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                          xxx - xx i never wished on that star ; aellia wintergreen ; fantasy roleplay ; opening post ; july twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx secrets out ; annabelle primevyre ; harry potter rolplay ; reply post ; july twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx secrets out ; annabelle primevyre ; harry potter roleplay ; reply post ; july twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx wolf ; seff and calla ; wolf pack roleplay ; opening post ; july twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx wolf ; damaris ; wolf pack roleplay ; reply post ; july twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx raynebow valley ; annabelle primevyre ; havest moon roleplay ; opening post ; july twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx history repeats ; lyra estella scamander ; harry potter roleplay ; opening post ; august twenty-eleven
                          xxxxxxxxxxnot my best layout, and a little messy, so you might want to ignore the layout
                          xxx - xx love song ; lillian cerys damascus ; lgbt neighbourhood roleplay ; opening post ; august twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx from pages to reality ; hannah-rose cooper / tiger lily ; hero/villain roleplay ; opening post ; august twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx forest haven ; alexandra rivera ; poke`mon roleplay ; opening post ; august twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx i love rock and roll ; lyra annabelle elijah / loud silence drummer ; band roleplay ; reply post ; august twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx camp half-blood ; leona and elena de luca / daughters of apollo ; percy jackson roleplay ; opening post ; august twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx private one x one ; ezekiel taylor ; cherub roleplay ; opening post ; september twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx a family vacation ; ezekiel barnes ; family roleplay ; reply post ; september twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx a family vacation ; ezekiel barnes ; family roleplay ; reply post ; september twenty-eleven
                          xxx - xx dare to dream ; carter benjamin matthews ; arts school roleplay ; opening post ; october eighth
                          xxx - xx history will repeat ; lyra scamander ; harry potter next gen. roleplay ; opening post ; october twenty-fourth
                          xxx - xx history will repeat ; lyra scamander ; harry potter next gen. roleplay ; reply post ; october twenty-sixth
                          xxx - xx over the rainbow ; diego elijah hawthorne ; lgbt roleplay ; opening post ; october thirtieth
                          xxx - xx beginning of the end ; benny matthews / son of apollo ; percy jackson roleplay ; reply post ; october twenty-sixth
                          xxx - xx beginning of the end ; benny matthews / son of apollo ; percy jackson roleplay ; reply post ; october twenty-nineth
                          xxx - xx
                          xxx - xx
                          xxx - xx
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                                                          Sleep had never been a joyful experiance for Aellia Wintergreen. It wasn't that she didn't like sleeping, it was that sleep was stressful for her. Lying there, waiting for the sand man to give her a chance to drea, she felt different, like she wasn't meant to be there.

                                                          Like something was missing.

                                                          That was where the ritual began. Every night, she would sneak outside by the small window in her room, and sit in one of the trees, just looking at the stars. If there was two things Aellia enjoyed about her home world, it was the stars, and the trees. Though, that could be because of her form of nature magic, which consisted of only one odd ability to speak to birds. They didn't have animated voices the way the other Elves did, but she would listen to their stories for flying of into the stars, and...

                                                          Aellia shot awake. All she could do was pause for a moment, wondering what had just happened. This wasn't her room - it wasn't any room in their home. "Something must have happened..." she muttered to herself. Ever the light sleeper, she jumped up quickly, ignoring the fact there was another bed. Pulling on whatever of hers she could find in the drawers, she turned back to glance at the other - probably male - person, before just shaking her head.

                                                          She didn't want to know, and she wasn't going to wait to find out.

                                                          Pushing open the door, she could see a corridor of other rooms. "Hello?"

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User Image

                                                  Belle. She hadn't heard that one before, actually. Almost everything but.

                                                  Mon petit? Thank you, but I'm not that small, she thought to herself, glancing down at her feet, before looking back up at the boy. She wasn't sure how old he was, but he was definitely taller - though, having said that, most people were.

                                                  She shook her head, hoping none of this would be mistaken as embarrassment. "The pleasure's all mine," Annabelle responded almost immediately, regretting it only moments later. Come on, Anna, how formal can you get?

                                                  "I suppose it's easier to just let everyone go where ever they want then try to make some order," she noted, "it probably causes less arguments that way." Annabelle had a feeling that any arguments caused on this train would be rather violent and contain an unnecessary amount of hexes (one would be considered too many by her standards), but she chose not to voice that opinion; it had been one forced on her by the older girls, who she knew would often take an unsuspecting younger student and feed them lies and hatred. But, as were the ways of most schools, especially when they didn't want something to happen.

                                                  As Kurt spoke to the girl, Annabelle's eyes caught the bandage on her left arm. It only lasted a moment, but she couldn't help but wonder what had happened. Still, it would be rude to ask.

                                                  "You all don't mind if we join you? I'm Kurt and this is one of our new students Belle," the older boy introduced them, and Anna quickly jumped at the chance.

                                                  "Annabelle," she spoke towards the other girl, hoping Kurt would either stop calling her Belle, or be the only one to use that nickname. It wasn't exactly one she could go along with, concidering it's meaning.

                                                  He seems kind, she thought to herself quickly, listening to his plan. And he seems perfectly comfortable with me not speaking French around him, because even though they were in England, all of Anna's schooling for the past years had been done in French, and had meant her trying to speak it almost constantly.

                                                  "Only if you don't mind," she added onto the end, smiling slightly at the other girl. "Neither of us want to get in the way."


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User Image

                                                  Anna scratched the side of her head, giving Isabel an apologetic look. How do you explain that the eldest of the French family was pretty much incharge and forced his Granddaughter into going to a school in a completely different country to where she grew up?

                                                  Not very easily, by the looks of things.

                                                  "It's complicated," she said simply, not sure what else she could say. "I mean, my Pepere - my Grandfather - he doesn't like breaking tradition, even if the other person doesn't agree with it." The words came almost slowly, but she quickly shook herself of that, moving onto the next question as quickly as she could. "Well, I did live further up North at one point, but it ended up easier living in Devon, what with having to go across to France every year. I don't think either of us minded, though, my mum and me. Mum's always wanted to live down their anyway, so it just works better. It's a complicated routine for us, but it works well in the long run."

                                                  I think, she added to the end.

                                                  Annabelle nodded as she listened to the other girl explain what was going on. I'm sorry, she thought quickly, not wanting to say it outloud, especially when she wasn't sure if she was replying to the fact her family had gone back to South Korea without her (maybe she wanted that?), or offering her condolenced about her arm. It wouldn't have helped anyway, for either. Anna doubted Izzy would want to hear it, anyway.

                                                  The conversation seemed to relax her a bit. The sound of English was still ringing in her ears, instead of having disappeared from her first moment near France. It seemed to flow easily between the two girls, which just made slipping back into the language and staying their constantly a whole lot easier.

                                                  "They haven't thought any of this through, I'm sure. I didn't even know where I was meant to be going this morning, except that Platform 9 3/4 wasn't a place muggles knew about, and it was somewhere Kings Cross. Having said that, it could just be my bad memory again."

                                                  The next statement, though laid back when spoken, made her jump slightly. Not physically, but a jolt of shock ran through her. "Oh sure thing. Normally they go with the others but we’ll keep this one between us."

                                                  Why would I put Eli in with all of the other birds? she asked herself. He's perfectly fine here.

                                                  Reaching to pull the corner of the cloth up, Eli squarked at the sudden movement, making Anna only grin wider. "Little Owls are adorable. They're so small! Eli's a Tawny, so he's a bit bigger." Giving the cover one last pull, the brown and white owl hooted in annoyance. "Hello to you too, then."

                                                  Turning to face Isabel as the owl ruffled his feathers, Anna frowned slightly. "I'm not sure if I should ask, but... but what's going to happen about the school holidays if your parents are in Korea?" The question had been thumping in the back of her head for almost a minute now, which was enough to make Annabelle ask about it - her curiosity always had gotten the better of her.


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          User Image

                        Calla rolled over, turning to face her older brother. He was barely curled up the way he was meant to be, more sprawled out across the ground.

                        "Seff?" she asked quietly, nudging him with her nose the way their Mamma did. "Seff, it's morning, we have to get up now."

                        Groaning slightly, the other pups' ears flickered. Yawning to show his pointed teeth, Seff stood quietly. "Is it still raining?" he asked quietly, struggling to shake the sleep off of himself.

                        Calla glanced towards the den entrance, before shaking her head. "I don't think so."

                        Springing to his feet a lot quicker this time, the young male pup nipped at his sisters flank, before bouncing around her. "Why didn't you say so? Come on!" he barked to her, sprinting towards the entrace now. "We can go and play!"

                        At first Calla frowned, but like any month-and-a-bit old cub, she couldn't resist the idea of having some fun. Besides, they had been stuck unable to play their usual games due to the weather, and the idea of sun excited her.

                        In a split second she was running after him.

                        Completely ignoring the older wolves around them, the two younglings found themselves chasing each other around, nipping at tail, ear or flank, trying to catch their sibling. They paid little attention to where they were going, only making sure that they were within sight of the den entrance, or at least a watchful adult. If anyone was in their way, Calla would be the one to pull her brother from harm, and so help them if she couldn't.

                        It was one of those moments that made the youngest catch her breath. Seff was having too much fun, trying to outrun his sister, when he completely lost track of where he was meant to be going. Plowing ahead, Calla only just had a chance to shout "Seff! Stop!" before he ran straight into the amber-eyed Aisha.

                        Coming to a sudden hault, the pup jumped backwards, eyes wide. "S-sorry Aisha."

                        Calla just closed her eyes. This normally happened. Her too eager brother had gotten himself caught in a sticky situation. With a sigh, she stepped up to his side - it was just her look to have to dig him out of a sticky situation.
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                                            Nodding, Damaris went to stand up. She wasn't sure what there was left, supply wise, in the Healer's Den, but their would be something. Padding across to the wall, she was only listening out of the corner of her ear as Nova spoke. "It must have been interesting, travelling with such experienced members of the pack," she noted. That explained how a wolf, whom she assumed was injured, if the state of the Fae was anything to go by, managed to catch something as small and agile as a squirrel.

                                            But then the Fae stopped, and the Healer paused. While she did not want to pry, she had a feeling something had happened. Asking wouldn't help, but if the fact Nova was alone when she arrived meant anything, it could be nothing good.

                                            Damaris frowned. Would it be better for her to eat now, or when she was treated? That would be up to her, seen as it's a matter of comfort.

                                            "I could easily treat you while you are eating, if you would allow me." As soon as the words came out of her mouth, however, the other wolf had began to talk again, and Damaris had a feeling that her statement would go ignored. Well, either that or unwanted.

                                            The Healers' eyes widened when she listened to what went into the mixture used. Not once did she interupt, as it was not only shocking, but fascinating. A few times she did think I am a Healer, I do know what those plants are used for, but not once did she eve think of saying it.

                                            "It sounds complex, but I'm sure I will manage it," a smile crossed her features as she watched her patient begin to eat. Hunger was a pain no one wanted to know, and the sooner Nova got over it, the better. "The only thing I'm worried about is the quantity - while I'm sure it's a delicate thing to make, I'm unsure whether I will be quite as skilled as you old Healer.

                                            "You really were lucky as a pup, and if you do raise one in the same way, they should be eternally greatful for the treatment!"
                                            Damaris noted, scanning the Healing plants for what she needed.

                                            The Lavender wasn't hard to find, what with it being a rather common flower that a lot of Pups - or, at least, her own - enjoyed playing with. Agrimonia was no harder, though took a little work. Lemon Balm took a little longer, but once Damaris could make the scent go the way she wanted it to, instead of just all over, it wasn't hard. Arnica was right in the centre, not at all hard to find, but Chickweed... She knew it was their somewhere, but where?

                                            "If I find that Seff has been through the healing things again, so help me..." she muttered, glaring at the plants. "It shouldn't take this long to find it..."

                                            Shaking her head, Damaris turned back to Nova, getting to work with what she could as she spoke. "I will prepare this Agrimonia now, for your paw, but then I will need to go and find some Chickweed. While I'm sure we had some not that long ago, I wouldn't put it past my pups to have moved it somewhere unfindable during one of their games."
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ωнαтs тнє ρ o ι и т of gяoωιиgxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ιf you cαnт вєxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
c н ι d ι s н soмєтιмєsxxx?xxxxxxx

                                            The girl who walked the streets was young, there was no doubt about it, but she wasn't as young as you would have thought she was. Brown eyes (or were they grey?) looked straight ahead, no really registering what was going on around her. It's just a break, she promised herself. Just a break.

                                            For Annabelle Primevyre, just wondering seemed a little odd. It wasn't often that she didn't have something to do - taking messages back and forth might mean she had little time of peace to herself, and even when she was off work she would more often than not be trying to rest up for work the next day.

                                            Why is it that I've got nothing to deliver today? she thought to herself, unsure where her feet would be taking her. "Come on, people," she huffed aloud, hoping no one around her would hear, "at least try to send more letters!"

                                            But, of course, that wasn't going to happen any time soon. It was the third, and more often than not, people didn't send letters close to holidays. It made it more complicated for it getting to people.

                                            Not only was tomorrow a holiday, but the first had been one also.

                                            Not much chance of there being a lot of post, then.

                                            Then again, there was a lot of post around some holidays. Getting presents and greetings cards to relatives that didn't live near you meant using the post, so sometimes Anna found her job twice as hard.

                                            Lucky I work twelve hour shifts, then, she laughed internally. It was hard work, being a mail carrier, but she loved it. She always had enjoyed being important in the running of things, and what better to do than something like this? Not only did it keep her busy, but she enjoyed it as well.

                                            There had been little for her to do recently. Annabelle had slowly found that trouble was brewing in her normally quiet life. It had been almost a year since the last of her family had left, with her older sister leaving two years prior to that, but it was only now that the loneliness was setting in. Sure, it was a little odd, seen as Ami had never really gotten on with her, and her parents - well, they thought that their children should be out into the world at as young an age as possible, so they weren't the issue. But with Leo... It had been a while: a very, very long while. His letters would still arrive every so often, but none had been seen since her birthday.

                                            Fair enough her birthday was only three days ago, but she had been the one to write to him then.

                                            He's just growing up, she tried to reassure herself, that's all. It's alright if he doesn't have time, it just means that he's got too much to do to be talking to his older sister.

                                            But these thing were important to a family like Annabelle's, and she would be suprised if that wasn't the answer.

                                            Who'm I kidding? He's probably completely forgotten that I've even sent him a letter, nevermind that he needs to reply!

                                            Sitting with her red satchel over her shoulder, with her postal uniform on, Anna must have looked a sight. Rumaging in her bag, she went to pull out the spare bit of food she always had tucked away in there (in a seperate place to the post, of course; that would just be asking for a disaster). Taking a quick bite, she glanced up at the almost cloudless sky. There was a light wind to remove the blistering heat, and the Mail Carrier smiled. This was exactly how she liked it.

                                            Pulling her legs up to her chest, the red-head hugged her knees, the food - a slice of bread, in this case - still held in her hand. It was warm from being kept in the satchel, but tasted as good as ever.

                                            It only took a quick glance around to see that people liked coming to the beach. A lot of people were there at the moment, and while she would have recognised most of the people by name, she would only know their face if she'd grown up with them. While being a Mail Carieer had it's perks, the lack of a time off caused a few problems also.

                                            "Who needs a social life anyway?" she laughed, lying back in the sand. It only took her a minute to realise that she was meant to be working, though, but quick thinking prevailed. Reaching over without even sitting up, the bread was deposited back where it should be, and out came a pile of envelopes.

                                            If I memorise some of the adresses it counts as work, right?

User Imagexxxxx

                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx██████████████████████████████ ███████████████
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI don't have to raise my voice
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdon't have to be underhand
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjust got to understand
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthat it's gonna be up and down
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxit's gonna be lost and found
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand I can't take to the sky
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbefore I like it on the ground

User Image

                                                              Lyra paused for a minute as she passed one of the windows that would pop up in what she had always thought of as odd little places. It was a rather clod evening, but the presence of rain seemed to make it even colder. Of course, it wasn’t actually raining yet, but the clouds seemed heavy, in a way that made her smile. Rain… She liked rain. It made everything seem a lot fresher than when there had been none.

                                                              Smiling to herself, the youngest Scamander started walking again. The youngest – she needed to drop that reference, if she ever wanted to survive her family. Her dad was often called ‘the youngest’ amongst his generation (which, admittedly, only consisted of him, his brother, and his two cousins – all boys, of course), and her Grandfather had been the youngest of he and his twin brother, and he was always ‘little brother’ when Great-Uncle Lysander was there.

                                                              Yes, she’d need rid of it soon, even if she was the youngest.

                                                              At least it didn’t follow me to Hogwarts, though – Grandpas’ stories sounded awful! she grimaced almost involuntarily at the thought of Lorcan’s common, if not overused, stories of the days he and his brother were at school. They’d gotten up to a lot of odd little things in their day, most of which ended in a lot of laughs for whoever watching, and Lorcan being referred to as the youngest, even if most of the ideas were his own; even Lysander wasn’t silly enough not to admit to that.

                                                              Feeling rather hungry now, Lyra’s pace quickened. As she entered the Entrance Hall, she could almost smell the food, and couldn’t put off the glimmer of hope at finding Angel Delight on the table as the desserts appeared.

                                                              The Ravenclaw table, as with most of the other Houses, was filling up swiftly, but Lyra managed to find a seat worth taking. “Hello Abe,” she grinned, grabbing at some food as soon as she could. There was just about anything she could ever want laid out in front of her, and the smell made her mouth water. A bowl of what appeared to be chicken casserole was laid out in front of her. Last time she’d had that was when she and her mum had been cooking together, for her farther, waiting for him to come home from work.

                                                              Spooning a large helping onto her plate, the chicken was in her mouth before Lyra even noticed she’d had it on her fork. Though, that was the way things happened for the blonde girl, so it was hardly a surprise.

                                                              “This is good,” she said with a smile, turning back to the Ravenclaw beside her. For a moment she paused, taking another few bites, happy to finally have some food inside of her. “Nice and warm, seen as I think it might rain this evening. Hopefully before curfew, though, otherwise it would be a waste of good, British weather.”

                                                              With a laugh, she glanced up once more, realising that the boy beside her was sending rather annoyed looks across to the Slytherin table. “I doubt even the Slytherins deserve that, you know – they can’t all be that bad.”

                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand I need to be patient
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand I need to be brave
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxneed to discover
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhow I need to behave
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand I'll find out the answers
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwhen I know what to ask
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbut I speak a different language
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand everybody's speaking too fast
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx██████████████████████████████ ███████████████
heelsoverhead - littledreams - boyslikegirls - elliegouldingUser Image
nowi'mheadoverheals - i'mhangingupsidedown - thinkinghowyouleftmedead - californiabound xx Lillian Cerys Damascus
yougotme - caughtinablaze - panicforaminute - gotmybraininadaze - iwishyouwereinit - therearesomanyways - tolosseyourattention - youcanbrakeanything - icantakeanythingi'm the f i r s t to fall
yougotme - caughtinablaze - panicforaminute - gotmybraininadaze - iwishyouwereinit - therearesomanyways - tolosseyourattention - youcanbrakeanything - icantakeanything - icantakeanythingthe l a s t to know
yougotme - caughtinablaze - panicforaminute - gotmybraininadaze - iwishyouwereinit - therearesomanyways - tolosseyourattention - youcanbrakeanythingw h e r e ' d x y o u x g o x?

                          The sun was bright in her eyes as the blonde girl sat up. Despite the world outside looking joyful and happy, Lillian didn’t want to be in it. With a groan, her head hit the pillow again, eyes closed. She was still tired, having spent most of the night before skimming through various things on her iPod. The internet access made it hard not to, even if she wasn’t keen on keeping herself awake for no good reason. But sleep was evasive once she’d seen the warm light outside, and the cluttering of her far-too-early-waking mother wasn’t exactly helping.

                          With a bang, the door of her room swung open, making the girl push her head further into the pillow. “Guess what Lillia?” her brother’s over enthusiastic voice pounded in her ears. “I beat the boss on Terraria! I beat the King Slime!”

                          Honestly, she couldn’t have cared less, Terraria being one of the games she refused to play. But, he’d being going on about it for a long time, so it must have been rather important to him.

                          “Well done, Ike,” she smiled, sitting up to look at her younger brother. His dark hair was a complete mess, as per usual. “Now, can I have a minute to get ready? I think I’ll take the pictures out to onto the grass, so I can see some of the sun, yeah?”

                          “Fine,” he huffed slightly, obviously wanting to continue telling her about his defeat of the large, blue monster, as well as about how he was going to go after some other dangerous (and rather odd) boss creature. “But you’ll come play later, won’t you?”

                          Rolling her eyes as she pushed Isaac out of the door, Lillian slammed it closed. “Yes, fine, whatever…”

                          “Great!” was all she heard, before a thundering of footsteps on the stairs, and she had a chance to get dressed.

                          Heading down stairs, Lillia brushed down the end of her tan dress. Three quarter sleeved, and made of a thin material, she felt slightly self conscious every time she wore it. Of course, there was no actual reason for her to feel that way – no one would be judging her that greatly on what she wore, but it still made her feel a little odd.

                          “Morning,” she smiled to her mum, who was up and dressed also, having woken at some ungodly hour. “Did Ike wake you up again?”

                          “Hm? Oh, no, Isaac slept fine last night,” her mother smiled, passing Lillian a pile of photographs. “I take it these are what you’re after?”

                          “Yeah, thanks,” she grinned, flicking through them as she picked up the orange juice from one side. Pouring herself a glass, she placed the images on the side, taking a drink. “You don’t mind if I take them outside, do you? It’s sunny an’ all…”

                          For a moment, her mother gave her a knowing look, her somehow greying eyes caught her daughters. Lillian had to stop, but she knew that there was no chance of her taking them with her, just from the speech in her mother’s eyes. If she could say it, it would probably last a good ten minutes, if not half an hour, of just explaining why these pictures were important to her.

                          Then there was an odd little change.

                          There was a sigh, before her mother looked away. “Alright, fine, but don’t you dare put them on the floor, missy.”

                          “‘Course not.” With a grin, she grabbed finished her orange juice, and grabbed the cereal bar that was lying on the side. “I won’t be long.”

                          “If those pictures get ruined, your in trouble, Lillian!”

                          “Alright Mum!”

                          “And you better not get any of that food on them!”

                          “I won’t!

                          “Make sure they don’t come off of the picnic blanket, and tell me if you’re going to go somewhere, okay?”


                          “And don’t-”

                          Lillian had to laugh. It had been like this ever since they’d moved across the America, but she didn’t really mind. Her Mum would have been the same even if she stayed in England, she had a bet. Sitting on the blanket her mother had been referring to, she took a bite of her breakfast, flicking through the photographs. Two piles, she needed to make. The ones that were fine, and then the ones that needed to be scanned into the computer, before they disappeared forever.

                          This was going to take a while.
User Image

                                          Hannah paused. Was she actually about to do this? They knew who she was, knew she wasn’t welcome, yet here she was, standing outside the United League building, contemplating whether or not it was too risky to go for a tour.

                                          Awh, come on, just go for it!

                                          The little voice in the back of her head had been bugging her about it all day, but was it really worth risking all of this? All she wanted was a chance to practice, and to do that she needed either peace and quiet, or someone to practice on.

                                          No. Not someone to practice on. Someone to practice with.

                                          “Never someone to practice on,” she muttered to herself, huffing slightly. One hand pushed her fringe back out of the way, uncovering the second of two electric blue eyes. They swirled like water, in a way only some people – people like her – would notice. ‘Blood bending,’ she’d once read, ‘can often been helped by the user staring directly into the victims eye. While daunting for some, it will aid the user to visualise the water within the body, and help them gain control over it. This technique is often utilised by those who are new to the practice.’

                                          That’s what she saw whenever she looked in the mirror. That’s what she saw whenever she looked at a friend, a relative.

                                          That’s what she saw whenever she looked at anyone.

                                          Boy, that was a weird book… she thought to herself, stepping forward. There was nothing she could do now, she needed this, she needed company. No more was the Hannah-Rose that was loved by her friends, and loved them in return. Instead there was the lonely girl in need of company, instead of the attention (or lack thereof) that her powers brought.

                                          The water in the air got heavier around her, reflecting her mood swing perfectly. If it hadn’t been for the fact that only part of the surrounding area – as in, the area around her body – had been effected, it would have been a perfect piece of water manipulation, dragging the moisture out of the air.

                                          With each step, however, the effect faded, coming to a halt as she pulled open the door. Their would be a tour soon enough, right? she wondered, looking for someone who knew what was going on.

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