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Words: 1,191.

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xxxxxxxxx⊱⊱ αsl iηstαr
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxтнє ßєαuт¡fuʟ ∂¡sαsтєя ҃ ҄ ҅ ҆

▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄

      Ashlin locked her bedroom door as she heard the commotion from down stairs. The room had light piriwinkle walls, and pictures of diffrent band and movies the blue eyed girl loved. Her white desk stood alone in the corner furthest from her. As her bed was across from her with the window right next to it. Her room was quite dull, yet she loved it so. She slid down the side of her door and closed her eyes. Her head throbing in pain as she heard her step father's voice in her head. 'Useless'. The thought stung more than when he had hit her. She placed a hand on her cheek that was swelling from where she had been hit. She quickly moved away her hand; it had such a pricing pain, tears stained her eyes. ‘their fighting again’ she thought as she walked over to her mirror to see how bad the swelling was. She had a big red mark across her left cheek, an imprint of her step fathers hand. Tears threatened to fall down her cheeks but she quickly pushed them away. ‘No time for crying’ she thought to herself as she shook the pain off.

      She went to her bed and grabbed her ipod. It was always like this at her house, whether it was night or day. The blonde girl heard a shattering noise as a teacup hit the wall of the kitchen that was below her. She sighed as she put on her head phones. Ever since her mother had told her father that she had had an affair with another man, and Ashlin was not his, they had begun fighting. Her step dad was a mess, he hated the blonde for being the child of another mans. A man who happened to be a drug addict that did not care much for the girl either. Yet for some god forsaken reason he could forgive his wife, yet not her child who had done nothing wrong.

      Ashlin shook her head; there was no reason to wish for it to be different. It was not going to change no matter how much she wanted it to. She picked up her big and bulky headphones. She fit them on her ears perfectly, so that she would get the best sound effects. Ashlin scrolled through the list of songs on her ipod, music was her only escape. She soon stopped as she came onto Linken Park. One of her favorite bands when she was in middle school. She clicked the okay button and picked the song numb. It was strange how one song could just understand her so well. The blonde eyed girl closed her eyes and listened to the lyrics. She laid down on her bed and differed off into a day dream, escaping the place known as home.

      Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on Ashlin’s door. The blonde haired girl got up and took of her head phones. She moved the curtains of the window and looked outside. Her step father’s car was gone, leaving her and her mother alone for the time being. She sighed relentlessly as she got up off of her bed. It seemed as if her parents had stopped fighting, and her step father had gone to the bar. ‘That will sure help things’ she thought as she walked to her door and unlocked it. She opened the door and looked at her mother. A women who looked as if she should be in her fifties rather than her thirties. She had blonde hair like Ashlin, only it was streaked with gray, and plenty of wrinkles to match. Her mother had sad blue eyes that were very try from all the crying she had done. “Oh Honey” The women whimpered as she looked at her daughters cheek. “Aw mom, don’t worry about it.” Ashlin said, but before she could comfort her mother, the women burst into tears. Ashlin leaned over and gave her mom a hug, her mother placed her head on her daughters shoulder and started to sob. “It’ll be okay.” The teenager said, even though she herself was unsure.

      Ashlin’s mother soon stopped crying and took a step back from her daughter. She had never been very good with communicating with Ashlin. She sniffled a bit as the teenager looked at her, “Your father has went out, “ she said carefully. Ashlin did not recognize the man as her father. Ashlin rolled her eyes; her mother could never stand up for herself, let alone her daughter. “I’ll go take my shower and go to bed. I don’t want to be awake when he gets home anyway.” The girl snapped as she turned away from her mother and walked towards her closet. She should not have had to live her life, hiding in her bedroom. She should be able to shower whenever she wanted to! Her mother sniffled and walked away. She knew she should not have snapped at her mother. She should have been sweet to her and make her feel better. Yet Ashlin just could not find the heart, she loved her mom, she loved he a lot. But still sometimes it seemed like her mother was more concerned about herself than she was about her daughter. Ashlin walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She started the shower and made sure that the water would not be too hot so that her face would sting in pain. Even though the girl was pretty sure it would hurt either way. She took off her clothes and threw them onto the ground. She quickly jumped into the running water and started to wash her body.

      Fifteen minutes when Ashlin was done showering, she put on a pair of her pajamas. She had picked out a black and yellow poked dotted set she had got from Christmas. She put it on carelessly, the pain in her face finally residing. Her step father hit her hard, but at least he had only hit her with her hand. She wrapped her long hair up in a towel and looked at herself in the mirror. Her fair skin looked very pretty in the light of the room. She forced a smile, trying to encourage herself that tomorrow would be a better day. She opened the fluorescent white door and turned off the light. She walked through the hallway which was an egg shell white. Pictures of her mother and step father plastered the wall. She did not have a single picture that was hanging up in the house. She opened her door and walked into her room, which was pitch black without any light. She jumped onto her bed which had a blue and black stripped comforter. She grabbed the remote to her Television and turned it on. The fluorescent light bounced off the walls making the room brighter. She smiled as she snuggled into her blankets and turned to face away from the TV. The back ground noise making her fall asleep. The last thing she heard that night was the happy Lopez family on nick at night.

      ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄
Words: 931

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xxxxxxxxx⊱⊱ αuтumη jαnє spєηcєя
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxтнє cuттєя ҃ ҄ ҅ ҆

▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄

A sigh escaped the lips of a small girl whom was sitting upon her bed in the room she had been given since birth. Her parents had given her this opportunity, one where she could finally succeed at her dream of becoming a singer. But something was very off set of the whole scene. Her parents believed that this would stop the depression and the cutting of the pale girl’s wrist; but something was very wrong, it was not being very effective. Rehab in itself had depressed her; she did not want to believe that she had a mental problem. It didn’t fit the perfect girl life style everyone wanted to believe she had. She got up and out of her bed, it was almost afternoon time and she hadn’t left her room. Today was the day she was going to be sent to Rehab.

She walked to her closet and began to shuffle through her clothes. She picked out a small tight black t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. She grabbed her hoddie off of the floor. She didn’t like her arms being exposed, for the obvious reasons that she was a cutter, and people would think of her differently. Also the fact that the bright red lines looked awful on her pale skin, but that didn’t seem to bug her as much. So she put on a pair of black and white striped gloves. She then walked over to her desk. She stared up at the mirror and looked at her reflection. A frown painted on her face, she hated the way she looked. She grabbed a brush and began to do her hair. She teased it a bit and then put the brush back down. She put in a two little black bows. Then she grasped her eyeliner for dear life and thickly put it on.

Soon enough the red head was done with her makeup and finished everything she needed too. She laced up her converse and tied them tightly. She grabbed a small duffle bag and looked over her room one more time. This was going to be the last she would see of her home for a very long time. Her eyes fell on a stuffed bunny she had grown up with, Timmy. He was her favorite, there was no doubt in her mind. She walked over to Timmy and picked him up. He was such a darling little rabbit, so off set with the rest of the world. He was the only thing that kept the girl sane. She quickly put him in her bag and zipped it up. She walked to the door and sighed again, her whole life was about to change. She heard her mother call for her from down stairs, it was time to leave. She threw her bag over her shoulder and looked back at her room. She turned off the light and headed down stairs.

Once she was down in the kitchen her mother smiled at her, “Are you ready?” she asked, but the girl could not find the heart to speak. Autumn wasn’t one who liked change, especially when it seemed like her parents were leaving her again. She glanced at her mother for a moment, she couldn’t believe this. She turned and grabbed the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that had been placed on the counter for her to eat a half an hour ago. The red head picked it up and ate it quickly. The sweet taste of the perfect love of Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly filled her mouth. This was one of those things she absolutely adored, she longed for the sandwich to never end. Soon enough though she finished it and that was that. She walked out of the kitchen, not even making eye contact with the famous actress. No thank you mom, no I love you mom, hit the women, nothing but silence, and sadness was in the air. She didn’t know how to say goodbye to her mother, not now, not ever. She walked to the family’s BMW, it was a nice car, not the best they had though. She shuffled into the passenger seat of the car. Her mother sighed and got into the driver’s seat, she turned on the radio. Dead silence filled the small car, there would be no talking on the ride there.

About twenty or so minutes later Autumn was in the parking lot of a beautiful place. Big City Dreams, it was shaking with glory. But Autumn knew that it wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. She knew this was just a ploy for her parents to get rid of her and make it seem that it wasn’t abandonment. She looked at her feet, a “I love you Autumn” came out of her mother’s lips. The girl opened the car door and grabbed her bag. She looked at her mom one last time, “I love you too, Mom.” Came out of her rose colored lips unexpectedly, nothing sounded sentimental about the words either. She didn’t know how it could come out so bare and dry. It was almost as though she had been robotic to the world after all. She looked away and got out of the car. She slammed the door shut and her mother waved at her, it was so strange how a woman could act like she loved the child she never even looked at. The red headed girl walked into the facility. She came into a room filled with people, the start of her new life had finally begun.

Out Of Cupcakes : Sorry for the short post, I wasn't sure how to come into this, everyones already so active.

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I bleed so that I can know I'm alive, how is that bad ?
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xxxxxxxxx⊱⊱ αηbєяl¡η
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxȶнє s¡∂єk¡ck ☆ ҃ ҄ ҅ ゚҆

▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄

A blonde haired girl was sitting in the back of a biology class, where the teacher was going on with a very long and boring lecture. The girls head was staring out the large glass window. She had no desire to be in such a regular class. Her mind was wondering off into a dream state, she could care less for petty things like biology. She felt they were pointless, she didn’t care for how she had her powers; she had them, why did anything else matter? Anberlin Jumped to the sound of a loud and obnoxious ringing that echoed throughout the room. It was the schools bell; the blonde haired girl had managed to day dream all throughout her biology class. She blinked for several minutes, trying to remember what she had after biology. A spark of recognition jolted through her head, a smile painted itself slowly onto her face. Lunch, her favorite part of the day, a jolt of glee filled her small bones. The day she got to eat and no one could dare judge her for that, well no one accept for vegans, but she didn’t care for them much anyway.

She jumped out of her seat, she couldn’t wait to get to the cafeteria. She liked it best when she could see her small group of seats. As the girl attempted to walk out of the room, Mr. Brinklesworth, her biology teacher, grabbed her by the shoulder. She jumped in reaction and her telekinesis ripped his arm sharply away from her. The older man grunted, her eyes widened, she did not mean to do that.”Anberlin, that’s the third time you’ve blanked out of a lecture.” He muttered unpleasantly, he was rubbing his hand. Luckily to the girl’s advantage He seemed to ignore that fact that she had done anything to harm him. But that still didn’t save her from the fact she blanked out of his lecture for the third time this week. She cleared her throat as she tried to think of a good excuse.

”Well…um…the thing is Mr. Brinklesworth…” the girl stuttered, she wasn’t the best at talking to teachers, especially the kind that frightened her. A thought arose in the back of her head, she blurted it out before she bothered to think it over. “I haven’t been getting much sleep the past few nights, and…” her thought stopped…and what? What could the girl possibly think to say to him? The man sighed, she was a helpless mess, and there was no reason to even bother with her. She was just a side kick after all, she couldn’t even control her powers, let alone make up a good excuse. “Never mind Anberlin, just get to lunch.” He muttered as he walked back to his desk. She sighed; she was never good at these things.

The girl turned away and began to walk out of the room, “Anberlin” the teacher called right as she walked away. A sigh escaped her lips; damn she didn’t get away with it. She turned back slowly searching the teachers desk for a pink paper, or anything that would give her some sort of punishment. “Don’t forget your bag.” He said a frown on his face. The girl began to walk back towards the bag, he put up his hand, and it was an order for her to stop. “Bring it to you.” He said, his eyes looking at the girl. An unhappy Ugh escaped her lips quietly. She was dying to get to lunch. She turned and looked at where she had left her star shaped purse. It was a gift from her step father. She closed her eyes and focused on it carefully. She really hated using her powers for anything unneeded. The bag began to float towards her, and soon landed itself in her hand. She looked at the teacher, an expression of irritation plastered on her face. “Can I go to lunch now?” she growled, she wasn’t usually this mean, but when people underestimated her it just threw her into a spiral of anger. “You may.” He said a look of amusement in his eyes. The girl turned and left the room.

The blonde walked down the hall and entered the cafeteria; she let the anger of hers escape her. She just wanted to eat; she walked towards the beginning of the cafeteria line and grabbed a few things to snack on. Once she grabbed all she wanted, she turned around and scanned the room to find anyone she may be willing to talk to. Her eyes soon fell upon Willow and Olivia, two other side kick girls. She began to walk towards them, she set down her lunch and sat next to Willow. When the red headed girl didn’t seem to notice her she grabbed a gummy out of her bag. ”Hey.” she said with a quick joyful smile. She liked willow and Olivia, she found them fun and very interesting, but she didn’t really know if the girls felt the same way as she did. After all the rarely talked to her, maybe she needed to change that. It would be nice if her group of sidekicks, and theirs could become one big group. It wouldn’t be as lonely as it happened to be at the time. She then looked at Olivia and waved at her. Her eyes than began to blink, she couldn’t even understand what she was seeing. A villain was sitting with them, how unusual. This villain in particular made her wonder even more. The girl just turned towards her food, she wasn’t particularly fond of them, just curious. This would finally give the girl a chance to see how they really acted when they weren’t around their friends. The blonde grabbed her cup of strawberry banana yogurt and began to eat it with her spork. This was going to be an interesting way to start off the rest of her afternoon.

Out Of Cupcakes : Sorry, it was kinda rushed...

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Come on love run with me
Get the hell out of this town
So we can get a better
feel for each other
I'll take you, back to, when you
Remembered how you used to
Just live your life a little for me
Take the time to let it go
Step away && watch me grow.
Words: 1,256

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ❥
αsh¡η sȶaя
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm¡ssяσcksȶαя ★ ҃ ҄ ҅ ゚҆

▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄

A blonde haired girl strolled down the street towards her sorority house. Of course the girl had her own car, a 67' Chevy Impala black in fact, she just preferred to walk, since it was so close. She was in a mess of pink, a color one rarely saw on the girl. Well enough though, the rock star girl could pull it off, in fact she could pull of almost anything. She was one of those lucky people with movie star looks and talent. But none of that mattered to the girl. She had her hands behind her head and she was taking long, wide, and unusual looking strides. She was whistling the tune to California Gurls by Katy Perry, a song the blonde found utterly annoying and ridicules. But sadly enough she couldn’t manage to get the painfully awful song out of her head. It had been playing on another girl’s cell phone while she was in biology class, another painfully awful thing to add on her list. The girl skipped up the steps of the porch and entered her home.

As she walked in she looked around, everyone was getting ready for the party. So she figured she might as well grab a snack beforehand. She walked into the kitchen and saw Naomi, a small Japanese girl that had just recently joined the sorority. Ashlin didn’t know her very well but she smiled at her anyway. She then gave the girl a small wave. She knew that she couldn’t bother her too much. She was way to busy to do that. So she turned and grabbed a bag of gummy snacks from the cabinet. She always was careful of what she ate around Naomi due to the fact that she was a vegan and the blonde had no means to offend her in anyway. She turned around and walked out of the kitchen, she wasn’t meaning to be rude, she just needed to go change, and then she would come down and talk a bit with the vegan girl, if she was still there that is.

The blonde walked up the stairs and towards her room. As she walked down the hallway she yelled, “Hello, Hello! Is anyone home?” in a sing song voice. She absolutely adored the song Hello Hello, especially when Paramore decided to do a cover on it. So she couldn’t resist but doing that. Anything and Everything that went through the girls head had to do with music. In some way or another it just did. She opened the door to her room and walked inside of it. She looked at the messy bedroom and sighed. She still felt like she was a teenager sometimes. She closed her door and hopped on her bed. A frown coming over her face, she couldn’t believe it. He was moving, her best friend was moving! She turned over and put her head in a pillow. She screamed out in frustration, she couldn’t believe him! He didn’t even bother to tell her he was moving, he just was, and that was that. She turned over and looked at her ceiling, which was covered in records. It was an art project she and him did, something she would remember forever.

But that was not here nor there; she got up and walked into her closet. She didn’t need to pester herself with such little things. He was a grown man; he could transfer schools if he wants. A sigh escaped her lips, she could keep telling herself that, but she knew what she really felt. He was leaving her that was it, no more childish games, he was a man, and she had yet accepted that she herself was a women. She looked about her closet, it was filled with random clothes, and it was completely unorganized. ’I’ll have to organize this later.’ she thought as she rummaged through her stuff. The only part of her closet that wasn’t unorganized was the very back of it, where she had her dress for the fall dance. No one had seen her dress, and no one was going to. She was even contemplating not going. She was completely distraught.

She looked at her phone and sighed, might as well ask someone who might know the question, after all it was just a rumor that he was leaving, it wasn’t set in stone…she hopped. And surely enough a fraternity brother should know it it was true or not, right? The girl grabbed her phone and began to type in Aimon’s number, in her phone he was put as Aimon the pasta boy. The reason behind this was, the first time they bet, Ashlin doubted he could cook. He was way too cute to be a nerdy chef boy. So to prove her wrong he made her pasta. And it was the best damn pasta she had ever had in her life, so obviously that’s why he was Aimon the Pasta boy. With a small smiley face after it, she added smiley faces and little nick names after everyone in her phone.

To: Aimon the Pasta Boy : )
From: Ashlin
Hey what’s up loser? Are you making the food for the party tonight? I hope so! Text me back, I have questions for you!

She stared at the phone until it finally said sent. She then quickly closed the phone and put it back on the shelf. She quickly took off her clothes and began to put her party ones on. She put them on carefully stockings and all. She then put her phone in her skirts pocket and walked back into her bedroom. She jumped onto her bed and grabbed the nail polish remover and took off the bright pink nail polish. She left the black nail polish on because she was just going to wear that tonight anyway. She then began to paint some of her nails an off pink, the same color of her skirt. She yawned reluctantly, for some odd reason painting made her tired. Once she tried her nails she jumped off of her bed and walked to the mirror. She carefully undid all of her previous makeup and started to re do it. She hated when she didn’t match a shade, it bugged her, Mister Artist was surly rubbing off on her. She stopped and sighed, she really didn’t know what was going on, she knew she should be happy for him but…She shook her head, her blonde curls looking amazing, it was no time for sad thoughts. She put pink lip gloss on her lips and rubbed them around. She was going to look hot tonight. She took a step back and scanned herself in the mirror, her final outfit was genius. She smiled, the only thing left to put on were her converse.

She turned around and grabbed her knee high shoes, she just absolutely adored them. She walked out of her room and closed her door behind her. She raced down the stairs, making sure not to trip. She hopped into the kitchen; she walked over and sat by Naomi. She held up her converse and smiled sheepishly.”Help?” She asked sweetly, her voice a bit nervous. She needed help tying them, now this wasn’t because she was stupid, it as just because she was a little blonde. She had never been able to tie her shoes, never. And everyone in the Sorority, and the Fraternity, knew that about her. It was almost like she was a helpless child sometimes.

Out Of Cupcakes : Sorry, it was kinda rushed...

▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄

「♪x ȶhєяєs ßєαuȶy ¡η ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ (|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|) █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ȶhe ßяєak∂σωn xx
Words: 636

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ɑѕhɘя яιchɑяd jɑмɘs ll⋆ll мя. ȶɑlɘnȶɘd ! ! !

Buzz, Buzz, went the vibration of a Sprint Intercept phone on the top of a wooden table. A groan came out from underneath a think blue and yellow quilt. A pale white hand slithered itself out from under the comforter and reached for the phone. His thin hands wrapped gently around it, like he had done it so many times before. Asher found himself crawling slowly out from under the covers, a yawn escaping his pale pink lips. It was a text message from his recent ex girlfriend, Emily. A small frown painted itself on the boys face as he read her name with a small heart behind it. He hadn't managed to make himself erase it yet. His heart sunk as he opened it up, she was his self infliction, his only weak point. It was funny to him how girls could so easily squeeze themselves inside your heart and then rip you apart crudely like it doesn't matter at all to them. He closed his phone without any emotion expressing on his face. He flung the comforter off of the hotel bed, and he jumped out of it. He was in a pair of black boxers and nothing more, why should he care what other people thinks of his body? He walked to the bathroom and hopped into the shower.

About fifteen minutes later Asher turned off the water and quickly dried himself off with a comfy white hotel towel. A smile placed itself on his face, he couldn't help but be a little happy, he was at a ski resort! There was bound to be one thing to get her off of his mind, right? He grabbed a comb and brushed it through his hair, he then put down the brush and stared at his reflection. He winked at himself and then made several other obscene gestures, he could help but laugh at his own stupidity. He then turned around and started to get dressed. He threw on a pair of grey skinny jeans with a skin tight white v neck. He shivered a bit and threw his turquoise hoddie on top of it. He walked out of the bathroom and too his stuff. He grabbed his wrist watch and his glasses off of the end table. He sat back on the bed and shoved his size fourteen feet into his black vans. He stretched out and then got off of the bed.

Asher began to head out of the room when all of a sudden something popped into his head. He headed back to the room and walked in quickly. Asher grabbed his ipod and his sketch book / poetry book, and then he headed out the room for a second time. He put the head phones on top of his ears and the song 'Cute without the E' filled his ears. 's**t' he thought with a small frown, it made him think of her. That stupid little whore he fell in love with, what the hell was he thinking. 'Whatever." he mumbled to himself holding his journal to his side. He walked into the place he loved the most, the kitchen. Asher loved food, especially cereal, it was the best comfort food ever. He set his journal on the table and pulled out a box of cereal and some milk. He poured it into a lavender bowel and then grabbed a spoon. He placed it on the table and plopped into the seat. He started to munch on the food, his ipod jamming in his ears. Life was so much easier when you didn't have to deal with the rest of the world, or well that's how Asher thought. Especially when he was stuck with seven other people he didn't know and had barely even made eye contact with all week.

Out Of Cupcakes : I'm sorry, this honestly sucked bad, I really am sorry it's so short and not very good.


                      25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eWhen you said you had slept with him
                      25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eLa da da da da da
                      25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c ebefore you go and give it away.
                      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMusic ll⋆ll Clothesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Words: 1,110

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        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alyss Marie Cherry
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx████████████████ ████████████████ ████████████████
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx﹙ T h exxxxxe c c e n t r i cxxxxx j o u r n a l i s t xx . . .

                                                            The grand old clock in the small apartment rang out loudly, the red head turned towards it. Her bright green eyes widening. It was seven 'o clock, she had been reading for the past two hours, and she had to meet Amanda and Jessica at eight. The irish girl jumped off the couch, throwing 'The Hunger Games' onto the couch. Her cell phone left on the coffee table, untouched. She knew she shouldn't have read such an engrossing book when she needed to get ready. It was Teddy's big night, the girl scratched her head violently. She stopped abruptly when she realized she was most likely messing up her hair; which she had curled earlier that morning, telling her roommate it was simply just 'because'; not having anything to do with her secret of going to see him tonight. She was such an idiot! She ran to her room, not bothering to care about the loud bang the door made as it slammed up against the wall.

                                                            The red haired girl went straight to her closet, her eyes scanning for anything, anything at all. Alyss ripped through her closet viciously, a scowl placed on her face. She knew she should have thought about her wardrobe earlier in the evening, but the red head dismissed the thought. Thinking that it wasn't a big deal on what she would wear, after all, Teddy was just playing the piano. But no, he wasn't just playing the piano, he was playing the piano at one of New York's finest clubs, she had to look good. Her pale hands reached for another dress and ripped it off the hanger, it was a cute black dress that she hadn't worn since her senior homecoming. She glared at it wondering if she could possibly squeeze into the small dress. She shrugged, it was her only dress she hadn't warn around, and she had a very small collection of dresses. She slipped into the dress and zipped it up, a small smile playing on her lips. She couldn't help but be happy that she still could squeeze into it, after all she was a sophomore in college now.

                                                            The girl turned and looked at her full length mirror, her smile getting bigger. She remembered the day she had got the dress, she had got it simply for the intesting lolita look. It was a bit bland compared to other lolita dresses, but she was more than sure that no one else would have one like it at her high school; surely enough, she was right. Now Alyss just hoped that it would be appropriate to wear to a club, it was a tad bit dressy, but so was a jazz club, right? A feeling of dismay filled her, she had never went to a jazz club before, in fact she rarely went to clubs at all, she never had time. She had been to a few before do to Jessica's need to find a guy to take her home, but it wasn't the same. At dance clubs most of the people wore slutty clubs, so this had to be different, right? The red head sighed, it didn't matter anyway, she was going to look strange among the crowd either way. She wasn't very classical musically inclined, she had some knowledge of it, but not much. That's of course why next semester the girl was taking a music appreciation class. She had to, she needed to get more knowledge of music. She paid attention more to alternative, punk, rock, and screamo bands. After all she wanted to work for Alternative Press one day.

                                                            Alyss turned back around, deciding that the dress would be fine. After all, if it wasn't different, it wouldn't be her. She walked to the bathroom to finish getting ready, applying make up and all the other things girl's have to do before they go out of the house. Even though Alyss wasn't one much for make up. She usually wore cover up and that was about it. But tonight was different, the girl put mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner on. She walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed, accessories included and slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse. It was seven twenty three, she had just enough time to walk and meet the girls. Her goal tonight was simple; to hook up Teddy with a great girl. Alyss had to admit she didn't have the best choices, she wasn't really friends with a lot of girls; and the girls she was friends with, weren't exactly relationship type. Other than Jessica and Amanda that is, they both were very decent girls. The red head stood on the street waiting for a Taxi, when one approached her she got in without hesitation. She knew New York to well to be worried about creepy cab guys.

                                                            After about twenty minutes the red head emerged from the cab. She paid her cab fee and went on her way. She walked down the street until she saw two very familiar faces. The one on the right was a tan, bleach blonde, with a dazzling smile that could make any guy flirt with her. She was wearing a short blue dress that seemed to be a bit tight, but Alyss discouraged the thought. The girl on the left however was Amanda, a beautiful dark brunette that looked like she could be america's next top model. She had long legs and was taller than most girls, about six foot even, Alyss couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. She couldn't even wear four inch heels to make her that tall. "Hey." Alyss breathed with a smile, it was really nice of them to come with her tonight. Jessica smiled back, "You look cute, like a little doll." Alyss knew she meant this as a comment, but it sure felt more like an insult. She forced a smile, "You look good yourself Jessica." she said to the coincided girl, trying not to start a fight. Luckily Amanda chimed in just at the right time, "The others are inside, come on let's go." she said as she grabbed Alyss's hand and started to walk towards the club. "Others?" she asked in a questioning tone, she hadn't invited anyone other than the two of them. Jessica looked at the green eyed girl, "Yeah, we invited a few friends...hope you don't mind." Alyss didn't know what to say, of course she would mind! They both knew she would mind, and that's exactly why they didn't even bother to ask her, because she would have said no. A scowl placed itself back on her face, the blonde rolled her eyes. "Chill, it'll be fun." Alyss was almost tempted to slap her but then stopped when she realized that they were already inside. Her eyes looked around in wonderment, thus began her friday night adventure.

                                                            Out Of Cupcakes : I'm super sorry for the late reply!! I got caught up in doing a lot of stuff, I'm really sorry.

                                                                                You25centSay25centthe25cents w e e t e s t25centthings25centand

                                                                                25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eI can't keep my h e a r t from singing
                                                                                Along25centto25centthe25centsound25centof25centyour25cents o n g25cent25cent
                                                                                25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eMy s t u p i d feet keep moving
                                                                                To25centthis25cent4/425centbeat25centI'm25centin25centt i m e25centwith25centyou
                                                                                25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eWhoa, to this 4/4 beat I would die for y o u.
                                                                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMusic →♚← Clothesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Words: 1,209

        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alyss Marie Cherry
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx████████████████ ████████████████ ████████████████
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx﹙ T h exxxxxd a u g h t e rxxxxxo fxxxxx H a d e s xx . . .

                                                            User Image
                                                            Before Alyss knew it she was scowling, again. She looked at Lizzie from the corner of her eye, she was graceful as ever, just like all of the pretty little daughter's of Aphrodite. She wasn't sure on how she was supposed to cope with this. She hated the pretty little bitches, they had everything every girl wanted. She couldn't help but feel a bit different. The red head knew she was pretty too, all demi gods were. But it just irritated her that they were prettier, and dumb as rocks. As far as she was concerned this wasn't fair, but when did the God's ever play fair? She crossed her arms, she watched as Asher's eyes watched the blonde, he tried so hard not to be like other guys, but he was. He couldn't help but stare, all men wanted to have a chance with a pretties. Even if it was only for a night, actually they'd probably prefer it to be just one night. She rolled her eyes at the thought, it annoyed her even more, she clutched her arm, restraining herself from doing anything rash. She was a bit pissed on how she hadn't even said hello to anyone as they entered, she could have at least said something to Asher. As soon as she opened her mouth to say something, her lips pressed into a firm line.

                                                            She looked at the son of Athena, a smart a**, lovely. She let out a small sigh, she was so screwed. The sons of Athena were the smartest and they were strong, that was for sure. But they always thought they knew everything. Which was going to make this ten times harder. They needed to locate the thief in who stole the golden fleece, and she already had a good assumption that they had headed to the lotus eater's hotel for hiding, and got themselves trapped like a dumbass. But this didn't mean that he would agree with her theory, she was going solely on her guy feeling and the conversations Trey had had with her before he left. She was certain he would say that didn't mean anything. She thought of Trey for a second, he was the only person who had talked to her other than Asher. He was a nice boy, but a thief, and had this weird idea that going to the underworld would be a good idea. Like he was searching for something that Hades might give him. She loathed Hades more than most of the gods.

                                                            Her thoughts were dismissed by Asher. She glanced at him and noticed he was laughing. Not as in he was actually making noise, but he was in his head. He was getting a kick out of her anger towards the whole thing. She could feel it, he was just way to easy to read. She wondered if the other two picked up on his amusement, but she figured they didn't. No the girl would need brains for that, and the boy would need a sense of humor. It seemed that Alyss and Asher were going to be the only ones with them. Which wasn't very reassuring to the girl.
                                                            Realization filled her mind, this was not good. She was going to be paired up with pretty little Barbie, a know it all, and Asher. This was the worse thing in the world, she had a feeling that the stupid God of wine did this just to punish her. He hated her after all, so why not make her suffer? It was so deliciously evil that she was completely sure that this was his fault. THis wasn't just fate, this was just screwing around because he could. But she wouldn't let the god enjoy her torment, she was going to keep her trap shut. Not saying a word to any of them, that way she couldn't say anything cruel and make them hate her. She couldn't let the god's get a kick out of her anger and their disappointment. The only thing that could have made this worse was if Asher was replaced by a meat head son of Ares. That would have made her kill herself the second she saw them all.

                                                            Alyss looked up as she heard her name, breaking her away from her thoughts. Asher was introducing her, what was he doing that for? She didn't need to be introduced, it was pointless. Once the whole quest was done neither of them would remember her name anyway. Even though Asher brought up a valid point. They both probably knew her name anyway, and most likely didn't like her. After all she was the daughter of Hades, and no one liked him, so why bother liking her? She didn't like any of the God's, so in turn she really didn't like any of the demi gods either. Except for Asher, but she knew him before she knew of who she really was. She looked up at Asher who had seemed to address her, his voice was loud and clear. "Now Alyss, I'm not sure if Dionysus told you but our quest is to find the Golden Fleece which has recently been stolen by another demi God in the camp, a son of Hermes, Trey." She couldn't help but look at him like he was stupid. She had known of their Quest, in fact she was the one who told him of it in the first place. She shook her head in dismay, Asher was trying to look good, and by that he was making her look bad. The girl had a sense to become angry but instead she just looked at the floor, she had no reason to be mad at him, he was as useful as the Pretties. She sighed as she got up, ignoring the stares of the others. She looked down and noticed Asher's hand, he had offered to help her up, but she hadn't noticed. She frowned, she knew he was going to think she did it on purpose. She was about to say something until she realized that she had decided not to speak. So she grabbed her bag and walked with the group.

                                                            As they arrived to the cars, Alyss couldn't help but stare in amusement. She liked cars, and she liked to drive, but she knew that she wasn't very good at it. After all she wasn't going to get her license for a very long time thanks to Asher. But then again she had almost got him killed, but it was sort of his fault considering she was only fourteen. She was almost certain she would be better this time. She began to protest and say that she wanted to drive. But she knew better, she would be shot down and then she'd get pissed. Asher wasn't going to relive her driving ever again. She looked around at all of the cars, she didn't know which they would choose. A small hope inside of her wished that they would choose one of the older cars, but knowing that the princess would want an older car she wasn't sure. Lizzie would probably get anything she wanted on this trip due, Asher was a sucker for cute girls in distress.

                                                            Out Of Cupcakes : I rushed it, sorry.


                                                                                25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eThe way your h a i r falls to the side
                                                                                25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eIt's the scene that I made
                                                                                Maybe25centI'm25centnot25centyour25cente v e r y t h i n g25centand25cent25cent
                                                                                25 cent d a n c exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx25 cent d a n c eI'm never, ever gonna be.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx﹙ A nxxxxxa s p i r i n gxxxxx l a w y e r xx . . .

As the day grew on past noon an alarm clock went off in the heart of the city. A groan escaped the lips of the twenty two year old boy who lay upon a queen sized mattress in a small apartment. His tanned arm reached around the end table, searching for the alarm clock and its sacred snooze button. When he found it he sighed in relief, happy that the covers were smothering him so that the light wouldn’t aggravate his eyes and make him get up. He heard shuffling outside of his door, and automatically knew his younger sister was up and about, meaning it had to be past noon. The boy lifted the covers, exposing his body to the coldness of the room. He knew that he should’ve put the heat on, it was February after all. He jumped off his bed and as he was shivering, glanced at the clock, it was one fifteen, and he had work at three. Saturdays were always the same, long and boring at the coffee shop, the most exciting part of it was Poetry night, and that usually wasn’t that good either. He walked out of his room, and said a “Hey.” to the girl in the kitchen who was cooking something that smelt like pancakes. He headed towards the bathroom, shutting the door silently behind him. He turned the shower on, watching the steam rise with the hot water. He quickly undressed and then hoped in.

Xander wasn’t a dumb kid, he was actually the opposite. In high school he had been the valedictorian, and he had tons of college scholarships. The blonde had wanted to be a lawyer for the longest time, but he never quite understood how much work it would actually be. The first year of College had been easy; it was when Amber got kicked out of the house that things got hard. Not because the blonde girl was a nuisance, but because it meant that he had to pay more for water use and for food for the apartment. But as her older brother he felt obliged to take care of her, she was eighteen when she got kicked out, her parent’s refused to help her get into College, despite the fact that they had paid for most of Xander’s. She wasn’t as smart as him, that was for certain, but she wasn’t a dumb kid either. Their parent’s just didn’t agree with her dream of being a photographer, despite how much natural talent she had. Luckily she had gotten scholarships for art colleges, which now at age twenty, she was currently attending. Though, it didn’t bug him as much now as it did the first year of her being there. After all, she did cook.

Besides, life got easier for them once they got adjusted and both of them started to work. Even if their job didn’t pay much it was nice. Most siblings would hate working the same shift as the other one, but the Jones kids didn’t mind. After all it was the only time of the day they really got to see each other, other than weekends, which they usually worked as well. Weekends were nice, but they were also boring, neither of them partied, but it wasn’t unusual for them. They hadn’t partied in high school either; they weren’t part of that crew of people. So on nights they had off work they would usually sit around and watch re runs of startrek or some other sci-fi movies. They didn’t mind it; they weren’t the siblings that fought over stupid things. They were the rare kind, the ones that would pretty much take a bullet for the other. They were best friends.

As soon as Xander finished up with his shower, twenty minutes had passed. He quickly dried his body and then his hair. He wrapped a robe around his body, walking out of the bathroom. Amber was sitting on the couch, watching their junky television as she waited for him to finish up. The pancakes were done, but she wouldn’t eat without him, he smiled a bit as he walked into his room. He slipped on one of his favorite plaid shirts; he was one of the few guys that actually wore them buttoned up instead of open with a t-shirt underneath. He slipped on a pair of jeans and fastened them around his waist with a black leather belt. He checked the mirror, making sure that it looked alright so far. He grabbed his hair gel and quickly placed in onto his blonde hair, spiking it just enough to give him the infamous fohawk. He grabbed his wallet and slipped it into his right back pocket, feeling more whole now that he had his money on hand. He grabbed his watch and slipped it around his wrist, it was a graduation present from his dad. He checked the clock; the green numbers read two o’ clock.

He pulled out a pair of socks and placed them on his bare feet, he was glad that he had them. The floor in the house could be insanely cold when it wanted too. He checked his person, making sure he had everything he needed with him. Once he was sure he did he walked out of his room and his sister got up and headed for the table. The blonde male looked at his younger sibling, noticing she was wearing an excessive amount of hello kitty. He frowned a bit, he wasn’t a big fan of the white cat, it made him feel uneasy. Which was a bit awkward, he was an adult and scared of hello kitty! He walked over and slipped into a chair and grabbed the plate of pancakes, putting several onto his own plate. The two sat in silence as they ate, he was sure that the blonde was still upset about who she got for the Stupid cupid thing at work. He couldn’t help but smile about who he got, it was going to be easy for sure. He had gotten Amber’s best friend, which he was sure mildly annoyed her. Once they finished, He grabbed the empty plates and brought them over to the sink, washing the plates.

Once the plates were clean he grabbed his coat and put on a pair of vans shoes. Amber looked at him her hair in her signature side ponytail, “We’re gonna be late.” She nagged, which she only did it when she was upset or annoyed, and as he had thought, she was. He opened the door and locked it behind him and began to head down the stairs. When he walked out onto the street he couldn’t help but shiver a bit, it was cold outside, but it was also mildly sunny. He grabbed a pair of sun glasses he had stowed away in his coat and pulled them out and put them onto his face. He heard the girl to his right let out a snort and a giggle, he frowned a bit. ”What?” he said as he looked over at Amber but she just looked away, a hand over her face. ”Nothing, nothing Xander.” He shrugged at her; his sister was so weird at times.

Around three o’ clock the two of them walked into the doors of the coffee house. He waved at one of the girls behind the counter and walked towards the back. He grabbed his coat and took it off, placing it into his locker. He felt as if the light gray thing was bare, unlike his sister’s which had several photographs placed on the inside. As he was about to ask her if she’d take some for him she walked out of the room, probably towards the counter to get ready for work. He shrugged and checked himself in the mirror, one last time, and made sure that he looked good. After that he shut the locker door and walked out of the back room.

Out Of Cupcakes : Sorry, not my best.

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