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The Lost City of Draveth-Ur

Long ago, before mortals came to walk the Earth, when the world still belonged to magical races of all sorts, there existed a marvelous city...No, marvelous didn't begin to describe it. It was a city founded by the Arteneth family, the most respected family of Artificers in the world at the time. Back then, it was said that Artificering wasn't a career choice, it was in ones blood...that when you started your life as an Artificer, you weren't an Elf Artificer or a Dwarf Artificer... You were simply an Artificer. With this kind of unity in mind, The Arteneth Family made Draveth-Ur to be a city exclusively for Artificers, trades that supported their art and their families. It was a city of mechanical wonders, a place of technological magic amongst a world of natural magic. For centuries, it was a shining gem in a world of natural wonders.
However, when the war between Lo'Que and Xenon broke out, the city was going to side with Xenon. Their golems and creations might have been enough to turn the tide of battle in Xenon's favor...Had they not had a traitor in their midst. A young Artificer by the name of Val'toren, who had always been jealous of the status and natural abilities the Arteneth Family had. As the city slept, awaiting the following day in which they were going to pledge their allegiance to Xenon, Val'toren reprogrammed most of the cities' golems to turn on their masters, resulting in not only a slaughter, but a complete razing of the city. What few Artificers were left fled, trying to keep their bloodline alive. Draveth-Ur became a fortress for Lo'Que's forces when they arrived in the world. However, before Val'toren could raise the golems that were left under Lo'Que's banner, the remaining Artificers led a strike force against him, over-riding enough golems to make their way to Val'toren and slaying him for all that he had done. Only one Artificer made it out of the city afterwords, fleeing as the Daemons chased him from the only home he had known... David Arteneth, the last of his bloodline...
...Or so it was believed.
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The truth behind Leonardo, and the Arteneth Bloodline...

After the war was over, David Arteneth roamed the broken lands, lost for several years. Eventually, he found out about the new life that was being create, the "mortals". Without his creations, he was a broken man, so he decided that it might be for the best that his new beginning would start on a world that was just beginning. Once among the populace, he found that he was not even able to create anything anymore...He was as limited as the other humans. And so it was that Artificering was lost to the world, the Arteneth bloodline, slowly mixing in with that of the humans.

However, it was not the last the worlds would hear of it, for there came a generation when the Arteneth bloodline suddenly grew strong again, allowing the two scions of it's blessing to cast both sides of the Arteneth family's natural power...The gift of positive transfusions, and the gift of negative. These two would become known as "The Heirs of Draveth-Ur", and are destined not only to find the lost city, but restore it.

The two heirs are Artemis Kirana Arteneth and David Jenson Arteneth the Seventh, also known by his current name Leonardo. When the two were growing up, their father recognized their abilities and moved them away from the mortal world. David Arteneth the Sixth had always kept a line to the immortal world, and knew of his families' secrets as well. He taught them from a young age, surprisingly well for someone who had never casted infusions before in his life. They lead a happy existence, until Daemons freed from the seal became attracted to the magical energies they were giving off. In the resulting battle, David the Younger had a major head wound inflicted to him, giving him the mark of a true hero...Amnesia! How he ended up next to a workshop when he awoke, where his sister went, and what happened to his parents are still unanswered questions to this day...

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