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Eve North

_____________________THIS IS ME.

                          I answer to this;
                          Eva South, at times.
                          I have walked this land for this long;
                          Of course I'm;
                          People say I'm this kind of person;
                          Eve is a very nice and sweet girl......yet people say there are times where she is completely deceitful and cruel. How can this be? How can she be both?

_____________________ GET TO KNOW ME.

                          My story;
                          Eve had a very traumatizing childhood. Even though she never talks of it, they determined that was the reason for the murder of her father. When her mother had walked into the kitchen, she found Eve standing over her father with a bloody knife, laughing giddily and repeating the word "Finally". When the cops came, she just smiled wickedly sweet at them and would correct them every time they called her Eve. "Eva is my name." That all they could get out of her until the ride in the cop car. She suddenly looked at the men in the front seat with a confused look and said, "What happened?" She claimed that she had no memory of the event and that it couldn't have been her. That it WASN'T her. No one would believe her.
                          I am who I am;
                          Don't tell anyone;
                          Eve has Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally know as Multiple Personality Disorder). Eva South is her alter.

_____________________ WILL YOU BELIVE ME AFTER THIS?

                          Written in my soul;
                          Murder and Innocent
                          I sing this in my head;
                          Some Nights by Fun.
                          Anything else I forgot to mention;
                          None at the moment
                          I'm nothing more then a puppet;

Eve North
"....Well, some nights, I wish that this all would end
Cause I could use some friends for a change...."

Eve made her way quietly down the halls with a guard walking beside her. They had decided that she only needed one guard to watch her after seeing how nice and caring she was. They couldn't believe that her had been the one to kill her father and had decided that whoever had convicted her had gotten it all wrong. She was grateful for that, even though she knew now that she had really been the one to do it. She had it all explained to her the first night she stayed in her cell. Well, she herself wasn't the one to do it, but her body did. However, she couldn't explain it to anyone to make them believe her. They either thought she was crazy or lying, so she stopped trying to correct people.

They hear a girl scream 'help' as they were about to turn a corner. The cop tensed up and tried to reach out to her. He was only and wasn't prepared for what was around the corner if it was something bad. "Wait.." The cop tried to stop her but she slipped out of his reach and rounded the corner. Her motherly instincts kicked in the second she saw the girl with long black hair trapped.

"Its just a girl." Eve called back to her guard as she quickly made her way over to the girl. "Shhh, Shhhh. It will be alright..." She said softly to the girl, trying to calm her down. "Let me untangle you." She reached out slowly, trying not to panic the girl, and started to work on getting the hair off the barbwire.

"....And some nights, I'm scared you'll forget me again
Some nights, I always win, I always win....:
Eva South

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