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                                                【 ❝ My worth is measured in success, and success measured in blood. Mine and otherwise. ❞ 】
                                                                Lieutenant Lucina Ferinal

                                                THE GIVEN
                                                  NAME and ALIASES
                                                  • Lucina Ferinal, Lieutenant Ferinal, Bloodletter.
                                                  • Female.
                                                  • Twenty-five
                                                  • Dragon Lancer.

                                                THE VIEWED
                                                  HEIGHT and WEIGHT
                                                  • 5'6", 174lbs.
                                                  • Lucina is of average height, with a toned figure. Her muscles are wiry but not particularly bulky, granting her a frame lithe enough to maintain some degree of grace during her actions.
                                                  PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS
                                                  • Black hair cut boyishly short, with what was once fair skin tanned by ample time spent in the sun, Lucina's features are sharp, though still pretty. Her green-eyed gaze is stern, her forehead holding one large wrinkle with the inevitable promise of more due to her penchant for frowning and knitting her brows.
                                                  • Lucina's leathers are her typical armor. Padded with chain and steel where it can best provide her protection without sacrificing her mobility, as well as a steel helmet to keep her head from being caved in easier than if she were to wear none. Lucina also wears a mask over her face for protection and intimidation purposes both. A steel mask, shaped like an eerie simulacrum of human features, save the slits present for it's eyes and mouth. Reference.
                                                    When in combat, Lucina carries the trademark spear of her profession, as well as a short sword at her hip and a dagger in her boot for emergency situations in combat.
                                                    When not in combat, Lucina wears a leather jerkin over her tunic, with sturdy boots and trousers. Her short sword and dagger are still present on the off chance combat becomes necessary, unless in a situation where wearing them is difficult.

                                                THE HEARD
                                                  POSITIVE TRAITS
                                                  • Lucina Ferinal is a proud woman of aggressive intelligence, with a blunt manner of speaking. She has made a name for herself through her efficiency and brutality in combat and tactics, an aspect owed to and embraced by her nature. Lucina speaks frankly with individuals instead of treading on eggshells to avoid the prospect of harming feelings, and holds frank conversation in high regard. Despite her rather brash nature, Lucina's intelligence and adaptability allows her to change with circumstance, and allows her to recognize the point where silence is a better option than speaking something out of turn. However, when there's a conflict brewing, Lucina will be one of the first to investigate and put a stop to the matter personally, rather than let it simmer and boil and undermine confidence in her ability.
                                                  NEGATIVE TRAITS
                                                  • Lucina can come across has crass, even brutish due to her aggressive nature and proud bearing of herself. Diplomatic affairs, especially instances where careful diplomacy may lead away from conflict, are difficult for Lucina to work, due to her somewhat stubborn refusal to back down, making her difficult to negotiate with at the best of times. As well, Lucina's aggressive nature can lead to her throwing herself into problems that she might not have expected immediately, due to her rather head-first method of dealing with problems both in and out of combat. As well, Lucina has a tendency to mistake a meek and mild-mannered demeanor for a weak one, which can land her into trouble if not used well.
                                                  • Lucina is literate and rather capable of drawing maps. She also possesses an understanding of metalworking and leather craft, due to frequent work with her own armor and weapons. She has an understanding of social graces, even if they are rarely used.
                                                  KNOWN HISTORY
                                                  • Lucina joined the Divine Order once she became of age at sixteen, however, Lucina's career in the Divine Order wasn't one of repute until she was twenty-two, during an attempt to take an Etherium vein positioned over a pagan religious center. What should have been a simple battle for two platoons to take care of turned into a violent blood bath on both sides, with only seven of the original fourty-eight soldiers returning from the combat. Lucina Ferinal was among them, having reportedly cut through many pagans herself to ensure three of the seven would make it back from the battle. She was promoted to Lieutenant, and put in command of a platoon after recovering from her wounds sustained during the battle.

                                                    The pagan tribe that Lucina's previous platoon had gone up against had been known for wearing ornate masks in combat for the sake of both inciting terror and granting protection, a practice which Lucina herself soon took up. Her mask, however, was not one of wood and leather, but steel. The mask gained initial skepticism from members of her platoon at their new lieutenant, which was promptly put to rest when Lucina's capability in combat and leadership was put to the test in a number of skirmishes against various other groups during the Divine Order's efforts to gain control of more Etherium. Lieutenant Ferinal's aggressive and effective tactics and brutal combat prowess quickly earned her the respect of her platoon, her mask going from a subject of hushed whispers to the very symbol of the platoon. Lucina never once deviated from her orders, despite the vicious nature of her execution of them. Somewhere down the line, the nickname Bloodletter rose among Lucina's company, a pseudonym which Lucina did nothing to put a stop to. Despite her efforts for promotion to Captain, however, Lucina's rank and station have changed little, a factor that personally frustrates her.

                                                    With the withdrawal of troops in the wake of peace talks, Lucina found her platoon back home, with little else to do than sit on their haunches and enjoy some time off. But events have changed, and war is on the horizon. A war the Bloodletter would very much like to participate in, if it comes down to it.

                                                THE WROUGHT
                                                  Faith's Riposte - 10 Stamina
                                                  • Lucina takes up a stance that allows her to parry or block the next melee attack directed at her and counter quickly. Does not work against ranged attacks.
                                                  Zealot's Fury - 30 Stamina
                                                  • Lucina strikes out three times with her spear in rapid succession for her opponent's chest, before making a final strike at their weapon arm in an effort to disarm her opponent. Lucina is restored 5 stamina if the disarming blow is successful.
                                                  Heathen's Penance - 40 Stamina
                                                  • Lucina strikes her opponent's legs, crippling them and putting her opponent in a state of bleeding. Movement speed and footwork from the opponent will receive a penalty, and Lucina is replenished 10 stamina if successful.
                                                  Bloodletter - 80 Stamina, requires injury.
                                                  • Lucina's wounds have made brought her rage to a boiling point. Her strength and speed of attacks increase in this state, but lose accuracy as a result. Strikes that do land will cause the target to bleed, leading to damage over time unless treated. Further injuries gained during this state will drive Lucina further into her rage, and successful strikes will encourage Lucina onward.
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Name: Doctor Magnus Halvorson

Age: Thirty-Five

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 167 lbs
Role: Villager

- Inventor: The good doctor works tirelessly to free technology from the confines of magic-based energy sources. Crystal power is powerful, but precious and finite. Magnus has worked some time -at some degree of injury to himself- to ensure his obsession with technological progression is not in vain in the end. Indeed, prior to his exile from the Ocrian Capital, a number of patents were issued for inventions ranging from weapons to prosthesis that did not rely on crystal-based energy sources, when Halvorson wasn't teaching of course. Despite his work being discredited by more 'devoted' members of the Ocrian Theocracy, he still works rather diligently on various things in his exile, such as his very own prosthetic arm.
- Educator: Magnus is a doctor. It's just that he has a doctorate in history. Prior to a minor issue with an Ocrian educational board involving some accusations of historical revisionism and posturing that resulted in the loss of his educational position, as well as some almost blasphemous comments on the Ocrian love of crystal-based energy that resulted in his 'leave of absence' from anywhere remotely civilized, he was renowned for his enlightening lectures on magic and how it lead to technological stagnation.
- Healer: Following his exile from the capital, Magnus Halvorson took up a new position in life; namely, fixing broken or damaged limbs. As well as cuts, infections, maladies, and even the occasional sleep disorder. Having a significant amount of time to study into chemistry and medicine -partly to fuel some minor substance addictions- has resulted in him becoming something of the town doctor. It's also kept him from being thrown out despite his slight eccentricities. While his medical training is actually entirely self-taught, it's been enough to get him through the past two years.

- Blasphemous: There's little that ends up being sacred to Magnus's pursuit of knowledge. He's the pioneer -and sole 'casualty' of- the theory that magic and crystal-based technology hinders technological growth at large, as well as a firm believer that the Ocrian Theocracy at large has a penchant for posturing themselves in a way that makes them look good in historical events. Needless to say, Magnus was exiled for a reason.
- Obstinate: Magnus's opinionated nature means that it's very hard for him to change how he views a subject or idea. This can lead to him fighting tooth and nail to keep that idea in the face of any position. Precisely the reason he's wound up in a backwoods village, as well as the reason he decided to test his own prosthetic arm on himself.
- Delicate: While Magnus is very educated and quite clever, he's not terribly strong in the physical sense. His arm affords him a significant boost, but his actual combat training and physical prowess could use some work, to say the least. He can potentially panic in a situation he can't get a good grasp on or think his way through, as well.

Background: Magnus Halvorson was born to a family of some repute among scholastic circles, and failed to disappoint in his own fascination in educational pursuits. While his mother took to sciences and his father to medicine, Magnus himself took to history and invention, tinkering and examining the past's technological offerings and how they were made, and how they could serve to prove further. While his actual domain was actually a very broad score of historical subjects, it was always invention that fascinated Magnus. Acquiring a degree from university was something Magnus completed normally, and while it might have been suspected he could have accomplished it in a quicker time than the average student, invention -and the occasional invention patent- generally kept him busy to the point where he could never truly devote his efforts to his studies.
A Bachelors became a Mastery, and then the Mastery became a Doctorate. Soon, Doctor Magnus Halvorson was Professor Magnus Halvorson, PhD. At the age of thirty-two, Magnus was a new professor, fresh-faced and ready to educate the world during the day, and examining his own pursuits thoroughly by night. It would have been great, too, had Magnus stuck to the curriculum. It started as a few soft comments and suggestions from fellow professors, that Magnus's subject matter was a mite too extreme, that he should really avoid ruffling feathers. Then it got worse. Magnus's almost blasphemous commentaries on a number of Ocrian historical events got the attention of people higher up. Magnus took a temporary leave of absence, and when he returned, his perfectly good right arm had been replaced by a prosthetic of his own design, with Magnus stating he'd had it replaced with his own 'better' design, and then proceeded to give a lecture that the Dean of the University had the dubious pleasure of sitting in on while Magnus Halvorson discussed a particularly sensitive historical event with all the tact of a crashing and burning pirate ship, pointing out Ocrian hostilities and the generally brutish handling of the event that normally brought quite a lot of pride, and also fingering the Ocrian Clergy for the poor choices that lead to that brutality.
The faculty now thoroughly involved, Halvorson was being visited rather suddenly at night by a fellow professor. They told him, in no uncertain terms, that he needed to leave, and to disappear at that. It was then, when he'd already managed to gloriously piss off both the church and his superiors at the university, that Magnus finally realized the degree to which he'd managed to ******** up.

So Magnus packed his bags, picked a direction, and got the hell out of the Capital. After a few days of travel, he wound up in a small fishing village named Yven-Ra with enough money to purchase a house and set himself up. A few weeks passed with little incident, until an injury involving a wild animal that required medical attention put Magnus back in attention of the village. Magnus was able to stabilize and heal the man without incident, and was approached later asking if he was able to become something of the town doctor. Magnus pointed out that he was indeed a doctor, but before he could comment that it was 'of Historical Analysis', the town leaders clapped him on the back and welcomed him as the new healer.
Two years have passed without major incident, Magnus having looked thoroughly into medical procedure in the meanwhile to keep up the charade. He's lived a quiet life in Yven-Ra for now, absorbed in his own studies and generally well-liked if accepted as an effective -if a little eccentric- doctor.

Inventory: Medical kit, prosthetic arm with hand, knife, and lockpicking attachments, a pistol, a pipe, and a dagger.

Username: Nergalitos

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