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                                          ooc; outfit

                                          Sitting at her desk and blinking at the absurd piece of paper in front of her, Oliva wondered what the superintendents were even thinking giving this little survey out. I mean, it was a nice thought - helping teenagers try to find their personal needs or whatever it was, but it obviously wasn't going to work. Most people weren't going to fill it out seriously and the ones who did wouldn't have serious answers because hardly anyone else took it in such a way. Her eyebrows were scrunched up as she examined the document. What color was her hair today? What had that to do with personal needs? Shaking her head and filling in the circle appropriate for herself, brown, she continued on to the next question.

                                          Looking at her survey, she couldn't shut her mind off. Seeing the surveys on the teacher's desk, Oliva decided she'd follow suit. She snatched the offending article off of her desk, grasped it close to her side, and strode towards the teacher's desk. She took note of the pile of finished papers gathering at the corner and placed her own on top of it, glad to get rid of it and the thoughts of finding her "personal needs" which she'd thought enough of at the time. Just as she began to spin to head back to her seat, her teacher opened her mouth to speak. "Thank you Mrs. Grimm, you may leave," she articulated. Oliva regarded her curiously.

                                          "Excuse me ma'am?" she questioned. She hadn't been paying much attention, but she now that she looked around she noticed that she been too wrapped up in her own mind that she hadn't realized most of the people, both in the class and all of those who finished, had already left. "You may leave," she repeated, not looking up from the book that she currently held on her desk reading. She regarded her with an even more curious expression, because she was fairly certain in past years this was not allowed... and Oliva was never one to break the rules. She stood awkwardly for another moment and just as her jaw drooped to speak, the teacher sensed that she was still standing there. She gently laid her book down and effectively cut her off. "Oliva, just go," she remarked sternly. A bit taken aback, both because she was rarely ever talked to in such a way from authority and because she wasn't sure why she was so adamant about it, she simply nodded and fully spun to exit the room. She glanced back to see the teacher had simply returned to reading her book.

                                          Once she made it into the hallway, she was even less sure of leaving. Clearly it was only her teacher dismissing students, because aside from a few deadbeats, she was the only one in the hallway. She felt awkward, but she was just following the orders of her teacher. If approached she would tell anyone such. Eventually she made her way outside. It was much better out here. The breeze was nice and it felt amazing. Plus the scenery was a lot more beautiful. Shrugging off her backpack, she plopped herself down on one of the wooden benches. It was rather rough, but it would do. Digging into the depts of the black backpack, the girl took out one of her favorite books - The Surrendered. Returning to her pervious page, she began to read. Might as well take a break before lunch.

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    xxxxx ● ● ● xxxxx alexander d. grimm
    xxxxx ● ● ● xxxxx ❝can miles truly separate you from friends. if you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there? ❝
    xxxxx ● ● ● xxxxx the artistic loner
    xxxxx ● ● ● xxxxx seventeen
    xxxxx ● ● ● xxxxx the friendly one
    xxxxx ● ● ● xxxxx ll BloddyRose ll

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    __⇘⇘ until the ⊰┆ end ー : ( ` .. k – kingʹs ♚ SHADOW ↘ ) 。un!holy ❛ knight
                                    please still be at my side~~please still be at my side~~please still be at my side~~
                                    ♔²。x SEBASTIAN _MICHEAELIS
                                    vel~『 kuroshitsuji 』vel~~█ ▌ ll BloddyRose ll
                                    velvetvelvetvelvetat the end of it all~~at the end of it all~~at the end of it all
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                                    I've only played sebastian in a onexone with a close friend, said onexone didn't even last that long.
                                    so. We shall see how this goes. And let's hope I do not fail so epically oh god.
                                    this is Sebastian, he is a butler to the prestigious Phantomhive house, aka, some eye - patched pre - teen brat.
                                    he has all the amazing swag, no one can compare. if someone can do something, he can do it better.
                                    that aside, he is also a demon under contract with Ciel, aka, the eye-patched pre-teen brat.
                                    he puts his duty above all else, exceptwhencatsareinvolved, doing whatever it takes to complete his task.
                                    sebastian is pre - planned with some eye - patched pre - teen brat. this shall be very
                                    interesting ~~


              x xuntil the ⊰┆ end: ( ` .. k kingʹs SHADOW )un!holy knight
              i am one hell of a butler ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
              i am a demon and a butler . online. . | . offlineaway

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                                                              madebybloody... ONLY THE OPPRESSED .. MAY POSSESS A BLACK KEY.
                                                              xx███ if god has forsaken me
                                                              one hell of a butler
                                                              xxxxxxx . . then i shall forsake god, too. ▬▬
                                                              i am a demon and a butler.
                                                              xx ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                                                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxagnus dei qui tollis peccata mundi... miserere nobis.
                                                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxqui pius es factus, protho plaustisanet ut actus..

                                                              xxxxx .... xx emotionxxx﹙ i believe the emotion i am feeling is happiness. ﹚

                                                              madebyunlocks... ONLY THE OPPRESSED .. MAY POSSESS A BLACK KEY.
                                                              xx███ i've closed all the doors
                                                              one hell of a butler
                                                              xxxxxxx . . thus i seal away all prayers. ▬▬
                                                              i am a demon and a butler.
                                                              xx ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                                                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxagnus dei qui tollis peccata mundi... miserere nobis.
                                                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxqui pius es factus, protho plaustisanet ut actus..

                                                              xxxxx .... xx interestxxx﹙ both my body and soul are loyal to my young master. ﹚

                  x x x x x x x███████ CAPTURE. your dreams. : ███
                  do not steal. sebastian will find you.
                        how very odd. in all my years of living, i have never stumbled upon such
                        a thing. a....chatroom? hm, how interesting. /chuckles i can't believe
                        boochan had hidden such an interesting thing from me. how rude ~~

                        i amusing i should be questioning if anyone is online, correct?
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                    __________ . ___ALEXANDER _ . *gluttony
                                                  It had surprised the dirty blonde when his companion had made his way back to his side. He had thought that he would have ran to the door and tugged at it with all of this might. Instead, he had made his way through the small mess he had made and sat himself in his lap, earning a annoyed groan from the man under him. Frowning, he wrapped his arm's around the male's lower back to support his back so he didn't fall. He hadn't liked it, not one bit, but he didn't want to help clean up the mess he made after the fall.

                                                  A sharp hiss escaped his parted lips from the sudden contact, but he shrugged it off when he found some comfort in it. It reminded him of a dog. Yes, he still remembered his previous life, just, not as well as he had wished it to be. Sighing he lightly dug his nails into the male's back, telling his to back off. He seemed to get the sign and backed off, now moving to kissing the side of his lips. Was this going to be a regular thing? Because he was going to get really tired of this, really fast. Let's just say when you spend eight years locked in a room, it takes you a little bit to warm up to contact with other things.

                                                  He couldn't help but chuckle at his comment about how painful it was not to touch another. It made him think on why he was letting this other man, this stranger, do such things to him. Maybe it was because he was wanting this contact too. To tell you the truth, he really didn't know anymore. All he really felt right now was hunger. But, what for? Now that was the question.

                                                  He had been so consumed in thought that he hadn't even noticed Xavier close the small space between the two of them. I guess this was...alright. Different, but okay. Closing his eye's, he tightened his grip on the man's back -- pressing the two of there bodies together. Turning his head to the side, he mainly focused on consuming the sweet blood that was admitting from Xavier's lip. He couldn't believe that such a simple thing would taste so good! Chuckling, he pulled away from the heated kissed and moved on top Xavier's neck. His hand scaling up the male's back.

                                                  "Ah, now it make's sense. You must be Xavier, the sex addict. I have heard so much about you, Xavier - kun ~ " he purred, connecting there eyes for a second before moving to lick at the male's adam's apple. He could now see why Xavier was so addicted to this. It made his pulse race, his body shake, it was just amazing. But he wanted more. Much more.

                                                  ooc ;; i can't believe i just wrote that o/// o
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                                            ooc -- the two posts are flashbacks ~~

                                            ' " Alexander! You sly fox! You took out my bishop! " The other demons lips parted in a gruesome grimace, revealing his jagged, stained teeth. He scratched his white haired head with one nine inch, black nail. As he sat back, Alexander simply shrugged; he had all the time in the world to perfect his strategy to defeat his old friend. It wasn't as if there was anything better to do. He was here for all eternity,and believe me, once you have time you begin to wish that you never had it to begin with. It had only been 150 years since he made a deal with the devil himself; he was a newborn babe compared to his friend seated across the table from him. Demetri was over 1000 years old, and there were beings way older than that! It got pretty dull. Most of the other demons basically just layed around all the time and gambled; the occasional fight would break out. However, we had very little to gamble; for we were all already dead anyway. We had no life to lose, or money. All we had was souls.

                                            " Demetri, make your move, I grow tired of this game. " The young demon huffed and crossed his arms, glaring at the older demon with growing annoyance. He held up a single finger, brows furrowed in concentration. " Patience. " He stated with a calm voice, but Alexander wasn't up for this today. The old man had been going on and on about how he needed more patience ever since he had met him. A hiss escaped him and he slapped the chess board from the table, spilling the game pieces all over the rocky ground. " Your time has run out. " He grimaced as Demetri stared at the game pieces that littered the ground, " Poor game... " He pouted like a five year old and it actually looked as if he would cry. Alexander made a sound of disgust and stormed away from the insane demon. He knew that Demetri wasn't angry with him; he never was. The demon would easily accept the black-haired male back when he decided to come and visit once again. Was he the only one that hadn't lost his senses in this hell? Oh wait...it actually was Hell. Damn. '

                                            He never really understood why the moon always had brought back memories of his demon friend Demetri, but it always had. Maybe it was because he used to bring him out every night to gaze over the red moon when he was a child. But now that could never happen anymore, for his friend was dead. Rather, murdered. You see, we demons had laws to follow. And Demetri had been the one to break a rule, the rule of ' no demon shall harm another. ' And he had, killed them even. Sadly, Alexander had never really knew the reason why that had happened. He assumed that it was to protect him, for only a few feet away he found a body of another demon -- Demetri's kill. From that day on, Alexander vowed that he would carry on Demetri in him. And that he had. All of those thousands of kills were from him, so he would never have to live a day hungry.

                                            The lower demon was brought of out his memories when a cool metal had been placed in his now outstretched hand. Blinking his crimson eye's, he looked down to find his weapon is his hand. Wait, that couldn't be right. Hadn't he placed it in the boy's hand just a second ago? “ If you are going to harm me then you should get it done now, if not I am going to return to my home and forget everything that happen. " the words had finally reached him, and he couldn't help but laugh. Did he really think that all out this was going to be that simple? Just a quick cut on the throat and it all would be over. No, he was going to make this last. Shaking his head at the teen he placed his knife back in his pocket, grabbing onto the teen's chin.

                                            " My dear Justin, do you think I would give up on you that easily? " he questioned, darting his pointed tongue out to lick his lips. Leaning forward he placed light kiss on the boy's head. " And I do need someone to take care of this human body. " chuckling to himself he leaned forward and connected there lips in a sweet kiss. He believe that if he was going to keep this human alive he might as well enjoy him. Wrapping his arm's around Justin's waist he lifted him up and carried him back into his apartment, kicking the door shut behind the two of them. Tossing the teen onto the couch he growled, enjoying flushed face he was receiving. Bending down he darted his tongue out to lick at the wound he had placed on Justin's cheek, making sure not to waist a drop of blood. " If you behave, I just might give you a reward ~ " he chimed, placing another kiss on the teen's lips.

                                            A sharp hiss escaped his parted lips as a sharp pain struck his shoulder. Snapping his head to the side he looked down to find the bandage already soaked with blood. Looks like he we worked himself to much again. Tossing his head back he let out a deep chuckle, licking his lips. " Will you look at that. It seemed that my wound opened up. " he chimed, reaching over to poke at the wound. " Squishy ~ " rolling his eye's back he chuckled again, feeling a bit lightheaded. It seems even demon's had those days.

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          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -⊰ action action.

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          ROSE ` indirectLOYALTIES ⊰ with P Y R Otechnic ᴅιsᴩʟᴀʏs !

                          image and layout done by ll BloddyRose ll.
                          song is break the clouds by eyeshine. i saw them in concert. they were amazing.

                          ROSEROS( X Name.Name. X ▬▬
                          BLODDY ROSE!! ▆ ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆

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                          ooc ;;

      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx⊱ ALEXANDER DRAKE GRIMM !
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                                                                      NICKNAME(s): xander. but alexander works too
                                                                      KNOWN AS: the hard - working gay
                                                                      AGE: sixteen
                                                                      GRADE: junior
                                                                      POSITIVE TRAITS: generous, bubbly, forgiving.
                                                                      NEGATIVE TRAITS: rebellious, stubborn, unfocused.
                                                                      THE FOOD CHAIN: middle - ish
                                                                      CRUSH: a crush? psh, like anyone would want this ~
                                                                      POSTING COLOR: blueviolet

                                                                      LEMME' TELL YOU: Inquisitive would be a pretty good word to start off with. I suppose you could say I study people. I find the way people’s minds work interesting. Of course such things aren’t welcomed by all. I won’t force a conversation with anyone. I can usually tell when people don’t wish to speak. I am somewhat amused by those who can’t stand to be in a room full of people and have it be completely silent. Outer silence was present part of my life for a long time so the silence is somewhat calming for me. My brown hair frames my face in a naturally graceful manor so that I, thankfully, don't to spend hours brushing it. My eyes are a deep blue and the color often looks like it is shifting with some dark light. Also the way I will tilt my head during a conversation adds to my overall curious nature. Other then the curious aura I gives off there is a sense of aloofness from me. My features tend to remain emotionless unless in a conversation and even then they aren’t to revealing of my thoughts. People have said I seems older than I really am.
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                oliva dee grimm
                car accident
                grey --- gray
                light the moon

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                        xxxxxxxxxOLIVA olive DEE GRIMM

                            xx DETAILS

                            ROLE: nanuk
                            GENDER: f - female
                            BIRTHDAY: october second
                            AGE: nineteen
                            SEXUALITY: heterosexual
                            HEIGHT: five feet and four inches
                            WEIGHT: one hundered and twenty pounds
                            EYE COLOR: hazel blue
                            HAIR COLOR: brownish - red

                            xx TRAITS

                            extraversion: i feel comfortable around people. but the thing is, do they feel the same.
                            devoted: it seems that once my mind is set on something, it has to get it done.
                            sensitive: i may be open and all, but i still have that little voice in the back of my head that tells me what's right and wrong
                            respectful: i don't feel that it's right to push someone when they are unwilling.
                            friendly: you will find that i am very friendly when you get to know me.

                            xx PERSONALLY

                            ✔ sugar, candy, anything sweet really
                            ✔ nature walks
                            ✔ drawing in my notebook

                            ✘ people who talk to much
                            ✘ bullies. they always like to pick on people
                            ✘ insects who jump around everywhere

                            ★ reading books
                            ★ running

                            ☢ i cannot stand bright lights, they remind me of the accident

                            xx EXTRA

                            HOW I DID IT: got into a really bad car accident
                            CRUSH: . . . um
                            SECRET: i wasn't always this way -- mute
                            POSTING COLOR: grey
                            USERNAME: light the moon

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