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            ▌███ ❁WHEN WE START KILLING . . .
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            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxItsallcomingdownrightnow xxxx xxITSALLCOMINGDOWNRIGHTNOW xxxxxx Itsallcomingdownrightnow
User ImageX
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                                          The darkness was all he could see, clouding his vision completely. There was emptiness all around him, making no difference if his eyes were opened or closed. The only thing he could feel was icy cold of the water in stark contrast to the burning pain that seared through his open wounds as the salty water entered them. His mind was a blink, his head still spinning as he flickered in and out of consciousness, barely able to maintain his hold on life. So this was death? What a pathetic way to meet his end. How laughable that in the end, he had not been able to achieve anything with his life…he had not been able to fulfil that solemn vow he had made seven years ago. He would die knowing that…


                                          Bright, blinding crimson entered his line of sight as it drifted through the pitch black waters above him. Like soft clouds floating in the right sky, they rose before him towards the surface of the water. The red that had coloured his existance, the very same red that was a symbol of the life that was leaving him…the red he commanded.

                                          He was not going to die here.

                                          Get back here…

                                          Extending his hand with all the remaining strength he possessed, the leaving blood twisted, forming into a semi-solid rope from the gaping wound in his chest. He had no idea how far beneath the water he had fallen, or if it was even possible from him to reach the surface before the pressure crushed him like a tin can, or before his breath ran out. He didn’t know if he would survive this, but like hell he was going to go down without so much as trying. All at once the blood rope jetted out towards the surface of the water, going as fast as it could as its wielder struggled to maintain his consciousness and control of his abilities. He hoped for something, anything, any sort of surface that he could use as a platform to pull himself back up to land. A cliff, a shore, a rock, anything. It was his only hope of survival.

                                          Several seconds later, the rope hit solid surface. All at once he felt himself being yanked upwards with a painful jolt back towards the surface at breakneck speed. Mere moments later he burst to the surface, coughing and spluttering as his hands met the jagged rocky surface that had saved his life. He took a desperate gasp as cold, fresh air finally entered his lungs. Still disorientated, he clambered onto the rocky shore, dragging himself out of the water before the raging currents pulled him back under again. His wounds were already beginning to close, slowly and painfully due to the lack of blood in his body and his own dwindling strength. Panting deeply, he crawled his way towards the beach, making sure that he was far enough from the water. He was alive. Somehow, miraculously he was still alive, and there was only one thing he could think to say in this situation.


                                          Exhausted, Rondo Rinne collapsed and blacked out.

                                          X X X X X

                                          Another dawn another hard day’s work of fishing ahead for him, the old man thought as he walked down towards the beach from his house on the cliffside. He had picked a small, secluded bay at which to dock his vessel, away from all the hustle and bustle of the main port. It made leaving for work so much easier, not to mention it was so much closer to home for his convenience. His small crew should already be ready to set off by now so he’d best hurry-

                                          Just as he was about to head off, something on the beach near the rocks beneath the cliff caught his attention. Perhaps he might now have seen it if not for the fact that it was bright blinding red. Realizing that it was not, in fact, a thing, but rather a person, the man raced towards him, dropping to his knees beside the seemingly unconscious figure. Crimson stained the sand beneath him, no doubt the man’s own blood. He looked a mess, as if he had been through a life or death battle…or at the very least had fallen from the cliffs. Oddly enough, the fisherman didn’t see any sort of open wounds on him. How peculiar…


                                          The fisherman jumped in surprise as the man let out a soft moan, indicating that he was coming to. Surely enough, seconds later, his emerald eyes fluttered open weakly.

                                          ”A-are you alright?!” The fisherman said, looking rather concerned at the state of the redhead. ”Hold on, I’ll get help! Before the man could take off however, the redhead grabbed his shirt, pulling him back weakly.

                                          "No..I-I…N-n…" The fisherman couldn’t make out the man’s vague, mumbled words. With a questioning look, he brought his face closer.

                                          "I n-n-need…I need…"


                                          All of a sudden the man’s head was yanked down with a violent force. Before his mind could even register what was happening, he felt a sharp, blinding pain as the redheads sharp canines sank into his neck, puncturing his flesh. The man could only gasp in shock as pain as he felt the blood drain from his being. Once he had drunk his fill, the redhead stood, flinging aside the stunned fisherman with a flick of his hand.

                                          "Aaaaaah~ Now that was refreshing." He said with a grin as he flexed his limbs, cracking the tendons on his neck as he checked to see that he was still entirely intact. His body had fully replenished his blood supply while he’d been unconscious and his wounds had been healed. He still felt as if he’d been hit by a ton of bricks and those bruises from getting hit, stabbed and thrown off a cliff weren’t going to disappear anytime soon. But that was nothing. Pain he could deal with. It looked like Rondo Rinne was amazingly well and alive.

                                          And in big trouble. He noted as he made his way down the beach, shedding the blazer of his red division uniform, throwing it into the ocean. He no longer had any right to wear it anymore, and it was in shambles anyway. The world government didn’t take failure well…in fact it didn’t tolerate failure at all. If you failed the division, then you might as well be dead. No matter what you’d done in the past, once you lost your value to the division and the world government, you were done, because they would be satisfied until they took care of all loose ends. And Rinne had no intention of dying now, not after he’d just barely escaped death. Luckily the manner of his pseudo death had been such that he was sure that no one would possibly think that he could have survived. In the eyes of the authorities and to everyone else, he was as good as dead. That meant no bounty, no people perusing him trying to hunt him down…good. But that also meant he would have to take more care in his activities. He wasn’t going to be able to peruse his sadistic hobbies as freely as he could have, nor could he go around biting everyone in sight. This was going to be hard.

                                          Really Gil, did you have to choose that moment to turn into an opportunist? He thought irritably. I rather liked my job…and my tools. He took a moment to mentally mourn for the loss of his lovely collection of interrogation tools and his beloved iron maiden, which was no doubt by this time, somewhere deep at the bottom of the ocean courtesy of the white haired marine. He really had to pay him back for that the very first chance he got. But that was the least of his worries now. The world government was sure to send someone to retrieve his body the moment they heard the news, and knowing the intelligence agents wide network, that would be soon. He had to get off of this island immediately.

                                          And there’s my ride. the redhead thought with a smirk as his eyes fell upon a fishing vessel docked on the far side of the beach. Pulling a scalpel from his sleeve he grinned. Time to get going~

                                          Several moments later, the vessel was full of screams and yells that were abruptly silence as Rinne pressed a knife against the neck of one member of the small crew, his emerald eyes gleaming deviously. The man was bound by a blood rope that seemed to drive all the breath from his body, threatening to suffocate him if he was left like that for too long.

                                          "I have no time so let’s make this quick. I want this vessel so everyone get the hell off, no questions asked. Understand?" he pressed the blade a little harder against the man’s neck until a trickle of blood spilt from the fresh cut. Obviously the crew were no less than terrified. Rinne watched silently as the men raced from the boat, practically climbing over each other to get away from him.

                                          "Wait you. Stop." He said, catching sight of the last man to head for the exit. The other froze, turning around, sweat practically streaming down his face and he gaze up fearfully at the interrogator, unsure of what was about to happen to him. ”Y-y-yes…?

                                          "I like your clothes~"

                                          ~Two Weeks Later~

                                          Of all things he’d expected after the sudden loss of his job, he had definitely not expected to have any company on his little aimless expedition. And of all people, he had not expected Narcissa Falco to be the one to end up in the same boat as him, quite literally. It seemed that he wasn’t the only person the division had ‘lost’ on this little stint. The Sensor had tracked him down through her amazing powers of foresight only days after his escape from Cocoyashi, much to his surprise. She delivered the new of Eloise’s death, at her hands no less. Rinne obviously felt no sadness for the strategists passing. If anything it was a joyous occasion that needed to be celebrated! There went one more overconfident, bitchy know it all from the face of the earth. They weren’t missing anything.

                                          But the more shocking thing was that Narcissa had defected from the division on her own free will…taking the straw hats key that she had been assigned to retrieve with her. Rinne’s eyes had nearly popped out of his skull when he’d seen it, sitting in the palm of her hand, glittering like a diamond. He had never expected the teal haired woman to turned traitor, but only because he knew so little about her in the first place. She kept to herself and was the most silent and sullen out of everyone in the division save perhaps for Nox. The biggest shock was saved for last as she asked the redhaired ex-interrogator to join her as the first mate of her crew. Some crew, it only consisted of two people.

                                          Of course he’d agreed. How could he say no to a walking blood bank~?

                                          Huh~ So we’re kinda pirates now aren’t we? How ironic~

                                          Standing upon the deck of their newly acquired ship, Rinne thought back on the events of these past two weeks. He’d laughed when he’d seen Narcissa’s bounty, only slightly upset that he hadn’t gotten one himself. Now that they were pirates, bounties were a sort of pride, a testament to ones strength. A rather idiotic way of looking at things really, since the higher your bounty, the more likely for people to come after your a**. But who cared about all that really? He supposed he should be grateful not to have one.

                                          But alas, it seemed that the world government hated loose ends more than he’d thought, for they hadn’t simply left it at a bounty. No, rather their next move was the very reason why they were headed where they were heading right now. They’d pulled a rather clever move, one that Narcissa probably knew that they would. Mere days after her betrayal, the news was released that Aurelio Falco, Narcissa’s older brother, had been arrested for conspiracy and treason. Of course this was a façade…a trap, bait to lure Narcissa right to them in an attempt to rescue her brother. And it was a smart move at that…

                                          But they hadn’t counted on him tagging along for the ride.

                                          Their destination was within sight now, Rinne could see it in the distance. His expression seemed to take on a darker tone instantly as his eyes fell upon it. That hated place, that terrible city…the holy land of Mariejois, his unfortunate birthplace. He hadn’t set foot there since the day he’d killed his beloved father, the day that had intertwined his density with that of the division. He had never come there again, despite it being world government headquarters. The division worked from elsewhere, as did the marine science base. They never received their orders directly from the Gorosei, despite practically being their personal miniature army, so they had never had any reason to go there.

                                          Well there’s a first time for everything. He thought as the wind whipped through his hair and scarf that was doing little to protect him against the cold. Dark clouds hovered above him in sky, threatening to burst into a storm any moment. How appropriate. There was a storm brewing alright, just like what was about to unfold as they embarked on this crazy, suicidal mission. Suicidal and hopeless.

                                          Sounds like fun. He thought with a twisted smirk. But now, first things first. They needed to get in.

                                          "Oh Nar~cis~sa~" the redhead called across the deck, looking towards the teal haired woman, his new captain. "Please tell me you have a really good idea on how two fugitives are going to get into the most highly guarded place on earth? Because right now sweetheart, I’m drawing a total blank."

                                          ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫
                                          xxx▆ ▆ ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ ▆ ▆
                                          xxxxxxHow can you find a heaven in this hell?xxHow can you find a heaven in this hell?
                                          xxxxxxHow can you find a heaven in this hell?xxHow can you find a heaven in this hell?

OOC: Look everyone! Your favourite bloodsucker is back!〗

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      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or are you still like a BUTTERFLY
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcaught in the palm of a hand
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                      {its x raining x GUNS x andx BULLETS x baby}

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                          Three years…had they really gone by so quickly? Three years as a captain without a crew or a ship, as a student forced to slave away to a heartlessly oppressive sensei…finally the time had come to break free from all of that. She was going back, going back to civilization, back to lead her crew and back to doing what she did best. Finding treasure, creating trouble, and filling peoples heads with an immeasurable amount of lead-

                          No wait, no lead filling. She was leading a new lifestyle now. A healthier, hate and rage free lifestyle, the Elysion lifestyle. Yep! That’s right!

                          ”Can I get you a drink little lady?”

                          Ignoring the ‘little’ comment that would have probably gotten her fired up on the spot if this had been the old her, Elysion En’Syiel shook her head, poking a finger at her glass of water on the bar top indicating that she was all set. She had sworn off alcohol, especially after what’ happened the last time she’d gotten drunk. The purple haired, twin-tailed captain of the once-infamous-temporarily-disbanded Diablo pirates ignored the malicious murmuring of the bartender in favour of casting her sky blue gaze across the room. It was late morning and the minutes seemed to tick by at a snail’s pace…well at least that’s the way it seemed to her. Time never went fast when you were waiting for something, and El just happened to be waiting for her ride to a very important meeting on a small island not too far away from here, a meeting that she heard was playing host to a couple of one of a kind documents with her name on it. The will of Monkey D. Luffy. Three years might have passed since she’d been hot on the trail of the legendary treasure of the pirate king, but El had never, even for a moment, forgotten about her one true aim this entire time. She had been itching to go back on the hunt for a long while now, and the announcement of this so called negotiations meeting was just the sort of opportunity she had been waiting for.

                          Of course, there was no guarantee that her crew would be coming at all. She hadn’t seen any of them for ages now, god knew if they were even still alive. Ha, yeah right. Of course they were. She didn’t pick her comrades because they were weak, they were Diablos because they had something to them, and no doubt they were going to come back just as powered up as their captain…or be prepared to face the consequences. If any of them knew their reckless, over-ambitious cotton-candy haired leader at all, which they probably did by now, they would know that she would be here waiting for them. And that was what she was counting on.

                          El was pretty pumped to see her crew once more. Sailing around on the little boat she’d borrowed from Amazon Lilly without lackeys to boss around had been rather irksome, especially since the craft wasn’t protected by seastone, making it the perfect picking for hungry sea kings. Not that it made a difference to her, it was just the situation El needed to practise the two most important lessons she’d learnt during her recent education; using Haki and temper control. The first was easy enough, but by the eighth attack El, had had reached her breaking point and spent the next twenty minutes pounded the sea monster within an inch of its life. Subsequently she spent the rest of the ride in peaceful, undisturbed bliss.

                          Jeez, why did her royal highness have to place so much emphasis on anger management anyway? Violence got things done sooooooooo much faster.

                          ”Heeeeeeeeeeeey there cutie.” came an annoying slur as a burly man, probably twice her age and definitely drunk off his a** slipped into the empty seat beside her, bringing her attention back to the present. ”Wanna drink?” Oh great…just what she needed, some drunkard trying to get with her. El rolled her eyes, wondering why, just for once, couldn’t she just sit down somewhere and chill without something or someone causing trouble for her. Gritting her teeth together, the gunswoman ignored him, pointedly turning her gaze in the other direction. Maybe he’d get the hint that she wasn’t interested and just drop it.

                          Calm down now El, inner peace, inner peace. You don’t have to blast him across the ocean just for being annoying. It’s not worth spoiling your record over. Remember, trigger happy is BAD.

                          Unfortunately, the man was too high on alcohol to understand El’s subtle nuances, doing the exact opposite of what she wanted, inching closer with every passing second. A couple of his buddies, no doubt just as booze-headed as he was, had noticed the situation and were beginning to make their way over to them. In the midst of attempting to quell her mounting fury, she could barely make out any of his mindless attempted at flirting…that was until he threw an arm around her shoulder.

                          That was it. Nobody touched Elysion En’Syiel without permission. Nobody.

                          "I’m going to say this only once dimwit." She spoke finally, her tone clearly strained into a forced calm, her eyes fixed on the offending hand. "You have till three to get your filthy, bacteria infested meat-lump of a hand off of me, take your buddies and scram, or you’re gonna wish you’d never been born. One…"

                          "What?!" The men burst into a fit of laughter, clearly not taking the scrawny looking female seriously. "Looks like this one’s got some bark to her!"


                          "Hey come on girly, drop that tough act and lets have some fun-!"


                          All of a sudden, there came the sickening sound of splintering wood as something smashed into the bar. It took the men about three more seconds to realize that it was their buddy, now lying face down in the middle of the oaken table top that had been split clean in half , his head held down none other than the purple haired damsel he’d been flirting with. And booooooy did she look pissed.

                          "Times up."

                          Approximately three minutes later, the group of five men lay in a corner of the tavern, stacked up on top of one another like a pile of limp potato sacks, unable to move after the beating the gunwoman had dished out. Remarkably, apart from the bar top and a handful of broken tables and chairs, the building was still relatively intact, no stray bullet holes or blasted beer barrels…in fact there were none at all. Elysion had taken them all down with her bare hands, without firing a single shot. With the mess cleared up, El took her cue to leave, dropping s roll of notes on a nearby table as she left, turning back to call out to the bartender who was most probably still cowering in the back.

                          "Sorry ‘bout the mess!" she apologized. Turning away she placed her hand on her chest, heaving a deep sigh, closing her eyes as she attempted to calm herself down. "Inner peace El, remember inner peace." she muttered to herself as she dusted her hands off, ignoring the stunned looks that were being cast in her direction. "Sixty-three days without firing a shot and still counting. You might just set a new record here…well hello!"

                          Her feet had taken her straight to the docks, which she hadn’t been too far from in the first place. The sight that met her eyes was a welcome one, and one that was presently surprised to see. The familiar structure of the vessel, the unmistakable name printed in proud gold lettering on its side. The reloaded her beautiful ship. Oh how she’d missed it for three whole years! It took all her willpower not to simply run over there and hug the hell out of it like some raving lunatic. If the ship was here, that meant that her favourite hairy shipwright was here as well! In that case, she wasn’t going to waste any time, time to greet her crewmate! In seconds, she’d scaled the ship, made a mental note to talk to Mar about security on this thing, and landed with a flourish on the empty deck.

                          "Woooooow~ looks different." She whistled. Ascending the steps that lead her to the lower levels of the vessel, she prepared to embark on full search, all the while admiring the new modifications that had been made to the craft. Of course, having remembered where in the ship Mar’s room had been, it didn’t take her too long to find him. The door was thrown open with a tremendous bang, and upon spotting the huge black mane emerging from the bed sheets, El’s face split into a monstrous grin.

                          "MAR!" Mercilessly, she attacked the shipwright with a spare pillow, very nearly smothering him in soft, fluffy whiteness. "What the hell kind of greeting is this? I was expecting cannons and fanfare for my arrival, and I get an empty deck?! Unforgiveable! And is it just me…or did you get harrier?"

                          Ah yes. It was official, Elysion En’Syiel was back.

              x ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
              xxx------------------------------ dιaвlo pιraтeѕ//capтaιn

                    () мood Overjoyed!xx() place Island near Whiterock//Reloaded//Mar’s Roomxx

                    () wιтн Marxx() aттιre Thisxxxx

              OOC: I’m assuming that El hasn’t received her blaster from Mar yet.〗
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                  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX━━━━━━━━━━ ★★★━━━━━━━━━━
                          In the corner of a dark lonely alleyway hidden away in a secluded corner of steel city, sitting curled up under a rather large and dirty abandoned cardboard box, was a thin blue-violet haired young man. In his makeshift hiding place, the man shivered, hugging his arms close to his body as if attempting to make himself as small and unnoticeable as possible. His shoulders quaked violently in fear as he squeezed his eyes tightly shut, burying his face in the safety of his his knees. No one could have looked more utterly terrified than he did right now. Now what on earth could have reduced this poor man to such a pathetic state, you might wonder? Well, explaining that would take a little backtracking to several hours ago, just before this whole fiasco started…

                          ~Earlier that day~

                          Elijah…no wait, it was Elisha now wasn’t it? Elisha Alexis Ashdale, one year later and that name still sounded strangely foreign to him. He still hadn’t quite gotten used to the fact that it was his own. Most people, he understood, had one name and stuck it that for life. Then again, most people weren’t hospital runaways, nor were they usually presumed dead. Considering these unusual circumstances, it was really no surprise. Come to think of it his entire life felt kind of surreal, what with it consisting of lengthy hospitalization, fake deaths, car crashes, belonging to a gang…wasn’t this the kind of thing that you saw in the movies or in one of those late night soap operas? That reminded him of the show he’d missed last night because he was too caught up with doing paperwork. Gah! He really hoped there was a re-run on today! He really wanted to know what happened to that lady who’d been caught two timing with her-

                          Was it really normal to think about this much stuff so early in the morning? No it wasn’t, and it wasn’t important either. Now to go back to sleep. Turning his face, Eli once more burried his face in the soft linen sheets, intending to make full use of this lazy October morning by sleeping in. He didn’t get much more rest than he already had though, for several seconds later, the door to his room was unceremoniously thrown open with a resounding bang.

                          "Hrnnnnn…Who…?" he muttered, blinking groggily several times, squinting as the blinding morning light shone into the room. He couldn’t make out more than the vague silhouette of a female figure in the doorway. Eli’s brain didn’t process things all too well this early in the day, so he simply continued to stare, not moving an inch as the shadowy figure marched across the room towards him. He could swear that even from her silhouette, she looked pretty darn familiar, he thought as he searched the recesses of his sluggish mind for the memory he knew he had. Try as he might, it remained elusively just out of reach. Now where exactly had he seen her before? It wasn’t until he finally became aware of a pair of hands grabbing him roughly by the collar, dragging him mercilessly out from under the covers, did he realize who exactly he was dealing with here. Oh yes, he definitely remembered her now.

                          "H-Haku?! W-Wha-?! WAIT! STOP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

                          Several minutes of pointless wailing, screaming and crying later, Eli found himself trapped under the arm of the black haired woman in an unbreakable headlock as he was pulled out of his comfortable makeshift home on the docks and dragged out onto the streets. It seemed that no amount of sweet-talking, coaxing or pure unabashed begging was going to stop Haku from having her way with him. Once she had her mind set on something, she would very well do it regardless of the wishes of anyone other than herself. Eli was just the unfortunate, and pathetically helpless, victim of her latest ploy, condemned to go along with it whether he liked it or not. And he had very nearly thrown in the towel and allowed himself to be bodily handled all the way over to wherever they were going…

                          That was, until she announced they were going to a fight club.

                          Eli? In a fight club? Nuh uh, now way. That was like throwing a house cat into a tiger enclosure and telling them to make friends, it wasn’t going to happen. There were some things that naturally just didn’t go together; Fire and water, good and evil, Elisha and fighting. This declaration was all the motivation Eli needed to muster up his strength for one final escape attempt. Taking a deep, Eli sucked in his chest, trying to make himself as small as possible. Miraculously, it worked! Before Haku suspected a thing, the violet haired gang member had slipped through her grip. Eli was free, and very much running for his life as hard as fast and hard as he could, all one hundred and forty-two pounds of skinny flesh and bones of him.

                          Which brings us to how he ended up under a box in alleyway approximately seven minutes later.

                          Finally no longer shivering so hard that he could barely control his movements, Eli peeked out from under his cardboard safe haven. Wide sky blue irises darted from side, making sure that the coast was clear before he crawled out. He was safe, for now it seemed. Safe…and most definitely lost. As he emerged from the alleyway out onto the bustling streets of the city, Eli gazed around in confusion, his mouth slightly agape in awe. Saying that he didn’t get out much was a total understatement. He hardly ever left the docks, and even before he’d joined the ECS he’d practically spend his entire life in a hospital room. Public transport, street directions, road maps, what was all that? For gods sakes he didn’t even know how use a vending machine! How was he supposed to find his way back home, not to mention constantly keep away from a black haired psychopath who seemed to be after his life?

                          Calm down Eli, just calm down. he told himself, taking several deep breaths, attempting to regain his composure. And was faling miserably considering the fact that he was already hyperventilating. You should be able to find your way back right? I mean, the city isn’t THAT big. It’s only a couple of hundred square miles….

                          Oh god he was so screwed.

                          Uh well…first order of business would be to catch one of those things…they call…a bus? Yes…right…a bus. Buses went everywhere, and he was pretty sure there was one that would drop him off at the docks. All he had to do, if he recalled what he’d been told correctly, was climb aboard one, pay the fare and just go along until he saw someplace familiar, right? It was that easy! There was no way anything could go wrong, right?

                          Wrong. So dead wrong, as Eli quickly found out once he’d boarded the first bus he’d managed to get a hold of. It’d taken him a while to figure out how exactly to get on one, seeing as the first time he’d simply run up to one and knocked on the door, all he got was a reproachful stare from the driver in return. Eventually he’d noticed that busses stopped at makeshift shelters along the roads where people would board or alight from them. He nervously presented the driver with a ten dollar bill, wondering if it was enough. He could have sworn the man’s eyes looked as if they were going to fall out of his skull, but it was probably just his imagination. He settled himself in a seat at the very back, keeping his gaze fixed anxiously on the window as he waited.

                          And waited.

                          And waited.

                          Finally, after what seemed like several hours (It was only about ten minutes. Paranoia tends to warp ones sense of time.) Elisha found himself breaking out in cold sweat. What was this?! Where was he?! He didn’t recognize anything! Little did poor Eli know that he had boarded a bus in the complete opposite direction from the one in which he was supposed to be travelling. He knew nothing of bus numbers or routes, so he had simply boarded the very first bus he’d seen, oblivious to the fact that there were in fact multiple types of buses, each going to entirely different places. Panicked and afraid, Eli quickly alighted at the very next stop, before he ended up outside the city…if he wasn’t already. Glancing up at the alien scenery before him, he knew that now, he was even more lost than he’d been a second ago. Swallowing hard, the violet haired male muttered a single world in a pitiful whimper..


                          мood;; Afraid crying XXXplace;; Steel City//Some StreetXXXwιтн;; NoneXXXaттιre;; This

                          ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇

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                                    { &; X▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇XXTHIEVERY IS AN ART;; ♔ ♔ ♔
                                    XXXXXXXXXXXX✁ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                    ──────────────────────────────────────────────────── ──

                                    Denzel Mechanics, situated on the outer fringes of Chemical Rascal territory, didn’t really look like anything special, at least not upon first glance. Broken down vehicles parked out front, car parts littering the floor, an array of power tools lining the slightly worn on and graffiti filled walls, the place looked for all the world like your average mechanic garage. But those who were in the loop knew better than to fall for the deception of outward appearances. The owner wasn’t your average mechanic, and nor were the dealings that went on inside that place.

                                    Liam Denzel, twenty-five year old head mechanic and owner of the garage was the man in question. Although, simply calling him a mechanic wouldn’t have been accurate, nor would it have been fair to him. No, his actual occupation was far more complex than just that, so much so that finding just one word to explain it would be impossible. The best way to describe his area of expertise; anything. You want your car fixed? No problem. You wanted someone else’s car rigged? Even better. You were looking for an extremely hard to get piece of weaponry? Sure, he could do that. You needed access to classified information that required hacking into a secret government database? Tricky, but he had a friend or two who could arrange it. You need to steal a valuable, one-of-a-kind priceless artefact stored away in a high security vault guarded by the latest and most up-to-date technology known to mankind? Oh it could be done alright; you’d just better be prepared to pay a fortune. An information broker, weapons dealer, occasional crime-scene cleaner and most importantly the best damn thief you’d probably ever meet, Liam could be counted on to get you anything you asked for, as long as you could pay the price. Totally awesome right?

                                    Sadly though, today the self-proclaimed ultra thief was simply bored out of his mind.

                                    From his place underneath the car, where he was busy wrenching a particularly stubborn bolt that just wouldn’t go on right, Liam sighed. Or perhaps this was simply because he just couldn’t be bothered to try any harder to fix it. Sure he liked messing around with cars once in awhile like real mechanics did, but it was never as much fun as half the other stuff he did for a living.

                                    Giving up on the stupid bolt and chucking the wrench aside, Liam slid out from underneath the car and sighed once more. Pulling out his flip phone, he began scanning lazily through his inbox, searching for a job request that was interesting enough to warrant his attention. Weapons dealings; nah. Too boring. Besides that crowd was usually the most dangerous and unreliable. More than once he’d encountered a situation where someone had randomly decided it’d be less trouble to try to shoot him in the head than to pay him. Information exchange; usually interesting, but that really depended on who you were digging up dirt on. This one didn’t look like anything special. Besides it was way too easy. An invitation for an armed robbery…what seriously?! Good god, so he even got things like that nowadays? He wasn’t a petty criminal! Criminal yes, petty no. So much for having a reputation.

                                    At times like these he really missed his kid brother Terri. At least when he was around there was always something to do. Terri had never approved of Liam’s illicit money-making ways, but he never did much to stop him. It wasn’t really like he could. Life on the street was tough, and you had to do whatever it took to survive, even if that meant a little foul play. Although swindling his employer out of his entire business and forcing him out of the country might have been a little bit of an overkill….but just a little. Currently, the younger Denzel was away in the UK, studying first year medicine at Oxford. Sixteen years old and already in university on a full scholarship; what a brain that kid had! He just made big brother so darn proud.

                                    "Oh come on…there’s gotta be something worth doing…" he muttered, about to give up and go back to attacking the car, when out of the blue, the phone rang. It was as if god had mercifully answered his silent cries for salvation from this unbearable tedium. A grin split across the blonde’s face, only to freeze a second later as he recognized the caller ID. The number was registered in his phonebook as Devereux L. Renzo.

                                    Roxy’s calling? This teetered on the fine line between relatively good and extreamly bad. For one, the vulture and this particular reaper didn’t happen to see eye-to-eye. Liam’s line of work made him extremely cautious not to make enemies if he could help it, but Roxy happened to be the exception to this rule. Perhaps it was partially Liam’s fault for gifting him with such a ridiculously feminine nickname; but how was he supposed to know the guy had no sense of humour? And of course, the whole fiasco that had occurred during their first job collaboration hadn’t exactly helped much either when the assassin had very nearly gotten killed as a result of incomplete information. Information that Liam might just have accidentally on purpose withheld from him. But hey, it wasn’t as if he’d tried to get the guy killed! The target just happened to be one of Liam’s best informants, and there was no way he was going to allow him to simply have his throat slit. Needless to say, Roxy never trusted him ever again, and things just kept going downhill from there.

                                    Still, he supposed someone needed to clean up the messes the assassin made, and when it came to making things disappear, Liam was one of the best. This call could only mean that Roxy had a cleanup operation for him, which more likely than not was going to be a hard one. On the other hand, it was a job that most definitely wouldn’t be boring.

                                    [I guess beggars can’t be choosers huh?

                                    With a smirk, Liam answered the phone in the most sickeningly sweet voice he could manage. "Heeeeeeey Roxy darling~ Calling at such a weird time, did you miss me~?"

                                    The slight pause on the other end of the line was more than enough to indicate the assassins’ irritation at being forced to communicate with him. Liam instantly felt his mood lighten a little. There was nothing like annoying the hell out of someone to entertain yourself. Unfortunately, two could play at that game.

                                    "Of course I missed you~! You know how much I love it when you have to drag your a** all the way over to where I am and clean up whatever mess I've set up for you. Now make like a puppy and listen to your owner. Come lick up this mess and you'll get a treat."

                                    "Owch, that’s hurtful. I treat you with nothing but love and adoration and this is the kind of abuse I ge-" the sound of the phone beeping cut him off as Roxy cut the connection, clearly anticipating some sort of snarky response from the blonde. Liam made a face at the phone before tucking it back into his pocket and leaping to his feet. Jokes aside, it was time to do what he did best.

                                    - - - - - - - - - -

                                    It took approximately twenty minutes for Liam to reach the address that Roxy had later texted to his mobile phone. He’d never admit it out loud, but as he gazed up at the luxurious looking building before him, he had to confess that he was impressed. Committing murder here was no easy feat, not with the level of security that was expected of a place that played host to those from the uppermost echelons of society. Liam was vaguely aware of the extent to which the assassin had to go in order to pull his jobs off successfully. It would usually involve weeks of researching on the target, familiarizing himself with the man’s schedule to the point where he knew what he’d be doing before he even knew the person in question even knew he’d be doing it, and finally in this case, integrating himself into that schedule. That was a whole lot of work for a job than only actually took a couple of seconds. But then again, he supposes it was one with high stakes. If you got caught or messed up, it affected your reputation, and to an assassin, his reputation was everything.

                                    No rep, no jobs; no jobs no money. See?

                                    As for Liam…well, he didn’t have to go through all that trouble. For probably the millionth time in his life, he mentally praised the fact that he had taken the trouble to build up such a wide social network over the years. It really came in handy, especially at times like these. It just so happened that he knew a friend of a friend who worked as the manager for manpower in this place. In exchange for a favour, the nice lady was going to give him a passage into the swanky hotel, passing him off as a mechanic called in to fix the heating system in one of the rooms. Piece of cake.

                                    As he was making his way to the back where the employees’ entrance was, Liam had to walk past the parking complex. Of course, you couldn’t expect a car mechanic not to pay a little extra attention, especially not with so many luxurious vehicles lined up in front of his eyes. Heck, if his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, he could swear some of them were even one-of-a-kinds and antiques; not the best in terms of functionality, but it was more likely that they’d been bought for the purpose of showing off. God, how rich people just infuriated him.

                                    He was about to look away when one vehicle in particular, a black ford hybrid, seemed to jump out at him for two reasons. One, it was quite honestly the crappiest car out of the whole lot of them…which didn’t really mean that it was actually crappy, considering the standard of this particular place. But more importantly, Liam found this car rather familiar. It took him awhile, but the moment his gaze fell on the number plate it hit him. This car had been at his shop just a couple of days before undergoing repairs…brought in by none other than Roxy himself. It was to be used for official CR business, so technically Liam had been obligated to help. Now he realized that this was probably the reapers getaway vehicle.

                                    Well wasn’t that just dandy?

                                    It’s payback time~ The blonde thought cheerfully as he looked sideways before casually approaching the car, fingers drumming excitedly upon the surface of the toolbox in hand. It was his own good fortune that he had worked on this car recently still had a copy of the mechanics' key stashed in his toolbox. Car owners nowadays didn’t trust even the people who maintained their vehicles with them, so most manufacturers made two sets of keys; one for the owners and another set for the mechanic that only opened the boot and hood. Usually this was all that was needed for most regular maintenance jobs, and right now, it was all Liam needed to royally screw up Roxy’s ride. Popping open the hood, Liam fished out a pair of pliers, clacking them together like pincers with a disturbingly maniac smile spread across his face. He wielded the tool with practised speed and precision, swiftly clipping only the wires and chords that controlled the functions he intended to remove. He wasn’t going to do anything too fancy, just cut the breaks so his favourite reaper found himself in an unpleasant situation the next time he took a drive. Knowing Roxy, something like this wouldn’t be enough to kill him, but it would wreck his car and severely piss him off. And that was good enough for Liam.

                                    With his little side job completed, Liam switched his attention back to the job at hand.

                                    Soon enough, with a little help from his contact, the vulture had infiltrated the hotel. It was easier than he’d expected, what with the manager escorting him up to the floor he was due to stop at so none of the other employees attempted to give him any trouble. She didn’t ask any questions, but Liam got the feeling that she knew something not-so-legal was going on here, but she knew better than to poke her nose into things. This was steel city after all, it wasn’t all that uncommon. Bidding the woman goodbye, Liam alighted at the top floor and started off towards the presidential suite at the very end of the hallway. Boy Rory sure knew how to pick her targets; this guy was rolling in money. Taking the handle, he turned the knob, noting that it was open, well duh, couldn’t expect him to clean up a locked room now could you?

                                    The smell of blood assaulted him before he’d even stepped in. Hastily he stepped in, closing the door behind him. The room was a clear mess. Well, it wasn’t as bad as he had expected, but the blood seemed to be forming puddles at his feet. He stepped carefully around it, setting his equipment down on the side table and proceeding to don a pair of rubber gloves as began to inspect the bodies a little more thoroughly. He identified the cause of death easily enough, a knife to the head for the man and a glass shard through the gut for the woman, although she had probably died more from blood loss than anything else. He knew Roxy well enough to understand just what sort of scene he was trying to set up here. Due to the nature of the targets they were sent after, the Red Star Cooperation couldn’t afford to raise suspicion by having every one of their rivals disappear mysteriously, so disposing the bodies somewhere where they would never be found was the least favoured method of covering their tracks. No, it was far safer to set up the scene so that it appeared to be anything but a murder. In this case, it would be a double suicide. Not only was it safer, but it also made cleaning up a whole lot easier since they didn’t have to remove the bodies from where they had fallen.

                                    So all I have to do is make sure the bodies look like they should for a suicide and erase all signs that Roxy was ever here. Shouldn’t take too long.

                                    Turning back to his toolbox, Liam was about to start work when a slight sound caught his attention. The sound was so soft that perhaps under regular circumstances, he wouldn’t have taken any notice of it. But having lived out on the streets since his early teenage years, Liam had gained a sort of heightened awareness with regards to what was going on around him. When your double-crossing b*****d of a boss was secretly selling weapons to multiple rival gangs at the same time, you couldn’t expect not to get jumped every once in awhile. Being in alone in a dead silent room with a pair of corpses for company only served to make him all the more jumpy. And it was that reflex that served him well now as a bottle of champagne came whizzing towards him from the shadows. Instinctively, Liam grabbed the first thing in his toolbox that he could reach, which just so happened to be his wrench, and flung it as hard as he could. Call it good aim or just sheer dumb luck, but the wrench met its mark, causing shards of glass and alcohol to go scattering all over the place. From the darkness he could roughly make out a figure leaping out of the way of the flying metallic object. No points for guessing who that was.

                                    "Dogs aren't supposed to bite at their owners~" came the taunting voice from the darkness. Liam merely rolled his eyes.

                                    "Ha ha Roxy, really funny." The thief replied, candidly flipping the other the bird before turning back to his stash of equipment. "Is that any way to treat the dog on whom you’re depending to keep your perfect reputation intact? I might just accidentally forget to snag the security tapes of you on my way out. Here, catch." Pulling out his gun, equipped with a silencer of course, Liam tossed the weapon at the reaper. Being the expert on killing here, Roxy would clearly be a better shot and covering up the knife wound with the bullet. Bullets were dangerous things to use, seeing as with modern forensics, one could easily trace the But there would be no worries about the gun being traced back to him, seeing as he’d acquired it by rather illegitimate and roundabout means. Nope, there was no trace of this weapon having ever belonged to Liam Denzel, nuh uh.

                                    "Just leave the gun with the body when you’re done." he added as he set about checking the room for any other abnormalities. A bullet with no gun would obviously be more suspicious than anything.

                                    мood;; Slightly AnnoyedXXXplace;; Hotel//SuiteXXXwιтн;; RoxyXXXaттιre;; Jumpsuit

                                    ── ───────────────────────────────────────────────────
                                    ×× - - -CHEMICAL RASCAL ↘↘ Vulture Dealer Broker Stealer*»
                                    SO WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON ANYWAY?

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              Don't take your eyes off the trigger;; I’m not to blame if your world turns to blackXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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                              XXXXXX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .XXX

                              "Haaaaaaaaaaay Kay-Kay, my favourite of favourites big brother in the world. Actually ya’re my only big brother in the world so I ain’t really got a choice. Neways! If ya’re listenin’ ta this, probably means that ya’ve found Riva’s den den mushi. Well, hurray for ya! Though by the time ya find this, I’ll probably be loooooooong gone. If ya’re wondering ‘where on earth could’ve she gone’, then don’tcha worry! Because Riva ain’t got a clue either! But stickin’ round the guild is pretty borin’, so Riva is gonna be adventurous and explore the seven seas! Wait…there’s only four seas why’d I say seven? Huh, just slipped off’a my tongue…NEWAYS! Don’t worry bro, don’t’cha try and look for Riva, I’ll come back when I feel like it! Love ya! Bai Bai now!"

                              It was times like these that Kayneth Z. Guilford wished that he were an only child.

                              Staring blankly at the tiny purple communications device in the palm of his hand, the red haired knight of the swordmasters’ guild gave a deep sigh. Leave it up to his little sister to do something so incredibly idiotic. Then again considering that this was Rivera, sweet, adorable but unbearably hyperactive Rivera he was talking about, it shouldn’t really strike him as much of a surprise. A pawn of the guild, she was supposed to have been safely holed up at headquarters until his return, conscientiously occupying herself with training and keeping out of trouble. It had been a mistake to have believed that for even a moment.

                              She just had ta pick now ta go on a lil’ adventure, didn’t she? Aaaaaaah…what bad luck. Now I have to finish the darn mission and then go lookin’ for Rivs. Jeez, he really couldn’t catch a break now could he? Despite this he wasn’t really all that worried; just a little annoyed. Rivera was a tough kid, she could handle herself in most situations. As long as she didn’t annoy the hell out of anyone dangerous…

                              Alright so maybe he should be worried.

                              With that little surprise of the day out of the way, Kayneth set the snail back on his desk and started back up towards deck. The last he’d heard, they’d been nearing the Isle of dreams; but that had been quite some time ago. Since then, he’d gotten a little too preoccupied with cleaning his swords and had lost track of time. If the sounds of massive explosions and crunching wood hadn’t alerted him to the destruction going about on the surface, he probably would very well have stayed down there until the battle was over and done with.

                              That would have been nice. the swordsman grumbled mentally, noting what a pain it would be to actually have to fight for once. He had had the good fortune of not having been assigned to the Whiterock mission, but this time was different. After the fiasco the negotiations had turned out to be, there was no longer any room for screw ups. They were pulling out all the stops, and unfortunately, that meant that Kayneth actually had to do something for a change.

                              What. Bad. Luck.

                              Then again if you really got into the details of it, the itty-bitty, nitty-gritty details of his role as a knight, maybe he didn’t really have that much to do anyway. Technically knights were merely bodyguards for the king and queen. And considering that his royal highness wasn’t on the ship, it was just the queen he had to guard. Guard? Her? Yeah right, if there was one person in the world the least suited for having a bodyguard, it was Revy Star. One; she didn’t listen anything or anyone. And two; according to her, she could very well handle anyone who attempted to challenge on her own thank-you-very-much. That suited him just fine though. If it were up to Kayneth, he would have just had them scrap the redundant position, kick back and relax while everyone else was slugging it out. Too bad that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

                              Kayneth emerged out onto deck, greeted by a sight to truly behold. The fleet of marine ships around them exploding left right and centre, cannonballs flying all over the place and at least half the guild members already out on deck, preparing to jump into the raging battle in any way that they could. The knight merely stared in a contemplative silence. Darn, it looked like somehow he’d emerged just when things were really starting to get heated up. Now that he was out here, as a member of the inner circle, there was no way that he could avoid getting embroiled in the conflict. What utter misfortune. His crimson gaze scanned the deck for his white haired charge, the guilds fearsome queen who right now was nowhere to be seen. His charge was missing. Oh dear.

                              "You…" he said, calling out to the nearest deckhand who stood by the rails. "You didn’t happen ta see a lady with white hair somewhere ‘round here did ya?" He refrained from referring to Revy as the queen or anything of the like. Not a lot of people knew of her true rank within the guild, which was the way she wanted it. Something about being presumed dead…anyway it wasn’t important. The deckhand took a moment to think before answering thoughtfully.

                              ”White hair…well if you’re talking about the slightly crazy one who was talking to herself here a moment ago-”

                              "That’s her."

                              ”Oh, well she took off that way, over towards that ship.”

                              "Really…? Over there…?" the redhead raised an eyebrow questioningly as he shifted his gaze towards where the man was pointing. There was nothing in that direction apart from a single ship that had made it to the shore…a ship that was clearly flying a pirate flag. Wonderful, how he would have to confront their enemies prematurely because of her majesty’s actions. What atrociously bad luck he had. Sighing harshly, Kanyneth’s right hand reached towards his back, gripping the handle of the sword he had strapped there. From its leather sheath, a oddly shaped silver blade was drawn, gleaming softly in the sunlight. This was Slash Fang, the wind blade, and it was about to be put to good use.


                              The strange blade was swung backwards, creating a powerful gust of air that seemed to wrap around him. All at once, Kayneth broke into a run, kicking off the deck and leaping onto the rails, pushing off of them once more to take to the sky. And then he was soaring. Well, maybe to say that he was soaring would be a little too exaggerated, but there was hardly any other way to describe it. Manoeuvring his extend blade with skilful ease, he hovered several feet above the surface of the sea, the wind warping around Slash Fang in a way that it created a consistent breeze that carried him along through the air. It wasn’t a particularly fast mode of transport, and travelling in any other direction apart from forward was practically impossible, but it would suffice to carry him across the distance he wished to cover. Or so he thought.

                              A spectacular boom alerted him to the incoming danger from a distance. A cannon, fired from a nearby ship was headed his way. Had it been fired by an enemy, this was unclear, but whatever the case, clearly no one had been expected a certain red haired swordmaster to come floating right into its path, and now he was about to be crushed flatter than a tin can by several hundred pounds of pure metal.

                              What bad luck.

                              With his left hand Kayneth drew a second blade. This one was much shorter, perhaps only half an arm’s length. The blade was pure white and nearly translucent, made of a curious material that was in fact simply purified seastone. This was the blade known as Daimondback. Keeping his grip on Slash Fang steady, the swordsman twisted his body so that it was facing the oncoming threat, the sword in his hand drawn back as far as it could possibly go. His expression betrayed not even the slightest hint of fear or apprehension, only pure determination. With the cannonball only mere feet away from him, the redhead made his move, jabbing his sword rapidly before him multiple times.

                              "Rapid Stab."

                              Only a few meters away from him, the steel ball seemed to shudder and quake even as it soared through he air, as if it had been struck by a multitude of invisible hammer blows. And then the unthinkable happened. The metal sphere, all several hundred pounds of it, cracked and shattered into pieces. Swinging his right hand to twisting the rest of the way around, Kayneth drew an arc with the jagged blade, sending a powerful gust of air that cleared the remaining cannonball fragments out of his path. The move would cost him as he found himself dipping down towards the water, the air around him no longer being manipulated to hold him up. Fortunately, his target destination had not been too far away in the first place, and the redhead found his feet touching down upon the solid wooden surface of the deck of the Renegade ship, red hair and black cloak floating gracefully behind him in the hair before settling upon his shoulders. With a sword each hand and cannon fragments raining down into the sea behind him like a miniature meteor shower, it was truly a sight to behold.

                              "Aaaaaaaaah that was really unlucky." he moaned aloud, not considering the fact that most people would usually consider it lucky if they had been the ones who’d just barely avoided being bludgeoned to death. No, apparently that had not occurred to him. Casting his gaze across the deck, Kayneth let his eyes wander towards the utter havoc that had apparently been wrecked there, his attention falling particularly upon the mast. A practised sword weilder, he knew very well the signs of something having been cut by a blade, and the smoothness of the stump of wood that remained fixed to the ground was a clear indication that it had been easily sliced clean off.

                              Yep, she was definitely here…problem is, where’d she go to?

                              There was only one way to find out, and that was to ask the people on deck. Funny thing, having to ask the people who were supposed to be his enemies for assistance, but he really didn’t have much of a choice in this matter. There were several people on board deck; A blonde male standing not too far away from himself, a straw haired female who appeared to be preoccupied with some sort of contraption, and in the distance, a teal haired woman who was dragging a white haired man up onto deck by the scruff of his neck. For convenience sake, he went with consulting whoever was nearest. Striding up to the blonde male, Kayneth cleared his throat for attention.

                              "Hey, ya wouldn’t happened ta have seen a white haired lady come by here now would ya?" he asked candidly. "She’s ‘bout this tall," he raised his hand to somewhere around his shoulder. "Redish eyes, slightly insane, probably swinging around a sword or two…that ring a bell?"

                              If only he’d thought to look out onto the beach, he would have found the target in question right there, busy remodelling the beach with her long-lost gender bending playmate.

                              X. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .XXXXXX

                              мood;; CalmXXXplace;; Hellguide//DeckXXXwιтн;; Maurice//Tori//Narci//GilXXXaттιre;; This

Candy Kayn makes his appearance <3
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                          HEY SOUL SISTER ! ────────────────────────────

                          AIN'T THAT MISTER MISTERxxxxxxxxxxON THE RADIO, STEREOxxxxxxxxxxAINT THAT MISTER MISTER?
                          AIN'T THAT MISTER MISTERxxxxxxxxxxON THE RADIO, STEREOxxxxxxxxxxAINT THAT MISTER MISTER?
User Image
                                        Tap, tap, tap, tap. The sounds of the soft, restless drumming of her pencil against the plastic tabletop was all that echoed in the head of Isabelle Montblanc as the seconds ticked by. The wait was painfully slow, the hands on the clock inching along as the teacher droned on and on about some weird math formula she really couldn’t be bothered to learn in the first place. Her head was full of thoughts and voices, voices that were not her own. The thoughts of every other person in the room, the voices switching from one mind to another as she fiddled around with her cell phone under her desk, she could hear them all. Some wondered about what they would eat for lunch that day, others were thinking about what they would do after school. A small minority were busy actually paying attention to the lesson and a good number of the girls were wondering if that cute guy they had a crush on had noticed them yet.

                                        So boring. So typical. The minds of high school students never had anything interesting in them. Of course, this was only expected, considering that they were all immature teenagers, barely beginning to outgrow the childish state of mind they’d grown up with, graduating to the world of adulthood. You really couldn’t expect much out of them. What? She was a high school student too you say? Well of course, but you couldn’t really call her a normal high schooler. Honestly speaking, you couldn’t really call her a normal anything. Why you ask? Well Isabelle, or Bel as she more often forced people to call her, was part of a special scientific programme that gave her access to certain abilities that allowed her to break the limits of natural human capabilities in exchange for doing a little babysitting. It wasn’t a bad deal, and the powers that came with the job were rather extraordinary.

                                        For example, Isabelle Montblanc had the power to read and manipulate minds.

                                        Finally, the bell rang; a saving grace that rescued her from drowning in boredom any longer. Sighing deeply in relief, Bel flopped down onto the table, thanking god that the most tedious part of the day was finally over and done with. Through the set of pink and white headphones that she constantly wore, she could already hear the sounds of chairs dragging and people heading off to prepare for the next lesson. One might wonder why Bel donned those headphones all the time, and why she was even allowed to wear them at school in the first place. The reason was simple, the headphones were the key to her mind reading; simply plug them into any electronic device capable of emitting electromagnetic pulses, and voila! You had an instant mind reading device. By messing around with the volume and hence the electromagnetic frequency of the cell phone, Bel could focus her reading to a single person. Of course she was capable of reading minds in groups as well, but as you could expect, the flood of an entire sea of thoughts into her mind was simply…well, maddening to say the least. As for how she was able to avoid being pestered in school, all she had to do was spin up a little tale about how she had a ‘selective listening problem’ and whip up a false medical certificate of it and she had never been bothered again. Now wasn’t she just a smart little cookie?

                                        Picking up nothing but her cell phone, Bel stood up to head for the locker rooms along with the rest of the crowd. It was only then that the raven haired teenager noticed that her babysittee, the incorrigible prankster relic Ian, was nowhere to be seen. Now the fact that he’d run off itself wasn’t unusual; that little devil spent every living breathing moment of his life looking for ways to cause trouble. It was in his innate nature, seeing as he was pretty much the human form of the trickster god Loki from the Nordic legends. But that didn’t make Bel go any less hard on him when he started up his little shenanigans, especially when he tried them in school where they were supposed to be keeping a low profile. Usually she was sure to keep a close eye on him, accompanied by a menacing smile that reminded him just what would happen to him if he did try anything. But it looked like today was one of the days where he’d slipped under the radar. Oh well, she’d find him soon enough. He couldn’t run away forever~!


                                        Before she could exit the classroom, Bel was intercepted by the teacher who stared at girl with a displeased look. Oh no, not this again. When were they going to stop hounding her about her declining grades she wondered? If she didn’t see the point in learning Geometry or trig or logarithms then she wasn’t going to bother learning them, and there was nothing on planet earth that could make her do otherwise. But instead of saying this, Bel turned, facing the educator with a sweet smile like any good, obedient school girl would.

                                        "Yes sir? Is there a problem?"

                                        ”I’ll say there’s a problem. The quality of your work is atrocious.” There, she totally predicted that without even having to read his mind. ”I can’t make out head or tail of what you’re trying to do in any of these exercises. If this goes on Belle, you’re going to- .”

                                        "It’s Bel." came her interjection in a surprisingly hostile tone. The teachers head snapped up to meet her her gaze which all of a sudden looked surprisingly menacing despite the fact that that cute little smile was still painted on her face.


                                        "Bel, Bel, Bel; how many times do I have to repeat it sir? You should only call me Bel~" it sounded like a suggestion, but looked more like a threat, at least from the point of view of the educator, who quickly tired to cover up his mistake in the face of such danger.

                                        ”But that’s w-what I said didn’t I-“

                                        "Awwwwww, it’s okay sir, you don’t need to lie, it's so easy to tell! I won’t rip off your head or anything!" she chirped happily with a giggle, dismissing his words with the wave of a hand. "Although you should really stop thinking ‘Belle’ in your head so defiantly. It’s amusing but I might just change my mind~!"

                                        ”Wha- ?!”

                                        The raven haired girl smile sweetly as the man’s eyes grew so large that it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise if they had popped out of his skull just then. How on earth had she managed to guess his thoughts so accurately? As if she hadn’t just threatened to decapitate him, Bel switched back to the original matter at hand in an instant. "So you were saying I need to do something to improve my grades? What should I do? Attend Remedial lessons? Extra homework? One-to-one tuition with you~?"

                                        ”Y-you know what? I-I think you’ll be fine actually. N-no need for extra lessons! Now if you’ll excuse me!” Bel giggled as the man scampered away, hearing his thoughts of relief and confusion clearly even as he vanished from sight. "Too easy~" she commented, twisting the wires of her headphones around her fingers playfully as she set off down the now empty hallways towards the locker room once more. Now where did An-An run off to? I hope he isn’t doing something stupid again…

                                        Right on cue, a loud scream rang through the halls, originating from the girls locker room. A wide grin spread across Bel’s face as she easily managed to piece two and two together. What did you get when you had screams and a missing relic, especially a relic who happened to have a habit of being the cause of trouble wherever he went? It wasn’t too hard to guess. Racing down the hall and bursting into the locker room, it didn’t take her too long to figure out the cause of the commotion, especially since the loud, frantic thoughts of ‘HOLY COW A SNAKE!!’ were hitting her from about a mile away before she even arrived on the scene. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a flash of green dart past her on the floor, a dash of green that seemed to be revelling in happy, satisfied thoughts. Now this was the person she was looking for alright. Reacting with rapid reflexes, Bel dived, snatching the snake up off the ground by the neck before it had the time to slither away.

                                        "AHAH! Gotcha you troublemaker!" she declared triumphantly, very nearly squashing the snake in her tight grasp, holding it up to eye level as she strode quickly away into the nearest empty classroom before the girls all came rushing out in panic. Couldn’t let her classmates see her talking to a snake now could she? They might think she was crazy.

                                        "Oh An-An…I don’t remember giving you permission to use your powers in such idiotic ways. Tsk, tsk, tsk, you disappoint Bel greatly." she said as she entered the room, jumping up onto a table beside the window, a deeply pained expression painted over her face. "Using shape shifting to see underpants, what a pervert! That’s unforgivable! I’m definitely going to have to punish you for that now. Ah what should I do…" She rapped her hand, the one grasping the Snake-Ian, on the table as she cast her gaze upwards, supposedly deep in thought. "I wonder what a snake does when you throw them in boiling water? Then again I don’t have a pot. Maybe I should pick apart your scales one by one? I always wanted to know if you could do that. Or…ooooooh!! I know! Since you like looking up girls skirts I’ll give you something else to look at!" Extending her arm, she dangled the tiny serpent out of the window, happily shaking it with all her might as she did so.

                                        "Look~ Isn’t the view pretty? Aren’t I such a nice person? I really hope you don’t transform back though, I might just drop you." she mused thoughtfully before simply shrugging and continuing to whip him around more violently than ever.


                                        Pointless rambling post…done. I'm working on your layout too so i'll have that done soon biggrin
                                        "S P E A K I N G"
                                        T H I N K I N G
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                                            █████████████████████████████ █ ████████ █ █
                                            Xd r i v e nXXtoXXc o n f u s i o n ;XXw h oXXa mXXI ?

                                            rom the moment the arrows launched from Artemis' bow, he knew that it was not going to work. From her expression alone, he could tell that she would rather go to her grave than divulge the secret of where she had hidden the will. There was no guarantee that he would find it if he searched their ship, let alone question her crew-mates. Although they would no doubt be much less difficult when it came to forcing information out of them, they might not even know where it was hidden in the first place. Revy was smarter than she looked, and if she had been so bold as to taunt him when he'd held the key, she must have been confident that he would not be able to find it in the event of her demise. Her words had suggestion that she alone knew the maps location...a secret she was not going to hand over no matter how much force he used.

                                            Well then...perhaps she would give it to him willingly?

                                            It was all decided in an instant as Artemis took whatever counter-attack that Revy had prepared head on, without even thinking about dodging or blocking it. He skidded backwards, taking the pain from receiving the full force of the blow, slamming into the ground behind him with resounding crash. Damn that hurt, but it didn't matter. It was a necessary part of the plan from here on out. Revy had to believe that he had honestly been defeated.

                                            And now came part two.

                                            "Nox..." he rasped as he staggered to his feet. He had to keep up appearances, at least act like he was hurt. He had to act as if he was unable to continue fighting her, just enough for her to buy into it. With the cooks coming out of the underground kitchen like ants from an anthill, outnumbering them completely, he figured it looked like a pretty convincing set up. "Hold them back for as long as you can. I'm going after the key." As he passed the assassin, the blonde haired tracker added one final word of advice through gritted teeth so that Nox and Nox alone would hear him.

                                            "And when you're done, check your voice mail.."

                                            With that, he sped off, moving at an inhumane speed towards their ship. The injury he had received from Revy's sword throbbed painfully, despite the fact that he had allowed it to be inflicted on purpose. As he ran, Artemis pulled the Den Den Mushi from his pocket, thanking his instincts that had told him to make sure every member of the crew had brought one along with them. That little detail was going to come in handy now. Putting the device close to his mouth, the division member spoke into it as he ran, directing the message to voice mail for Nox to pick up later.

                                            "Follow the instructions on this message exactly. The captain of the Bloodied Roses may posses the fourth set of missing pages of the will, which I believe she has hidden somewhere. We require the real map in order to retrieve the keys so we have to recover those pages at all cost...so I'm going undercover. Revy will not reveal the location of those pages unless it is to someone she trusts. I will infiltrate their crew and trail them, attempting to gain that trust. And the moment I have it, we will snatch both keys at once. You'll be able to follow the ship via me. I'll leave a tracking device behind. And remember, above all, call headquarters and emphasize that we have not failed." both of them knew very well what happened to division members who failed, Nox more than anyone. The very reason the assassin continued to work for the division was because they were dangling his sisters life in front of him on a very delicate string. Artemis was a little less dispensable, seeing as he was a project that the world government had invested trillions of beli on in order for him to have even existed. They wouldn't kill him, but there was nothing to stop Jekyll from stuffing him in a tube and performing all sorts of weird, deranged experiments on him. Failure was just not an option, which was why this plan had to work. They were only delaying their success in order to attain a greater victory.

                                            Having reached the ship, Artemis sped below deck, coming to a stop within his own quarters. His things lay neatly arranged exactly where he'd left them. Removing his crossbow from his right arm, Artemis placed it down on the desk. He would bring it along. It wouldn't do for anyone to see him and begin to cultivate suspicions about him. He would bring his longbow instead. From the wardrobe, the tracker pulled out a single outfit, one he hadn't expected he would be using until now. It was a prototype custom outfit designed specifically to enhance Artemis's hunting and tracing capabilities, a creation of the head of the marine science department himself.

                                            "We're working on some new field equipment but I thought these would suit you specifically" Dr. Jekyll said with a mysterious smile as he handed over a set of folded clothes and items. "Maybe you can do me a favor and test them out on this little mission of yours hm~?

                                            "If theres a need." Artemis replied stoically, his expression unreadable as always. "I don't think we'll have too much trouble dealing with a group of nameless pirates. But i'll take it along I'd you wish."

                                            "Always the confident one aren't You arty?" Jekyll commented with a smile, patting the trackers head as one would a dog. "But if you do manage to test it, it would make me so very happy. There's a good little tool~"

                                            Well it looks like you got your wish doctor.
                                            he thought to himself as he unfolded the garments shedding his own skimpy outfit in exchange for these new ones, morphing into his feminine form as this. The blonde noted how her new garb consisted of a pair of shorts instead of a tiny skirt. Well that was good. Revy might just flip out if she had to encounter two blondes showing off their killer curves in a single day. Hell, she might even recognize her legs! Still they were pretty short shorts, and considering the fact that these had been meant for both her male and female form…

                                            God, the doctor was actually a total perv wasn’t he?

                                            Putting on the final piece, she picked up her discarded garments, her fingers searched through her clothes for a small compass that was synchronized with the tracking device in her outfit. It would allow Nox and the crew to track her wherever the Bloodied Roses happened to go as long as she was with them…and she intended to stick to them like a persistent, blood sucking flea, for lack of a better comparison in mind. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she saw her own emotionless face, her unblinking blue eyes gazing back at her blankly. She looked foreign, even to herself. Painting a grin onto her face, she projected the image of a confident, friendly young woman perfectly, at least as far as the eye could see. Dian’s acting was perfection itself. They would never know her true intentions, let alone who she really was. Well one of them might…but that was a matter she would settle when she got to it. Of course, she couldn’t be sure that the whole infiltration idea would work…in which case he was just going to persistently track them anyway. It would just be much easier not to have to hide that she was stalking them.

                                            Remember, you are a tool. A tool that has no other function than to do your job perfectly. She told herself, taking one final twirl infront of the mirror. Alright Dian, let’s do this.

                                            X X X X X

                                            The rest of the events that occurred after that seemed to pass by in an instant. She reached their ship far before they had, owing to Nox’s persistence in holding them back along with the fact that they’d very nearly lost the woman who had the key in Baratie’s sprawling streets. Luckily, she had just enough time to prepare her set-up. The plan was simple. The best way to get someone to trust you was to save their life, and through the use of one of Nox’s handy little explosives, she had been able to do just that. What looked like a small ball was actually a bomb that would explode approximately five seconds after it was moved, which in this case was the blonde haired male’s doing as he picked it up. The moment he had it in his hands Dian sped forwards.

                                            "No don’t!"

                                            About three-point-five seconds later, when she’d flung the tiny thing as far out to sea as it could, it detonated, leaving a puff of smoke and dying flames in its wake. Of course, that very moment, she found herself at sword point. She had been expecting it. Doubtlessly they were going to be jumpy when they’d barely escaped with their lives. A random stranger on their ship wasn’t exactly going to be received with a warm welcome. Dian had been anticipating this and had weaved a clever web of truth and lies in order to explain her sudden appearance.

                                            "I’m not the enemy here. I have no intention of stopping you. In fact, I’d prefer if you left this city with the key. I’m just here to make sure to screw up what my brother and those stupid world government dogs are doing"

                                            And so Dian Lunaris told her supposed Story, of how she was the twin brother of the heartless okama b*****d they’d met not too long ago (which explained the uncanny resemblance), both of whom had been experiments of the marine science department since they were young. While Artemis had decided to walk the path that had been cut out for him, Dian had taken a more rebellious approach, tired of being a servant to a corrupt government and the psychotic scientists that had put them through horrific experiments; she had flown the coop. But that alone was not enough for her. She had to get back at them, to defy them at all costs, and that was why she had decided to tail her brother, being a trained tracker herself before she’d escaped. She had followed him all the way here, watching, and waiting in the darkness to find some way to screw up their retrieval of the key. The Roses had done a great job all by themselves, but then she’d noted Nox placing explosives in the ship as a last resort, planning to sink it along with them. She had removed all the explosives except for that one when they’d arrived. She had never planned to show herself…

                                            "But now that I have…I want in. I’m not going to ask for anything. I just want to make sure someone other than my brother or the world government obtains the key. Who knows what sorta crap they’ll do if they ever get their hands on one piece?"

                                            She had portrayed her image perfectly, that of a determined, rebellious young woman on a mission. She had made it clear that she was against the marines and their kind. She had even supposedly save them. Dian had played her part the best she could…

                                            But would it work?

                                            Two Weeks Later

                                            It had worked.

                                            Miraculously, her acting skills had worked. Perhaps it was out of desperation or the mere fact that Revy couldn’t care less, but she had managed to get herself onto the crew of the bloodied roses. Then again her troubles hadn’t ended there. She had to have a small chat with Maurice, whom she suspected knew the truth. Better to go straight out and be partially-honest with him, lest he share his suspicions with Revy. Now that would be bad.

                                            "I know you know who I really am and I know that I’ve done nothing to deserve this…but please, I’m begging you, don’t tell your captain anything. My life was practically forfeited the moment you escaped with the key. The division doesn’t forgive or forget easily. But I don’t want to die and I’m tired of being used as a tool. So please…" she declined to add the fact that if he so much as let out a word on this matter, he’d find himself hanging out the crow’s nest by his tongue. Somehow she got the idea that persuasion and puppy-dog eyes would work better here than threats of actual bodily harm.

                                            And it had worked. Maurice had agreed to tell no one. Dian was safe, but it all came with just one teensy, weensy, tiny little catch…

                                            She was basically going to be his b***h for the rest of her stay.

                                            Well if it’s just that, I can live with it. the blonde said with a small sigh, twisting a lock of hair idly between her fingers as she watched the sleeping Elizabeth. The young woman had been asleep for almost two weeks now. It was almost too much to believe. Two weeks? She could understand exhaustion, but who the hell slept for two whole weeks?! In that time, Maurice had patched her up the best she could but she would budge. Dian had to bite back her suggestion to simply shove the female overboard since she was probably in some sort of coma and wasn’t going to be waking up anytime soon. Amongst other things, watching Liz was one of Dian’s tamer chores, the more troublesome ones being to serve as a test subject for some of Maurice’s new formulas…that usually didn’t do what they were supposed to do. A sleeping draught had caused her to narrate to him all her most embarrassing experiences ever since she was five, and a potion that was supposed to rejuvenate an exhausted person in the midst of battle had instead caused accelerated hair growth, so much so that for an hour or so , she had to constantly cut her golden locks back their normal shoulder length every five minutes just so they wouldn’t trail on the floor. Of course, she did occasionally get lucky with something that actually did work, but this was hardly more often than not.

                                            It doesn’t matter. Pride, dignity…all those useless sentiments…I can cast them away without a second thought if it means fulfilling my mission. I’m just a tool for that purpose after all. She reminded herself, her bored blue eyes glancing towards the blue sea outside. Was it just her or did it look like it was starting to snow? They’d entered the Grand Line some time ago and the weather had never been predictable ever since.

                                            A slight movement and the almost inaudible rustling of sheets caught her attention as her head snapped up, her gaze switching over to the bed where Elizabeth was stirring, sitting up, seemingly disorientated and confused. She appeared not to see Dian who sat in the corner of the room, the side to which she had her back faced. Well, looked like it was time to start acting again.

                                            "Welcome back to the world of the living." The blonde spoke from behind the other with a grin. "Wow, you can sure sleep can you? You’ve been knocked out for about two weeks now."

                                            A HunterxxxxxA TrackerxxxxxA Liar
                                            ▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                            MYxxHEARTxxYEARNSxxTOxxBExxITSELFx xBURNINGxxLIKExxAxxSTARxxINxxTHExxNIGHTxxSKY

OOC: Lemme know if anything is iffy or seems weird and I'll edit. It seems kinda weird since we had to skip over the Baratie arc.〗

MOOD;BoredxxPLACE;Open Sea//Ship xx WITH;Liz

THINKS;’She’d better not attack me…’xxATTIRE;Female Suit
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                          El was begining to realize that they were really in some serious s**t.

                          Now that the purple haired pirate captian had managed to secure the sail and had stopped it from slowing their ship down, she climbed all the way up to the crows nest at the very top of the mast. Now she had a moment to take a look arround to at the ongoings below her. Celeste was concentrating on navigating the ship while Toby was still busy deflecting the cannonballs as they came. Kai was doing the same, while Max was no where in sight. El decided to make the crows nest her temporary base of operations for the moment. She might be the captain of the ship, but first and foremost she was a sniper, and she worked best when she was at a point where she could see everything arround her and everything was in her range. Pulling the rifle from her back, Elysion reached to her belt that was riddled with bullets, picking out a couple of her newly manufactured seastone bullets, loading them into her rifle. As familiar as she was with using her pistols, at this range, her rifle was really the better bet.

                          before she could pick a target however, a cannon ball flew past her head, just barely missing her by inches. El's eyes widned as she felt a soft breeze brush past her as the huge mass of metal went by. She whipped arround, just in time to duck a second cannon ball as it flew by. Was it just her or did those cannon balls have weird things painted on them? She could have sworn that the last one had some sort of angry shark face painted on it...

                          Her suspicions were confirmed as she looked down towards the enemy ship, watching in amazement as a white haired man lifted a pair of cannon balls as if they were made of no more than paper, hefting one up in his right hand has he chucked it easily in her direction. The third cannon ball in the past ten seconds cattapulted through the air towards her, this time a with giant painted grinning face zooming right towards her. El cursed as she grabbed on to the mast, swerving to the left and getting the hell out of the way just in time.

                          "WHAT THE HELL?! DONT THROW WEIRD THINGS AT MY SHIP YOU b*****d!!! She screamed at the man who was still cheerfully throwing cannon balls one after another. What was this guy!? Some sort of maniac?! And how the hell was he lifting those cannon balls so easily?! At least this explained why they were under such rapid fire. Elysion would have loved to blast the hell out of the man with her bazooka for so much as attempting to damage her precious vessel, but she knew that as long as that invisable sheild was still surrounding that ship, it would be impossible for her to do any damage at all. Where was the damn thing comming from anyway?!

                          Hang on a moment. Suddenly she spotted someone. A certain red haired man in the middle of the deck who seemed to never let go of the mast for some reason. That was it! He must be the source of the whole invisable sheild! Now the Retribution ship was closer than ever to them. Not only that, but the teal haired b*****d had made his move, floating over the sea (that cocky b*****d of a devil fruit user wasnt even afraid of the ocean) all the way over to the other side of the ship. No doubt he had something unplesant in store for them.

                          This isnt good....if we can just take out the redhead, we can land a hit on their ship. She thought, begining to aim her rifle. She wondered if she'd be able to hit if she was aiming for a person rather than for the ship itself. The man seemed distracted, so hopefully he wouldnt see this one comming. Rasing her rifle she was just about to shoot...

                          All of a sudden, an oh-so-familiar blonde haired beauty emerged out of the hair before the afforementioned redhead, pushing him lightly into another door that had opened behind him. El blinked in surprise, realizing that she hadnt been the only one that had managed to figure out the connection between the man and the sheild. Cel had been faster in acting and didnt plan on stopping with simply taking out their greatest defense. No she seemed to be going all the way on this one, swinging arround a crate lid like some maniac, aiming straight at the white haired cannonball chucking monster.

                          Nice job barbie doll. She sniggered. give him what he deserves!

                          There wasnt a moment to lose. Now that the sheild was down, it was the perfect opportunity to do some real damage to the ship with her bazookas. Unfortunately, that wasnt the only problem she had to worry about at the moment. From the other side of the ship came a loud roar and the gushing of wind. El didnt need to look that way to know who's doing this was. Darien was launching an all out assult, trapping the Pride Maria in between a buffet of attacks from both sides. As if cannonball's and bloody figurines werent enough, they now had a huge a** wind dragon on their tail too! El cocked her rifle, picking up the bazooka in her other hand. In theory, if she could get Darien with one of her bullets, she'd be able to effectively seal his wind manipulating abilties for as long as the bullet remained in him. She couldnt think of any better time to test out that theory than the present moment. But how in the world was she going to make sure it hit?

                          From the corner of her eye she spotted movement on deck...and noticed someone she didnt expect to see. Gemini Daimonds. She could recognize that absurd dual coloured hair anywhere. But what the heck was she doing on her ship!? El didnt have much time to jump to a conclusion, because before she knew it, she was watching the kid take on the blood puppet below, practically knocking it overboard after freezing its arms off. Wow...maybe she'd underestimated the kid. Whipping arround, Gemini now aimed for the wind dragon that Darien had formed, sending a series of ice spikes hurtling towards it. A perfect opportunity for El to take the shot now that Darien was distracted. But which shot should she take? Damage the ship or hit their captain? Both came with their own benefits. Hm...she really couldnt choose...

                          How bout both.

                          Hefting a bazooka in her left hand and her rifle in her right, Elysion breifly took aim, locking on to Darien's right shoulder and aiming for the hull of the ship with her bazooka.

                          "EAT THIS!"

                          With an enrage cry, the pirate captain fired both weapons, the bazooka once and the rifle thrice. But she didnt have the opportunity to see if they'd met their mark, because the moment she looked up, a horrifying sight met her eyes. There on the deck of the marine ship stood the psychotic looking white haired man with the strength of a monster, swinging the mast of their own ship right at the Pride Maria's hull. The ships were now way too close and there was no time to react. It looked like there was absolutely no stopping it. El's mouth fell open.

                          "Oh hell no.

                          With a sickening crunch, the mast met the pirate ship's hull, causing El to let out an agonized cry. Her ship! Her precious ship! But that was just the begining of her worries. Witht he hull damaged, they were going to begin to take in water fast. With the mast still in the white haired marine's hands, there was no guarentee that he wouldnt double up for another swing. The damage that their ship had taken was already grevious enough, and the last thing they needed was a second hit. Panicking, Elsyion realized that they desperately needed to get the hell out of there. Right this instant.

                          "TOBY! WARP IT NOW!" She screamed from her place up in the crows nest, praying that now of all times, her trusty first mate would hear her. "WARP THE SHIP!"

                          She glanced towards Cel who had seemingly been captured by the opposing crew. But before they know it, the blonde haired damsel had opened one of her air doors on the ground, going through it and dissapearing almost instantaneously. El heaved a sigh of relief. She would be back on board within a second. Now all that was left to do was was for Toby to warp the ship away to somewhere safer, somewhere further away from the marine ship. Somewhere not quite so dangerous. The question was, could he do it? In all of El's time with Toby, she had never known him to warp something so massive along with him. But this time, this time it just needed to work.

                          Because their lives depended on it.

                          [MOOD: Worried as hell][AT: Island of Cocoyashi// Pride Maria][WITH: Diablos and Marines]

                          ♔ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬ ♔

          〖OOC: Alright so toby warp the ship away. Cel gets left behind by mistake. Retribution do NOT persue the diablos now that you have a prisoner. I was also thinking that it was a good time for Darien to discover his logia abilities with that bullet coming for him and all.〗
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xxxxxxxxx━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxc a r r i e sXXaXXc u r s eXXi nXXi t sXXv e i n s.

                                                      Rinne Rondo was generally a very cheerful person. A Sadist? Yes of course. But he was cheerfully sadistic. Or sadisticly cheerful, whichever made more sense. But generally Rinne wasnt the type to get worked up over anything much. He could gleefully endure ant verbal and physical bashing from a certain white haired marine he just so happened to despise. He could orchestrate an entire string of torture sessions with difficult victims without getting annoyed or fustrated. Hell, he was sure he could even sit though a bloody torture of his own and go through the whole thing laughing hystericallyin laugh in the interrogators face. He could probably endure all that and more. But now he realized that if anything at all, there was one thing he just could not stand.

                                                      Being trapped in the middle of ******** nowhere when there was violence and bloodshed going on outside. Completely out of his ******** reach. And he couldnt seemed to do a ******** thing about it.


                                                      It wasnt like he hadnt tired. If the blood whips that extended from the freshly opened cuts on his forearms were anything to go by, Rinne had already spent a fair amount of time trying to beat the bloody crap out of the air...obviously to no avail. There seemed to be no walls, no door, no sort of touchable surface that he could try and penetrate or break through. Haki didnt seem to to be working either. He could see the ongoings outside of his little prison perfectly, watching as the blonde haired b***h who'd put him in here in the first place launched an attack upon the other two members of the crew currently on deck. He could see everything as clear as day. He just couldnt touch anything. It was as if he wasnt there at all.

                                                      At any other time, he would have gotten a kick out of Gil being smashed in the face with a crate lid like that, but not today. That would have been pretty rich coming from someone who'd practically just been tipped over into a black hole. Rinne could barely keep control of his blood marionette from within this strange prision in which he was being held captive, only managing to manipulate it long enough to write an angered message to the ******** pirates who'd done this to him.

                                                      Yes, Rinne was pissed off. And in that instant he pretty much made up his mind to ensure that every single one of the diablo's would die a slow and excruciatingly painful death just for this one reason.

                                                      A sickening crunching sound caught his attention, comming not from the Pride Maria, but rather from the Retribution ship. Amazingly, Gil had decided to screw his sense of sanity and rip the mast off the ship, using it as some sort of unorthodox bludgeon, swinging it with all his might at the enemy ship. Rinne whistled, thinking that the pretty boy captain wasnt going to be too happy about that happening. But at the very same moment, from the crows nest of the Pride Maria came a powerful blast, as a freshly fired bazooka missle shot towards the deck of the ship just as Gil began to swing his newfound weapon. Rinne watched as each weapon slammed into the opposing ship with each brining about a devastating impact. Screams filled his ears as someone as the purple haired girl in the crows nest (their captain was it?) began to yell something he couldnt quite make out with all the fuss going on. And then in a second...

                                                      The ship had vanished.

                                                      Ah...the sori sori no mi. I didnt know it was capable of warping them so far... He thought, looking slightly impressed as he watched the half wrecked ship sail off into the distance. There was no doubt that they could still catch up at this point of time if they decided to persue the pirate crew. Darien could summon up a gust of wind and have them beside the other ship in a jiffy. But their mast was gone and it would take time to repair. Not to mention damage had been done to the deck too thanks to the bazooka. In any case, Rinne had more pressing problems to worry about.

                                                      Like how the hell he was going to get out of this place for example!

                                                      All of a sudden, as if the gods of mercy had read his mind, a strange black portal opened in the air before him. Recognizing it as the way he'd come in, Rinne decided to take a chance and go through and see where it led him. After all, what was the worst that could happen? He was already stuck anyway. Blood floating arround him like dead whips, the redhead took a step into the mysterious portal.


                                                      From behind the door the unsuspecting Celeste had forgotten to close emerged a frightening, if not horrific sight. Silently, Rondo Rinne the unmistakable redhead of Rondo Rinne rose out of the air door, emerald eyes glimmering with anger and hunger at the same time, a grin full of teeth that seemed to glitter like knives spread across his face. If looks could kill, Rinne would probably have massacared everyone aboard the vessel by now. Blood whips rose from his arms, silently, cautiously, not making a single sound until it was already too late.

                                                      "You know~" the interrogator said as all at once, the bloody strings wrapped arround the blonde navigator, threatening to squeeze all the breath from the body. His arms wrapped arround the young woman in a not-so-warm-and-comfortable embrace. He rested his head on her shoulder, whispering softly into her ear. "I really didnt like that~"

                                                      It seemed like the crew was all back together again and the chase seemed to have come to a temporary intermission. Repairs on the mast were already well underway and the pirates wouldnt be getting anywhere too far without their navigator arround. But they had a prisoner...and if anything, sooner or later they would have to come get her if they ever wanted to obtain that key. Just perfect for them. All they needed to do was to patiently sit and wait for them to come for her. Of course there was always the possibility that they might decided to leave her behind...

                                                      All the better then. It only meant he had more time to spend with his new plaything.

                                                      "Well now~" Rinne trilled ever so cheerfully, still hugging on to his captive as if she might just take off on him any second. Which she very well might, so until then he was going to keep a very, very tight hold on her. Quite literally. "Since we've got ourselves a hostage, I'm going to take her down to my room and ask her a few question~ Now wont that be fun?" the redhead finished with a malicious smirk in Celeste's direction. He didnt wait for consent from either Darien or any other member of the crew. After all, in terms of rank, he was the most superior officer on the vessel. They couldnt officially stop him without it being counted as treason. And even if they tried...well they wouldnt be too sucessful. Grabbing the young womans hand cheerfully, Rinne pulled her along towards the lower deck of the ship, still making sure that she was bound up in those blood strings and wouldnt be air dooring off anywhere again. At least not without him.

                                                      "Come on princess, lets get going now~"

                                                      It was payback time. Oh this was going to be real fun indeed.


                                                      Rinne couldnt hep but grin rather cheerfully as he heard the remaining crew wish them all the best as he dragged his new captive down to the depths of hell known as the interogation chamber. The redhead was now extreamly happy that he'd taken the liberty to set up one during his free time. It was just prefect for this situation, or else he'd probably end up getting the whole ship dirty, and they really couldnt have that now could they.

                                                      "Aw don't be like that Ma Cherié~" the interrogator trilled, showing off his own understanding of the french language. The things you had to learn as a division member. When the hell was French going to be of any use to them anyway? "You're perfectly safe in my hands. I dont bite~ Well actually I do bite, but thats alright isnt it? Besides..." He paused, flashing the blonde haired a twisted grin his his eyes trailed over her body hungrily. I bet your blood will taste absolutely delicious~"

                                                      Pulling the blonde haired navigator along, he pushed open the wooden door to the room with one hand to reveal a dark and grim room beyond. shackles hung from the walls, a series of torture weapons lining the walls, an iron maiden in the corner, and only a single lightbulb hung from a wire in the middle of the room over an oaken table with two chairs, both placed so that the two people were forced to be seated facing each other. On the table were a pair of seastone shackles that would fix the subjects hands to the table for as long as Rinne liked, even if they happened to be a troublesome devil fruit user. Everything about the room pretty much screamed horror, horror and more horror. Did he know how to set up a torture chamber or what?

                                                      "Have a seat." Rinne said, pulling up a chairfor the blonde and promply seating her down, pushing her down by the shoulder and then locking her hands in the shackles. Now that her Doa Doa powers had been efectively canceled out, Rinne released the hold of his blood ropes around her, causing them to retract back into the cuts on his skin. In an instant, the wounds had clotted, although they had not completely healed. Faint red lines could still be seen where the skin had been cut open in the first place. Once sure that his blonde captive was completely bound and unable to run away, the redhead made his way over to the wall, looking through the vast selection of items in order to take his pick.

                                                      "Hm lets see now...officially I should have a reason to interrogate you or something like that. I really dont see why I have to since you're just insignificant Pirate scum. Well...pretty pirate scum, but scum nonetheless~" Rinne said while surveying the array of shiny, pointy and sharp tools on the wall, picking some up and toying with them for awhile before changing his mind and putting them back again. "But for the sake of the rules i'll pretend to ask you something. Lets see...we could talk about that ice midget that appeared on your ship~ She wasnt with you back at Fuusha now was she? Hm..."

                                                      The redhead turned back towards his captive, his arms now full of the tools of his choice, which he cheerily dumped onto the table before her so that she could have a good look at them. None of them looked like they were all too plesant.

                                                      "Lets see what we have here...so which toy do you wanna play with first?" He asked, looking at her with a chilling smile, picking them up one by one and offering them to her as if one would offer a child a choice of candy or chocolates. Except these things were a whole lot more dangerous than sweets. "Tazer? Scapel? Electric saw? Maybe we'll save that one for later. I dont think you should be losing any fingers or limbs this early on or you'll bleed to death before we start getting to the real fun. And in the end you should take a ride in the iron maiden. I really hope you dont die or anything, you really are too cute to die~" Rinne smiled again, this time placing lifitng her head up with a finger placed under her chin so that their eyes met, bright, innocent looking pink hues against bloodthirsty green. It was enough to terrify any man, woman or child who happened to be in that situation, at the mercy of this blood-loving maniac. "Then again, I think you'll look so much prettier covered with red."

                                                      He picked up the scapel, an all time favourite of his, perfect for starting off any interrogation. It was small, it was sharp and it didnt cause any massive damage. Rinne was the best at what he did, and he knew that even starting small was capable of terrifying people to death. Interrogation was just as psycological as it was physical, in fact the mind actually played a bigger part if you thought about it. By staring with simply giving his victim a small taste of pain, their minds would run ahead of them, anticipating the other horrors that were to come, often exagerating in their own minds. Most of his victims ended up scaring themselves half the time. All the better! That just meant that there was alot less work for him. Ah how pathetic most humans were. Ah how he loved his job.

                                                      "Maybe its time for a haircut..." he contemplated, brushing her golden locks lightly with his gloved hands, his other hand twirling the scapel expertly between his fingers. Had the blade slipped from his fingers it would probably have cut him pretty badly, enough to sever a finger perhaps. Not that he would have minded, he would simply have stuck it right back on. "I think short hair will be rather becoming of you, dont you th-."

                                                      He stopped, his eyes fixed on the back of the womans neck, expression freezing in mid-sentance. He had brushed her hair away in a careless movement, exposing the skin at the back of her kneck, only to find something he completely hadnt expected to see. There, imprinted on the back of her kneck was a small but unmistakable mark...the dragon hoof insigna characteristic of the Tenryūbito, or the world nobles as they were also known. It was tiny, very different from the one that was branded on slaves, but it was the same nevertheless. And Rinne knew that mark all too well.

                                                      That dream. That woman with the black hair. That red haired b*****d. That mark...that mark...

                                                      "Ngh...what the...hell...?" he hissed, cringing, his expression contorting and twisting into something vicious, something completely inhumane. He wasnt thinking anymore. He wasnt reasoning out the best way to terrify his prisoner or thinking of ways to make sure his new blonde playmate lasted long enough for his entertainment. No, all of that had now drifted far far away from his mind. There was only one thing on his mind right now.

                                                      Kill. Kill. Kill.

                                                      The tiny but deadly knife was raised into the air, all at once plunging down towards the back of Cel's neck with deadly force and killer intent.


                                                      Red. All he could see was red. The color of blood. The color of that b*****d who's dying screams still echoed in his head like a sweet symphony that he'd replay again and again for years to come. The color he was now forced to crave. The color of his life. And the color if the blood of this woman with which he was about to stain his hands with one more time...

                                                      All of a sudden he felt a tug on his shoulder, his hand slipping and falling short of his target. He whipped arround in shock, vicious anger colouring his expression, emerald eyes seemeing to grow visibly darker as his face controrted once more. It was clear that he didnt like being interupted.

                                                      "What the ******** did I say about coming in here-?"

                                                      "That will be as far as you go with her."

                                                      Rinne blinked, freezing, looking quite surprised at Darien's defiant expression. Actually he wasnt really surprised. He'd seen it coming. It'd only been a matter of time. Pretty boy had never seemed like on for taking orders. Rinne's eyes narrowed. Dropping the scapel on the table he turned to face the teal haired marine captain completely, his face practically inches from the other, eyes wide and with a maniac look to them. They were the eyes of a man who saw and heard no reason

                                                      "Oh really? Well the last time I checked, you didnt exactly have any authority to tell me what the ******** I can and cant do." the interrogator hissed out through gritted teeth. He took a step back, his red hair covering his face momentarily, concealing his expression, and when he looked up again he was grining. A wide grin made of sharp teeth that seemed to glitter like knives, like a sharks teeth. He threw his head back and cackled with laugher, in inhuman, twisted, demented sounding laughter.

                                                      "Really now~ You think we dont know about the relationship you have with this woman?" He said, practically cackling maniacly by this time. He pulled Celeste's chair round so that she was now completely facing Darine, not quite caring if the shackles that were restraining her were now cutting and biting into her skin. He wrapped her arms arround her once more, resting his chin on the top of her head, still smiling. "We did our reasearch, every single bit on every single little one of you before we came here. Little Miss Strategist made sure of it. So we know all your little secrets. You think we dont know that little miss princess here would have been your blushing bride had she not turned tail and ran? Of course there's no hope now is there now that she's a pirate with a bounty on her head right~?"

                                                      "You're not the only one we dug up dirt on. Kiyorai La'Huz, James Arc En'Syiel, Triadge D. Gauntlet, Jade Ronan...all with some relation to pirates or another. Why am I not surprised that under the guard of a bunch of people like you the will went missing? And of course we're looking in on your involvement in the will incident Mr. Limount...if you know what i'm talking about. Of course you do. I have no idea how you escaped that interrogation so easily, those damn incompetant bastards, but you can be damn sure that once we finish with this we're you're not getting off so easy."

                                                      He was shaking. Why was he shaking? How could a little mark have shaken him up so much? It was throwing him off his whole game, causing him to sprout off rubbish like that all of a sudden. This was so completely unlike him. Well not the laughter part. He already knew he was batshit insane in the first place. Still trembling, the interrogator brought his hands to his face, massaging his temples as he released his blonde captive, squeezing his eyes shut as he willed himself to calm down. He was just really pissed off about having lost his torture time with the little blonde girl, that was all. It was nothing to lose his head over. Nothing at all.

                                                      "So let me guess." He said finally, making his way over to the chair at the opposite end of the table, sitting down and leaning back in it. His voice had changed. He finally sounded calmer, as if he was back to his regular cheerful, rational, but still unbelievebly sadistic self. "Lena's gone and you need the barbie doll as leverage. And before you ask me, no i'm not a mind reader. I happened to see the whole thing when I was trapped in that little air world of hers. Miss Navigator jumped over just before they warped away." Seriously what a stupid woman. Now they were in deep s**t because of her idiotic actions. "Well i'm with you on the leverage thing captain." He said, using the title with a tone of sarcasm. "But really, it dosent matter if she's lost a finger or two. I mean if anything they'd probably wanna save her a whole lot more."

                                                      Alright so he probably knew he wasnt going to get it. But he couldnt help but try. Rinne knew his priorities, and that was to ensure the elimination of the pirate crew holding the will. To do that, he needed Darien's cooperation as well as that of the rest of the crew. As much as he would have loved to whoop the teal haired pretty boy's a** into shape this very instant, it probably wasnt very good for team dynamics to do something like that to the ships captain. But in any case he'd be watching for an opportunity to sink his fangs into the little princess when he could. Darien couldnt keep his eye on her forever, and he was still curious to know what her
                                                      blood tasted like.

                                                      "I just hope to hell Lena didnt take our map with her. He noted casually, begining to twirl the scapel between his fingers again rather boredly. Because if she did, we are royally screwed."


                                                      Rinne watched with cold emerald eyes as the teal haired marine captain whisked his blonde captive out from right under his nose, still twirling the scapel between his fingers, abeit no longer so cheerfully. Once the man and his lovely lady had exited the room, he brought the miniture knife blade down onto the table with a resounding crash. The tool remained embedded in the table, the metal now broken and bent from the force at which it had been thrust at the wooden surface. Damnit, damnit all to hell. He'd lost his latest victim for the sake of mission sucess. The world govenment had better be pretty damn grateful for what he was doing here.

                                                      His mind flashed back to the mark he'd seen on the back of her neck. The shivering has stopped, but the memory was still fresh in his mind. that mark, it was smaller and upside down, but it was unmistakable. What did that mark mean when it was like that? The insigna of the world noble's didnt appear on someone for no reason, and this woman was clearly no slave, the people upon these marks were usually found. Maybe Vincent would know what it meant. There was hardly a thing out that that the intellegence agent didnt know. If it came down to it, he could always try to wring the answer out of little miss Celeste herself the moment he could get a little alone time with her. That would prove to be a little more difficult now that she was going to be under Dariens watchful eye twenty-four-seven.

                                                      His hand was bleeding now, cut open from the jagged, broken end of the scapel bitting into his flesh through the flimsy material of his gloves. But he couldnt care less about the pain, much less about the blood. Ripping it off of his hand with his teeth, he dropped the now ruined pair of white gloves carelessly on the table running his tongue across the freshly opened wound to savour the taste of blood before closing it up once more. Ah...this was what he'd missed out on. How irksome. Blood was blood, but after awhile ones own blood lost its taste. If only he'd been able to taste her's. Just a tiny nibble.

                                                      Oh well~ There was still plenty of time to try. After all she wasnt going anywhere. Without a doubt, Darien was going to protect her, but how long could her last? The objective of this mission was clearly to eliminate all those involved in stealing the will of Monkey D. Luffy. And that included his precious fiancee. That was exactly why the world govenment has sent in the division, to ensure that the job was completed.

                                                      Leaving behind Lena to die? No problem, it could be arranged. Kicking Darien out of his own crew? Peice of cake if it needed to be done? Massacaring the entire island? Just say the word and it was done. This was a seek and destory mission with no exceptions. No amount of persuasion, begging or bribery would be able to get her out of this one. Celeste might have been related to royalty and she might have a chivalrous marine boyfriend to protect her from now, but it wouldnt last forever. She had to die. Her fate was already sealed by law, and even if the entire crew turned against them as a result, Vincent and him were here to ensure that if there was a mutiny, none of them were walking out of this alive.

                                                      But he'd make sure he got a bite of that pretty little neck before that happened.

                                                      He began to put back his tools, feeling rather dissapointed that in the end, after all that careful choosing and selecting, he hadnt gotten to use any of them at all. The action and opportunity for bloodshed was over now and there wasnt much of a chance to do anything else intresting until tomorow morning, when they finally caught up with the pirates again for the last time. Until then there wasnt much he could do. He could sulk arround the ship waiting for a chance to sink his fangs into little barbie doll there, but that was too tedious. He could go pick a fight with Gil who'd probably be more than willing to oblige, but they did kinda need him and his insane cannon lobbing poweress for the next days battle, as much as Rinne didnt want to admit it. What else could he do for entertainment then? Hm...

                                                      Hang on now...he distinctly remembered something when he'd been touring the ship a little earlier. In a small corner of the scullery, tucked away nicely in an inconspicuous corner was a nice little barrel. Actually it was a bunch of barrels. A bunch of barrels full of alcohol, to be really really specific.

                                                      Yeah, you should be able to guess by now where this was going.

                                                      "Drowning my sorrows away in alcohol~" the interrogator trilled, turning cheerful once more, placing the chainsaw back on its place on the wall, stepping back to make sure that all his tools were exactly where they supposed to be. "Its not blood but that really dosent sound too bad. I guess that'll have to do for now." It didnt seem to be the best idea when they had a battle coming up the next day, but what the heck. You only lived life once. He couldnt care less if Darien objected to it or not, even less if anyone else on the ship did. If they got in his way, he'd bite them Satisfied that his things had been properly replaced, the redhaired interrogator made for the door, pulling it open...

                                                      Just in time to watch a certain white haired marine go past. Yuu, the tiny childish looking marine doctor who's office just happened to be past Rinne's interrogation chamber was with him, presumably brining him along with her in order to patch him up. Then man had taken a few bad hits during the battle. A broken nose courtesy of the lovely and deceptively innocent looking Celeste, and a pair of busted up hands thanks to his own idiotic actions with the ship mast. Strangely, this time, Gil was exactly the man that he was hoping to run into. This was just perfect.

                                                      Before Gil could react to the interrogators sudden appearance, the redhead drew back his fist and thrust it right into the unsuspecting man's face. The sickening crunch Gil's already broken nose made was quite a lovely sound to the interrogators ears, especially when he was as fustrated as he was at the moment. He knew he probably wouldnt be walking away from that without having something thrown, flung, smashed or bashed into his head or something equally violent along that line of thought. But quite honestly, he didnt care and he really didnt give a damn what happened next. All that he cared about was that at that moment when his fist sunk into the white haired marine's face, he felt a sense of achievement and bliss that practically brightened up his entire day.

                                                      "That was just because." He said, offering only that one short sentance, along with the brightest, most innocently cheerful close eyed smile that he could muster, as an explanation for his inpromptu and extreamly unexpected actions. Hah. It was almost laughable. As if that was going to be enough to appease Gil. "Now if you excuse me i'm going to go get drunk so I dont have to consiously see your ugly face and be plagued by your insufferable company." That was rich, coming from a man who behaved as if he was a permanently drunk even when he was sober. "Ta~ VINCENT!! Get down here and help me drag these upstairs!" he yelled up the stairs for the sandman, deciding to drag him into his inpromptu party plan for some reason, before making his way towards the kitchen to drag the huge barrel's out and up onto the deck.

                                                      JUST LET ME TEAR YOU TO PEICES

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            MOOD GleefulxxxLOCATION Cocoyashi//Retribution ShipxxxWITH Darien//Vincent//Gil//Jade//Yuu//Cel

            WEARING Red Uniform
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                            HEY SOUL SISTER ! ────────────────────────────

                            AIN'T THAT MISTER MISTERxxxxxxxxxxON THE RADIO, STEREOxxxxxxxxxxAINT THAT MISTER MISTER?
                            AIN'T THAT MISTER MISTERxxxxxxxxxxON THE RADIO, STEREOxxxxxxxxxxAINT THAT MISTER MISTER?
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                                          The warm water against Isabelle's skin was such a blissful sensation after a tiring and draining day at school. What? She hadn't done anything? Bullshit! She was always doing something or the other, at least forming some grand plot in her head even if she didn't look like. So what if she didn't pay attention in class? That didn't mean school didn't suck all the living energy out of her like it to everyone else. With a satisfied sigh, she leaned back in the filled tub, intending to soak in the water to her hearts content until her roommate returned to rage at her for messing up her stuff. Ruining someone else's day would be a perfect way to end her own after all.

                                          All of a sudden, in a moment so quick, so unexpected that she hadn't even the slightest chance to react, the door to the bathroom was thrown open to reveal a familiar shock of green and not so familiar head of pink hair. Her magenta hues widening, she came face to face with the mischievous expression of her dearest relic charge, the trickster Ian.

                                          "Belle~! I brought a friend--" He stopped short, his lips turning up into a devious smirk that only served to make Bel want to smack him across the face badly. It was probably a good thing that her skin was already tinged pink from the warmth of the water, or she would have easily been caught blushing, and that would have completely ruined her image.

                                          "Why Belle. . . I never thought I’d see this side of you. . . naked and defenseless. . . " Well what the hell had he expected when he’d barged into her bathroom?! For her to have been doing the chacha with a pineapple on her head?! Obviously she was taking a bath, and this little brat had taken advantage of the situation where she had been without her mind reading prowess to catch her off guard, not to mention take take a peek at her fabulous body. Well she sure hope he’d enjoyed it, because he was going to pay. Dearly

                                          "An-An dear, could you do me a favour?" she said, keeping herself submerged in the water as her right hand reached for the detachable shower head, her other resting upon the temperature controls. From the angle of her wrist, her intention was obvious as she raised the showerhead until it was level with Ian’s face. Now it was her turn to smirk vehemently, watching at the Relic’s eyes widened to epic proportions. He was finally beginning to understand just how perilous the situation had become. "Could you please die~?"

                                          "B-Belle, n-no. . ."

                                          Well too late for that?

                                          The full force of the boiling hot water battered Ian mercilessly; his clothes providing little protection against the burning sensation that was clearly assaulted his skin. In an instant the green haired relic broke out into a desperate apology, transforming into a mouse to escape the scalding attack. She did not even spare Ian’s new friend, who appeared to be but an innocent bystander, simply watching with bewildered baby pink eyes. Unfortunately, having seen poor Ian’s face, the other teen managed to leap nimbly out of the way before much more than his arm felt the sting of the blistering heat. Despite the situation, Bel watched him carefully, the way he almost seemed to float in the air as he moved…this person was clearly not normal.

                                          "Tsk Tsk Ian," She said with a laugh as she emerged from the tub, whipping a white fluffy towel off the side table and warping it around her. "Tsk I thought you’d have learnt your lesson after earlier today, but noooooooo. It seems like you still need me to drill into your head why antagonizing me his hazardous to your health." Her gaze drifted over to the pink haired boy who was cradling his scalded arm tenderly.

                                          ”S-so…this is your handler? I see, she is a fearsome woman, only fitting for a fearsome warrior.” Ian? A fearsome warrior? More like a snivelling baby. What was this guy on?

                                          "So An-An…where did you find this unnervingly feminine looking flower child?" she asked dryly. "He looks like someone threw him into a bucket of happiness and joy."

                                          ”My fair lady, the person you see before you is the emblem of peace and love in these dark decadent times.” Came the pink haired ones reply as he gave her an exaggerated bow. ”For I, Leroy Amore, am the one who will become the sacrifice of the modern world for people to love and revere, brining nations and people together under a common banner to- OWCH!” Before he could finish his speech, Leroy found himself painfully whacked in the head by a bottle of hand soap, clearly thrown at him by Isabelle who looked rather unimpressed by his little tirade. ”Hey what was that fo-?!”

                                          "I got bored." She replied simply. "Not to mention the only thing I gathered from that was that you’re a self-cantered egotistical p***k. No wonder you and An-An get along so well."

                                          ”You know, I was going to ask you if you wanted to join my army nicely, but since you’ve chosen the path of rebellion against your future ruler, I won’t show any mercy.” Clearly his pride was wounded from being called self centred. Snapping is fingers, he pointed as Isabelle, one hand reaching for his bow. ”Ian, in the name of love I command you to hold her down! I’ll change her mind set for once and for all!”

                                          Oh? So these deluded dimwits thought they could take her could they? Well they were about to realize just how sorely mistaken they were. Even without her mental manipulation, Isabelle Montblac was a force to be reckoned with, and even if she was pitted against her own dearest relic, she wouldn’t even think twice about holding back. Licking her lips, she regarded Leroy and the mouse still hiding in the corner with a smirk, an almost hungry expression on her face. "Give it your best shot~"



                                          "S P E A K I N G"
                                          T H I N K I N G
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    Chaos, crime and mayhem; such want an uncommon sight in Fiore, at least not with the rise of up and coming dark guilds that seemed to be popping out from all over the place like wild mushrooms. Deadly poisonous wild mushrooms. The crime rate had hit the ceiling in the past few weeks and today was no exception, those atrocities just kept coming.

    Harvest town, a quiet, peaceful little dwelling that's citizens were honest and piece loving members of society. But no matter how good they were, that would not exempt them from becoming victims. Today, in a rather popular restaurant in the middle of the town square, a group of ruffians had thought to make some extra cash, taking the whole lot of customers as hostages at gunpoint. Now as they forced the poor townspeople to hand over their money, no amount of pleading and begging from the elderly of the youngest of children could reason with them to stop.

    "Shut up! Just shut up and gimme your money!" one of the thugs said, shoving aside an old woman who'd clung to his leg, pleading with him to at least let the children go. "Just give us the money and nobody gets hurt! You guys round up the kids. I bet we could sell them for a good price on the slave markets." he laughed as a young woman struggled with one of the men who tried to pull her daughter, a girl no older than five, out of her arms. "Monsters!! You monsters!!" she screamed as the wailing child was pulled away from her and dragged by the hair to join the others. The leader smiled, satisfied with their haul. "Alright boys, lets leave this dump." h commanded, beginning to strode out the door...

    When he abruptly smacked right into something, or rather someone standing in his way.

    "Hey, watch where the hell you're going." he growled, instinctively shoving his gun at the chest of the perpetrator, who turned out to be a girl who could have been no older than her late teens. With a lean body, blazing red hair that cascaded down her back in a long ponytail and wide sapphire eyes, the girl was a real looker. Perhaps god was smiling down upon him today, the leader thought. Just another prize to add to to the result of a hard days work. Pressing the gun closer to her body, the man gave the young woman the most deceptively charming smile.

    "Well now little lady, since you walked in on us at such an opportune moment, why don't you come along with u-"

    The man didn't realize something was wrong despite the fact that the woman's first blue eye had been fixed on the gun the whole time. He didn't notice the fact that her expression had twisted into something that could Ony be described as fury. He didn't realize just how much trouble he was in until he heard the devastating crunch of folding metal. He looked down at his hand, only to realize the barrel of the gun had been twisted upwards.

    The young woman had done it with her bare hands.

    "WHO THE ******** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE a*****e?!"

    There was no time for the man to react. In one swift, smooth movement the girl had grabbed his hand lifting him with and upward swing and tossing him over her shoulder right smack into the far wall of the restaurant. The man hit the wood with with a sickening crunch, a table he'd hit along the way cracking from the sheer force at which he'd hit it with. All arround him, his comrades and the hostages stared at the scene with awe as the fiery redhead continues to rage.

    "What the hell do you think I am ********? Some cheap whore you can pick off the roadside? And who the ******** did you call a moron? Obviously the retarded moron her is the one who wasn't looking where the ******** he was going! And what in ******** name is this?" she spotted the children rounded up in one corner, the terrified faces of the customers and the guns in the hands of the men. It didn't take very much for her to put two and two together. "Holy ******** s**t, you dumbshits are kidnapping children?!"

    "S-shut that b***h up!" The leader yelled as he finally regained his voice, struggling to his feet. His comrades pulled out their guns. Some amongst them were magi who summoned up their magic, creating a barrage of fireballs that assaulted her together with a rain of bullets. It would seem that the brave (or more likely, extremely irritable) young girl had reached the end of the line...or so they thought.

    "Genesis on!" suddenly, a large, thick steel wall burst out of the ground out of absolutely nowhere, shielding the redhead from the onslaught of attacks. The men soon ran out of bullets and had to reload, giving the girl ample time to make her next move. Racing across the wooden floor, she jumped, vaulting over the steel wall. The magicians targeted their flames at her, but with a sweep of her hand, she doused the entire group in a sudden splash of water. As she  Egan to fall towards the ground, she raised her right  hand, a glow of white light surrounding it as something metallic began to materialize around it.

    "MECHA GAUNTLET! EAAAAAAAT THIS!" with a bang, the woman smashed her fist, now encased in a giant mechanical glove, right into the ground. The force from the punch extended in a wide circumference around her, instantly knocking out the thugs around her. The innocents had been spared, seeing as they'd had the sense to run for cover in the midst of the confusion. Looking at the damage she'd caused and her knocked out opponents, Eve made a face. 

    "What, knocked out already? Oh jeez, that was so short it wasn't even fun."

    "You saved us miss! Abruptly the girl found herself surrounded by a group of children, hugging and clinging to her so much so that she actually had to pry them off of her one by one just so she had enough room to breathe. "Eh, what? It's no big. They were just a bunch of weak a** pansies anyway."

    "Thank you, thank you for saving the children." came the grateful voice of the mother came as she rushed forwards, hugging her daughter for all she was worth. "We are forever grateful to you. Please...what is your name?"

    "Me? I'm Evanessca Alyson."

    x X x X x

    Evanessca Alyson of the Rune Knights was feeling restless. Sure she had gotten a little taste of the battle she desired, but it had been so brief that it was barely enough to keep her restless spirit contained. Irritably, the Redhead gnawned on te last leg of chicken that the villagers had given her as a reward for helping them and chucked the bone aside. It wasn't like they'd needed to do that though, Eve had't saved them out of concern for their safety, rather, it'd been a simple fluke. Those assholes had pissed her off and had gotten what was coming to them. But there was no way she could say no to free food. With her hunger satiated, the girl began to head to thenext town in order to seek out a way of quenching her thirst...her thirst for battle that was.

    "Gaaaaah! I'm so bored I wanna pound someone!" she complained to the air, stretching her hands over her head. "I hope this museum thing is a good idea..." Along the way, Eve had heard rumours of s**t being blown up in a certian museum not too far from her current location. The battle might already e over, but the possibility that someone would still be hanging arround for her to beat the crap out of. That possibility was good enough for her. Walking into the town, the sight of a column of pitch black smoke rising inthe distance was the first thig to catch her ee. Instinctively, she headed in that direction, only to find the exact sight she'd expected to see; a museum completely razed to the ground, with small scattered flames still littering the ground before her. The devastation was enormous, clearly the work of a very powerful person. 

    "Terrible isnt it? The work of dark magi I suppose?" Eve looked up, noting two of the nearby towns women who were looking upon the wreckage in horror. The second woman shook her head in response to the first. "Oh no...this was done by the one assigned to protect the museum...Fairy Tail. I wonder what posesses them to hire such unruly magicians in the first place. That man with the red hair, he didn't even glance back and just ran off-"
    "Hey! S'cuse me! You there!" the two women's heads snapped up, eyes falling on the redhead who was walking up to them. "This guy you're talking about, where did you say he ran off to?"

    "He went that way after the Mage, but you shouldn't-"

    "Kay thanks bye!" and with that the girl shot off, racing along inthe direction in which the woman had pointed. Eve Alyson was about to find herself a major battle. she just knew it!



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                                          The past six months had been hard on everyone, for Blue Pegasus in particular. The dark guilds attack had left them in shambles; not physically, but emotionally. They might not have sustained as much damaged to their guild as the other light guilds had, but they had perhaps suffered the worst toll of all. In the midst of the battle with the great mage Jacqueline, their own guild master Deviln Rathron, as valiantly as he might have fought to protect his nation and his ‘children’, had met his end. It had been surreal, that the old man was dead. Even as Xezabeth had stood before his grave on that dark, rainy day, strangely silent and stoic as she clung to Lucifer’s hand amidst the crying of her guild members, her heart and mind were filled with nothing but absolute numbness. Disbelief; it was all she could feel, consuming even her overwhelming sense of grief. He had been one of the strongest people she had ever known, and to think that he had been killed, his life extinguished just like that…she still couldn’t come to grips with it.

                                          The past six months after the funeral has wrecked havoc on Xezabeth. While she truly felt the pain of Deviln’s loss, the man whom she could have easily said to be the equivalent of her own grandfather, she was aware that she wasn’t supposed to be feeling these emotions. She wasn’t truly a part of the guild. This was all a temporary arrangement, an arrangement of convenience. But somewhere along the line that might have changed. That attitude of detachment and simply believing that the guild was just another one off her toys had changed. It was more than just a toy now, the guild and its members actually meant something to her.

                                          And that was a problem.

                                          Wonder how mother could have left so easily. She thought to herself as the curly haired lolita assassin skipped down the streets towards her guild. She was just returning from a little shopping trip on the other side of Clockwork city, picked up some brand new material and equipment to make some new dresses for her dolls. Recently she’d taken to sewing, finding it a rather therapeutic way of dealing with recent events, not to mention she actually seemed to have a knack for it.

                                          "This time if everything works out, I’ll make something for Noelle and big brother Luci!" She said aloud, speaking to her animated teddy bear and best friend, Potporoupori, a mischievous little toy with a rather intresting personality. " Maybe a really cute new dress, Noelle never wears dresses, but I bet she’d look really cute in them. And we all know big brother does too. Oh and maybe I’ll make one for Jiang too!" The new guild master was an interesting character, different from Deviln but a pleasant personality nevertheless. Jiang had been a member of Blue Pegasus far longer than she had, but had been away on a mission for the past couple of years. He might had been a new face to her, but as Xezabeth was allowed to roam the guild like the princess that she was, she had no complaints about him.

                                          "Hm, I think it’s about time we got you some clothes too, don’t you think so Potty?" Beth glanced down towards the road beside here where her stuffed companion should have been…but wasn’t. "Potty?" She stopped, red eyes looking around the rows of buildings but to no avail. "Potty come on, where’d you go?!" Out of the corner of her eye came a flash of white and back, a small, stubby bear figure waddled off through the maze of houses, the sound of gleeful snickering reaching her ears only moments too late.

                                          "Why you little…I’m going to rip the stuffing out of you!" she growled, racing after her rebellious toy who had suddenly gained the urge to play hide and seek. Why it had been animated with such a rebellious personality, she hadn’t the slightest clue. But considering the kid of role model it had *coughHERcough*it really wasn’t that surprising. Racing through the streets, Beth was barely able to keep up with the pudgy teddy that was proving to be surprisingly quick. Not to mention its small size made finding it in this maze of streets a difficult task. Oh dear, she’d really gotten rusty with those assassination skills of her hadn’t she? If her mother had been here to see her, she’d probably have started wailing on about how she was wasting her talents and how she was going to end up a homeless widow in forty years living in a single room apartment with nothing but animated stuffed cats for company. Mother and her hysterics, you had to be crazy to take her seriously.

                                          The little demon of a bear led its owner right to the very fringes of the city, disappearing into the dark foliage. Gritting her teeth, Beth had no choice but to follow along rather irritably. "Potty, I know you’re here! Now come back here before find you and rip you’re head o-" A faint rustle. Xezabeth whipped around, realizing that the continuous rustling of leaves across the forest floor could not have been made by Potty. No, someone was coming. Leaping off the ground, it was only seconds before Beth had scaled the nearest tree and hidden safely out of sight amongst its branches. Thank god for that assassin training. Crimson irises peaked through the darkness and towards the ground where two strange figures were finally coming into sight. Once they emerged into the clearing enough for her to see, she realized she’d made the right decision to hide; these people clearly did not look friendly.

                                          There were only two of them, a pair of muscular men, scared, tattooed armed to the teeth with knives and various other dangerously sharp pointy things from what she could make out. Each of them rode on the backs of a giant snake, each one dragging along a large basket of something that glimmered from within. Gold and jewels, she concluded from the looks of a ruby necklace hanging over the side. There was no way that these guys were traders, not with those looks. Clearly they were thieves.

                                          ”Good haul this one.” The first one spoke, a toothy grin spread across his face as the pair came to a stop, both dismounting from their snakes. ”Hopefully this next one will be just as good.”

                                          ”Yeah, loot like this’ll really make the boss happy.” the other agreed enthusiastically. ”Better do this quick then and get outta here. That guild…Blue Clothespeg or something, it’s in this town. Don’t want any meddling magi slowing us down.”

                                          ”Yeah, we’ll just leave this stuff here and-“

                                          ” Villains!! Halt! Halt I say!!” Out of nowhere, Potty emerged, the heroic bear running straight up to the dastardly duo and proceeding to pound away uselessly at one of the bandits legs with his stuffed paws. Potty!! Xezabeth could have smacked her head against the tree trunk out of frustration would that not have given her position away. Neither of the men seemed too impressed either, their expressions leaning more towards the bewildered and utterly amused side.

                                          ”The hell is this?” The one who was being attacked said, staring at the stuffed animal in disgust. ”Get lost!” With a mere kick, he sent the poor bear flying across the clearing. But that was all he had time to do, for the very next second, a blur of red and black flashed behind him. His eyes widened, sensing a dark presence behind him, ragged breathing against the back of his neck. Glowing red eyes stared bore into the back of his head as a dangerous, almost demonic voice whispered in his ear.

                                          "Don’t touch my dolls."

                                          A painful smack to the head with a fully loaded shopping bag sent the man reeling, landing nimbly on the ground only to leap away as one of the snakes made a strike at her. The flat of her palm touched the trunk of a nearby tree as she landed, facing her opponents with a smirk even as the two serpents made their way towards her. "Alright you overgrown worms, time to eat wood."

                                          Her magic charged through the trees like electricity through a circuit, its branches extending outwards like massive demonic hands. With a groan it lifted its roots out of the soil, twisting them together to form feet of sorts as two eye shaped hollows and a jagged mouth opened up in its bark to complete the transformation. "At least that tree invasion counted for something. I learnt a new trick." she grinned as the tree proceeded to fight off her enemies for her, the snakes’ venomous bites useless against the lifeless wood. "Potty! Are you alright?!" she exclaimed, turning to her bear friend who was dlying face down in the grass.

                                          ”Twinkles…twinkles little bat…how I wonder where you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat~”

                                          "Oh get a grip!" she demanded, grabbing the teddy by the collar and slapping it back to its senses. "Get up you usless piece of fluff! Are you just going to sit here and let them smack you around like that?!"She smiled deviously, her blood red eyes gleaming in a way that would cause anyones skin to crawl. "It’s time for a little payback."

                                          No more than a minutelater, Xezebeth was riding on the head of a giant Potporoupori laughing gleefully as her favourite teddy bear kicked the ever loving crap out of the two unscrupulous thieves.

                                          "HOHOHOHO!! You see? This is what you get when you pick on cute little teddy bears for no reason. Have you learnt your lesson bullies?" She pulled a deck of cards from her pocket, fanning them out dangerously; anything was dangerous as long as she touched it. For the two men this was the last straw, as the turned tail and ran off into the forest, abandoning their haul with Xezabeth’s laughter still ringing in their ears.

                                          "Well that was a satisfactory ending." She said cheerfully, dusting off her hands as she hopped off of Potty glancing towards the other member of their kickass party. "Uwah tree! You killed them!" she exclaimed as her gaze fell upon the bodies of the serpents that were piled up across the clearing, impaled right through with sharp wooden stakes.

                                          ”Beth! I heard snakeskin costs a bomb!” The gigantic teddy bear chimed in. The girl smiled, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Well then…we cant leave these here then can we?"

                                          X X X X X

                                          "BIG BROTHER!!!"

                                          Beth’s enthusiastic voice rang out from outside the guild as she waved into the distance to anyone who might be near enough to see her. She was riding once more on a massive Potporouporui, who was also hefting a pair of massive snakes. Naturally she’d decided to bring them along. There was so much you could do with snakeskin, from making simple things like purses to boots, shoes and even dresses for her dolls. How could she have passed up such a brilliant opportunity?

                                          Hm…now that I think about it, since it looks like those goods were active before they came to Clockwork City, maybe there was a job on the board for defeating them. she thought to herself. In that case I’d better check.

                                          Hopping down to Potty’s arm and onto the ground, the girl raced into the guild ahead of her companion, running straight to the boards. After quickly scanning through the array of job posters, she snatched one up with a squeal. "There it is! Defeat the Cobra Clan Bandits! This has got to be them!" A light bulb went off in her mind as she turned, running through the guild hallways in search of a certain red haired S-class magician.

                                          "Big brother! Big brother Luci, come out! You still owe me that mission!"

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                                              XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_ 。。。。。。。。。 «DATA FILE RETRIEVED;; CODE-201109598-NULL»
                                              ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
                                              { jump start } XmyX*H E A R T AND WAKE THE SLEEPER INSIDE

                                              hese fairies, they were seriously amusing weren’t they? Now even little kids had the gumption to talk back to him. It would have actually been a whole lot more threatening if the whole string of words had actually made a little more sense.

                                              ”Someone’s obviously been skipping out on their vocabulary classes. The correct word is ‘a**’.” he replied tonelessly as the child was sushed and ushered back inside and out of sight by a well meaning, and more importantly smart, adult. There, now she was a whole lot more educated than she was a minute ago, now other people wouldn’t have to put up with her ignorance. Of course he wasn’t going to be agitated by some smart-mouthed runt who didn’t even have half the power needed to act upon those measly threats of hers. He wouldn’t waste his time with here, focusing instead on the stronger magical aura’s that were lingering within the guild. He could feel one in particular that was familiar; Clayton Eaddy, Jacqueline’s little pet and the guild master of Fairy Tail. To attain the status of Guild master at such a young age was a commendable feat, usually gained when one had proved their capability and power beyond a doubt. Or was it only because of Jacqueline’s power that he had that position? Then again, knowing his aunt, she wouldn’t have taken in anyone who didn’t show a glimmer of potential. It would be unwise to underestimate at this point of time, especially the leader of the strongest light guild in all of Fiore.

                                              "Hold on bro. Let me get on that for you. I'm not in the mood to fight anyway."

                                              The silence that hung in the air after the very moment that those words were uttered was so heavy that it almost seemed to weigh down upon them. Null simply stared, one crimson eye widened in surprise as he stared at the guild in utter disbelief.


                                              Had he actually heard right? Had the brat just agreed to hand over the chapter without so much as a fight? Was he just going to give him what he wanted? It sounded almost too good to be true. Was he obliging simply because of the alliance, because he was Jacqueline’s pupil? Or was it because he was worried about the safety of the guild and had taken the quickest option to spare all their lives? Or was it all just a bluff? Null couldn’t tell, not from that one mere sentence. "…Fine…bring it here. Outside." He didn’t want the man trying to pull something funny inside the guild itself where all his allies were. Obediently, the blue haired man complied to his request, coming out of the building with what seemed to be a stack of papers clutched in his hand; the chapter. Null’s breath almost caught in his throat. It felt almost impossible that things were going his way this easily, it felt too surreal to be true. Cautiously, he stood his ground, observing the man for any signs of deceit. Sure analyzer was registering that his heart rate was a little on the high side, but that wasn’t really surprising. After all, it could just as easily be caused by fear.

                                              "Here you go, Null. . . take it and get out."

                                              Expectantly the great mage began to raise his hand to take the chapter that Clayton was offering him, albeit rather rudely. His eyes drifted towards the set of papers that he was about to receive, the chapter that he was hell bent on claiming for himself. He wondered what exactly it was that this chapter contained. With analyzer, he could zoom into the pages and the words he could make out some of it.

                                              A…A written reprimand…warning and reimbursement of damages…what the hell is this!?

                                              This was definitely NOT the chapter.

                                              ”Why you-!” In a flash, Nulls stance shifted, pulling his hand back and summoning up his magic to wreck hell upon Clayton with his particle freeze spell. He looked like Jack Frost now did he? Well if that’s what the man wanted that frost was indeed what he was going to get! Unfortunately for him, what Clayton was about to do simply defied common logic and anything that Null could have possibly imagined.

                                              ”FLUFFY! ATTACK!"


                                              He couldn’t move, he couldn’t react fast enough even if he wanted to for what had just happened was absolutely unthinkinable. As a guild master, he would have had at least a dozen moves at his disposal that he could have chosen to neutralize Null’s attack. But no, he had to choice the most unlikely, dim-witted and strangely enough, the most effective strategy any idiot could have every come up with. He threw his chinchilla right smack into Null’s face.

                                              T-the hell-?!

                                              One should never underestimate the sheer might that a tiny, fluffy little rodent such as this one had when it was clawing and biting at your face, practically blinding you with its tenacity. Now he definitely hated rodents. For a moment, try as he might, Null could just not get the damn thing off of him no matter how much he pulled at it. Then finally, with one mighty painful pull, he yanked the damn thing off by the nape of his neck. Without waiting for a single second Null hung the creature in the air for just a single second before letting it fall, sending it rocketing up into the air with one spectacular kick that would have surely turned him into an instant soccer star in any other circumstance. The rodent was booted right into the stratosphere, but it was hardly enough to quell his fury. Once this was over he was going to make it his side project to exterminate them from the face of the earth if it was the last thing he did. But first, to deal with the man who had had the gaul to pull off such a bold move; Clayton.

                                              He didn’t speak; words were hardly adequate to express his rage. The only way he could get it into these darned fairies skulls was by pounding their leader into the dirt, and do that indeed he would. Balling his right hand into a fist, Null activated his particle compression magic, pulling the air molecules towards his fist, packing them tightly against one another to form a spehere of highly compressed air. This took only a second or two, after which he fuelled his magic into a secondary spell; Kinetic transfer.


                                              All at once the air concentrated around his fist exploded outwards with tremendous force as he simply moved his hand forward. With kinetic transfer, the force of that small movement was amplified by several times by converting the potential energy in his hand to kinetic energy which was then transferred to the particles, forcing them to blast out at a powerful speed when the spell was released. The shockwave it created was devastating, sending violent tremors running through the earth as the ground seemed to break under the force. The blast of wind was strong enough to throw back any person who stood if they didn’t find something to hold on to real soon. But even then Null wasn’t done yet. Oh no, he was just getting started.

                                              As the explosion released, he activated his particle shift, vanishing into a cloud of black mist and reappearing behind Clayton immediately in the blink of an eye. From where his stood, his visible crimson eye seemed to glimmer with such viciousness that it could have made a grown man tremble.

                                              ”I told you I’d only ask once.”

                                              Drawing his hand back, he pointed at Claytons back with his fingers in a gun shape, air concentrating at the very tip of his finger in tiny spheres like bullets. ”Compression gun!” All at once he shot off several air bullets at the opposing guild master. These air bullets were powerful enough to blast through solid steel, and of course, they could easily shatter bones. He didn’t wait to see if the attack hit or not, he leapt backwards, already preparing for whatever Clayton threw at him next.

                                              "Claws, Flint, Search the guild for the chapter, and if anyone tries to get in your way, annihilate them." He ordered coldly.

                                              And for the record, he did NOT like having rodents thrown at him.

                                              。。。DEMON CORE;; GUILD MASTER
                                              HOLD UP THE FLAG . . . CAUSE IT'S RIDE OR DIE_ⅠXXXXX

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                              GET REDY T SETTE THE SCRE
                              A N DXXXG E TXXXR E A D YXXXT OXXXF A C EXXXT H EXXXF L O O R
                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
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                              Illusia; a calm, peaceful island in the middle of west blue. A bustling island town home to many a hard working marine and law-abiding citizen, and a relaxing coastal paradise which would have been a pleasure for absolutely anyone to live on. Beautiful, prosperous, soothing…

                              And boring. Oh so god damn boring.

                              Happy and peaceful was not the kind of life that appealed to Elysion En’Syiel, the young woman who now stood upon the docks of the island, her sky blue gaze fixated far into the distance across the sea. The quiet little marine town of Illusia was to her, nothing more than an embellished bird cage, a decorated prison if you would. Day in day out everything was the same, so repetitive that the mundane regularity of life was beginning to drive her insane. Even what little pleasure she derived from her hobby of shooting seemed to have been drained; after all there were only so many times one could shoot at tin cans before it started getting old. It wasn’t that she hated Illusia, it did have its merits being her home and all. She loved her family, her father and her brother. She loved her dysfunctional circle of friends, her obliging caretakers and her bipolar gun-wielding mentor with all her heart. But no matter how much attachment these things had to her, the fact remained that on this island, she was being held back. She was shackled to that coastline like a prisoner, with the vast blue expanse that promised adventure and excitement lying oh-so-annoyingly just out of her reach. But from this day, no more; from this day, Elyson En’Syiel was taking destiny into her own hands.

                              ”Arc, El, I can’t reveal much to you now. This line isn’t secure. But I’ve discovered something about your mother’s murder, something absolutely essential. I’m on my way home now and I should be back within the week. I want both of you to be there when I arrive, it’s absolutely urgent that you know everything I’ve discovered. All I can tell you right now is that everything depends on One Piece.”

                              That message she had received a mere month ago was the final time she’d ever heard the voice of her father, Marine admiral Marchén En’Syiel. Two days later she had her brother had received the shocking news that their fathers ship had been attacked and capsized by an unknown enemy, and all who were on that ship were reported to be killed in action. El didn’t believe it of course, and neither did her brother, for Arc wasted absolutely no time at all setting sail for the Grand Line to pick up where their father had left off, retracing his steps to re-discover his final message. ”I promise El. I’ll find dad and I’ll figure out what did wanted to tell us, and then we’ll discover the truth about mom’s murder for good.”

                              It was sickening, absolutely sickening to have to sit still knowing that her only family left was in peril, carrying out their parents final will while she was trapped on this god damn island unable to do a damn thing. Held back on a promise to her brother not to do anything stupid while he was gone, El could only sit and twiddle her thumbs irritably as the days went by. For a time, Arc’s daily conversations with her were enough to quell her worry, but then one day…it all just came to a stop; Nothing. There was not a word from him, not a single note of communication at all. And that was when El knew something was wrong. It wasn’t like Arc to make her worry like that, which means that just like her father, something had happened to him, and it was then that she realized she didn’t care if she had to uproot the whole friggin island and tie it to an army of turtles if that was what it too. She was going to the friggin’ Grand Line to find her damn brother. And she was going to have to work with the only clue she had; One Piece.

                              ”Hey Gil, didn’t ya say you were getting bored of the marines? In that case, I’ve got a brilliant proposition for you.”

                              And so that was the beginning of the plan, the diabolical plot for their freedom which sadly had to come at the expense of another. To start out their adventure they first needed a ship that could take them where they needed to go. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, considering that both she and her soon to be first-mate were from marine families. However the departure of both her father and brother had left her with no extra ships to use. As for Gil…well…let’s just say with the level of destructiveness that went on around him, ships would hardly even last a day belonging to the Farren household. What? Ask marines for help you said? No way in hell. If there was one group of people that El distrusted more than anyone else in the world, it was marines with their hypocrisy and their false sense of justice. No way was she going to leave the fate of her family in their hands. Ironic, coming from the daughter of an admiral, El had her reasons and very good reasons at that. What? She should stop being a stupid brat and just ask them for help anyway? No, no ******** you omniscient narrator! Stop making stupid suggestions! This was where the ship belonging to one of her close childhood friends, Darien Limont, came in. A quaint little vessel that was being used for his private purposes, it would be perfect for their purposes.

                              But I’m pretty sure Darien won’t mind as long as I pay him back…eventually. she convinced herself as she walked cautiously across the docks, careful to stay in the shadows the docked vessels, her eyes focused on the sight of the ship before her. Clearly no one would suspect this innocent looking teenager to harbour such sinister motives, even if they happened to see her. Since this was a private trip, supposedly to visit the friends he hadn’t seen in a long time, Darien hadn’t quite brought as many grunts along as he usually would have. The marine captain himself was out of the picture, after a simple request and an innocent smile from the scheming lilac haired woman.

                              ”Darien!” El’s expression upon seeing her teal haired friend had been one of genuine joy as he met them at the edge of the docks. “It’s been ages! Seriously you should try to visit more often!” She might have hugged him as he’d offered, but an unusually strong grip holding her back by the wrist stopped her in her tracks. In any other situation, she would probably have shot Gil is the face for telling her what to do, but not today. Today she needed his help more than ever, so she simply had to put up with his irritating over-protectiveness. A short, casual conversation ensued before the young woman finally got down to business. ”Hey Hey Darien, you don’t mind waiting a little over at our old play place do you? Gil and I have a surprise for you. You’re totally gonna love it~” And that was that. The main problem was out of the way. However, that wasn’t to say that the ship wasn’t completely unguarded. After all it was still a marine ship, but the number of guards on it was nothing she and her partner in crime couldn’t handle.

                              "Alright, target sighted." she whispered quietly to the man behind her, a wide grin spreading across her face in anticipation. Her entire life up to this point had been one of a prankster, but never before had she tried something of this scale. Excitement was practically radiated from her as she stealthily made her way up to the very base of the ship, crouching so she was just out of the sight of the marines above. Once she stepped aboard, there was no turning back. "Gil, get going from around back and wait for my signal." With the final exchange, the pair split up to fulfil their respective missions. As for El…well she was going to do the obvious thing and ask nicely. That way they couldn’t say she hadn’t tried. Smiling at her reflection in the water, the purple haired female put on her best cheerful face, trying to imitate her brother’s ever merry expression only to have it come out looking rather awkward. Clearly happy-happy nice-nice was not an image that El portrayed well. Nevertheless, she confidently emerged from her hiding place and ascended the ramp up onto the deck. Her arrival seemed to surprise the marines already present there, although having recognized her, they seemed not to suspect that something was amiss.

                              ”Miss…En’Syiel right? Admiral En’Syiel’s daughter?” One man, apparently the one in charge of looking after the ship in Darien’s absence said, looking at her rather questioningly. ”My apologies Miss, but has Captain Darien not already met you?”

                              "Well yeah, he has. But I kinda need something from the ship right now so…" She trailed off, almost uncertainly. Now how was she going to phrase this so that it sounded convincing? "I kinda…wanna borrow the ship for a little. Yeah, that’s right. Just borrow it for awhile. You know, take it for a spin and bring it right back? That sorta thing?" Yes that was perfectly true, albeit with minor omissions of the truth. After all, El tried not to lie if she could help it. Of course, this just screamed ‘bullshit’, so she was almost unsurprised to see the sceptical expression of the marine as he stared at her with a raised eyebrow, almost as if he could see through her oh-so-fake slapped on smile.

                              ”Miss, I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to allow you do to such a thing. Does Captain Darien kn-”

                              "Yeah yeah of course, we’re friends aren’t we? He wouldn’t have a problem with it." she said quickly, dismissing his worries with a mere wave of her hand. Now she was getting nervous. Every second that passed this marine just seemed to be getting more and more suspicious. Clearly this did not bode well for El. Deciding to play up the charm factor; the purple haired woman drew closer, resting her palms on the man’s chest standing on tip-toes so that her face was mere inches apart from his. "Oh come oooooooon~" she trilled, the pitch of her voice rising several octaves to a sickly sweet note that bordered between cute and whiny at the same time. "You can’t say no to a young lady right? I won’t tell anyone you broke the rules. It’ll just be our little secret~”" she offered, giving him what was supposed to be a flirtatious wink. Obviously somewhere along the line, something had gone horrendously wrong with her execution, because at the end of it all, the air simply seemed to freeze, the atmosphere turning icy, frigid cold.

                              Oh god…so AWKWARD. El couldn’t believe she just did that. She could already feel her face heating up and turning bright red in embarrassment for her own idiocy. No this was definitely not good; time for damage control.

                              "You know what? ******** this s**t. GIL!!!" The bestial roar and the sharp splintering of the floorboards as a hulking white haired figure burst up onto deck were more than enough to distract the marine, allowing El to slam her elbow painfully into his gut, taking the opportunity to grab his legs from underneath him and toss him over the edge of the ship and into the water.

                              "Man overboard!!!" she cackled gleefully for the excitement of her plan finally being put into action. Swiftly the young woman drew her guns, setting their power at low. She didn’t want to hurt anyone after all, just get them the hell off her ship. Hell yes bitches, Elysion En’Syiel was taking the hell over, and if they didn’t like in then too bad! Against the background of cannonballs flying in every direction, thrown by none other than her best friend, El busied herself with taking care of the marines that Gil wasn’t hitting, firing off a blast of concentrated air from her pistols every time she pulled the trigger. The blasts were just strong enough to knock the marines backwards, sending them reeling over the vessels edge. There was yelling and screaming now, shouts and calls for backup ringing in every direction. But it was far too late for that now. Raising her gun with expert aim, El squeezed the trigger, firing a shot at the rope that tied her new ship down to the docks, severing it with that one powerful blast. Aiming both her firearms at the ground, she fired another blast of air that propelled her into the sky, allowing her to grab a hold of the netting along the mast leading to the crow’s nest. Reaching over to the ropes, she unfurled the sails, the sea wind being in their favour quickly allowing the vessel to pick up speed.

                              Climbing up to the very top of the ship, El could see every detail of the chaos they had caused below, from the last of the marines being thrown mercilessly into the water to the ships that were beginning to set off from the docks in hot pursuit of them. Now they couldn’t have meddlesome marines on their tail now could they? Taking quick aim at the hulls of the ships around her, El shot off several blasts of air that crashed through the wooden surface of the vessels, blowing holes in them that were positioned so that it would make it impossible to sail for long before the entire lower cabin got filled with water. With that, it seemed that the mission was a resounding success.

                              "SEEYA SUCKERS!!!" The new self- appointed pirate captain cackled with a mocking wave, unable to stop herself from rubbing defeat in the face of the poor soaking wet marines. "AND TELL DARIEN SORRY ‘BOUT THE SHIP!!! TOTALLY GONNA PAY HIM BACK...UH...SOMEDAY!"

                              X X X X X

                              That incident had taken place a week ago. Ever since then the new self-proclaimed Diablo Pirates had remained just out of the reach of the marine ships that they knew were hot on their trail. They’d been sailing along at top speed, but no matter how they tried, they couldn’t keep sailing forever. The Diablo’s were in desperate need of supplies, not to mention a recruitment drive. Gil could navigate well enough thanks to his training with the marines, but El wouldn’t put it past him to lead them in the completely wrong direction simply because he’d read the map upside down. But more importantly, none of the makeshift crew of three seemed to have the faintest inkling on how to cook a proper meal. As of now, hiring a cook was highest of Elysion’s priority list, if not at this rate, they’d all starve before they even came close to the Grand Line.

                              Wait wait wait…hold up. Makeshift crew of three? Had their ranks mysteriously increased by one during this short passing of time? The answer was yes, indeed they had, thanks to an unexpected tag-along they’d discovered in the brig of the marine vessel.

                              ”Wait what do you mean there’s someone down here?” El exclaimed irritably as Gil lead her below deck to what she supposed was the prison of the vessel, judging from the iron bars lining the rooms. ”I thought we threw all those morons overboard, how can there be anyone le- Holy s**t!” A figure stirring in the darkness took the young captain by surprised, causing her to draw her weapons on instinct, pointing the barrel of one of her pistols directly at the silhouette’s shadowy head. “Who the hell are you?!”

                              That had been the means of their unanticipated meeting with the mysterious blue haired swordsman who went by the name of Seiryuu. Found in the brig of Darien’s ship, El was initially suspicious of his presence there. After all, marine prisons were generally used for holding criminals of the most dangerous kind. But a short conversation with this sullen swordsman seemed to prove otherwise from what El could gather. Basically the young woman, seeing no ill-intent in the man, had struck him a bargain. He could hitch a ride with them for as long as he wanted, as long as he helped out getting rid of those pesky marines should try catch up to them. And so their mutually beneficial partnership was formed. With their ranks bolstered a little, El could solely focus on more pressing issues…

                              Such as how to get some god damn food.

                              "Alright that’s it…that’s the last edible thing on this ship gone." she muttered, polishing off the last of an unappetizing, dried up biscuit that she'd found trawling arround the kitchen. Chomping it down, it was obvious that it barely satisfied her constantly growing hunger. Her stomach growled pitifully, pining for just one more morsel that she knew she did not have. The situation was becoming dire, and fast. Sighing, the young captain emerged onto deck to consult her crewmates who were probably no better off than she was at the current moment.

                              "Hey Gil, how much longer till we get to Cays Four?" she asked the makeshift navigator who stood at the helm of the ship, directing their course to the island in question. There wasn’t any particular reason for heading to Cays Four really; it was simply the most convenient place to go considering their current location. Besides, she’d heard that pirates and marines seemed to get along well on that island, existing on two polar opposite sides; exceptionally good news for a group of pirates currently sailing a stolen marine ship. The last thing they needed was a fight on their hands when they were practically half-starved. "Please…please tell me we’re not far. Or I swear I don’t even care, I’m gonna shoot the next living thing I come across in the head and make sushi out of it."

                              x ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                              xxxxxx------------------------- dιaвlo pιraтeѕ//capтaιn

    "S P E A K I N G"
    T H I N K I N G

    () мood;; STARVINGXXX() place;; Stolen Ship//Deck//Open SeaXXX() wιтн;; GilXXXX() aттιre;; This

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