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Countless Chaos:

I am staring your Oc's Fiction biggrin
Tittle: The Jester and The Hero
Theme: Romance,Adventure,Action
Characters: Flood (Nikolai Wolfe) and The Jester(Elliot Sanders)
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Chapter One: "The Jester's Life"
Setting: House
On this rainy day,there was a house in the town,who's family is poor and his father has no job,as well as his mother has no job as well,but one day there was an assasins needed children for assassin's training and his father has a plan to sell him,and that day has come.
Father:Elliot!Come here!
Elliot: Yes,father?was it?
Father:*Grabs His Arms*Hey Jesters Takes,My Son!Elliot for Gold!
Jesters: *Gives A Bag Of Gold*Your Coming with me!Kiddo!
Father:*catches*i am rich!i am rich!
Mother: How Could,you sell Elliot!* crying in tears*my dear elliot!
Elliot:* struggling*Mother!Father!Help Me!*Takes out My Hand*Father!Mother!
Mother:*crying*My little Elliot!*tries to grab him*
While His Mother was trying to get back Elliot,his father stop his mother*
Father:*Slaps His Wife in face*What are you trying to do!We are rich!we could buy and pay the bills!
Mother:*Keeps Crying while Red Face*
Elliot: Father..Mother..*serous face*
Jesters:Take that Kid!Away!Good day to you sir and ma'mm!
Mean while,His father and Mother Talked about what happened.
Father: Dear!Cheer up!Money makes the world go around!
Mother: Money!Don't you Love your Child!*Depressed Expression*
Father: I would never love your child,You Woman!
So Elliot was taken away and he was put into a cage where people fight.
Jesters:Kid!this is a ground for assassin's,we will train you to became great jesters like us.
Elliot:train to fight people...Okay.*Normal Expression*
Jesters: You seem to be fearless,we need kids like you!*Gives Him a Dagger*
Elliot:*sighs*Gets Dagger*Throws at Red Target Dummy*Like this?
Jester: Impressive!You Kid got skills,what's your name again?
Elliot: My Name is Elliot.Do i have to keep training?
Jester: Yes,of course!You have too!
Elliot: Okay then.*Grabs Dagger and keeps training at the dummies*
Jester: I will be leaving now,Elliot!Be strong!
Elliot:alright!*brave smile*
~End of Chapter 1~
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Chapter Two:
"The Mother's Resolution,The Father's Happiness"

While Elliot was taken away by his family,his mother was so depressed,she could probably die,and his father was happy,because he got the money to pay the bills and he can buy anything.His mother was loosing hope to see him again and his mother was in her room.
~in her room~
Mother:*Screaming*Elliot!,i wish to see you my beloved son!,this is all my fault,i was too weak!,i am sorry!*Stabs Her Self in the heart*good-bye... Elliot...good..bye my husband...*on the floor bleeding*
His Husband rushes to his wife room and he sees his wife bleeding on the floor and he gets close to his wife.
Father: Dear!Who did this to you!My love!,don't worry!,i will bring you to the hospital!*checks my pocket money*No!!,i wasted my money just because of those alcoholic drinks!Damn!*Punches the Floor*Bleeding Hand*
Mother:L-ove..is this my end?,why..did you sell elliot to those jesters,he was only 6 years old..he could g..e..t hurt *coughs blood*Holds my husband face*i love you..even though you have taken away my beloved ellie...be happy my love.*dies*
Father: i don't know!i have gone in-sane for money,i..i..couldn't pay the bills and now you died..my dear..even though we lost him,i know you'll be guiding him...honey...i am sorry.
Elliot's Father Lost his beloved wife,after that his father was gone insane with his money,he keeps drinking of alcoholic drinks,and he talked to himself.
Father: Alcohol drinks won't go away! because your always with me.
Mean while,in the cage training for battle,Elliot grown into a strong and fearless jester but he has hatred for his father and he meet new kids with his age.
Elliot:*gets daggers and keeps boring*this is so boring!
Kid 1: Hey Elliot.did your father sell you too?
Elliot: I don't have a father who sells me just because of mine *angry expression*
Kid 1: same here...i heard your mother suicide's in your house,because she can't see you and your father has gone nuts,just be alcohol?
Elliot: who needs them any-ways!,the old fool of mine,is always crazy of golds and alcoholic drinks,and now he has no money but beers inside his head?*serous face*
Elliot: I am bored,i want to explore*serous expression*
Kid 1: me neither,i want to head back home...
Elliot: *serous face*then see ya!i will escape from this cave!
Elliot plan to escape but they were guards every where,but his an expert at targeting,and he killed all the guards and he escape,and he headed into the woods.
Elliot: i am so bored!got nothing to do here!*serous expression**walking*
Elliot saw a kid and he get near to him.
Elliot:hey kid?what's your name?,my name is Elliot.
Kid:*Looks at him*
Elliot:According from your eyes,your name is Nikolai?
Kid:*Nodding*Shakes his hand*
Elliot: nice too meet you too?
Nikolai:*Grabs Elliot hands*smiles*
Elliot:*blushed*uhm.....do you want us to go?
Nikolai: *nodding**stands up and Gives Him a Hand*
Elliot:Thanks?Then let's go?where?
Nikolai:*Points at the sea*
Elliot: too the sea?but i can't swim....
Nikolai: *grabs hands*
Elliot: ah..okay then.i trust you.
They went for a Swim in the sea,and Elliot saw Nikolai has fins and he was shocked.
Elliot:You Have F-f-f-ins!?,are you a sea witch or something?
Nikolai:*nods*Grabs his hand*
Elliot: i see..don't worry,i won't leave you cause i..like..you!*heart beast fast*,even though your not female...you worry about me..*blushing*
Nikolai:*blushes*Smiles at him*
Elliot: uh..m you have a cute smile..
Elliot: Your welcome!*pats his hand*,you also have soft hair...
Nikolai: *smiling while blushing*Points up*
Elliot: want to go up?
Nikolai: *nodding*
Elliot: okay!
Nikolai:*Grabs him,and goes up*
Elliot: that's was a nice swim.
Nikolai:*hides his fins and sits*
Elliot:Look!The sky is scarlet!*points*
Nikolai:*looks up and blushes*smiling*
Elliot:You Like the a scarlet sky?
While they are watching together,Elliot and Nikolai became lovers but Elliot haven't show his true self yet and he haven't telled him about his family.
~The End of Chapter 2~
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Chapter 3: The Love between two races,his history,his love,his feelings.
Nikolai speak for the first time,he speak with lovely soft voice and a smile on his face,elliot was shocked,because,he taught that Nikolai can't speaking.
Elliot: *shocked*Y..ou can actually speak!?,Yes?what is it?
Nikolai: yes..i don't speak all the time....Elliot?what happened to your family?*looks at him sincerely*
Elliot: Do you really?want to know my dear nikolai?
Nikolai: Yes...because i can sense your sorrows that you don't smile?
Elliot told nikolai about his family and his sorrows on that day,when he was 6 years old,his father sold him for gold and his mother suicide because she can't see his son.
Elliot: i am only the child,of my family.why dad was poor..he can't pay the bills and my mother has no job that day.but one day a tragic disaster happened to me...instead of staying with my family,my father sold me for golds,and i was trained to became a jester or a assassins.i always practice in the horrible dirty cave,i saw children crying but i don't cry..and i just show them i wasn't afraid and it became a boring job,and i killed the jesters on that guard and i run away from that horrible cave.
Nikolai:*teary eyes*how awful your life could be!,i am sorry to have a family like yours,and i would never have a father like that,my father always takes care about me as well as my mother.
Elliot: You have a lovely family and your father is kind and your mother as well..i always wanted to have a happy family but my father did something bad happened to me..
Nikolai: We can live together and be happy with each!*smiles*now?can you please smile for me?my dearest Elliot?
Elliot:*all teary inside**smiles*i..i..am actually crying?*Hides my face*an jester like me shouldn't cry!
Nikolai:*Hugs Him*some times?in real life?you actually cared about your family don't you until that disaster happened?*pats him*
Elliot: i only cared about my mother because,when she's going to get me back...he did something bad to my mother,he slap her in her face and i was shouting"Mother!Mother"Help!Me!",a..fter that..i never heard she died..*crying*
Nikolai: I see..you loved your mother don't you!*Holding his face*,when people have soft hearts,they also have a hard heart for some-one who they hates..if you wish to throw the madness away,remember!you have a mother you cares for you,and she would be your guardian angel.
Elliot: *being hold*Thank you!Nikolai!,let me change my clothes,and you will see how i look like in my true form,i never show any-one my true form because they weren't special!but for you,you are my loved!
While Elliot was changing,Nikolai was looking at the lovely roses in the water and he was also crying because of Elliot family.
Nikolai:*singing*the moon...the sunset has rise..you are a rose in the dark..just like a blooming sky.
Elliot heard the song,that was his mother's favorite song called the"Sunset Rise",and he cries while changing.
Elliot: *crying*I am back!*in his jester uniform*Nikolai..you know that song?*gets near him*Lays down*
Nikolai: yes.my mother always sings this to me,when i was 5?did your mother also sings that?
Elliot:Yes..she always sings that to me...*laying down on his shoulder*,can we be forever together,My Nikolai?
Nikolai: as you wish my dearest Elliot.
They never leave each other sides and they always live together in their favorite spot called the"Near the Sunset"
and that's how did stories end.
~The End~

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