as good a parent as her parents were to her. You should be willing to have children, adopted or not. She also finds financial security and emotional stability to be very, very important. You should be about to tease and play around, because yes, even she likes to have fun, but never, ever push her. She's a lot more fragile to people she lets herself be vulnerable with.

                                                        Only two more things. If you ever betray her trust, she'll drop you in a second.

                                                        Lastly . . . offer her a white opal ring like a lady/gentlemen, and a soft, loving kiss to seal the deal. Once she's yours, she's yours.

                                                  Birthday: 7th of Spring
                                                  Occupation: Florist
                                                  Residence: House #30


                                                        Despite her sunny, delicate looks, Robin is very much a gloomy girl. Even when she smiles, there's always a melancholy air about her, and she's always sighing with a far off look in her eyes. There's not particular significance or reason for this, that's just the way she is. It doesn't help that she's incredibly pessimistic, often complaining about how "this sunny weather isn't bound to last!" or "oh, if this sunny weather lasts we'll all get sunburn." Yup, there's no winning with her. But the stranger thing is that she somehow manages to maintain quite a bit of humor and wit. A lot of the time, whether it's on purpose or not, she manages to make these awful downer thoughts a joke. She's usually good for a laugh, and maybe that's why her gloomy outlook hasn't driven everyone off. Her way with words is just one of the ways her clever side shines through.

                                                        One thing Robin doesn't like it physical contact: she's very touchy. A simple handshake is fine, but no hugs, no kisses please. You have to be very, very close with her to win that privilege, and it goes along with her habit of having a hard time trusting people, which even and get to the point of dishonesty. That doesn't mean she isn't affectionate, however. She just shows it in different ways. Her helpful nature is one of those ways; she loves to take care of people, at least for necessities. She's very gentle, and deals with people's emotions carefully, even with her tendency to be a downer and a tease. She's a pushover, letting the stronger personalities drag her around. This part of her nature also makes it hard for her to say no to doing people favors, but that's not too much of a problem, since she's pretty generous to begin with.


                                                        Robin was a pretty lonely child. She was only five when her father passed away; he was an affectionate man, gentle and hard working, while her mother had been a fiery and strong young woman, until the accident took her husband. Both of them were deeply affected by the loss, but more so Mrs. Nouveau, the widow, whose fire seemed to flicker and die when the love of her life never came home from work. The woman did her best to be as good a mother as her late husband was a father; she'd answer calming and lovingly when her daughter ask where daddy was despite her discomfort, hold her child in the night when the thunderstorms came, help her with homework, and worked hard at her job to make enough money to support them both. But all the strain on her to be just like her husband, who she was almost nothing like in mannerism, didn't go unnoticed by her daughter, who felt guilty when she realized that stress was pretty much her fault.

                                                        Aside from a strained relationship with her mother, Robin didn't have too many friends, since she was home from school a lot with some sort of illness. She was an only child, and eventually, her mother began to work more and more, leaving the sickly girl alone in the house most of the time. It was always a very quite place, with not many windows, and dark, muted walls. Being in there all alone made her uneasy, so Robin spent most of her time outside. She began to garden, when she wasn't sick at least, and hearing that talking to plants made them grow, she told them all her worries: how the winds may come, knock them over and kill them; how she was sure no one liked her and everyone judged her; how if she choked on a lollipop, no one would be around to save her and the headline about her death would be ridiculous. Sometimes she'd just sit in front of her plants and sigh, not sure what to talk about.

                                                        Those plants did grow, beautifully, and before they started to wilt, Robin collected them all in bouquets. She had a knack for arranging them, and so their home was almost always filled with flowers. Robin would collect bugs and keep them in jars, roam the woods near her house until she didn't care about the ticks or the scares on her feet or the leaves in her hair, and whenever it was too cold or rainy to go out, she'd clean the house top to bottom. As time moved on, so did her mother from her grief. Work would become much less of a priority, and the two of them spent more time together. Her daughter's gloominess seemed a little problematic to her, but she was a proud parent.

                                                        But only a few years after their relationship was rekindled, Robin's mother passed away in an accident. Robin was eighteen at the time, and already very independent, so she sold the house and moved away. She was strangely optimistic about her mother's passing, saying that she was glad her mother and father were together again, but after finally having someone besides flowers and crickets to talk to, an intense loneliness came over her. Eventually she made her way to the island, which was a beautiful and peaceful place to live, bought a house, and began to work at the flower shop. Since then, she'd trying to been building relationships, making a good living, and searching for happiness. She'll probably always be the gloomy girl in white, but as long as she finds people who accept her, she'll be satisfied.

                                                  What more is there to say?:

                                                        ❧ Robin gets sick very easily. She doesn't like to go to the doctors office, nor does she like anyone to know she's sick at all, so she'll usually just take off work without giving much of an explanation if she's given the chance.

                                                        ❧ She loves loves loves to take care of people when they are sick, however.

                                                        ❧ During her time alone at home, she learned to play the piano. She hasn't played in a long time, but she knows some very pretty songs and wouldn't mind the chance to learn more.

                                                        ❧ She's very superstitious. Do not question her and do /not/ illegitimize her superstitions.

                                                        ❧ She likes to keep bugs in jars and takes good care of them.

                                                  Background music:

                                                        Love theme
                                                        Heartbreak theme

                                                  Pulling the strings: cl0ckw0rk-mari0nette
                                                  xxxx❖ ❖ ❖

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I'll keep the life that I've got I'll keep the lifeI'll keep the life that I've got I'll keep the lifeI'll keep the life that I've got




I'll keep the life that I've got I'll keep the lifeI'll keep the life that I've got I'll keep the lifeI'll keep the life that I've got

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this is not a love song I'll keep the lifethis is not a love song I'll keep the lifethis is not a love song




this is not a love song I'll keep the lifethis is not a love song I'll keep the lifethis is not a love song
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Well I've been judged I've been a bug unknown
███████████████████████████ ↪ I *know all about it but my ( heart ) is strong
IVE BEEN RUNNING AWAY BEEN TRYING TO S.AVE MY HEAD xxxx━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ( )━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE (__WAR!RANTS OUT AND IM ALMOST *DEAD :
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI won't say what I've already said

                          Warren was as dapper as ever; always looking busy with something much more important than you, no matter where he was. Even just sitting is his behemoth of a ride did he seem like he was getting s**t done. That's just the kind of air that Rosie looked up to so much; Warren had duties only he could preform. He was important. Who didn't want to be so busy that your very existence, your just sitting in a monster truck, was a priority? Even the way he shifted gears and turned the wheel gave the impression of authority; not too many people could look so intimidating and yet so prim, all while sitting at the wheel of a demon car that somehow didn't tarnish his flawless mannerism, nor outdid his level of power.

                          She perked up a little when he reminded her about her seatbelt. She didn't like the things––it seemed much more practical to be able to move around at will then to be trapped in a danger zone, if an accident were to ever happen––but she'd rather avoid getting into conflict too early, especially not with her vice. "You have a weird taste in company," she commented absentmindedly, clicking her belt in place. Chewing the inside of her check, she pulled the belt a little at the top to give her more slack for comfort. Riding in cars could make her feel either exhilarated or nauseous, depending on her mood, but right now she was just getting kinda dizzy, watching the buildings, few trees, and people pass into and through her vision at the speed limit. One would normally feel safe in such a vehicle, since even if it did happen to crash into something, it's much more likely to cause harm than gain any. But if cars were traps this was a giant, lumbering prison that would have no reservations for what happened to anyone, were something to go askew. She closed her eyes, laying her head back against the seat, trying to ignore the scent of gasoline and leather.

                          Ah, so he was keeping secrets; Warren was far from playful but every now and then, Rosie could detect a little mischief coming off his breath. Opening one eye to look at him, as he opened the door for her, Rosie couldn't help but smirk. "You know me," her voice came out casually, but still managed to retain a cautious air. "I'd probably end up getting into a fight anyways. Heyy," Rosie sat forward, jumping out out of the car after him to land on the asphalt with a small thud. "You're not gonna enter, are you? If I beat you, that mean I get to be vice!!" She couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity. "You think I'd be a good vice?"

                          Of course not, but that wasn't the point. Actually, if she was even trying to make a point, all of it was forgotten as soon as her senses were met with the aroma of hot processed meat. Oh god yes; if there was anything the wolf girl was looking forward to more than the fight it was the food, and this was good s**t. "I'm so ready to eat though," she said aloud half-consciously. The smell only enticed her further when the doors to the gym were open, though mingled with the familiar scents of sweat, fur and carnage, (not that she cared too much).

                          Stepping to the side swiftly, she managed to swipe a corn dog and a mustard packet from a nearby table, deciding even if she did fight, one deep fried stick of starch and pig smoothie wouldn't hurt. Glancing around, she saw Keiko already took her space in the gym, and smiled at her, cheek full of corn dog, yellow mustard dotting the corner of her lips. A hand, half hidden by the oversized length of sleeve, waved her over, eager to get to talking about the night's events.

                          Swallowing, Rosie realized a thought had been picking at her brain since she mentioned it, and decided to dive into asking her vice about it: "You . . . didn't sign up for the tournament . . . did you?"

                          got to get away the warrants on my head they want me alive or dead got to get away the warrants on my head they want me alive or dead
                          got to get away the warrants on my head they want me alive or dead got to get away the warrants on my head they want me alive or dead


                          location*x Jo's Gym
                          company*x Warren, Keiko?
                          mood*x eager
                          ooc*xKEIKO COME BE VAUGE AND MISCHIEVOUS~!

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