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goldie or red?

goldie 0.58333333333333 58.3% [ 7 ]
red 0.41666666666667 41.7% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 12 ]
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@ moe.
a summer full of tears, chick flicks, and ice cream.
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Shirtless Exhibitionist

They shall form a club or something. Lol
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tumblr has everything.
even 'ginny' consoling 'ava'
(i know you saw this already moe, but i wanted to share)

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Oh my, they're so sweet friends!
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asante sana squash banana !!

          who is new here that i need to plot with o-O

          sailing through space

          what's your guy like? we need to plot for him and zach
      anyone want to plot? c: i play kia ~
      so far i just have that she's cousins with danny
      and she has a thing (relationship? idk) with jamie ~
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          so yeah, good morning c:
          PLOT WITH ME! i play charlie ^^

      nonsense of some sort
      ******** danny and her ******** drugs. ********
      I'll just go dream about him now, if you don't mind.
      actually I don't care if you mind or not

      any ideas?

      wait! but that doesn't mean they can't be friends!
      if she's a legacy too, maybe they're old friends? from
      before she went ~bad? or they're cousins or st? or idk,
      maybe they were so close before they grew up that
      they couldn't bear to turn away from each other when
      they started to change? even though he's an annoying
      t**t and he doesn't approve of what she does?

      the gingybread--

      i like it! that his family sponsors her scholarship. and
      maybe he loves her extra extra because she brings
      him juicy gossip? i think they'd get on fine~


      me gusta cuando me hablas en espaƱol~
      lol omg totally. theo would hate him for being so dumb
      and annoying. and hadley would just be like TOO
      SMART NOT INTERESTING etc. hadley doesn't
      understand hipsters.

      the mocha express

      omg yes they would be totally attached at the hip.
      since they both like everyone and everyone likes
      them and they like each other! he'd see her as an
      older sister :3 and a gossip buddy.


      hadley and kia bffs y/y?
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Sparkly Hunter

mit avarie.
por favor.
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Shirtless Exhibitionist

cheap sunday

oh totally!
ginny wants to have a younger brotherrrr ~
and maybe some of the freshmen actually think that they're really related haha
ginny will love hadley and his gossips to death.
their cuteness will explode.
      KARA :
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      pepper -
      you got me mixed up with tina ... xD
      but yesss, hadley & kia = bffls :3
      since they're both sort of dumb & ditzy
the gingybread --'s avatar


          pep -
          coolies! i think charlie would be reluctant at first
          since she'd see it "just because you pay my fee
          doesn't mean you own me, mofo" but eventually
          warms up to him because who can resist that face~
          and no better place to get gossip than from the drama department!

          kati -
          hrm, i'm not entirely sure how ava and charlie could get along
          charlie's really passionate, like she feels one thing so much at one time
          like when she's happy, she's like an energy ball, but when she's angry
          she goes ape s**t to the point that she needs an actual ape to hold her back
          she isn't sinclair smart, but she's tough and resourceful from experience
          and is completely loyal once she softens up to someone.
          how would ava approach that?

      sounds good!

      kill me
      i'm so sorry
      i feel like the worst person
      like that time i saw one of a pair of identical
      twins that i know outside of school and didn't
      know which one it was and hugged the one
      i wasn't friends with
      forgive me -_-
      but yes to kia & hadley

      sounds good! so they'll already be good friends
      when the roleplay starts? or will she still be
      a little cold towards him?
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Sparkly Hunter

@ gingy.
well ava is a ball of energy almost all the time
they would be scary when they were like that
at the same time, but i can also see ava hiding
under her sheets when she goes ape s**t. maybe
ava first encountered happy charlie and she liked
her and maybe offered to tutor, but since she is
a know it all that during tutoring charlie got angry
with ava.

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