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x.xxxxxx Elliot Vincent Lanes
_________________The Nerd

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        Tapping his foot gently to the beat of the music, Elliot found himself dozing off into a sleep. That was, until he felt a tug on his earphones. The two buds fell out of his ears and out of reflex; Elliot opened his eyes in a frenzy and lurched his body up. Stopping his body from going up any further, Elliot slammed his body back down on the bed. Feeling a little blush creeping up on him, Elliot found his muscles were really tense. Oh my. He thought, smiling nervously up at Marcus. “Uh, sure. I was about to go explore anyways.” Elliot lied, getting up from his bed. Grabbing his Touch from the bed, Elliot wrapped his headphones carefully around the device before he put it in his bag. “So, where’s our first stop?” Elliot asked. He quickly got over the mishap that was about to happen just now and went back to his usual bubbly-self.
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        Realizing that, although it was summer, he would probably get cold and want a sweater. Searching through his big suitcase and pulling out several articles of clothing, Elliot finally found one of his favourite sweaters. It was a peculiar sweater, it never seemed to match with his ‘style’ and his parents for sure did not approve of it, but none the less, he still loved the bright yellow sweater. After slipping the sweater on, Elliot smiled at Marcus. ”Going into the town sounds like a ton of fun.” He replied excitedly, following behind Marcus like an obedient dog.

        After walking in silence for only mere minutes, Elliot found it a little awkward and decided to strike up a conversation. ”So then, are you a returning student or a newbie like me?” He joked, smiling at the very term he used. Oh what a geek. He blissfully thought, biting the bottom of his lip.
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King Shade

        Feeling the slight pang of dejection, all Elliot did was watch Marcus rush out of the room, leaving a fifty dollar bill on the table as compensation. “Sure …” Elliot tried saying, but ended up only saying it to himself. So preoccupied with his own thoughts, Elliot didn’t even notice the waitress return with his cup of tea. “T-thanks!” He called out quickly to the girl before he looked down at his tea. “You should be used to this.” He joked, referring to himself as the typical ‘nerd.’ Never getting the girl, the boy in his case. “No point in staying blue with something you have no control over.” He told himself, inhaling the sweet aroma that came from the tea. Smiling warmly, Elliot took a sip from the warm beverage. Taking his time to drink the tea, Elliot took the time he had to think about things. Anything in general, he didn't have anyone to keep busy with.

        Sighing as lightly as he could, Elliot looked outside the small café’s window. “This is most definitely a nice place, especially for school. It isn’t too big that you constantly feel lost and not too small that you feel like your suffocating.” Taking another long sip of his tea, Elliot set the cup down on the small saucer. “I suppose I could do my own exploring. I’m sure I won’t get lost.” He smiled, reassuring himself before he finished his tea and paid the bill. Pulling his sweater on before he left the warm store, Elliot then wandered around the main part of Town Square. He mostly just looked inside the stores, too shy to actually venture inside.

        Soon enough, Elliot got tired of walking and he decided to go back to the school. Taking it him a good ten minutes to remember from which direction he had came from, Elliot was on his way back to the school.

        Pulling his laptop from his shoulder bag, Elliot scurried around trying to find an outlet. Plugging the cord in, Elliot walked to his bed and sat him comfortably down. While he waited for his laptop to load, Elliot went to find the bathroom. He washed his hands and splashed his face with warm water. Slowly making his way back to his bed, Elliot just plopped himself on the bed. First thing the boy did was open up iTunes and get Uptown Get Around by Stereo Skyline on. Tapping his foot to the upbeat tempo, Elliot checked his e-mails. “So I’ve been thinking that maybe, baby. I’ve been going a little crazy lately. Yea, what you going to do? And Chelsea baby, I can’t get you outta my head.” Elliot sang along to the song, clicking on the e-mail from his good friend Jordan. The e-mail read:

        Hey babe,
        How’s the new school, meet anyone exciting yet?
        God I miss you, screw you for having told your parents that you didn’t like sports. Now you’re away from me and I’m dreadfully lonely. I wish I could go to your school, meet new people and be with you.

        Ugh, write me back or I’ll kick your a** when I get the money to go to your school and strangle you for leaving me.

        Love && miss you lots;
        Jordoooonn <33

        Elliot rolled his eyes, clicking on the ‘reply’ button.

        You’re such a drama queen you know that hon?

        Please! I’m the one who had to leave all my friends, family and school. Though, that isn’t all that bad seeing as I hated school and my parents drove me insane sometimes. Still, I’m away from friends and you know I love them a hell lot!

        Meet anyone exciting? Perhaps.
        My room mate is kind of a hottie but I’m sure he’s already taken. I would be surprised as hell if he weren’t. Whatever though, you know if I’m into a guy I’ll do as I please. Even if it means I drool over a picture of him, which would be way creeper.

        Hey, I may be a weakling, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try and defend my neck and a** from you! Besides, who says I won’t try to do the same to you when you get over here. Oh please do get here soon, it’d be way too exciting if you did get money to get down here and visit.

        Alright then, good talking to you beautiful. Missing you way too much to even say.

        Lanes here and gone.
        Xx. Signing out now …

        Sending his e-mail to his friend, Elliot couldn't help but get a little excited by the chance that Jordan may come down. Opening up iTunes once more, Elliot looked for a new song. Heartbeat, same artist. Closing his laptop, Elliot lay on his bed, closing his eyes and listening carefully to the lyrics.
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Kaleb Jayden Miller

Getting To Know Me
I am [[ Kaleb Jayden Miller ]] Yet they call me [[ Kaleb, Jay ]].
I Am [[ the middle son of the Miller family ]].
I am [[ eighteen ]] and I was born on [[ June 7th 1991 ]] .
I used to look like [[ a total babe ]].
I am a [[ rocket ship]].
The [[ boys ]] make me drool.
Which makes me [[ homosexual ]].
My favorite color is [[ deep pink ]].

More Me [[ I suppose so ]].

According To My Picture!

My hair's natural color is [[ dark brown ]].
My eye's are [[ dark brown ]].
I am [[ six foot three ]].
I weigh [[ a hundred and fifty-two pounds ]].
I have [[ two piercings and one tattoo on my wrist ]].

Things You Might Want To Know!

I am scared of [[ Birds, Arachnids, Blood ]].
I enjoy [[ Cameras, Holding Hands, Stars, Skateboarding, Candy, Sleeping, Tanning, Music ]].
I hate [[ The Mikey family, Thunder Storms, Closest, Snakes, Homophobes, Clowns, Bugs ]].
My Ride [[ is one I never leave without ]].
My Tune is [[ Heartbeat by Stereo Skyline ]].
I am a [[ student ]].

Personal Information

My History [[ Being the middle child of the family, I was able to get a way with a lot of things. Having my older siblings to blame the more serious things and then my younger siblings to take the blame for little petty things. It was perfect, I never got in trouble and that made things really fun for me. Having the opportunity to be care-free, I did a lot of things. Things that a lot of people afterward, regret. I've smoked, drank and slept around. All three things are great but two of them don't give me as much pleasure as sleeping with others. It's a great feeling and it's just great in general. ]].
I am like [[ a whore, lazy, dramatic, oblivious, loving ((shh, it's a secret)), outgoing, ]].
You Are The Love Of My Life. [[ McFly ]].

[[ leeloh ]]
She Rocks!
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King Shade

        Having been pulled away from his light slumber, Elliot looked up to the return of his room mate. Meekly smiling at the boy, Elliot covered his face with his pillow. “Nothing really. Just … lying on my bed and listening to music.” He spoke through his pillow, biting the inside of his cheek. If it weren’t for the pillow, Marcus was sure to hear the sarcasm in his voice. Elliot did not enjoy this alone time. Sure the boy did like his alone time, but he had had a long ride from home and what he wanted to do was socialize before he had to get sucked in by all his school work. And not to mention, Elliot was a little ticked off and confused. Confused because it was like Marcus liked him but angry ‘cause whenever Elliot tried to talk to Marcus, he’d go running off. Sighing into his pillow, Elliot removed the pillow from his face and laid it beside him. Blue eyes searched, needing to see the raven haired boy. Soon the brunette found his vampire and looked away, blushing in an instant. Hearing Marcus talk, Elliot pulled his pillow over his head once more. “It’s fine. Everyone has their own things they have to take care of.” Elliot lied once more but at the same time, he understood. It was true; the other boy probably did have things that he had to deal with. After all, it wasn’t like Marcus was going to be by Elliot’s side at all times.

        Gulping to himself, Elliot allowed the vampire to pick him up and he dropped the pillow along the way. Following Marcus diligently, Elliot felt a pang of pity. As though Marcus was trying to still show the brunette around because he had left so many other times. It picked at Elliot and he had the smallest urge to tell Marcus to just give it up. But another part of him told him to just suck it up and appreciate Marcus’s way of apologizing. Looking up from the ground, Elliot saw they were in front of another door. Curiosity taking over all other feelings, Elliot tilted his head to the side, looking at Marcus with questioning eyes. Tensing up when he heard the snap of the door’s lock, Elliot stood in front of the door while Marcus went inside. Hearing his name being called, Elliot pulled himself from his little daze and couldn’t help but let out a little gasp. “W-what?! Elliot looked at Marcus with bewilderment. Where the hell did that come from?! Elliot asked himself, completely shrugging off the two other boys. Elliot couldn’t even think. What have I gotten myself into? He asked himself before he jogged after Marcus.

        Stopping half way when he got intercepted by the two other boys, Elliot waited patiently. He thought, maybe if he listened to them a bit more, he could finally figure out what had happened before he came.

        Wanting to scream in frustration, Elliot shut his eyes tightly and clenched his fists. Elliot wasn’t one to get angry, but by now, he was fairly irritated. Seemed that Marcus and the Kamryn guy had a thing for the short kid named Ichigo. Maybe that’s why he kept running off. He wanted to be with his boyfriend. UH! I knew it was too true to believe he was single, or used to. Abruptly turning his body in the opposite direction as the other boys, Elliot stormed back to his room. ‘Go get drunk and ******** one another, see if I care.’ Elliot wanted to say to Marcus. Perhaps even to the other boys. Elliot really didn’t care all that much anymore. “I should have just kept pretending.” He muttered angrily to himself, slamming the door closed. Taking in a deep gulp of air and closing his eyes, Elliot leaned on the door and forced himself to calm down. Breathing in from his nose and out his mouth, Elliot was calming himself in a mere few seconds. Opening his eyes and breathing out deeply once more, the brunette walked sluggishly to his bed. Falling onto his bed, Elliot covered his face with his pillow. Wishing he could just cry. Today was a terrible first day. Nothing had gone quite right and he wasn’t acting like his normal self. It annoyed the brunette to no extent. Picking his pillow off his face, Elliot chucked it across the room with force. Biting his lower lip, bottling up the scream that kept increasing and increasing.

        Getting under his covers, Elliot balled himself into a tight ball and started to cry. It was a little silly the brunette thought. He was getting so worked up over something he had to control of and he had just told Marcus that

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Jayson Lucas Revens
Jay, Lulu, Revens
Oliver Sykes
Nobody [[Lead Guitar]]
Rocket Ship
Having been the middle child in the family, I was able to get away with most things. I had the freedom that a lot of my siblings weren't blessed with. Having been blessed with being the middle child, I was also spoiled. It has been said that the youngest child gets spoiled the most, but it's false. Sure, the youngest child won't get such a beating, but middle child is where it's at. I got everything I wanted and I'm super grateful of it. If I weren't so spoiled, my parents and myself wouldn't have discovered my knack for the guitar. When I was thirteen, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar like everyone else and it was great. My instructor said I was a natural and should really continue practicing. Of course, I listened to my instructor and kept at guitar. I had never been so happy and now I'm seventeen and a sweet band as the lead guitarist.
Dawn Rising
Lead Guitar
What's My Age Again? - Blink 182
• Cameras
• Sleeping
• Hugging&&Holding Hands
• Sweaters
• Cookies

• Homophobes
• Arachnids
• Bugs
• Thunder Storms
• Small Spaces

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King Shade

x User Image User Image User Image x

Jayson Aiden Miller

loving sensitive naive photogenic outgoing

Jay Nineteen August 24th Student #EE30A7

                                a homosexual who pretends to be straight;
                                terrified of birds, bugs and arachnids;
                                feels rejuvenated when around people or at a social event;
                                at times, acts like he's an adolescent boy trapped in the body of a nineteen year old;
                                always has a camera;

αи∂ ι'∂ ∂σ αиутнιиg ƒσr уσu.
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King Shade




The Basic Info
User Image
[ t w o ]
But you can call me::>>Jay
I'm ::>>seventeen years old
Last time I checked, I was a::>>big rocket ship
Oh my god! I think::>>cowboys are hot
More pictures::
[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Little Old Me
What makes me smile is::>>
✖ Skateboarding
✖ Hugs
✖ Sweaters
✖ Cameras
✖ Sleeping

What makes me crazy is::>>
✖ Coffee
✖ Thunder Storms
✖ Homophobes
✖ Truth Or Dare
✖ Fakers

I'm afraid of::>>
✖ Birds
✖ Arachnids
✖ Bugs
✖ Small Spaces

I act like this::
A guy who, in general is open to everything. Whether it be trying out a new roller coaster or trying a new food, I'm up for it. Not to mention, I'm always up for a challenge. If faced with a problem, I like to take it on. Although I'm blessed with these leadership skills, I tend to stay in the back and just follow instructions. I'm really good at following instructions, a real good listener. Which is a real good thing 'cause a few friends of mine can really talk ... a lot. Speaking of being a good listener, I have this whole need to keep others happy. It drives me up a wall when someone isn't pleased and I'll do practically anything to get 'em to crack a smile. I'm pretty determined like that and it's a real fault of mine because I can be a little naive when it comes to making others smile.
My story has just begun::
As a little kid and now into the present, I was spoiled. I was born into a very well off family, which was great, if you weren't me. My parents were pristine and classy, the complete opposite of me. Although I grew up in a very well-mannered family, I never really took in the wardrobe my family had chosen out for me. I thought it was just so ... lame and there just wasn't any flare. It put me to sleep just looking at the clothes. So there I was, a fourteen year old boy at a country club, surrounded by old men and women who were wearing luxurious gowns while I was wearing black, denim jeans with a plaid collared shirt. Could you possibly make that anymore embarrassing for my parents or myself. In short, my parents were a little ashamed of me, but I made sure they realized I wasn't a hooligan. I may have worn clothes that weren't accepted in such a high status of my parents, but my manners surpassed even the most respected men, which kept my parents happy.

It has only been recently that I feel like I should pull away from my parents now. I've grown up in two different life styles. The calm and respectful life style that belonged to my parents and the crazy and adventurous life style of my friends. Having been asked to choose between the two, I found myself leaning towards my friends life style, which tore at my parents. They were upset by my choice and even though I still behaved like a well mannered gentleman, they couldn't believe I chose friends over family. For the past few weeks, they've been on my case about school and what I'll do after school. It's been starting to drive me a little bonkers and there have been a few times where I've slipped and flipped out at them. I've never seen them so shocked in my whole life. Wishing I could get some space between myself and my parents, I almost jumped up in joy when the Collins asked if I wanted to join them at their cottage. Having the time to think about myself and my needs for the first time in a long time will do me some good and I'm sure when I come home, I'll be able to make decisions that will be positive for my friends, family and myself.

I dream of having::>>Aleksandr [[ totally, my best bud in the whole world ... joking ]] all to myself
Don't tell a soul about::>>me never having actually kissed anyone before, for real
A little extra in the newspaper says::>>I've got a tattoo of a microphone on my left forearm and snakebites.
I'm a puppet with no strings to::

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King Shade

x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x נ α у ѕ σ η α ι ∂ є η м ι ℓ ℓ є я

User Image

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text dialogue text text text text text text text
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x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x נ α у ѕ σ η α ι ∂ є η м ι ℓ ℓ є я

User Image

Shrugging off his blankets, the brunette searched furiously for the little vibrating phone. Smiling triumphantly, the male turned off the alarm and laid back into his bed. Taking in a deep breath of morning air, the male rolled out of bed and dragged his feet to his bathroom. Relieved that he had taken a shower the night before, all the boy had to do was wash his face, brush his teeth and primp himself. Splashing his face with water, the boy grabbed for a towel and pats his face dry. Reaching for his comb, the boy brushed his hair carefully. Grabbing for his mousse and hair straightener, the boy placed the mousse on his counter top while he turned the hot iron on. Finished brushing his hair, the boy went to brush his teeth, a good way to pass the time while he waited for his straightener to heat up. By the time the male finished brushing his teeth, his hot iron was ready and the boy slid the straightener through his hair. Pleased with the look of his hair, the boy ran his mousse through his fingers and into his head. Focusing mostly on the back part of his hair; spiking it up. Quickly putting everything back together and putting things away, the male walked back to his bedroom and turned his radio on. "What to wear now?" The boy asked in a low growl. Knowing the weather would be nice, the boy pulled out a pair of black shorts, a white shirt and other [things]. Fixing his hair in the mirror, the male grabbed his keys, phone, mp3, knapsack and skateboard. Locking up his apartment, the boy left the building and made his way to school.

Weaving his way through the crowd of people, the young male made sure to keep his eyes peeled for a small cafe. Somehow, the teen had forgotten to get himself breakfast and was starting to crave some food. Pulling up at one of his favourite convenient stores, the boy walked into the store, waving at the clerk. "Hey Steven." The boy called out, grabbing a carton of chocolate milk and muffin. "Jayson my boy. How are you?" The older man asked, smiling casually at the boy who had now made his way to the counter to pay for his things. "I'm pretty alright, getting used to living on my own. The place is a little bare and a little lonesome at times, but I'm surviving." The brunette shrugged, handing the cashier the right amount of money. "Hey, well you know. If you ever need anything, you can always ask me!" The cashier yelled from behind the desk, the boy continuing his way to school.

Not only was he trying to avoid people, he was now juggling the hardships of eating a muffin and drinking his milk at the same time. Several times, he almost ran into business workers, who then yelled at him for not watching where he went and other times where he actually lost control and veered his board into a building. Making his way out of an alley after chasing after his board, the male leaned against a wall and sighed. "It's probably a lot better if I just finish eating before I go back to skateboarding." Taking a squat on his board, the boy ate his food peacefully while he looked at the busy people whiz by him. Some actually took the time to look at him and actually shake their heads in disapproval. Taken back by their actions, all the boy could manage to do was just stare at the bodies as they walked away and disappeared in the crowd. "Very strange place I live in." He quietly said to himself, downing the last drops of his chocolate milk. Picking up his board and walking to the closest garbage, the boy threw out his rubbish and continued on with his voyage to school.

[ooc] this babe's still in school, sorry. will edit if it's not good enough or there is some sort of conflict. [/ooc]
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J a y s o n , A i d e n , M i l l e r
E i g h t e e n
O u t g o i n g && C a r i n g

|| L e e l o h ||
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✖✖numnum «xx .נ α у ѕ σ и. xx»numnum✖✖

chugchugchugo n e . m o r e . d r i n k . & . i ' m . c o n v i n c e d

            text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text dialogue text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text
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✖✖numnum «xx .נ α у ѕ σ и. xx»numnum✖✖

chugchugchugo n e . m o r e . d r i n k . & . i ' m . c o n v i n c e d
      Tugging on the black sweater, the eighteen year old boy; Jayson Miller, pulled his hood over his head. Looking out the passenger window, the blur of trees, cars, land and water swooshed by, making the brunette almost nauseated. Closing his eyes, the male took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, rubbing his temples gently. His stomach finally settling down, the teen was finally allowed to look outside the window once more. Noticing the car was beginning to slow down, eager eyes looked out the front window and saw the resort he would be staying in for a whole two months; the summer vacation.

      Stumbling out of the car, the boy steadied himself by grabbing the top of the roof. Turning around so he could lean on the car, the brunette leaned his head on rooftop. Feeling a small tap to the shoulder, the boy took a peak out of his left eye. Seeing his mother tapping her foot with arms crossed against her chest, Jayson knew his mother wanted to get a move on. Giving his mother a quick hug and peck to the cheek, he grabbed his knapsack, two suitcases and clumsily made his way to the resort. Mumbling to himself, Jayson noticed his boyfriend's car parked outside the resort; a small smile crept up his lips and he continued his way to the resort. Taking a break when he reached the door, the male tugged at his sweater hood, securing it so it wouldn't slip off his head. Wishing he had sunglasses about now, Jayson shrugged to himself and went inside the resort.

      Once inside the building, the male dropped all his things -- except for his knapsack which stayed close to him on his shoulders -- and ventured even more so into the resort. Eyes having finally gotten used to the change in lighting, Jayson was able to avoid several different things, still bumping into things due to lack of sleep and drinking all last night and early morning. Scanning the room, Jayson saw several boys, some sitting, most standing and the strong smell of pot. Walking over to get a better view, the first thing Jayson's eyes landed on was the sight of his boyfriend smoking a joint. Frowning only the slightest bit, the male walked behind the couch his boyfriend was sitting on and casually wrapped his arms around his neck. "Hey." He whispered in his boyfriend's ear, hoping he wasn't drenched in the smell of alcohol.
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User Image

✖✖numnum «xx .נ α у ѕ σ и. xx»numnum✖✖

chugchugchugo n e . m o r e . d r i n k . & . i ' m . c o n v i n c e d
      Delicate blue-green eyes examined the body which sat below him and a feeling of lust overcame the boy. Just staring at his boyfriend, Jayson wanted to touch him, feel him, make him scream and do unimaginable things to the other. Closing his eyes and taking in a deep and steady breath, Jayson regained his composure and playfully bit his boyfriend’s ear instead. Feeling the body below him shift a little, Jayson opened his eyes and looked curiously down at his boyfriend.

      A grin plastered on his face, Jayson was more then happy to comply with the hand that pulled his face closer to his boyfriend’s. Inhaling the sweet and intoxicating smell that was Wednesday, Jayson snaked his hands up his neck and into his dyed black locks. Letting a small moan escape from his lips, Jayson smiled inwardly and bit Wednesday’s bottom lip before he pulled away.

      Rolling his lust filled eyes, Jayson replied: "Thanks babe."

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