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                                                      xxxx Coming back to Hogwarts was like a sweet dream breaking through the dark surface of what felt like a never ending nightmare. The summer had seemed to be never ending, and usually that would be a happy feeling for any young adult. It was different however, for one particular blond girl. Charlotte, was a tall blond with bright blue eyes. She wasn't far from beautiful, but she had imperfections like everyone did. The seventeen year old was a seventh year Gryffindor, and oddly enough, one of the best. She specialized in potions and was advanced the most of the other kids in her class. Though she wasn't a nerd, actually far from it. She loved to play pranks more than most, it was the one thing she felt that she always had control over. She had never been pranked herself, many had attempted, but all failed. She was a little bit of a show off, and extremely intimidating. She didn't seem to mind wearing the robes that were required, even though they were highly out of style in her opinion; but she did wear something that wasn't exactly part of the uniform attire. She wore a silver time turner on her at all times. It had been her sixteenth birthday present from her step mother Lauren.

                                                      xxxx Now, Charlotte loved the summer like all children did, but this summer had shattered her whole world around her. But this particular summer hadn't been the greatest in her opinion. Her stepmother Lauren had revealed a deep and dark secret, Charlotte found out that her life, literally, had been a lie. She wasn't exactly the person she had always thought she was, and Lauren wanted her to lie about it. One important thing about Charlotte: she doesn't like to lie, or lying in general. She is strongly against it and will gladly tell you the truth; weather you want to hear it or not. It was one of her many quirks, not necessarily a bad quality, but not a very good one either. The blond knows nothing of the term tack and usually gets herself in trouble with her honesty.

                                                      xxxx Charlotte looked about the room of wear the feast had been. A sigh placed itself upon her lips, she had blanked out once again, this time she wasn't sure for how long. Only moments ago she had walked through Hogwarts gates and into the grand room where she was oh so excited to watch first years get sorted. Yet, she missed it, not a single moment of the celebration or feast was in her memory. The blond shook her head in dismay, she had only thought of it for a few seconds, she swore. Though the empty walls around her showed her that it wasn't even close to just a few moments ago when everyone had left. If she was lucky it might have only been ten minutes or so ago that the room had emptied. Though she doubted that, it seemed more likely that it had been a half an hour rather than just a few minutes as she hoped. Charlotte got up from her seat at the Gryffindor table, taking a quick second to glance up and down it, seeing if there were any signs of food. When she spotted a lovely muffin delicate she quickly snatched it up and took a huge bite of it. She savored the taste in her mouth, how she loved food.

                                                      xxxx Once she had finished her muffin she stalked out of the large room and headed for the hallways. Charlotte wasn't quite sure where she was headed, but she never really knew these days. She walked about the halls, smiling and saying a few 'hellos' to younger students, but she had yet to encounter anyone even remotely close to her age. That was until she spotted two Gryffindor girl's she had remembered from dorming with. One was a pretty dark haired girl that she remotely remembered her name as Dianna. The other was a blond, she was, in Charlotte's opinion, prettier, not that it mattered really. Her name was Mckinley, and Charlotte vaguely remembered having an in-depth conversation about werewolves. She wasn't quite sure how it had come up in conversation, but it didn't bug her either way. It was probably when Charlotte went through her loud stage of 'Werewolves are people too' when they had a debate in one of her classes. Though the fact wasn't really important. As she headed towards them.The Gryffindor girls were Quiddich players, a sport Charlotte preferred to watch then play. She smiled a bit and waved at them, though it was a bit awkward. She had never had a conversation with the dark haired one, unless she had asked her for the answer to a question at one point in time. Though she wasn't quite exactly sure. She then noticed the cute blonde male that was with them. However he was a Hufflepuff, which meant she most likely didn't know him very well either.

                                                      xxxxThroughout her many years in Hogwarts Charlotte had only had two real friends. Both happened to be a year older than her. Both happened to be boys. Both happened to be Gryffindor pranksters. Both happened to be gone this year. The blond girl wasn't really sure how she felt about it, she had never faced a day in Hogwarts without them. Maybe that's why this year was so different, other than knowing she wasn't who she really was, and the fact she was lying about it. But when she had first stepped into Hogwarts the boys had made her a part of their crew. They claimed that she was something special and she had guts. Which were both correct accusations. The three of them grew into a happy family at Hogwarts. It was like they were part of a secret organization, even though Charlotte usually got them in a lot of trouble because she wouldn't lie about anything they did. Nonetheless they were like siblings, always forgiving, and always planning ways to prank each other. Even though Charlotte beat them both when it came to that. Now that Charlotte didn't have her little possy, she realized she was more alone than any of the first years would be. She didn't have any friends other than Matthew and Lawrence, and neither of them would be here for her. So despite how awkward it would seem she would try to push into conversation and become friends with the two Gryffindor girls. When she finally reached them she smiled, and realized she hadn't thought of anything to say. So she said what she thought any teenage girl would say. The truth.

                                                      xxxx"Hello, my name's Charlotte, and um..." She itched the side of her face lightly, feeling a bit embarrassed, something she rarely felt, though she never needed too. "I don't' have any friends, so would you mind being my friend?" the words hung awkwardly in the air as she looked at the other blond girl. She seemed like the friendliest out of the group.

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                                                      xxxx Morning had come so suddenly to Zaine that he had not known what to do with it. He hadn't had a good night's rest in days, always off fighting crime and such. As the boy blankly stared at his roaring alarm clock he knew that he should have gotten up. He had school in thirty minutes and he could not afford to miss another day of school by sleeping in. His professor was certainly going to kick him out soon. Nonetheless the boy hit the snooze button and rolled over onto the other side; barricading himself in his fortress of blankets. As the boy cuddled in the blankets he quickly fell asleep. His mind wandering into a deep sleep where he went to his dreamland. The place where he wasn't Zaine Alexander Dawson or Sailor Moon, but a place where he was the most important princess in the world. (Zaine had always wanted to be a girl, that way he could dress up and wear cute things all the time without being judged.) Everyone loved him and treated him like he felt he always deserved, like royalty. It was the perfect world, roses everywhere. Alas, it was just a dream and nothing more.

                                                      After what felt like only a few minutes the brunet heard a loud yell from down stairs. He put the pillow over his head and tried to block it out, wanting to go back to his dreamland and out of this chaotic hell. He knew it would only be seconds before his mother was treading her way up the stairs and pulling him out of his sanctuary. But in those few minutes if he could just get to sleep he'd be free. As the boy tried a loud crash came from the opposite side of the room. His mother had slammed the door open, not a bit of kindness in her action. "Zaine! Get up damnit!" the dark haired woman screamed as she ripped the blankets off of the nineteen year old. He refused to move or make any noise, praying silently to whomever would listen that she would think he was sleeping and go away. Sadly, no one was listening to his prayer and his mother pulled him so that he would face her. Her eyes were filled with rage, he knew he was in for it. He looked over towards where Luna would normally be for some help. The male cat wasn't there which was extremely odd. Perhaps Jericho had found a cute kitty and decided to sneak out for the night. Zaine couldn't help but grin at the thought, he couldn't wait to bother the poor cat. But right now he had to deal with the beast. Zaine looked at his mother, a woman whom he had no resemblance to. Which was odd considering he didn't look anything like his father either. The lady before him was strangely beautiful. She had dark curly hair and almond shaped blue eyes. It was odd to actually look at her and notice the small differences that all together made a huge one. As he stared at his mother soon enough she made an irritated noise and began to walk towards the door. He mentally did a happy dance until she turned around and glared at him.

                                                      "Get up before I call your father!" she groaned, though the man down stairs had probably already heard their lovely morning run through. The boy moved and sat up on his bed scratching his head. He couldn't believe she was saying she'd call his father! Zaine hadn't done anything that bad...had he? He looked over at his clock, it had four hours since he had woken up. "s**t." he muttered as he thought about how he had already missed his first two classes and was sure to miss the next if he didn't get up in time.He hadn't meant to sleep in so late. In fact he didn't think he'd get to sleep in at all. Jericho usually woke him up and caused a scene before his mother, but the damned cat had bailed on his morning job! He shook his head, getting thoughts about his guide out of his head. He had to think about school for once. If he missed the next class that meant he might not get to see Liam and Aaron, and that sure as hell wasn't going to happen. He got up to his feet and grabbed his clothes, quickly getting dressed for the day, not making much of an effort to look as beautiful as usual, but he would look decent enough. The woman in the room looked pleased at her son's reaction and smiled a bit. ]"It's good to see your up ~ Now hurry before your late." she mused as she retorted back to the kitchen. Zaine shook his head as he walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Once the boy had finished brushing his teeth he swiftly combed through his hair. Making sure that at least looked well. He didn't want to have the chance of running into someone he knew and getting made fun of fore his poor appearance, one of the many things he prided himself on. As he snuck down the stairs, hoping that he could sneak out before his father saw. Though the man had probably already known of Zaine's laziness he still didn't want to take the chance.

                                                      Several agonizing minutes later the boy was out of the door. His bag on his shoulder as he walked out onto the sidewalk. It was a fresh and nice day as the boy walked outside. He couldn't help but smile a bit at how nice it was outside. He walked quickly, attempting to get to his destination in time. But on the way something caught his eye. The arcade, Zaine's favorite place in the world. He looked at it, mesmerized. The brunet couldn't help but be tempted to look real quick, after all the new Sailor V game had came out. The boy looked back and forth, seeing if anyone would notice and slipped into the haven. He'd go to his next class, but most likely late. Besides Liam and Aaron didn't need him anyway, if they did, they would've texted him.

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                                      ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ████

                                            Time seemed to pass slower than malaise as Noa sat on her kitchen counter awaiting replies from text messages that seemed would never come. A sigh passed her pale lips as she fiddled with her phone, playing different mobile games every ten seconds. The girl set down her phone ever so gently, trying to relieve her thoughts of her friends. Noa hopped off the counter and landed on her feet just in time for the microwave to beep that it was done. She stared at the appliance for about a minute and then pulled out her food, setting it on the counter as she looked through the rummage in one of the kitchen drawers, trying to find a clean spoon or fork, though it seemed that there wasn’t one in plain sight. Which only meant one thing, it was time for the dishes to be done, and there wasn’t a Shiria in sight.

                                            As the girl gathered up the dirty dishes and got all ready to clean them, her phone went off, saving her life. She threw off the rubber gloves into the sink and ran to the device, opening up the message so fast that it seemed like it had been done at light speed. Her mis-matched colored eyes scanned the text from Misaki she couldn’t help but grin. It seemed like her waitress friend was also in dire need to get out of the house and that was exactly what the girl wanted to read. Though a feeling of guilt passed through her as she felt as if the dishes she left unattended to were watching her. She frowned a bit knowing how pissed her roommate would be if she just out and left the dishes all ready to be clean yet sitting in their own filth. Her fingers glided over the keyboard of her phone quickly like those of a pianist.

                                            To: Misaki c:
                                            Coffee shop eh?
                                            Not my forte by what the hell…
                                            Why not, should be a fun enough journey I guess?
                                            Just let me finish up some dishes, yeah?.

                                            And with that Noa hit the send button on her phone, and closed it up. As she set it down it went off again, her eyes read the name across the screen quickly, a message from Shiria? She opened the phone back up and read it too herself, a small laugh escaping her lips as she read the girls complaint about her being a smart a**. She couldn’t help herself, it was too easy to mess with the other girl and she really let Noa get away with it. She texted her back quickly, the dishes seeming to get angry at her in the distance.

                                            To: Shiria c:
                                            To: Shiria c:
                                            Smart a**? What? Owo
                                            I find that offensive!
                                            But if you promise to bring me cake I guess I’ll forgive you.
                                            See you in a bit Shira-chan~

                                            I’ll tell Misaki you said hi, but you can’t read my mind. ;P
                                            Noa stared at her phone after hitting the send button for a good few minutes, just in case there was any messages that would randomly pop up when she set the phone down. Once it seemed as if it was safe Noa set it down soundlessly, her eyes still watching it as she backed away, just to make sure that it wouldn’t go off. Once she made it back to the sink she turned around and placed the gloves on her hands, washing the dishes fast but decent enough to eat off of, and that was good enough in Noa’s perspective, and in Noa’s mind that was all that mattered in the world.

                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT I M E S K I P

                                            A good twenty minutes later Noa arrived as late as ever to the maid café. A smile on her face that looked as genuine as ever. “Misaki ~” she said as she walked up to the girl, quickly pulling her into a hug. She had missed hanging out with the girl daily as they had done most of the past five years, but Noa knew why it couldn’t be done. That’s why she enjoyed the small time that she got to spend with her. Noa’s affections also had a slight undertone of an apology for being late, though the girl would never utter the words no matter how true they may have been. Noa released the girl from the hug and looked at her, a teasing smile on her face. “You shouldn’t hide your emotions Misaki, no one is going to believe you’re a badass~” she let the words float on the air for a minute then her eyes pulled away from the girl in front of her and to the café they were heading into, oddly enough she believed this might be where Shiria was, but Noa knew better than to bother her roommate while she was with her girlfriend. She looked back at Misaki, her tone serious, “This is it isn’t it?” She looked back at it and then shook her head. She didn’t know why Misaki was so upset over losing the position to be a maid, it didn’t seem to be such a big deal in Noa’s mind. But if it mattered to Misaki it mattered to Noa, even if she thought it was stupid.

                                            A small vibration ran through the girls purse and a cute ringtone followed after it. Before anything could be sent Noa pulled out her phone and looked at the text, it was another one from Shiria. She rolled her eyes a bit at the message and then her fingers began rapidly at a reply to the girl.

                                            To: Shiria c:
                                            Ohhh, your going to meet her friends?
                                            So you’ll come out of the closet for her,
                                            even if it could ruin your sister’s reputation?
                                            I’m not gonna say it’s a good idea or bad one Shiria,
                                            It’s your call after all.
                                            I’ll tell Misaki you said hi, but you can’t read my mind. ;P

                                            Shira hit the send button and then threw the phone back into her purse like it was yesterday’s news. She looked at Misaki and yawned. ”Shira says hi, though I don’t know why she didn’t just text you herself.” she said the words bluntly and then took the girl’s hand. ”Well are we going to just stand here and stare at it or actually go inside?” as the words rolled off of Noa’s tongue she walked into the café with her hand firmly around the other girls, dragging her inside the café before any protests could be heard.

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xxxxxxxxx kαiяi ҄ ҅ ҆

                                          Working. The word was something that Kairi knew very well. The dictionary defined working as the action of doing work for money value, however Yubabba's was a lot more interesting. Working was a way to pay for life the cursed woman allowed her to keep. It was funny really, how someone could be so closely associated with someone else, and still have an undying hate for them. Then again it really wasn't something she could stop, if that was the case then she probably would. The woman had put her in a rather high position fairly quickly, well--Kairi assumed it was quickly, but could not really tell due to the strange way time moved in the spirit world. The girl laid in her room for a few more moments, just thinking what she regularly did when she woke up. Her thoughts twisting in turning from how she got there, her full name that was stolen, and the people she had left behind. It seemed so far away now, though it felt as if she had only been working for Yubabba for a short amount of time. All she could remember was tid bits from the past; a smile, a stage, a passion for Shakespeare, but everything else was a blur. Now and then she received dreams she was hoping she could mistake for memories, but she could never be to sure. The brown haired girl sat up and began to scratch at her head fiercely, nothing was making sense, seemed like the average morning.
                                          After several minutes of self loathing the small girl got up and began to get dressed for her work, not that she had too terribly much to do. She glanced over her image several times, finding flaws here and there that made her rip them off and change again. Nothing was going right, she wasn't really sure if anything ever did. She finally settled for a simple look, it was cute even though it wasn't cluttered and it left much to desire. She smiled half heartedly at the image, the next part of her morning ritual would be the most difficult; forcing herself to love her job. She smiled and spoke in the mirror as though she was talking to customers. After what seemed like agonizing hours she heard the rooms around her come alive from their morning slumber. It seemed like it was finally work time. The petite girl quickly put on some makeup and then skipped out of her room, seeming cheerful was easy enough, perhaps she was an actress before she was stuck in such a dreadful place.
                                          The thought stopped her skipping and made her change to a walk. It seemed probable, she was rather good at pretending to be other people, after all that's what Yubabba used her for usually. It was a strange thing, Yubabba provided the perfect disguise and she played out the part, so perhaps that was what she once was. Her thoughts were interrupted by a Frog running into her, or well if you had asked anyone who had been watching, her thoughts were interrupted by her trampling a Frog. But before it could even croak out an apology Kairi smiled down at it, a sinfully sweet smile that had cruel intentions behind it. She picked up the Frog with one hand, clutching around it's small neck. Her smile still sweet on her face as she breathed out, "Watch where you're going, you might hurt someone deary." and with that she dropped the Frog carelessly and continued to walk on, not caring about the looks the lower workers were giving her. It was unlike her to be cruel, she usually did her best to maintain a sweet look to herself, but whenever her clumsiness came into play it was automatically someone else's fault. Never hers, after all, she was as graceful as a swan in her mind.
                                          Kairi walked past the main workers dorms and knocked hastily on the side of the door. "Hurry up and wake up! Tell Alice to meet me at bath nine in an hour." she said the words casually as she walked by. Alice was one of the newest crew members in the bath house, all thanks to Kairi. Sometime last week, or Kairi would assume was about a week ago, she had found a lovely looking blond girl, rather on the young side. She wasn't exactly sure why she had brought the girl back to the bathhouse with her, after all it wasn't permitted by Yubabba. Then again that could be the perfect reason why she would do such a thing, bringing a human simply to spite the woman and the rest of the spirit community, it seemed like something the girl wouldn't do. After all she was rather obedient when it came to rules, but when she broke one, the need to break more was like a fire starting in her heart and erupting into an inferno. It was lovely, though the others wouldn't see it like that. It was a little secret she shared with only Alice, not even her dear Jade.
                                          As the girl walked around aimlessly she overheard a few yells and then a voice she couldn't help to want to bug. She walked into a bath area with a little skip in her step. Her shoes getting wet from the excessive water on the floor. She looked down at them for a moment, feeling a tad bit of remorse for the poor things, they would definitely have to go in the trash. She looked back up at the two talking and walked over, a Cheshire grin painting itself on her face. "Oh what do we have here, a love quarrel?" she mocked at the two innocently. It was meant to be a harmless joke but sometimes she came off a tad bit crude. She smiled brilliantly at the them as she looked over the girl. She was rather a looker, though she didn't seem like Kaz's type, not that she knew him all too well. "She's pretty." she complimented the girl sincerely and then looked back at the boy, "She seems new too, am I right?" the girl said the words with a twinkle in her eye and then looked down at the water on the floor and sighed, "I don't really care either way, but before you put someone to work it's common curtsy to show them how to do it, isn't it Kaz?" she said the words with a shrug, this time not meaning any harm but simply making a statement. "If your busy I wouldn't mind helping her out? After all, I'm quite bored and would rather stay as far away from Yubabba as I can."

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAllen Eugine

                                            Allen's eyes scanned the letter that had been delivered to him about a month ago, over again. As hard as he tried he couldn't seem to make any sense of it. The pale boy had been chosen to be part of a very special group of people, the front lines. The front lines were a very high respected group of people, but they were also very much so in danger. As the name suggested, he would be at the front of the lines of zombie killing. A special task that only people who were immune to the disease could be a part of. Some would consider him lucky, like his father. Others, like himself, would consider him a very unlucky and poor b*****d. The government didn't send troops outside of the cities much anymore, the troops usually just watched the city lines and then on their time off the sat around and drank, impressing men and women with their bullshit stories about how they were constantly in danger, though they never really were. He would know, he used to be one of those punk a** soldiers who could talk big. The cities were heavily guarded and zombies didn't step within in a two hundred foot radius. Garnet that wasn't a big distant, but it was still big enough to have the common sense to know that a zombie running vs a bulky man three stories or higher up with a machine gun could easily pick off one or two zombies that dared to attempt it. Then again, common sense wasn't a strong point in a city that constantly feared for their lives.

                                            The dark haired boy stood up from his bed, the now crumpled piece of paper in his hand. It couldn't be enough that he had to be a watch dog and kill of zombies daily from a safe distant, no, he had to now be forced into doing special missions that wouldn't make a lick of sense to him for a government he could give a rats a** about. But he knew what the missions were going to be about, he wasn't completely stupid to the intentions at hand, after all he had spent the past seven years working as their guard dog. The government had a sick sense of humor, the guards amongst him had been whispering that they president of the city was thinking about making a special group of people, to go to the next city over and woo them to be under his control. No one had really believed that he would do such a thing, Allen definitely didn't. But it seemed like it was possible, after all why bring a group of adults immune to zombies together if you weren't going to use them for something special? He let out a sigh and placed the paper in his back pocket, he was over thinking a situation that really didn't matter. He was going to be someone's toy, might as well get over it.

                                            Allen quickly walked around his room once more, looking at all his items in it. It seemed that he was leaving his whole life behind for something he wasn't even sure he was ready to do. He wasn't exactly the best at stomaching killing things. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out the bottom drawer, one that was completely filled with cigarettes. He had attempted to stop smoking, after all it was against his jobs rules, but when his nerves got riled he had to have one to calm down. He quickly grabbed the bag off of the bed and pulled it over to him and began to fill it up with all of the unopened packages he could have. If they were going to have a fit about him smoking he would just simply tell them it was out of city limits, and something about that would make it okay. He was sure of it. A knock on the door made him look over, "Allen! It's your mother!" a woman called from behind his apartment door. A smile fell upon his lips, it was nice to see that his mother wasn't bitter about this like his father and brother were. They couldn't seem to get passed the fact that Allen had been given a 'gift'. He swiftly finished up putting the cancer sticks (though cancer was the last of his worries) in his bag, zipping it tightly. He then got off of the floor and took quick steps to the door. He unlocked it and opened the door and an older looking woman in her mid forties greeted him with a hug. She was lucky to have lived as long as she had, being forty five was a blessing in this society, then a pang hit his heart. He was about to hit twenty five in a year, this was his prime time to make a family with someone, something he couldn't do now.

                                            His mother smiled and patted his cheek, "Don't worry hunny, your life expectancy is until your forty so you have time still." she said the words as if she knew what he was thinking, which knowing her she probably did. He smiled at her, "Thanks mom, that means a lot." The woman replied with a simple, "I know that's why I said it." and with that she handed him a pack of cigarettes. "I know you're not supposed to have them, but they calm your nerves, they always have." he smiled at his mother happily. If she only knew, he thought and shoved them in his pocked. He then looked at the clock and back at her, their eyes saying what their mouths couldn't. "I have to go. I'm sorry mom." and with that he kissed her on the cheek and grabbed his bag, heading out the door with her and walking to the capital building.

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                                                        The odd one, that's what they called him. He never understood it, how was he odd? Just because he had a sexual attraction to other males didn't mean he was odd. He was a witch for crying out loud! That's what his parents should have focused on when they called him odd (not that they knew that he knew, though he was pretty sure they did know), not that he was gay. Not that it really mattered, he wasn't exactly one to care what others thought about his sexuality. So to spite them, he showed it off to the best of his ability. Why not flaunt what he's got? A male peacock has to dance to get a mate, so he figured he might as well do the same. He had heard his parents mocking voice in his head several times a day, "You don't have to advertise it", on the contrary, that was exactly what he had to do. He couldn't exactly be silent on it and hope that one day another guy would hit on him, no. He had to do whatever he could to make sure that all the eligible males out there knew he was on the market, even if it made him seemingly annoying; or that's how the circle made him feel. Which, since the circle was all he had as friends, hurt him deeply. Sure most of them didn't care, but Hayden and James wouldn't let up on it. They felt that harassing him was the only way to go through a day. It wasn't James as much as it was Hayden, Zaine was almost positive the handsome brute only did it because Hayden made him. One day when Zaine could control his magic he'd get pay back; or so he thought.

                                                        The mental word of magic made Zaine smile to himself. It seemed that today was the day the "solo witch" was coming to town. A mysterious rumor that had been talked amongst the circle and their parents for days. As everyone knew, the rumors had been true. There wasn't an ounce of speculation, despite what James believed. Mrs. Black, the older woman who lived alone in the dark gray house on the end of the road had let all of the parent's know that her granddaughter would be coming into town. The brunette's parents weren't too keen on it, but the young boy was joyous over it. He loved meeting new people, it was quite the hobby of his, but he also had a little secret interest in the girl coming to town. She wasn't bound by the laws of the circle, meaning her magic wasn't very strong, but, it wasn't something she needed the rest of the group for. If he could get on her good side before Hayden slipped in the boy was sure to have her back him up. Which meant that Hayden would most likely back off, and be pissed off. It was no secret Hayden wasn't a fan of the circle, it wasn't his thing. But he had to deal with it, which meant that any outside source of magic would be a target. Zaine was determined to get that target before anyone else.

                                                        Which he was most likely to do, after all he had set up the surprise visit to the Black's house after school. The circle, for the most part, seemed enthused with the idea of meeting the new witch. Not that she would be an official member, but it wasn't like they couldn't be friends with her. They were simply going to head over to the house, bring some random food items, and treat her like neighbors did in old movies that made most people want to shoot their brains out. Zaine was even planning on bringing over movies and having him and the girl's stay the night. The plan was to help her unpack and watch movies which equaled bonding time. He already had it "OK" ed by Mrs. Black. Not that it mattered since she worked late night shifts at the hospital. After the bell rang Zaine skipped down the halls towards Allison's lockers, having no need to head to his own since it was simply a drama class. He waited patiently for the girl, wanting to head out before any of the others could even possibly think about it.

                                                        (Do you mind if I hold off on Ever's post till the other characters interact?)

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                                                        Mornings. Worse, Saturday mornings. They were the worst entirely, why? Because Aiden’s night had just ended around four a.m. right around the time the sun had begun to rise. His night consisted with his regulars, the blond chick that has daddy issues, the tan boy from across the hall, the ginger that pretended to be a dyke but did not take it like one, and some other nameless customers that weren’t obviously good enough to be noted, but mediocre enough to keep the kid entertained for a bit. It was about three thirty a.m. when he had snuck into his room, his roommate preferring him not to bring any more people to the room, which Aiden decided was a valid notion. After all, he would rather his roommate not bring anyone in unless he could join, but that was another matter entirely. The dark haired boy rolled over to grab his phone, it seemed sleep wasn’t going to welcome him today, but he could deal with that on Sunday. He looked at his Samsung Galaxy, scrolling through a few twenty texts, looking to see if there was any from anyone important and in fact, there was.

                                                        Miranda, his best friend for what seemed like eternity; she was the only woman in the world who could put up with his whorish way and the only woman who he had never seen as a sexually play thing. Perhaps because it would come across odd considering they were as close as blood, which was one of the only places that Aiden drew the line (that and people under sixteen, he was a whore, not a *****). As his eyes ran the text a frown fell upon his face, he wasn’t going to admit it but he hated when she spent time with her boyfriend on Saturdays. During Saturday mornings and afternoon the two of them used to hang out, just them, and until six p.m. Aiden wouldn’t touch a woman, flirt yes, but get some, no. He saved that for his sleepless Saturday night.

                                                        To: Randy
                                                        No ones in my bed?!
                                                        Are you calling me a whore?
                                                        I’m so offended Randy!
                                                        I don’t even know if I can hang out with you now.
                                                        But anywho, I just woke up.
                                                        So ditch the boyfriend and come study with me.
                                                        Seems like a legit reason to leave if you ask me~
                                                        The one, the only, the Aiden.

                                                        Aiden smiled to himself, he was always making small jokes that only he would laugh at and Randy would if she felt it was pathetic enough to try and help him out. He appreciated it, though sometimes he swore that her laughs were sincere, which made him feel even better. The boy stretched as he pushed himself off of the bed, forcing himself to stop being lazy. He needed to get dressed before Randy showed up anyway; he didn’t need another reason for Ryan to hate him even more. He walked to his dresser and began to rip through his clothes, finding something suitable for a Saturday in his room. After taking several factors into consideration he choose something rather plain, if he wanted to go out tonight he could change, or just show up like he was and still make people fall in love. That was just his persona, a lady/man killer. He got up and walked to the bathroom, taking a quick shower and cleaning himself from the early hours of before. After emerging from the bathroom he whipped out some air freshener, making his room smell better, the mix of the smells of art supplies and sex weren’t exactly one that made everyone go “Wow, so nice smelling in here.” No usually it made people wrinkle their nose in disgust and question the sanity of the person living there. Noticing no text he decided to continue cleaning his room as he waited for Randy, not liking it but knowing it needed to be done.

                                                        (Yes, it's short. Yes, I'm sorry.)

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                                                      Beautiful, bright, gorgeous, blissful, mornings. One of the things Melanie hated more than anything in the world, mornings in which sun decided to peak itself out of the clouds. There was just something about the sun that rubbed her the wrong way. Ever since the pale girl was a child she remembered that no matter how much sunlight she was exposed to, or how much sun block she had on, she would get sun burnt. A terrible color that was more florescent pink then red; something she couldn’t stand if she tried. Though she supposed it was better than the other aternative; almost dying. Yes, palness seemed to have its advantages, but the dark haired girl would never compare it to the awfulness of albinos. As she twisted and turned, attempting to hide beneath the covers of her beautiful black comforter with small red sparkles that one could only see when the light shone on it as it did now, she knew that her attempt at falling back into slumber had failed. Even her demonic hissing could not make the sun cower in fear, it shone relentlessly through her window, winning against her yet another morning. So far it had been seventeen plus years to three (not counting all the wonderful times the sun was still asleep in the clouds). Those times being when she had gotten her brother to come in and close her curtains, though she no longer had the luxury of having him next door or on her floor to do so; it was just her and her roommate, and she had a strange ability to ignore her existence when morning arose.

                                                      Later, rather than sooner the girl finally released herself from the covers and got out of bed. She glanced at her alarm clock, noticing the flashing numbers screaming at her that time was not in her favor and decided to be real quick with getting dressed. She threw on an old black boring dress over her tank top and added a pair of bright red tights to accent it. The dark haired girl threw a brush through her hair quickly, just to smooth out her bangs and then placed a hat on top of it so it wouldn't look as bad as it would if she hadn't. She slowly put on her makeup, not wanting to mess up. She did a simple red lips and then a rather complicated snowy eye look to make up for her lack of creativity for the day. Once finished the girl jammed her feet into her boots and grabbed a scarf on her way out, walking to the school, not bothering to fit in time for food.

                                                      A thought occurred to her suddenly, she had forgotten her phone. She whipped around and walked back the room grabbing her phone and opening it to check for text. An annoying ‘Saturday’ as the date glowed on her screen. It seemed that it was Saturday and her morning terror had no point. She sighed as she sat down on her bed, running her fingers across the keyboard texting Kaiden back considering she had ignored his text.

                                                      To Kaiden:
                                                      I don’t have plans.
                                                      Want to make plans?
                                                      I want to make plans.
                                                      Saturday nights have been boring lately.
                                                      Let’s go to a party. (or have one?)
                                                      See a movie?
                                                      Break into a bank?
                                                      I don’t know,
                                                      Let’s do something.

                                                      Melanie read her text, it came off rather awkward but she didn’t seem to mind. She was tired and a little hung over; in fact she didn’t even remember a thing about the night before. But she was pretty sure due to her that after she had snuck out to go clubbing with her brother she had returned home. Then due to her surroundings she stayed awake and in the room for the night, most likely drinking the now empty tequila bottle underneath her bed while reading “Vampire Kisses” her secret love affair. She would never admit to liking vampire romance novels nor would she ever admit to anything love related. But that wasn’t an issue, boys didn’t like her, girls didn’t like her, so love was never an issue. She looked about her room, deciding that it was to boring to deal with or to clean. The dark haired girl got up and walked out of the room, going to look for something to do until Kaiden text her back, hopefully giving her plans for the night.
                                                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx × Clothes


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCharlotte Loveday
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHealth: ██████████ 90%

                                            Charlotte Loveday had never been average, minus her grades her looks and her artistic abilities. The girl had grown up with a rather queer life like most people, the only differences were that at a young age her parents accepted her attempts at dressing like a little boy until she hit about the age of thirteen and they decided that it might be time to let her taste a tad bit of reality; she was a girl. Her parents accepted her, it was not like she had a bad experience growing up, and the only really tragic thing that ever happened to her was her father dying. Her family relocated before her high school years and she came to America, an unusual country with even more unusual people. She had heard about the New Haven outbreak, four years, prior, and she followed it religiously. She found it intriguing and often talked about how fun it would be, it was just like living in a video game. Little did she know that she would become part of the next big outbreak in New York City. The phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest” never fit society so well. Charlotte was lucky compared to most, she had been a football and baseball star I her high school; she was athletic to say the least. On top of that she was also in training to join the air force; in fact she was about the graduate the week of the tragedy.

                                            Though despite the outbreak and its panic for people to attempt and save their loved ones, Charlotte had it easy. Her mother, sister, and her cousin who acted more like a brother, were all on a Vacation (her sister was looking at a college while her mother was looking for a new nice place to live), she was supposed to join them after she graduated but it all went straight to hell once the outbreak took place. The city was basically on lockdown, there was no choice but to fight and hope that the people out there still alive were still betting on you; counting on you to come home to them. The only two people in the city Charlotte felt an obligation were her grandma and her roommate. Her grandmother however did not make it, the night of the outbreak Charlotte had torn up the town attempting to reach the woman in time but as soon as she arrived she had found the woman barely human; ripped open while being fed on with wide animalistic characteristics. Before she knew it the young girl had shot everything to pieces within the apartment, including the woman. It was all Charlotte could do to save her.

                                            Her roommate however had helped dull the pain. She was right beside her; alive. The two had been through so much so quickly that it made Charlotte’s world spin. She had only been living with the girl for a few months, debating on leaving and going home but never committing; she had begun to care for the girl like a dear friend someone she had to protect like family. The girl had accepted Charlotte and her odd ways without real thought about it and now the duo was thicker then thieves; fighting to keep each other alive. Everything Charlotte had done during the time of the outbreak was on impulse; she barely had time to think any of it through. When she saw one of the zombies like creatures she killed it, no second thoughts, and no thoughts at all except for when a witty comment came out of her mouth like she was playing a video game. Despite the outbreak Lotte had continued to basically stay herself; awkward, eccentric, and mildly funny and terribly childish.

                                            Charlotte leaned up against a wall the same way her partner Abby had. Her pale hands keeping steady while she watched the girl shake almost violently; she wondered if it was perhaps because of the cold. The girl clutched her stunrod, feeling the shaft of it slightly sweaty and rather heavy in her hand; the lack of sleep was finally catching up to her. She found that the stunrod was one of the easier things to use while running; her Mossberg 500 and Knife weren’t exactly the easiest things to use as weapons. The Mossberg was wonderful actually but it was loud, and the knife was only used for emergencies, which they had both managed to not have a lot of. The low hum of the stunrod made a small smile trace on Charlotte’s lips. It gave her the reminder that it was there, always ready. She looked back at Abbey, still seeming to shiver and turned off the device. She set it down carefully and released her shoulder of her gun and her back pack. She shrugged off her winter coat and threw it at the girl, ignoring any signs of protest. ”We’ll steal one later when we get the chance.” she said bluntly. It was an outbreak; she wasn’t going to go to jail for attempting to survive.

                                            As the girl offered the water bottle Charlotte took it without feeling guilty. It was like after half time at a football game, when someone offers you water you take it, no matter who it’s from. She took a small swig of the water bottle, just enough to be okay until they could find more. She didn’t want to seem like a hog or anything. She whipped her head around to face the girl as she was speaking, Charlotte’s head was throbbing due to the lack of sleep and she found it harder to stay focused on things. The blonde girl weighted the options carefully, if they did not go into the store it was likely that they wouldn’t find supplies for a while, but if they did there was a possibility of zombies and or triggering an alarm to cause zombies; so it was kind of even to her. She straightened up and stretched after handing back the girls water bottle. She did a few little stretches to get her body ready for the possibility of running. She slipped her slim fingers around her backpack and threw it around her, letting the gun follow suit. She picked up her stunrod and then turned to the other girl. ”Can’t stay here forever without food, so I guess we take a chance.” she said with an awkward shrug. She felt like it was the best choice, after all she was almost out of supplies other than ammo.

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                                                        The night was quiet; the camp was still as everyone was asleep. A slender hand skimmed a tan athletic chest of a seventeen year old male. His name was Trent; he was a curly brunet haired boy who was quite gorgeous. He was one of the sons of Ares who had an eye on her for a while. Everlynn Black was a gorgeous girl, long blond hair with a pair of blue grey eyes that could kill. She was slender and well in shape, she was a daughter of Calypso, the Nymph Goddess. The girl was undercover as an ‘unknown’ child and was staying in the Hermes’s Cabin like the rest of the circle. She had joined the Circle in order to create chaos between the Gods out of simple boredom; her motives weren’t nearly as deep as any of the other members. But then again Ever wasn’t even sure if any of them were even as close to cruel as she was. The male caught her hand gently. “You should stay.” He mused, an odd look of endearment on his face that only clashed with Ever’s that was simply masked with boredom. She hadn’t found the male interesting at all, he was just like everyone else; a pawn. She let out a very faint sigh and snatched her hand away from him. “I really shouldn’t.” She said matter-o-factly as she got up and slipped into her pajamas; a pair of tight black yoga pants, a white baggy tank top with a light pink hoddie over top and a pair of oddly colored moccasins.

                                                        She had done her job, she had convinced the male to become part of the outer circle. The inner circle consisted the leaders like herself, while the outer consisted of campers they had turned against the Gods. Ever was quite good at this, she could easily squeeze into people and figure out there deepest desires and fears due to her powers of persuasion and dream manipulation. She had spent several of the first nights glancing at others dreams, just to see where the weakest points would be. Of course, she didn’t have to sleep with them, that wasn’t required. She could do her job just as well without doing such a task, but she couldn’t help it. She let her curiosity get the best of her, she was usually just a tease but the male had been quite good looking. Too bad he couldn’t match up to the others. However, the son of Ares would be useful eventually, when war time would come. She would flirt with him later on she was sure, but not this, this had been…well innocent. On top of that he wanted to cuddle. That wasn’t going to happen. She waved him off and headed out the door, he had already made it clear enough that he was hers.

                                                        The cold air hit Ever like a brick wall, she couldn’t believe it. It was mid-july and colder than she had ever imagined. Sure, she had grown up on a tropical island where it was always sunny and hot, but she had been on mundane land for long enough to understand weather. However, the gods being at war made it so that they weren’t too concerned about it being a comfortable summer for everyone. Instead they were just dealing with each other; it wasn’t like they really did their jobs anyway. It was always the lesser gods that gave any attention to the worldly matters; the Olympians were just as bad as people, the only cared for getting rich and getting laid. The girl walked into the cabin quietly, all of the campers snuggled in their beds asleep. She walked over to the bed that she had been given by one of the younger Hermes kids. He had thought Ever was nice and offered it to her and she had gladly taken it. She rolled her eyes and had a semi amused twitch to her lips. When she had snuck off Sebastian must have heard her and crawled into her bed, taking it over the floor. She didn’t blame him, she was a little surprised that he of all people had noticed she was gone and glanced over at Cari and wondered if, perhaps he had too. Hoping he hadn’t so she wouldn’t have to explain herself. She contemplated just getting in the bed and snuggling up to him or pushing him out. On one hand, she liked snuggling and she really wanted to see if Cari would have a fit. On the other, she wasn’t in the mood for Sebastian’s suggestive comments if he were to wake up. Then again if she would have pushed him it could cause a lot of commotion. It seemed she would just deal with the suggestive comments.

                                                        She got into the bed, pushing Sebastian over a bit to make room for her. It was cramped but the male complied in his sleep and snuggled up to her. She smiled slightly; everything was going their way for once. She looked at Cari and bit her lip. He was on the bed right across from her, she could have went and snuggled with him, though she wasn’t entirely sure how Teo would deal with that, not that Ever really cared. She didn’t follow a lot of things Teo wanted, they didn’t exactly see eye to eye on everything. But if she had, she would’ve been so close, too close. She wondered if she should sneak a peek at his dreams, and soon enough she did. After seeing all she needed, she turned away and buried her head into the other male, allowing herself to sleep without giving it too much thought.

                                                        In the morning Ever had found herself and Sebastian to be the only ones in bed, everyone else had seemed to have already gotten up and moved about. Ever ran a hand through her messy hair and decided it was time to start the day. She put her feet into a pair of blue slippers so that her feet wouldn’t be cold from touching the ground. The girl got up and went to the bathroom to get started on her morning ritual. The girl quickly undressed and hopped in the shower, hoping that she would use all the hot water but realized that it wasn’t like a human camp and frowned to herself. After about thirty minutes the girl emerged from the shower and began to do her daily routine; shower, brush teeth, wash face, dry hair, fix hair, apply clothes, and apply makeup. It took her about thirty or so minutes just to finish drying her hair; it was thick, blond, and long. She placed her bangs carefully and then allowed the rest to just fall around her in waves. She did her makeup a bit more extravagant than normal, a brighter lip gloss and classy eyeliner with orange eye shadow with a ting of pink. And mascara of course. She didn’t wonder too much about how the weather was outside, she would deal with it if it meant she could look good. Her outfit for the day was a pair of blue jean shorts with her piano key belt. Her top was a cute grey tank top with a bright orange scarf to add pizazz. She put on a pair of converse and checked herself over once in the mirror. She was hoping it would get a little chilly and she’d have an excuse to buy something, or maybe steal Cari’s hoddie. She put on a little bit of jewelry and her signature fox tail to the purse she would use for the day.

                                                        She headed towards the training arena where she assumed Cari would be. The two of them had planned to go into the city together, just to get a few things, nothing really to special. Of course the others would meet them later, Circle stuff happened every day, but they had decided they would go early just so that they could have a little normal time. As she approached the area she grinned as some of the campers stopped to talk and mostly to flirt. She didn’t spend to much time with idle chat but didn’t come across as rude. She had a face to keep up. Once Cari was still for a moment Ever came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him from behind. Arching her feet a bit so she could put her head against his neck and looked up at him, her body pressed firmly against his back. “Are you ready to go?” she asked with a grin. She enjoyed Cari’s company the most. He always made her needy. He was, perhaps her best friend, Sebastian being a close second. She looked at him with a slight smirk, she was going to mock him sooner or later for his dreams, but she’d wait until she had some kind of leverage so he wouldn’t be too mad.

                                                        (I hope this is okay, I wasn’t really sure how to start so I just kinda rambled. I’m sorry.)

                                                        What I'mx WearingxxxxxxxxxxWhere I amxThe Training ArenaxxxxxWho I'm withxCari <3xxxxxMy Current moodx ImpatientxxxxxThe song inside my xhead
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                                                      xxxx Allison let out a loud yawn as she read the papers that Sydney had given her. The male continuously insisted on giving the brunet an over load of work. She hadn’t minded it too much at the beginning, but then he just kept piling more and more. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he was just being lazy and making her do all the work; he was always too busy sucking up to Regina to be doing anything even close to work. The young woman ran a hand threw her hair. She wasn’t quite sure how this happened, going to college for writing hadn’t been her smartest idea and somehow it had landed her a job in her own town as the assistant editor of ‘The Daily Mirror’. Everyone in the town would purchase the paper, everyone would read all of the boring and not important news that would go on in their small town. “I expect all those articles to be ready to print by five.” Sydney had said, and yet here she was, still editing and it was six thirty. He hadn’t even showed up to make sure she started the papers; not that it would matter they would print off enough copies even if she hadn’t gotten them on until midnight.

                                                      Allison had never liked news much; something about it just seemed too boring. Perhaps it was the constant facts that came across the wrong way to her, or maybe it was just that it wasn’t pirates like she wanted it to be. Either way, it wasn’t what made her happy, not even a little bit. But did that matter? No. She had bills to pay and mouths to feed. The brunette didn’t necessarily have to feed the young kids that called themselves ‘the lost boys’, but she couldn’t help it. They were a group of kids that had been abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. Naturally Allison couldn’t let them live like that. So she fed them, every night and then she would tell them stories that she would write and they would laugh and Allison would remember why she had wanted to go into writing in the first place; she wanted to be a children’s book author. The nuns in the town housed them, so at least Allison didn’t have to worry about that, but it still seemed a bit strange that they couldn’t get fed. Maybe they just wanted a reason to have “Mother Allison” feed them. Either way she knew they would be awaiting for her at her small apartment.

                                                      After several minutes after seven she had finished up, put all the papers on the press and headed out. She was sure Sydney would call her eventually and complain about something or other, but she didn’t bother to worry herself with that. That was a tomorrow issue, not one for today. As she walked towards her home she wondered if Daniel would be there. Often he would come in after work and bug her with tedious things, she was sure he would never admit it, but Allison was almost certain he just liked to hear her stories. The two of them had gone to high school together, him being a year above him and yet somehow she was always the ‘older’ one out of the two. Allison had been the one who made him study and worry about school even when he didn’t want to.

                                                      The girl opened the door to her apartment and walked in and was immediantly swarmed by several kids. They were all of different ages, the youngest being six and demanding that the older kids bring him with. She smiled brightly at them, they were such a strange bunch of individuals and she would never understand how someone would just leave them as if they didn’t matter. They were all precious. “What are we having to eat?” was asked in a variety of ways by the different voices. She couldn’t help but admit to herself that she enjoyed this; this feeling needed. ”Calm down children, food will be here in a few minutes.” she said with a small smile. She wasn’t going to be able to cook dinner in time for them to be home so on her way home from work she had ordered them Pizza. The kids all cheered for joy but were quickly dismayed as she told them that they had to go wash up.

                                                      There was a small knock on the door and Allison opened it carefully. “Hello?” she asked and saw a small figure looking up at her. “Oh Henry, how are you? Would you like to come in?” the boy nodded and walked in, “Is everything alright?” she asked and the boy simply smiled, “Yeah. I don’t mean to intrude, but can I eat here tonight Miss Harrington?” the Mayor’s son asked. She couldn’t help but be surprised; it was such an odd request. But she nodded in reply, The boy nodded and set down his stuff, including a rather large hard back book. He then headed towards the bathroom where the rest of the children were making a fuss. She looked over at the book that Henry had brought and wondered what it could be.

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                                                        It was a bland day; it was mid-September and the leaves had yet to begin to change. Jefferson was perched up against the window, watching the grey clouds roll over the sky as small droplets of water decided to hit the window with an unmelodious noise. Such a strange noise that he wasn’t even sure if he had heard it rather than imagined it, but he knew that wasn’t true. The male never imagined anything; imagination was something that was a myth to the world about him. Imagination was just reality, but in a different dimension, much like his home. He had often thought about this that was all he really did these days; Story Brooke was stuck in a never ending cycle. Nothing could change until the prophecy was fulfilled and the curse was lifted. However long that would take, Jefferson was unaware. He had all the answers to the past, but none to the future in front of him.

                                                        His eyes shifted as he saw a young girl pass the street. Her name was once Paige, she was his daughter from another life, one where everything seemed perfect compared to the droopy reality that they were in currently now she resided by the name of Grace. He looked at her with gloomy eyes and turned away from the window. She was with her new family, the one that could provide for her when he had failed to. The male put on his shoes and headed out of the house, locking up quietly and walking daintily towards his jaguar. He had all these things that meant nothing to him. He had spent so much time in his past life to be able to have wonderful things that it seemed pointless in this life. He hadn’t really worked that hard, it was a gift, from the Evil Queen, or well current mayor.

                                                        It sometimes made him question if he would prefer to be in Wonderland, at least then he could see his Alice. He had never told Paige before, but her mother was Alice, the white queen of Wonderland. It was a complicated tale that he wasn’t quite sure how to explain it. Way before the evil queen had trapped him in exchange for her father he had been a resident of Wonderland, a mystical place where there was evil and trickery. Alice had been a young girl of only sixteen, she was human and from the mundane world (the one they currently lived in). She had found a way into it, much like how Peter had stolen Wendy originally from the mundane place. (He had often thought perhaps this was why the two were the only ones who could leave town. They didn’t do it often, but they could.) Alice had fought the Red Queen (The Queen of Hearts mother) and was given the thrown by the White Queen, the last sister queen to the regime. Alice had taken the seat with pride and as every story had it, they fell in love. They had been living in Wonderland in peace.

                                                        Sooner than later the Queen of Hearts became power hungry and challenged a war. It tore wonderland a part and due to it the kingdom fell and Alice had made the Hatter leave with their daughter. He rarely saw her after that, only sometimes could she manage to meet with him, but she had to continuously jump from world to world in order to not get captured by the evil queen and her dreadful cards. He missed her soulfully, and when she had gotten dragged into the mundane world with all of her memories gone he wondered if it was for the best. He watched her from a far just like he did Grace. They were the only two people he had ever cared for, and yet they were unattainable. He occasionally had run into Alice, perhaps going to the grocery store or something trivial and she would be polite and chat. He would just stare and listen to her, hearing her voice made him miss her more and more but he couldn’t help it. He would go to the store a million times in order to just possibly hear her speak, have a conversation that would mean nothing if it meant he could be around her. Much like today.

                                                        It was that time of month when things were on sale and the woman would be receiving her first paycheck, naturally she would go to get groceries and he would get the chance to see her. Not a lot of other people in the town paid any attention to him, he was an outcast. Much like Mr. Gold, people feared him due to his power and authority over the town; he was a bank broker and knew more about money then all of the others (just like most things). As he walked around the busying aisles he picked up on some idle chat going on between the town’s folk. His eyes not finding what he was searching for.

                                                        x Clothes
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Liberator
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHealth: ██████████ 90%

                                                        School; A prison in which children and young adults inhabited for a great deal of their lives forcibly learning skills that they would find later in life to be quite useless. That was the definition James had given his first day of junior year of high school when they had been asked to define one word that would forever be with them. He had starkly said the comment because the word would "forever haunt him" as he put. Of course this lead to the teacher outraging on how he wanted proper definitions and James would bite back that he had asked for definitions in their own words. However, that time passed quickly, for now it was almost winter break, the day before to be precise, and everyone was excitedly awaiting the end of the day bell to ring, or in James's case, to sing "hallelujah, thank the lord" for that would be reflecting his feelings quite well. Alas, he would find himself cramped up in his last class, statistics waiting as time moved slowly. He looked about the room he was in; there wasn't anything interesting about it. It was just a normal class room with fellow students that were busily working on writing notes that would later be needed for the midterm (the poor bastards) or they were staring at the clock as James had been minutes ago.

                                                        The classroom however, was filling out quite slowly. For some odd reason the principle thought it would be a great idea to do winter clubs and sport photos on the day before break. It was probably to prevent a number of students from skipping early so that they could have a wonderfully extra day long break (a day didn't seem to matter much to James, his parents had already left him to go to New York City for their vacation, or as James thought of it, their seventeenth honeymoon. The brunet boy looked about the room at the odd assortment of kids. At the moment there were only four of them in the room plus a teacher who was snoring louder than James's ego (pretty close to impossible). All the other students had left for the boring "Spanish Speaking Club" announcement. Usually these rare moments would cause James to get the attention of his classmates and cause chaos. But the group that had been in the room at the moment didn't seem like one that would be much fun. There was of course, at the front of the class, the classic beautiful nerd girl, (who James thought would be most likely a prude, but secretly he found that attractive). About two tables over a blond boy sat down, he was about a year older than him (James made a mental note in his freshman year that this wasn't someone he would mess with, ever). Then a blond girl who seemed to be staring out the window, in her own little world (James had grown up next door to her, childhood friends if you will, though he didn't associate with her after elementary school due to obvious popularity indifferences. They would later find themselves at a standstill). Then there was him, the perfect, amazing, everybody loves me (but they really all hate me) type of guy.

                                                        The four seemed not to have too much in common with each other, little things like athletics for the boys and Charlotte, then the brains for the girls and Nathan, then the awkwardness for Charlotte and Nathan, and to finish off (in James mind anyway) Danielle and him covered the looks department perfectly well. Yes, surely, they would have something that could bring them together, even if the brunet male would fail to see any of it (except the looks) until his life depended on it. Which would happen in three, two, and one. A loud noise filled the speakers, signaling an immediate lockdown. The principle's voice was heard over the speaker, very raw and shaky as he said, "Lock your doors!" no formality in his frantic, then again before anything could be said the man over the speaker let out a blood curling scream which caused James to wince. What could cause a man to do such a thing? At the end of announcement, or rather dramatic screaming, a pair of pale hands clapped together casually. James whipped his head around to see the blond girl clapping; when their eyes met she stopped and shrugged. "You can't believe that was real can you?" she asked him as if it was the most natural thing to say. He didn't even have time to see the others expressions before screams began to fill the hallways around him. Whatever was happening was surely not what Charlotte had thought it was. In the madness of it all, the bald and pudgy teacher ran towards the door and stepped outside, the thing that he was always instructed not to do no matter what. Out of pure fear James jumped up and locked the door franticly. He didn't really care if this was fake or not, but as he finished locking it, he heard a strange ripping noise that could only be the decapitation of his teacher. It took all he had not to lose his lunch. "Help me out will you!" the blond girl hissed at him and he walked towards her and helped her push the teacher’s desk in front of the door and then moved quickly to the farthest corner, fear pounding in his heart though he did his best not to show it. He looked at the three others and wasn't really sure what to say so he said the only thing that came to his mind. "What do we do now?" The words seemed to imprint on his mind, what would they do? They were surely going to be next to whatever was going outside.

                                                        █ █ █ T I M E ↓ ↓ S K I P
                                                        That had been five years ago; when James had first found out his identity as a human being with supernatural abilities. He had thought about it a lot; the panic that he had felt, the horror when he had watched Nathan be murdered by a strange supernatural being, the nervousness of realizing he had strength of his own, and the bewilderment at seeing that one of his friends had also been with an ability. The day after the events that changed his life took place he and Charlotte had taken off to a new city; becoming superheroes as they had not found much else to do with themselves; Charlotte insisting that they needed to repay the debt they had owed to society; something he never understood. She had picked out there costumes and their names, they were just kids then, now he was twenty two and despite his immature actions, he had grown a lot. Though years had passed and things had changed, they had become professionals, but of two different sides. He had never assumed that the girl would end up changing sides, that she would leave him, but she did; she had went to be the sidekick of someone else, a villain.

                                                        That was two years ago, two years that he would never really be able to understand. He didn’t like to think too deep because things like this would come up, but he couldn’t help it. He was sitting on top of a rooftop, on the edge next to his new side kick. Her name was Rio and they hadn’t been together too long; he was still getting used to her actually. The city was silent; calm after the storm. They had just got finished dealing with a mutant psycho named Rapid who had gone postal at several hospitals. He had the ability to move at an incredible speed, making the killings fast and fighting him rather hard. His super strength not being enough to save the day. Now they were just relaxing at the top of the roof of his building. They had cleaned up and changed out of their uniforms; he had asked her over simply because he wanted to get to know her a little bit better, he had to trust her more; it had become obvious when he had been put in a situation of almost dying and his lack of faith in her didn’t help him at all.

                                                        (This is awful…sorry)


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